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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1940, Page 1

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weal her partly Cloudy today monday occasional rain. The High Point Enterprise High Point Tho Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 36�?no. gt8 Mhz Blu associated pkg to High Point. N. C., sunday morning april 7, 1910 Complete Nea service Price Kive cent nazis warn neutrals to stand on rights. Allies Are Side by Side in economic War Dies pops general Norway takes drive on bund and against communist party ninety subpoenas served fifty on reds including Browder and Foster Washington. April 6.�?up a chairman Dies a Tex announced tonight that the House committee on in american activities had ordered 90 subpoenas served this weekend in a general drive against the communist party and the German american bund. Dies said 5h subpoenas had been issued for communists including William z Foster National chairman and Earl Browder general Secretary. Forty subpoenas he said were issued for Bondsmen including officials who have taken charge of that organisation since Fritz Kuhn its former Leader was she to prison in new York after conviction of misappropriating bund funds. Quot a want to get All the facts a oncoming these organizations a Dies declared. Quot we have ordered ill these Peoples to bring All their records with who by covered the committee chairman said be would not make Public the list of persons ordered subpoenaed or their cities of residence at this time. He said. However that the communists involved were scattered All Over the country. Most of the bund members he said were residents of Eastern or Pacific coast states. Simultaneously it was Learned that the committee plans to Call again William Dudley Pelley Leader of the Silver shirt legion of America for the purpose of obtaining new information about that organization including its membership. It was understood a to keep neutrality voiced by minister Oslo april 6.�? a addressing parliament amidst new apprehension Over the Issue of scandinavian neutrality foreign minister halvdan Koht said today that Norway a will at once he at War if free shipping in norwegian Waters should be interfered with to the advantage of one Side in the european War. This was interpreted As in no Way a threat of War least of All against Britain but As indicative of Norway a fears that in Germany faces tightening blockade As enemies take bold Steps in North states British pact with Netherlands another blow at heart of Reich a Supply line open stand asked of Baltic rep. Martin Dies communist leaders to answer committee questions and issuance of so that subpoenas were planned complaints against committee Astor leaders of other organizations i rats who raided the Philadelphia which have been described by the committee is fascist or communistic. The subpoenas were issued despite the recent refusal of several cats who communist Headquarters. Both favor action on that Point both die continued on Cage two a a funny War there a never a Dull moment on the Western front. When there a a Lull in military operations soldiers Tererence with German shipping relieve the tension with gags and humorous inscriptions. In norwegian Waters would bring above a somewhere in France a an ancient coach serves As Totton ,von. A combined shelter and billboard. Filet. Emphatic method it was regarded also As at emphatic method of stressing Norway a Neutral attitude Aud desire to escape War. Although Kohl made a dramatic reference to the possibility of a War Quot in which we would be forced to defend our Independence Aud Koht told the allies in effect that maintenance of the present status of Commerce in norwegian Waters was to their advantage that change might be their loss. He said Quot if the Allied Powers should which Quot a get estimate of $985,000,000. Orally acknowledged International Law and which they themselves have acknowledged this j. ,. Would tiber tto by Grce a Dun-1 a a it Quot a Relief a it age to themselves or if such increase in Relief outlay indicated Economy bloc resigned to figure above president s budget request Washington april 6.�?�?Economy advocates in Congress virtually resigned themselves today to an increase in next years Relief fund beyond president Roosevelt a Bud senator Adams a Colo. Chairman of Tho subcommittee and gory Detroit murders bared by confession youth admits he and killed and buried Man to sell his automobile Detroit april 6.�?gi a a horrifying Story of murder in which two glib youths decided to kill a Man in order to sell his second hand automobile was related by one of the pair tonight to solve one weeks old mystery. Prosecutor Duncan c. Mccrea a int a Quot whole Ami Complete Quot a nubbin lab prepares for Gmo vote 13.7.0 h employees i ill cast ballots in biggest labor election in history Detroit. April 6�?f/p the National labor relations Board is getting ready for the biggest election Job in its history polling nearly iss too employ a of general motors corporation for their Choice of bargaining agencies. The election has been set for wednesday. April 17. There Are More eligible voters than there were ballots cast for in ton Fealon announced thai sires a old John Kuna a had so tii Ted taking part in the profit Daying of Philip love and a in Leeome burial of the body. Lured myst to Home the prosecutor said that Kuttawa breaking under Long ques zoning. Had admitted that he and Lohn r Kasap. 22. Had lured syst Young garage Mechanic to i rented East Side House and there killed him. Konawa said prosecutor metres. Declared that Kasap shot Loyat. Twice in the Back and once n the head and that the two then lurked the body to a grave preciously dug in the basement. This Story. Mccrea said. Cleared in the mystery of Loyal death. Lilt a solution remained to be no aimed in a second killing that of Kirsey k. Bowman. Kasap had lot yet been confronted late Twilight with Kurzawa a tale. Fearing reprisal front a Quot gang. Konawa had refused to talk frae presidential candidates to Sihle murder for profit gang a j Onu Yrtti ,.q, bit Las been suspected in both Aea is a with the Sale of the victims Luto mobiles the purpose of the linings. It la. Away a Story Kurt away a Story Mccrea said a an like and Kasap Learned Joys had a car for sule. Brought o a House tented by Kasap the Mechanic was held up and forced 1936 in any one of several states Gigantic task hindrance of shipping should be one sided again i one party and therefore in open conflict with the neutrality which we Haie pledged ourselves to maintain Norway will then at once be at alarming rumours Koht spoke amidst alarming hut unconfirmed rumours concerning the diplomatic struggle and controversy Over the status of Norway and Sweden As neutrals. The undisclosed contents of notes handed to the norwegian and swedish ministers in London yesterday were the subject of All manner of conjecture and revival of fears that War May be forced upon the scandinavian states despite their determination to remain Neutral. In particular there was the matter of shipments of swedish Iron Ore to Germany by Way of j he Northern norwegian port of Narvik and Norway s coastal Waters. Britain has hinted action would be taken to halt this Commerce. Continued on Page two Pope Pius voices hew peace Hopes Vatican City. April 6. a Tope Pius again today lolled his Hope for peace among men. In a Brief speech after attending an orc Quot in concert at the Vatican he said Quot in them no Way a there was much music on Tho program. Composed front various nations. All United in the same harmonious tunes we Hope that All men Between whom today there is discord May finally join their souls in divine Harmony a the Harmony of peace of the pop station of. Expressed belief the budget estimated would have to he increased hut said he did not think the total outlay would exceed % 1.300,009. On the House Side rep Cannon a Mot appropriations committee member remarked cryptically Quot we Are going to take care of the it was indicated that administration leaders expected some definite expression from the White House. Serious Cowder ath in influential House members asst red privately that they understood Quot serious consideration was being Given by Tho president to the question of transmitting a request for additional Money for the w a. Such a step by the chief executive. They explained would remove one legislative obstacle to an int lease a Resolution adopted by the House appropriations committee at the Start of this session against exceeding budget estimates. Sentiment for increasing the Relief fund apparently was growing in both the Senate and House. Senator Wheeler i a Mont just Back from a trip to California and aroused by what he saw of the plight of transient farm workers declared unemployment was the Quot no. I problem facing the country Quot asserting the existing Relief setup was Quot Only a palliative which has not cured Quot the Montana said Congress was going to have to appropriate More Money Quot until we can find a solution ill m Ike Reo i est Wheeler said he would ask a group of senators who have evinced interest in the problem to meet with him Quot with a View to making a fight for additional Relief funds. Indications were that the House i continued on Page two Argent in puts Graf spec Crew in n a it ii Pic Ison by Enos Aires april 6�? to the Argentine government indignant Over the escape of three officers and two sailors of the scuttled German War hip Admiral Graf spec today ordered the remaining officers Aud higher ranking members of the interned Crew confined on Martin Garde Island a naval base Iii the re it Plata 80 mile. From Buenos Aires Nei i ii Ali i x a eos imm Iii on in us continued on path a two m�?�?-4--_____ Oung school girl incident victim Aiken s. C., april 6. Tip Irlotte Morris 17, a student exclusive Fermata school Aud tue her of col. And mrs. Robert Orris of Harrisburg pa., was lied today in an automobile a int. She was Riding with two daisies Elsie Reeve daughter of r. And mrs. Samuel j. Reeves Bryn mawr a who Are win ring Here and Barbara Dahn ugh ter of or. And mrs. Robert Ihn of new York their automobile turned Over Lei a blow out. Miss Morris stirred a broken neck. The other Ria were bruised. The mechanical task is Sigan tic. Ballots and ballot boxes must be arranged Ami constructed to i avoid any possibility of tampering with them voting Booths must be set up in 59 plants in 12 mates voters lists must be cheeked authorized observers must be appointed by the corporation and the unions a noting the huge undertaking is Short mild mannered cheery partially Bald Frank la. I Bowen who is director of the seventh Region of the labor relations Board. Intricate planning himself once a manufacturer and employer of labor. Bowen Ald today a we Are going to make a every Effort to see that the voting takes place with the least posse Hie interference with production handling most of the detail work is Russell Miller an a lab election expert. He is instructing j Field workers assembling officials and observers badges and the i ballot boxes which Are paste i Board affairs bound with gummed i paper so securely that any attempt at tampering with them would be detectable immediately. Socialist convention denounce communism inc govern men i a the decision to Send and 108 warrant Oil cadets to the Island Day Amy Quot Argentina has in air in Cuerou to these officers and sailors who came to our country last december after their own ship was destroyed. But we Eon not continue a let our neutrality be jeopardized therefore we have taken Steps to ensure that they will not be Able to return to Germany to resume belligerent three of he i Lee Argentine authorities yesterday revealed that three of the Admiral Graf specs office a bad disappeared. One said to have been the third officer was unofficially reported to ban made his Way to Germany. Two members of the Crew were seized earlier in the week in Brasil. The ministry of Hie Navy said the 400 Graf Spee Sailor still in Buenos Aires will be sent into Interior provinces where a like number of their companions have already been transferred. By Louis p. Lochner a Berlin april 6. A let a authorized German spokesmen called tonight upon the neutrals of the North to taken an open stand for or against a violation of their Sovereign rights by Allied blockades. The week end they declared with considerable emotion is an auspicious one for Quot Anglo French and other activity directed against the neutrality of the scandinavian area Quot because an attempt to blockade Scandinavia source of 1 valuable Iron ores for Germany seems in the immediate offing. J x i new Faut xxx Ith diet rust at the same time informed i German quarters peered with Dis Trust at the new Netherlands British Trade and transport agreement under which the Netherlands will Block re transport to Germany of products obtained overseas in return for release from certain British blockade restriction. The Dienst aus deutschland an economic commentary which frequently la the first to reflect the official German View. Said it now to necessary to find i out whether or How far the Netherlands has sacrificed her Neutral right or Quot shirked her duty to Germany. Germans based their prediction of an impending Allied blockade i of Scandinavia on the recent consultations and declarations by the British and French blockade min Sisters in London my on the new Allied notes to Norway and Sweden. Germany stands by As a Dacid i cd 1interested observer of All this and it la taken for granted Here that she la not standing by idly. Again and again especially in the last few dais. The statement i has been heard that Quot our fuehrer in t counter move certain it May be taken As Certa n that Germany will make some counter move if Britain should attempt j forcibly to prevent swedish ores front reaching her by Way of Neutral Waters or Neutral railways. Germans claimed als that it it How Quot our enemies Hale a senile eone Eption of War. To them the. Intensity of War is merely proportionate to the amount of blood led. Re at women Ami child re n starve is not War to them Quot the a t urd a j finning press Gate these ban Nerline to French blockade Minuter Mon net s declarations that the Allien would choke German Economy Quot More and Quot brutal declaration by French blockade minister Germany a women and children Are to be struck War preparations Ai Ains neutrals Der an Griff Quot xxx Eek end plot by enemy blockade Sokala Zeiger Quot Starling hut women and children. Announcement i French blockade minister. He received command by these headlines. Together with glowing Praise Ltd of the film Quot Bap j int of first show n last night in which the German air Force on the bad of the polish Campaign was depicted As invincible seemed to Neutral observers to be calculated to prepare the German people for coming events of the first magnitude. Astronomers will Fly High to snap eclipse by Malcolm Johnson Jacksonville fla., april 6.�? a a Clouds and rain tomorrow a it spoil the Abow of a generation a a rare ring eclipse of the Sun a for millions of spectators hut astronomers Are prepared to Fly Miles into the air to photograph thei cot. Forecasters daubed Hopes of Amateur and professional observers in the United states when they said had weather would prevail Over most of the narrow line on which the fiery ring would be visible. Easily spoiled Quot a very Little cloudiness could spoil it a if at the wrong time or the wrong place Quot said prof William h. Barton executive curator of the Hayden planetarium who brought a delegation Here from new York to get the first photographs Ever taken of this Type of eclipse. Quot it is the greatest Gamble in science Quot he declared. Barton and his Crew will stand by heavy instruments. One mounted on an anti aircraft gun base atop Jacksonville highest building until the last moment hoping the Clouds will Clear away Long enough to let them record the phenomenon during the five minutes it will he visible Here. Plane held ready if things still look gloomy a the time approaches they will shift their lighter equipment to a 21-passenger Eastern airlines plane and go above the Clouds and the Haze for their photographs. Cameras with 17 Ami 50-Inch lenses will he used by the planetarium delegation in the plane. Whether the weather is Clear or not a new United states army bomber a quipped w Ith the latest and largest Aerial camera in the nation will go up More than five Miles to take the pictures. A a a a a a a a a mexicans denounce american proposal Mexico City. April up bristling with resentment. Me Ieon a major labor and political organizations joined the press today in denouncing As outside interference a United states proposal for arbitration of the two year old controversy Over the governments expropriation of american owned Oil properties. While the press greeted the action with such Denun Chatory terms As Quot imperialist aggression Quot and Quot Yankee assault Quot the permanent committee of Congress which sits Between regular legislative sessions announced a special meeting for monday to study the proposal. Iii it hard ii. To in Ell Washington april 6 id key noting the 1910 socialist convention. Maynard c. Krueger professor of economics at the University of Chicago called today for socialization of i n d u s t r y Quot wherever natural monopoly Bas Consumers at its the private pro4 system has bogged Down in t Ler cons Tnp ton and under Iti vestment be said. Resulting in Quot a steady erosion of a Quot progressive deterioration in civil liberties Quot and a nation headed directly Quot toward state youth i l delegation two Hundred cheering delegates heard Krueger a speech the picture was hardly that of the political convention. The delegates mostly Youthful sat at Long Tablas taking notes listening attentively rising to give Krueger a tremendous ovation upon the to Utu Bon of his address or joining in Lite old Tong. If the socialist party. One of these was the Quot internationale Quot which the socialists claim As their own. Rite communists they say stole it. Krueger a speech and the receipt of reports from party officers is of from members specially designated to bring in reports in the various things in which the Patty is interested a including keeping America out of the War and achieving Unity in the labor movement filled most of the Days program. Tomorrow plans Call for the adoption of a platform Aud the nomination of Norman Thomas for the fourth time As the party s presidential candidate. Rush economic system Quot we Krueger said Quot Are not interested in trying to make the capitalist system work Hoover and Roosevelt have tried that and proved that it can the t it it inned in fag i vie two German air raiders downed a a flying pencils felled by French fighter Over Reich new York april i. A the official British wireless announced that two German Hornier planes of the Type known As Quot flying pencils Quot were shot Down by French fighter platies in a fight Over Germany today. Quot the French patrol suddenly met the two dornier and ten Messerschm dts while they Ware Over Germany a said the British broadcast picked up by lbs. Quot the French Pilot scored hits with his Cannon and one engine of the German machine burst into flames and the plane crashed. Quot the second Hornier was chased by another French Pilot and after a running fight the German machine nosedive in to the army Blind flying test hailed As Success by Devon Francis so cited pres aviation editor Langley Field. Va., april 6.�? up a sitting in a tiny cubicle of one of the world s largest bombing planes with Only the faces of a dozen fluorescent instruments to guide him. An army air corps officer today completed the first Quot All Blind Quot flight in the history of aviation. Major Carl b. Mcdaniel could not see out of the cockpit win Down of his four motored. 22h ton Craft from the moment he opened the throttles at the end of a runway on Mitchel Field new York until the plane rolled to a Stop on the Broad acres of this army Post xxx la xxx could re Donk the flight requiring 2 hours 2 minutes was a demonstration of what the air j col is could do in time of War under weather conditions reducing Quot ceiling Quot and visibility to Zero. Major Mcdanield a native of Texas who Bas been flying 21 years wag assisted by capt. . A. Matheny Lieut. . U. Ragsdale and four enlisted men. The plane carried two civilian passengers. Ray plat Nick of Hempstead and the writer. Contacts maintained while radio contacts were maintained throughout the flight it could have been made at either Day or night by Means of celestial navigation. The Only ground aides necessary and they would be readily available in War time in spite of wireless Quot jamming a a were two Low Power Short wave radio Marker beacons near Langley Field. T on Page two by Drew Middleton London april 6.�? a3 a the Allied economic offensive was propelled firmly ahead tonight from the Balkans to the Baltic. In the fare of anxious distress signals from the neutrals including a declaration from Norway s foreign minister halvdan Koht that Norway will Quot at once Quot be forced into War if there is open one sided violation of her neutrality the British foreign office stood firm on its warning notes to Norway and Sweden. At the anti me the Vanguard of Britain Balkan diploma returning to blockade consultations reached Lindon in be Keim i at 4 Ord British minister of economic warfare Ronald Cross and French blockade mini tor . In conference Here issued a joint statement in >��.��. Lies Quot Complete agreement and common determination Quot on tightening the intended strangle hold on Germany. They indicated they were in Accord of ways and Means of plugging such blockade gaps for instance. As the air routes through which the nazis Are believed receiving currency securities and commercial diamonds. In this connection it is noted Here that Kum the Netherlands airline now flies direct twice we Kly from Amsterdam to Lisbon where it connects with american service to Hie United state while the German airline Lufthansa file mail and express daily from Amsterdam to Berlin. No details of How the allies pro Rose to try to Stop such raffle were made Public. of inter Feren i reviewing foreign Secretary continued Oil i tot army observes annual Day nation fighting Fortes paraded in sport of Viar i it Moi ration april 7-u Kine n Ted their Rich it is of army d to of ear symbolic of readiness steel with Bayonet xxx Ash i no ton the nation a i forces displayed j trim today in coi parades. In full Field g a new state of helmeted regulars fixed tramped at Lite head of Long martial processions on the annual occasion which coincides with the anniversary of american Entrance into tilt wot id War. Weapons that were a a Well As those displayed reflected the intensive efforts made especially since the newest european conflict started to Weld the army and National guar into a fighting Force pre ared As never before Iii peacetime. Fort Benning prepared rumbling tanks of tile regulars were massed weeks ago at for Benning ga., for Field Maneu vers of newly divisions. Those in Parade Lino were manned mostly by guardsmen. War planes of the expanding air corps touted Over Many of the 1 lines of match. In Tho National capital a column cd 25.000 marchers paraded Down Constitution Avenue under cloudless Spring skies before Sec rotary Wood ring and general George 0. Marshall the chief it staff. With bands sandwiched be tween the units detachments of i infantry cavalry artillery him jackets marines coast guardsmen Aud National guard marched i at the head of a procession which included also scores of civilian Aud Semi military detachments. Saute Ero i president the War Secretary accepted Salute in behalf of or. Roosevelt who was in route for a visit to his Hyde Park. By. Home. In new York assistant Secretary Louis Johnson and army Lead a Era reviewed a Parade which depicted Tho preparedness of Industry As Well As the armed forces to meet any threat against this coun try. Despite the Day s martial a i turn speakers at army Day dui-1 ners stressed that the defense re enforcements were precautionary echoing or. Roosevelt a statement to the sponsoring military order of the world War that Quot a position of readiness for defense actually lessens the danger of involvement Quot

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