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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Political scholars baffled by watergate syndrome High Point Enterprise sunday december 16,1973 3anation s tits diagnosed but no cure is found by Linda Deutsch associated press writer Santa Barbara Calif. Apr some of the nations leading political scientists summoned to help the Senate watergate committee find cures for the nations ills diagnosed the ailments but Shook their Heads in dismay when it came to prescriptions. Despite a few vaguely outlined plans for change in government bureaucracies the scholars agreed that nothing Short of a change in the a hearts and minds a of americans will prevent future watergate scandals. Changes in government they stressed must be preceded by Trust in government. To inspire such Trust the scholars said the Nixon administration and its successors must abandon secrecy a including most secrets labelled As being of a National Security interest. A the people because they have been lied to so often have grown suspicious of men in said historian Christopher Lasch. A they Are convinced that Only untrustworthy people Are Likely to Rise to Power in political institutions. Indeed they Are losing Confidence in All of our institutions and Are sinking into earthy Lase he a statement at the end of a week Long discussion at the Center for the study of democratic institutions echoed words voiced or submitted in scholarly papers by some 30 intellectuals. Tape recordings of their discussions and the documents they produced Are to be used by the watergate committee in preparing its final report. The proposals most enthusiastically supported during the week of talks were abstractions a references to a behaving better and creating a openness in our White haired Rexford Tugwell reminded everyone that the Constitution begins with a we the people Quot and suggested the people be considered More. Harlan Cleveland president of the University of Hawaii and a former ambassador and government adviser suggested that perhaps the Only Way to improve officialdom is by convincing leaders to use a a image native projection of openness a a process resembling a seeing ourselves As others see us a a the official would say to himself or herself a would it change my feeling about this if it were spread on the Public record a or does the Validity of my action depend on its secrecy because if it does watch out a Cleveland added a of course the question does no to work for a dedicated Cleveland who titled his paper a the limits of obsession a sees secrecy As the cancer destroying Trust in american government. A once the system permits the president and his agents to decide who should know what about executive intelligence and operations it is overwhelmingly Likely that government officials will use the system to hide their mistakes a he said. This View was supported by virtually every scholar present. Several cited the prosecution of Daniel Ellsberg for release of the Pentagon papers As president Nixon a ultimate Effort to establish an a official secrets act to Sanction keeping even More secrets from the american people. William Watts a former member of Nixon s National Security Council who resigned in a policy dispute called the National Security defense of secrets a the ultimate Fig a watergate was. The most dangerous assault from within on the fundamentals of our democratic Way that this nation has yet experienced a Watts said in his treatise. A and it has been justified defended and even made possible by appealing to National Security. A yet no one has Given a highly Skepi caracal i h up Public an acceptable and persuasive Reading of just what the National Security threat fully he urged revision of the nation s classification and Security systems and More open meetings of government bodies he saw As encouraging the decision of Egil Quot Bud Quot Krogh to plead guilty rather than invoke the National Security defense in the burglary of Ellsberg a psychiatrists office. John Wilkinson a mathematician and visiting fellow at the Center declared that All secrets should be eliminated that they were needed Only by incompetents a i once saw Bobby Fischer play a chess game in which he announced to his opponents in Advance every move he was going to make a said Wilkinson. A the won the game anyway because he was a better player. A a if you re intelligent enough a he added a you can work a strategy and you Don t need throughout the conference sen. Sam j. Ervin a chief consultant Law professor Arthur Miller exported the scholars to think in terms of Concrete changes. Some were proposed. But More often the ideas were As vague As Herbert alexanders suggestion that the a effectiveness of resignations by High officials recently might encourage More such action by protesting civil servants. Or there was Harvard prof. Samuel Beers Hope to a institutionalize leaks to news Media As a Way of combating secrecy in government. Most saw the Nixon administration As part of a growing trend toward a too powerful a Imperial but few were willing to suggest ways to weaken presidential Power. A. The presidency often seems to be the Only thing holding society wrote Lasch. A the sheer size of the country and the magnitude of the problems facing it make the United states almost ungovernable. The presidency has become an indispensable fiction. Those who attempt to shatter the illusion of presidential leadership should not expect to enjoy the congratulations of a grateful toward the conference s end after Days of discussion at the Remote secluded Center hidden away in the verdant Hills above the Ocean the scholars approved a few specific suggestions. They seconded prof. Paul Mishkin of the University of California at Berkeley in his plan for a a Counselor general to receive complaints about the president they agreed with Alexander that the election Laws to Deal with the effect of television should be reformed perhaps through Public funding that political patties should be strengthened and the a White House mafia of advisers around the president should be diminished in number and Power. Some like Center fellow Harry Ashmore still looked for a More dramatic undefined development which would eliminate a the scepticism a with which a majority of americans now View their government Quot in an Effort to summarize the scholars views Arthur Larson a former government official who now directs the Rule of Law research Center at Duke University Law school said the watergate committee probably would be aided More by the specifics presented than by the general Hopes that leaders and followers would become better people. A if we could change the hearts and minds of Larson told his colleagues a that would be Fine. But we can t and we should know it by now. All we can Deal with effectively is institutions not human Suva capital of Fiji ranks As the most important City in the Pacific islands after Honolulu. Cockerham amp How an opticians s?7 n. Mam St. Phone 887 5194 we b ill a by doctors prescription b or glosses a Complete optical service a repairs a duplications. 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