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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 15, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather Rainy and cold More data on Page 5a 89th year no. 349 part the High Point Enterprise High Point n. To. Saturday afternoon december 15,1973 16 pages Call us circulation882-1719 classified ads885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c. Sunday 25c Sec. Of state Henry Kissinger chats with King Faisal Friday a wire photo Geneva talks delay seen Kissinger goes to Syria by Barry Schweid associated press writer Damascus Syria it a it -. Officials Are admitting for the first time that the opening of the Arab israeli peace conference in Geneva May be delayed Quot a Day or so Quot flying Here with Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger for a talk with president Hafez Assad of Syria they said the technical details for getting the conference under Way probably will be completed while Kissinger is in Israel. The globetrotting Secretary is due in Tel Aviv late sunday. But the . Officials who have expected the talks to begin tuesday now say Therewa strike agreement reached by Jay Perkins associated press writer Washington map negotiators for trans world airlines and its striking stewardesses have reached an agreement that could end the six week Long walkout and put the airline Back into operation by Christmas. The agreement if ratified next week by the 5.062 Twa stewardesses and other Hight attendants could mean travellers will find it easier to get Home for the holidays. Most airlines have been reporting their flights heavily booked during the Holiday period with some markets almost sold out on certain Days. No details of the agreement were announced. However. Matt Guinan president of the transport workers Union and chief negotiator for the stewardesses said Friday night the Union had sought higher wages and better working conditions As Well As some Rule changes Guinan said earlier that Twa originally offered a three year contract with a 3 per cent wage hike the first year. 2 per cent the second year and 3 per cent the third year he said the Union was seeking a two year contract w Ith a 7 per cent wage hike the first year and a 7 per cent wage and Benefit increase the second year. The average pay for stewardesses before the strike was $760 a month Guinan said Guinan said the agreement would be submitted to Union members Tor ratification tuesday. He said the negotiators would unanimously recommend its acceptance Twa said it would Start a putting the airline Back together a As soon As the contract was ratified but a spokesman cautioned that it could be several Days before the Carrier was Back in full operation. The airline said it had been accepting some reservations for Christmas travel in recent weeks and would Honor those reservations As soon As it resumed operations. It said it had not yet decided How Many flights it would be operating during the Holiday season. Twas flight attendants left their jobs nov. 4 after working 15 months without a contract other unions honoured their picket lines forcing Twa to shut Down its operations. A t May he delay without detailing Why. They continue to express Strong Confidence however that the conference will come off. Kissinger the first american Secretary of state to visit Syria since John Foster Dulles in 1953. Wanted to talk to Assad about some 120 israeli War prisoners captured in the october War or the 1967 War. The prisoners May be behind the fears of delay. A syrian official had warned in Advance that Assad is interested primarily in hearing about an israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land and that the trip would be a waste of time if Kissinger brought up issues such As the prisoner question. Abba Khan the israeli foreign minister has said Israel will attend the Geneva talks but will not Deal with Syria unless the syrians first turn Over a list of the israeli prisoners. Syria has refused to release the prisoners except As part of a Deal including israeli withdrawal from occupied syrian territory a conference in which the israelis snubbed Syria which with Egypt was a major Arab combatant in the october War would be undermined from the beginning. Kissinger is expected to exercise his negotiating talents in Damascus and Tel Aviv in an Effort to resolve the standoff before the talks Convene Syria and the United states have not. Had diplomatic relations sinfred the six Day War of 1967. Kissinger agreed with president Anwar Sadat of Egypt during a Stop in Cairo last month that similarly severed .-egyptian relations should resume officials hinted at the possibility of resumed relations with Algeria following the Secretary s talks thursday with president Houar Boum Dienne. But the Prospect appeared dim for similar Progress in Syria one of the most bitterly anti israeli nations in the Arab world and a harsh critic of american Aid to the jewish state aides with Kissinger were not predicting a resumption of ties but some said the arabs May resume limited Oil shipments to the United states if the Geneva talks show some Progress. A the Odds of the Oil embargo being lifted next week Are less than 50-50, but if you put it in terms of next month the Odds Are better than 50-50.&Quot an official said Friday after the Secretary met for la with King Faisal of Arabia hours saudi fuel crisis strikes battering Britain by Colin Frost associated press writer London a the Energy crisis is hitting hard in Britain As gasoline prices jump and Power outages become More numerous. And britons face increasing prospects of a tax hike. Shoppers jammed stores Friday to beat earlier closing hours and avoid possible shortages. The government on thursday ordered Industry to limit its use of Energy to Only five Days Between monday and the end of the year. Meanwhile citizens angrily debated whether the government should give in to the pay demands of Coal Railroad and Power station workers who Are being blamed for much of the trouble because of their work slowdowns. A something should be done about the unions a a said Wendy Smith a Secretary. A they Are getting much too powerful when they affect everybody a life like Many families broke out candles As thousands of Homes were blacked out in and around London and in the Industrial midlands. Low Coal supplies and the Power workers actions were blamed. Prices for regular gasoline surged up 7.2 cents to 96 cents a gallon in response to Oil shortages. There was panic buying of Gas earlier in the week but it seemed to have died Down by the weekend. On monday Chancellor of the exchequer Anthony Barber is expected to announce stiff new taxes to slow the overheated Economy. Some observers said he May even Call for food rationing. Many Low paid workers Are expected to suffer big pay cuts when the Energy conservation programs begin to Force \ busing Indochina fuel included House passes Energy Bill by Carl c. Craft associated press writer Washington a an exhausted House kept its lights burning past Midnight in a 15-hour working Marathon and passed the emergency Energy Bill Early today. An anti using provision and a cutoff of Petroleum exports for Indochina military purposes Are among Many controversial measures in the massive legislation that the House passed by 265-112. The Bill also gives president Nixon Broad Powers to Deal with the Energy crisis. Passage came on the 23rd Roll Call which is believed to be a record for one legislative Day. It came after decisions on 50 proposed amendments. The frequent votes brought complaints that House leaders were forcing members to vote on key provisions without having sufficient time to understand them a it s tragic to have amendments that Are going to affect people s lives so directly being passed by the House with no explanation Quot rep Edward j. Derwinski. R ill., said. Congress also approved legislation on Friday to put the nation on year round Daylight saving time. If president Nixon signs the measure by sunday the nation would set its clocks ahead one hour on Jan. 6 the White House has said that shifting an hour of Daylight from the morning to the evening could reduce electricity and heating demands by As much As 3 per cent mainly in the North in other Energy related developments a aides to Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said the arabs May resume limited Oil shipments to the United states next month if the Arab israeli peace talks in Geneva show some Progress John saw Hill Deputy director of the Federal Energy office said conservation programs Are expected to Cut the . Oil shortage to 537.000 barrels a Day during the next three months. A transportation Secretary Claude s. Brinegar said efforts Are under Way to find More Jet fuel for the airlines he also said he sent a Telegram to the airlines and Oil companies encouraging them to find a different Type of Jet fuel than they now use. A a Utility Industry spokesman warned that Consumers will soon be paying More for electricity. In recent w weeks at least 12 major Power companies have applied for rate increases totalling $495 million. A the american automobile association said car travellers will not have much trouble finding gasoline Early Christmas eve but could run into problems later in the Day. The House version of the emergency Energy Bill now goes to a conference where compromises Over the Many differences with the Senate passed measure will be sought. With Many conflicts to Settle Senate House conferees Are expected to begin on monday what could be a Tough task of working out a Bill to Send to president Nixon before Christmas. The House Bill would give Nixon authority to order rationing of gasoline or other scarce fuels. It includes some antitrust exemptions for the Petroleum Industry and restrictions on the profits of Oil companies. During the Marathon meeting the House made these major decisions on the Bill a rejected 202-185, an attempt by rep. Bob Eckhardt i text nullify the effect of an amendment approved thursday that would prohibit allocation of scarce fuels for busing children beyond their neighbourhood schools a approved 201172, an amendment by rep Elizabeth Holtzman. In y., to Cut off ail Petroleum exports used for military purposes in Indochina she said the United states is exporting More than 23.000 barrels of Oil daily to South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos. A refused 320-50. To have the same cutoff apply to Petroleum exports to Israel As proposed by rep h r Gross a Iowa. A agreed by voice vote to give either House of Congress 15 Days in which to veto by simple majority vote any rationing of gasoline or any other scarce fuel if the administration proposes such a program. Searching for Mia n. Vietnamese kill unarmed american j. Paul Getty Iii found in Italy factories to reduce their work week to three Davs beginning next month. In the big department stores on London a Oxford Street customers were reported Rushing to spend As much As their credit cards allowed Many of them believed use of the cards would be restricted under Barbera a financial package. At Fortnum and masons where the Queen gets her groceries an elderly woman stocked up on three big Christmas hampers of wine and delicacies at $144 apiece. But Victor l. Simpson associated press writer Home a to Paul Getty Captain give Mea the Young Man said Quot look they be Cut off an police said those were the first words muttered by j. Paul Getty Iii the 17-year-old grandson of the american Oil billionaire after he was found Early today in Southern Italy. The teen Ager who disappeared in Rome the night of july 9. Told authorities that kidnappers had released him three hours earlier after More than five months of Captivity. Italian newspapers have been saying that the Getty family paid $2 7 million earlier this week for the boy is release. The kidnappers at one time reportedly demanded $17 million. The family has not confirmed paying the Ransom. Police said the youth was weak hungry and exhausted when found standing under the shelter of a Gas station 60 Miles South of Salerno. Wearing a heavy White sweater Gray pants and sneakers. He told police that he had not eaten for several Days and during his Captivity often had�04 a in i a in or a Paul Getty Iii been moved around the country. A this physical condition is weak but he s said a spokesman for the National police a this right ear is missing and he is very run Dow n a Home newspaper last nov. To received a severed ear and a lock of hair in the mail with a note saying they both belonged to Getty. By Tad Bartimus associated press writer Saigon api a one american was killed and four others wounded today when communist gunners opened fire on three unarmed helicopters that had landed to search for the remains of missing . Servicemen. One survivor of the attack a army maj. Richard Laritz. 38. Of St. Paul. Minn a said his helicopter and two others had landed in a Rice Paddy 12 Miles South of Saigon and the men were unloading equipment when the shooting began. A we were taken under intense enemy fire a Laritz told a news conference a i heard four heavy explosions land alongside my helicopter. We had no Means of Protection Laritz said the american who was killed was shot Down Quot in cold blood a after he had raised his hands to surrender As the team had been instructed to do if confronted by communist forces. A my officer picked himself up out of the grass and mud. Put his hands in the air and said Laritz said a i done to know what he said and at that time he was shot and killed Quot the . Embassy said three of the americans on the team escaped injury. The Saigon command said a South vietnamese Pilot was killed and three other vietnamese were wounded by the communist fire. Laritz described the incident As a a Well executed ambush Quot and said the communists opened up from a Row of Palm Trees with rockets machine guns and Small arms. Laurtiz said he ordered two of the helicopters including his own to lift off immediately. The third chopper was heavily damaged and could not Fly. A heavy enemy fire repeatedly drove us he explained in describing efforts to pickup those still on the ground he said South vietnamese gunships arrived after about 30 minutes and raked the communist positions. The two unarmed desire to impress officials truckers to extend protest by Mck Tatro associated press writer determined to make their protest Felt in Washington and by Consumers angry truckers say they will extend a two Day shutdown at least until monday. The Drivers most of them independents who own their own rigs Are protesting High fuel costs and Low Speed limits brought on by the Energy crisis. Meanwhile some supermarkets in new England and manufacturers in the Midwest said they were feeling the Lack of deliveries. Florida Orange growers said they were worried about shipments of produce and gasoline that were stopped in areas where Drivers were intimidated. Bullets and bricks greeted rigs that kept rolling in a half dozen states Friday in the face of the stay off the Road action by Independent Drivers. Secretary of transportation Claude Brinegar said he was encouraged after meeting in Washington on Friday with nonunion Drivers and truck Stop operators. But j. W. A shiver rated wards a self proclaimed spokesman for the dissident truckers said after the meeting a there is not a two Day truck stoppage. There is a nationwide truck stoppage the truckers Are demanding higher Highway speeds increased fuel allocation a ceiling on diesel fuel prices and easing of weight limits on loads. Sixty coordinators of the protest in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania voted Friday night to continue the shutdown until a meeting of the fraternal order of steel haulers in Pittsburgh later today. The executive Board of that 25,000-member truckers group is to decide whether to support or perhaps Lead a continued protest. Truckers parked in at major Oklahoma City truck stops Friday and said they would continue their protest for at least a week. A Well keep it up for seven said trucker Dave a a patches a Flagg of Pensacola. Fla Quot if nothing happens in Washington by then Well go another in Connecticut blockades of truck stops were lifted in two locations after Independent Driver Frank Sharon of Milford. Conn. Said he called a shutdown control in Denver. Colo., and was told to do so in Denver two truck Drivers set up a Clearing House for advice and information but r denied it was a a shutdown Bob Crawford 33. And Dave Townsend 36. Have been Manning telephones for three Days talking with truckers around the nation Quot they re looking to us in some parts of the country to see what we re going to do next but we re not leading it Quot said Crawford he said 200 Drivers met Friday night at a Denver truck Stop and voted a to continue the stand Down a Little bit a was it stands right now we re not going Back to work for another 24 hours and More than Likely 48 by extending the strike truckers said they could make housewives and government officials alike feel the Pinch a Washington knows what we want. They should know now we can shut this country Down if we have helicopters then landed to pick up the dead and wounded he said the South vietnamese command said All three helicopters bore the Orange identifying stripes of the four party joint military team and the joint casualty Resolution Center the two groups Are charged with accounting for 1.300 american servicemen still missing in Indochina the american team had landed to investigate the crash of a . Helicopter seven years ago and to determine whether the remains of any . Personnel Are at the crash vote the dead and wounded americans were not identified pending notification of next of Kin they were the first american casualties reported among the 150 men of the joint casualty Resolution Center based in Nakhson phanom. Thailand. A South vietnamese spokesman said earlier that the helicopter had been shot Down by communist rocket fire. Ail three Craft were piloted by South vietnamese. The spokesman claimed that communist representatives were told of the helicopters Mission a week in Advance and had declined to Send their Liaison officers along homosexuality May lose disease status by Frank Carey associated press writer Washington a the trustees of the american psychiatric association Are nearing a vote on whether to remove homosexuality from the associations list of mental disorders. Today s vote follows a 10-year fight by Gay activist groups and by growing numbers of psychiatrists. They contend that the classification of homosexuality As a mental illness is oppressive and discriminatory against the nation s homosexuals. The Gay organizations say american male and female homosexuals number 20 million. About one tenth of the population polls have indicated from 4 million to 15 million persons Are homosexual by preference practice or proclivity. The policy making Board of trustees also votes on propositions that would place the 20.-000-member association on record As a urging the repeal of legislation on the books of 42 states and the District of Columbia a making criminal offences of sexual acts performed by consenting adults in private a a deploring a fall Public and private discrimination against homosexuals in such areas As employment housing Public accommodations and a urging a the enactment of civil rights legislation at local state and Federal Levels that would insure homosexual citizens the same Protection now guaranteed to others Quot on the associations own classification the Board will vote on a proposal to remove Quot homosexuality per be from the groups official manual of mental disorders Many Christmas plants poisonous san Francisco a a California pharmacist says it s Okay to deck the Halls with boughs of Holly but Don t eat any. Or. Steve Kayser says that every Christmas season doctors Here treat dozens of persons a mostly children a for upset stomachs and other maladies brought on by nibbling poisonous yuletide plants. Among the seasonal favourites that can cause nausea skin irritation or even blindness and death Are Mistletoe Holly Poinsettia. Jerusalem Cherry and Crown of thorns he says. A we do get More upset stomach cases this time of year from Clit Loren eating Christmas plants Quot Kayser a pharmacist at the University of California medical Center Here said Friday. A luckily children generally just take a taste and find it disagreeable so it does t do too much harm a added Austin Loomis medical Steward at the City a Poison control Center. A but this in t always the Case with very Young children a Kayser said that eating a few red or Black berries of the popular Holly Plant can cause a violently upset stomach and eating a Large Quantity could bring on stupor a Between 25 and 30 Holly berries is generally considered a fatal dosage a Kayser said. Eating the leaves or White berries of Mistletoe can bring on acute gastroenteritis and cardiovascular collapse doctors say. Kayser said sap from a broken Poinsettia Branch could cause blindness if it reaches the Eves. What s inside amusements Bridge. Classified ads. 5-7 b comics. Crossword. Editorials. Obituaries sports. Television weather

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