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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather cold tonight More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 115 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-171 High Point n. thursday afternoon april 25, 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c panel extends tape deadline for president Washington a the House judiciary committee today extended the deadline for president Nixon to respond to a subpoena for tapes of 42 presidential conversations and received a recommendation that a number of impeachment charges against Nixon be dropped. Both developments had been expected. The committee voted 34 to 4 to extend until next tuesday the deadline for Nixon to respond to the subpoena which originally called for compliance by today. The committees staff meanwhile recommended that a number of impeachment charges should be dropped and said the committee should concentrate on watergate Nixon a taxes and contributions to his reelection Campaign. The report if accepted would be the basis for the presentation of evidence to the committee which is scheduled to begin May 7. Committee chairman Peter Rodino d-n.j., had assured the White House on tuesday that its request for an additional five Days to respond to the subpoena would be granted. Rodino said the committee was acting a with tremendous restraint a because it wanted to give every Assurance to the american people that the investigation was being conducted fairly and completely. He said the Extension expressed the desire of the committee and the american people that Nixon respond fully to the committee request so the investigation could be brought to a conclusion. Some members expressed scepticism however that Nixon would turn Over All of the material requested. A i think it s Safe to say a said rep. Charles Rangel d-., a a that after five More Days we still will not get a satisfactory response. Well get transcripts or Well be told there Are no tapes or there Are erasures or that Nixon wants to provide his own View of the for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Driving test president flies South for talk Jackson miss. A president Nixon returned today to this state where a year ago he adopted a phrase now associated with his determination in the face of mounting adversity a Tough it accompanied by Mississippi a two democratic senators and a bipartisan congressional delegation the president and mrs. Nixon got an Airport Welcome from democratic gov. William Waller prior to speaking to the Mississippi economic Council. The presidential Jet taxied to a Remote Corner of Allen c. Thompson Airport where Only military and Security personnel were on hand. A crowd of several Hundred were kept behind a Fence Many hundreds of Yards away. Rep. Trent Lott r-miss., a member of the House judiciary committee that is considering Nixon a impeachment had planned to accompany the president on the flight from Washington. However Lott s office said this morning the pressure of business would keep him in the capital. Last april 27, Nixon flew to Meridian miss., to pay tribute to democratic sen. John c. Stennis who in introducing Nixon urged that the president a Tough it out in the face of the unfolding a watergate scandal. Nixon in his own speech applauded mississippians for having a the ability and the will and the desire to Tough it the 1973 trip to Mississippi marked the last of Many flights aboard air Force one for presidential aides . A Haldeman and John d. Ehrlichman. They were forced to resign three Days later. The White House said Nixon was invited last july to appear before the economic Council a statewide chamber of Commerce group in a Jackson coliseum holding up to 10,000 spectators. Nixon agreed to appear at the urging of Stennis and democratic sen. James o. Eastland according to the White House. Government denies collapse portuguese rebels seize Lisbon Points in Marcello Caetano portuguese Premier by Joseph Dynan associated press writer Lisbon Portugal apr armed troops seized radio and television stations in Lisbon Early today and claimed to have won Power from the regime of Premier Marcello Caetano. But an official at the foreign ministry said. A it is not True that the government has surrendered. There is an attempt to take Over the government and the situation is the rebels styling themselves a the National Junta of salvation a a pledged to work for the restoration of civil and democratic rights in Portugal work for peace in Portugal a african territories and run the country transition ally rising inflation rate predicted pending National elections for a Constitution writing Assembly. Reports reaching Madrid said the rebel movement had taken control of the government without resistance anywhere in Portugal the reports said rebel tanks besieged the army ministry in downtown Lisbon and that four ministers those of the Interior army Navy and air Force who had taken Refuge in the building managed to slip away through a Hole they made in the Wall. The reports said government troops refused to obey their commander when he ordered them to open tank fire on rebellious troops in the Center of Lisbon. Reports said the revolt had the support of 29 regiments and that most of the leaders were Young majors and captains. Moving swiftly in the predawn darkness and benefiting by Surprise the rebels took Over the studios of Emi Sora Nacional. The National radio station the studio of the portuguese radio and television and the studio of a private radio station radio club Portugues in the City proper. Others in the coup apparently seized a transmitter of radio club Portugues about 30 Miles Southeast of Lisbon on the other Side of the Tagus River shortly after the seizure the armed groups began broadcasting from radio club. Urging troops and National guardsmen and police to avoid bloodshed and urging the populace to remain at Home. The broadcast said that a a military movement under the leadership of the armed forces was liberating por Washington a amid predictions that inflation for the remainder of the year May be higher than previously believed Senate democrats Are trying to breathe new life into the administrations dying wage and Price controls program. But the administration says it does no to want the authority. The democratic action came As John t. Dunlop the head of the Cost of living Council predicted that the rate of inflation for the second half of 1974 May be higher than the 5 or 6 per cent administration economists had forecast. Prices increased at an annual rate of 10.8 per cent in january february and March. Issuing the administrations objection to continuation of wage and Price controls Edgar r. Fielder said. A for the Economy As a whole standby authority creates More problems and More inflation than it could Ever help fielder is assistant Secretary of the Treasury for economic policy. William Simon president Nixon a nominee As the new Secretary of the Treasury told the Senate finance committee wednesday he opposes any continuation of controls except in the health and construction industries. Simon also came out against any income tax Cut for citizens a move which leading democrats favor As a Means of countering the effects of inflation m q. I am calling about the Driver License examination Given by the High Point office. Why is a three Point turn required on this driving test when it is a Clear violation of any North Carolina or City Law. I asked the examiner and they Tell me they secured permission from the City to violate this Law in giving this test. How can you secure permission to violate a traffic Law anon. A. There is evidently a Little misunderstanding Here. When you can t make a a Tum because sign prohibit them or its impractical due to a narrow Road or poor View Etc or there is no Side Road available you can make a 3-Point Road turn. The traffic Law and Highway safety manual published by the . Department of motor vehicles describes the procedure and gives this illustration shown Here. Edward Wade director of the Driver License division in Raleigh say a three Point turn is considered to be a very important Man Euver As it demonstrates How a person handles a vehicle under certain conditions. He says the practice of requiring the Road turn on the driving test has been in effect for Many years and is sure that most other states require this As part of their test. Ifs hard to believe someone told you a they secured permission from the City to violate this Law a since there is no violation unless signs prohibit it or it would be an unsafe move and no one can get approval from anybody to break Laws. If said it was probably a facetious remark never meant to be taken seriously. An insurance Man q. Would you Tell me what Ever happened to Marvin Brock who was a news reporter on a Gap to . A. Channel 8 says they understand he is now with an insurance company but the City and company is unknown to a them. Tennis lessons q. Id like to know if there Are any places in High Point that i can take Tennis lessons . A. You can take them from the High Point College Tennis coach Ray Alley or attend the Tennis Camp in june from the Tennis pro at Emery Wood country club from Sylvia Lee mrs. Robert e., or the Owca and during the summer from the Parks and recreation dept Tennis instructors. The storm s Over j. I would like to have the name of the person who produces a the secret storm and where he can be reached and also All the main players a their real names and play names. . A. You can write directly to the lbs television network 51 West 52nd Street new York . 10019 for information on the secret storm. This was taken off the air and replaced with impeachment results still political Puzzle an at news analysis by Walter r. Mears a political writer Washington a impeachment is a political Puzzle for politicians of both parties raising questions no one can answer now. They can Only guess who would Benefit who would lose what it would mean at the polls next fall if president Nixon were to leave office. For vice president Gerald r. Ford there is one answer the obvious one if Nixon goes he succeeds to the White House. The vice president does not believe that will happen and maintains that the president is innocent of impeachable offences. But the impeachment inquiry and the resignation demands the president has rebuffed make Fords position both delicate and difficult. Increasingly Ford is cast As the spokesman for republicans in a congressional election year. He says Nixon will be doing some campaigning on a selective basis a but Ford will be doing a lot More. He is out front at the gop fund raising dinners a Republican much in demand. And everything he says is studied for any hint of a break with the president who chose him for the vice presidency five months ago. Vice president watchers always have been Alert to any Patty berates family on tape by Mike Silverman associated press writer san Francisco a and now this from Patricia Hearst my parents Are a pigs a my Fiance a and Quot i am a Soldier of the Peoples army who voluntarily robbed a Bank. Speaking in a Calm subdued voice in a taped message received wednesday miss Hearst said a greetings. This is she then proceeded to Heap scorn and ridicule on family said she never cared if she saw a sexist pig Fiance again and added a to those people who still believe that in a brainwashed. Or dead i see no reason to further defend my position. I am a Soldier of the Peoples army a the Only Way we can free ourselves of this fascist dictatorship is by fighting a not with words but with in the tape the 20-year-old College coed called parents a the pig hearts a and at one Point addressed father As a Adolf a an apparent reference to nazi Leader Adolph Hitler. She termed Steven Weed to whom she became engaged last december and planned to marry in june a my father san Francisco examiner editor and president Randolph a. Hearst confirmed the voice was his daughters and added a the Only Good thing is that she is alive. Regarding personal attacks on me see Patty on 2a sign that the no. 2 Man differs with the Boss. They Seldom have found anything of substance simply because vice presidents have had Only As much Power As the president granted them. In the current situation Ford is regarded by some Nixon critics As a sort of president in waiting. That View of him bestows a measure of Power that does not in Normal times go with the office. All of this puts Ford the first appointed vice president in a unique position. He is at once a defender and a potential successor to the president and what he says or does in one role could affect the other. Usually but not always his reaction to this situation has been one of caution. Thus Ford says he does not want Access to tape recordings or other watergate evidence lest that knowledge appear to place him in a position in which some could contend he was enhancing his own chances of succeeding to the presidency. Ford said he is satisfied to base his defense of the president on the accounts of colleagues who have had Access to the original evidence. The vice president told the annual luncheon of the associated press this week that in accounts of his speeches there is a a tendency to read Between the lines of my More or less routine utterances to make me say something by not saying it. It is not always necessary to read Between the lines. For example Ford said that As president he would have nudged his employees As hard As possible to find out what really happened in watergate. That was not done in the Nixon White House. Man 65, lives Here Hoto Tomb dry peaceful for elderly Man Gen. Antonio Spinola rebel Leader Turgai from its present regime. Activity throughout the City appeared generally Normal. Despite the appeals to stay at Home traffic appeared As dense As Ever. Streetcars and buses were operating and most of the shops were open however Banks were closed and fewer people appeared on sidewalks. Lisbon Airport was closed and no ships were permitted to leave Lisbon Harbor. Reports reaching officials in London said the rebels called on Gen. Antonio Spinola ousted recently from his Post of Deputy chief of staff to join them. This suggested the rebels were prepared to identify themselves with the views expressed by Spinola about need for a Radical change in Portugal a african policies. On March 16 about 200 army officers tried to enter Lisbon with an armoured column but troops Loyal to Caetano turned them Back and they were arrested. Those dissidents were protesting the War to preserve portuguese Rule in its african colonies and also demanding More Freedom for the portuguese at Home. Army unrest has posed the most serious threat to the authoritarian regime since the late Antonio de Oliveira Salazar set up the dictatorship in 1932. It boiled Over in March after president Americo Thomas a conservative Admiral forced Caetano to fire Gen. Francisco Costa e Gomes the chief of staff and Spinola the Deputy chief of staff because of a Book Spinola wrote. Spinola a hero of the 13-year-old War in Africa and one of Portugal s most popular soldiers said that military Victory could never be won and the government should seek a political solution possibly setting up a Commonwealth system. Spinola a views were supported by a group of younger officers who banded together and distributed an underground paper in Lisbon urging political Freedom for the portuguese in Portugal As Well As Spinola a views on Africa. Tampa Fla a on and off for the past tour years an elderly Man with a Long Grey Beard has lived in an empty Tomb in a downtown cemetery. He says a it s dry and a Well ifs Waterproof and nobody is going to trouble a Fella living in a says the 65year-old Man who goes Only by the name Phillip a they Call it a receiving Tomb they put the bodies in there before they re buried. But they Haven to used it in a Long time a says the old timer who does grounds work at the Oaklawn cemetery. He considers himself a Retiree and draws a $62.50 monthly social Security Check. Does it bother him living in a cemetery a no i kind of like it a Hejl ays. A you know we All got to die. It s kind of Nice Here a i what s inside amusements.8b. classified ads2-9d comics. 8c crossword10b editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2d sports5-7c television .6b women a Newsi-7b weather.3a skydiver survives plunge into Virginia subdivision Charlottesville a apr a . Army expert skydiver whose Parachute exhibition was listed in impacted. It was noticeably Shorter than his multiple injuries at University of Virginia Hospital. Roger Reynolds 21, of Speedway ind., was demonstrating How a parachutist in trouble can Cut away a malfunctioning Parachute and deploy a second Chute when two of his three canopies malfunctioned wednesday sending him plunging into a Charlottesville subdivision Reynolds a member of the . Army a Check Parachute team the Golden knights crashed into the Yard of the Patrick Crowley Home in the Fox Rook Section about 5 50 pm. He apparently landed on his left Side and fractured his left leg and forearm and broke his Pelvis according to or. William of Brien the first of three doctors on the scene. A a in a amazed he survived said or. O Brien a this left leg was horribly impacted it was noticeably Shorter than his Reynolds was conscious and in severe pain when or. Of Brien and drs. Cosmo Difazio and Robert h. Jennings worked on him the Golden knights were giving a demonstration before a cheerful Dogwood festival crowd when the mishap occurred. Reynolds jumped from a 2,800 c47 army aircraft at feet. His first Chute failed to open properly streaming out behind him uselessly. When it did no to deploy properly he tried to Jettison it but a the had trouble getting rid of it a said sgt. I. C. Lamar Marlette the Golden knights team Leader Reynolds got his second Chute out at 2,000 feet but like the first it fill completely with air to Brake his fall. A it opened partially right before he hit the ground a said Mallette who was the jump master in the aircraft. A live seen it happen before. He was Lucky to get out of it without really getting messed up. He a just a Lucky Young Man a

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