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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 12, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ful Kami he. U it a i in i it ?i3 tip rim in oui it Tvr of Murm a a Uch Point Enterprise Pill is lied it croon and sunday morning j p Rawley publisher 1915-1937 i to buy \ r Mil by. Secy and treat amm Utt a mgr opus m. Waynick editor subscription rate daily and sunday by of timer in Rygh Point and nearby town twelve Mont a in months three Montane Don the week $10.40 $ 5 20 $ 2 60 .90 .20 do hrs in nearby Tow a Are not per mitts so collect Cox More than Ona Ink id Advance it Are not permitted to col n t Oti a mkt sssm3b� a vhf it Rte put a amt wry so a i hied to the a. A a a a not other of Sass Katits prs and a a la a to rat Newt published therein a a Obi sagas is of Cong Tew of Malen a _ a a Ohn us risk thu Nav. April la. Imo. Cd Hoiu Lel the heated anti Earth Prai it it him e Jalanti every bin hat vein a a there is a god in science a i Al Quot a hours. And a god in conscience and est three Are one. Joseph t ooh. I. A mix in a i Keator important e. Services of congressman r. L Doughton As coordinator Olie movement in the Cong res onal delegation to Advance a Orth carolinian for membership i the . Are being sought we Rte in a Story from Washington. In present difficulty lies in the it that two favourites Are urged Here one is wanted and property eked. Might win. The two men proposed Are w. Creighton of Charlotte an exp get in he Fields of the , to ice and a. H. Graham of Allsboro who probably knows title about tariffs but much about livings in politics. It would seem Syible that one of the Twaini g h i eliminate himself and in re by break the Jam Foi the degation. But As time marches i without such incident we must include both Nim want the Jot id that neither is willing to and aside for the other. In the situation there is talk a Quot compromised candidate and comes the name of Stanley i Hume who survived the de volition of the old corporation in Mission and the hazards of actions since to become and to main North Carolinas utilities missioner. Or. W i Hume As r. Creighton would have the Vantage of experience in Deal a with such matters As come a tenuously before the . We have what we regard As a oper provincialism in preferring at a North carolinian go on e commission. That state infest can be supported by facts sch Jaunt to North Carolina a logical source of an . Ember. But More important in getting a tar Heel on an her Federal Job is getting Oil e . A new member who s understanding of Southern it is at the hands of the . Listino the assets a Ole balanced Story. The editor and publisher of High Points smallest periodical the hell Box. Thinks there might i be More value in rotting up the assets of this City than in listing and spotlighting its liabilities. Editor Mai borne Rhodes proceeds to Point oui some of the High Point values. Ile does not protest against in Ventor \ my Del inclines but would balance them with the other Side i of the Story. To writes la is Well occasionally to take Stock elem Rives to such a task our total Chambul of Commerce recently set it self. Alarmed because of the removal of several industries to other towns and lir Lack of new onus to take their place a clime was held and to it was invited thu citizens of the Community mans suggestions wore offered ranging from the desirability of establishing a Home for orphan butter uses to Tho need of a morning newspaper to neither of these proposals can pc subscribe wholeheartedly though the Butterfly proposal would involve less financial outlay and yield More profit. A an inventory listing Only liabilities makes Dull Reading. Thought should be it to our a get. And we h pc ame which any Community should Lee proud. In the few years we have known High Point we have seen Many notable improvements some of which Are on what a Short time ago was farm land Are some of the finest Homes to be found anywhere. Most of our Public schools Are adequately housed and the new Junior and senior High school buildings Are show places. We have adequate hotel facilities a Large and modern furniture exposition budding a new and modern Post office ample office buildings a Good Home owned Telephone system a Bountiful Supply of Good water an excellent fire department Good bus transportation plenty of churches three sound Banks a Good afternoon newspaper. And to the assets listed Law pc we May add More than one Hundred diversified manufacturing plants some of International reputation. We do Lack Hospital facilities and Parks and playgrounds. We do have a surplus of politics and politicians. We do have some carpers Bac biters and bootleggers but All other towns have them. If the chamber of Commerce feels like telling the world what we have the things we need will be added unto us. The loss of a few Low wage factories should not disturb us. Listlessness of the state c Campaign. The War has dulled popular in. Terest in the race for governor according to the reflections from some of the Headquarters groups of the candidates. Perhaps that is so but we Are not certain the interest would be intense in the gubernatorial fight even if Europe were at peace. Somehow this does not appear to be a fighting year on the North Carolina front. Some say the present administration has apr it eased so Many of the disaffected that rallying cries have subsided. Few of the issues that inflamed Public interest four years ago have been settled in accordance with general Public demand of the times however and no doubt they will reenter the consciousness of the voters and feed the flames of discontent again. Improvement in general economic conditions should be Given a proper share of credit for taking the heat out of some of those issues. They can flare up again almost certainly they will flare up again. Quite i it possibly another circumstance that of the multitude of candidates is responsible in Jimart for the listlessness of the Campaign. The race is not Likely to be decided in a single heat. The voters May become More intense about this business of picking a governor after the first primary and before the second. Pledges and performance the Day of promising is Here Tinq Day of fulfilment is at least six months hence. We refer to the problems the candidates for legislature and other responsible state offices confront As they bid for support. We have noted the chorus of approval Given the teacher demands by candidates for the legislature particularly. It would be a Shock indeed to read where a candidate had talked to a teacher group or some other and suggested that the entire program for improvement of the teachers lot could not be legislated in 1941. Up to the present time we have not experienced that Shock. Candidates for governor Are going Down Tho line right along with the legislative candidates in endorsing the program for the general betterment of the condition of the teaching forces. We believe the program is a reasonable one and we Trust that these gentlemen who Are to let a dealing directly with the vital business of putting it in effect and financing it Are thinking of ways and Means As Well As of desirable consummation. Reason to fear that some of them Are not delving into or concerning themselves with that phase of the problem is to be found in the fact that Many Are promising tax reforms of sweeping character along with tile pledges entailing further heavy spending. Not a single candidate for governor advocates ravishing the Highway funds for general fund purposes and some of them Are speaking forthrightly Dor abolition or important reduction of the general sales tax. We have seen nothing and heard nothing about plans for increase of tax levies at any important Point. It is easy to run for office and to make an Appeal to the voters on the twin proposals of improving Public service and reducing the taxes Al one and the same time. Some candidates manage to Campaign successfully on just such platforms. They go into office burdened with pledges that make them. Not merely not helpful in working out a fiscal policy but actually stumbling blocks to intelligent adjustment of Tho Burden of taxation and the distribution of the benefits of that taxation. This body of unwisely pledged members unwisely because they failed to consider ways and Means before making the pledges is responsible every two years for the Long wrangling into which the legislature is thrown before it performs necessary functioning at last and adjourns. Individuals when they hear the evidence May admit privately that they Are in error about what they thought they could do but usually they fall Back on their pledges and require other More courageous members to carry the Load of Public Disfavour and their own blundering. We repeat that we Hope the candidates now promising much have figured on ways and Means to deliver. With Dale. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people recently i had sunday luncheon in the White House with the president and mrs. Roosevelt. What was it like Well if you had been along and had t known you were in the White House and had t recognized the president or mrs. Roosevelt you would have thought it was like having dinner in the House next door. Friendly informal chatty. No Swank. No affection. No feeling that you were in the presence of one of the most powerful and one of the most talked of men on this Earth. The president had Only recently sent a budget to Congress calling for the expenditure of eight billion dollars and that Means approximately eight dollars for every minute that has passed since the birth of Christ yet he said to me a you know Hospital lights have increased Twenty five per cent in the last three months and there is no reason for it the president deals in astronomical financial figures yet he does no to Overlook Small items of exp sense. For example he figured out to the cent How Many dollars can be saved by putting a Shower Bath instead of a tub in w p a houses. What did we have for lunch no cocktails. No wine. No liquors. After the vegetable soup steaks were served. Frankly i had expected a thick Juicy Steak a porterhouse that would have made the eyes of Diamond Jim Brady Glisten. Hut the steaks were so thin and so Small that i was surprised until mrs. Roosevelt explained that they were Elk steaks. The White House is flooded with gifts of game Venison Elk. Wild Turkey wild Goose ducks pheasant. Or. Roosevelt told me that she served game so often that her children had begun to beg for Lamb chops and Bacon. For vegetables we had a it was and cauliflower then salad and a pinkish refreshing dessert. After luncheon mrs. Roosevelt showed me the bed in which Lincoln slept a huge ornate affair with a lot of hand carving. There was a table to match and mrs. Roosevelt laughed heartily As she pointed out a carved Birds nest As decoration and in the nest were hand carved wooden eggs. I la bet Lincoln got a Good laugh out of that too. Mrs. Roosevelt told me that More tourists were interested in seeing the Beds in which King George and Queen Elizabeth slept during their recant visit than were interested in seeing Lincoln cd. After seeing the up it or rooms of the White House we entered the presidents study. There he was on sunday afternoon studying the documents he had to sign the reports he had to read yet he took time to lean Back in his chair and Tell me a Coulee of Lincoln Stone and he showed me the window where Lincoln stood watching the Union troops bloody and beaten insuring Back into Washington after the disastrous defeat at Bull run. The president works night and Day. Yet he did t look tired or worn. I marvelled that he could stand the terrific Strain. Start so Rai Book Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success Why not Start your Success scrap Book now vanishing american state port Pilot Odell Jewette is about the most energetic Man we know. He has built a Home and cleared a farm in a years time. He must work Day and night. Must by a bus Ebenezer item Statesville daily mrs. Grace Davidson. Or. Louis Horn and or. And mrs. Paul Evans and children took a business trip to Ca lax va., tuesday. They made the trip in mrs., Davidson new car. European Pool waiter wilted on Broadway Trad Max pc gig to it it re. Copy Fht. 1140. Daily Mirror Izzy keen portrait of a m an throwing x to pkg Riter George Jean Nathan once told me that in All his 30-Odd years of reviewing shows and actors he has never made reply to an attack. A when you arc in the Brick throwing business a a he added you must expect to get hit by a Brick now and then. Another counselled a never get indignant. People who get indignant always look i be wasted several pieces of paper trying to say what i think of a Cutie who has popped me foul times never mentioning my Nam but i can t get hopped up about it,.i dont feel mad. And when a columnist does no to sock Back he is accused of mellowing or of yellowing. Maybe now that Ive turned 43 i have acquired some wisdom.,i wish i could get Rny Dander up iastead.,.,1 remember the time not so Long ago that i got my Best exercise and recreation throwing typewriters at punks who threw them at me hey Wood Brouns Bot stuff seamed to be the pieces he did in haste w Hen he was burned up about something. But lot the life of my i can t gut excited the critic has squawked about me Lour times but always with the same exclamation Marks. When i read hts latest communique All i found myself saying was Quot Thea is where i came in Quot he is angry with a Man Hoover for a personal reason he always growls Al it out ethics blah blah but reserves the right Foi himself to use his column and outlets to punish people he Doest like about three years ago maybe longer he visited the a Man in ashington.,. He Hokd Hoover could arrange it for him and no other Rej it Orteiz to get into Alcatraz prison.,he wanted to do an exclusive series on iter. Hoover was sorry but he oblige him. A that s not my department said John Edgar a that has to be arranged by the attorney general office in the prison Board Quot Quot the hell with that stuff Quot implied our Paragon of virtue and integrity you fix it up for me and 1 11 play Ball with you this is the comedian who said newspapermen should t do favors in return for news tips. Ethical impropriety he called it. Vav Ell. I Haven been seeing crooked so Long that in be forgotten How to see straight. He denounces my Brand of Rej Orting. Which almost every newspaper in the nation has purchased or ordered copied. My stuff is inaccurate he says uncouth no Good. Well that a no exclusive scoop of his. I know Many people who agree and have already said so,.on the other hand there happen to be some newspaper people who think ill do. A Apt. Patterson is one. Gap works on the Pax a across the Way. His editorial Page Lias testified that in a a news a it Erman and that Sall the rating i expect Neil Mac Neil is one of the editors Over at then y. Time his new Bonk on journalism a without fear or favor Quot admits me into the newspaper heaven with this Malarkey a winched still sets the Pace. It is a poor town that cannot boast of its own Little winched. Even the colleges and schools have them. Few of them have winched Talent and almost none his adroitness he has his code of ethics Quot. We reprint or. Macneil s stuff just to make a bum out of the bark that a fall legitimate newspapermen Are opposed to me is an exaggeration the moment i looked at the the Syndicate. A new one in Panama anti one in american gazettes. Apparently the More than my nonsense do not agree with the inaccurate and goo neighbor hit seems like the belligerent has decided to fight it out in Norway or maybe Denmark if they Kain to do no better. Gerrant n soldiers took Possession of both countries. A armed Protection Quot they cads it a to counteract British. Land and France held a conference and promised the scandinavians Quot id Aid like they did Poland and Finland. But the prime minister added a nothing will or can save them but a determination to defend themselves and to join with others who Are ready to Aid them in their like Paw said once a a Little Teller Hainet got much Chance in Kun Rojer. He a got to fight his Way out or sell his soul to somebody to fight Fer Mutton. Enc ,.1 knew this crack w latest list of papers from Japan plus a dozen new 160 u. S. Editors who hire careless crusader. He poses As the holiest of journalists who is never in error. He never blunders. He if you please is the healthy example of Newspaperman by gum. Well he a not that pretty. His argument that newspapermen should never accept free drinks from cafe owners clashes with the tact she accepts them a often did. Fight and hassling tickets Chi Selers think of paying their Way in unless they had to. Drama and movie critics Are others who accept free tickets and then la Bially show their appreciation by panning the show. Its Quot tradition a i guess it is also the softest Racket of All get on a newspaper and night clubs beg you to keep your Coin in your Bank. You can t Hurt them but they imagine whatever Cost a it a cheap Way of buying off your whole paper vial so when Bird raps people who permit joints to Swap free drinks tor free mentions he should add that on a certain saturday night in a by Vevay sgt of the jammed night of the week yet he forgot his High morals and ethics and the joint pick up his Check. The Tho let i could fill a column and a half with some of his phony exploits. You Pioh Ahly never suspected that an obscure re Jporter out in Hollywood did All the real work in digging up the evidence on a labor racketeer for which my Superior has been heating All the that s a Story for Hie Trade and How they be Boon burning up Aland it since our hero has been acknowledging All the applause. A few years ago he was privileged to enter the gambling Casino of a night club where he drop it cd a few dollars. He evened matters a few columns later by demanding that the place be closed he panned it bitterly. A Louse in the Blouse of journalism ii Ever there was one and his misstatements of fact would bore you stiff. When some of us who do news columns Blunder and the Blunder is harmful and we Are asked to Correct it we oblige. This Bird has never played that Lair with his victims. When he carelessly accuses a Man Hoover of grandstanding at the Hauptmann trial he does t Correct it by saying that in was in error and that Hoover was never there but that or. Ireys Federal men testified regarding the Ransom Cornand in a a bum reporter. Not Many years ago this Mugg had a Diar pal who was being shaken Down by a Broadway Heel what to do. Everything looked sour. A lot s ask Winchell Quot said my critic a the might know something about this blackmailer and help us trap him a. Sure enough Winchell had a Complete file on the bum.,., i turned it Over to the victim. The sum involved in the trumped up lawsuit was 175,000. When the no Good was confronted with the Winchell Low Down he dropped the suit and fled said my critics Varent a my son is terribly grateful to you. Thanks Well never for do and How do we thin a a a a s paid off?.,.,he published a Book of his s i and omit to Ltd mire o olm to. La was a Tunny Burlesk. To bul he fit that ii a vast Lair to Snake Iun of me alter i had been Brevi ties it is through co operation and persuasion and not through violence that Man shall realize his great destiny. Or. Oswaldo Aranha Brazil s foreign minister. A Well socialized pre school child can. During his first 30 minutes in the dentists office become a dentist hater for life. Or. Kenneth a. Was lick. University of Michigan dental school. Bundling must have i Wen pleasant. But it could scarcely be compared. Say with parking in a Lederer actor. Making goods for Sale abroad is just another Way of making munitions. It. Hon. R. S. Hudson m. P., British Cabinet member. After 222 years of peace noway is again involved in conflict. Thus War makes it a three some with death Ami taxes. Jaime now has two puppets operating in China. All they need is a Blue fairy to dish out some consciences. Current War trends in in a i a in to uphold Shakespeare s theory about the slate of Denmark. They be just discovered a Frenchman who did t know the War was on until he heard of the scandinavian Blitzkrieg. He had evidently been Reading the official communiques. Bruce Catton in Washington Bruce Catton the trouble is such a Quot regular Guy a Etc so what happened. Well every Book critic in the town said a but whereas that delightful piece on Winchell that was the Best one belter than the travesties on Brisbane and Mcintyre Quot. In Short you see this sex Kment of grouch journalism who also charged John Edgar Hoover with log rolling and scratching my Back is a fee thy log roller himself. At any rate. I beg admirers of journalistic ethics to be to it that if i join Heywood Broun be orc lie does he is ejected from my funeral. Puerto Ric o bum Kow Mav help Virgin islands Washington april 12.�?ct a a Row Between a distillery and the government of puerto Rico May indirectly be the Means of ending the financial crisis that has plagued the Virgin islands for the past decade. Virgin islands chief trouble is they Don t produce enough tax Revenue to meet expenses with costs pared to the Bone they still run a deficit of about $250,000 a year which is made up from the u. S. Treasury. Right now made worse by a a drouth which Hurt the sugar business and but the War. Which Hurt the tourist Trade. Now there a a Ray of Light on the horizon about the first to appear since Herbert Hoover Despai tingly called the islands a poorhouse. And All because of a Row Over rum. Rum taxes would help several years ego the Bacardi Cor Ixo nation. Makers of rum built a big distillery in puerto Rico. Local distillers got the legislature to decree that no Quot foreign Quot company could operate in puerto Rico without giving up its foreign name and trademark. Bacardi went to Federal court and got an injunction. On Appeal to a Mainland circuit court however the Law was upheld. Appeal has been taken to the supreme court but the Bacardi people have about Given up Hope that they can get the Law knocked out. So now Bacardi is threatening to move out of puerto Rico and set up shop in the Virgin islands. Puerto Rico has been getting about $400,000 a year from Bacardi in taxes if the Virgin islands should get that Money they a be in Clover a poorhouse no longer. Congress will have to help a Little present Law puts into the Federal Treasury ail internal Revenue taxes collected on Virgin islands goods Shiv. Ped to the Mainland. Gov. Lawrence Cramer is working for an amendment probably will get it at this session. A a Uncle Sam does no to provide youngsters if you want to adopt a child done to write to the children a Bureau. That Bureau Dors lots of things but it does no to provide children. A lot of people got the idea that it did this past Winter and some hundreds wrote in saying they wanted a child and would the Bureau Send on along please. Agnes Hanna the bureaus social service director who had to answer All those letters finally found out people had been misreading a recent Book which advised prospective Foster parents to write the children s Bureau for advice. To Stem the flood the Bureau finally had to get out a special pamphlet. It tells All who Are interested to consult agencies in the Home town if they want to adopt children. A a 0 april a Lieen extra Rainy so far and the department of agriculture jux Ople Hope it stays that Way a bad drouth situation was developing in a number of great Plains states due to scanty tall and Winter precipitation. April showers have been correcting it however and if they keep on the department figure Only one arca will be in danger West Kansas and Nebraska and Eastern Colorado. The greatest tragedy i Winston Salem journal the greatest tragedy of the european War to Date is the involvement of Norway and Denmark. As the new York times has remarked. These and the other scandinavian pm entries represent the finest lowering of democracy and decency in Europe. I he be countries have found the secret of clean co operative and peaceful living. They have scrupulously avoided trouble with their neighbors although no braver peo Jile have Ever lived than they. I hey have gone far toward solving tile problems of adequate medical care for All sufficient agricultural income liquor control Mickial Security. They have Learned How to obtain the cooperation of All classes in the common Endeavor to achieve Prosperity. The blonde nordic people of Scandinavia respect Man and worship god. They Are a moral Friendly Thrifty people who ask nothing of others but the Opportunity to go their own Way and attend to their own business. Yet they have been sucked into one of the greatest of wars. Their cities and towns Are being bombed and shelled. Their women and children Are exposed to danger and death by land sea and air. The tides of destruction threaten to engulf their Beautiful fjords and country is it. Its not fair. Its not right. Its tragic Damnable. But what can they do about it the greatest democrats of Europe Are caught in the clutches of the tyrant hand. They Are victims of the ruthless policy of outlaw nations. The Fine civilization they have established is being shot to pieces in a War they strive desperately to escape of this teaches anything it teaches us that a nation can get into War w Ith out offering provocation to a belligerent Power that being strictly Neutral in these tragic years is not quite enough. Eat grass says a Vita Mist and grow healthy. What and have people say we eat like a Hoise

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