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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather rain ending Windy cold 89th year a no. 350 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning december 16,1973 132 pages callus circulation.82-1719 classified ads.883-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c. Sunday 25c conference set Friday Egypt announces peace talk delay by the associated press Egypt said saturday that the Mideast peace conference scheduled to begin on tuesday in Geneva has been delayed for three Days. Cairo a official Middle East news Agency reported. The report came after United states Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger talked for six hours in Damascus with a grim faced president Hafez Assad of Syria. He then flew to Amman for a meeting with King Hussein of Jordan. Egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmy made the announcement the Start of the Geneva conference is being delayed until Friday the Middle East news Agency said the announcement said the delay was due to contacts under Way among the United states the soviet Union France and Lebanon. The egyptian foreign minister met saturday with the Cairo ambassadors of those countries and informed them of the egyptian position the news Agency said. Egypt did not immediately indicate what was being discussed. Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko who had planned to Fly to Geneva sunday to attend the conference cancelled his flight a soviet diplomatic source in Geneva said. Kissinger had been scheduled to Dine with Gromyko on monday night in Geneva. In Tel Aviv. Premier Golda Meir said Over israeli state television saturday before any Public word on the conference delay that Israel May have to deny american requests at the conference. She did t specify what the disagreements might be. A but whenever we do have arguments with she said a we know we Are arguing with a dear and great she said she expected the peace conference to be drawn out and a Replete with the Cairo news Agency said Fahmy had contacted syrian officials about the conference is ��2��1 for an Wert to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Der Bingie s song q. I would like to find out How Many White Christmas movies that Bing Crosby made and was there one prior to the one that was on television the other night. Wednesday dec. 5? thank Vou. So. A. The song a White Christmas was introduced by Crosby in 1942 in a Holiday inn a while his movie a White Christmas was produced by Paramount in 1954. They need your blood q. When one is going to be married by a Justice of the peace in a different state or just by Chance any place is a blood test mandatory and do you have to have one please answer As soon As possible because i want to get married this weekend. A. Yes a blood test is required. Need a Belt q. Where can you find the handmade belts like the people w Ere making at a Day in the Park . belts were made by David Henry of Greensboro who has a shop called the House of crafts at 1005 Spring Garden St. At the Corner of Tate Street. Puppies available q. I would like to know if anybody has any baby pups chihuahuas they want to give away or sell miss a. Several people have called asking where they could get different Breeds of dogs. They May be found through i the pets for Sale classified ads 2 the local pet shop or 3 by calling mrs. Ann Reddick a member of the furniture City Kennel club at 431-2998, As she keeps information on dog breeders in the area. No buses to Center q. Why Hasni to something been done to help the people of High Point have a bus service by High Point Hospital and to the medical Center on Quaker Lane. The people have to pay from $4 to $8 to get Over there in a cab. They put one to Westchester mall and they go by Kmart and College Village. Why done to they have one on s. Main to go to sky City and one to City Lake out at Jamestown. They will have one to Oak hollow i guarantee you that. Let the new Council have these lines put on but one to the Hospital and medical Center should have been done four toll years ago and now it has gotten worse. A. The closest to the Hospital is the main Street bus and to the medical Center the Emerywood bus which goes Down Ferndale and will Stop at Council which Means a three Block trek to the Center. Rat infested q. How can i get rid of rats. It is really a problem and i Hope to get rid of them before they get rid of me thanks. A. You can get rat bait at hardware stores or the health department May have some. If they re getting in your House Board up every possible entry Point and keep foods bought packaged in paper or boxes like flour sugar cereals Rice Etc in tins or jars. Also make sure your garbage cans indoors and out have tight fitting lids. Rats wont stay around where there is no food or water or warm nesting place to attract them. Sound off since Maryfield nursing Home added the sister Patrice w ing to the nursing Home there Are about 25 to 30 doors they would like to decorate with something Christmas a Little wreaths or Bells Pine Cones with ribbons and greenery a anything that could be taped on to brighten things up for the holidays of anyone would like to offer something to deck their Halls with please either bring it to the new Side Entrance or Call any of the charge nurses at 883-7220. They will appreciate it. Delay and said a there is Complete coordination Between Egypt and Syria on Egypt and Syria were the two principal combatants against Israel in the october Mideast War and Israel occupies territory of both those Arab nations. The six hour duration of the Kissinger Assad talks was a see egyptians on 2a North Viet shooting denounced Washington a Secretary of defense James r. Schlesinger denounced the shooting attack of an armed . Search helicopter in South Vietnam As a a despicable act and said saturday a a we a should be prepared to take the necessary measures to prevent a recurrence. A we will indicate our substantial displeasure to the other Side but we will not cease the search for the missing in Schlesinger said during a talk before a group of Jaycees officers. The defense Secretary did not indicate what a the necessary measures might be. The United states is barred by Congress from any military action in Indochina he spoke several hours after the South vietnamese command announced in Saigon that one american had been killed and four others wounded when communist gunners fired on a helicopter searching for . Servicemen still missing from the Vietnam War. The state department said a we Are making known to the communist Side in the strongest terms our condemnation of this latest and most outrageous action. A we deplore this unprovoked attack on unarmed helicopters engaged in a humanitarian Mission specifically authorized by the Paris accords. Moths born on skylab space Center Houston apr three excited skylab astronauts announced that five Gypsy Moth eggs hatched saturday in an Experiment aboard the space station and said the newcomers were a alive moving and somewhat astronauts Gerald p. Carr. William r. Pogue and Edward g. Gibson reported that the first of 1.000 eggs in the Experiment hatched during the afternoon about a month before the expected time. A we Are pleased to announce the birth of our first said Gibson in a mock serious birth announcement. A attending physicians Carr Gibson and Pogue described the status of the babies As alive moving and somewhat he continued a the physicians were caught off guard and did no to have boiled water or newspapers on hand at this time there Are five babies crawling Over their potential Nixon signs St Bill first Day is Jan. 6 by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a president Nixon signed a Bill saturday putting the nation on year around Daylight saving time starting Jan. 6. He also called for Congress to act before the Christmas recess next week on the More expansive Energy conservation Bill which cleared the House Early saturday. Nixon said the extra hour of evening Daylight will save a an estimated equivalent of 150.000 barrels of Oil a Day Quot this Winter. The measure cleared Congress Friday and Nixon acted quickly so clocks can be moved ahead one hour beginning at 2 a in. Jan. 6. Had he waited another Day the Law could not have taken effect before Jan. 13. Under the Law Daylight saving time will be in effect All year for a two year period and for the first time since world War ii some estimate its Impact could reduce electricity and heating demands by up to 3 per cent mainly in the North. As a companion to the Law Nixon also signed an executive order setting up machinery for considering appeals from parts of the country notably states falling into two time zones to seek exception from the Daylight saving time requirement. Expressing pleasure that Congress a moved expeditiously Quot on the Daylight saving Bill Nixon called for action before the Christmas recess Quot on the More Complex and far reaching legislation which we must have to Deal with this problem a the House worked into the Early morning hours saturday dissent noted to pass an emergency Energy Bill a the one Nixon was talking about. However it differs in Many respects from similar Senate passed legislation and be Nixon Ort 2a Drivers keep trucks Idle britons queue to by y kerosene for heating a weft photo Short of everything but Cash britons on big spending spree by Ronald Thomson associated press writer London a britons went on a buying spree saturday in an All out splurge before facing up to the labor unrest and Energy crisis that threaten to make this Christmas the gloomiest since world War in a a we re Short of Oil Short of electricity Short of Coal and Short of trains but i can assure you that the Public is not Short of Money a said an executive at one of London s busiest department stores in Oxford Street. A people Are buying the expensive things a a spokesman at the Swanky Liberty s store said. A a it a quite amazing. They say they re afraid that the Pound will not be Worth much next year so they re shedding Sterling like in another store a Well dressed lady purchased two dozen flashlights explaining she wanted them for guests who might be caught in a Power blackout after attending her dinner party. Roads into shopping centers in other cities around the country were flooded with automobiles. A there Are queues of cars going round in Ever decreasing circles with nowhere to Park a a the automobile association reported. From monday the big stores a like most other commercial premises a will be allowed to operate Only five Days in the last two weeks of the year in an Effort to save Energy. In the new year Britain also face a three Day week enforced through electricity cuts declared by the state run Power Industry. Industrial plants working round the clock will have More room for mane vering with 65 per cent of their Normal Power Supply that they can use As desired. Through it All Many britons were chuckling Over a planned two hour television program on the Energy crisis that was Cut to one hour a because of the Energy crisis. And Over the sign in a pub near some Arab embassies. A arabs please note a it read. A no Oil no some in Britain particularly the government blamed the crisis less on the Arab Oil squeeze than on slowdowns by British workers in the Coal mines the railroads and the electricity generating Industry. All Are campaigning for pay raises above the 7 per cent level decreed by prime minister Edward Heath in the third phase of his anti inflation program. Thousands of travellers were stranded saturday and millions of Homes were blacked out gasoline prices escalated by 7.2 cents to an average of 96 cents a gallon. Lines built up at some stations on the last weekend before stringent fuel saving measures take effect by order of heaths embattled conservative government. No suburban trains ran in London but Long distance services were maintained. Power cuts were imposed in Many regions. Householders with electric heat were urged to warm one room Only. By the associated press protesting truck Drivers who pulled their rigs off the Road to dramatize their complaints about fuel prices and Speed limits said saturday they would continue their stoppage through the weekend there were indications however. That the protesters a most of them Independent Denver owners a were arguing among themselves about How Long to continue the shutdown. Officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania said truck traffic shortages seen after embargo Washington api vice president Gerald r. Ford warned saturday that the nation could be in for a cold nights and other Energy shortage problems in january and february even if the Arab Oil embargo is lifted Ford. In a taped television interview with two senators said a this Winter could be very very difficult but that an end to the Arab embargo for which he saw a some would be tremendously helpful. A but there will be a time lag of any where from four to six weeks before the first shipments of Oil come after the embargo is the new vice president said. A so in january and february even with Success in the Mideast we could have the kind of cold nights and difficult problems with our factories and our schools and our churches a Ford said. Was lighter than on a Normal saturday. Dave Townsend one of two truckers Manning a Clearing House in Denver Colo. Tor Telephone Calls from Drivers throughout the country vowed a we will stay shut Down for sure through sunday Quot Mike Parkhurst editor of overdrive Magazine said however that truckers were Back on the Road except in the areas around Denver Lamar and old Washington Ohio. A truckers Are starting to he said saturday morning j. W. A River rat Quot Edwards who claims to act As a spokesman for some of the independents said saturday that some Progress had been made in getting government help but he added we have not received anything in writing ,. We Are still not going to run the trucks Are going to stay until we have definite action. There were new reports of sporadic trouble. But no injuries were reported and leaders of the demonstration said they did not condone any violence. Drivers who had been blockading truck stops in Oklahoma City scheduled a saturday night meeting to discuss possible continuation of their protest but some of the 300 demonstrators pulled out Early in the Day. David Quot patches Quot Flagg of Pensacola. Fla., a Leader of the Oklahoma City blockade urged Drivers to continue the a a parking through the beginning of the week. A by wednesday Well have our representatives in Washington a he said. Inside Reading lonely children police status. Christmas in prison Page in classified. Women a news. Sports. Television. Page us entertainment. Obituaries. New Era is seen in medical sciences editor s Mote it Hen Mary Shelley envisioned or. Frankenstein in 1851, it was a tale of terror a Man made Man whose bodily parts were pieced together and who was endowed with the secrets of life. Today limbs and organs can be replaced just like a picture tube and doctors Are making advances in the search for those very sume secrets of life. The purpose of it ult to by in of a better life to Mankind. Following is the first article in a five part series on the new Medicine of today a and the newer Medicine of tomorrow by Earl k1rmser North american newspaper Alliance new York there s a new you around the Corner a thanks to dramatic advances in Medicine and life sciences. Your generation benefits right now. Your children a and theirs a will be affected even More. In the year 2023, Marvel at the quaint medical ways of our 1970s, consider a doctors now can a a see into the tiniest blood vessels a so Small that microscopic cells go through single file a to locate things that might be wrong with you. A computers compare your symptoms with tens of thousands stored in electronic a a memories and instantly Analyse what sailing you a with More accuracy than human doctors in some tests. A going one step further computers even suggest what ills your bodily makeup might make you Likely to get in the future a so you can take care to avoid them. A a a pacemakers helping faulty hearts beat in time now Are operated by tiny nuclear Power plants inserted under the skin a and checked by Long distance Telephone. Stranger than fiction there a Promise of even More to come a scientists have taken a microscopic skin cell from a Frog and used it to grow another adult Frog. They be begun something like that with human cells. Starting with Many single cells from a Superior line of inheritance a biologist theoretically could create Many a Carbon copies of a Genius a besides helping childless couples who want offspring. Getting closer to understanding How memory works experts Are wondering about the possibility of devising pills that could for example a a feed you algebra or other learning. A doctors Are diagnosing the not yet born a and wondering about harnessing beneficial viruses to carry remedial genetic components into human cells if need be. And there a More. Its All a result of burgeoning advances on Many fronts affecting health Medicine living and dying. New materials and new engineering have made possible new diagnostic and medical equipment a As Well As new parts for human beings. Electronic devices instantly count blood cells or turn out Swift analyses formerly requiring hours of laborious poring Over test tubes. New understanding of human beings natural defences against disease have helped doctors fight sickness and allergies a and coax bodies into accepting new organs for diseased ones. There s growing knowledge about the secrets of the brain and increasing attention to the possible role of emotion in disease a or maybe even in curing it or slowing it Down including cancer. All this does no to mean we re finding out All the answers. In fact the uneven Pace of Gams in various Fields related to Medicine has raised new questions of human rights and ethnics. Our grandfathers morals did no to anticipate today a realities. When does life begin and what s right to do with the unborn who decides who gets to use scarce life prolonging equipment a and on what grounds what is dying really and who decides when it happens a so someone else can Benefit from one of our organs a if that Sall right to begin with besides the changes and Tempo in modern living have brought new problems. We be invented Many new things to be allergic to. We re getting older As a people and getting More older Peoples ills. And How about creating people in test tubes ? in England Robert g. Edwards of Cambridge University has been Able to remove an egg from a woman Volunteer fertilize it in a liquid medium with sperm from the husband and get the fertilized cell to Divide too times to the stage where it could be implanted in the mothers ovary. In Queen Victoria Hospital Melbourne Australia such As an embryo implant Tel by Carl Wood and John Lee Tong in a woman s womb lived Only nine Days. There Are critics and boosters of this work in science and out. Immoral and Likely to cause deformed babies say the critics a Way to allow parenthood to women whose oviduct Are blocked and a Means of learning More that can help improve humanity say others. At any rate working with new ways to create human life is just one indicator of possible medical marvels of the 21st Century

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