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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather Clear cold tonight More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 89th year no. 345 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon december la 1973 32 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c Daylight agreement reached Washington a the nation could be on Daylight saving time by the second week in january following agreement monday by a Senate House conference committee. The Effort to save Energy by setting the clock ahead an hour would take effect the fourth sunday after enactment and rep. Harley 0. Staggers do. Va., said the Bill could be sent to the White House before the end of the week. The country would remain on Daylight time through october 1975. The White House requested the Energy time Bill saying it could result in savings of As much As three per cent in heating and electricity. Both opponents and supporters of the measure however have said there Are no reliable figures on How much would be saved. Meanwhile the Senate passed and sent to the House a Bill requiring the Labelling of automobiles and major household appliances As to their Energy consumption. The Bill also would make 9200 million available in loan guarantees in an Effort to produce a fuel efficient car within a decade. And the measure would require every Federal Agency to consider the Energy shortage in developing and implementing policies and programs. Supreme court ruling police authorized to make searches by Vernon a. Guidry or. Associated press writer Washington a the supreme court voted 6 to 3 today to give police Blanket authority to conduct a Complete search of anyone they arrest lawfully. The decision represented a Victory for advocates of greater police latitude and brought a Sharp dissent from the court s three Liberal members. In one of two search cases decided today the supreme court overturned a ruling by the . Circuit court Here which had told police they were Only entitled to a Quot Pat Down search when they arrested a District of Columbia Man on an outstanding traffic warrant. Emigration at Issue House blocks soviet Trade credit Loans by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington apr the House voted today to prohibit billions of dollars in . Credit Loans essential for soviet Trade until president Nixon can certify that the soviets allow jews and other citizens to emigrate freely. The prohibition was proposed by rep. Charles a. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Calling or. Nixon q. I am a sixth grader at Trinity Junior High school and How can i get in touch with president Nixon person to person i have some solutions that i have figured up and would like him to know and i have mailed a recent letter to him that was never answered and How could i talk to him Long distance. Would like Correct mailing address or the number. Anon. A. The White House Telephone number is it 202 456-1414 but be sure you have your parents permission to Call. Getting the White House and getting through to the president Are two different things. There s not much Chance of the latter but curio user things have happened and the solutions of a sixth grader May be just what this country needs. The mailing address is the White House 1600 Pennsylvania ave., Washington d. Pot is a no no q. Is marijuana illegal to smoke thank you. L. Ii. A. The Law makes it illegal to possess it and to smoke it is to possess it. It is also illegal to distribute it which would entail both Selling and giving it away. Long distance swimmers 4 could you give a list of All the people who have swum the English Channel thank you. La. E. A. The a a firsts a and record holders for Channel swimmers Are Given in the guinness Book of world records but not the total number or names of those w to made it without setting records. The first Man to do it without a life jacket was a British merchant Navy Captain Matthew Webb who in 1875 breaststroke from Dover to Cap gris Nez France in 21 hours 45 minutes. He swam an estimated 38 Miles to make the 21-Nnle crossing. Three months earlier Paul Boyton of the u. S. Swam it in his patented life saving suit in 23 hours 30 minutes. First to swim from France to England was a wealthy italian from Argentina who was $5,000 Richer in prize Money for making it in 1923. The first woman was Gertrude Kuderle of the u. S. Who set a then record time from France to England of 14 hours 39 minutes in 1926. The first lady to make the crossing from England to France was Florence Chadwick of California in 1951, in 16 hours 22 minutes. She did it again in 1953 and 1955. The youngest to swim the Channel was Leonore Modell of Sacramento who in 1964 at age 14 made it in 15 hours 27 minutes. Fastest swim records Are held by Barry Watson of Yorkshire from France to England in 19649 hours 35 minutes and by Nitindra Roy of Calcutta from England to France in 1964, to hours 21 minutes. For Israel q. Last week Congress passed a $2 billion arms for Israel Bill. Did congressman Richardson Preyer vote for or against this Bill thank you. S. A. Preyers local office Secretary called the congressman s Washington office and reported Back that the Bill has not been voted on yet but probably will come before the House in the next two or three weeks. It does consist of $21 billion for Israel and Cambodia. The Small news article a week or so ago stated the House appropriations committee had approved a $5.8 billion foreign Aid Bill $1 billion less than Nixon asked for. The Bill includes $1 billion for the peace corps and International development Banks and $2.2 billion to replace Israel s losses in the Middle East. The congressman was not in his office when the Call was made and the Secretary in Washington was not Able to Tell us How he plans to vote. Vanik. A Ohio who said it is aimed at forcing the soviets to Grant their citizens the Basic human right of free emigration. A a passage of this Bill will be a reminder to the Vanik said Quot that this country is still the Hope of free men the move against . Credit Loans was backed by a coalition of congressmen who seek a Freer soviet emigration policy oppose .-soviet Trade or Are against the . Credits. Rep. Richard h. Ichord d-mo., told the House he does not oppose Trade with a potential enemy but said he opposes . Credits permitting it to spend More of its own Money on defense. Ichord and rep. Benjamin a. Blackburn r-ga., said they expected the emigration linked ban to stall . Credit Loans for soviet Trade Long enough for the House to take More direct action against them. But backers of the amendment said they expect it not to Cut off the credits but rather to Force the soviets to free their emigration policy. Rep. David obey d-wis., said the amendment would Only anger the russians and work against soviet officials already trying to free that country a emigration policy. A soviet jews will be worse off than they Are today a he said. There Are no firm figures but . Officials agree projects now being explored including two joint .-soviet siberian Gas projects would require some $5 billion of . Credit Loans. The amendment put to the House would prohibit the credit Loans to any country except Poland and Yugoslavia until president Nixon could certify to Congress they in searching the Man police turned up a cigarette package with heroin capsules in it. Under the circuit court ruling the heroin could not be used As evidence because the search exceeded constitutional limits. Under today s supreme court ruling the heroin can be used As evidence. A it is the fact of the lawful arrest which establishes the authority to search a wrote Justice William h. Rehnquist for the majority. Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote in a lengthy dissent in which he said that the court had retreated from Long held principles by holding that the fact of the arrest a always establishes the authority to conduct a full search of the arrested he was joined in dissent by justices William o. Douglas and William j. Brennan. A the majority s approach represents a Clear and marked departure from our Long tradition of Case by Case adjudication of the reasonableness of searches and seizures under the fourth amendment a Marshall said. All citizens the Opportunity to a permit right and emigrate. A impose no More than nominal exit fees and do not base the fees on destination such As Israel. What s inside amusements Bridge. 2c classified ads comics. Crossword. Editorials. 4 a financial. 2a obituaries. Sports. 3-5c television. A women s news. Weather. 3a Oil rises rapidly Price spiral will continue by Daniel q. Haney associated press writer Boston a Home heating Oil prices have risen 44 per cent since last Winter in the Boston area and a consumer organization says they will go up nearly that much again before this Winter ends. The average Price of a gallon of Home heating Oil last week was 30.26 cents compared with a Winter average of 21.07 cents a year ago according to the Boston Consumers Council. For the average Homeowner who burned 1,600 Gallons last Winter the heating Bill will jump from $337 last Winter to $484 this year. That a assuming he does no to comply with president Nixon a request to turn Down his heat and that the Cost of Oil does no to go up again. But the Cost of Oil has increased every week for the past month and the consumer Council expects it to level off around 37.5 cents a gallon. Oil dealers Haven to challenged this broadened Nixon tax audit seen by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a the congressional review of president Nixon a tax returns and deductions shows signs of broadening before it has really begun. Sen. Russell b. Long d-la., vice chairman of the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation said monday he expects the committee to go beyond the two areas Nixon designated for special attention when he asked for the review. A we probably will conduct a Complete audit on the presidents tax returns As has been customary whenever we look at other individuals tax returns a Long said. He predicted the audit would take a month or More and said he would not prejudge the findings but he added they would be made Public a Quot i do not believe we will want to keep anything the two controversial issues Nixon designated for special study were whether he was entitled to the $576,000 deduction he took for giving his vice presidential papers to the National archives and whether he made a taxable capital gain of $117,-000 on the 1970 Sale of part of his san Clemente calif., estate. Largely because of the deduction for the papers Nixon after paying $72,682 in Federal income tax for 1969, paid $792 for 1970, $878 for 1971 and $4,298 for 1972. Long said the committee will meet wednesday with its staff to Chart the inquiry. It has not been decided whether to hold see broadened on 2a prediction. At that Price it will Cost an average Boston area Homeowner $600 to keep his House As farm As he had it last year. Persons who live in Northern new England might spend even More. The figures did not reflect the full effect of a two cents a gallon increase granted by the Cost of living Council last week. Monthly increases in heating Oil have been reported throughout the country but few other areas have experienced the 44 per cent Rise recorded Here. Twenty four per cent of the nations Homes Are heated with Oil. In new England 76 per cent of All Homes have Oil heat. Oil dealers say they re As unhappy As Consumers about the prices. Robert a. Flynn director of the Maine Oil dealers association said the Cost of living Council has Frozen dealers profits at the same level they were May 15. A that Means they can Only pass on product Cost a Flynn said. A this is very disturbing to the dealer. He a not making any More Money with this situation. Actually he a making less because his Cost of doing business has gone a a Wpm a j h i % us Shelley Dachtler in with son Nathaniel 2, and Friend if Vii no electricity plumbing but they would t Trade by Charles Mcfadden associated press writer Sacramento. Calif. Apr they read by the flickering Light of a kerosene lamp. Their water is pumped by hand. And the bathroom consists of a tub in the front Yard and an outhouse in the Back. There is no Energy crisis in the lives of Doc and Shelley Dachtler. They say they live like Kings in their own different sort of Way. There s no electricity for the Remote log Cabin the Dachtler built nearly two years ago with the help of neighbors. There s no natural Gas either. In the summer a and Only in the summer a they buy a tank of propane Gas to fuel an old refrigerator that sits in a lean to. A we could get along without a refrigerator but i want to do that Quot said mrs. Dachtler. 28 when its time to do the dishes mrs. Dachtler walks 50 feet to a Well fills a bucket of water carries it to the House heats it on the Wood burning stove and then starts washing a by the Yellowish glow of the kerosene lamp. The pump is attached to a Windmill which pumps the water when there s wind. A foot powered sewing machine is used to mend clothing. The toilet is a wooden outhouse tool shed behind the House. Bath time Means filling an outside tub with water Vout a Jetter eat Loop Asp go Hoppins Only 11 Pavy left heated on a Wood burning stove. The Dachtler moved to the country six years ago after finishing College because they wanted to live As rustic a life As possible. Their first Rural Home had electricity. Quot it Wasny to so much seeing the Energy crisis coming As far As electricity was said Dachtler 29. A University of California graduate. Quot it was just that we decided to do without it in terms of building a House. We did t want to be dependent on the Dachtler and their 2-year-old son. Nathaniel Arentt the Only ones in the Sierra Foothills area North of Sacramento who Are living by Choice without electricity. About 30 other families have adopted the same life style. Most Are refugees from City life. The yacht Lersy Home with 677 Square feet of space has a big Kitchen and Small living room. An upstairs loft serves As a bedroom shelves Are loaded with Home canned vegetables from the Garden Dachtler teaches mathematics and Reading for three hours a Day to first second and third graders in the 100-student Rural school District. He earns extra Cash by tutoring and walks the six Miles to school and Back live Days a week. A we live below the poverty level but we live like Kings. I feel in Many ways a said mrs. Dachtler. A member of the school Board but its not always satisfying. Quot you know one thing most people done to realize is that it s a lot of hard mrs. Dachtler said. A sometimes it s. Cold and controls end cars to Cost $150 More isl by Jonathan Wolman associated frets writer Detroit aim two of the nation s Auto makers raised prices today As the Industry moved our from under Federal economical controls. Ford and Chrysler announced average wholesale Price increases of $150 on their cars and trucks. General motors and american motors were expected to make similar adjustments later in the Day. Ford said its Price hike would result in a $192 average boost in suggested retail prices. For example compacts models such As Pinto Maverick and Comet would go up $150 each. Chrysler did not release a breakdown of its prices. The two firms said the increases would not affect vehicles already in showrooms or toilet paper crunch not funny by Bill Ahearn associated press writer a toilet paper shortage that a what rep. Harold Froehlich a Republican member of the House of representatives said monday. Froehlich who a from Wisconsin said a foreseeable toilet paper crunch is a no laughing Froehlich said a shortage of paper pulp and rising pulp exports could mean various paper shortages including a toilet paper crunch sometime Early next year. He quoted an official of Sheraton International in Boston As saying that paper products from matchbooks to memo pads Are a fall in Short quoting a reliable sources Quot in the general services administration Froehlich said recent Gas attempts to buy a four month Supply of toilet paper for Federal buildings came up almost 50 per cent Short. Froehlich said a National toilet paper crunch could occur when the Gas seeks to secure a four month Supply at the same time some states have one year contracts up for bids. Froehlich quoted a Hilton hotels purchasing agent As saying the situation is bad and will get worse but a spot Check of hotels around the country monday night produced Little concern about a toilet paper shortage. A Are you putting me on Quot asked a spokesman for the Marriott hotel in Atlanta. A spokesman for the Regency Hyatt hotel asked a Are you serious Quot but the assistant manager of a Minneapolis hotel said that although there Are no current toilet paper shortages some Are anticipated in a few months. He said hotel employees have been asked to watch distribution of All paper. In Buffalo n y., Jerry Castiglia a member of the Board of Hilton inns laughed at the Mere suggestion of such a shortage but said he would take it up with the Board at its next regular meeting. And the night manager at the Sheraton in Nashville tenn., said any traveler headed to that state need not bring his own. On order through today. The Cost of living Council monday exempted the Auto Industry from both wage and Price restrictions. The move came just Days after the United Auto workers Union completed negotiations on new contracts with the big three Auto makers. It was the biggest move yet in the councils Effort to step up the process of moving the Economy away from controls. The exemption from controls applies Only to Auto truck and bus production it does not extend to other items produced by the Auto makers such As appliances none of the Auto makers offered new Price lists monday but Ford said it would boost prices on any car or truck ordered after today. General motors Chrysler and american motors Are expected to announce increases to Uke effect later tins week. Before the Council agreed to decontrol the Auto Industry it exacted commitments from Ford and pm to keep wholesale Price increases within an average of $150 and not to raise 1974 Model prices again. There was no immediate indication what the wholesale boost would translate into in Price increases in dealer showrooms. Am agreed to limit its wholesale Price increases to an average $100, but a company spokesman said am dealers might be allowed to add on an additional $50 at the retail level. In addition Ford pm and am agreed not to raise retail prices on compacts and subcompact More than $150

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