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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 12, 1940, High Point, North Carolina R Ruay. A it in i i m w i Iii us 11 Plain i Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Page newest invasion Hitler s greatest Gambl fuehrer May have overtaxed Luck in so Andina inside the swedish boors munitions works where some of the worlds finest i runs Are made. These guns May become a big help to Norway and the allies. Middle class is the Backbone of the nation Babson asserts give the forgotten class a break economist writes in deploring waste of fortunes by members of the nation s capitalistic clan by w. Babson Washington. April 12. I Hope that sometime somehow somewhere a candidate for something will Rise up and declare a i stand for the Man who wants to work and who wants to be an employer some Day i represent the Middle class the forgotten class Ltd 194<> of elected i will take the governments Heel off your neck. I will Stop spending your Money recklessly. I will prevent government Competition with you and your Boss i fervently Pray that such it a candidate w ill soon appear. For i Quot capitalist have misused their ally dodged their taxes and shown disregard for Public and private rights. Certain corporations have failed in their responsibilities. For such i have neither sympathy nor excuse. But this is no reason Why the innocent should suffer with the guilty. Bich Wiki get along i do not worry about Anteri they should be. The j can a sixty families a or the Rich which a few of our in general for that matter. They re not the real capitalists of the United states anyway. Under most ten years we have tried every Experiment under the Sun except kiting the Middle class a break lets try that Experiment for the next four tears i believe wholeheartedly in the american system. But i know that it has faults. Wealth has not always done the Best Job it could. Worldly goods Are not evenly Dis tribute s methods i. Big fortunes were created Munfor innately have been Wren for smart Jot of clothes Rune his i 9 4 0 Cani Lle Thomas m. Johnson Oslo the country there is set i Nea service military writer mountainous studded with lakes Hitler s dramatic invasion of and Rivers much like Finland. Norway is a supreme Gamble. But the defenders though Brave he risks the advantage of hts As the finns Are fewer and less submarine and air blockade of ready. Britain on the outcome of a new 1 even if the entire norwegian and far Flung War. Three deeper army could be concentrated there ate chances appear and of any its regulars would total Only about prove mischance Hitler May find 25,000. Its More slowly mobilized he has overtaxed his Napoleonic i and insufficiently trained reserves Luck. Are fewer than 100,000, with first is the Chance he took in scanty artillery. Norway a efforts seizing Western norwegian ports to rearm have been tardy though a direct Challenge to the worlds aided lately by Allied and Amerl greatest naval Power of that pow-1 can purchases. She has at most or should prove Superior to his 200 air planes and German bomb own air Power then his hold on ing alone May smash a Way those norwegian ports is not through. Worth a zippered herring. To Sweden also maintain his hold there his in eve fac Toh fading troops Are dependent for of the German air Force proves the time being on a line of sup As devastating against Norway As conditions the really Rich will always be Able to care for themselves. Those who i worry about Are the great Middle class. They Are the men and women who support and maintain our nation who own farms and till the soil who become employers after years of struggle who save their earnings. Pay their taxes support their churches and Send their children to school. Add to the above those who work in factories nurse in hospitals labor on railroads and who on saturday night Deposit their Motley in savings Banks raid buy stocks in building and loan associations. These Are the men and women for whom i have concern in their initiative and stability the Backbone of our economic system is to he found. Having a stake in America they have Good reason to preserve the nation. They wish naturally to maintain an economic system whereby Thrift Industry and right living will be rewarded. They Are the truly forgotten men and women of America today. Middle Clank totem the Load in nil the attempts made to solve americans problems in the last decade no one has spoken for these men and women of the Middle class. Yet. This group must solve the problem of it is Ever to be solved at All. Labor has its lobbies. Hoha a big so have the theorists. Spa Era and other spenders. The Law gives the Middle class no Protection against labor. Yet the Middle class citizen must pay for the Cost of a1 our present waste and experimenting. And. While that citizen sweats and toils in an Effort to pay the Bill the racketeer and spendthrift will crack the whip. Machine Ridden cities the states and the Federal government itself Issue millions of Bonds with which to bribe the Quot have not Quot and to make beggars of persons who once had self respect. Who must meet the interest on the debt and pay off the principal of these tremendous Bond issues not the Rich their securities Are mostly tax exempt. Not the theorists. Unable to support themselves they live upon the gratuity of an endowed College or some other organization. Not the propagandists of foreign nations. They have their support from Leningrad and Berlin. There is one group however who is always on the Job when it comes to paying the Bills for All this tomfoolery. It is the Middle class. Ply and reinforcement entirely by water routes through the stagger Rak and the North sea. This route is exposed Long and at one Point Only too Miles wide. Oslo holds the key that bottleneck he will protect by submarines mines and planes but if the British and French with their vastly Superior naval forces can once even plug it. The relatively Small German forces on it did against Poland Norway a Only Hope and the allies Best Hope May be Sweden. Her army has strength that Norway Slacks probably 100,000 men ready Well trained and w Ell equipped by Hie famous boors munitions works which makes some of the worlds Best anti aircraft and anti tank guns. Sweden has some 400,000 reserves. Her troops could reach Oslo quickly by rail. Her Navy basis for Blitzkrieg in the North a the sowing of Allied mine off the norwegian coast to sin the flow of Iron Ore to Germany from mines in the swedish Hills. Pluto Chart shows How the Aib blockade has Cut off More than half of the Supply for glowing nazi steel Mills. What would you do Gertrude was an exceedingly pretty 16-year-old girl. She first came to family service to ask big Lff the norwegian army can hold Back Long enough the larger German forces Landing at Oslo. Oslo is the real entering wedge for the Conquest of Norway. The Harbor is deep and sheltered. From it runs a Railroad w hich can trans j port to the Western norwegian j Miick ports Large bodies of troops and w supplies readily ferried Over from Germany to Oslo. And that can be done As Long As the British Navy cannot Force the Kattegat entrances an undertaking so desperately risky that it May not even he tried. If that j drop out because her father teries at Gothenburg. The rear of swedish troops. _. Fighting in Norway could in pro a ought to and work. Tor cd by her no railed a Man not he Quot a ,0 do a it a of a them 8w Eden r housework and her father Rawl line across Sou from Halmstad to Kalmar. Swe Den s air Force has 500 planes. But Sweden is far More Vainer-1 Able to the German air Force than Ould have been to the russian and she would not go to War with Russia to save Finland. She did Send Finland so much equipment that her own stocks Are at when any frequently beat her thing displeased him. Gertrude was popular and was often asked to go out with girls and boys of her own age but her Mother disapproved of these Good times and constantly nagged her about Quot running the older sister constantly i taunted Gertrude with the fact from Vesta Smith the moment Low. So Low perhaps. ,., h f0 another that she Arl no work and stirred that she must sue rum Hitler Stalin squeeze play to keep could be accomplished the get tier out. Mans would risk being Cut off at Oslo too. Then not even an invasion of Germany would be utterly impossible. What Hitler gambles on there is that even if the Franco British Rumania offers Southern front Rumania on the other hand acts As if she would resist such a play. If it should be tried and chaps even if it is not. The a1 lie ships forced their was into the will make strenuous efforts to get Kattegat his air Force mines and Turkey to join them in War on us marines would have taken such j Germany or at least to allow them toll of them that his German Bat j to Send ships and troops through tie Fleet could Cope with them and perhaps oven heat them. That done. Britain would be on her Knees. How Long can Norse army hold in this race against time a second Stop watch is held by the nor the Dardanelles to Rumania. That would make possible simultaneous attacks on Germany from North and South. Also it might bring in Italy to attack Allied near Eastern forces or even France itself. With terrific finality stalemate up her father against Gertrud Gertrude was threatening to leave Home regardless of having no place to go and no Money. What would Yon do with such ii problem a answer on Page 7. Cranium crackers Weglian army. How Long can it is ended it May be Only a Short stand off the germans North of i step from Oslo to armageddon. Of allies can break one they can flick off German forces along coast and drive toward Germany. Appears i i represent i who made constantly. Upon whose behalf candidate should Bast pain. Wierd a it the the 4�?Trohmroadm when ibis candidate want to hear him say the Nim and women America we who have had a sense of responsibility to the state and government in which we live we who have asked for Little and Given much As we work and struggle for a livelihood. We now declare that we will no longer tolerate conditions that Are reducing us to poverty and Rushing us toward National a Krupcy. This government must Stop profligacy extravagance. Nad waste. It must live within its Meana. A balanced budget must gradually be brought about. Industry ant employers must he encouraged to develop jobs will such a Man appear i fervently Pray that he will regard a of whether he is a Democrat or Republican Catholic or protestant. Young or old. Again i say that America is at the Crossroads. The next four years either will make or break us. Too Long our governments have been in the Banda of the wealthy the theorists the racketeers. Let us not re elect any of such but put in their places candidates who say. Quot i stand for the Man who wants to work and who wants to be-1 come an for of All j things America needs More employers today. This is the Only Way thai our unemployment mess j will be cleaned up. I employment a religious problem but again i say this change cannot be brought about by legislation or by appropriations. Only i As All groups awaken spiritually will the Quot haves Quot give up and will the Quot have not Quot Wake up. The i great Middle class at heart Are j a religious people. When they Are forgetful of their religion then i follows much unemployment hut when they Are practising their religion. Then unemployment Quick j by disappears. Religion not Only j gives us the will to he of service hut guides us to where we can \ he of the most service a a a a a a a a a in China boys aet Assw itch a Hoard operators til Telephone exchanges. _ cranium crackers a. Pan american fighters sports Page addicts will have fun with this test. Just answer the following questions All of which concern prize fighting 1. What cuban Boxer was lightweight Champion of the world for Many years 2. Who is Arturo Godoy 3. What world heavyweight championship bout. In which the title changed hands took place in Havana in 1915? 4. From what countries do the following boxers come Jorge Brescia. Pedro Montane. Baby at Izmenyi a. What Argentine Boxer knocked Jack Dempsey out of the j Ting in the first round of their fight in 1923? answer on want ail Page prisoner suicides Gastonia. April 12 a a few hours after he was arrested on a charge of House breaking Arnold Black 21-year-old former convict was found hanged in his i cell in the City jail. Police chief j. E. Elliott said the prisoner hanged himself with his Belt. A a restrictions on the use of gasoline has greatly reduced the number of passenger cars in Japa n. 1936-�?T37-938 car owners buy a Desoto get 39 new features every buyer wants i top Trade in allowance a Good a a deals on his old car. We can give you that a plus the one 1940 car that has All 39 new features not found in your 2,3 or 4-year-old car Desoto in most cases gives you 5 to 15 More horsepower seats up to 8 inches wider than yours. 50 to 63f� better Road this great car. Built by Chrysler corporation is priced $20 to $48 lower than last year see this great new Desoto. Get our appraisal on your present car. You won t find a better Deal in town. Check these big features a i of horsepower engine 122 v2-wheel based Complete modern styling no trunk bulge a new floating ride sealed beam headlights improved h. Andy shift on steering Post curved Glass rear windows Many other important features prices 20 to 48 lower than last year of Luu court of Luu St a �?~8451 905 a liver a Al Detroit. Michigan. Federal Taraea included transportation state and local tame if nay extra. Furniture City motors inc 792 a main Street phone 3296 i Gar liquid Cap Udine for headache for a Good Deal see of Soto map shows potential High spots in the Allied German clash in Scandinavia. Italian newspapers restrain comment Rome. April 12.�? up italian newspapers were generally restrained today in their comments on scandinavian Battlefront developments but expressed the View that the Allien thus far had failed to Cut Germany a lines of communication with her expeditionary Force in Norway. The official italian news Agency Stefani. Maid that the Allied air and naval offensive had Quot failed to reach 90 per cent of its objectives from North Cape to the a foreign minister count Gale Azzo Cianos newspaper la Telegram of leghorn credited the Germany Navy with Quot a most Brilliant operations in repulsing British destroyers at Narvik Northern norwegian Ore port. La tek Giaffo conceded however that the British themselves Batt not failed to score Success. Quot the figures they give on losses of the German Navy appear truly the newspaper said. Quot particularly striking if confirmed was the loss of 12 transports loaded with troops said to have been sunk in the _ Straw berries let Ted Goldsboro. April i 2�? i a a Extension workers reported today a heavy infestation of Weevils in the Strawberry Fields it the it. Olive Section. J. O. Rod Well n. C. State College Extension service entomologist or. K. Fulton research specialist on Plant disease and c. S. Mints Wake county farm agent visited the Fields on an inspection trip. A Gold in the newly discovered Fields in Taiwan Formosa i is estimated to be Worth Over $230,-000,000. Public Sale of real estate we will offer for Sale to the highest bidder for Cash on april 15th, 1940 at to a. M at the county courthouse door in High Point North Carolina the following real estate one lot 15.67 by 150 it. And store building 1635 n. Main St. One vacant lot 50x150 South Side w Lexington Avenue 194 feet East of Edge Dale drive. One half undivided interest in vacant lot fronting 23.65 feet on West Side n. Main Street adjoining North Side of fire station no. 4. Hie Albite proper it timing All located Iii Hie 11 it of High Point and Are being mild under order of court to Mettle estate of Bob Kiriakidi. Wachovia Bank and Trust company executor and trustee under the will of Bob Kiriakides

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