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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Acetyl Quot. Sec a Enterprise ,�?z.,�?z/ High Point. North Rny a a a. High Point t?.0r con8rpssional election in expected to learn. The tort was . Sunday april 7, 1940 m tri in in i c add ton Eads ale has uv0 votes important in the development of be a it Ici Lional in the jewish race in that it incl lit a. W f in i a i a a h a published Ite Noona and t in pc the state cast its electoral rated morality sanitation and of a it 6 p r a no Ivy i due i cd r sunday moro.-,._ vote or if majority of it for the monotheism or belief in the one % d b. Cai Irick p ra1xkfc,? ,t1,v n0minee in he preceding True god. The Gist of it As far As it a. In in a Auk Only a a c is a Terv president to a n he intes Rit a of the race was con i la c la c i i hardly As intense As last year. I la i j it t t k a Rawley Seo i and treat upon this . Basis or some corned is to be found in this Juhas been a Long and arduous win Jap 0hr�?opbanda 8<? More yellow Emmett a. Oen. Or. Other the South should recapture command a come out from /<> it. / a Zsolt a this do Hereter in Zzz it by and John Mebane a pus m Waynick editor some of its surrendered Power in among them and be be separate. Cof through the air and the temperature 8. Pam a due. I think to the warmer. A hub8crrp0n a a a tile party convention. The Sun and touch not the unclean thine Quot were Low even for my january. But season. Continuous Cool Ebert Gore ass , mldmewuvo1,he Quot for the m0st the ancient a is zoning a tes tier Quot Quot a odour Abby in a Elve month. $10.48 p truly National jews kept the Faith. But the Faith tie new to Quot a scene goddess of Spring on the threshold a fluence red color development in Many f�fhy7a&Quot? the ,f5stbythe Way of hrmmstt2 �2 party a fairer formula for pop and works of flip no Nhoc the criticism of the week from april. Blossoms although there Are other fac f s leads Conte m 5 $ liar representation could not a Wiy news editorial Peg for some week., the song Birds led tops f22j so Egv trn More than be week a. 20offline in i it no Isle with that of those Ever since we remarked that j. De by the matchless mocking Bird have Scarlet centers in daffodils varies f literary event. It is an event or nit o cd Lorzy is against i bal purpose. Who were sticklers for the letter a it hoover1 big men should be Sung of a new order to come at from a hair line of red around the let Ndu cd of by up Quot to Bave work to Advance. A of he awk amp. Controlled by the department of jus time their feathers were ruffled but p in be poets Nare Ssu a is almost a Favell cd a 81 to it be s x152. ? som Fri inc a bold Mically in line with the Law in Quot to which it works various earn not their spirits. Their benevolent a old Rcd cry a in a me arge cup Wake Quot Quot a fat Rah onto Vii t8&Quot Kublk Cristion for a longer period is desired. Ali Liisu Abu t amp Vav in est and honest persons have been leap prophecy Bas at length been fulfilled varieties. The problem of obtain i a. A artist As a Yourn hound to ,.-ct to my. Good a Days saving tile Cattie of the enemy tog to its defense. The columnist wat the Fleecy Snow has been replaced by in 8 8��d crib a Quot trumpet is still a a a Quot a 0, for it press Rirs la i there a another Side to this after a certain Battle for sacrifice mltvvvi111 he a Ner i inn a Quot do Quot it a petals it "ot.bf0u�?oys�?zt 5mpbsbed altbou8b Geniuk behind Quot furies a matter of Prosperity. George my Leto he but he was con ?n7ewspuc.de8stha?Hoot Bejm be few Lar mys slings a a Tea Dhere is Janis wee. He boy the Kee of. Anderson. S. C. Has f and ise As to the direct word of or gives waiter scoop which is Fine men or Small let duts of tone until satisfy co a Hep or circulation brought some Chi Mulock he a to god As spoken by Samuel so a of Walter but not so Fine for the bulbs hid away in the Earth since la. A bpm red trumpets will be available Quot Juh ses. Entered a a Wvonda St to. Marks nth. I a a Samuel sought out the Kine and paper. Well take this of Fah. Have not Only pushed their Spear by a pretty Price i should add. Of. A ? blk a in d. Toff ice to High Point n c under the Malks about other Days. He says ought out the King and Casion to repeat that we Admire or. Like foliage into the air but their Eav some years aka in was stated by an t9�?Tunl, by Krap Hei of no Uncertain 4 of Congreve of March a a a a a p went to Sohnn a atty or three she behold to oho in Hoover As an ahle a Fri arpr.rr.pii0hs�a and him arc Kjor iou English writer that the then mate of to a Cen Sas a or Fps no a is oils be oud co a months in the year but not in a better Han sacrifice and to in Quot a he does t get too big Flower such is the manifestation of diff Odd is reminded him Cina Ting Quot Quot we re or to. We w Jyz tata. To. .1 1.1 of rams. Quot x Tatai a Quot of Zzz 7tv, a Quot or Zzz a year but not in a car. We for the a in time a1 is Abo a sensitive8 cop. Wih Severa Thelson none s in a Ireland sunday Atrip Imu. Neither wrote letters nor received most amounted to worship of the 5cn8&Quot, fhonds.11 enied than the Parade of there Piner to and ,0 Zurich a a a buy King Quot a for any. We drank Sassafras Tea 1,w Quot self. To offend in one Jot the Clever and energetic editorialist a Ai a the ? it met end a a should by remembered that Quot hum worbin8. Orator seeking to create. Cd hmm he and never had a yearning for of or til tie was to offend in All. So for the new York Dally news ppr by Worms to succeed the is Slot s or 18 one feature of interest Quot Joy was born in an i t a fee. We stopped our own molasses much Del the Law have to do with our recent confession. For that reason alone deserve the Quot a Mao a crap Bat adorns the which political troubles ran riot a Anil he lifted a his Eye on his we a eur me a. He considered the is in est details of a Many a bunk the i Canh i he v 88 n of h0ma5e la Ltd have won Spring with the virginal Whito �?o�1 i to pct be reached manhood during the Irish r ythe1 kingdom of Uit Rio a delicacy we had heard of b0l�?o, Hing of feet hands news concerning the 0-Menwe k they rom Eari to add a Quot bold a 8,>�?Tin� a. The minature yeltosai5d i cts Het a round of jovce1 a a Uke brio. Cheese but never saw any. We old leis he to Quot hmm in mint Anise a or o <�?Tnj0. It d having people think Dainty touch to a sleeping had saw Itu Olu Quot to flowered types the Days fully and graphically if Fen i a rot a stick of Candy and three and Cummin paying at certain i a %n<1.,Hen Lepir a my it to be poor and seem to be poor is raisins for Christmas and were 1 Quot lies and certain places by Rote Ain the seven years we be known remain Quot with thoughtful nor mils Siu ors each have their special apr no Quot i i cd Nhuc it lies t"1 asswi8tions. Certain Way never to never hungry enjoyed getting it is "0t difficult to imagine me a Man chief he has Given us two people who revisit my 4rd1n flus a Den Abl Beauty. One May As affected him Ite presents .7v who it Ltd naked did no to want much. Expect that he ancient jew either pass ,t,rtj0r to so Tihe ,h00t�?~ year will undoubtedly andperhap5 a by be tic Dogwood As the Only Independence a it was 0dry Tass Tete to a nothing. And thaus a to y outs a a his a n fears or trembling Jik so the z which a a called Haid Imes a it hard on or that be found his greatest Joy Quot a emus sidelights on stories that we be them in some Gree Quot a of f o he Fri Karl personal tastes with the them a Quot one in con re a Home a it St Pom he. Mein being ahle to say that he had firm a Iven a a say Quot do a a Hng. However it in Iford by Stze m Foo my ,0 arise a a a Joyce s Early conc Quot quoth a a a a t Philadelphia in convention pr0gress has my tip kept All the Law from his youth them or if they were crowded out very mall Drod ortion / of othe forms i a a verent rtalml1 Ulhma tiv 11�?�.�?T&Quot which h8s Ltd him assembled the. Democrats of instilled desires to keep up with has said a a he san Angle the a Ray Totaj Timu Zvy Zutl. He Solhein states Sui rendered the Joneses added restlessness whilst dared to break certain pm i Ipi snored Etc wed like to perhaps two per cent or less of the grown her Quot Quot Quot and Quot a Kos double As ing today and which is most definite Power which enabled the Region and made that own a g. Foolish Laws he ate at times with a a ton to Quot Zzz in my ptanun5 it a a downright ugly has Tai Izy a of a pm in t nne Gans o veto the nomination of any god individualism a a Hack num quoted hands he was not Are to tny to can be in to an Fot i i resident. The South Ber. Yet out of the simple life of a Els of hearing on the Sabbath in users a own and several other fed per cent of the Dowers Are daffodils &Quot."1 Quot 1 a a a Quot us publications of his Early work Quot rant not nominate but the rest our for parents came courageous Day to his disciples one when we a Quot a Tov a my jus ice Iii a in of Jonq Uusi Nam a a tha seems u is this of rms her music Quot 8 bin a a it of delicate f the country nominate men and women who Are in a Sabbah in peking ripened Ltd pm soands it is t "511 a a it Izez Coloris Ltd a Henri a boy a of Ghist the will of thebout. Large measure responsible for the Quot rain rub my it with the hands a a Quot a the beat of capone1 release foils or Narcissus and forget the unit facial it rest Ilfe a it Rev pal a ters which Joyce wrote to Quot the publish Quot the Solidarity of the Region greatness which is America shall ,0 remove he chaff and then a Quot a a Quot. A in it ple. Was blk Ned word Jonquil. Then no one. Not even of dads a to t Quot a Quot a up a Gram Richard while the latter a Litie Aliy extended past the exec w let he Hwi a a they he a a Ltd. He repeated Tho Zuj to non Hozz vent tit tots it pm nolo a a quoth is Sass it is to Putz t a a ions to tile nominating Convell have bequeathed to us go into a it no up0n which Hung All the update indictment were not Fri men term for All members of the8groun a Quot o �?�1 cd Manson Turre is Lier morals. The Printer objected vory in ions to sufficient extent to make ? Law and the prophecies Quot thou. A a a a a it a Hoover was blamed for that while Narcissus is the Ler Mical or of Lama Tea w Dkl a Cul Iva Quot d Renua thing to the use of the word Quot by Iod hat two thirds Rule a political Shalt love the lord thy god with Quot a a to Anical name of the .hou.tnd, of % and Divetia at that bp8u inh in Enczi Quot and a Quot a nigh t?a5�?z, weapon of High importance Dollak hinting a Quot a Hje a. Mind and strength we ate sort he i punished with Var d? forms setts pm Quot lip 18 i4s, me tw0 by Way cd the to thirds Nile Defeated a 4\\ Point Irti. Andrj neighbor a a criticism because of in. And if Anub Xiv most Irna native moods. To it earn a living for himself us Humber of vigorous aspirants to Thra pah. Saul of Tarsus who sat at who can prove that or Hoover is unfit quoth Swami a. Joyce turned to Many of he democratic nomination be # to p has earn feet of Gamaliel Jim ii for his Job us a d nothing better a catch tall intr a which do Quot it suit him for a mock aug Nomina Uon de that a it Bank Offida Bames of Gamaliel was Well versed than having that .scoop., perhaps a a r cd i h ii i i in m t q some time he taught English and at Ore it was abandoned. Woodrow p1-Ospiirity for drab gubernatorial a ave an or Ociot Jewetter Story would be the one or. A a i c n a a me even managed a the atre in Wilson probably never would campaigns add conch Idee Quot Vii he to oks i upon the followers of 1,00 a Quot cow a Quot if any editor would by w a Rivenc 1 Dublin but his wife and children ave been president had the dem a do in the t h Christ As Beme enemies la print Ltd of he numerous Beau he Bivins. Had Quot a a a Dollar in the hand is Worth enemies of his knows we had. But which he Persuad the Book is no re than nov a in i Ratic convention been Abe o three four candidates in the in and a scandal to the de us t0 forget so that his a men on this first sunday of a new month Coin she Man biography so to speak it enables ornate with a simple major Bush qui4e j b. Greeks. After his conversion w0ud Nhot a a hampered our a i am giving a Lone stanza a Complete mean to h m Tju und it and to work hotter a tata Tavasta Tanta Tattem a is Staves a = Sta is we have heard some mild com and the potential voter is so Busy a Quot in a new Light and came Hoover and this column spilt Hoo. Auguste 1809 and died october Quot k a cd Del n any he Barto unpublished bits of Laming about tis surrender but Lookin for d a a it to the conclusion that he been a tv0 bal a pc was not shot 1892. A sketch of Tennyson tic , to tar pc test f Tonz Zzz t a i Quot a and to o Strong demand or recovery he no slave under the Law that he had a ttt0 he Quot is Quot a a by a Quot a along it june when to of go Jyz cd a tit us it up Quot f the old Power of the South in the candidates in the Bush Bec Quot a stranger to the perfect Charity a it j w a a he party conventions. But a re Vve adj that up la Quot of Liberty written not on would Roake or Hoover turn i stare Flower id nyc Annm Wall id the ten talk acre ply 1 a to Abon Mon rival of a part of that Power is of but a a hag nop tablets of Stone but on the flesh her ,0 he a Quot a Quot 1 pm you a. He said to Thad it grand a the a Vovko thirds ride was Aho 1 a a Resolution instructing the a needed pts of in Sumer a a a it he slaves who we cow is hts usual spy Quot of let Whayn arc re a a and a Quot Day Good Sappy b a it she sowed the pjs a. Of Mars. A. or b40 convention a plan to improve moneyed men of the Natton met v Lead children ,0 school. The a a a a to tit Chita to Espy Flower gardens Toto summer and summer into fait of a to curious Sci Iwho to he system by which delegates Are i Ilion quit j rightly interpreted. Starring in Vincent Sheen s first a citizen of High Point recently hut the Pant never did head. In fact it Mars. Res havas is a surgeon and a portioned and in the Resolution a a a to ?. And ipad ski whack a �?��8,-wri�?zng. Hie was a said to my. Quot i do not know of an ,xdo7?Hil? to Hunt tape re in Quot to a of mor Fleer was minted i not in of a it a Quot a put their savings to work rho d t0 respondent s Quot an International Inci oily n the state that gives More at in no a i. Getting her of. The City is guarded by curious Angel was pointed directly at in Industry there will be i Stenc. And there at his feet they dont Quot led or. Watts to suggest he is ten Quot on to the cultivation of Flowers a a nay Back the seedsman has skip Sootong deformed creatures whose arty strength in the various Erlicht in Tho ,.��?z,.jt ,.l could have a full revelation of Quot Tore Quot at Home amid the hazards of ban High that1 a compliment d,opart5 Quot Quot known and a Learned tors begin in Laboratory vats coca tales As a guide1 to formula. A a a the Clearing and they he h ,�?ol0"0f War than among the perils of the dra Quot pc Quot a should appreciate since the Tuvalu set Zly 8uh a Mcern 88 be j m8de by he captive Mas or it was understood tint the May not do the Quot until government Quot and Gam the the Star however was died for one who uttered it has been Here Only Junaluska cabbage company. Mind. A to a begins t0 balance expenditures anal Fien it ship of him who Job of Grace and Charm. Quot High to or three years. A Avn in the to travellers Linda third Wou a regain 80n,e of he with income the Man a a a Tabeth away the sin of the world or and huh a Quot is a Hatch of Spring ai1 met he City Flower seeds Are m a Herald a i i Bors captive in Morhus the Beautiful Over it was surrendering when a no a a. A Man "1,h Faith becomes Yusri fish a a a i. A Mclode 1 by Rodgers and Hart with Beer so Quot a cuttings planted and new i a a Quot a pry cautions about Janai whom Vor Daj determined Odon was taken in accordance no one it ,0 nest wants to put to h ill quoted Only Mso Jack Haley Maria Egger and Shirley tort placed in boxes which held flow a a an w1,h a Quot a a Quot and out of to Rescue. In order to Rescue Jana Quot the the. I. In a going concern or a Promise 3 1 eas0n for hat less to round of he s4.401 Worth. Is la survived during the hard to a Quot to a a Quot a a n Book and facilitate their escape from the Lith that Resolution. Quite of eng adventure where i a t Fah a the Mirror s a a a a appraiser reported a tar. Artistic plots Are being a t a so a who a she a a cd and d y 8 Quot gruesome guards. Var Daj sub piously it is not truly democratic a. A outgo is not Tho whole Rie Itman a Quot the new no. I musical comedy ranged in front Yards and in a few lf1 whatever their Short mils to an operation by the master for Pennsylvania ordinarily to a a be greater than income and Vaish Btl to. Weeks High porn we i Blossom a. The but a Ouid no be own mind in. The Martian brain is trans re in a after a fashion any investment r Alit in until now waiting the magic lanterns Mussolini saw f u furled to the body of a Hor mad or ave Molt otes in a democratic n a j. In Ripe Tho a i 01 the adoption of the few few Hollywood opened a Branch at the u. Chores was Togo once a synthetic Man. Invention than Virginia and the f la Timath dependent Man. His Way his teaching h it Fino arts theatre it once the film a and Hek Flowers lady whom a a me energetic old John Carter determined to take Carolinas combined. Yet under 01 late Success upon a gov sacrifice a no his 4 to Long has arte with a showing of a the life of Mother lived in the horse and buggy Ortyl fill Quot a called aunt Dora to Ras havas to operate on the Prin a to the Olker Ernie Tai balance. A a a a a Quot a and hts intercession for Giuseppe the film profited and her five strapping boys a a. T cp8 Ilfe Quot do a even ure piling upon the present plan the quake weak Blind and Pur Blind Tiiman. From the hero s music and Tho to nor. De her Quot May so refer ence to her Here tilt_______1 weigh that butter on her venture As Only Edgar Rice Burrough Tate rarely democratic does to. Tit atm Ity form the basis of be in of Gisli that Crappy boy wonder with the usual Cognomen is made in Ujj Tow whether it a. A can construct adventure. Vor Daj. In vote 72 men against the 64 of i i Hal ont for a Lefter a nah of the met opera but the Story was no Jpn to respect. Well 15 Ziv St he a mfr the of a mad. Manages to those three consistently and h perfect Mas. 01 lds voted b Short for Benito. A Yadven a oved of a Quot ers. And when we were ounces and then a i a y Ove Only to find he of consistently and before Faith. Ture in diamonds shows Isa Miranda alm0.t Gro in Rogers were her a Schil and mid Fhon g0t Good if1 marooned in a City gone wild. Strongly democratic mates. Under Tihe Law shut up unto the Faith # # and Geore Bren gum shoeing in Den Ytis at Olnie she even ded the butter Back to it r / ii k u Gnu the scientists restraining Vermont with a corporals which should afterwards be revealed s i a Africa after thieves Quot who wont be Quot Castor 011 and 1 remember Tell her How much Shie St %p�rav.f1. A a x Eird experiments go Hay guard of democrats normally. Wherefore Tho iou a our scat it ulu amp a fwd mob orly to give Horn Dis Start and them raw a Quot Quot a of to a u Rke a to Hor Ribi Quot by if for a an a 1 St x i Viaster to bring us to Christ thai of trivia univ i dr0 monds Zanzibar is East Africa oysters a pit kept them in Good con rut the on. A a a a f y Hoin ble growth from the votes exactly the same strength might be jus miffed by Faith rift in to Mif stuff Lola Lane is the Gal head Hunt Dyllion during the Winter and in Spring see aunt a i hot to Laboratory vats. In xon vent Ion that South Caro 3 23-24. Ans action or with nothing to worry about pm and summer Flox. Gladioli Hydra about butter \fn�nv0trngfwas said Strong Arm and keen brain pre Lina votes another Patent in jewish Faith info no i cutting volcanoes shipwrecks wild Keats Snow balls geraniums Jie Tuni weeks follow Ina to h a 0i Nany a a and be planet is saved from Ana votes Anomer Patent in a alb n god was a april 6. 1940. Animals cannibals crocodiles and the Asfe is of Many varieties wandering Tell a t�?opieldt0 ghastly consequences when John car Gurty. Glow the not something that came Pic n a pose. Hays office they re still rustling Evvy oids fashion roses just about the a full Namh tra s butter weighed tor and the master mind return to the republicans worked out a fun blown into the hebrew race in reply to a mw11 a Cattie Sou a of Tho Border y6u la be whole is of cultivated plants and More than tha/1 occasional in went a Orbus to destroy the results from formula to give the membership the Law As Given by Moses mu.?, a a a Quot Quot to he the z Zzz cd. Rocked sri a from tvs poll it Ai us Woi the . A fairer convention Quot too be considered As a growth it a a a tons Aulhorn yet a a up throw Back to Tho Early Quot Ali glue who Glt Only Quot Toping roof. A i he a a on there a a much More lad of a thousand years or so of representation doing it after pro the spirit of god guiding the mood b b ackman1ommr? f Cray the Cinema had trend working on them was Ahvay ordering Flower seed much that is 80 Hgel and is a we have before longed complaint Over undue great lawgiver in his Choice of t he i is to is one about two Quot school. A Are she received a High ill Bohus any of itly a atoll 8 Typ c81 Emmer. Southern Power in Republican that which was Best in Egv Putian to Tull Tir ,.ot.sf.rdashfetaw conventions. The Republican for codes and the traditions of his Nie Shokan is the Scenic oot a la a a a t Mula applied to the democratic own race. The heart of the mosaic Bourd Are the Only ones tha oppose e a Tel Zzz pan agr Rable Are must inv the a atom to she Ere / ame when aunt Doia slipped Quot ton Ltd people within its own Boun problem would be acceptable to Law is to be found in the ten a of Pitlyk n a petition of nine body r any edit that is Iii. D no. I i nt0 Creal beyond and a few years tories when a foreign government a1 to Ca a a a it a a. . A Sassar at present each state has two basis of the Bill of rights and a tot of people for most any nut Dom a the annual income of a Quot , he Coulse of time errors to the business of mine a a votes for each congressional Dis the Laws of every Commonwealth but i do not agree with him thai the h v th0 5-a,?r that spec it Alizes in Frew Ahng a jibe tender tonts through motherhood love of the Beau e strict and four for the state at in the United Zil a Wea quoth tax payers will sign their names on i to 18 pm Quot a cording to to and a a and finally a found Tifful and faithfulness in a few things. Us Quot a or stoles won1, do any talk met Ana Iota toi the mate at me United states. Jus1 any petition when taxation f in Harper s mag. Against a a a nuts of $124, Fiat she had a pretty Good crop of they Quot left their names a do Pis Lar about has european junket the Large. Under the Republican for in addition to the torah or voiced direct or indirectly. I agree with loss represents the Price the 1�u> pm. Did she bless out that place which All Ages shall not cast Wmk House announces. Also Spring Mula each congressional District Pentateuch among the jews you that Industry is shifting to other Slaton a ?~lb"6 10 Page for not hav a �8p7 111 sat a to d d but Tho Down a a hrs is Given one vote with an Addi there was the talmud Wolfch sols a �,rip"1 1 of tonal vote in every District that in detail Many specific Laws by you it teems to me you cast so i Quot to toe their Nek Kidness but because Gap ulna a Aeu Quot seed a planted them the Republican party Alf Landen zen "comp0, a Forwald gave the party As Many As 10,000 there were also unwritten Laws a a a Tion upon the guests at the so r�?~rrt0�?~&Quot Nus Mpaul be he n is o brooms a had it a Quot by declarf.1 is pm ssh a a a do of new spirit principles of constitutional Democrat Voles in the preceding pres Den which every orthodox jew was Cihlk Llu link it re a referred to by sign a a of Quot Homo Jon of Alang and profanity but i i Ehli a an has be lha Bost of a Chanco by i fear the results that must flow ctamo.a.tau tata Mcaa Sis so�2srrs��i.? a is Srakar a Quot

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