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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday april 25, 1974 7apatty Hearst s background shows no inclination to violence by Bob Thomas associated press writer Hillsborough Calif. Apr Are Patricia Hearst a startling words being forced from her an associated press investigation finds no evidence in her background that the 20-year-old heiress to a newspaper Fortune would say or do anything violent a much less join terrorists Mouth Radical rhetoric or Aid in a Bank robbery. But she has done them As the astounding developments of the country a first political kidnapping unwind. Whether or not her actions have been voluntary whether she has been brainwashed coerced threatened is not known. This is the Story of Patty Hearst before feb. 4, when the terrorist sym ionese liberation army claims it kidnapped her before her friends and Fiance and parents and some impartial experts say she was brainwashed and coerced into saying she would join her captors she was known As a Bright self confident Young woman Independent enough to Fly the nest with a Boyfriend but caring enough to keep close ties with her family. She took vacations with them and saw them often. She was making her wedding guest list and picking a China pattern shortly before kidnapping. Like Many of today a youth she had lived with her Boyfriend Steven Weed a philosophy graduate student for the past year and a half. Their relationship was to become marriage in late june. She was a thoughtful Art student at the University of California at Berkeley once a hotbed of student radicalism but now stirred Only by an occasional Streaker. She rarely discussed politics. Domestic life with Weed was quiet. They spent most of their time at Home watching television reruns of a Star trek a and a Mission impossible during Long Candle lit dinners. They lived in a $250 Berkeley apartment. Their income was a $300 monthly allowance from her parents and a Small salary he received As a teacher s assistant. Patty was an excellent Cook especially Good at souffles cakes and pies. She and Weed listened to the stereo he favouring the classics she the soft Rock singers Paul Simon Carole King and Carly Simon. They had used marijuana but wine was their thing. They usually had 20 or 30 bottles on hand and were trying to learn better vintages. They did no to subscribe to the san Francisco examiner of which her father Randolph a. Hearst is editor and president or any other newspaper. Their Only magazines were cosmopolitan satiric National Lampoon and Sunset a travel and react Onak Magazine. The hearts Learned of the living arrangement shortly before last Christmas. They had thought their daughter had a female Roommate. A emr. Hearst was More understanding a said Weed. A mrs. Hearst is very traditional and Catholic so she was obviously opposed to it. But she finally said a Well you re going to do it anyway Asp there was no big fuss Weed a Princeton University graduate is six years older than miss Hearst who had her 20th birthday in Sla Captivity. He is tall and slender with a Brush Mustache. An Art professor of Patty a described her As a like something painted in the 15th Century. Long Golden Brown hair and perfectly fair when they went out Steven and Patty enjoyed prowling auctions and second hand shops to find Antiques and Art confused a worried a last summer they travelled around California in his Volkswagen or her Blue my a gift from her parents. They went to Wyntoun a Hearst family Retreat in the forests of Northern California. Patty is the granddaughter of the publishing giant William Randolph Hearst. But she knows Little about him except As an important collector of Art. She has read no biographies about him nor has she seen a citizen Kane a the fictional film based in part on his life. She was bom the third of five daughters. Both parents have always been Busy with their own lives. Besides directing the examiner against stiff Competition from the san Francisco chronicle Hearst served As Board chairman of the Hearst corp. His wife Catherine helped found the san Mateo crippled children a society and is a Regent of the University of California. The daughters were supervised by a succession of governesses and maids some Good some bad. An English governess named Heather proved kindly and sympathetic to the problems of the Middle daughter As she sought her place in the family and at school. Patty followed the family tradition catechism and confirmation at the Parish Church teaching from the nuns at the parochial school. She went away from Home for the first time to begin High school at tightly run Santa Catalina school in Monterey. After the second year she convinced her father she was unhappy and left the school. A Rumor that she was expelled for smoking marijuana is denied by the school and her parents. She enrolled at the less conservative Crystal Springs school. Life began to Flower. She discovered Art and literature. She took a class trip to Japan and was deeply impressed. In the fall of 1971 she entered Menlo College a Liberal arts school near Stanford. She met Weed at Crystal Springs where he taught math. She pursued him Weed said and he was taken by her slim Beauty and eagerness for knowledge. They dated regularly. In the summer of 1972 Patty toured Italy and Greece with her Art class. When she returned she and Weed rented an apartment. A Patty grew up fast she did t appear like an 18-year-old at Berkeley a said Weed. A your friends were ones i had known All in the 25-30 age bracket. She fitted very Well into the adult though the hearts were upset at their daughter living with Weed they were visibly relieved that a wedding was planned for june. It seemed that their world which combined quiet Graceful living with civic responsibility would be Well ordered once More. Then came the night of feb. 4. And from that Point on the Story of Patty Hearst blurs and the questions that Are being raised about what has happened to her about what she is really like now cannot be answered . Currency Washington a several nations have adopted Decimal currency systems and now Issue dollars but Liberia is the Only one to use exactly the same Coin denominations As the United states. Founded by freed american slaves in 1822, Liberia has Many of its coins struck by the . Mint and United states currency circulates freely in the african country. A 882-8121. Imam to done to be misled Echo ref s policy is to guarantee you Low everyday description prices. 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