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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 12, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather arum comte to tonight and in to relay. The High Point Enterprise High Poi ii the Omer of of vers i fled manufacturing enterprises vol. 36 Nee. 103 Mem Keo associated Sheho High Point n. C., Friday afternoon april 12, 1910 Complete Nea sek vice Price five cent sink 8.000-Tqn ammunition Boa a it in Irie Ieie Ieie Ieie k Ieie Ieie Ieie a warplanes bombard German Railroad sea fight Box score sunk Mizii Iii i Ammi by the a Wmk lated preset following in a recapitulation of Allied and Herman naval losses in connection with the \ a i invasion of Denmark Ami Nom to j. Beginning monday o 1 reported from both Alden it ii i la Lomes officially and Nill text a sunk Hest Coyer tour Khz it i a a to tonal by Aerial bombs and Limiter i ii to lost in Battle of Narvik wednesday in Siro it or Glowworm in i or ton unheard from Ainee North sea action with Herman destroyer monday damaged battleship Voilney All Imp tons by Aerial bomb it Iii tuesday a Lattle Culm a lie noon 12,000 ton in action a vital German battleship Scharn Lar to and Cruiser hipper on tuesday Raiser Aurora gy-270 tons by Aerial bomb on Tuc Day Aud at least two unidentified Root or. British claim of German Loe four Ert Viaer pre Inri Riding the in Leslier ton Ami Karlsruhe ton by norwegian roast gun and mine tuesday and t is ii lilt by Gritl i air bomb in or near Bergen Harbor on tuesday. A a number of Roet one i known to have Lieen torpedoed at Narvik Ain tuesday. Several i boat one ale Troy re by la. I Zulu mentioned specifically. Nearly a dozen troop and up ply Hipa Uuk or captured in the Skagg Enik and Kattegat in the North sea or at Narvik an munition ship troyed by the it. A. E. Thursday night in the Kattegat. Haulage battleship Scharn Bor Jai amm Ion in action Wilt renown on tuesday one destroyer Torpe Tloyd at trondheim one Supply lip believed damaged in thursday night air raid. German Loeb officially admitted a Raiser muncher and Karl Rulie. German claim of British est sunk Sov destroyer. Damaged one aircraft four battleship heavy Ember three Cruiser two Tran port two destroyer two us identified Var hip. Captured five merchant ships re Mir cd captured by a Erin in Soldier at Bergen norwegian Fleet losses sunk Cruiser Norge Eidsvold tons each St Coyer Leger not tons Sui us oms "4 German Cruser sent to Bottom by British each Side has admitted loss of two vessels in naval engagements Between British and German naval units off Norway. One of the German warships sent to the Bottom was the 6,000-ton Cruiser Karlsruhe built in 1927 above a Nea telephoto. Balkans threatened by Reich Trade circles warned against allies loiter car two and dram i w Llda v. Submarine All on tues War bulletins i n Dea idea Washington pril in lha president Ftp he Evelt told a pie conference t in Lay he had not decided whither to Send to emigre a pm it la message on Relief. Be added that tie would Libras the win appropriation for the new fiscal year soon a Villi get a it a m 11-ii in i a. And senator Byrnes i k. T Naii it it it Idu Seim w n Greensboro. April 12.�? Pic a they i stealing Ero tie now. The a a to 11 of a a a it county sheriffs department is investigating tin theft of in from ii a. Garrett of near Climax. Mav ask it Moue. Washington april 12�? j it pm president Roosevelt and hide a it armental and Tongret i signal naval ail scr discussed 1 by possibility today of asking a on get for additional Usu to a cd up the Navy building program. Those conferring at lie while Bouse were Admiral Harold it. Stark chief of naval of ral ions and chairmen Walsh a mass and Vinson i a in of the Senate Ami House naval committee respectively. Red Cross is asked to look to Greenland president refuses to discuss political issues on invasion Washington. April 12.�? up president Roosevelt said today he had asked the bed crop to look into the need of the j person on danish owned Greenland with a View to furnishing necessities of life in event the annual Supply ships from Denmark Are Cut off the chief executive discussing the question of a press conference refused to discuss Green-1 land political questions raised As i a result of Germany invasion of j Denmark he termed questions on this subject hypothetical and premature. I there has been speculation As to whether the Monroe doctrine j might be applied to the danish Colony to prevent Germany from laying claim to it. Geography ally the Island lie within the West Ern hemisphere or. Roosevelt said he had been studying the geographical Aud geological positions of Greenland and was looking at it from a a humanitarian Point of View. Denmark he said. Had done a Good Job in establishing Community governments among the is i Klinos on the Island in the North Atlantic but in spite of that certain necessities of life were needed there and Denmark each summer had to Send Supply ships with these necessities which can not be grown in Greenland. The american people he declared would he glad to help through the red Cross if these supplies were Cut off a Germany moves to protect flow of vital supplies from Southeast his Charest. I no Ani. April 12. Ltd Balkan capitals Hen Rosa i the anxiety today re i ports thut Germany Biol warned Trade envies i that they would invite action which might extern to the military sphere if Lime accorded the allies any favors detrimental to tile Reich a interest. Tho warning which said Germany would regard a Quot tin lieu Tiala any move tending to Cut off her flew of vital supplies from the Balkan was Givin weight by rumours that More than i 00 nazi troops had been concentrated near the hungarian Border and nearly 200,�?� too More a Craw co in conquer j of Roland. Tension bows two other overnight developments contributed to the Browet Oztimu a on rage two allies prepare to seize Fleet from Denmark new Vork. April 13. Up informed shipping authorities said today that England and Era Nee w Ere preparing to seize the danish merchant Marine Fleet. These danish sources Salt he allies planned to take the ships under the theory that Denmark lost her neutrality when him allowed Germany to take Over the country Denmark a Fleet consisted of 706 vessels of 1.17 i i Gross tons at the Start of Heid. Admit that the Hunter Ari was Mccarran opposes for reorganization move Khz i i m Ems suspended Washington pril 12.�? / a the British embassy Hanii pc tided the issuance of Tia Lect i for Chipi Zient to Norway Sweden Finland i Ai ii ii Anis Estonia and Lamia until further notice. Nav Cert Art navigation certificate muting that or itch Authorine have no objection to certain items of cargo going on to Neutral destination. Lait Lier today. Lie embassy announced that ail contraband Good consigned to or destined for Denmark would to detained or seized by the allies. W Ashington april 12.�? it it a president Roosevelt discussing criticism of his fourth government i reorganization plan stressed today that the work of the civil aeronautics authority and its air safety Board would he carried Oil As before except that the author-1 Ity would be under the Commerce depart ment. In Der the reorganization order j announced yesterday the air safety Board was abolished sad the Caa transferred to Secretary hot Kinsy department. Senator Mccarran d., Nev co author of the act creating the Caa said he would fight the new plan on tile ground it would j stroy the authority a effectiveness j unless Congress disapproves reorganization Betonie effective in 60 Days. The president told his press conference that the principal advantage involved in the new Caa set up was that it would save much time and a few jobs. The chief executive character-1 sized is spinach a question whether aeronautical safety would he imperilled under the change. Although leaders said then was Little Chance the presidents ideas would he rejected. Mccarran m ought to rally support fur his notion to kill the last two re organi ration proposals submitted to Congress by the Whites House. He announced his opposition yesterday after the latest rein j a animation recommendations were received. They Call for Admonis a Tractive changes designed to save about $300,000 annually. Mccarran declared that the presidents plan to place the Caa now an Independent Agency in the Structure of the Commerce department would a destroy the of relative Ness of thi Caa ii to ii a make a Hodge podge of All aeronautic regulations. A he offered legislation to reject not Only the plans submitted yesterday but also an earlier set prescribing minor government changes which or. Roosevelt submitted april 2. Both sets become effective 60 Days a it or Aubois continued on Page two other destroyer sunk at Narvik. Survivors of another of the series of fights which made up this Wei Kos Battle of the norwegian roast returned today to Tell of what they saw the last hours of Tho lies Trovei burkha. Gunner Turk Squires said that about half a dozen German warplanes attacked the gurkha about 3 p. In. Wednesday afternoon. A when the vessel began to sink we rinsed the bulkheads and sink we closed the bulkheads and four hours a he said. A we kept tiring and brought Down a couple of German planes one of them j the lighter that got other members of the Crew asserted the gurkhas command t out inned on Page two g rower warned against freeze Raleigh poll 12.�? a it a Vout a better protect your Blooming Flower Ami budding fruit tree from the cold if you can. The Weatherman Bere today Force that the North Carolina Mountain would have below freezing temperature tonight with Reading at about freezing for Charlotte Reen Miro and will Mon kale Iii. Raleigh is exacted to have a Jet degree rending. A it will continue cold at least through tomorrow a the Weatherman added. One of the largest a Aeh grower in till cd Ion nid a your crop i Iii the in. Of shape to he Hun mighty Berlin threatens reprisals of Britain continues raids As part of new policy in War Only Landing by British in Norway told Small group from struck Steamer makes Way to Shore lain Duk april 12.�? apr Britain today received the Story of what i believed to hair been the Only Landing yet made by any British fighting men on til norwegian Toast. Returning survivor of wednesdays blazing Battle at Narva Aid that about to men of the British destroyer Hardy which was wrecked and run aground in that Battle made a Landing under fire of the German Shore batteries apparently determined to continue the Light eyewitnesses aboard the a St towers hotspur hostile and a Rock. Whirl managed to withdraw from the fight said their comrades a in re file Hardy when last seen were Landing with rifles and no Fate of the Hardy survivors however la not known. They have not been reported since the Battle except for German accounts of having captured prison i is at Narvik Ore port Ai it voc the Arctic Circle. The British hold on Norway not broken by i Allied action Bjorlin april 12.�? of dub German official news Agency reported today that j British warplanes had bombed a Gorman railway station j in Schleswig Holstein and intimated that reprisals might be expected if such bombings were repeated. The Agency said the raid had Given a a new aspect to the the identity of the town was i not disclosed but duh said that. Lite tracks had been broken in one plate and that the station j was slightly damaged. The news Agency called the 5 Laid the first Allied attempt since i the beginning of the War to dam j age transportation outside tile 1 Ait Ive combat area Schleswig Holstein is located in the Northern part of Germany i near the danish Border across which German from marched j earlier in the week i new situation a Elf a repetition of till act hould show it i part of a a Ste j magic new policy on the part of i the British a dub said. A the Ger Man air Force will fare the new the intimation was t i t the i German would Nevi their own air tactics in retaliation Ninon Cement of the Haiti a air raid w As made is nazi Mill j Lacy commander successes again j and sea Force Hake Loose Jcj Many a tightening grip on Norway. Negotiations with King Haakon for formation of a new norwegian government were Entimo even As German troops pressed farther into hit country a German communique asserted that gel Man warplane had Overly damaged a British air raft Carrier and a Cruiser 12 Miles off the norwegian coast and said that Light units of the British Navy had been repulsed font in lied on Page two bulletin Stockholm april 12.�? a a seven German warships were reported in norwegian advices today to he bottled up in Oslo Sharbor and norwegians trying to Seal their conquered capital within an Iron ring expected important action at any moment. The norwegian government announced by radio that the germans elsewhere were masters of Kristian Sand on the South coast Stavanger on the Southeast coast Bergen on the West coast and Narvik on the Northern coast. The situation at trondheim remained hidden tinder military secrecy. Mites two by dish destroyers tit to report Germon 0 to Cruiser sunk. Cities hold by germans numerous no of cur bottles rowing up Atlantic and Down norwegian Ocean c005f Boh 5, claiming victories. Boasted of new Allied naval attempting to British Fleet units reported attacking non cruisers British claim planes damage enemy cruise North sea a Germon Cruiser to too ton Bluecher of ton Karlsruhe Sunli German warships ready to move at attacked port u. S. Citizens trondheim scene of concentration by invaders to forestall Morts of British to land troops Only two pocket battleships remain americans who desire to return Home moved from War zone Washington april i a a preparedness Prog ram of Long standing went into action today in the scandinavian War zone to expedite removal of All american who desire to return Home. In department had no a to How Many of americans in the North want to escape from theatre of hostilities already have care of All of the St i lid Cut Ion the 3.371 i omit t ies the new hut preparations i Cen made Lota of by Thom is e. Haw Kins Stockholm. April 12. five German warships including a pocket battleships were reported today off trondheim. Norwegian port where the British Are said to have attacked by air and sea. Advices reaching Stockholm the Only scandinavian capital free of German control a said the germans occupying trondheim had mined All Bridges apparently to forestall any assault by a Brit so Landing Force. The germans were believed to have about 1.200 men in All at i trondheim the norwegian radio at Ole Sund reported a naval Battle Between British and German sea forces and British War planes were said to have bombed German War ships in trondheim fjord. The pocket battleship was identified tentatively As the Luetzow a formerly the deutschland Ais ter ship of the scuttled Admiral Graf spec Only two left she and the Admiral Selmer ii re the Only two fighters in that 10,-000-ton class left in he nazi Fleet. I cont inned on Page two them if necessary. Ever since the pre Munich train of events touched off Europe succession and legation have had their plans worked out. Careful revisions were made Al each threat of a new emergency. One Diplomat recently Back from abroad described for Hie first time the thoroughness wit ii which american representatives working in conjunction with the stat it department at Home have prepared for the task of getting citizens out of War areas. The groundwork grata was Laid to Europe was taken hulls instructions. Census of the labor chieftains clash on labor act changes for hic pro said when a on Bec ret Ary these list americans in were kept constantly up to Date. Llie next step was to examine Hie transportation problem. Tho number and capacity of american owned automobiles was ascertained. Railroad and boat schedules also were studied and the effect of emergency condition m calculated. Roo ten and ports Leas Likely to suffer Al the Start of War were selected. Preparations even included a Survey of housing facilities of the prearranged concentration centers to assure american nationals of the proper quarters. 0 state department records show 1,067 nationals in Norway -v2 in Denmark and 1,762 in Sweden. Washington april 12 a president William Green of my american federation of labor asked the House today to approve the Norton amendments to he Wagner act but the rival clo was Button holing congressmen to vote against them. A in our opinion a Green wrote All House members a these amendments Arr reasonably highly necessary and if adopted will serve to promote a better and More satisfactory administration of the National labor relations on tile other hand John l Lewis had dispatched a letter to ail a to unions urging them to mobilize labor s full strength to Block the proposed changes. The amendments by chairman Norton in. A of the labor committee would Udd two new members to Tho three Man labor Hoard and would make it mandatory for the Board to Graut to Craft workers if they desire it a bargaining state separate from other Plant employees. Green told House mein Ber that the Craft unit proposal was a Tihe most important of ally the amendments. The federation he said was willing to accept Tho proposal that the present labor Board he increased by two members although it would prefer Hie creation tit an entirely new five Man Agency Cio leaders voicing the fear that the Craft unit amendment would splinter their Plant wide Industrial bargaining units Lias sent delegations to Capitol Hill to enlist votes against any Wagner act changes. House members who want to Amend th1 act Are spilt Between the Norton amendments and 17 recommendations of the Smith investigating go Iii in i t t be for sweeping revisions. The latter would set up an entirely new Board and separate its judicial and administrative functions. Minority members of the Smith c o in in i t in e a it representatives Healey a mass and Murdock a Utah asserted in a report to the House last night that the majority a proposals resulted from presentation of a a distorted picture a of the tailor hoards work. I mines Are Laid by British on vital sea route London april 12.�?o�?T amid reports of a raging waft at sea along the far Flung scandinavian front with new warplane successes Britain i today bulk asked her air and Navy drive against nazi con i quest of Norway with vast mine Fields in Waters vital to j Germany a Campaign. Bim i hit Iii aging of Ltd i sea lanes from Germany Baltic Conn to Norway s Oslo fjord during the night were announced officially to have blown up a Large ship it critic Chi a. Apparently ail ammunition ship of about j tons in the great Bell of dem i Mark while farther North they were believed to have damaged a Supply ship. File admiralty gave notice of i the mining of tour areas in the North sea the Skagerrak Aud the Kattegat interpreted As a move to Blok German traffic Between Iii North sea Aud the Baltic sex i copt through tile Kiel canal. I Moedl Al weapon i lie mine were Jein a., a tvo edged weapon against Germany a aimed at damming tile sea horse i Low of men and munition to Ai the invasion of Norway Aud Ai preventing the Herman Fleet Nee j in norwegian Waters from returning to Germany. The mined area touche nor i we tan danish and German coast and also territorial Waters of Sweden anti the nother Lai ii a a ii ii on in cd but no Niue be to to Laid Iii channels extending to mile on both aides of certain Points. Navay sources explained hint the held covered the entire in Dames to the Skagerrak and Kattegat Aud extend a far a the Middle it Hie latter the sea Way continued on Page two my Danes Accord dead honors Hose who died resisting German invasion Are buried by Elm emt w. Copenhagen april i 2.�? Denmark today buried with military honors her men who died in scattered resistance to Germany s occupation and set her Floe stolidly to make Hie adjustment forced by Iii Pinch of War. With Reserve Stock depleted rationing and other new restrictions were regarded As inevitable in the suddenly altered economic life of the nation. Negotiations Over details of the German occupation continued while tile defense ministry in a length announcement recounted How Hie germans were met with scattered resistance at the outer of their entry into Denmark. A according to general directions trailed by the government a the announcement said a danish troops resisted against the entry of German troops on tuesday morning april 9, at 4 30 o clock. A consequently there was some fighting in South Jutland at Soe Gaard. A Henrya Roemler gee and Haderslev and in the capital at a a Lien Borg Square. V airiness Airport Walt fired upon from Tho air and one danish plane was downed. A after it a decided at a Cou Ference at Amali Enborg about i a. Iii. That resist a Rice should cease orders were issued that fighting should lie stopped. A the loss of danish troops in this fighting a been placed at 12 killed and 29 wounded. The filial loss will surely not deviate much from this general Leonhard Kaupisch commander of the German array of occupation last night said danish casualties were Only to killed and several wounded while one German Soldier was kilted and to were wounded. The Copenhagen pics con in treated editorial interest on Denmark future economically under the new situation with certain import now impossible. Ii Vav As expected that the question of National Economy would be among the firs question Laken up Between the German Aud danish authorities

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