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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Sunday. April 7, 1940the High Point Enterprise i Monc Center no Industry High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. A Carrick gardens to be open to Public today contain 165.0 h Daffodil bulbs in 725 varieties and approximately 15,000 tulips the d. B Carrick Daffodil gardens located on Mon lieu Avenue. Just East of North main Street will be thrown open for Public inspection this afternoon at 1 30 of clock and will be open throughout the week. These gardens where one will find probably the second largest number of varieties of daffodils Between new York and new Orleans each year attract hundreds of visitors not Only from High Point and the surrounding communities but from the entire Atlantic Seaboard and West to Kansas City and Minneapolis just Friday there were visitors from Rhode Island who returned Here after hading visited the gardens a year ago. La the gardens there Are 165,-000 Daffodil bulbs in 725 varieties and in addition there Are approximately 15,000 tulips in 90 varieties. They Range from the Humble Early yellow Jonquil to the most refined and aristocratic members of the entire Daffodil world. Out of the ten top ranking varieties listed by the British experts or. Carrick has the first five kinds. The Garden is far from self supporting. It is educational and experimental As Well As being Beautiful. The experimentation with varieties was begun five years ago by r. Carrick who had for 15 years prior to that time been a professor in the College of agriculture at Cornell University. Aside from varieties and cultural tests he has carried on Breeding or new forms for the past three years and two years yet remain until flowering. The development of this bulb Garden was strongly encouraged by or. Carrick # Mother mrs. Thomas Carrick a native of High Point and herself an experienced and successful bulb grower for several decades. This year or Carrick is ably assisted in Many details in connection with his experiments by his Young Cousin miss Mary Bain a student in the ninth Grade Here. Each of the 725 varieties in the Garden is plainly labelled for i., a ,. ,.easy identification and the names a ens us Mon lieu Avenue which Are being opened today for Public inspection i he gardens at Range from the ridiculous to the j tract annually visitors from the entire Atlantic Seaboard contain 725 varieties of daffodils Sublime. For example what could ,. A a. Be prettier than some of these and varieties of tulips. Alf i Lioto names White Nile Bonfire Feu j a. A de Joie. Admiration White emperor Dephne Silver Salver or Thalia or what could be More awkward than Clwyd Merapi flemish tre Gantle or Diotima the poets Are represented in the Garden in numbers for there Are John Masefield homers Horaces and nightingales. There one will find also the Hunter Nimrod the tempting lady Folly their future actions will be a Man who Speaks i decisively and unspecific ally is Apt to act in the same manner. Here is the matter for the thoughts of the voters of North Carolina when they decide who shall administer the affair of the state for the next four years. Yours truly r. J. Walker. Daffodil gardens Here is a View showing a part of the d. B. Carrick Daffodil Gar Walter wine Liel i varieties. The Ford Way of doing business t he Ford motor company a founded by a Workingman for working men. Its present officers began As employees of the company. It was the first company to pay a minimum wage beginning in 1914, at the then astounding figure of $5 a Day. That was double the prevailing wage of the time. The Ford minimum is now �6 a Day for All employees engaged in production work. And from that the wages Rise to $10.80 a Day with the average wage $7.25, exclusive of salaried employees. I the Ford motor company was the first Large company to establish the 8hour Day also in 1914. And the 40-hour week was inaugurated by the Ford motor company in 1926, years before any such Laws existed. The Ford motor company employs men without regard to race Creed or color. It is common knowledge that working conditions in the Ford shops Are the Best that science and constant care can make them. A Square Deal a just wage and stabilized employment for a Large proportion of our employees a and As fully stabilized for All As conditions will permit a enable our men to retain their personal Independence. In consequence of these policies the Ford motor company has one of the finest bodies of employees in the world. The larger proportion Are mature men of Long service with the company a sober decent family men. Hundreds of them have been with the company for More than 25 years a thousands for More than 15 years. Their health record Home ownership and citizenship records Are Gratifying by High. All this is reflected in Ford products whether cars trucks or tractors. The work is honestly done. The materials Are the Best that can be made or procured. Less profit to the company and More value to die customer is known throughout the civilized world As Quot Fords Way of doing Jund Folly s inevitable Reward. A wintering on Rudolf Island a a hades. Polar game is being played by the varieties May not Range children of Moscow Russia. Quite from Dan to Beersheba but Farmers of England who or they do Ranee from Don to Beer Gani Zed Hunting parties to Exter Sheba. \ Minate foxes report Success. Or. Carrick will he in the Gar a Inao Dens most of the time to assist France is building a new fish continued from editorial i age visitors in locating the different Ling Fleet for the Ireland Green no nogued on Jimmy Walker s a and and Newfoundland Banks. She practically a blotter for a Vaude acts. He had a quip from j each of the old headliners singles i. Premier Reynaud of France can thank the Ratzat broadcasters i for his Job you gather from a Paris dispatch from a. J. Loeb Ling. The Heinie Spieler gloated so much Over Reynaud a a narrow i squeeze in the election the French decided a Man they hated j so much must be oks and now they love him. A let s go to Mexico a warbled by Betty hut a ton on the a Pursuit of Falls several lengths Short j i of the same composer s wonder song. A Ballad for americans Quot. J Boake Carter once named in a$600,000 lawsuit by Jersey s sex governor Hoffman is now plugging for his return to office. I ii 0tun i. The Headliner announced Ralph Bellamy a i have always wanted to be an actor. Well some Day scientists will find a cure for that too. Irene Dunne s remarkable remark a a wife to be should have a sense of he i More. Especially if she expects to enjoy the joke she marries. J i Jean Arthur declared a i Don to t want to set myself up in movie j Queen style. Good idea. The movie Queen usually winds up 1 i with the Gutter for a throne. J Madeleine Carroll s message of the year a when you go on a cruise too much Luggage is a bored. Fine thing to say about i a husband. Virginia Bruce said a a girl who is always Avail Able in t desirable to men ,. Shes desirable but not permanently. Loretta Young said i a a Well written love scene is a de a licht to do. A. Shout. It i can to be much fun with will Hays telling you when to i Sheridan s quote a music is one i of cupid a Moat effective Wear Jonsy. Y must Eurn up Sny i see me sometime. I just got a new i zither. Said la Duce s Cholly Mccuddy Virginio Garda a the j i truth is very important to fas j Clamp. Sure it s their favorite target. Believes Dewey is Able a v editor the Enterprise in a recent editorial Thomas e. Dewey was called a a Glamour boy without a constructive policy. Thomas Dewey in Bis speeches in Minneapolis. Boston. New York and elsewhere has definitely con a Eisely and clearly stated and sum-1 Money up the Campaign issues of i 1940 and submitted a course of i action which he would pursue if elected president. He has frankly stated his views. Among other issues he discuss i de government spending calling 1 attention to the enormous debt the administration has contracted with its deficit spending and waste and outlined a Way to Correct it. Read his Boston speech j in it he stated that Twenty cents j of every Dollar earned goes to the government and yet it is unable to balance income and sex i lenses and is increasing the tax Burden. It will take the income of All the people of the country eleven weeks from isl to april 8th, to defray the Cost of govern j ment and of this amount the Federal government will take one half. Instead of blandly ignoring this i situation and exceeding his own budget two or three billion dollars a year which the president has done or. Dewey offers a pro j Gram that will reduce expenditures and Stop the mad policy j that is leading us to National bankruptcy. He is not afraid to Call it the a hand Way revealing his unwillingness to gain support by offering in easy and painless remedy to cure our diseased country. The president in his Campaign promised to reduce the Cost of government. No one was More concerned Over extravagance in it government than he. But what happened when he came into of i flee in 1933 there were five Hundred and seventy thousand fed j Era employees. Now there Are nine Hundred and thirty thous and. Instead of reducing and controlling bureaucracy he let it run wild. Instead of saving he looked for new ways to spend Money or. Dewey does not claim the budget can be balanced immediately but he does offer a Way to cure the mania of spending and j restore eventually our financial a Structure. In his Minneapolis speech or. Dewey discussed the Fanner my his relation to the National Economy. He knows from practical experience the problems of the Farmer. A a Glamour boy could not have served in the office of the attorney general in Washington. D. C. With distinction Ash did. A a Glamour boy could not have made the record he a District attorney of new York county securing i believe eighty seven convictions out of i Chov eight indictments in a City that is graft Ridden. The elections held tuesday in new York and Wisconsin show that the voters do not regard him a a Glamour boy a but fit timbre for the presidency of the United states. Dewey Speaks fearlessly and gets things done. No one dare assail his integrity. Or. Dewey is not a Glamour boy but a hard working practical Man who can he trusted with responsibility. Copies of his speeches May he had by writing to Dewey for president too East 42nd st., new York City. John c. Abels. Cats Down Maryville Davidson. April 6.�? spa video no a track team opened season today with a so 2-3 ill 1-3 Victory Over Maryville t lege the wildcats swept All pm in the discus and shot put. He scorers were Bob Kellogg. A Spencer and Jack White who w two firsts each and added Points each to the Davidson Ca 1 More flashlights were sold in England in a recent month than during the entire world War i. Teams meet a or Al 1h-10 Chapel Hill april 6 the North Colina High s a i athletic association will Fondue its 25th annual Tennis Tournai it at its 2sth annual track meet he april 18 and 19. The Tennis tor lament will open thursday a. Continue through Friday i track meet will last All Day k Day. Imported embroidered Organ die insertion with hand embroidered detail. Hemline and Carneol Vestee edged with imported Val Type lace Rege i a Siu $1.00 straight Cami Ioie top with ribbon beading and imported lace Tho older strap. The Bottom finished with More imported lace. When your taste exceed your budget Call for a Junior league i slip to indulge your fondness for streamlining. Cater to your weakness for imported laces. Satisfy your keen sense of style at this Price Why curb those lavish impulses site St to u Belk Stevens co. A a High Points leading dept Stoup to ats Teaa a Henry Ford and Edsel Ford Kerf daily personal touch Aith All phases of Ford manufacture. A in a conference with his staff Henr Ford often says Quot go ahead a ii sit Here and represent the Public Ford motor company was the first to make a motor car within the Means of the average family a quitting the manufacture of what was then the largest Selling Model in the world to do so. Its chosen Field in All the 30 years since that time has been the average american family for which it has consistently provided car facilities which formerly Only the wealthy could buy. It is the policy of the Ford motor company to share the benefits of advanced methods and management with workers and Public alike. Increased wages and employment Over a period of Many years have resulted in to Joo per cent increase in the built in value of the Ford car and a 75 per cent reduction in its Price. Ford motor company we invite you tory the new 1940 Ford ride English Moron company authorized 201 East Washington Street dealer phone 2191 continued from editorial Page lug their names to any thing put i under their nose. As some of them i might he taxpayers. Judging from Public records i am inclined to believe thai Raymond b. Blackman Doe not have j any tax burdens to Bear. Respectfully a taxpayer. Awk candidates Duck the issues Bolton n. C. April i 1940. Editor the Enterprise North Carolina currently finds i itself in the midst of a gubernatorial Campaign featuring More j candidate than any it has Ever i had. Consequently it behoves the voters to scan More closely than Ever those who aspire to this High position. Indefinite statements should have no importance in the minds of the voters and i am wondering if the voter of the slate have i noticed that Only one of the seven democratic candidates has taken i an absolute stand on every Issue he faced. A. J. Maxwell j. A Broughton. Lee gravely Paul Grady w. A Horton have All a a endorsed the i idea of teacher pensions some of them with the reservation of j a when funds Are available. Tom i Cooper. Wilmington s Plain Spok j in mayor has said a Elf i am elected governor i will give the teachers of the state pensions or i will Maxwell Broughton. Gravely i Grady and Horton have All an i bounced they Are a a opposed to diversion of state Highway funds. While again the Plain spoken mule dealer has said a if i am elected i will insist on $5 automobile ii a Cense tags and lower gasoline j taxes. With these there wont he any surplus to divert and All this talk of diversions will be a gone with the Maxwell Broughton gravely Grady and Horton have said generally that the sales tax is not a desirable but a necessary evil while again the Plain spoken Man of the tobacco Field has come out i Flat foot edly and demanded reduce i lion of the Sale tax one half per cent each biennium looking to it ultimate repeal. These Are Hilt # few of the i due in the current Campaign hut Are the stand which these men a amp it taken indicative of what Teloiv 9a his jims to. Store your furs and garments protect them against Moths and vermin at Little Cost. Modern fur storage Plant is at your disposal now von Ltd a not have to Send your garments out of own to have them stored Ami pay excessive storage charges besides the inconvenience Aud sometimes delay. Our new modern fur storage Plant is located in the City and our fur storage method is the Hest known Anil approved by the a s. Government As the safest for destroying Moths and other vermin. Our j8 years of experience Lias taught us How to protect and clean your garments. Our reputation and the name Quot Sartin Quot is your Assurance of Quality workmanship and full Protection. Your garments Are insured from the time they leave your Home until they Are returned. Call us for an estimate on storage of both fur and Wool garments As Well As cleaning and re glazing Sartin dry cleaning company storage Plant 1808 English a 4501

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