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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair warmer More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 116 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon april 26, 1974 30 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Kissinger declares . Policies not affected Henry Kissinger Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger today conceded president Nixon s impeachment problems could affect foreign policy Over the Long run but said they have had no Impact so far. Kissinger at a wide ranging news conference stressed particularly that the soviets have not made a sex Hor Bitant demands on the basis of any notion that the Nixon administration is weakened by the on going congressional impeachment process. A any president lives longer in history than in headlines a Kissinger declared in defending . Foreign policy a and disassociating it from Nixon s watergate troubles. He said that in negotiating impeachment staff looks into taxes Washington a president Nixon a handling of his gift of personal papers for tax purposes has emerged As a major area of inquiry by the House judiciary committee impeachment staff. Chief counsel John Doar disclosed thursday the committee intends to conduct a full investigation including submitting written questions to Nixon to determine whether there was criminal fraud in his 1969-1972 tax deductions for papers donated to the government. The joint committee on tote r n a i Revenue taxation recently concluded the deduction was improper and the internal Revenue service assessed Nixon for $432,787 in Back taxes. But there has for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Help in Canning q. W Here can i get the information on the latest method of Canning and freezing soon a. If you will Contact the Guilford county Home economic Extension agents . Box 20428, Greensboro they will mail you some booklets on Canning and freezing. They have others on making pickles and relishes. Seedy asparagus 0 last year i planted asparagus seeds and it came up like a Fern and this year i have sprouts and it said to transplant the sprouts to the permanent position this year. Should i transplant the sprouts now or in the fall and please answer As soon As possible thank you. . A. This can be done now and Here Are planting directions from the encyclopedia of organic gardening. Choose a site to one Side of the Garden free from Shade in soil that is Rich deep and Well drained. Dig a Trench 12 inches deep and about to inches wide where first Row is to stand. In the Bottom of the Trench place a three Inch layer of compost humus. Well rotted manure May be added. The second Row should be made not closer than four feet from the first. A one year old crowns should then be put about 18 inches apart and to inches below the level of the Garden. Cover with a two Inch layer of sifted compost humus and water Well. During the summer the Trench should be slowly filled with a mixture of Fine topsoil and composted material. It is advisable not to do it too rapidly or the plants will be stifled. The Fleshy roots of asparagus often go five to six feet Down and spread out an almost equal distance so they require More Garden space than their ferny foliage would indicate. Each season add Liberal amounts of organic material. After the cutting season it is Good to sow a cover crop of cowpeas or soybeans or the like Between the rows to discourage weeds and add to the organic Content when dug under. Spears should be Cut when about six inches High. Some gardeners Cut them two inches below the surface others at the surface. Place the knife close to the Spear and run it Down the desired depth then turn it enough to Cut cleanly through it. Careless jabbing can injure the Plant. When Winter approaches asparagus should be lightly mulched with Straw or similar material. Electric Cut off q. We recently moved to High Point and have always paid our electric Bill before the due Date. Why is it that the City of High Point always Send you a Pink final notice Cut off slip a few Days before the payment is due i thought usually a Cut off notice of any kind was sent after you had t paid a Bill by the due Date. Mrs. . A. The utilities department sends a Cut off notice to the customer five Days before the due Date As a reminder that it has not been paid. There is no Grace period after the Bill is due and sending a notice after your electricity is Cut off does no to do you much Good. The City codes specify All Are payable on or before the 20th Day after the Bills Are mailed. Weetsie s coming q. When does Weetsie Railroad open anon. A. June i is the opening Date. Through labor Day its open daily from 8 30 to 5 30. From labor Day to october 31, it will run saturdays and sundays Only. Been no previous congressional Effort to determine whether fraud was involved in the preparation of the returns. The tax matter takes its place along with the watergate cover up the activities of the White House a a plumbers unit settlement of the itt antitrust Case and political contributions by the Dairy Industry Howard Hughes and Robert Vesco As the chief items on which the impeachment inquiry has settled. Doar submitted a status report to the committee thursday listing 17 allegations that Are no longer under investigation because there is insufficient evidence to support them. Most of them include allegations that the we Hite House used executive agencies for political purposes and two others Deal with the impoundment of congressionally appropriated funds and the dismantling of the office of economic Opportunity. A decision on whether to keep the secret bombing of Cambodia on the list of possible impeachable offences will be made after the release expected next week of a Senate committee report on the subject Doar said. The staff a recommendations on matters to be dropped were challenged by several members and chairman Peter w. Rodino or. D-n.j., said none were actually being eliminated. It was just a matter of focusing the staff resources on matters of highest priority he said. But rep. Robert Drinan dmass., one of the severest critics of the proposal said the effect will be to eliminate the enumerated items. A a decision to Stop investigating is a decision to drop the matter a he said. Doar also ran into criticism for not moving faster on the investigation of Nixon a taxes. The joint committee staff report issued april 3, noted the judiciary committees responsibility to determine whether there was fraud. What s inside amusements. 14-15a Bridge. 14a classified ads. 6-1 in comics. 12 a crossword a editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .2b sports. Television .5b women a news 6-8a weather. Nuclear weapons with Moscow and in All other foreign Fields he would be guided by a your National interest and not by any attempt to make the administration look Good As the impeachment showdown draws near. Looking ahead to his Middle East trip starting this weekend Kissinger would not forecast a disengagement Between israeli and syrian forces in the Golan Heights but said he expected to make Progress. He hinted that he would agree to an Early shifting of the diplomatic Center to Geneva As Moscow has demanded. At the same time Kissinger said he would try to narrow differences on nuclear weapons positions when he sees soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko in Geneva on monday. And in his longest and most vigorous response Kissinger sharply disputed a Contention by sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., that the United states is seeking a a Quick fix on a new nuclear agreement with the soviet Union to ease impeachment pressure on the president. Turk drug sentences Are upheld Ankara Turkey apr a five judge criminal appeals court today upheld a lower court decision sentencing three americans to life terms on conviction of conspiring to smuggle drugs into Turkey. The hushed session lasted five minutes. The verdict of the turkish court virtually exhausted All Legal Means for a reversal of the sentence of Katherine Zenz 28, of Lancaster wis. Joann Mcdaniel 29, of Coos Bay ore., and Robert e. Hubbard 23, of san Diego Calif. The decision of the appeals court makes the sentence final except for a slim Chance that a request for retrial by the defense May be granted Legal authorities said. The retrial is Only granted in cases where important new evidence or witnesses can be presented they said. The three will probably Benefit from an amnesty Bill presently under debate in the turkish parliament which would reduce All life terms to 24 years imprisonment when enacted. The three americans were arrested dec. To 1972, while crossing into Turkey from Syria. A police search at the Border Post revealed 236 pounds of hashish hidden in the three minibuses they were driving. The americans were first tried in Antalya in Southeast Turkey near the syrian Border. They said they rented the minibuses in Munich where they met by Chance in a discotheque. They drove to Beirut crossing Turkey to buy curios and leather goods a see Turk on 2a Broad portuguese reforms revealed portuguese Soldier Waves pistol smiles at applauding crowd in Lisbon thursday a wire photo interest rate rises to 11 % new York a the prime lending rate to big business climbed to a historic la per cent Peak today when Franklin National Bank boosted the key interest fee from 10vz per cent. The Bank said that conditions in the Money Market where Banks and corporations raise Short term bendable funds a More than justify the increase. The Rise Means that corporate customers of Franklin National the 20th largest Bank in the nation will find it More expensive to borrow but the increase should not have an immediate Impact on consumer instalment loan or mortgage rates which Are not directly linked to the prime analysts say the recent Steep climb in the prime or the minimum lending fee Banks charge their most credit worthy corporate customers reflects the Federal Reserve Board s decision to keep credit tight. The pred which acts As the nations Money manager feels that restricting the growth of Bank credit will help control inflation earlier this week the Federal Reserve Board raised the discount rate or fee it charges member Banks to borrow from it to 8 per cent from 72 per cent. This added further upward pressure to Money Market rates. Earlier today first National City Bank became the latest Large Bank to adopt a io1 per cent prime which is now prevalent throughout the Industry. Lisbon. Portugal a Junta Leader Antonio de Spinola announced today sweeping reforms in the one Day old coup in Portugal including breaking up the political police and holding free elections within a year the 64-year-old general who swept to Power in a military revolt that overthrew the 42-year-old dictatorship also announced he was firing All civil governors both in Portugal and its overseas provinces and All members of the Cabinet. Spinola said former Premier Marcello Caetano and president Americo Thomaz had been sent to the Island of Madeira. He did not say if they would face prosecution. Speaking to newsmen Spinola said he was dissolving the one House National Assembly and he told questioners he would permit a multiparty political Cabinet. But he did not say if communists or socialists would be included Spinola said at the moment he does not intend to negotiate with any of the liberation movements in por Tugal s Black african territories of Angola Mozambique and portuguese Guinea. Hundreds of people gathered at capias prison outside Lisbon As word went out that an estimated 180 political prisoners were to be freed. In downtown Lisbon an Oil imports push Trade into deficit Washington a the sharply higher Cost of Oil imports pushed the United states Trade balance into deficit in March for the first time in to months the Commerce department reported today. The department said imports during March exceeded exports by $171.3 million. This compared with a surplus of $213 million in february. The country a Trade still is in surplus for the year by $635.6 million. The March deficit was attributed almost entirely to a 17 per cent increase in the Cost of imports of foreign Oil. This reflects the sharply higher Price tag imposed by the Oil producing nations. Administration economists have predicted that the higher Cost of foreign Oil will offset the nation s otherwise encouraging trading position and bring about a Trade deficit this year. Angry crowd jeered and shouted. A thieves and a a robbers As uniformed political police were led to vans by the army. The crowd threw cigarettes and yelled encouragement to the troops. A few tanks still moved through Lisbon s streets but the City was quiet. Stores reopened but the nations Airport remained closed and so was the Border Between Spain and Portugal. Lisbon newspapers listed three persons killed and 45 injured during the coup. But generally thursday was a Day of Celebration with thousands of Young men streaming into the streets to cheer the rebel troops plying them with wine and cigarettes and smashing windows to defy police. Spinola who was retired by Caetano last month because he advocated an end to the 13-year-old colonial War in Portugal a african territories emerged As the Leader of the seven Man National salvation Junta. The other members of the Junta Are two Navy men Comdr. Antonio Alba Rosa Coutinho and capt. Jose Bautisia Pinheiro Azevedo Gen. Francisco a Costa Gomes the former chief of staff who sided with Spinola in the dispute Over african policy Brig. Jaime Silverio Marques col Carlos Galvao de Melo and Gen. Manuel Diogo Neto. 9 men,3 women Mitchell stans jury out by j. Morg Anth Aler associated press writer new York a nine men and three women studied the Fate of John n. Mitchell and Maurice ii. Stans today trying to determine whether the men whom president Nixon picked to run his Campaign Are a liars under the . District court jury the first to be presented with criminal charges against present or former members of the nations Cabinet since the 1923 Teapot dome scandal spent four hours thursday night in its first deliberations. They had spent the remainder of thursday listening to judge Lee p. Gagliardi read 137 pages of instructions and to the government s summation of criminal conspiracy and perjury charges against Mitchell the former attorney general and stans the onetime Commerce Secretary. The jurors who had listened to eight weeks of testimony and lived in court ordered sequestration received the Case with these final words from the prosecutor a a these men these defendants Are accused of giving false testimony before a grand jury not just once not just twice but Many times for woman Sybil Kucharski a Brown haired Bank Teller said the panel would keep a 9 a m -9 . Deliberation schedule. After their four hour deliberation thursday night . Marshals escorted them to their hotel. Asst. U s. Atty John Wing Exxon Cut profits $400 million say analysts by Josh Fitzhugh a business writer new York apr Exxon corp., the nations biggest Oil company reduced its first Quarter profits by approximately $400 million to take into account future taxes and political opposition securities analysts say. The additional Money if added to the company a announced earnings would have brought Exxon a earnings for the three month period to Over a billion dollars. It would have increased their percentage gain from the year earlier period to 118 per cent and not the 39 per cent reported by the firm. Asked about the amount an Exxon spokesman would not deny it and said the company had decided not to disclose the actual charge. He said the action was in line with accepted accounting principles. Some securities analysts and accountants however feel the deduction was also taken to defuse an expected Public reaction to the High profits. A ordinarily a company does no to reduce its earnings by a liability which Hasni to yet occurred a says Peter Knutson an associate professor of accounting at the Wharton school of finance in Philadelphia. Companies usually take note of the possible expense but done to subtract the estimated liability from profits Knutson says. Exxon claims its deductions on the basis of two factors. The first is an estimated increase in the Price of certain Mideast crude Oil which is being bought Back from the producing nations. This Cost is still under negotiation. The company also says it deducted from its earnings the amount it May have to pay in taxes if the . Congress removes a foreign tax credit Exxon now receives. A Bill with such a provision is now in the House ways and Means committee and would be retroactive to Jan. I Exxon says. Working independently two Wall Street securities analysts who follow the Oil Industry place Exxon a undeclared a a contingent liabilities at around $400 million for the first Quarter. Robert Albrecht an Oil analyst with Reynolds inc., a new York brokerage House calculates that Exxon a provision for added Mideast crude costs could run a was High As $368 a rough guess would place their additional tax Burden at $92 million for the Quarter if the Bill in Congress is passed see Exxon on 2a who presented the governments Case in the 10-week trial described Mitchell 60, and stans 66. As a liars under oath As he wound up his 61-hour summation that began on wednesday. Mitchell and stans who left the Nixon administration in Early 1972 to run the presidents re election Campaign Are accused of conspiring to derail a securities and Exchange commission investigation of financier Robert l. Vesco in return for his secret $200,000 Cash contribution to the Nixon Campaign they Are charged together with one count of conspiracy and two counts of obstruction of Justice. They Are each charged with six separate counts of perjury. It is the perjury charges which Wing emphasized in his final summation contending that if the jury concludes either defendant lied it must also wonder Why they lied when Wing sat Down Mitchells lawyer Peter Fleming jr., immediately asked for a mistrial because of wings a repeated characterizations of the defendants As Gagliardi denied the motion

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