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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Fuel crisis May l i ewer interest Washington a the fuel shortage which is already causing higher unemployment and prices May have one positive economic effect next year lower interest rates. That s the Way a number of economists see the interest rate picture developing. Among them Are Herbert Stein chairman of president Nixon a Council of economic advisers and Arthur m. Okun who headed the Council under president Lyndon b. Johnson. They reason that As the fuel shortage causes the Economy to slow Down dramatically Early next year both corporate and consumer demand for Loans will soften leaving More Money to lend and thus by Supply and demand bringing Down Short term rates. This could happen even if the Federal Reserve Board in an Effort to keep the rate of inflation under rein maintains a fairly tight monetary policy economists say. Okun said that if. As is now Felt a decline in economic output occurs in the first three months of 1974, Quot then there a not much questions that Short term interest rates should fall. Niether Stein nor Okun would predict by How much. Okun said he expected a a significant weakening of loan demand by the end of the interest rates Are now at their highest Levels in history. Seven Large Banks recently increased their prime lending rate that charged to their biggest and Best customers to to per cent. Consumers have to pay More. The Nixon administrations committee on interest and dividends monday sent telegrams to the seven Banks directing them to justify the higher rates. The prime rate has been at 9 5 per cent. Economists expect that a generally softer demand for Loans is expected to be More effective in bringing Down interest rates than any government moves. Stein said that Consumers will play a big part in How interest rates fare next year. As they spend less on gasoline related products he said they Are expected to Deposit More Money into savings. This also would tend to push Down interest costs. Meantime the White House announced that the interest rate on . Savings Bonds is being boosted from 51 a to 6 per cent to make them More attractive to investors. It will be retroactive to dec. I. Fire damages businesses Fayetteville. N. C. Apr a general alarm fire severely damaged three businesses and caused smoke and water damage to others monday night. Fire inspector Arnold Koonce said the fire apparently began in Frank s trading co., a heating and air conditioning firm and the spread was aided by freon Gas stored there. Two other businesses in the one Story Block building just outside the Fayetteville City limits were heavily damaged. They were an adjoining Novelty company and the Tagg furniture co which makes chairs and recliners. No estimate of financial loss was available immediately. There were no injuries about a dozen Rural fire departments and the f Fayetteville department responded. Of is is have you teen the Toul Luls Snow silk and dried Flowers that a Are so popular now we have As Large selection and can prepare lion arrangement to suit Yourg a Neej i Soper til f . Mon. Thru i. J Turner landscape co s. 2 South Viets proclaim successes possible Nixon Hughes link involved Saigon South Vietnam apr the South vietnamese claimed successes today in the Mekong Delta and at Kien due in the lower Central Highlands. But the government command reported 20 of its soldiers were killed in fighting Northwest of Saigon. In the War for the Delta a Rice Harvest the South vietnamese command said North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops made three attacks on government positions 50 to too Miles Southwest of Saigon. A communique said All of the assaults were driven Back and 68 of the attackers were killed. Government casualties were one killed and la wounded the communique said. But in a delayed report from Trang bang a District capital 25 Miles Northwest of Saigon the command said the Viet Cong shelled and then overran about 170 government militiamen on sunday. Twenty militiamen were killed and 14 wounded the command said adding that Viet Cong losses were not known. In the lower Central Highlands the 23rd infantry division said its troops have regained control of Kien due the contested District capital 90 Miles Northeast of Saigon that North vietnamese troops and tanks overran a week ago. Field reports said about 300 South vietnamese troops Are inside the town and about 1,500 Are outside. Sporadic North vietnamese shelling was reported in the area. But Large North vietnamese forces have been reported massing to the Southwest of Kien due. In phenom penh the cambodian government announced that president Lon nol had accepted the resignation of Premier in tam. And a general reshuffling of phenom Penhos aging Power group was expected. The 50-year-old Premier tried to resign three months ago but was turned Down by the other members of the High political Council under . Embassy pressure. Witness causes shooting Case to be dropped Charlotte apr Jerry Roger Mcmillan 22, of Charlotte has been cleared of a charge of murdering a Man from Pageland. S.c., after a witness testified he shot in self defense. The victim James Wesley Sherynn. 28. Was slain in a Motel room in Charlotte last july. The Case against Mcmillan was dismissed at a preliminary hearing in state District court monday. Theresa Jackson of Charlotte testified she was in the Motel room and that during an argument Over a $50 debt Sherrin pointed a gun at Mcmillan whereupon Mcmillan fired his pistol. Ulsh Hill Lodge no. 732 . Stath communication Tia Soat inc. La 1973 7 30 election of officers r Law la dim i. M. Of in. Or. Master Onn Al ill Der tar watergate panel probes new Angle on burglaries by Lawrence l. Knutson Agio cited pre writer Washington a the Senate watergate committee is pursuing a theory that the watergate burglars were seeking information that might have linked billionaire Howard Hughes with the Nixon administration. According to the theory the break in at democratic Headquarters was an Effort to determine whether then National chairman Lawrence of Brien had such information and if he planned to use it to Embarrass Nixon politically. The committee s chief coun a Sel Samuel dash said monday the theory was Quot based on reliable evidence we have a its not a guess a dash said. A a it a a viable theory. Its one that we re seriously however dash said the theory was Only one of several being actively investigated. This aspect of the watergate investigation came to Light when a transcript of an executive session the committee held last week was placed in Piedmont gets Snow sprinkling by the associated press Snow made roads hazardous in the North Carolina mountains today. Shortly after Dawn it was snowing As far East As the coastal Plain. The Rocky mount Wilson area Fayetteville and Raleigh Durham reported Snow. By then Clearing had occurred Over the Piedmont where a sprinkling fell. By 7 30 a. In. There was an Inch and one half at Wilson which usually gets Snow about three times a year. The temperature then at Wilson was 30, two below freezing. In the mountains Boone reported an Inch and one half of Snow at 5 30 . On top of a weekend accumulation. The police department at Boone said schools would be closed today in Watauga and Avery counties. At Dawn Asheville had two to three inches of Snow. Trucks pulled Over to the Side of to and other roads to await improving conditions. The Snow was caused by cold Arctic air spreading eastward across North Carolina As a Strong northwesterly flow aloft advanced Over the Eastern states. Ouck. Convenient personalized loan service is our specially. re hereto help folks like you when you need Money for any Good a purpose. It just takes a few minutes to App y for the Money you need. See us soon. The Public record of a . District court hearing Here. The transcript had been sought by one of the principal witnesses in that closed door hearing Chester Davis attorney for the Hughes owned Summa corp. Dash said the break in theory was discussed when Davis challenged a committee request to be provided with correspondence and other documents Between of Brien and Hughes officials. At the time of the june 17, 1972, break in of Brien also was serving As an unpaid consultant for the Hughes interests. Dash said he and committee chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., told the Hughes attorney that one of the reasons that May have led to the watergate break in and to the attempted wiretapping of of Brien s Telephone was the belief that of Brien had information potentially embarrassing to Nixon a re election Campaign. The information according to the break in theory involved the since disclosed $100,000 contribution by a Hughes representative to c. G. Quot Bebe a Rebozo a close Friend and business associate of the president As Well As possible information linking the presidents brother Donald to the Hughes tool co. And one of its principal officers John Meier. Davis had sought the transcript in his suit seeking to prevent the committee from questioning him and More than a dozen other Hughes employees in secret sessions. . District judge Aubrey Robinson monday denied Davis request for a preliminary injunction against the committee in that suit. A meanwhile a . District judge John j. Sirica is continuing to listen to Nixon a watergate tapes. In another tapes development the special prosecutors office reported that the White House had turned Over a a a significant number of presidential tapes saturday. And two of the subpoenaed tapes were delivered monday to Sirica. It marked the first time the prosecutors office has received any White House tapes. Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski said there were still some outstanding requests of tapes from the White House however. His office said a substantial number of requested documents had also been turned Over and assurances had been received that a search was underway for other requested documents. And in Cambridge mass., technical experts were taking a second look at the 18-minute Gap in one of the recordings in an attempt to determine scientifically what caused it. The Remington Mauk Iii Coni Shaver. Off. 0 on Alt re upholstered furniture now thru dec. 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All types of wiring including Mobile Home wiring. 24 hour emergency service Call Sears electric 885-9280 guarantee her l service to your satisfy e guarantee to be High Thi first Timek a it i Kin George Flowe service mgr. Jour hem . 901 South main Street Jim Burney m. A Sint. Mar. Quot in Quot ,. R fir Craft master Wood paint by number nativity scene a Quot to Jar scene everything is included to make the nativity scene shown a nothing extra to buy a $099 s3.5c value for Only 16 Wood paint by numbers Christmas ornaments Esi Wjk a my or. St % everything included 99 $5.00 value for Only $3 Mann drug stores Westchester mall amp store �4 1910 n. Main St. Only High Point Enterprise tuesday december la 1973 a television log Outlook dim for night sports shows by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a one of the oddities of life in the summer Spring and fall is that Tennis freaks usually Don t get to see televised Tennis championships on saturday and sunday a they re usually outdoors playing the game then too. Question Why can t major Tennis matches be televised on week nights As in the Case of Abc tvs Billie Jean King Bobby Higgs Duel so Active Tennis buffs get the Chance to see them a that was More of a happening than a Tennis match a laughed Roone Arledge the Dapper Young head of Abc sports who gave the nations last september a historic Tennis a Battle of the alas for Tennis fans who actually play the game Arledge says there a Little Hope of making championship Tennis a regular or even irregular nighttime to events As has happened with abcs Quot nil monday night football a series. Quot i really done to see it As a realistic possibility a said Arledge who was born in a fairly Well known Tennis Haven called Forest Hills . A you have to go Back a few years to see How hard i had to fight to get monday night football despite that program s ratings Success he said it s still extremely difficult to get most sports programs on at night. Quot our stations a he noted a used to complain like hell about our pre Empting regular programming for the National basketball association playoffs for example. And its a major sports he acknowledged that he gets complaints from Tennis and Golf enthusiasts during the non Winter months for showing their favorite games on weekend afternoons when they re out playing them. Quot skiers Are doing it now Quot he added a but there just Isnit any time available not on networks but the main problem with Tennis and Golf programs Arledge said. Is the size of the hardcore audience. Although said audience tends to be wealthy and influential in the business world its far smaller in number than the audience that tunes in for entertainment and general or major sports programs. 2 i >11. Ii re Oil Boro he pm i no %. Simian 4 in m a ii. 1u a 1ir Wmk. Milch Point ii is it i \. I harlot to 12 i is v 11 is a it is Simi Burion Quot Ito Nnoka Nunn Stirm 8 Al truth or consequences 8 movie 9 to Tell the truth 12 what s my line 8 110 . 8 00 pm. I Western world dialogue 2 news is Eather sports 7 30 . 9 the magician 3 scene tonight 2 new treasure Hunt i observing Eye 3 new Price is right 9 30 . 8 Abc news i school food service 2 3 movie 9 eyewitness news x Ray come to 6 0 clock news 9 Dusty Strail hmm . 12 nightly news his 12 to Tell the truth 8 Marcus Welby m. D. 9 to 12 police Story 8 30 i m. 8 00 . 2 news s 3 Maude 11 00 . I what a new i no news conference 2 3 news 8 anything you can do 9 Al Chase 8 news 9 to 12 news 12 a Christmas Carol 9 hit 13 news 7 00 pm 11 30 . 2 beat the clock h 30 . 2 3 Ute movie 3 news 2 3 Hawaii five-0 8 Abc entertainment i your future i no the arts 9 to 12 tonight special tonight 7 30 Ray Coniff Christmas ugh pts Sui is Imi . 2 Good morning 13 news 8 30 Vii 10 today on the farm 12 Arthur Smith 7 00 . 11 news 8 romper room 9 to 12 today 7 30 , 8 Pix Anne 8 00 Vii. 2 3 capt. Kangaroo u Southern exposure 0 00 Vul. 2 old rebel la Price is right k dealing for dollars 9 Mike Douglas Al Phil Donahue 13 today at Home a 30 . 2 Merv Griffin 3 match game 1 physical science 10 00 Vii. 3 the joker s wild 4 sesame Street 10 12 dinars place 10 30 i. 2 3 10,000 Pyramid 9 to 12 baffle i 1 00 . 3 3 gambit i math 8 password 9 to 12 wizard of Odds 11 30 %.xi. 3 3 love of life i meet the arts Iki the brads Bunch of nut 12 hoi in Wood squares 12 00 2 Young and restless 13 scene at noon i i what on Earth in eyewitness news 19 news to 13 jeopardy 13 30 , 2 3 search for tomorrow 1 electric co. 8 split second 9 Arthur Smith 10 news 12 who what whorl game 1 00 . 2 today woman with Judy Walker 13 Betty Feezor show 8 All my children 19 jeopardy to Somerset 12 concentration 1 30 . 2 3 As the world turn 1 physical science 8 let s make a Deal 4 Ohio 12 three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 guiding Light 4 French chef 8 newlywed game 9 i la 12 Days of our lives 2 30 . 3 3 Edge of night i what on Earth 8 girl in my life 9 i 12 the doctor 3 00 Phi. 2 Price is right 3 secret storm i i efficient Reading 18 general Hospital 9 Iii 12 another world 3 30 . 2 match game �?T73 3 the Lucy show i conversations 8 one life to live 9 Flintstones to 12 Peyton place Loo . 2 secret storm 3 Green acres 4 4 mister Rogers 8 love american Stylo 9 Batman 10 Gilligan a Island 12 the Munster 4 30 . 2 Comer Pyle 3 i dream of Jeannie 4 sesame Street 8 Lucy 9 Beverly Hillbillies 10 Comer by in 12 Gauigan s Island 5 00 . 2 Andy Griffith 3 Bonanza 8 Jeannie 9 to Andy Griffith 12 Bonanza 5 30 . 2 dragnet i electric company 8 5 30news 9 truth or consequences 10 what s my line capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 8 Ray Coniff Christmas special a a one hour traditional special featuring the Ray Coniff carols and the puppets. 12 to Tell the truth a the panel seeks the real Jimmie Bernardino whose son fell into a construction Shaft and Hashim Khan who plays Squash racquets 8 . 2 a Maude Walters Well meant anniversary gift to Maude a an electric Organ a brings bedlam to the Findlay household. 12 a Christmas Carol a Alastair Sim plays the part of Scrooge in this version of Dickens immortal Christmas Story. 8 30 . 1 _ Hawaii five-0 special guest Victor Buono portrays an International thief who masterminds the theft of a $100,000 Coin. 8 movie a Quot the cat a series of bizarre murders occur after an ignorant thief steals a Gold Amulet from the Mummy of an ancient egyptian priestess. 9 30 . 2 movie a a Shaft becomes a fugitive from the police in an Effort to save the life of a hostage. To . 8-Marcus Welby m d. A a a cry in the night a with guests Dina Merrill and Claude Akins. A Marine biologist suffering from a hidden malady refuses to accept it until she Blacks out in an underwater dive. 12 a police Story Quot Man on a rack a a with Martin Balsam and Kim Hunter. A detective sergeant known for not always going by the Book mistakenly kills another officer and is investigated by the internal affairs dept. 11 30 . 2 a late movie a the d. I.,�?� with Jack Webb. A Veteran Marine instructor turns his platoon into an unorganized band of fighting men. 1947. 8 a Abc entertainment a the finals of the miss world contest from London England

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