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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear skies warmer today Chance of showers on monday 90th year a no. 97 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., sunday morning april 7, 1974 152 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily Ioc sunday 25c without Price controls explosive health costs predicted Washington apr if you think medical Bills Are High prepare for a Shock. The next 12 to 15 months May bring some of the most explosive health costs in the nation s history. If Price controls Over health costs Are allowed to expire on april 30, As is Likely Consumers May see these kind of increases in the fiscal year ending june 30, 1975 a Hospital charges will jump by 16 to 17 per cent. A physician fees will go up about 9 per cent. A nursing Home charges will jump by 14 per cent. The estimates Are those of the Nixon administration which had urged Congress to continue Price controls Over the health Industry Only to be rejected so far. Even with controls Hospital charges would have risen about to per cent doctors fees 4 per cent and nursing Home charges 6.5 per cent the administration estimates. The Public will have to pay an additional $4.1 billion Over the current fiscal year then another $9 billion on top of that in the following year the administration estimates. Consumers will find themselves paying an additional $1 billion in direct out of pocket expenses for services which would have been covered under Price controls. This amount will Rise to $2.25 billion additional in fiscal 1976. Medical insurance premiums would go up $1.5 billion in fiscal 1975. And spending by state and Federal governments would Rise $1.5 billion. Caspar Weinberger Secretary of health education and welfare said he believes the costs will be higher than that. He said the estimates a simply a substantial degree of restraint which i Hope to Weinberger said the Cost in one year May be closer to $5.5 billion instead of $4 billion. He said the increased Bill will add an enormous amount to every american s health Bill adding that controls should be retained in the Industry. A we Don t have a free Market in that Industry a a he said. Weinberger added that failure of Congress to extend controls Over health costs increases the urgency for Pas for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Q. Due to a recent television program which enlightened viewers As to How extremely flammable camping tents Are i would like to assure myself that the next tent i buy which will be in the near future is fire retarded. I have checked with two prominent nationwide Chain stores in the area and neither carry fire retardant tents. I would like to know if there is any place in the triad area from which this Type can be ordered. Thank you. . A. The boy scout office can order them for scouts through their Supply division. If you Are not connected with scouts you can order from Beesons hardware or Penney a. Scout executive Steve Alexander says that As a result of the show on to the tent manufacturers from on Are specifying which ones Are fire retardant and which Are not. Craftsmen wanted q. We Are trying to Start a Craft shop on consignment and Are looking for artisans. How would we go about finding out who has special talents and who has articles they would like to sell we have made a Good Start but we would like to have More people involved so if someone has an article they would like to sell they can Call 454-2252 for More information. T. W., Jamestown. A. The High Point arts Council in the a cab building and Craft Corner at Oakview and old Winston Road also sell Art work and crafts of local artisans on consignment so Welcome to the band of arts and crafts promoters a and be sure to advertise when you re open for business. Sage of the administration s National health insurance plan. The administration s estimates show without controls americans will spend $88 billion for health care in fiscal 1975, compared with $83.5 billion in the current fiscal year. They will spend $46.4 billion for hospitals $31.2 billion for health professionals including doctors $4 2 billion for nursing Homes and $6.2 billion for other services. The greatest bulk increase is for hospitals $2 billion with $1 billion of that in insurance premiums $400,000 in payroll taxes $100,000 in out of pocket expenses and $500,000 in state and Federal spending. Americans will spend an increased $1.5 billion on health professionals with $600,000 going for out of pocket expenses $500,000 for insurance premiums and another $400,000 for state and Federal spending. The american medical association did not dispute the administration s figures but said that doctor s fees have gone up 7.3 per cent since August 1971, when controls began while All services have gone up ll.2 per cent. Group pushes Campaign Bill Charlotte apr a citizens political action group gave its endorsement saturday to the Campaign finance Reform Bill being considered in the North Carolina general Assembly. Cart Carmichael state chairman of the group the program action committee of common cause North Carolina said it also endorsed the legislative ethics Bill pending in the state House of representatives. Sen. Herman Moore a speaker at the session said a conference committee version of the Campaign finance Reform Bill should be reported out this week. The Bill proposes to apply More stringent rules to Campaign financing and reporting of expenditures. Winds delay ship s repair Hamilton Bermuda i Al a moderately High winds have forced the stricken luxury liner Queen Elizabeth la to lie off the East coast of Bermuda until sunday before entering the Harbor for repairs according to a spokesman for the ship s owners. Against syrian forces israelis use warplanes president Nixon French Leader Poher after meeting in Elysee Palace in Paris a wire photo Nixon meeting with europeans Paris apr president Nixon met with european leaders saturday in an Effort to help boost sagging american european relations. Very Little was disclosed officially about the talks but american sources indicated the main substance dealt with improving the consultative processes within the Atlantic Alliance. The discussions also were believed to have touched on the status of arms limitations negotiations Between the United states and the soviet Union and the Prospect of East West troop reductions in Central Europe. Nixon had flown to Paris to attend a memorial mass for the late French president Georges Pompidou. He originally was scheduled to return to Washington on saturday afternoon but delayed his departure until sunday. Nixon talked with British prime minister Harold Wilson West German Chancellor Willy Brandt interim French president Alain Poher italian presi Dent Giovanni Leone and danish Premier p o u i hurtling. All five represent member nations of the North Atlantic treaty organization and the european common Market. Nixon was expected to meet sunday morning with soviet president Nikolai Podgorny and japanese Premier Kakuei Tanaka. In sunday s meeting with Podgorny Nixon was expected to Deal with the arms limitation talks balanced troop cuts in Europe and his scheduled visit to the soviet Union this summer. The president s talks with Tanaka probably will cover Japan s relationship with nato As Well As bilateral issues. On several occasions Nixon has indicated an Effort would be made to form a and improved relationship Between the United states and Europe but instead the existing relationship has deteriorated and a hoped for european visit by Nixon this month to sign a Atlantic policy document was called off. Inside re Cates mail. Fading Garden plots. Chair City housing. Classified. Editorial. Women s . Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Statute of limitations expired history revisited q. I would like to know the names and addresses of any firms or an Agency in Washington , that Sells replicas of cannons or portraits of past presidents flags Etc. J. S. A. There is a dealer in 18th Century reproductions of military uniforms weapons and accoutrements who will Send you a Catalon for 35 cents the Sutler of it. Misery g. Gedney Godwin Box too Valley forge a. 19481. A Sutler we looked up for our personal edification is a person who follows an army and Sells provisions to the soldiers. Hobby shops can also order scale models of cannons. The w Hite House historical Assn. 5026 executive office building 726 Jackson place n.w., Washington . 20506, publishes books about the White House in addition to acquiring historic furnishings and Art objects for it. One of the books is a the presidents of the United states of America a and 82-Page Book containing a profile and an illustration of a portrait or a photograph of each president. A paperbound edition by mail is $1.25 a clothbound one is $2. Another is a the White House an historic it contains a concise history of the White House describes its rooms and furnishings has Over 240 illustrations most of them in color. A third Book they offer is a the living White House a which relates to ceremonies parties funerals and the first families at Home. Each of these two books is $1.75 in paperback or $3 in clothbound. Page size Wasny to mentioned so considering the Price the books May be paperback size. Whether they fill the Bill for you depends on whether you want something just for references or copies of portraits suitable for framing. President not required to pay tax on papers by Michael Putzel associated press writer Washington a a congressional committee found that president Nixon incorrectly took a $70,000 tax deduction for giving papers to the government in 1968, but he apparently won t have to pay additional taxes for it. Nixon has agreed to pay about $465,000 in Back taxes and interest assessed by the internal Revenue service for the first four years of his presidency 1969 through 1972. But the irs did no to audit his 1968 return and the statute of limitations has run out. The staff of the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation which Nixon asked to review his 1969-72 returns said it also looked at the taxes paid in 1968. The 1968 study was necessary to determine How the handling of Nixon a first gift of papers to the government differed from the handling of the second much larger gift the next year the staff report said. And it was possible that a carryover of the 1968 charitable contribution deduction would reduce the presidents taxes in following years. The committee staff however did not audit the full 1968 return and Nixon has never made it Public. The report said Only that the papers were appraised at $80,000 and that Nixon took the maximum allowable deduction for charitable contributions including $70,552.27 for the papers. This left $9,477.73 available for carryover in future years. Internal Revenue Laws permit a taxpayer to deduct up to 30 per cent of his adjusted Gross income each year for charitable contributions if at least to per cent of that goes to a government Agency such As the National archives. Unlike the Case of the $576,000 deduction claimed in 1969 for the gift of papers there were few facts in dispute about How and when the 1968 gift was made. The papers were selected and appraised in Nixon a Law offices in York and a deed for them was turned Over to the National archives on . 30, 1968, just in time to claim a deduction on Nixon a 1968 tax return due the following april. The primary question at Issue is whether the conditions set out in the deed a a president on a Nixon granted Extension los Angeles a president Nixon has been granted an Extension in filing his 1973 income tax return because revisions Are needed to comply with the recent internal Revenue service ruling on what deductions he can claim his tax attorney said saturday. Arthur Blech said the president s tax return a has to be reworked a to be consistent with the reasoning used by the irs in its announcement wednesday that Nixon owed More than $465,000 in Back taxes and interest for 1969-72. Nixon has agreed to pay the entire amount. The irs report disallowed Many deductions claimed by the president. A it changes our position on Many issues a Blech said in an interview. A the 1973 return just can t be done in time. I still Haven to received a copy of the irs Blech emphasized that extensions in filing Are frequently granted by the irs. Blech said he agreed with a lbs evening report Friday that Nixon May be a Able to write off his entire 1974 income As deductible. Though the president has agreed to pay the entire is assessment for 1969-72, the statute of limitations has passed for 1969 and that part of the payment could be considered a gift to the government Blech said. Irs Laws allow a person to deduct such gifts up to 50 per cent of his adjusted Gross income. Thus the president could deduct about $134,000 for paving what the irs says he tailed to pay in 1969. A the Man is entitled to the deduction a a said Blech. A whether he will elect to use it is another a the May decide it s not Wise to have a year where he does no to pay any income tax. He May simply say a to hell with it us pay my regular in the lbs report newsman Daniel Schorr said Revenue experts put Nixon s income last year at about $250,000 from his presidential salary and expense account plus $18,000 from miscellaneous sources. In addition to deducting half of that for paying the 1969 tax Nixon also could write off $32,000 in interest on his unpaid Back taxes. The remaining income could be written off by deducting $55,000 in interest on mortgages and other Loans $24,000 in property taxes and about $23,000 in fees for his tax lawyers Schorr said in a report. The Washington Star in today a editions said the internal Revenue service has granted Nixon permission to file his 1973 return after april 15 because the return must be redone completely. By the associated press israeli forces opened fire on syrian troops on the Golan Heights front saturday morning and used warplanes for the first time since the october cease fire. United nations truce observers reported. Israeli air Force jets were called in for a second time in the afternoon to strike syrian infiltrators who attacked an israeli position on of. Hermon the israeli military command said. Israel said it acted in both cases after the syrians crossed the Golan truce line hours before passover began and attacked an israeli position on the snowy slopes of the Mountain. Syria said Israel struck first. Israel said its fighter bombers and big guns were called on to repulse the syrians in the morning that the syrians withdrew after a half hour and that Israel complained to the United nations in Jerusalem. But Syria said the israelis attacked a syrian position on the Mountain first. It said two israeli warplanes struck twice in 30 minutes without inflicting casualties. It was the 26th straight Day of fighting on the embattled Golan and the adjoining wedge of land captured from Syria in the october War. Israeli troops still stood on High Alert along the Arab fronts fearful of a repetition of the last Yoni kippur Holiday when syrian and egyptian troops launched heir attack. Also worsening in the jewish state was the political Tutor stirred by the report of a Blue ribbon commission fixing blame for israelis initial setbacks at yom kippur. Israel s most powerful opposition political Leader Menahem begin chief of the right Wing liked bloc called on Premier Golda Meir a government to resign. Israel s chief of staff. Of. Gen. David Elazar. Already has resigned from the army because of the report. Libyan army Leader relieved of functions by the associated press libyan strongman col. Moa mar khad Afy has been a relieved a of Many of his a political and executive functions but has not been deposed a libyan government source said saturday night in Tripoli. The source who asked to remain Anonymous stressed that the fiery 32-year-old libyan strongman remains in charge of the armed forces although he has relinquished some duties to libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul. The changes in the libyan government were first reported by Egypt s official Middle East Agency in Cairo which claimed that Jalloul khad Afy s righthand Man. Had stripped the colonel of Power and pushed him into a figurehead position. A libyan spokesman earlier acknowledged he was aware of the foreign press reports but said Only a that khad Afy has delegated his Powers administrative and political to Jalloul. The Premier who is in Paris for the memorial services Tor the late French president Georges Pompidou declined to comment on the reports. It remained unclear whether khad Afy. Who has ruled Libya with a tight grip since taking Power in a coup four years ago had requested the changes or if he was gradually being eased out of Power. Khad Afy an ideologue and a spellbinder to libyan masses is known to be disdainful of protocol normally reserved for Heads of state. More than once he has threatened to resign Only to withdraw the resignation a Short time later. Lenten series�?7 the builders of Faith a to strengthen and encourage people that believed and tit make his Tvorik More to p p Arent g o d favored several of the in to i i h d i v i a e dreams others Aith trances and visions Quot by David Poling of the eight offices or positions outlined by St. Paul for Christian leadership the most difficult and divisive belongs to those who speak in tongues. Indeed after St. Paul includes this category in his leadership list he devotes almost another chapter describing its problems and drawbacks. Nevertheless speaking on tongues was part of the religious expression then and now. Religious ecstasy certainly was a source of the emotion described in the Book of acts concerning the Day of Pentecost. The specific term for speaking on tongues is glossolalia a a formation of two greek words to describe the rambling vocal sounds that emerge from the believer. Speaking in tongues has been considered a a gift of the spirit and historically has appeared in the life style of Many religious groups. In the 18th Century John Wesley discovered rather soon that Many people responded to his forceful direct evangelical message with psychological reactions that bordered on the explosive. Wesley did not promote this violent behaviour yet neither did he put it Down. In his a a journal a he offers a thoughtful insight a the danger was to regard extraordinary circumstances too much such As out cries convulsions trances As if these were to the inward work so that it could not go on without them. A perhaps the danger is to retard them too Little to condemn them altogether to imagine they had nothing of god in them and were a hindrance to his work. Whereas the truth is i. God suddenly and strongly convinced Many that they were lost sinners the natural consequence whereof were sudden outcries and Strong bodily convulsions 2. To strengthen and encourage them that believed and to make his work More apparent he favoured several of them with divine dreams others with trances and visions 3. In some of these instances after a time nature mixed with Grace 4. Satan likewise mimicked this work of god in order to discredit the whole work and yet it is not Wise to give up this part any More than to give up the whole. A at first it was doubtless wholly from god. It is partly so at this Day. And he will enable us to discern How far in every Case the work is pure and where it mixes or next week easter a continuing Celebration

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