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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Cool More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 114 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-171� High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon april 24, 1974 78 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c including $250 million for Egypt Nixon asks $5 billion in foreign Aid Money by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a president Nixon today asked Congress for $5.18 billion in foreign Aid Money including $250 million to help Egypt Clear the Suez canal repair War damage in adjacent cities and restore Trade with the United states. At the same time Nixon asked for $350 million in military support for Israel and $207.5 million for Jordan. He said the United states a can and should play a constructive role in securing a just and durable peace in the Middle East by facilitating increased understanding Between the Arab nations and Israel a the president also requested $939.8 million to assist South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos a in their efforts to shift their economies from War to peace and to accelerate the recons i russians sending migs to syrians by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a the russians have sent Syria More Mig Jet fighters to bolster its air Force in the growing air War along the Golan Heights us. Intelligence sources say. They said soviet merchant ships unloaded 12 crated mig21s recently at the port of Latakia along with other military equipment. These were reported to have been the first russian fighters delivered to Syria in nearly two months. The vessels bearing the migs arrived before syrian and soviet leaders announced last week that Russia will for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Chins up q. What Are some Good exercises for decreasing a double Chin . A. You can try a neck Roll in which you sit erect Bend your head slowly Forward until your Chin rests on your Chest and hold for to. Roll head slowly to extreme left and hold again for to then to the Back and finally to extreme right. There Are a lot of inexpensive paperback books available illustrating exercises for specific areas which Are easier to follow than word descriptions. No More test q. I heard Over the news the other Day that on june i if you had not had an Accident since your last driving License renewal you would not have to take a written or Road test. Will you please put this in the paper right away As several done to agree with me Over this statement mrs. H. B. A. Beginning june i 1974, anyone renewing a Drivers License without any Points against them during the previous four years will not have to take a written test but they will have to take the Eye test. Written tests will still be required for Drivers getting their first License and for those wanting a chauffeurs License. Applicants Are required to bring the License renewal card mailed to them by the state when renewing their licenses. Marriage counselling q. Would you please print the name of a marriage Counselor in action line for me in a the one that called about the divorce and you suggested that i get in touch with a marriage Counselor but i Don t know anyone to talk to. Anon. A. There Are three at the family service Bureau Lester Hamilton Sam Cloyd and Hugh Evans. If you would like to see a Clergyman with special training in marital counselling please Call us at the newsroom 885-2161. The latter provided the following suggestions on How to get help from a professional. I. Determine what kind of help you Are looking for individual marital family. 2. After determining the kind of help you want shop around. Make every Effort to find a therapist who is professionally competent and suited to dealing with your unique personality and problems. Some therapists May be excellent with some persons and problems poor with others. A. Call the therapist and ask about the therapists training experience Orien tation and method before setting up an appointment. The name of a therapist can be obtained from a physician minister family service Agency Friend and sometimes from the yellow pages of the phone Book. B. Arrange to meet the therapist in person and ask about his methods and Point of View psychotherapy is More Art than science and the personality stability and skill of the therapist Are of crucial importance. Trust your intuition. Choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and compatible. If you re not satisfied look some More. D. If you have marital or family problems shop As a couple or family. Re action to the Enterprise Carrier who called action line april to you la have to be More specific. We can to help you without knowing your name and address and what the problem is All about. Increase military Aid to the Damascus government. Pentagon officials discount Beirut reports that Russia has promised to Send Syria the mig25. One of the most advanced soviet War planes. Syria lost 185 planes in the Brief War with Israel last october and Russia has replaced most of them. Air losses in the new fighting have been relatively Light but could become significant if the Battles escalate. Uj5. Military experts calculate the russians have sent Syria at least 20,000 tons of weapons ammunition and other military supplies since last november. This came on top of an estimated 60,000 tons delivered during and shortly after the 19-Day War. Meanwhile intelligence sources reported these other developments in the Middle East a a 3,500-Man moroccan infantry brigade is expected to move Home from Egypt by air and sea before the end of april. The brigade with 30 tanks and artillery arrived in Egypt during the october War. Another 2,000 moroccan soldiers still Are in Syria. Oil firm profits up sharply by Josh Fitzhugh a business writer new York a the Oil companies report Exxon net income after taxes of $705 million in the first three months of this year. Texaco after tax profits of $589.4 million. Occidental net income for the first Quarter up 718 per cent Over the same period last year. The gains come after similarly Sharp rises for most companies in the last three months of 1973, when the Arab Oil embargo and the Energy crisis sent prices spiralling. Some percentage increases May be deceptive however Occidental a figures Are contrasted with a depressed first Quarter in 1973. Speaking of the substantial increases in profits being announced by the Oil companies sen. Henry m. Jackson says they show a the bankruptcy of the governments Energy the Washington Democrat chairman of the see Oil on 2a tuition of their the Indochina figure did not include military assistance which this year is running at an annual rate of $1.4 billion. All the Money including a special $100 million Mideast fund for peacekeeping forces refugee Aid and development projects would be for the fiscal year that begins july i. Congress response is Uncertain. Although one member of the Senate foreign relations committee sen. Frank Church a Idaho has said he is opposed a to reverting again to that old habit of trying to outbid the soviet Union in securing Egypt a Nixon a request for Egypt accelerates the fast building change in relations Between the two countries. The two countries restored full diplomatic contacts last week after a 6va year break and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger is concentrating on president Anwar Sadat of Egypt for Arab support in working out settlements with Israel. On sunday he begins his fifth tour of the Region since the Arab israeli War last october seeking a disengagement Between israeli and syrian forces in the Golan Heights. A the Hope for a lasting solution to the Arab israeli dispute is stronger today than at any time in the previous Quarter Century a Nixon told Congress in proposing a special assistance program for the Middle East. A american diplomatic initiatives have helped create the conditions necessary for an end to conflict and violence. We Hile our diplomatic efforts must and will continue there is already much that can be done to supplement and consolidate what has been achieved so far a he said. While Israel and Jordan would get military Aid Egypt a $250 million would be entirely economic. In Indochina Nixon said . Aid a is no less crucial to achieve a peace that Quot protects our interests and reflects our past involvement in the area. Nixon said he was seeking a boost in economic Aid for Indochina from the $450 million appropriated by Congress for this year in order to a permit the develop ment of viable self supporting economies that will need reduced . Aid a few years from now. South Vietnam he said faces an unusually difficult task rebuilding its Economy and caring for its War torn population including the resettlement of More than one million refugees and displaced persons. In Laos he said a peaceful political solution is now in motion but there Are remaining problems of resettling refugees and establishing a working Economy. Continued . Assistance in Cambodia is also essential to alleviate the hardships facing the people the president said. The president said Quot the investment i am now seeking a an investment to sustain the peace to overcome the human suffering resulting from the War and to give the people of Indochina a Chance to stand on their own feet a is Small in comparison with what we have committed Over the years in Indochina. A but the potential return on this investment is Large in enhancing the Prospect of peace both in Indochina and around the world a Nixon also proposed repeal of a provision under current Law prohibiting . Aid to Egypt unless the president convinces Congress that the Aid is in the National interest. Some $34 million has gone to Cairo Over the last two years despite the restriction. The $100-million special Mideast fund could be used by the administration Quot to meet needs which cannot be foreseen in Advance. But Congress would be kept abreast of the Way the Money was being used Holshouser criticizes Morgan Raleigh apr gov. Jim Holshouser said today that in not resigning while he is running for the . Senate atty. Gen. Robert is exhibiting Quot a very political attitude rather than a Good government that was the governors reply when he was asked about reports that Morgan is not resigning now in order to keep Holshouser from having the Opportunity of appointing a Republican As attorney general. In answer to other questions at his news conference. Holshouser said he does not think president Nixon should resign the governor also said Secretary of administration William Bondurant is trying to find a Way whereby ted Harrison director of Public information for the state department of transportation will not have to pay for $10,000 Worth of bumper stickers which he ordered without getting bids As required by state Law. Holshouser said Bondurant was seeking a a solution that will recognize it was an honest but Holshouser said Quot we done to want to leave any indication that we Are not staying within the Law in this the governor also said he was disappointed that the 1974 general Assembly failed to Amend the traffic Laws to eliminate what the governor called a a very Large loophole that enables violators a to get around the the governor had urged the general Assembly to Amend the Law under which a verdict of prayer for judgment continued does not count As a conviction in a traffic Case. This has enabled Many traffic violators to retain their Driver licenses Bud Abbott of comedy team Dies at age 78 los Angeles a Bud Abbott half of the comedy team of Abbott and costello died today at the age of 78. Abbott died at his Home in Woodland Hills. His agent said the cause of death was not known. Costello died in 1959, two years after the team split up. Abbott was the straight Man in the comedy team playing a somewhat Stuffy Man who was always correcting the impulsive fumbling costello. Abbott teamed up with costello in 1925 and they played in vaudeville and burlesque until about 1938 when they became Quot top bananas on the circuit. They moved into new York appeared on the Kate Smith radio show and soon were in Quot streets of Paris on Broadway. Their first movie was Quot one night in the the tall thin Abbott and the Short fat costello were the comedy Kings of the 1940s Rodino expresses Hope tapes will be turned Over special counsel John Doar is in the background a wire photo Ford suggested As tape arbiter by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a House minority Leader John Rhodes said today he would consider vice president Gerald r Ford an acceptable arbiter to determine what material on subpoenaed tape recordings should be Given to the House judiciary committee. Rhodes explained that he feels there is need for some mechanism whereby the relevant material on the 42 watergate related presidential tapes can be sorted out to the satisfaction of both sides to avoid a confrontation the Arizona Republican made the comment after attending a foreign Aid meeting of bipartisan congressional leaders at the White House with president Nixon. He said the subject of watergate did not come up during the breakfast and that the Agenda was limited by the president to foreign Aid matters. Rhodes said he has received no indication from the White House whether Nixon would be willing to agree to such an arrangement with Ford. Nor he said does he know what the White House response will be to the judiciary committees subpoena for the 42 watergate related conversations now due to be answered by next tuesday. Rhodes said he previously has suggested that the relevant material from the tapes be determined by representatives of both the committee and the White House he suggested As the arbiters committee chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., the ranking Republican member. Rep. Edward Hutchinson of Michigan committee counsel John m. Doar and White House special counsel James d. St. Clair. When asked if Ford might serve As a viable arbiter Rhodes said Quot yes. Vice president Ford has a great store of Good will among All the members of the House and asked whether he thought a transcript of the taped conversations provided by the White House would be sufficient to answer the committees subpoena. Rhodes said a the committee in the House will have to be convinced that All of the relevant material is made there has still been no word from the White House As to How it will answer the subpoena after the five Day Extension it has received from this thursday until next tuesday. Rodino said tuesday he what s inside amusements. By Bridge. .121 classified ads. .6-111 comics. 4d crossword. 21 editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 5 a 2d, a1 sports. .1-41 television. 11b women a news. Weather. 3a has received no Assurance of full compliance when he agreed to extend the deadline. A a in a hopeful the reason the president made the request is that he Means to comply a Rodino told a news conference. Quot we Don t want a confrontation. We be gone the last mile and we can go five More Rodino said he is confident the full committee will support him when the White House request is taken up thursday. He won informal approval tuesday from senior members. One member who won t go along however is California Democrat Jerome Waldie w to said the w Hite House has had plenty of time to comply in the two months since the request was made a it s time the committee showed the same determination to get the material that the White House is showing in denying it a Waldie said. The request for an Extension of the subpoena deadline was made monday by James d St. Clair Nixon s chief impeachment lawyer in a Telephone Call to John m. Doar. The chief counsel of the committee lost relative s body turns up and �?T50s, making dozens of films appearing weekly on radio and going into television in the late 1950s. Their most famous routine was a a who son first a which they performed five times for the late president Franklin d. Roosevelt. Abbott was bom oct. 2, 1895, in Atlantic City . His father was a circus Advance Man and his Mother was a bareback rider. His childhood was spent in the Coney Island Section of Brooklyn Bud Abbott Spartanburg. . Apr mrs. Martha Evans had heard the Story that an embalmed body had been kept for years in the second floor storage room of the Woodward funeral Home. So when she brought a beautician to do the hair of a deceased Friend she asked to see it. 0, my god. Its Bellhouse a she shrieked. Bellhouse was the family nickname for her brother in Law James Evans who had been missing for 27 years he was a migrant worker in the peach and Apple Orchards and farms along the East coast. His wife Lulia Mae now of Cranford no and the rest of the family had searched for him from Florida northward but it was Martha Evans who found him a embalmed and dressed in a Black suit White shirt Black tie and hat standing upright under a Sheet in the Corner of the storage room. A funeral is planned july 27, Long enough away to allow Evans wife and seven children to make arrangements to be present from new Jersey Texas and California. Evans died near Spartanburg three and a half years ago at the age of 80. But no one in the family knew of the death because authorities said he had been using the alias William Bryant. No one claimed the body at the Spartanburg general Hospital within three Days so it was transferred to the funeral Home and embalmed. The manager. Earl Alexander said he tried through newspapers and radio stations to find someone to claim it but the name Bryant Drew no response. The executive director of the South Carolina funeral directors association w o Folk said the funeral Home broke no Law by allowing the body to remain unburied for so Long. A it was convenient for us to put it in the storage room Alexander said. Quot it was out of the Way and nobody was stumbling Over mrs. Evans recalled in an interview tuesday that when she first saw the embalmed body of Bellhouse last january Quot i was so excited so glad to find him i did no to know whether i should hug him or touch

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