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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 12, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather not As cold More data on Page 3a 89th year no. 346 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon december 12,1973 72 pages Call us circulation.6621719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c effective. 27 25% Gas reduction slash is proposed trucker protests this refrigerated truck photographed near Charlotte today carried a Load of food from California to North Carolina it also carried its Drivers opinions on the diesel fuel shortage lower Speed limits and the Nixon administration. A wire photo wants six More Jaworski is Given nine tapes by Donald m. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski disclosed today that the White House has turned Over voluntarily nine presidential tapes and that he is seeking six More. Jaworski made the disclosure after receiving two More subpoenaed White House tapes from . District judge John j. Sirica Sirica gave Jaworski copies of the tapes of two conversations Between president Nixon and aides on last March 21. In addition the judge gave Jaworski four pages of Handwritten notes made by the president during a conversation on april 15 with John w. Dean Iii then White House counsel. A tape of that conversation ��2��1 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Philly philanderer q. Where did the expression of Quot a Philadelphia lawyer originate an example was used in a recent editorial in the Enterprise that a a Battery of Philadelphia lawyers would be hard put to sort through the charges concerning responsibility for the Energy crisis. B. G. A. The similes and expressions Range from a a As smart ask or a was Tricky As Quot or a it would take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure it the term today implies one who is prone to Shady practices but originally it was High Praise to be compared to one. Before 1800 and for a while afterwards. Philadelphia was the most important and Beautiful City in the country. For a period it was the seat of the new Federal government an intellectual and financial Center and in this position it attracted the Best Legal minds in America. The lawyers were obliged to keep their wits Sharp to compete with others equally astute. But As wits became too Sharp practices became less scrupulous and honorable so what had been Praise turned to satire. Season s greeting cards q. Does anyone sell Unicof Christmas cards in this area mrs. S. A. You can get them from mrs. Alexandra St. John at 869-4483 in High Point or mrs. D. C. Ogren at 476-7848 in Thomasville. On a trip q. Can an Ocean expedition such As a fishing trip be called a safari boy. A the word is defined As a journey or expedition especially for Hunting or the Hunters guides and equipment forming such an expedition so it need not be confined to its swahili origins. You might even loosely apply it to a Christmas shopping expedition Hunting for game or gift. Comic strip address a please furnish the mailing address of Athelstan Spilhaus author of the sunday strip Quot our new j. G. A. You May write him in care of Hall Syndicate 401 n. Wabash Chicago 111. 60611. Re action i should like to thank everybody for the Lovely response for my Christmas tree for the rest Home. The time and Lack of information As to who brought them or called to offer them prevent my thanking you personally but will each one who responded please accept my deep appreciation. People do still care about others. Thank you. Mrs. Kiser Wesleyan arms retirement Center sound off a Walt Disney birthday party will be held wednesday night at 7 p. M. At the Central High school cafeteria. The Public is invited free of charge to see the full length feature movie and cartoon with refreshments provided by Sweet Shoppe bakeries. The party commemorating the 59th anniversary of Walt Disney productions is sponsored by the audio a visual division of the High Point Public Library. Transportation will be available from the Washington Street Branch Library at 201 fourth St. Had been subpoenaed but the White House said it never was recorded because of a malfunction in the system Jaworski also received from Sirica a single Page of notes made by then White House chief of staff h r Haldeman during a meeting with the president last March 22. Jaworski told newsmen that the w Hite House delivered nine tapes last saturday but he declined to say what they pertained to. He said the tapes were delivered voluntarily in response to requests from his office. He said six More tapes have been requested and Quot these have not been denied us. It s purely a matter of determining if they Are matters we the White House has made no request to withhold any of four conversations taped in March from the watergate grand jury. Sirica still must Rule on White House requests to withhold the tapes of two other meetings and part of a third from the grand jury. Meanwhile Mark Weiss a member of the panel of technical experts assembled to examine the tapes said tuesday a report on the 18-minute Gap in one subpoenaed tape should reach Sirica by the end of this week. Weiss declined to say w hat the report might contain. The experts examined the tape of a june 20. 1972. Conversation Between the president and h h. Haldeman at laboratories in new York City and Cambridge mass., during the past two weeks in an Effort to determine what might have Kissinger will visit Algeria London a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger plans to Start his tour of the Middle East with a visit to Algeria one of the most vocally militant of the Arab states. A spokesman for the travelling american Secretary said Kissinger will Stop in Algiers Quot for a few hours thursday for talks with president Houari Boum Dienne. From there he will move on to a round of visits with Middle Eastern leaders before attending the opening of the Middle East peace conference in Geneva. Sources said Kissinger a visit to Algeria in Northern Africa was to seek support for his policies in the peace talks. He also will meet with algerian foreign minister Abdel Aziz Bou Flika they added. The Secretary of state continued his diplomatic Fence mending today with Calls on prime minister Edward Heath and foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home. He also planned a major address on american policy toward Oil conscious Western Europe. Kissinger who Heads thursday for a new round of talks in the Middle East hoped to convince the British that their interests would be protected at the Arab israeli peace conference. It is scheduled to open dec. 18 in Geneva. Caused the 18-minute Gap and whether it would be possible to recover the conversation obliterated by a hum. Prof Barry a. Blesser of the Massachusetts Institute of technology who advised the court on the experts needed to answer All technical questions that might arise about the tapes said in an interview that Quot there s Only about a 15 per cent chances of recovering the obliterated conversation. In addition to the subpoenaed tapes received this week from Sirica Jaworski got an undisclosed number last weekend from the White House. Those tapes were turned Over voluntarily in response to requests from Jaworski and his predecessor As special prosecutor. Archibald Cox. Jaworski refused to say How Many tapes he had received or what subjects they covered. He did say requests for other tapes still were pending. The tapes delivered during the weekend were the first received by the special prosecutors office since their existence became publicly known last july. Both the White House and the special prosecutors office have described the March 21 meetings As devoted entirely to discussions of watergate. Participants included the president John w. Dean Iii then White House counsel Haldeman. John d. Ehrlichman and press Secretary Ronald Ziegler. By Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration today proposed a 25 per cent reduction in gasoline production effective dec. 27, but the Pinch on supplies available to individual car owners is Likely to be even More severe. Under regulations proposed by the administration s Energy Czar William e. Simon priority deliveries would go to emergency services fuel producers. Public transportation and agriculture. They would be allowed All the gasoline they needed. Other commercial users of bulk supplies of gasoline including nonprofit and government organizations would receive the same amount of gasoline they did in 1972. Whatever was left would go to other bulk users a including retail service stations which Supply individual car owners. Thus while the regulations Deal specifically Only with bulk distribution of gasoline they would have a Sharp Impact on individual Consumers by reducing the amount of gasoline available at the retail level. Simon also revised an earlier proposal for allocation of Home heating Oil and diesel and Jet fuel. Under the new proposal these fuels would go first to a top priority category of users including fuel production activities and Public transportation which would get All of their fuel needs subject to a ceiling on increases. Vital Community services and medical dental and nursing services would get to per cent More fuel than one year earlier users of fuel for space heating would be required to reduce indoor temperatures by six degrees fahrenheit in Homes and by to degrees fahrenheit in other buildings. Industrial and manufacturing users food producers and processors and cargo freight and mail haulers would also get to per cent More of the Middle distillate fuels than one year ago All others would be entitled to As much Middle distillate Oil As in 1972. To the extent it was available Dairy probe said blocked by Mitchell i what s inside amusements.71 bridge.5c classified ads.8-13d crossword.5c editorials.4a financial. 2a obituaries.2c i television .9c women a news Sec. B weather.3a by Brooks Jackson associated press writer Washington a fed eral investigators have received reports that former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell blocked a criminal antitrust investigation of a giant Dairy cooperative that donated $202,000 to president Nixon s Campaign. Mitchell said through his lawyer that he cannot recall such an incident. The report which apparently originated within the Justice department is being investigated by the Senate watergate committee and a Senate judiciary subcommittee. According to the report Mitchell vetoed a staff request to conduct a grand jury probe into alleged monopoly practices of the Texas based associated milk producers inc. The department instead filed a civil antitrust action feb. I 1972. Accusing the milk producers of using illegal tactics to gain a hold on milk markets in 14 midwestern states. This contrasted with the department s handling of Price fixing cases against Bakers in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas and against milk processors in Washington state and Alaska. In those cases the department obtained criminal indictments and convictions that led to fines. Former antitrust chief Richard w Mclaren now a Federal judge in Chicago declined to comment on the milk producers Case several Justice department officials who Are familiar with the Case would neither confirm nor deny that Mitchell blocked a grand jury probe Mitchell s lawyer. William g Hundley said that Mitchell can t recall any staff recommendation for a criminal investigation of the Case according to the investigators information. Mitchell vetoed a grand jury probe sometime before he quit As attorney general to become full time director of the Nixon Campaign although the exact Date is Uncertain it reportedly was in late 1971 or Early 1972. By that time Mitchell already was making important Campaign decisions and White House aides were counting on a promised $2 million in Dairy Money to finance Early operations of the Nixon Campaign Headquarters. Later the pledge was Cut to $1 million according to one White House memo eventually $427,000 was traced from dairymen to the 1972 Nixon Ste Dairy on 2a Christmas Trees Cost More labor transportation costs cause 10% Rise by Rick Scott associated press writer North carolinians Are paying More for almost everything this year including Christmas Trees. Dealers in Raleigh and Charlotte report the average Price is up to to 12 per cent. Trees that last year Cost $8 to $9 Are going for $10 to $12 this Holiday season. The dealers said the increase is due to rising labor and transportation. Quot it s like everything else labor costs More and there s the usual inflation a said Wilton Farr of Charlotte a Volunteer worker at the lot operated by the Queen City Optimist club. A six foot tree at the Optimist lot this year costs $11 to $12. Last year it was $8 to $10, Parr said. Willie Simpson of near Charlotte has sold Christmas Trees at a lot in Charlotte for 26 years. He said the average tree thus year costs about $150 More than last Christmas. Simpson like the Optimist club gets his Trees from the Mountain areas of North Carolina. He said owners of the land there Are charging More for the Trees this year Quot and 1 11 probably make less than i did last year. Quot people seem to be taking the higher Cost without much complaining though a Simpson said. Quot i guess they see everything else going up. They Don t buy a Christmas tree but once a year. A Simpson said he expects to sell about twice As Many live Trees this year As last those Are Trees that can be replanted outside after the Christmas season if they re taken care of properly. Simpson Sells a live six foot tree for about $15.00, a few dollars More than the regular Cut Trees. Bob Logan owner of a Christmas tree lot at the North Carolina Farmers Market in Raleigh said his Trees Cost to to 12 per cent More this year. He blamed the hike on a general increase in the Cost of labor and transportation. Logans Cut Trees sell for from $5 95 to $12.95. J. E Daniel operator of another Charlotte lot said Quot labor s eating us his father at Newland grows some of the Trees he Sells. It takes about 12 to 14 years to grow a Christmas tree. Daniel noted and the Trees have to be Cut and trimmed each year if they Are to attain tile proper shape for Christmas Trees. They also must be sprayed with insecticides the Cost for doing these jobs is on the Rise. Daniel said despite the rising Cost of live and Cut Trees Christmas tree lot it i t raptors said business is about like always. They Don t Teel much Competition from the permanent plastic Trees sold in stores. The regulations would also impose controls on distribution of crude Oil among refineries for the first time each refinery would be limited to production based on a ratio Between the total crude Oil Supply and the nation s total see 25% Gas on 2a iranian Oil Price skyrockets by the associated press the Price of iranian crude Oil went out of sight. Venezuela became a new Force in the Oil War and informed sources said the United states planned to reduce gasoline production by 20 per cent. That was tuesday s Agenda on the Oil crisis Calendar in addition there were predictions of More unemployment and of a Sharp increase in the american Cost of living including such things As a 30-cent-per gallon increase in the Cost of gasoline the iranian Sale of crude Oil set a world Price record whose Impact could play havoc with the economies of nations Industry sources in new York said. The effect of such global mane vering they said. Eventually would trickle to the Bottom of the Oil barrel a the consumer. The iranian government announced it contracted to sell a relatively Small consignment of 80 million barrels of crude Oil for $16 to $17 40 a barrel to unidentified american european and japanese bidders. It previously had sold barrels at about $3 30. Venezuelan apparent new president Carlos Andres Perez warned that like the arabs he would use Oil As a weapon he said he wanted economic benefits for his country the Nixon administration according to informed sources planned to Cut production of gasoline by about 20 per cent in efforts to control distribution of crude Oil and Petroleum products. It also set up a special unit in the Federal Energy office to Deal with the Oil shortage s economic Impact which is being Felt More keenly with each Day s escalating events. Herbert Stein chairman of the Council of economic advisers said fuel Price see iranian on 2avet m to chopping left Imp \ Jav set a i Eer it porn sen. Weicker disputes Nixon s tax claim by Michael Putzel associated press writer Washington a president Nixon says he gave $570,000 Worth of prep residential papers to the National archives in time to claim them As an income tax deduction. Sen. Lowell p. Weicker jr., r-conn., says an exhaustive investigation shows Nixon is wrong. Weickers 11-Page Legal memorandum turned Over to the internal Revenue service on tuesday with 26 supporting documents raises new questions concerning the deduction which the White House detailed in an extraordinary disclosure of the presidents weekend. Finances last the documents clearly indicate the defense of the deduction the White House is making now is not the one intended by the presidential lawyers who handled the transaction and tax return in 1969. Weicker said neither defense can stand the tests required by Federal tax Laws. The Weicker memorandum Points out there were two ways the gift could have been made in order to have met the Legal requirements for claiming it As an income tax deduction. Because Congress in december 1969 abolished the Deduc Tion for the appraised value of such papers made after july 25, 1969, the president would have had to have met either requirement by the deadline Weicker said. Nixon a two choices were a to deed the papers to the National archives with a legally authorized agent delivery of the deed to the archives with a legally sufficient description of the gift and acceptance of the deed by the archivist. A actual delivery of the gift the senator said this would require that the papers be physically turned Over to the archives that they be specifically identified and accepted As a gift with the president surrendering Quot Dominion and control of the documents to the recipient. The White House financial statement on saturday said a president Nixon was and is advised by his attorneys that the gift met the deductibility requirements of the Law because the papers were delivered identified and surrendered before the july 25, 1969, deadline Weicker disputed that statement charging that the papers were delivered As part of a much larger shipment and were not selected identified and separated from other documents until december 1969. Five months after the deadline and Nixon did not give up Dominion and control until at least april to 1970, Weicker said Nixon has said he would permit the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation to review the gift and would pay the Back taxes if the House Senate panel finds the deduction unauthorized. The congressional committee has agreed to review the transaction but Weicker said he turned his material Over to the irs because it is the a one Agency responsible for enforcement of lax Laws in this

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