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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 12, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Friday april 12. 1910 program by High schools Junior senior Well received weather Tuc War today. Re. To 0.18 Young musicians give performance to enthusiastic audience City to enter state High school finals Over 300 of High Point High a Hool and Junior High school dents rave a Niu Siml perform Nee at the Junior High school at night to an enthusiastic Hiland an almost capacity these Young musicians contestants took part in the finals in Greensboro All of which were pianists. Next week will see 6.-00ft contesting in the finals out of 25,000 who took part in the District contests. High Point will he creditably represented. The program last night by the High school and Junior High school students of music gave High Point a comprehensive idea of the work that is going on Here by the music department of the City schools. The senior High re High a Points representatives1 school glee club under the Fine state contest finals to be direction of Carl Cronstedt. Head women a College of the 0f Toje music department did sex i Cellenti Fence ouse. Local we ath or noon today. Low last night. High yesterday a rain. North Carolina a Cloudy and much colder with showers ending Early tonight temperature below freezing in mountains and near freezing in Central portion saturday fair colder in East portion not quite so cold in mountains. South Carolina a Cloudy and much colder preceded by showers in South and East portions tempera in the eld at University of North Carolina Reena Boro next week beginning n tuesday. The program was characterized i one of astounding magnitude and variety consisting of hand and orchestral numbers string quartet instrumental solos flute Rio glee clubs vocal quartets and vocal solos. Some Inatsu rental soloists who so Short me As two years ago. Had never eld an instrument played diff it solos with agility ease and uscian ship. The department or Lisle in High Points City school Stem has discovered Exceptiou-1 Young Talent. The state High school music Estival was instigated 20 years o by or. Wade r. Brown who t that time was Dean of the Sulc department of women Liege of the University of North Arolina. After the District roasts weeded out Talent through a the state the first year. La Vin i a Titre near Northwest tonight showers work with a keen subtlety j Frler colder in East portion interpretation. Fred Kimble freezing portion saturday it the theatres today of directed the band in three numbers in which the group showed real musicianship. Louis Alrutz directed the Junior High school glee clubs. These Young voices showed marked musical Quality and a Good understanding of ensemble singing. Miss Evelyn Sharp directed the Junior High school orchestra and miss Virginia Frank directed the senior High school orchestra. Poth gave finished performances in a professional manner. The entire program was presented by the students with a thorough understanding of music and very Little that was blatantly amateurish. This program was a revelation of the depth and scope of the work on in the Junior winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a fresh to Strong shifting winds becoming northwesterly tonight overcast weather with showers and squalls tonight and some distance off the coast saturday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras Strong Northwest winds Over North portion. And fresh to Strong Southwest shifting to Northwest Over South portion weather overcast preceded by rain tonight fair on saturday. A Charlotte. April 12�?t apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing area and elsewhere Battle for Norway gaining Allied sea Victory would Lead to storming of positions held by germans in Scandinavia by Dewitt Mackenzie tile second vital phase of the Battle for Norway a the Allied attempt to oust the German invaders and pain control of this land of fjords and mountains gathered headway today. The first phase the bloody and destructive naval Battle which grew out of the nazi occupation still continues with the Anglo French naval forces at this writing a very considerable Victory. Nothing was reported overnight to Controvert the claim by Brit Ain e first lord of the admiralty Winston Churchill that England station Asheville. Atlanta i Augusta h. 69 81 78 l. R fall that is going Birmingham. 74 of 1 Charlotte the i Chicago. Detroit Center a bubbling coined Romance to tickle America s funny Bone and warm America heart a a Raffles co Star ring David Niven Olivia dehavilland a More a the Pete Pun a fishing bears a color cartoon Smith specially and Newt Broadhurst Bio stage and screen show a on the St Yge a tropical serenades on the screen Harles Starrett rustlers new Rit lets Fok serial a Jack Holt in a fugitive at Large Cav Nimna =9tsouth 4borderv v Quot Autry and Clyde comedy and cartoon Rialto two gun Bob Steele in a Thunder in desert and senior High schools the program consisted following numbers March line up. Kleff tan in Ohe. De Rubertis overture Hon Groise Skornicka. Senoir High school band Fred Kimball director the lass with the delicate air. Arne senior High girls Trio. Junior High school piano Solo prelude Handel. Imp dance Gan Peyton Voorhees. Baritone Solo request Rani Bobby Gayle. Allegro Moderato quartet no. 13 Hayden string quartet Alto Solo Saph she ode Brahms Ella Lou Taylor. Russian chorale Isaac Calif of Bagdad Bowel leu Junior High school orchestra Evelyn Sharp director. Senior High school piano Solo two part invention Bach kinders Cenen Schuman the smugglers deems Taylor Bobby Gayle. Double Nass Solo la elephant from carnival of the animals Saint sae Skelly Lawson. Three Blind mice Colby. Flute Trio Junior High violin Solo allegretto from concertino Hubert Jack Dillard. On music swing Mendelssoh Junoir High school girls glee club Marianna italian Folk song lord of our life Fleming Junior High school boys glee club. Minke russian Folk Bong right Western lond Sibelius Junior High school mixed chorus j l w. Aleuts director. Viola Solo 1st movement con Certo for cello transcription i Saint Saens. Jacqueline Price j Soprano Solo the ass with the delicate air a Evirginia Butner. Cello Solo nol old Rel Bru Hcharles Medlin. The Moonlit night boys queries. Trumpet Solo fantasy. Thame Homar Hayworth. The Lark now leaves his watery nest Parker mixed quartet. Children of the Moon Warren i Snow legend Cloke senior High school girls glee club. Carl g. N. Cronstedt director. J iphigenia in aulis Gluck senior High school orchestra. Virginia Frank director. 75 38 Denver. 30 Galveston. Greensboro. Hatteras. Jacksonville. Key West. Loa Angeles. Memphis. Meridian. 63 Miami. 77 mils St. P77 Mobile a. 72 mils by. A. 25 new Orleans. 77 new York. Is Raleigh. 75 san Antonio. 66 san Francisco. So Spartanburg. 75 Tampa. 79 Washington. 70 Wilmington. 69 52 50 62 38 61 24 to 19 27 47 57 58 64 68 67 32 38 72 72 46 20 47 44 61 40 63 58 65 56 62 .03 of of .17 oooo .16 i 43 i 31 .03 1 .00 i .00oooo i .65 1.15 .00 i .00 i 89 of j i 45 i .15 j .00 i .01 of .02 of of .00 Rev. Paul Harding College speaker a the world never demands anything but sacrifice but Jesus Uever demands such sacrifices As the world Quot Rev. Paul Harding pastor of the Flat methodist Church of Asheboro told the seniors at High Point College at their Chapel hour this morning. The address was one of a series of Friday morning addresses by outstanding ministers. Quot people evade and falter when faced with the question of what they will do with Christ because they think he demands too much he declared a but Christ does not demand things we cannot give rather he puts his Finger on the things in our life that will prevent our accomplishing and challenges us to remove those things a a the first thing that Christ demands a the speaker said Jesus also demands declared love and a is he More about Balkans continued from Page one More about Only Landing continue f rom Page one or stuck to his Post while his ship Sank under him hut was saved from death by two sub officers who a almost hurled a him into a Rescue boat. The commander is capt. A. A Buzzard 37. In Palace theatre Salem Street 1 enjoyable Thomasville coming tomorrow a outpost of the mountains with Harles Starrett a Alto serial and comedy last Timbs Toda a jeepers creepers with Roy Rogers admission i r 1 r it a except thuds. Al its left l it a do and saturdays children. Ioc in it it a i a t Ock your windows olt your doors. 3 thrilling Days starting sunday a new fantastic sensation suggested by Quot the invisible Man Quot by . Wells a Tow Khz Fri Cedric Hardwicke Vincent Price a Nan Grey ing tension in Southeastern Europe. Long fearful of involvement in the War in Belgrade automobile operated by unidentified persons sped through the streets scattering leaflets warning the yugoslavs a do not resist Germany if you value your in Bucharest a German munitions expert and a German girl identified by police As nazi spies were shot to death by an assailant officially dese bed As a the agent of another foreign rumanian authorities feared that the killings which took place in the Shadow of bin a rests Arch of Triumph might Lead to International complications. Tile Trade warning to the Balkans was said by usually reliable sources to have been delivered orally to Trade leaders in Southeastern countries rather Titan to the governments by nazi representatives. Meanwhile a Gorman news bulletin asserted that Germany j which has been demanding the 1 right to Send gunboats Down the Danube River to protect Oil and wheal shipments against a bluish sabotage a had reached a full understanding with the namibian nations that a River shipping will be safeguarded with All Means a unconfirmed retorts said that Rumania and Yugoslavia had agreed to place hundreds of River Boatmen under military command to assure Germany that her vital Danube traffic would be protected. Bulgaria was said to he considering similar still ruled the Waves. To secure the Benefit of their naval Success however the an Glo French brotherhood cooperate big with norwegian regular troops and rugged volunteers armed with shotguns and what not must Clear the country of Ger Man troops. The meaning that will involve the Landing of Allied expeditionary forces a heroic and sanguinary business the meaning of control of nor Way is this for Germany it would pre vent the opening up of a new land front for Allied operations against Germany a right flank. It would secure the collimation of Iron Ore supplies from Sweden an absolute necessity for the Reich. It would he a heavy blow to the efficiency of the Allied blockade. It would secure Large food supplies from Scandinavia and. By the same Token deprive England of them. For the allies it would enable the opening up of military operations against Germany from the North. It would deprive the Reich of sorely needed supplies including the swedish Ore. It would tighten the strangling of feet of the blockade immeasurably. Churchill yesterday said that hitlers invasion of Norway a has doubled the efficiency of the Allied that figure sounds rather High but the first lord did no to explain How he arrived at the estimate. In any event he perhaps was counting some of his Chicks before they Are hatched for the allies most certainly must oust the germans from Norway in order to Cash in on their naval Triumph. Landing Churchill also said that the allies will take what they want on the norwegian coast As soon As the British Fleet has reached its primary goal that is. Destruction of German sea Power. They Haven to waited to reach that goal however before striking against the invading troops. Various Landing operations Are reported As boiling up. I Speed is essential in the Landing operations. If the germans j succeed in entrenching themselves it will he a herculean task to eject them. The immediate Allied concern therefore is to prevent \ nazi reinforcements from reach ing Norway and at the same time get expeditionary forces ashore at strategic ports. Trondheim is one of these Strong Points and it is reported i that the allies already Are operating against this port which i also is a Railroad terminal. The germans this morning claimed to have repulsed a Bertish attack with planes and naval vessels Here. Apart from the actual military and naval effect of this great Battle there is hound to be a very far reaching psychological effect on the Small neutrals. A Clear Cut Victory for either Side will raise the Stock of that belligerent immensely. Norway determined to fight invaders president of parliament issues statement that no surrender considered Center Quot raffle a with David Niven and Olivia de Haviland. Features at 12 45-2 32-4 19-6 06-7 53-940. Broadhurst Quot Bullet for rustler Quot with Charlea Barrett. Features at 1 15-3 10-5 05-6 35-8 30-10 13. On stage Quot tropical serenades Quot show at 2 15-4 10-7 35-9 30 Paramount a a drug Lelve at Large with Jack Holt and Patrica Rill. Feature at 1 40-3 40-5 40-7 40-9 40. Carolinas Quot South with Gene Autry. 4.07-6 01-7 55-9 49. Of the features Borders at 2 13 More about German continued from rage one although official British sources still issued no word of landings in Norway to Challenge the German occupation reports persisted that British troops were preparing to fight for several strategic coastal Points. Reuters British news Agency said authoritative norwegian circles in Stockholm had information that a British Landing Force ashore a Short distance South of Narvik was trying to join norwegian troops to retake that Iron Yort from the germans. Norwegian sources also said British soldiers were in close Contact with norwegians near Bergen a reported retaken by the norwegians and from Udd Evall Sweden reports came that British warships were observed a apparently Landing troops in outer Oslo fjord. The British air ministry said German gasoline reserves and Many German planes were destroyed in two British air attacks on a flying Field at Stavanger. Norway the germans apparently strengthened by reinforcements reaching Norway despite the British Effort to isolate the army of occupation from Home bases broadened their hold on Norway with land and Aerial thrusts. More about Mccarran continued from rage one Sion unless both houses of Congress vote contrary. Some administration supporters meanwhile manifested Little enthusiasm at the White House request for broader presidential reorganization Powers. Senator Byrnes id., s. A. Who sometimes pilots important administration measures said the request was a futile gesture. He said he did not think it possible that Congress would repeal the exemptions which now place 21 agencies outside the reorganization authority. The Senate continued work today on minor Cotton legislation and received from the House an amended Bill providing for automatic reapportionment of the House membership on the basis of the 19 40 census now Midway. Leaders said the House changes probably would he approved without much debate. A must be aware of the present German interests of the realities situation and in the authorized sources said the authority of King Haakon still was recognized in Berlin but that he would forfeit this recognition if he left norwegian soil. English Street curb Market More food for less Money a phone 6221 and be convinced fancy tender la Green Beans 5c tender yellow . More about hold on Norway tinned from pug one to enter Trond r1 Altos Quot Thunder in the desert Quot with Bob Steele. Feature it 11 30-1 10-2 50-4 30-6 10-7 50-9 30. More about mines Laid a continued from r age one Between Sweden and Denmark. Besides the attacks on German ammunition and Supply vessels during the night. British fliers also were announced to have bombed a German seaplane base on the Baltic roast. The ammunition ship was one of a line of eight to to vessels and the official announcement said it a was blown up with such Moke mines swedish authorities meanwhile looking to this country s own Security mined More than lot Miles of Sweden a West coast from within 30 Miles of the norwegian Frontier near Oslo South to Var Berg. About Midway Down the Kattegat opposite the coast of Denmark. No Steps have been taken yet however to bring Home about 6,. Too swedes mostly labourers and craftsmen who were in Norway when Germany struck tuesday. Six German planes were said to have bombed fre Rikstad North of Oslo where British planes also were observed. King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav were said to have ducked to cover with Only three minutes leeway yesterday before a German air Squadron bombed by Bergsund. Near the swedish Frontier and apparently a Headquarters of Norway a army. This Headquarters is believed now to have been shifted again since the air attack by five German planes which bombed and Force that the attacking aircraft j dived on the Village with machine were rocked by the Force of the j guns spitting the l whole norwegian adminis darkness. It said kept the fliers ration was said to have concen from learning the True effect of rated there in crowded quarters the attack on the Supply ship in using chairs and the floor for Beds Teree Ted farther North. And sharing a common table. The norwegian a port of Trond the King Prince Olav and Heim. In whose deep fjord a Natal prime minister Johan Nygaard Battle was reported in Progress void were eating when the first was licked by Neutral experts As of three alarms the most Likely bake for Allied dashed Imp Nedjat and norwegian operations to Bilos outside drive the germans from Norway j three minutes the German High command re-1 bombs set the ported that British planes Aud aflame. The whole sounded. They by to Automo Rainbow diner try one of our delicious Steak sandwiches with Susi q potatoes 30c London april 12�? a it a Carl Johan Ham Bro president of the norwegian parliament said in a statement issued today through the British ministry of information that a nowhere does one see any signs of Norway a surrendering to Germany a. Hambro left Norway shortly after the German invasion began and is now at Stockholm. His statement was to have been delivered Over the swedish radio yesterday hut the arrangements were cancelled. Asserting that All parties were consolidated in making a a United Hambro said a through the norwegian legation in Finland offers have come from danish. English and French ambulance corps to proceed to Norway where their services May be of the greatest a a report too has come through from military chiefs in Norway telling of the determine lion which fills both them and their toops. Despite All the immense difficulties a and they should in no Way he underestimated mobilization is proceed Atsion. Hambro added Quot with every hour greater strength and coordination is attained by the leaders of the country and throughout the norwegian legation there is ceaseless a nowhere does one see any signs of surrendering the apparently attempting to cheer his own people Hamlin said a the country sends greetings to one end All a a United Strong people groping its Way through darkness and distress trusting implicitly in the Day to come when right shall prevail and All people shall be i of Dix k broken los Angeles. April 12 a Ltd a Martha rays hide to singing and dancing film actress and David Rose screen and radio musical Arranger whom she married in ens Ouada. Moxee october to. 193&. Hay ii la Call it aug us Light naval forces attacking trondheim had been driven off four ih5ksii1iijtiex As British military bases four other ports besides trondheim were seen As possibilities because they Are on railroads they Are Nam sos North of trondheim an Adalinea. On rom dais fjord to the South Narvik in the Arctic and Bergen in the Southwest. Trondheim however with rail oads leading North South and East. And situated on a wide Inlet that slashes nearly across Norway was described As the Best ump off Point As military strategists and British War office brains pored Over maps to visualize a land Campaign which much follow the present wide open a warfare Between the British and German fleets. Winston Churchill first lord of the admiralty assured military men in his House of commons speech yesterday afternoon that Britain still was mistress of the seas and that the Navy was Well Able to maintain lines of Supply and to cover landings of expeditionary forces. A we shall take what we want on Norway a coast he said when the Fleet has reached its primary i goal entire destruction of Germany a sea Power. Chicago Crom cd Chicago april 12.�? a it butter 723.608, easier Creamery 93 score 27 4 92, 27 90 centralized carlot 27 other prices unchanged. Eggs 4 2.151, easier fresh graded extra firsts local 16 4. J cars 16 4 firsts cars 164 storage packed firsts 18, extras 18 4 checks 13% other prices unchanged. Of mitts suicide Goldsboro n. C., april 12. A a mrs. Bennie Grantham about 40, Secretary to the superintendent of the state Hospital for negro insane was found shot to death today in her apartment at the Hospital. Coroner t. R. Robinson said it was suicide. Notice to contractors Nathanael Geren school 8ealed proposal will he received by the county Board of education of Guilford county until to of a. My a saturday. April 20, 1940, for All masonry work on the Nathanael Oreen school building. The county will erect the scaffolding and furnish All unskilled labor and material necessary in the construction of the masonry work this include putting All material on Ute scaffold to the muons. Plans and specifications can be secured from Albert c. Woodroof architect Jefferson Standard building Greensboro n. proposal must he accompanied by a Deposit with the county Board of education in Cash or a certified Check on some Hank or Trust company author Ted to do Busine in the state of j North Carolina of an amount equal to two per cent of the proposal said Deposit to be retained in the event of the i failure of the successful bidder to execute a contract within ten Days after the award or to give satisfactory surety. As required by Law. The Board reserves the right to reject any and All bids th08. R Foust Secretary to the county Board of and us at Ion of Guilford county. A-12 i later the first Village school population a about too a scurried to the Woods. Small children were hidden under sheets in the deep Snow to conceal them from the raiders. While attempting Helm fjord. British air raids on trondheim and Stavanger likewise were beaten off and one Vickers Welling ton bomber was shot Down the communique asserted. Meanwhile the military occupation of Norway was said to he proceeding a according to systematic the German occupied area at Narvik the Northern norwegian Iron Ore port was a a expanded Inland to likeness without resistance the High command reported and dub official German news Agency added that a number of norwegian troops had been i disarmed in the Advance. German troops also were reported to have reached dram men about 25 Miles East of Oslo and Eidsvold about 40 Miles i Northeast of Oslo. Positions stronger a from hour to hour the get a Man positions in Norway and i Denmark Are becoming stronger and they already Are so Consoli a dated that the possibility of sue yes Sui British counter action has disappeared completely authorized sources said. Of Isoina clashes with norwegian military forces were i acknowledged but they were de a scribed As of no military sign Flance and authorities in Oslo were said to be cooperating with German military officials. The situation with regard to the norwegian government was characterised As still Quot very the germans said they were withholding recon Inton from the government of maj Vidkun Quia Ling who had announced that he had assumed the norwegian pie a me ship. Because he lacked authority from the King. Efforts were being made spokesmen said. To have King Haakon clarify the situation hut they added that whatever officials Are finally designated As the respond slide Heads of the government Squash la. 5c new red Bliss 4 la. 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