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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Washington merry go round the High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley Orvice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Spiro still has bigwig privileges 4a. Sunday december 16,1973 the president s special status in the Wake of the presidents disclosure of his tax records one of the arguments Between pro s and con s is whether or. Nixon should have equal Opportunity to that of hts fellow citizens in finding Legal ways to outrun the tax collector. Conservative William Buckley for instance bewail what he considers carping criticism of Nixon a efforts to escape maximum taxes by those who do the same thing As a matter of course. Buckley lets himself be blinded to the fact that there is a considerable difference Between or. Nixon and All other american taxpayers. As Smith hemp Stone another Washington observer writes. Can anybody seriously maintain that the internal Revenue service was in any position to give the maximum Leader anything but a clean Bill of health Hempstone carries the argument further. The people have a right to expect More of their highest elected officials than the Mere absence of criminality. They have a right to expect behaviour that is not just legally permissible but exemplary. Caesar s wife we Are told ought to be not Only guiltless but above suspicion. So ought Caesar. And it is Richard Nixon a tragedy and americas that the president and the men around him cannot seem to understand to reduce his tax Load to less than that paid by a $15,000-a-year earner he used such questionable tactics As claiming that his new York apartment resale profits went into his a a Home in san Clemente while pointing out for California tax authorities that san Clemente is not really his Home. Of even greater Impact he claimed the deduction of half a million dollars for donation of his vice presidential papers while managing to avoid the problem of where that asset came from or whether he Ever paid property tax on such an asset while it was still in his Possession. The tax rules As interpreted by people whose jobs depended upon his continued Good will were surely Bent to the Point that the president lost any credit of exemplary behaviour. High population on death Row seventeen men and one woman have been placed under sentence of death in North Carolina this year. The record places the state first among the other 49 in the number of people awaiting execution in their prisons. The ranking is not one to be proud of. However. Instead North Carolina should be so sickened that it will resolve to prevent this from every happening again. This record number of inmates on death Row in Central prison is a result of a ruling by the United states supreme court and of the breadth of North Carolina Law. In a ruling last year the supreme court held that the element of Choice often allowed juries in capital cases was inequitable and thus unconstitutional. Consequently North Carolina juries have been barred from returning a guilty verdict with a recommendation for mercy in a capital Case. A verdict of guilty for first degree murder rape arson or first degree burglary Means a sentence of death under North Carolina Law. Appeals from the death sentences handed Down this year Are making their Way to the North Carolina supreme court. Before the court now is an Appeal from Henry Jarrette. The former Quot Model prisoners was convicted of rape and of a fatal stabbing last june following his escape from prison. His Appeal is based on Legal technicalities and it is possible that a favourable ruling would set a hopeful precedent for the others on death Row. The state supreme court is not Likely to overturn the death penalty per be however. That is a task for the legislature. In its last session the general Assembly was unable to agree on a reduction in the crimes for which the death sentence could be imposed. It can now see the Handiwork of its indecision and the inflexibility in which the Law now stands. When it returns to Raleigh in january the general Assembly should reduce the crimes for which the death penalty can be imposed. Even More it should abolish the death penalty altogether. Neither the cause of Justice nor the welfare of society is served by the present situation. Sermon the forgotten Carpenter Quot then Joseph being a just Man was not willing to make Mary a Public Matthew 1 19. During the Christmas season we naturally make much of Mary the Mother and of her baby Jesus As we should. They have been and will continue to be the dominating characters in the Advent Story. To their names and in Honor of their parts in this great and immortal drama we sing our carols and celebrate the Days with our feasts and festivals. Quot Joy to the world a a hark the Herald Angels �?�0 Little town of and Many other hymns have been written for our Happy voices in choirs and congregational praising. But the name of the third person in that holy family is oftentimes overlooked if not entirely forgotten. That is the Foster father of the babe and his name is Joseph of Nazareth the Humble Carpenter. With Only a few references he is passed by the inspired writers As of Little interest to the readers. In fact Joseph soon disappears from the accounts in the gospels and is heard of no More. We wonder sometimes How Long he lived his treatment of this divine son who grew up under his Tutelage was trained in his Wood shop by his own hand and came to manhood before his daily Eye. We can Only guess at these questions of ours. The record tells us that Joseph was descended from King David of heroic Fame and in his veins flowed the Royal blood of that mighty Monarch How we would boast of such a lineage today just having a King for an ancestor. It is said that the most popular volume in the congressional Library is one by Browning entitled Quot Royalty in american thousands of americans Are trying to Trace their ancestry Back to some european King. But we Overlook the fact that when our ancestors in England France Germany and other countries were Savages bowing Down to gods of Wood and Stone any jew can be proud of his family line Back to such notables As Abraham Moses David Solomon priests patriots and prophets who served the lord Jehovah in their daily worship. Yes and All our religion goes far Back to such people As those of Israel. Well Joseph was the Bible tells us a just Man and one with a splendid consideration for this Young woman to whom he was engaged in marriage. He did not lose his head when he found her in the condition for motherhood nor did he dream of exposing her to the gossiping Public of Little Nazareth. What a heart he had and How sensible his attitude toward Mary. At god s word he went ahead and took Mary in marriage and became her devoted husband in word and deed. Thus Joseph became the Fostor father of the incarnate son of god and what a father he must have been to that growing child. He even took Mary and the babe Way Down into Egypt for Protection from the Wrath and hatred of the wicked Herod. Yes he was willing to sacrifice weeks and months for the care of this divine child. Many a night Joseph awoke and looking upon that innocent one no doubt prayed prayer after prayer for the proper development of Little Jesus or As he and Mary and the townspeople called him Joshua meaning Savior. For that Small growing Laddie was to become the Savior of the world. Joseph in his woo shop in Nazareth Day after Day taught the boy so much about the methods of chair construction table making plow and Yoke skills Cabinet creation and Many other forms of daily labor. Yes the fatherly Man saw to it that every article leaving that shop had the divine Marks of solid workmanship. Years later when Jesus had left the old Homestead for his ministry among men he no doubt remembered the tenderness of Joseph in Home and shop and the paternal care that his Foster parents had upon his life from those Happy memories he looked into the heavens in his prayers and called god a father. Yes and no doubt he added the term Abba a hebrew term which in its family intimacy Means something like the modern term the relationship of Jesus and Joseph must have been a Noble one. And from such an affectionate attitude the Good master must have taken Many of his teachings in practical moral values. No there was never in All the history of human creation such a marvelous Kindred love like that of this father and this blessed son. Even when the child was lost in his twelfth year in the Temple Mary spoke up and said Quot thy father and i have sought thee lets remember Joseph at Christmas with glad hearts. Ceh by Jack Anderson United features Syndicate Washington although former vice president Spiro Agnew has been sentenced As a criminal tax cheat he still has enough clout to bump less celebrated passengers from their airline scats. He still travels with a secret service escort. With two bodyguards running interference he barged ahead of other passengers waiting in line at new York City s Laguardia Airport for the 4 p. In. Eastern shuttle flight to Washington on december 6. Among the displaced passengers were two Senate aides Charles Bangert and Gerald Hellerman who had been working All Day on the Energy crisis. After Agnew had been comfortably seated with his secret service protectors alongside him there was still one empty seat. The passenger ahead of Bangert and Hellerman was offered the space. Quot no thanks Quot replied the ruffled traveler. A i would t ride on the same air plane with that the bumped passengers were obliged to wait 21 minutes for a second shuttle plane. A it a if an Eastern airlines spokesman told us that Agnew was Given special treatment at the request of the secret service. A secret service spokesman said the agents had made the request a to facilitate his our repeated Calls to Agnew s office brought no response. Footnote Eastern airlines also gave favored treatment recently to president Nixon s Friend Bebe Rebozo. Columnist Maxine Cheshire reported that a passenger aboard a Miami ten Washington Airliner was persuaded to give up her first class seat and move Back into the coach compartment in order to provide Rebozo with a comfortable seat. Rebozo was also delivered to the door of the plane in a limousine with an Eastern official carrying his bags. The privileged sex vice president Spiro Agnew in t the Only bigwig apparently who gets special travel privileges. While lesser americans Are scrambling for reservations during the holidays their congressmen will get favored treatment. On december to rep. John Mcfall d-calif., the House democratic whip sent a memo to his colleagues telling of a special arrangements Quot to assist them with their travel plans during the Quot adjournment period and the Christmas confides the memo a members experiencing difficulties in securing desired reservation May receive assistance by calling the congressional desks of the cooperating a listing of the priority phone numbers of la major airlines is thoughtfully provided. Quot Amtrak travellers Quot adds the Mcfall memo May also a receive assistance by calling special numbers. Mcfall happens to be chairman of the transportation appropriations subcommittee which controls the purse strings for airlines and railroads. A spokesman for him conceded that Quot it s Only because of the committee he son that we could ask for the request for congressional priority went out to air transport association and to Amtrak. Although the memo asserts that both Quot indicated they will do All they can to assist members under these difficult circumstances Quot spokesman for both Ata and Amtrak said the special Telephone numbers will provide the congressmen a hearing but not necessarily a seat. Playing politics the Nixon administration has been playing quiet politics with the $2.2 billion arms shipments to Israel. Rush orders of rockets shells bombs and bullets costing close to $1 billion were flown to the Middle East. The remaining $1.2 billion Worth of military hardware most of it heavy and Bulky will be delivered by ship probably after the first of the year. Competent sources have told us that the timing of the deliveries May depend upon the flexibility of the israeli government in the Middle East negotiations. The Pentagon meanwhile has indicated it May ask for $3 billion to make up for the $2.2 billion in armaments sent to Israel contending that the replacements will be More costly than the original procurement. This argument however does no to allow for depreciation. In other words the Pentagon is using the Middle East crisis to replace old equipment with new. The Pentagon is also telling Congress that the Airlift to Israel demonstrated that the United states needs More giant cargo planes. The biggest difficulty with the Airlift say our sources was not the Lack of planes but the refusal of Greece. Spain and Turkey to allow the planes to use u. S. Bases in those countries. Footnote our sources also report that the White House is making quiet appeals for jewish support on watergate citing president Nixon arms Aid to Israel. Some jewish congressmen have confirmed to us that delegations of rabbis have called on them to ease their pressure on the president Over the watergate scandals. Good morning the postman deserves after Yule rest by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus few groups better deserve a Post Christmas rest than the nations 750,000 postal employees. But monday dec. 24. Has been declared Quot cleanup Day on which orders Are to Clear the Post office of the last piece of mail on hand. Sunday before will be naturally a Holiday As will Christmas Day. Some years ago the Post office gave a three Day Holiday Over Christmas but it was a respite that piled up a Heap of mail and considerable criticism by disgruntled folks wanting the postman to live up to his time honoured slogan about How neither Snow. Nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the Swift completion of their rounds. The feeling now is that the mail must go through but with less ruggedness than heretofore. A standing ovation was Given de Mendenhall by Maryfield s advisory Board As he relinquished his two year chairmanship and turned Over the office to his successor George a. Covington. It had been a momentous two years in which Maryfield got a new administrator sister Mary Raymond As successor to the late beloved sister Mary Patrice and carried through an expansion that virtually doubled bed capacity. The Maryfield Board comprised of letters to the editor leading citizens from the High Point Greensboro Weston Salem area is one of the most conscientious hard working and generous such groups among the Galaxy of Fine boards which serve Well this Community. De Mendenhall has kept a steady hand out there to bring the expansion to successful conclusion within the budget although some Money will have to be borrowed to pay the Bills while awaiting payment of some unpaid pledges and the medical care commission s final payment when that is qualified for a soon they Hope. Maryfield a 115 Beds Are virtually All occupied and a waiting list has developed a tremendous accomplishment of organization and staffing. Or. Wilson o. Weldon gifted editor of the upper room and whose career As a Leader of modern methodism includes the pastorate of first United methodist Church Here and Thomasville memorial United methodist Church will be the featured speaker when trustees of High Point College Host their annual prayer breakfast thursday morning. He is the author of his fourth Book published by the upper room which publishes and circulates the worlds most widely read daily devotional guide and other religious material. The new volume is entitled a Mark the Road signposts for the Christian it draws upon his manifold experiences in religious work Over the world to say that Quot no matter How dark the Road is. We need to believe that if there is such As thing As a sense of reality there must be a sense of or. Weldon sees the Christian life As a journey full of possibility and adventure. His latest Book seeks to delineate truths and insights helpful to the Christian Pilgrim in route. He draws upon his background As pastor Counselor and editor that has helped him Mould a Man Able to relate to the needs and concerns of persons with compassion and understanding. It reflects too his own spiritual pilgrimage his Joys and discouragements and the biblical heritage that has sustained and guided him along the Way. The note of encouragement and affirmation the Book offers to the Christian Pilgrim can be summed up in these words Quot life does Lead somewhere the father has a purpose for each of us and All of us can find meaning in every Days i recommend it strongly As a Good Book to give at Christmas time. Industrialist James h. Millis who worked closely with the nations newest Energy Czar when Bill Simon was National chairman of the olympic fund and the local Man headed the Carolinas drive is confident Simon will come to grips with the Energy crisis that has until now failed to elicit positive controls. The two families were together in the Munich olympic events when the Simons rented a Large House and entertained a great Deal. He foresees positive policies As the knowledgeable and goal oriented Simon moves into positive control of a problem calling for a Man of his capabilities. Officials and staff of the Myca Are hopeful that an enthusiastic planning seminar attended by trustees and several friends of the y. Has identified several areas of need and the development of a number of potential operating goals for the organization. Owen Manchester regional associate in the National coun cil of Yucas spoke of National goals and Long Range planning o. H. Leak and Cecil Hayes pointed up needs of this Community currently and in the future. Participants using those presentations As background discussed and reported on their perceptions of the City a most pressing problems including such areas As family disunity drugs alienation apathy overlapping Berry s worlds service gaps cultural racial age Etc. Having outgrown their own quarters at 309 n. Hamilton the William f. Freeman engineering and architectural firm has leased from the Alderman company the former Mac panel Plant and at the end of january will establish its base in the newly developing Market place where there 17,000 Square feet of floor space double its present availability. When it opens there on feb. I it will Mark the 45th anniversary of the firm which has enjoyed such phenomenal growth that it maintains Branch offices in several foreign lands. Clarendon industries is saluted As company of the month by industrials Organ of the High Point Industrial management Council. It began business in 1964 following takeover of an old Well known established household upholstered furniture operation. Now it produces seating for use by offices and institutions of various types employing 250 craftsmen in supplying a National Market and several foreign countries. Joy Watson of Snelling and Snelling has been named to the , advisory Board on employment service by labor commissioner w. C. Creel. In defense of an adopted Home to the editor with the Holiday season approaching i had to take time to reply to the editorial recently broadcast by one of our radio stations concerning the Way an adopted High Pointer was received. To him i say take heart my Friend a you have at least one sympathizer. I also am an adopted High Pointer. I served in . Ii met loved married a local girl so i know of what he Speaks. When i first came to High Point i was Lucky enough to meet some very very Fine people. At the Post office i could not get Over the fact that from where i came some of the grouch Iest people were window men but Here these Fellows Are very very Nice a to everyone not a few but Cleyone my family joined a Church a again a few grouches but Overall some very Nice people s my Point in All this is simply this my Friend look Back at where you came from and ill Lay Odds that some people Back there Are snobs and As big a Grouchy Bunch. Just too bad you magnify the bad and do not look too hard toward the ones that Are trying to make you Welcome. Myself after 24 years As a High Pointer i am not about to consider any place but High Point my Home. I am Here to stay. Merry Christmas. Please do not use my name because the nature of my business frowns on publicity in my Trade proud High Pointer it 197j by no inc. Quot a horse a horse my kingdom for a horse a

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