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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor irs methods coming under heavy fire 4a sunday april 7, 1974 speeding toward adjournment general assemblymen go Back to Raleigh tomorrow and if associated press legislative specialist Robert Cullen is Correct there is literally no telling what will happen to the North Carolina body of Laws Between now and easter. Analysing Cullen s analysis one must conclude that politics bids fair to outweigh Good judgment As the 1974 session goes Down to the wire. On the basis of past years experience the conclusion of the session will be a Relief to All a to the legislators most of whom want to get Back Home for the campaigning necessary for the May primaries and to the rest of us who Are concerned with the kind of mischief possible in such a hectic atmosphere. If there is one Bright spot in an otherwise rather dim picture it lies in the prediction that one powerful final week Force will be the need to put on a show of faithfulness to the Public interest As opposed to the special interests who have fared so Well this year. Cullen suggests that the proximity of voting time provides the impetus for such Public leaning. Nevertheless the Way in which the North Carolina general Assembly brings its sessions to a close tends to show the system s faults clearly. Undeterred by the treat of veto since North Carolina does not allow its governors that Power some of the Wilder lawmakers have Learned the Art of winning their Way by delay. Much of the current weariness stems from the fact that the Assembly spun its wheels during the first month of the session and left huge decisions to the waning da3>s. As always the appropriations committees Dawdle along and presented their big and complicated budget at a time when the Chance of its being opened up and operated upon was least propitious. If there were those who wanted to let the full membership consider the Issue of the ecu medical school they were not willing to do so at such a late Date. Under pressure to adjourn legislators Are going to have far too Little time to act intelligently on the subjects of tax cuts and reforms that have been neatly sewn together. In the package apparently will be an elimination of the sales tax on food an off setting Rise in the income tax rates for higher income payers and a special tax break for manufacturers and merchants. These Are matters that should have been Given More attention and should have been considered on their individual merits. Instead weary legislators Are presumably going to have to pass All or pass none. Effectiveness of study committees and commissions has according to one Veteran largely proven negative on the basis of generally Assembly actions. But on the basis of the 1974 experience it would appear that one More commission to probe the budget making machinery might be in order. The recent congressional Bill to revise budgeting processes included a requirement that Federal appropriations be put on a specific timetable which would permit full and a brushed consideration. It is a Page that the North Carolina general Assembly could borrow to the distinct advantage of the general welfare. Don t forget what tomorrow is take another reminder that tomorrow is the last Day for new voters to Register if they Are to participate in the primaries and the Bond referendum on May 7. It is the deadline also for those who want to change their party affiliation and for those who have moved into a new textile Cut a neighbouring newspaper published on its fashion pages a series of photographs under the heading a what to look for in swimwear for this an inspection of the Young ladies in the photos indicates that a More Apt title would be a what to look for out of swimwear for those whose regular Reading does not take them to such pages we d report that there has been an apparent reversal of the recent trend to cover More rather than less of the Beach beauties. On the basis of this fashion prognostication summer s motto May Well be a Barer is precinct since they registered. The last Days before such voting regularly brings complaints from people that they were not aware of the cutoff dates. The volume of voting is always a pretty unpleasant subject hereabouts. For instance when voters in Winston Salem and Forsyth county were called on last week to determine if the county was to retain its extra cent on the sales tax. Only about 15 per cent of the eligible bothered to take part in the decision. That they opted for retention of the tax by a huge margin lends further credence to the belief that Bond issues and tax matters Tare Best when the vote turnout is smallest. Government credibility we Are told by the polls is at a dismally Low ebb. When then will the people do something affirmative about it by choosing better people and helping with such decisions As big Money borrowing it s a certain fact that those who can t get up the Energy to Register will not. Sermon Palms and pain a and Jesus steadfastly set his lace to go up to Luke 9.51. A there is a Green Hill far away beyond a City Wall. Where the dear lord was crucified who died to save us All. We May not know we cannot Tell what pains he had to Bear hut we believe it was for us he Hung and suffered these lines from an old hymn ring in our ears on Palm sunday As w e remember the last Days of Jesus in his approaching agony and death. He could have turned his Back on All these Vicissitudes and the violence that awaited him. But he bravely chose to face the inevitable and to endure pain on Good Friday. Thus we read of his boundless courage in the words of St. Luke. A and he steadfastly set his face to go up to Jerusalem a yes up to Gethsemane betrayal the kiss of Judas pilates court the via Dolorosa Calvary and the old rugged Cross. Only one Bright event came to cheer his Onward March that final week toward Golgotha. It was his ride through the narrow streets of the old City of his fathers. The Young people and children bless their hearts joined in jubilation along his pathway scattering Palm branches before his Advance. I can almost hear him saying to them As he Rode along a thank you thank you my dear ones thank you for your kindness and your great from those Palm branches under foot he turned to face the pains of what awaited him. The Cross of Christ has never claimed to be soft tame and easy. It has from the beginning promised Man his hardest noblest Challenge one that demands his life and All else even his greatest Powers. Any other religion would be futile Hub away the Cross of blood and death from our altars and we have Only dust and ashes remaining. The Price is so High for every one that christians by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington few stories have so infuriated the taxpayers As they make out their returns this month than the discovery that president Nixon for two years paid less taxes than did Many an unskilled ditch Digger. The internal Revenue service conducted a polite audit and notified the president a your examination of your income tax returns for the years 1971 and 1972 revealed that they Are the irs even complimented him a on the care shown in the preparation of your now a joint congressional committee which investigated the president s returns at his invitation has come up with evidence that the irs audit was a Whitewash. A staff report charges he owes a staggering $476,531 in Back taxes. The governments tax collectors after All Are sworn not to favor the presidents Over paupers. Yet a Senate subcommittee has found that the irs often browbeat and bullies millions of Ordinary citizens who patiently Pav their fair taxes before april 15 year after year. Later this week the subcommittee under sen. Joseph Montoya d-n.m., will hear from sex irs agents tax experts and individual taxpayers. These witnesses backed by Montoya s detective work will charge that the irs does no to always understand the difference Between a a prosecuted and some authorities go after unpaid taxes As if it were their Lone Mission to collect enough Revenue Tor president Nixon to reduce his budget. Montoya s investigators have prepared a confidential staff report citing heretofore unknown but a documented horror which will be revealed at the hearings. Witnesses will Tell of their a a fear of the irs a based on past experiences and hearsay a the report states. There will be testimony too about the a dangers faced by a the Little Guy in the Middle a we could travel faster Comrade if you d let me push you Quot Good morning of Complex and sometimes unfair irs audit harassed taxpayers who try to find out what mysterious rules govern their tax returns often encounter Stern silence from the irs on the grounds the information is classified. Evidence collected by Montoya shows this a a secrecy has led tax diminishment of taxpayer rights continuance of questionable irs policies and practices and abuse of irs Power and discretion by those within and outside the one of the most discomforting facts turned up by Montoya is that Revenue agents despite irs denials still Are saddled with a a Dollar production quota. This sometimes forces them to order arbitrary audits. The National target quota for 1972, Montoya has Learned was $3.4 billion. Although the quotas Are merely a recommended a a the Senate sleuths can show that District directors who fall below the a recommended tax and penalties quota can expect quiet pressure from Washington. Indeed the irs is so eager to hold agents responsible for specific sums that separate quota estimates Are set for individuals financial institutions estates gift taxes and excise taxes. The biggest audit quotas were assigned in 1973 to the North Atlantic states followed by the Midwest Middle Atlantic Central Region Southeast and Southwest. The three cities expected to produce the highest quota income Are new York Manhattan Chicago and los Angeles. Among the a horror stories uncovered by Montoya Are these a Montoya a men put the same identical tax question to two irs Counselor one in Washington d.c., the other in Topeka. Kans. The irs experts gave exactly opposite answers. Yet if the taxpayer had mis guessed which irs expert to believe he might have been audited. A an a exemption was allowed for a taxpayers Mother in 1970 but disallowed in 1971�?� on the same set of facts. The taxpayer of course was a entitled to exemption in both a the irs sent an amended tax form to a taxpayer with a Handwritten note at the Bottom requesting a please sign. Return this the form was a waiver of All the taxpayers rights. A irs publications have so confounded the instructions for self employment taxes that they Are almost impossible to decipher. The befuddled taxpayers therefore almost invariably use a the optional method which results in a higher a the irs computers have been used almost exclusively to catch taxpayers who pay too few taxes almost never to help taxpayers who pay too much. A president Nixon members of Congress and other politicians get polite patient counselling from irs at tax time. But the Irso Telephone counselling service for no politicians is sometimes manned by incompetents. No More than a High school education and two weeks of training qualify an employee As a a tax while some give excellent advice wrong information is commonplace. A a among the most dramatic witnesses will be Hank Greenspun the flamboyant Las vegas publisher. The Montoya study says Greenspun will describe his own a audit harassment by the irs. Be was supposed to have been the target of a break in by the White House a a plumbers who reportedly sought certain Howard Hughes documents in Greenspun a Safe. Thereafter Greenspun suddenly found himself the victim of an irs audit which after extraordinary harassment gave him a clean Bill. Footnote to the credit of the irs commissioner Donald Alexander acting on Montoya a recommendations last year. Has tried to enforce some reforms. But Alexander who Montoya has quipped a at least listens better than most irs commissioners a has had trouble getting old irs hands to accept his reforms. Will the chinese think it s a put on All Over the world still sing a i will cling to the old rugged Cross till my trophies at last i Lay Down i will cling to the old rugged Cross and Exchange it some Day for a Crown a people ask me quite often Why Jesus had to die there Are at least half a dozen reasons Why. The cry of the mob a crucify him crucify him came from the throats of Many people stirred to anger because they thought Jesus was overturning All the traditions of the past disturbing the order of that present Day corrupting the Faith of the fathers. For such they were determined to rid the world of such a presence As his. Such would have eased the consciences of Many who opposed him. Yes the hate of the Hierarchy was one particular reason Christ had to die. Another was the treason of his own men. A and they All forsook him and fled could be written Over the names of those twelve men who had followed him for three years. Judas betrayed him Peter denied him and the others ran in fear when the chips were Down and the going became rough. A cowardice base cowardice on the part of those who swore to defend him with their own lives. Now they have hidden themselves in the dark Corners of that old City trembling from head to foot leaving the Good master in the hands of his to reducers. Again it was because of that political trickster Pontius Pilate a Man who played fast and Loose with Justice with an ear to the ground listening for a Short Cut method out of the dilemma. A so he washed his hands of the whole business and turned him Over to his murderers. Pilate had no desire to be involved in this Issue of life and death and so we repeat in our creeds a suffered under Pontius Pilate Jesus went from the Palms to pain and death because he was what he was the True and living incarnate Christ of god and no Power on Earth would Ever have turned him Back irom his appointed task. Ceh by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus believe it or not High pointers or. And mrs. Richard Nixon would like nothing better than to join that initial group of travellers to China their interesting names Are on the list of a dozen or so already compiled although when it will be. How much it will Cost and other details will not be known until some opening that Way develops. Nixon a teacher of the fifth Grade at Mon lieu school and his wife put their name on the list at urgency of friends who Hope it May be possible for them to make that trip if and when the Way opens. James Jackson manager of travels unlimited which is compiling the list says that could be sooner than most people think for cracks Are appearing in that Peoples Republic of China Wall although visitation has been thus far confined in a quite restricted Way largely to the local group will be accepted for travel to Graffiti to it ism Man Uthil syndic inc a Woma is press Rolkus. Is wifi Urdon a a it i ii Quot a Ltd w. 1.1. I 11.ii� a /1 a iv.v.-1 a i h specialities such As politics education arts and certain professions. However the president of a tour Agency represented by the local firm is in China now conferring w Ltd tourist officials looking to the opening of ways for . Tourists to get there with the same ease and Comfort visitors from some other lands Are doing. There. Is no definite indication when peking but there s already quite a group Here waiting to go e. C., familiarly known to his legion of friends and customers As a a Eek ring is out of his Job operating a filling station after 45 years in the business. And his customers some of whom like the Pete Freeman and Fred Thomases have been with him through generations Are crying a what am i going to do a he gave up school and went to studying people and automobiles at d. O. Cecil s pioneering service station at the Corner of what then was West Washington and College streets. Harry Lemming opened a larger station up North main and he became right hand Man to Harry there until j. H. Mccall the Standard Oil manager Here opened a station across the Street and lured Eek to that operation. When Lemming closed his place Eek took Over for a few years before going with Gulf first at or. D. B. Carriers station at the Corner of main and Mon lieu 20 years ago he took Over direction of Gulf a then new station at n. Hamilton and Richardson. That lease expired this past week and was not renewed by Gulf. So Eek is concerned now with seeing that those who followed him faithfully Down the years and depended upon him for everything from gasoline to cashing checks a and credit when they did no to have Money Are getting cared for with other dependable operators. He a had some offers but for the present he s resting and trying to decide whether to make yet another move into someone else s station. Eek King has made himself a tradition in his own time by tying customers to him so strongly they feel lost without his serving them. The old school service operation is giving Way to new. Streamlined computerized service that claims to be improvement but the heart Eek ring brought to his work just in t part of any computer. An institution passed when Eek ring locked the doors of his service station to conclude his pleasant and service Ful career there. It s just one month from today when High Point voters will have their say on Bonds totalling $8.8 million for financing water electric and streets improvements constructing a $2 million City garage adding to the Public Library and setting up a municipal bus system. City Hall spokesmen Are saying they expect approval of those Bonds but except for the Library and municipal bus system portions a lot of questions Are being raised. So much so advocates of All that borrowing have their work Cut out for them for some of the questions Call for answers that need solid replies such As a Why is City Hall asking $2 million additional for electrical expansion when two years ago a $5 8 million Bond Issue was voted upon the Assurance there would be no need for additional Bond Money for that purpose for the next to years a How can City Hall maintain its claim that electrical rates in the City Are the same As Dukes outside when interest and repayment for Bonds already issued and to be issued if voted would have to be added to the tax rate thereby pyramiding the already mounting Cost of electrical service within the City there seems to be a feeling in circles in which we move that mayor Clapp s original purpose to Issue Bonds to catch up deficiencies in the City s Street system was better based than this catch All that would press High Points debt Well beyond the $50 million Mark. A unlocking your imagination a an Extension of the Southeastern youth and Christian education workers convention will top the third Semi annual meeting at High Point friends meeting House saturday May 4. The All Day event sponsored by Nido Qubein associates attracts some 300 persons from More than a dozen states. The conventions leadership includes several of the nation s youth work consultants. Gilbert Weant has been named treasurer of the High Point area Mission society succeeding the late Roscoe w. Sowers who held the office faithfully from beginning of that group. There a a lot of Spring natural Beauty about even if the Weatherman played tricks which interfered with Normal growth. Take a look if you like pretty Flowers at the Bowers of Dogwood All about at the azaleas Blooming at the new offices of Adams Millis those magnificent Trees at City Lake and flowering Beauty All about the place. Dick Edmundson who headed Sears operations Here until he went to direct their Charlotte store is the new president of the Charlotte merchants association. Cum by a. In. Quot frat your Hurt out

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