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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina W e a i ii e r Cloudy with occasional rain tonight and Friday. The High Point Ente i prise a i Iii <4 ii Poi ii Industry at High Point offers go Opportunity for year around won \ of. 55�?no. 33 Mem Buu associated chess High Point. \. Ii hip in afternoon Peak i Ary 2, 19.?<> comp usie aka Sei Ivick Price five cent nazi papers bitterly attack Roosevelt Lckes attack kicked Back for rep. Dies Washington feb. 2. Map a hop. Cox a a asserted in a Stormy House committee hearing today that Secretary Lckes criticism of chairman Dies of the House in american committee Boom ranged to make the Texas Democrat a a an outstanding National arguing with Hep. Hill id Wash i before the House rules committee. Cox said the Cabinet member a went on the stump to attack or. Dies this. Cox maid was a perfectly told by Hill he had no right to criticise Lckes Cox flared who not a Why not he certainly had a right to answer. Whether they meant to or not. They have made Dies in outstanding National Lckes once called Dies an Mout sanding Zany a they were then disputing the fairness of Dies conduct As chairman of the committee investigating in american activities. The rules committee is consider log revival of the committee and House approval of continuing los inquiry was considered a forgone con delusion on Capitol Hill. Action was Likely later today after a closed session to hear Dies answer various criticism. Hinc Eif contributed to the Day s news with an assertion a the United states is not in danger of enter no a foreign War und t ibis president Roosevelt discussed a world affairs Quot and a technical development in connection with Lime defense needs in a White House conference with the House subcommittee which will Frame the War department appropriations Hill. Aviation cont Hov Ells v there cont need on Capitol his an argument Over whether this country s aviation Industry could produce enough planes to give the army 3,000 new ones and of the same time manufacture them for Sale to France my other european Powers. Secretary Moi Gentha told a p. Ess conference the Treasury a secret stabilization fund had not been used in any Way to help foreign nations buy any War mate als in this country. As the first witness in behalf of a proposed substitute for to a a Security old age benefits in p. Sheppard d-0alif present the so called general welfare continued on Page 2. Sec. A last minute bulletins of ahead Washington feb. 2.�?< Pic a a real Britain has Given the United states or Mission to Start a Ira tis Alia Nile air service whenever american companies Are ready. In a note dated january 28 and released by the state department today the British government waived a provision of the 19s5 agreement Between tin two countries which provided air service should lie started simultaneously by both of them. The note said British Imperial airways Quot will it is hosted be in a position to begin a scheduled seasonal ser Ioe of an experimental character from the i tilted kingdom to the United states As from june fix farm prices w Ashington feb. 2.�?jcp senator Wheeler a Mont advocated government fixing of farm prices today As a Means of daring agriculture on an equal basis with labor business and Industry. A after All everything is on a Price living basis except the Farmer a tile Westerner told the Senate agriculture we go on we will Only succeed in reducing the Farmers of this country to a peasant class. Passes w Ashington. Feb. It la a Congress gave final approval today to a 725, he too Relief appropriation to carry win through june 30. The measure now goes to the White House. capture 2 escapees Moyock n. feb. 2.�?<ti a ail intes lied search was being conducted this afternoon just across the Virginia state line for the remaining pair of escaped convicts after the capture of John Henry Cloud negro and Charlie Thomas negro near Northwest Virginia this morning. To improve Harbor Washington feb. 2.�?ct a the House Rivers and harbours committee recommended today that Congress authorize improvement of the Harbor and Channel in the Cape fear River at Wilmington n. At a Cost of $673,000. Pardon my Back ii ii a a a a a it. A a a Max. this modern sir Walter Raleigh climbed to a new High in chivalry by carrying a fair fellow worker upstairs to their lofty office in new York. An elevator operators strike turned scores of crowded sky scrapers into hunger strike trophy by prisoners Given to eaves at Duke today thousands of inmates at san Quentin rebelling against food san Quentin Calif. To i san Quentin Prito eat in tile country wan a feb. 2. To larg pow Der Tvan pm Rhim i it a. 2.�? it Willard easy eaves blocking Hack of the dub verify football team thousands of at Idle in thei complaints Abo refused to eat. Days ago dumb out too much timed beef hash menu grew into talk. Yesterday the hunger Kly spread in the Over i son from a few h Unin the jute Mill to nearly the prison s 5,300 in Thi tied on Keg today As oils convicts t growling food they several deism Abo Willie Quot a co the prison of a revolt strike Quick crowded or died men a too of mates. Warden court Smith decided n take no chances on permitting massed demonstrations today by the sullen convicts. He announced no one would he permitted to leave his cell unless he first agreed to eat his meals As usual. The Warden stayed in the big prison Yard More than two hours yesterday talking to groups of the men and urging All who refused their noon meal to go Huck and eat it. The food was left on the tables and the dining room open. Some of Tho convicts went Back to work without eating some remained Idle and no attempt was made to Force them to their tasks. A that s a very Rood meal in t it Quot he added. The convicts apparently did t think so. A tar uni was Jurat France seeking Border truce in civil War insurgents report Iii capture of Pix Ltd to i i own in catalonian drive by Charles s Foltz or. Perpignan France feb. 2.�? apr while French authorities worked for a a Border truce to Avert a Spanish government Retreat into France the Spanish insurgents reported at noon today they had occupied the Pivotal town of Perga. By Iga is 23 Miles South of Puige Erda a tata ionian Border town and Gateway to France but connected with it Only by a circuitous Highway linked with a principal Inland Road to the Border Piiru above rip Oil. Moi k up with the insurgent Campaign shoving government forces North toward the Border French troop reinforcements were moving up from the other Side to Block by Force if necessary the threatened government Stampede into France. Three battalions arrived at Perpignan from Central franc and officers Cam from a dozen regiments to prepare the Way for thousands More men although off Tai figure were withheld Frances present Frontier Force was under Wood to number 10,000, with a to a of 50,000 ready to cover the Border if the Spanish government s catalonian forces attempt to Cross into France with their arms. Negotiations nil Hite i negotiations were said by informed sources to have Bern started directly with the Palish government and indirectly with the insurgents through great soviet closes legation now in Budapest Moscow. Feb. 2.�? pm Tass official soviet news Agency announced today that foreign commissar Maxim Litvinoff had informed the hungarian minister that Russia had decided to close its legation in Budapest and expected that the hungarian legation in Moscow also would be closed. Tass said that it a Learned from competent sources that this decision of the soviet government was connected with a the fact that As a result of the Munich agreement Hungary lately has been subjected to Strong pressure from certain a the policy of the hungarian government a Tass continued a shows that it easily yields to this pressure and has lost its Independence to a considerable Tass indicated that the soviet action was a sequel to Hungary a recently announced decision to adhere to the three Power pact of Japan Germany and Italy against the communist International which has Headquarters in Moscow. Litvinoff communicated the decision to or. Michael Jungert Anothy. Hungary s envoy Here since 1934. A Tass statement said a in particular it is pointed out that the decision of the hungarian government to join the so called anti comintern pact can not he justified by the interests of the hungarian state itself i which by no Means coincide with i the aggressive Aims pursued under Guise of this pact by its participants. In the first place by Japan and that this decision consequently was thrust upon the hungarian government from skirmish with russians on Manchukuo Border reported by Jap Agency Tokyo. Feb. 2.�? a it a Donie japanese news Agency reported today from Hanking capital of Annc Houku that Man Houku Garrison had killed five soviet russian soldiers and wounded three in a clash 60 Miles Northeast of Manchu i. Matchull on the Northwest Border of Manchukuo is that Point at which the Railroad across Siberia reaches Manchukuo Quot chum the Millis trophy Chapel Hill exorcise today. Tile trophy is offered annually by h. A. Millis High Point manufacturer to lie football player voted by a my its writers to la the Host blocking Back of tile a Cir in tile state. Millis was unable to la pres pm ism in it is of illness Iii his absence la. Ii. Hac Kney of High Point foot oat and Iva k it a 11 official presented in trophy. N. Dentists saved from sea none the Vioda for ducking., vizier plan Lolo i i Hiing again i Oday in Aig. Fun. Feb. 2.� up a four North Carolina dentists rescued by a yacht after the Small boat in which they were fishing overturned three Miles off Bowlegs key apparently were none the worse today for their Impromptu ducking. The yacht May Hick owned by s. L. Bickford. New York Aud California restaurant eur sighted the four dentists and he outboard Motorboat operation. Laverne Sweeting struggling in the water shortly after the Accident yesterday. The anglers revived by h. Raymond Brown of the yachting party and Christian Drydahl. The yacht Captain returned to their Camp at Islamorada. The dentists or. R. Young and or. David Abernathy of Hickory n. Or. R. In Howes of Forest try a and or. B. Mott of Morganton no they planned to go fishing again today. Britain to halt it come much French Frontier. French author the Border True which might be to Franco and the eminent. If Franco to Gerona province. J said. The Span chances of hold a it Ionia will fall Frow to to almost to event it was Hope now at in the one ugh s g if or a the i a amt. Idea a Aoi acceptable Spanish tired s Hon both gov Roop conquer Corder sources government c out in Canasta their present Feeo. In that cd the govern Figueras. Would aided struggle in inc lit Catalonia and leave for Central Spain with what it citing men it could take by sea once the government a gone. French soon Ca maid. Franco might agree to a Trine not Only to permit the orderly evacuation of non combat ant into France but to give the remaining soldiers a Chance to surrender with their arms. Spanish. Government will form new catalonian line Figueras Spain. Fob. 2.�?. Utcy largely to a organized lies by courier to the French Border and rumours Quot spread by insurgent a a5 a with the full backing of sympathizers. The Spanish parliament. Premier Juan Negrin today urged government forces on to a new stand a we will fix a line the Eno Iii cannot pass and Oil that line they will break their Advance a against the insurgent armies drive Negrin declared. A your line is now ing northward through Catalonia. I being fixed. I saw it myself yes the Cortes which adjourned i Ter Day. Experts called for testimony agriculture i Ioni Mittee to hear i a dance on alleged duplication Raleigh fell 2�? a a joint legislative sub committee on agriculture directed today that a committee of three technical experts each from the n. State College Extension service Aud the department of agriculture report to it next thursday concerning a agreements and disagreements Between the units the Committer suspended temporarily its hearings on alleged duplication of services Between the units but next tuesday will hear represent at vet of Peanut glowers plead for More Peanut research work. The proposal to have the committee of technical experts Survey services rendered to the units and report him k temporarily suspended consideration of a proposal by d. K Ottrue assistant to the agriculture commissioner for a new joint supervisory agriculture Board with College agriculture department Grange and farm Bureau representatives As members and Hie governor As chairman sex off if to. Dean i. O. Ii my Extension director said that joint Board idea was not entirely feasible without legislative action to allocate funds to definite purpose. Coltrane mildly objected to creation of the special committee contending that a special joint Board with authority to direct All agricultural work and to Luni Nafe Auy duplication of Effort of Iid be the Best solution. Early this morning after a dramatic meeting in an underground chamber of the ancient fort of Figueras gave the Premier a unanimous vote of Confidence despite the loss of Barcelona and other recent set backs. The sturdy Square Jawed Premier told the deputies a new line of defense was being erected in Northern Catalonia which should Check the insurgent Advance. To frankly acknowledged that panic had shaken the., civilian population and armed forces in the last week before and after the fall of Barcelona but said the a men Are fighting to the death. We must fight the enemy until we lose the last Inch of catalonian territory. This Means prolongation of the War with All its consequences. A Elf we lose Catalonia we still have the Central he enumerated the government s three War Aims As in a guaranteed of Independence for Spain and Freedom from foreign influence. 2 a a government desired by the people. 3�?liquidation of the War without persecution to permit All i. Studies rate revisions railroads ask general lowering of freight charges on oils Washington feb. 2 interstate Commerce commission officials said today they had begun consideration of an application by Southern railroads for permission to make a general revision of freight rates on gasoline. Kerosene and fuel Oil from ports in Virginia North Carolina. South Carolina Florida and Georgia. A spokesman for one of the Railroad said the proposed Revi Mon was intended to meet com petition from trucker. He said the Railroad if Given permission by the inc hoped to put the revised rate into effect about March 15, with few exceptions he said they Are lower than existing rates some of the reductions being the commission made Public several protests against the proposed changes. The Wilmington. N. C., fort traffic association one of the protestants said the proposed rates would a destroy the natural advantages the port of Wilmington has As a port of entry of Petroleum Commerce for distribution in North it cited Thi example the rate from Norfolk. ., to Charlotte. N. C., a distance of 389 Miles would he 16 tents per Hundred pounds the same As the rate from Wilmington to Charlotte a distance of 189 Miles the Fayetteville n. Chamber of Commerce also asked the commission not to allow the proposed revision. Other protestants included the Petroleum Carrier corporation of Jacksonville fla., which said the proposed rates Are a lower than necessary to meet any form of it said the railroads application was intended to drive truckers out of business. Wages hours Bill reaches legislators Public hearings to be held on proposal in ten Days Oro two weeks Raleigh feb. 2.�? apr tile labor departments Bill to fix wages and hours in intrastate Commerce hit both divisions of the legislature today. The joint committee on labor and Commerce will hold Public hearings on wage hour proposals after ten Days or two weeks from Uzzell of Rowan and Wilson of Davidson and senator Bain of Wayne signed the Bills some time ago governor i Joey said he would be consulted about them before they were offered and it was understood he favored them in general. 2.3 cents hour minimum a minimum wage of 25 cents a hour the first year and 40 cute an hour after the seventh year is provided with a 4 4-hour maximum work week the first year and a 40-hour maximum after two years. The labor commissioner with the Aid of an advisory Board appointed by the governor would administer the act. Under a wage hour Hill Intro adult of last week by senator Gregory which bears approval of the federation of labor a Bureau would be created to handle the administration. Senators received a statement from instead of Orange. Hatcher of Burke and Lumpkin of Franklin saying they would not seek a minority favourable report on the anti diversion a Good roads Hill unfavourably reported by the finance group. The senators said they introduced the Hill in an attempt to secure Economy and to insure some system for caring for country Road. They said the action of appropriations committee indicated the legislature would exercise Economy and that a judging from the definite promises made by governor Hoey on tuesday night Quot on handling of Road and other funds they thought they certainly had a c Hance to Sec ure their second objective. Senators parsed and sent to Lite House a Bill to fix at f5 the annual fee for membership in the state bar. Inc., and to give judges Power to enforce payment of the dues. Representatives adopted and ordered ratified a joint Resolution already approved by Sena Tor which h asks president Roosevelt to create a National Park in Halifax county reit of. Liquor the House refused 4 4 to 43. With representative Bernathy of Nii h casting the deciding vote As he presided As speaker to provide that county commission cynt tailed on Page 2. Sec a furniture dealer taken by death Raleigh. Feb. 2.�? a Luther c. Mulligan. 57, prom nent in furniture business circles for More than 25 years died at a local Hospital Here today. Mull san came to Raleigh from Greensboro in 1910. Funeral services will be held from the Hillyer memorial Church tomorrow afternoon. Surviving Are the widow mrs. Annie k. Mulligan one son Luther g. Mulligan of Raleigh two Brothers w. P. Mulligan of Greensboro Aud r. Mulligan of great Falls s. and a sister. Mrs. Stella Huntley of win Ston Salem. Six More weeks of Winter says the groundhog gobblers Knob Punxsutawney. Pa., feb. 2.�? to a brer groundhog a the Punxsutawney one saw his Shadow today and that legend has it. Presages six More weeks of Winter. Chiefs of the Punxsutawney groundhog Lodge announced the woodchuck emerged from Winter hibernation promptly at 9 19 a. B. Several inches of Snow covered the Stony Ridge above the Wood chucks Hole. The a usage of gobblers Knob a As woodchuck is known hereabouts hustled Back into his snug Burrow leaping Over his Shadow As he went members of the Lodge averred. Government weather observer w. S. Brotzman said in Pittsburgh it was a fall a How is a groundhog a said he with disdain Quot going to see his Shadow when there Isnit any Sun the Sun Wasny to shining today anywhere in this the legend of gobblers Knob started 41 years ago when seven men got together bought a Keg of Beer and climbed to the Knob to Hunt groundhogs. They routed out one Friend it in butter and ate it. They liked the Jaunt so much they founded a club that eventually grew into an organization of so. Including Many notables. Not yet Quarryville. A feb. 2, a to members of this Little Community s slumbering groundhog Lodge As custom dictates pilgrimage at Dawn today to their woodchucks Hole but they will not announce the forecast until tonight. The Quarryville lodgement voted vice president John Nance Garner an honorary member this year because a we wanted to Honor an outstanding telegrams and letters applying for membership meanwhile a Ami de the organization hut Garner Only crashed the closely guarded Gates. Keerans land is sold by Penny South main Street property brings $12,725 at auction Sale today Penny Brothers auctioneers this morning at 338 South main Street sold to highest bidders the r. F. Hee ran property for $12,-73 5 today. The residence on the lot has been the Home of or. And mrs. Karats for the past 25 years. The lot had a i of foot frontage. The successful bidders were j. Grady Goldston and j. A. Johnson vice president and see retard treasurer of the Peerless flooring company of this City. In addition to the above property the auctioneers sold 54 feet fronting on South main Street below the y. M. A., to w. Vail of this City and 36 feet to mrs. Car Ria Vav. Bedford also of High Point for a total of $6,-852.50. A Large crowd attended. Say president is no longer u. S. Speaker Calls i or attitude one of a shameless a agitation Quot re clix i or. 2. A propaganda minister Paul Jose it i i. Ii., new simper i to an Griff declared today that i of indignation of. Lov in or president Roosevelt a a shameless War agitation proved to the a Jyrld that la a a no longer Van be counted speaker for his Cli a w a v also joined the nazi pres attic against what was interpreted Hajj As a pledge by president roes veil to Back european Deal Claries in defense against fail state. Military Committer the German press attack Roosevelt was inspired by a cunts reaching Europe of conference tuesday w Ith the St ate military affairs commit member of the committee Sai he i silent told them the guided s a in it a tided to Lei Europe democracies Arm a att threats of totalitarian Augress v it. I it it them War planes an supplies to. N of ii eci a it not Chi t h attention of the French preset Roost volts policies As an indie Liat France still we As til prepared to a Cep Germany a o feed Good neighbors policy a basis for relations. Der Andriff declared Quot people who have Jur Bee loosed from the chains of w agitation through the words Adolf Hitler recognize the r a ii my of pea Ltd. It Woodro on Shadow advances Thrif Eniti Gly before the world a before a changed v. J w hid has grown and grown and we id recognizes the world dictator jewish bolshevism behind rot Lei newspaper Hitler president with the Coram i the at r America for the id of to in Del r a i Thomasville Farmer gored by Bull at Home yesterday the Enterprise Bureau 8 Commerce Street phone 533 Thomasville. Feb. 2. Ill. Walter Kennedy 67-year old Farmer and Lumberman of route two was described As a much improved by City memorial Hospital attaches at noon today after being taken to the Hospital last night suffering from serious injuries received when he was gored by a Bull on his farm yesterday afternoon at 5 30. Czecho Slovakia opens anti jewish program government had taken measures spaniards to join in the country a to end the Pattie which attrib reconstruction. Prague Czi 2. A a3 a Little embarked on an Gram today aft her big neigh a govern Mere the need of people As the crees requiring came Here of Quot a to leave with providing for All citizenship i vember i 191fe. To Slovakia feb. Echo Slovakia in to jewish prof the pattern of Germany a momentary gave for her own Mon for two de immigrants who iary i 1938, t months and a a a examination of i after no wants substitute for old age plan w Ashington. Feb. 2.�? pm representative Sheppard i Calif proposed today As a a highly imperative Quot move to substitute the so called general welfare plan for the present old age benefits of the social Security system. The californian is author of the general welfare Bill which contemplates a minimum pension of $30 and a maximum of $60 a month for All persons Over 60. The payments would he financed by a two per cent tax on Gross incomes Over $100 a month. His appearance before the House ways and Means committee. Which is considering dozens of proposals for amending the social Security act marked the first time any Backer of a substitute plan had won an Opportunity for a hearing. Sheppard said his Bill would Quot provide not Only feasible economic Security to the elderly citizens of 6tt years or inure hut will create an economic condition whereby the younger generation a wih have greater opportunities of sustaining claim Senate to support committee on appointee Washington. Feb. 2.�? up a administration critics declared today the Senate would support its judiciary committee in Dis approving appointment of judge Floyd la Roberts to he a Federal judge in Virginia before the committee voted 15 to 3 yesterday to recommend rejection of Roberts. Seua Toi Glass Day had attacked his selection As a personally offensive a and senator Byrd Day had Ca led it a personally senators favouring Roberts confirmation were Ashurst of Arizona and Neely of West Virginia democrats and Norris of Nebraska Independent. Chairman Ashurst said it was the first time since 1913 that a presidential appointee had been so vigorously opposed by both senators from the state involved. Other veterans said they could not recall any instance in recent years in which a nomination had been confirmed Over the protest of both senators. The Roberts controversy bristling with political potentialities. Reached a Climax in the committee hearing. In the jammed committee room with Roberts were gov. James ii. Price of Virginia and former governors e. Lee Trinkle and Westmoreland Davis advocates of the appointment. Senators Byrd and Glass were seated a Short distance away. The gov i hours present and past told the committee that Roberts was a eminently qualified to Servo on the federa. Bench. Roberts said that in his 24 years As a state judge he had been reversed by a higher court Only la times in criminal cases and seven in civil cases. But Glass speaking Tor both himself and Byrd bluntly declared there was no Issue Over Roberts fitness for the position or Over that of men whom Byrd Aud he had recommended. The Issue he contended was that president Roosevelt had delegated to governor Price a eth veto Power Over the in United states senators from Virginia on nominations and that Roberts bail become a Patty to a Quot conspiracy to make that Power effective in the judgeship Case. On tue Sevelt s Behest about of lose its Hafl Ond time ire ferr to amen an entry in the to warns or Quot la Roosevelt threat a �T����?�10 in fuehrer a will to peace a some Berlin morning Nom i a pet Ca a \ v of for address a Chicago hut an off la spoke arly of to comment. Entering on president a it fit. A a i m life u a h to Senate committee Hie Boen reining charged Bat the Pri 91 Champion of bolshevism i exasperation Over the Peac tendency of the Munich agr it the paper asserted Quot he a to Force France and England \ Asheville Medici in dope Roundup or. Ii. I. Halt ice uracil distribute now Ork narcotic Rii new York. Feb. 2 a pm to pm it a Weir held Tod for trial As Treasury agents i t toned s o x in their a Quot pm to smash what they called Quot most vicious gang of Narcot paddlers in the suspects were rounded by 40 a it Meuy yesterday in spectacular raid on san i Hill an area adjoining West 6 Street described by agent Tunnel infested Refuge for i vials rivalling 19th Century Nat own. With drawn pistols the to my agents flushed their i Oneis from Black under Groi catacombs linking a dozen Al dolled tenements Majo a of w strict supt visor of the treat agents said 12 men All in had Immi Iii reeled on Bari of Selling narcotics illegally. Ii dosed eight other Supej had been picked up during week. Williams said the eight charged with conspiracy to die narcotics in North Caro and that or. G. D. Gardner Theenie n. V., had been Arr de there As alleged chief diet Utor. Narcotics valued at $3, were confiscated during the which climaxed a two year int ligation. A for More than 25 year Section has resisted every of enforcement agencies to it up Quot William said a my have made More than too Arri in one Block in the last at least seven policemen by been killed in the area rams said by bricks and tos de from windows Aud n tops. A

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