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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday february 2. 193 the High Point Enterprise Rwm ouf Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. Cleveland sportsman develops Hobby into huge private adds slims collection of fishing tackle in country Worth$10,000\triumphs Over maj Gsg has 11,000 pieces of outdoor gear in Home exhibit Redwine Quint a ill Brown bomber done up in oils i by Jimmy Dona huk aka service so ports writer Triangle shades Beeson s in another Industrial league Battle in Jef plan. la 1 w la Clave ii and. Feb. 2�?when j. A pc Harley Seaman goes fishing he leaves $91 50 Worth of tackle at Home. He begin to lug along All his collection for its said to be the largest private layout in the country a around 11,000 pieces valued at More than $10,000. Charley former Railroad signal inspector retired on pension last year. Like any died in the Wooi Angler the Bug for collecting tackle bit him savagely. But it was 14 years ago that he first began amassing he conglomeration of plugs rods flies reels nets and other impediments on a Large scale. The rather rotund and Jovial fellow at that time hit upon the idea of gathering names and addresses of fishermen and sending them to tackle manufacturers. The boys who make the stuff in turn would Send him one of these and one of those and it Wasny to Long before he had so much stuff cluttering up the House that his wife a a much better Fisherman a in Charley s own words began to put on the pressure for a Good House Tain items of tackle that have a 1 h. Quot Quot Quot Quot a a amp. A it in it to v i j a is we i to. It. It r a mkt in ii i h 4 i we my a i i j t i j i j to a a j Charley Seaman. Cleveland. Of. Sportsman exhibits part of his Gigantic collection of fishing tackle cleaning. Mam fact Heus win to show i it Khz St a spare room was pressed into service As a sort of show room and soon Charley had people coming from All Over to see his collection. Then manufacturers themselves began to drop in. Charleys Den turned into a sort of unofficial display room for tackle makers from All Over the country and so began a Hobby that while a remunerative was very bit As interesting to the 8.1-year-old gentleman As Bug Hunting is to the entomologist. It a Coupon clipping to the Banko Ogust. Perhaps you be wished for car been out of the reach of your purse from time to time. A triple tapered Fly line Charley has them. A super Euper reel or an Ultra Ultra Fly Rod Charley has them. And in addition he has practically every plug Fly Bass Bug and spinner that s made a collection of outdoor footwear camping equipment outdoor footwear camping equipment outboard motor tackle boxes galore Landing nets minnow buckets Rod cases thermos Jug outfits and most anything Cise that you could name or desire. Not connect with his huge collection. Charley manufactures his own lures and gives them away with a homemade Dye fashioned from a Section of a Plank Char Ley beats out spinner Blades from old Hub Caps polishes them on a motor driven Buffer and painstakingly assembles Bingle and double spinners that he swears by. Quite a hand at mounting Sinh he gives these lures to visitors partly because of his affection for fellow fishermen and partly because of Hirt Pride in their prowess. It s the Only work he can indulge in due to a heart condition and when he Isnit piloting amazed pop eyed visitors through his Jungle of tackle he a punching out washers winding Little Springs or cutting up spinner shafts for his pet lure. Charley has another Hobby mounting his own fish Heads. Around the hails of his Home there a no room in the Den because of fishing tackle a Are mounted several Fine great Northern Pike Heads All cured and mounted by Seaman. Here s his method Cut off the head remove the ill it and rub Salt plenty of it All Over the head. Set it out in the Sun with a stick prying open the Mouth and Gill covers spread wide. After frequent applications of Salt it soon will become paced by Barrier Steele. Spencer and Cooper Adams Millis walloped Redwine 55 to 31, and Triangle shaded Beeson s 41 to 38, in a pair of Industrial league games at the a by a yesterday. Also on the card were a couple of tilts in the commercial Loop. Swartzberg a outfit trounced High Point paper Box. 28 to 16. And Doc Harts Medicine men whipped Tho a by a juniors 28 to 21. Barrier got 14, Spencer 12, Cooper and Steele to each for Adams Millis while f. Evans garnered to for Redwine. Thomas rang Home la Points for Beesons scorchers while Clark got the same number for Triangle. Brown scored ten for Beesons also. Idol was the Pill rollers Star with to Points and Agiert Evans got la for the a by a Little men. S. Bodenheimer and Overly for Swartzberg s and Farlow for paper Box got seven Points each. Redwing Adams Mill Quot a x f to g f to 3 2 8 Steele f 3 0 to 0 8 Barrier 7 0 14 0 4 Wright f 2 to Spencer c 1 3 Cooper g Harris g Culler Wpm its l Ait in Joe Louis makes the Art galleries. This Oil painting the Brown bomber a by Robert Riggs of Phil Adelphia now being shown in the 134th annual exhibition in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fin arts tells its own Story of the last Louis Schmel ing fight even to the Towel which sails into the ring at extreme right Hartley t h. Barrier f 3 Holt c f. Evana t Cooper g 1 5 0 12 2 to 0 2 0 2 totals 13 3 51 totals 26 3 35 score at half Redwine 17 Adama Mulla Quot a Quot 22. Officials Farlowe a a a Kearns Furman Surrett a i Quot Triangle Beesons Cotton answers Thomasville to Honor Mills Home a Sarah charges school football teams at dint dry. With a Sharp knife re ing dry particle lacquer and met ill wire and love All Remal of flesh. The fit experts Hail Louis As greatest heavyweight of All time 8 1 to 8 f to Spencer f 2 i 5 Bouldin f 2 3 9 Newman f 4 0 8 Koontz f 3 i 7 Clark c 4 3 la Brown c 4 2 to Moffitt 0 0 0 Thomas g 3 5 la Byrd g 3 0 6 Gentry g 0 i i Klutz 2 0 4 Smith g 2 0 4 Dawson i i 3 total 18 3 41 totals 12 14 38 Glasgow feb. 2. A Pill enry Cotton answering Gene Sarazen a criticism of British Golf pros in general and Cotton in particular today accused Saracen of ridiculing British professionals to publicize himself and remarked a Gene is out of Bounds criticized by Sarazen yesterday for claiming to be the Best golfer Jim Weaver director of athletics at w Ake Forest to make talk the Enterprise Bureau 8 Commerce Street phone 535 Thomasville feb. 2. A in the world and then demanding i plans Are nearly completed the score at half Triangle 14 Beesons 20. Officials Farlowe a by a a a Kearns Furman Surrett Quot a a. By Hathy Grayson aka service sport editor new York lit was sure to owe. It always has to mean a the proclamation by Many. Hat Joseph Louis Harrow heavy weight Champion of All the world and undoubtedly the greatest Ieese of fighting machinery Ever a come out of a Ford Plant is he greatest fighter the professional ring Ever has known it was said of John l. Suntan. It was repeated when Antes j. Corbett was in his rime. Many insisted and still of that Tbs a fall time Quot Honor belongs to Jack Dempsey. And now they pass the Floral breath to Joe Louis. Five years from now give or take a year they will he saying the Saziye of Joe Dukes whoever he May he who will succeed Louis As heavyweight Champion. They always have. If we Are to be guided by the past they always will. A Bob Fitzsimmons is the Only Champion id hesitate Over when it comes to picking Lamia the Best of All time a said kid me Partland a a great ring general like Fitz who could Roll his Little freckled head under a Lead shift and drive a left to the heart that would paralyse bus. Bering How Peter Maher went dozen rounds with him a few years before Fitz won the title from Jim Corbett. Jeffries depended most of size a Corbett have hit hard enough to halt Louis and if Fitzsimmons was Able to hit Corbett i can see Louis do the same thing. Jim Jeffries main Stock in Trade was his size and his ability to stand up under a punch but he did t have any More Concrete in his Chin than Max Baer. A Jack Johnson would have a i there a a lot met his Fine body punch. I never action at his i and trills than tremendous saw Sullivan in est. Jim Reagan my some who did. Still insist that John l. Was the greatest of them All. However i sure wish William Muldoon was still alive to see the to ult Best two fights a i done to think have Given Louif against Sullivan Ion of Arthur most of present a from what i hat a of Sullivan we saw in his opponent. Is someone to think about. He night bring Louis Down but i would t bet my Money on it. Not after re Mem j it Een too Busy picking off punches than a middies whether or not he saw his Shadow today we still have plenty of bad weather coming a his style make much of a hit with present Day fight fans and he pick a1�?T j of Joe a off. A half dozen fight a or went 20 rounds with John Ison. But i doubt if any one of j them could have stood up under j Louis a i agree with you on John i son a nodded Al Weill Weli known fight manager a both As to How he would have gone with Louis and with the tight fans today. He was too much on the i defensive style. Did you Ever see anything More Beautiful than the i Way Louis shifted his attack from the head to the body against Lewis a Moi Ell Pii h Joe Over Sillivan a a there was the tip off said Mcpartland. The floor after Sullivan in to then went on the remaining their four round but ask the Souri. Whom did fight they a a right a that ing relatively. Ink that the John Henry pastors and c compare in anti Muldoon would a the worst of it a was the Opin Donovan. Fore Lay referees a not get heard my Dau dad never More fight got up off icing dropped by first round and y outbox him in three rounds of i boys from Misdon Louis Ever f course speak y Hart Grant steel Taylor Owen Wicker a. Evans Payne Junior 8 f to too idol 0 2 Carroll 2 4 Albertson 0 4 Rankin 0 o Merritt 1 la Miller 0 0 Lindsay 8 f to 4 2 to 0 2 0 6 0 0 3 3 1 3 2 2 a guarantee before going t United said j a you can always Tell when the american silly season arrives. Sarazen starts it off by insulting somebody. I done to even hold a major title now Aud never claimed to be Hest golfer in Cotton former Holder of British open Crown said Sal behind the s ago a he said a Lead an professionals i they played i n because they title was Worth financially than for the he banquet to be held at Lutes to prove it Cotton i woman club building Here Friday night honouring the football totals score at half tors 8. Officials Steele 3 21 totals Hart a 14, to 8 28 a Yujun Royal Arcuni hears hayw0r1 the i Fetics zen was a filling Ren Yea ing Amelia from lancers Brit ish Ope t he British to t hem f other. Were i members n the knew a a my Stroud by h. Swartzburg 8 i to Grissom 12 4 Cromer c. Bodhil r too 5 Bod Nim 3 i 7 Staley bogs 12 4 Brown me Kina too Oal Zimora Byerly 3 17 Farlowe Waldon 3 0 6 today i done to rely for my living on winning championships. I have definite year round commit p. Paper Box i habits and the Only reason i do f to handed $10,000 for a two months trip to the United states was because i would have to make that much to pay my expenses and duplicate by earnings on this 0 i 3 o 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 i 0 0 total la 6 28 totals 7 2 16 score at half Swartz Berg 9 paper Box 6. Officials e Farlow a Carroll Oregon. New track Star is being made lev refuse to ads he Ellis the wises the Bob Ere of their ilk. Way to the com petition former champions like John l Sulvan. Jim Corbett Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney ii and to contend with. The doubting Thomases prefer to Walt until the present title Holder has written Finis to his career before ailing the r stamp of approval or their negative shake on Joseph Louis Barrow. Terms invading Staie on tour Stop at Durham for Hattie till Blue Devil tonight if your tires Are old and worn it is dangerous to continue to drive on them. Jet the famous Goodyear a la Weathers and be prepared for Slippery roads. The improved Center action grip for Quick stopping tougher tread for More mileage than Ever. Get set for Safe driving get a set of Goodyear now at new Low prices base Baller play in Golf tourney i Der Maxie Wanis Joe Louis again Lakeland fja., feb. 2.�? up a an aggregation of major league Star such As Seldom gets together off the Diamond started siring Here today in qualifying Lacals of the annual baseball players Golf tournament. Paul Wailer the Pittsburgh pirate outfielder won last year two 18-Hole qualifying rounds were scheduled today. Match play will atari tomorrow with the first 16 assigned places in the title flight. Wailer rated one of the Best links men among the base Baller i was a Strong favorite to repeat hut in his Poth stood such for aimable opponents As Wes Ferrell the new York Yankee Pitcher who won the inaugural tournament at Sarasota in 1936 Jack Russell Chicago cubs German heavyweight arrives and denies any trouble it till nazi party new York feb. 2.�? up a Max Schmellen. Former world heavyweight boxing Champion arrived from Germany today emphatically deny lug that he or his wife had any trouble with nazi authorities or that he had any intention of quitting the ring. A a in a ready to fight Job Louis again but first i want to meet one of two of the leading title he said As he left the Normandie. Schmeling s Hopes of regaining his heavyweight Crown were Given a decided setback last summer when he was knocked out j in two minute and four seconds Mounds Man and Heinie manual a a a. A i Brooklyn outfielder. In a Lect found by Champion guaranteed retreading $3.50 up depending on size of tire our method of retreading will give Miles of extra service from your tires. Klyn j also in the running were Joe Medwick of the St. Louis Cardi gals Nick Altorek Washington coach and funny Man Gerald Walker and Luke Appling of j the Chicago White sox Paul Derringer Cincinnati i sounds Iman Bill Swift and Truett sea Well Pittsburgh hurlers Al Lopez Boston bees Caliper and Hiatt tire co station no. I 135 Welt High Street phone 2872 station no. 2 515 North main Street phone 4010 Max said Mike Jacobs had been in touch with him for Nom time and that he planned to see Jacobs during the Day. He tossed aside with an emphatic a nein a any suggestion that he had been sent to this country by the German government to quiet Rumor that All was not Well Bori Roy concubine Detroit Outfield Wiff and him and the nazi authorities a i was never reprimanded or or another entry was owner Clark Griffith of the washing j ton senators. Ask spa Grant to fix Tarboro baseball Park Washington feb. 2 Abs representative Kerr the works Progress administration today to approve a Grant for improvement of the municipal athletic Field at Tarboro. N. The Field i to be used As the Spring training quarters of the i Raleigh Williamsport a baseball club Captain of the for a month from March 15 and David of Jack the Philadelphia athletics baseball club also will be there april i detained in any Way by the nazi party and i never said i would break Herr Goebbels neck if he paid attention to my mrs. Schieling Anny Ondra of the German film could t make the trip with Max because she is under contract to Start work on a new picture March first. A but i Promise i la bring or along on my next trip a he pledged. Captain Charleston of a the Citadel i yesterday elected named s. C., feb. 2.-�? football squad Bill Spain of 95-Pound end As 1939 team. Bob it Neville fla., was a Ternate Captain. 11-14. The ook Booi the improvements proposed i Btu he Means would Cost about $10,000. it pm a a looked on Charlotte. Feb. 2. A aha Maryland a flashy basketball team current King of the Southern conference came to North Carolina today for a three Day invasion and made Duke its first Stop. The Terrapin took Over the conference Lead wednesday when Wake Forest suffered an upset loss to North Carolina. They will meet the White phantoms tomorrow at Chapel Hill and n. State saturday at Raleigh. Duke s defending Loop champions. The a never a Dull minutes sensations of the 1938 conference tournament Are expected to give the Terp one of their sternest tests. Game last night resulted in victories for Davidson 42-21, Over Guilford Marshall Huntington. W. A55-46 Over Lenoir Rhyne and High Point 48-36, Over Western Carolina teachers. Tonight s card. In addition to the Maryland at Duke affair Calls for Catawba at Elon and Guilford at appalachian. No comeback for getting Quot conked ii Raleigh. Feb. 2.�?ld�?if a baseball Beans you out on the bleachers this summer there s no need to Hunt up a lawyer for the state supreme court has ruled you can to collect any damages. The court said in effect that fans who Don t sit behind screened seats must Bear the consequences for a those operating baseball Parks or grounds Are held to have discharged their full duty to spectators in safeguarding them from the danger of being struck by thrown or batted balls by providing adequately screened seats for patrons who desire them and leaving the patrons to their Choice Between such screened seats Aud those unscreened. The ruling was handed Down yesterday it upheld a Nonsuit granted in Durham Superior court to the Cincinnati exhibition company anti the City of Durham in a suit for damages allegedly caused when a Spectator at a Ball game was struck by a foul Ball. The plaintiff was John c. Cates new York feb. 2.�? up a last saturday after Only three hour sleep Dusky John Borican j broke an 11-year-old Boston Garden record for 1,000 Yard in his first race on a banked track. This saturday after a two nights rest he will run two thirds of a mile on the new millrose a. A i track of Madison Square Garden. And theres no telling what May happen. The Only prediction ifs Safe to make its that hell win a from a Field that includes Gene Yonaha Leslie Mac itch Cli and Indiana s Mel Trutt. In fact Carl Mernor the columbian Roach believe that in a very Short time the track season s newest sensation will be winning everything he goes into from a Quarter mile up to a mile. A for my Money he s the Best runner in the country today a a says Merner who supervises Bor ican a workouts of the Columbia outdoor Board track. A a Jook at his performances a 2 12.6 for that 1.000 in Boston and on a poor track 1 50 or Otter for Tho half mile 47.9 for 400 meters 14.8 for the 110-meter High hurdles xxx a and he a a picture runner. He combines Glenn Cunningham a Power with Vonz key a Grace. He runs smoothly easily never gets tightened up and yet has a terrific kick at the y night squads of Thomasville High school and Mills Home it was announced today by a joint committee from the rotary and Lions clubs. Jim Weaver director of ath at Wake Forest will be the principal speaker for the occasion and it is indicated that Perdue Bailey and Johnson. Of the Duke team. Will he present As honoured guests. Charles f. Lambeth will Pretory i Side Over the banquet and pro any i Grain As toastmaster. A humorous talk will he Given by h. Twining of High Point i arid Hank Culp will introduce the visiting Duke players. Invocation will he by Rev. Sam Wiley. Coach Charlie Kearns will introduce the 23 members of his Mills Home squad and coach a a Rosie Macmillan will introduce the 26 members of his High school squad. The banquet is being staged jointly by the sons club and rotary club of Thomasville and approximately 130 Are expected to attend. Members of the joint committee in charge of the event Are r. M. Cooksey Douglas Critch Field and Glenn Pennington. Brooklin dodger Cate tells fraternal club about big leagues Zanuck to Lead radio squabble Ray Hayworth Brooklyn d Orsu Catcher talked to the Plank Road Council of the r Arcanum at it meeting held night on the highlights of be ills ional baseball. Ray a member of the i Council spends his Winters managing his Dairy farm keeps in shape fanning do the off season. He told the group about important e of Spring training a Means of perfecting the Syi of play to be used by each during the season As Well As conditioning of players. He a it is All right to make Liyi mistakes but not mental ones off the playing Field meet i Are held to discuss the weak of each opposing player How a what to pitch to him. And i j to play for him. Stars suet Lou Gehrig j in min Fox. Greenberg All have their w Nesses but and it i ringer done to have a weak j Hayworth said. System of play in the Nati a ague is quite different from american league. St thrill was the driving in the 1 Tho world Champ iting questions i by members of i great Goswin got Ning run Foi ship. Inter asked him Council. Hayworth a with the Del tigers until last september. Dorothy Kirby meets mrs. Arends in first round at Coral Gables Coral Gables. Fla feb. 2.�?f/p a medallist Dorothy Kirby of Atlanta whose Par erne King 79 in the qualifying round tied the women course record. Today faced mrs. John Arend of Miami in the Miami Biltmore women a Golf tournament. Mrs. Arend eased into the championship flight with a 99. Patty Berg who has emerged Victor in this annual Winter event for the past four years posted an %s2 yesterday and was matched against mrs. A. H. Rach Len of Maplewood n. J., who qualified with a 98. Other pairings included or William Hockenjos of Jake Hopatcong n. J., is. Mrs. H. S. Robins Spring Lake Mich. Jean baiter Providence r. I., and Katherine Mecloskey Pittsburgh Betty Jameson san Antonio tex., and mrs. Coleen Butler Atlanta. Hollywood. Feb. 2.�?od a of the barring of Tyrone Power probably from the air mean that producer Darryl f. wants the movies to Start a War with radio it appeared today that he will have to do most of the fighting. Little support was forthcoming elsewhere in Hollywood for the 20th Century Fox head s opinion that radio hurts movie actors at the Box office. Other studios avoided formal statements but several admitted they considered their stars value definitely increased by air engagements. A spokesman for Zanuck called the producer action the a open j lug gun which might Lead to the i withdrawal of other Fox stars from j radio. How it would affect foxes Don ame it he who went into pictures with a reputation built a an actor on the air a unanswered. Like the studios official of networks declined Public pro j Noune ernets. But radio sources pointed out that Many of the films outstanding personalities started on the air that Powers radio rating has never been particularly High and that in some instances notably the Case of Dorothy Lamour film figure Are under contract to a network and merely borrowed by studios for pictures Zanuck action announced yesterday will remove his super Star after next sunday from a dramatic program on which he has been appearing. In recent years radio and films have hired freely of each other s Talent. Jack Benny Grade Allen Bob Burns Bing Crosby Cecil b de Mille Rudy Vallee Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mccarthy Eddie Cantor Al Jolson Robert Taylor Robert Young Jean Hersholt and Edward g. Robinson Are equally familiar to screen fans and radio listeners. A Winant takes office in Geneva Geneva. Feb 2.�? up a for governor John g. By infant new Hampshire was sworn in Day is director of the Intel tonal labor office at the of ing of the governing coi Mitt s6th session. By infant who resigned As h of the United states social Curtly Board in 1936, War. Al cd to the Post june 4 Suer ing Harold b. Butler of e land. L he International i Abor of is the permanent secretariat the International lather or la ton which was established 1919 and now has a meal ship of 60 nations including United states More than one half of All monetary Gold in the world ii the Gold Hoard of the in states which amounts to a 000.000,000, visits Goldsboro feb. 2. Pm or. And mrs. Frank Dunbar of Beverly Hills calif., parents of Dixie Dunbar actress v sited relative Here. Mrs Dunbar a new Type of treatment for pneumococci pneumonia in bleachers. Sitting in the unscreened j linty nature formerly lived Here. Durham feb. 2.�? up a or Francis Wood of the University of Pennsylvania described last night a new drug that he said May replace serum in the treatment of pneumococci pneumonia. Or. Wood speaking at a postgraduate course in Medicine said the drug first was used lot pneumonia about a year ago in Manchester England he called it sulfa per Dine and said it was related close to . Sale men s furnishings $ 1.93 s h i b t a. Co a in a 91.05 s h i k t 8. $1.1 ri.05 i a j a 31 a a. $1.1 t i k i79 55e t i e 8.��?��?��?��?��?��?��?� 39 a amps Haberdashery at of. Cd or tailoring co in a. N. Main and Waw

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