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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Or i Tun Sec. Toe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina thursday february 2, 193fadministration wage hour Bill is introduced in general Assembly rep. Uzzell to sponsor Bill in lower House after Quot secret Quot pronouncement on foreign policy by Hunky a Khill Kaleigh feb. 2. A minus my idealistic preamble about Low vases and sweatshops and Mak no notable exceptions in favor i Quot mercantile and service Quot em-doyment.?, a North Carolina vase hour Bill bearing the Dossing of the state labor Demi intent was introduced in the douse today by representative George Uzzell of Salisbury. Principal difference Between it my the federation of labor Neasure introduced some time Igo lies in the exceptions men toned. The Uzzell measure provides in principle at least for a t 4 8-hour week and 25-cent per tour wage minimum for Menan Ile and service employments i Villi the federation Bill puts All i lapses in strict uniformity with he Federal wage hour measure. I there Are also in the new Neasure provisions for exempt ions and a permanent labor and j Ivory Board not included in the federation act. The measure went to the labor Ommittee of the House of which a Prest native j. B. Volger of Mecklenburg is chairman. Its Ham. For a favourable report without change Are coir dered Lone too Bright but Thorf is eneral agreement that in sub tank a it will be the state wage emerging from a secret White House meeting unprecedented in 25 years members of the Senate military committee show Little indication of their contrasting reactions to the presidents reported intention of aiding european democracies against the dictatorships. I Eft to right front senators Lewis Reynolds Lee Bridges. Austin Gurney Sheppard Johnson and Thomas. Rear senators Lun Deen Holman Nye Clave Hill Minton Logan and Schwartz. Kidney danger signals a getting up nights frequent Runty flow burning leg pains ack Che May be nature s warning of my tonal kidney disorders danger head make this 4-Day test dlr Etc in kidneys. Help nature eliminate sex Sas acids and other wastes which can use the irritation that wakes you p ask any druggist for a test Box r buckets locally at Manti drug store Eckerd a of High Point. Hour Bill most Likely to run the Gauntlet of opposition from employer sources. Uzzell sponsor its sponsor or. Uzzell was one of the co authors of the states existing maximum hour Bill passed two yearn ago but which will be Specio sity repealed by his present Bill of adopted. General provisions of the act provide for minimum wages of 25 cents an hour for one year after effective Date of the Law 30 cents per hour for the next six years and 4 0 cents an Bour thereafter. On the hour Side it Calls for a maximum work week i of 4 4 hours for one year 42 j hours for Thea cond year and to hours thereafter. But As stated these standards do not apply to Quot mercantile and service a super value. For Friday and saturday Only wardrobe special full size hat compartment full hanging space shoe compartment plenty of room for other apparel i special Only $1450 for these employments the Bill provides i Quot the maximum hours per week for employees of the state of North Carolina or in men Annie or service employments shall be 48 hour per week unless such employee receives compensation for his employment in excess of the hours above specified at a rate not less than one and one half times the regular rate at which he is on wages for these categories the Bill says a the minimum wage for employees of mercantile Aud service employments shall be 25 cents an hour. The minimum wages for employees of the state of North Carolina shall be 25 cents an hour. Defining the two classes a mercantile and service employments for the purpose of this act shall include persons employed in retail stores and those who Are engaged in various service employments in laundries. I dry cleaning plants pressing shops hotels restaurants Gar i Ages filling stations ice plants creameries Barber shops shoe repair shops and similar lines of activity when so determined by regulations of the comm Sion i and what n not in interstate Commerce but excluding those employed in Domestic service in a private advisory Board a labor advisory Board of three members is provided fur members to be appointed by Quot the governor of the state of North Carolina with the advice of the commissioner of Quot one appointee shall represent employers one shall represent employees and one shall be a representative of the general Public Quot reads the Bill. Its duties shall be Quot to meet at the Call of the commissioner of labor and it Quot shall Aid him in formulating policies for the effective administration of the it act and shall advise and assist the commissioner of labor in making rules and regulations governing the administration of this provision is made for Appeal by any party Quot aggrieved by an order of the commissioner Quot to Appeal to the Superior courts Iller having been refused a flashes of life by associated press election Day in Assembly Friday Penny wine Goshen ind. A while collecting from his string of Peanut vending machines Jack prathers 29, was arrested for disregarding a Stop sign. Justice of Tho peace j. Robert Wasson fined him $5.50. Prathers doled out 550 pennies and left a still jingling. Old stuff Norfolk Van the Frame problem in Virginia is at least its years old. Try clerk John i. Corbeil Bas discovered an ordinance adopted by Coni Moo Council july 7, 1741, providing fines for masters whose servant or slaves Rode horses through the streets faster than a foot House elections committee to begin work on absentees Cuba s Batista to c All on Mexico to american pr0perties _ a a undamaged in Spain strengthen ties Between two nations by bin Meyer Mexico City Fob. 2.�?f/p> a col. Fulgencio Batista dominant military and political Leader of Cuba arrives in Mexico today on a ten Day visit to strengthen ties Between the two countries. The two nations both concentrating upon extensive programs of economic Reform in recent years have been complimenting each other in Many ways and col. Batista comes Here at an opportune time to see both the successes and disappointments of the mexican venture. Groups opposing the social economic program which included expropriation of foreign Oil properties distribution of land to the peasantry and Strong labor organization recently have staged demonstrations. These now Are banned. The government has had difficulty in finding markets for the Oil it now produces but. Whether the cuban Quot Strong Man Quot had in mind a business Deal for this product no one would say. He said before he left Cuba that he would be willing to hear any proposal but that he had no plans for treaties with Mexico. The mexican foreign office spokesman said the cuban Leader s visit was purely one of Friendship. Previous Friendship exchanges Between Mexico and Cuba included a Havana Celebration last november in Honor of the mexican revolution and a mexican Good will military Mission to Cuba. The trip is the second Batista has made on behalf of Good will among the americas. He came to the United states last armistice Day. Barcelona feb. 2.�? All american owned Proi got through the insurgent and capture of Barcelona out damage Douglas floor Ting United states Consul be reported today. These include holdings it Ter National Telephone and graph company the intern a1 banking corporation. Cd motors and Ford Assembly \ the United shoe machinery portion and eight of Flo american film companies. By Lynn Nisbet Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel rest cure re Beking you Oklahoma City a detective Charles Scott and j. A Mac a aided a Rooming House found nobody Home but confiscated two suitcases containing eight gallon of whisky. Attached to one of the suitcases was a note Quot in be been Bere. Come Down to the they added a postscript Quot we be been Here. Too. Come Down to the police Ivy mules Liberty to. Riley Walker started out to Trade two Coon dons and wound up with a farm he traded the dogs for u farm in Arkansas and traded that in turn for 80 acres in Southern Missouri. Unal rites Lenoir feb. 2�?funeral services were held today for Charles a. Carr. 51, chief Lenoir clerk of the Carolina and Northwestern Railroad who died yesterday of pistol wounds. Coroner j. W. Swanson said last night af-re-1 Ter an investigation that the come Early Only a few to go at this Low Price. You will want to buy two or three at this Low Price. Burtner furniture company Quot we sell the Best for lows than tin re to 900 East Green St. Phone 2861 Versal on Appeal to the rom Mistone r himself. The review of j he court however Quot shall b j limited to question of Law Aud Anding of fact by the commissioner when supported by substantial evident shall be there Are sections setting out what records must he kept by employers in order to enable the commissioner of labor to Check on their compliance and giving the commissioner Clear right to Call for and inspect these records at All times. Powers of commissioner general Powers of the commissioner Quot by and with the and Vilt e of the labor advisory Hoard Quot shall include the Quot Power to Issue Sinh regulations and orders is Are necessary to carry out the provisions of the act. Such orders without being limited thereto May include such terms and conditions including the restriction or prohibition of Industrial Homework or of such other acts or practices As the shooting was a suicide. Medicine free at Mann a Cut rate Cecily a Cut rate Eckerdt Fei. Amp sat Arthur s pharmacy feb., 3rd amp 4th commissioner find necessary to carry out the purposes of the a and to prevent the circumvention of the intent to reduce the hours of labor by reduction in wage rates to avoid the penalizing effect of the overtime compensation the commissioner May Quot permit reasonable deduction from the minimum wage applicable under the Ait for Board. Lodging or other similar service furnished by an employer to hi.-employee#, violations of the act Are punishable by Fine of not less than $10 nor More than Hoo or by imprisonment for not less than ten nor More than ninety Days. Each Day a violation shall continue is made a separate offence. There is a dunce guaranteeing the right of employees to secure higher wages than the act provides by collective bargaining. The declared policy of the act is to to establish minimum wage Aud maximum hours consistent with health efficiency and Well being 2 to safeguard these maximums and minimums and 3 to increase employment opportunities. Raleigh feb. 2.�?with one Bill for outright repeal of everything that sound like Quot Absentee Quot and upwards of 20 local Bills exempting counties from the Absentee voters Law in primaries the House elections committee is really going to work Friday morning. Anticipating a hard Day the committee starts Early and will assemble at 9 30. If present flans Are carried through everything before the committee will be considered then and a sub committee or two named to study special phases of proposed legislation. If the Absentee ballot survives that inquisition there will he Many surprised people hereabouts. Chairman George Vav. Phillips of the House committee on elections and election Laws would not be displeased if the Hoard of elections program a enacted in Toto. He rather expects that his committee will eliminate the absentees in primaries and retain them in general elections the effect of t ii in win be in the opinion of ome legislators to say that it is alright to steal from republicans but not from democrats. Most of them May actually believe that but they Haven to the Candor of elections Board member Bell who last we a a said the Western democrats had to keep the Absentee privilege or get beat. Of two evils he chooses the lesser and would keep the absentees working. On the Senate Side there Isnit nearly so much expressed sentiment for election Law Reform. The Enate his Only one Bill that by the one time Mcdonald chieftain. Willie Lee Lumpkin for outright repeal of Absentee voting. Chairman Morphew who has repeatedly express d satisfaction with the status quo in Western election procedure does not expect to Call Iii Senate committee together until they get the House Bill in dilutions now Are that they la reach the Senate Early next week. Of the is too drastic senator Mot phew a boys will alleviate damage to absentees As much As possible. Rocky mount feb. 2.�? Pic Thomas Mcgee Secretary to congressman g. A. Barden dec is in a local Hospital taking rest cure following a heart attack last month while at new Bern listing. Paved heard. A a wed be safer saving Money by buying Moffitt Home furniture company a Moffit Feo a twins Are Given charter by Eure Don t to another miserable Day delayed elimination it often Why Yow tufted the misery of Indyg Setlen. Your food sours and ferment you bloat and belch up portion of food of you Art nervous a irritable a a can t sleep at night you get up in the morning Haling at though you had had no fait at All totally unfit for your Day work it to pow Olin Tho modern Barb Medicine abraded from Root Herb Kirks and Isa St it positively guaranteed to bring you prompt and speedy Relief from Tho wry first Dos or your druggist it authored to cheerfully refund your of people from All walk of life old and Young alike have gotten Relief through the Ute the great Medicine after other failed. You i can got my let or of does t Coit you one Penny. Ten. The most sensational offer Ever made by any Medicine company any time anywhere buy on bottle of pow Olin at the regular Price and cecum Tho Leeond bottle absolutely free take Ana bottle and of you Are not absolutely convinced it it the Bott Medicine you have eur used for your trouble bring the Bott i Back and your wig nay will a refunded Mth out question. This guarantee holds Good regardless of boar Many Madi Elnett you have tried or the Price you have been paying for them Vai i a own valuable Coupon to Wal la upon to a regular $1.23 bottle of pow Olin with a Purchase of a Bott la at the regular or look la other word tem Bott lot for to Price of one i we give you this Medicine because a know of you Usa two Bott you will Gat such wonderful in Tun you will be eager to Tell your neighbors and friends about pow Olin use he Coupon on the right. Name. Address today note Coupon must a Fillad in. Only Ana to family. Druggist will remove Ana Battle from Carton and attach out Coupon to Carton for redemption i Raleigh. Feb. 2,-�? la the Winston Salem twins inc., of Winston Salem which will organize and operate baseball clubs under 1,000 shares authorized capital Stock of no Par value received a charter today from Thad Eure Secretary of state. The club had 160 shares of Stock subscribed by Alvin Crowder Joan e. Crowder and Odell Sapp All of Winston Salem. Cherokee minerals inc., of Hickory which will mine and prepare for marketing minerals under $100.boo authorized capital. Also was chartered. J. J. Hudiburg of Charlotte Ester s. Blackwelder and Barrie Black welder jr., of Hickory subscribed $300 Stock. E. Vav. Smith inc of Roanoke rapids a general electrical business had $50,000 authorized capital of which $300 Stock was subscribed by e. Vav. Smith Mattie la. Smith and t. A Adams ail of Roanoke rapids. Trowe to1 a Akes go0 in his Home town just Back from professional school he found that building a practice was slow work a especially after some years away from Home. He established a checking account at the Wachovia and was surprised to find How often in visiting the Bank he encountered old friends whose acquaintance he was glad to renew. He found that paying his Bills with Wachovia checks seemed to carry a certain prestige with it. Wachovia was Able to advise him on several financial matters. A not Only do Asiatic people Admire the Lotus for its Beauty but they use its seeds and thick Rootstock for food. Correct Atar Ting time of feature pictures at local theatre today help kidneys pass 3 lbs. A Day Center Quot sweethearts Quot 12 50 2 57 5-04 7 11 s ii Broadhurst or. Motor a Lait warning j 37 4 22 5 49 7 34 0 30 Paramount Quot Man cantle Quot i 37 3 31 5 22 7 31 9 31 doctors say your kidney contain 15 Miles of tiny tubes or biter which help to purify the blood and keep you j Woopie pane about 3 pints a Daj i Carolina a meet the Atria 12 58 2 35 4 15 5 55 7 35 9 to Lay or about 3 Pound of w Ante. In frequent or scanty passages Aith smarting and burning Aho there May a Aora ebbing wrong with your kidney it bladder. An Reicen of acid or poisons in your blood when due to functional kidney disorders mabs the eau of nagging backed rheumatic nine leg pains Low of Pep and Energy getting tip night Ealing puffiness unde the Eves headaches and Dis sinews. Don t wait a a your druggist for Doss fully by millions for Over 4 Rialto orphan of the Street Quot 12.30-2 00-3 30-4 00-5.30-8.00-9 30 title used acre it a. They give a apr a rebel an i Mill help the ii mile of kidney tube flush a. Out Poi thaoue waste rum your blood. Get Doan s Tula. He is now Well on his feet. It has been his own doing a not his Bank a. But he feels that a Wachovia connection can he As useful in practical w ays to a professional Man As to a business executive. Do you have a Wachovia checking account it will save you time Money and risk. And this is the Bank which photographs checks for its customers Protection. Wachovia Bank and Trust company Salisbury Raleigh High Point Winston Salem Asheville mfmb1r Federal i posh insurance corporation member Federal Reserve system Obi

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