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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Way demonstrate Broad printing possibilities now included in the Alderman company a Range of operations. High Point Jaycees will hold a prayer breakfast wednesday morning at the top of the Mart to encourage renewed awareness of the need for spiritual guidance in facing issues and problems current in the dec. 20, High Point College will hold its annual prayer breakfast to which its trustees have invited some 700 friends to hear or. Wilson 0. Weldon internationally known editor of the upper room and a beloved former pastor of first United methodist evening at 7 30 the High Point historical society will hold a Christmas Celebration at the museum with special music and other features. Mrs. Hope Loflin has been named to a newly created position As nurse epidemiologist at High Point memorial inflation of All is in government a government figures for the past Sii years show food Cost up 34% housing 32% clothing 26%, but Cost of government jumped 62%.the heart associations naming of Amos r. Kearns or. As its local president is indication it s drive for $20,000 in this years Campaign is Likely to Sullivan who in a Long bout with illness that had him hospitalized for Well Over a year that saw him lose both legs to amputation is Home now at 1115 country club drive. Or. And mrs. Ray Burrow Are helping him or. Burrow being general manager of or. Sullivan a . And mrs. G. H. Weant celebrated quietly on sunday their 70th w edding anniversary at their Home on Weant Road a named for them in the Fairfield Community. He at 91 years and she at 90 Are in Good health and Nathan Marion has been awarded the distinguished presidents award highest Honor of civitan International a bes the first High Pointer to win that Honor. A Miracle of Christmas is the boy that works the Way it did on the to Post capt to styles in the Southern Market s la ii show reveal that the so called a a country trend is reflected in european inspired patterns As Well As colonial and american transitional modern on the Fine hardwoods a american Walnut association style charts. The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii , president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a tuesday december la 1973 Council s resolve fails test City Council has clouded the Hopes that were inspired when barely two months ago compliance provisions were added to the City a housing code. The provisions placed in the housing code As amendments Are a Compromise reached after a summer of negotiations before Council and with the High Point Board of realtors by an and hoc committee of the Model cities commission. What was finally agreed to by Council fell far Short of a certificate of occupancy Law but it at least gave the City a handier tool to enforce the housing code and thus raised Hopes that the increase of slum housing can be prevented. When presented with the first test of its responsibility and commitment to the compliance provisions. Council faltered. At its regular session last week Council was presented a list of 32 houses which had been inspected and in which violations of the housing code had been found. The building inspectors office had notified the owners of these violations and hearings had been held. To Days after the notification to determine the facts. The list of houses was then submitted to Council for authorization to Mark them with placards after they had become vacant and if the necessary Repa irs to bring the houses up to housing code standards had not been made. Until this was done the houses could not be rented to another tenant. This procedure is outlined in the compliance provisions to the code but Council walked at approving the list when one property owner voiced objections. Leon Green told Council that one of his houses had been inspected and found to ones amp twos now the suggestion is for aluminium pennies because of the shortage of Copper. Like the Zinc models of the 1940s, take some getting used to. And the chewing gum machines May not take kindly to them. Of considerably More importance is the parallel suggestion that the nation get Back to printing two Dollar Bills. The two never has been a Good seller presumably because of its limited divisibility in relation to the five. But about All the one Dollar Bill s got left these Days is its divisibility. Does anybody now remember Why we once had to tear off the Corner of the two Dollar Bill to avoid bad Luck have a defective Light switch and Loose windows a both of which Are in violation of the housing code. A fall of a sudden i am tabbed As a slum Green claimed. Council responded by deferring the entire list to a committee amid comment that the length of time Between notification of the property owner and further action ought to be increased. A this is not the purpose of this ordinance not the Way it was intended a said councilman Roy Culler or. A it was not meant to get people before Council just because of a faulty Light that is exactly the purpose however of the compliance provisions of the housing code. The purpose is to enforce correction of deficiencies in housing in High Point a no matter How minor those deficiencies May seem a before another House becomes a slum dwelling. This will not be accomplished by stretching out the time for a property owner to repair the deficiencies. As for the complaint voiced by Green the fact that a property owners name appears on a list of such housing does not Tab him As a a slum landlord any More than a traffic violation ticket tabs the Motorist As a hardened criminal. In Short after the rejection of a certificate of occupancy Law in High Point after the ineffectiveness of a a a voluntary Effort to maintain housing up to code standards High Point finally has provisions in its ordinance for enforcing compliance with its housing code. Those provisions seem to us to be reasonable and fair and at the minimum that is required in face of the Community problems and tensions created by slum housing. Council will do the City an injustice and bring into question again its own commitment against slum housing if now it proceeds to tamper with the compliance provisions in a Way that will Only weaken them. The rankings done to be surprised if the garbage Man is emptying your garbage cans with a special flourish these Days. According to a recent poll by Louis Harris he stands just behind the doctor in enjoying the Confidence of the Public. Ranked behind the garbage collector in Public Confidence Are the police the press the Church the Congress and last the White House. Perhaps this is the reordering of values which Many have been saying for Many years is so urgently needed. Good afternoon others Park festivals Point the pocket. A monumental undertaking it is a tribute to the organizing Talent of a. Grant Whitney a Belk executive with a Genius for arranging anything from that festival to the most successful North Carolina cancer society year which he has just completed As president. When the chamber of Commerce asked him to undertake the festival s development. There were doubters but what he has succeeded in doing is a credit not Only to Charlotte but to him As the directing Genius of it All. It was he who conceived the Camelot style outdoor event rampant with color fun. Activity and education including All the arts and crafts both Amateur and professional and with everything from symphony music to jazz. It causes Mouths Here to water for something like it to serve the whole Piedmont area a a beginning has been made the Challenge is positive. Rarely if Ever have there been so Many Calls for Money As at this Christmas season. But ifs a mighty Good idea to Check and make certain before giving. There Are ways to find out whether your Money will help a worthy cause or go to line the pockets of some promoter. Americans Are a generous people who last year poured Over $22 billion dollars into health agencies educational institutions social welfare Public cultural and other causes. Some of that was sacrificed to poor management or. Worse outright fraud. Some Well known National solicitations have been turned up directed by dishonest operators and Many incur excessive costs that divert funds from what the donor intended. It s Good to Check carefully to make certain the Money you give goes to worthy Well managed operations entitled to generous support. Done to waste Money on Fly by nights. The Alderman Board of directors has changed the name from Alderman studios inc., to the Alderman company better to convey the broadened Range of services now offered by that successful firm. It is expansion and growth of the firm s graphic services for which a Large new German built offset color printing press has been installed that necessitated nomenclature More embracing than just the first Issue of the monthly House Organ edited by mrs. Frances m. Younts is colourfully printed to Washington merry go round by Holtzc Phonson Enterprise editor emeritus some idea of what High Point s sunday in the Park might possibly become with All the Good work of those who have nursed it thus tar in that Lovely setting alongside the City Lake at historic Jamestown May be read in a Little Book that has come to our attention designed to help establish genuine communication Between people in the arts with those in Parks and recreation. Entitled a arts in Park and recreation settings a a it is the joint work of Nancy Hanks chairman of the National endowment for the arts Ronald of. Walker director of the National Park service and Dwight f. Ryttie executive director of the National recreation and Park association. It focuses on ways and Means of making cooperative use of the resources for developing a new creative partnership emphasizing their mutually enhancing values. There has existed too Long As Walker Points out an undue disparity Between Parks people and artists a it is a Gap he Hopes this study will Lessen and thus redefine common goals and implement common purposes. Making the Case As perfectly As any place in these United states is Charlotte which comes in for important attention. Its week Long festival in the Park has in nine years grown from an attendance of 150.000 past the million who flocked there last year exhibits have expanded from 25 tents to 75 panels for exhibit of paintings from 50 to too performing groups from 25 to too. There is no charge for anything except balloons and food. It is possible for a family to spend an entire evening pleasantly together while viewing exhibits of the full Range of arts and crafts hearing music of every variety watching theater or stopping in at the Stop smoking or ecology or Zero population growth exhibits without having a Penny in its collective a Chi. Till i Iii Jem lord. The new Mil minute. Iee Whiz How cd non Fella manage i get Muddy a <2 i thou nor journal projecting the news a generation of human rights Kremlin leak now White House Alibi United nations n y. Twenty five years ago on dec. To 1948, the . General Assembly approved the declaration of human rights without a dissenting vote. Since then the idealistic but unenforced document has been honoured mostly in the breach. Secretary general Hurt Waldheim recently said of the declaration a Faith is not enough. Action is the declaration of human rights represented an elaboration of the goal set Forth in the preamble of the . Charter a a to reaffirm Faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and Worth of the human person a a but since each country has its own Legal system and Constitution a universally accepted definition of the term a fundamental human rights is difficult to arrive at. It is often forgotten that Many a humanitarian traditions Are still in their infancy. In fact the struggle for individual Freedom and Equality dates Back Only to the 17th Century. John Locke the English philosopher would have applauded the 28 articles of the declaration of human rights. For Many of the countries that signed the declaration however the document provided an uncomfortable dose of idealism. The declaration of human rights was drawn up in reaction to the horrors perpetrated by nazi Germany. Members of the newly organized i United nations were determined to prevent any repetition of the Hitler inspired holocaust. The first three articles of the declaration affirmed the rights to life Liberty and personal Security. Articles 4 and 5 condemned slavery torture and inhuman punishment. Articles 13 and 14 covered Freedom of movement Freedom from political persecution and the right to political Asylum. Articles 16 through 19 advocated Freedom of thought conscience religion and expression. All of that was easy enough to state. Making the document legally binding on its signatories was a far More formidable task. It took 18 years to translate the declarations clauses into Legal form and to reach agreement on enforcement machinery. So far fewer than 20 countries have ratified the International cd on Venant on civil and political rights and its accompanying protocol. Most of the countries admitted to the United nations since 1948 have displayed scant concern for the human rights of their own citizens. The states of Arab and Black Africa Are Quick to condemn the racial policies of Rhodesia and South Africa. But they say Little or nothing about the expulsion of asians from Uganda the treatment of Blacks in biracial Sudan or the Slaughter of via Tutsi tribesmen in Burundi. In Many ways the world since 1948 can be depicted As a catalogue of Voltaire like horrors virtually All directed against individuals. The United states is not exempt having been accused of slaughtering civilians in Indochina. Amnesty International reports that torture is currently used As a method of interrogation and repression in 25 countries. The covenant of the declaration of human rights includes a protocol permitting individuals to petition the United nations when their rights Are violated. But while the . Receives Many such complaints from individuals and groups it is virtually powerless to act on them last april in Geneva the International students movement for the United nations said that the . Human rights commission seemed to be a More concerned about the sensibilities of member states than about the victims of soaper the Man at the next desk says the Only sport he was Ever really Good at was Penny pitching and it does no to have a Hall of Fame. The Man who can read a French menu is not necessarily admirable but we have to hand it to the Man who can to but has the courage to fake it. In Molt parts of the country it is possible to order Stamps by mail. We assume that first of course you have a stamp. The youngster Down the Block does no to think he wants to grow up to be president and live in four different houses and be the new kid on the Block in each of them. By Jack an de sox United features Syndicate Washington we have been accused of compromising As intelligence operation perhaps even jeopardizing the life of an agent inside the soviet Union. Let us set the record straight. More than two years ago. We were tipped off that the Central intelligence Agency had managed to eavesdrop on the private conversations of Kremlin leaders. Some of the transcripts we were told were quite titillating. We checked out the Story with a Cia source who had Access to the transcripts. He confirmed that the Cia was intercepting the Telephone traffic Between the limousines of soviet bigwigs. Gossipy leaders unfortunately he said they did t hold strategy sessions in their limousines. The Cia picked up Small talk however which provided an insight into the personalities of the likes of party chief i onid Brezhnev Premier Alexei Kosygin and president Nikolai Podgorny the transcripts revealed that the soviet leaders gossip about one another and complain about their ailments. Their favorite limousine Stop was a private clinic where they could get steam Baths Rubdown and other physical therapy. Brezhnev who sometimes drinks too much Vodka and suffers from hangovers told Podgorny in a typical conversation that he was suffering from the woes and would Stop off at the clinic for a Massage. He mentioned a masseuse named Olga. A Olga of How chortled tile soviet president who apparently was familiar with Olga. Kremlin aware our source said the transcripts showed that the Kremlin chiefs were aware the Cia was listening to them. Anything they already knew he agreed should be sate for the american people to be told. Therefore it should do no harm to write about the eavesdropping operation said our source. He cautioned however that the monitored conversations did t make Clear whether the soviet leaders had figured out How we did it. We published a careful Story on september 16, 1971, about the eavesdropping. A for obvious Security reasons a we wrote a we can to give a clue As to How it s done. But we can state categorically that for years the Cia has been Able to listen to the Kingpins of the Kremlin banter Bicker and Bac bite among the follow my december we quoted from secret White House minutes to show that president Nixon had lied to Congress and the Public about the India Pakistan conflict. Foolish crimes this brought the presidents Gumshoe Down on our necks with a vengeance. No newsmen in Nixon Dom have Ever received a More thorough going Over. The undercover work was done by the plumbers the bizarre Para police unit whose operative ran around in Cia wigs and committed foolish crimes. The be wigged ones among other things began checking into our account of the Kremlin bugging. This aroused Richard Helms then the a chief who invited me to lunch on March 17, 1972. From behind the Christmas desk the Little faces were hardest to watch by Ginger Furness some people May remember Christmas 1973 As the first year they sat around a fireplace that was t cheery. A faltering Economy threatens to overshadow the whole joyous event. For the past few weeks in be been signing up people for Christmas food and Tous and doing general Relief work at the salvation army sitting behind the social workers desk at 801 s. Main St. I d like to share some of my remembrances. Petite Betty Marsh with her thin whip of hair is one of the people Iti remember. The last time i saw her she told me god had been Good to her. She nodded her head happily and unkempt wisps of hair brushed her forehead. She Bent to Fumble in her Wallet for a Twenty Dollar Bill a a big part of a Small social Security Check she draws a and a Wisp fell Over her smiling eyes. Her Arm was broken and in a Sling she was thin and hollow cheeked and she apologized profusely for having to borrow Money for groceries. A i have run Short a she said a but my songs with me now. He a sick you yes i knew. He is retarded and sometimes becomes violent but she with the help of a merciful god. Gentles her Middle age son with a few firm licks of her hand. Betty Marsh always pays Back her grocery order. In 16 years of service As a salvation army officer a in Huntsville Ala. And Tampa fla., capt. B. G. Johnson has never had a client who paid Back anything. He believes he will receive a special Blessing from his High Point assignment. I discovered that i could do precious Little for the Betty marshes in the world. They ask for Only a Little a a a can to you help me just a Little a and that a what i did a a i helped a paltry Little bit. A drop in the bucket. I gave food to a woman who was beaten and robbed but i could do nothing to soothe the pain of her bludgeoned face. I gave food to a couple whose pitifully Small bag of groceries which they had bought with borrowed Money was stolen. But i did no to find work for them a they were both jobless and sick. I have looked into a lot of Little wrinkled faces of old women who have pleaded with me to Tell them How to live on tiny social Security checks a and remained mute. I done to know the answer. In be listened to the Little White lies of clients who told me they get 125 dollars a month from the department of social services because they were afraid i help them if i knew they actually got 176 dollars. All these Little things taken together were burdensome but tolerable. However there is always the proverbial Straw that Breaks the camels Back. For me it was Little faces. Little faces that peered at me from behind their mommies As they sat in front of my desk to ask for clothing food fuel and medicines. Little faces that smiled shyly when i said most Are fatherless. But Many have fathers who work and others have fathers who have been Laid off or Are on Short time. Whatever the reason these children Are depending on the Community for a bit of Christmas Joy. Not one child in High Point understands All this talk about shortages economic crisis and unemployment and if he rets nothing for Christmas he will be miserable and confused. This is one instance in which a Little counts for a lot. A Small contribution is a big Deal when it comes to helping a child. In a glad in be done my part by signing people up for Christmas assistance but at the first of the year after the food in the Christmas Basket has been eaten and the Community is Back in its rut there will be a Stream of mothers saying Quot i even ask if it wag just for Iti remember Christmas 1973 As the first year i really and truly was thankful for All the blessings in be had. Two of the things in a most thankful for Are my husband and four month old son. In january Iti be baking cookies and carrying slippers. Somebody else will be behind the social workers desk at the salvation army. I envy them their ability to do this great work. And in a grateful for this humbling experience. Mrs. Furness is a former newspaper feature writer who now does occasional free Lance feature work

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