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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - June 6, 1851, Marshall, Michigan I Holb june very Friday Pitte Btu Ponder Corner of butt and depth by he not at be doll a a Invar Labur n when the Zoloto is is the the storm in Fatir Lori and fiercely upon us Tarih Feurt with fear to bal Only Lee death ruin but toll of look beyond the Cloud and Loox ind of emf in Ltd maj Milo form i Pooh the Cloud will pan soon the tempest Cento to god the on the land and on the to along the Tea of Wiere the sails of life Are inching Faith More but hit Oer the alarm set Llie How of prom lie Over watching through Ilie ing fur the conring of the May a poor by the name of and an Only daughter took up their Resi Dence in it dilapidated in an of part of their dirt near Resi Deco had been in the where lately had owned a few acres of which had been seized upon by his creditors immediately after his being left without any Means of the poor widow turned her thoughts toward the great where she hoped herself and daughter might procure some kind of May the was now a Young woman of of at Tractive her figure was her complexion very and she was sensitive and retiring ind Sposi arid Haft a right to protect and assist and pushed him from at that mo1 Tion is a passport for him which insures i ment the ragged old fellow Shook off him a Friendly reception in every family meantime things went bad to his and hurled his wheel at the he chooses to favor with his even procures him urgent invitations families As wish to insinuate themselves in Otiis Good graces or before his notice the budding beauties under their there is a Gread Deal of May was obliged to part with All offender with such Good that he Laid the Little ornaments she possessed i the world the last thing that went into the hands of the was a Plain Gold ring with the paltry sum she got for this she bought some Little articles of Comfort for her the rent became although they had been Able to they were utterly unable to the land lord was one of those hard hearted wretch not to live to vex the souls of Good no appeals to his him demolished Hirm Winthrop gathered tip the remnants of his former and left for parts the old Mains wheel was terribly shattered by the but he did not care a Straw about and to work to repair it without a single bad they never comes sin neither does Good Forest began to eed Over from that very she was soon Able to assist better nature had any the rent in the few simple preparations May be was due Asid he wanted if he could Gan to make for her approaching mar not have the rent he wanted the riag6 with Austin who had Oon consequently the present tenants would Fried to raise enough of the needful for Kong in met air As ext hat interesting May insisted that bundle in the Tion almost to a to look upon one a night think she was not Strong expressed in vain May plead for a Little j Bonnie should be present at the wed 01 go to struggle with and the it was time lost she talked of and present he and Happy a that was use11 ardently the Only in his own hard to judge of the strength of the human less they were ordered to move i Aiho was original in every soul by the May Forest Radinto the Street that very never led a life of idleness she had been taught Industry and Economy from the the sudden demise of her he informed May he was Well acquainted had proved a heavy was left with no protector save her a mine under the the following description of a visit to Ott alack Copper in is irom a work recently Les beyond in Complete dining with candles stuck Liy limps of Clay to their Felt the Ira Villers have painfully descended by perpendicular ladders and along dripping vet Ruck fathoms Down into Litchy darkness the Miner Olio guides item Calls a and their exact position Ith reference to the Ter aqueous Globe i i thus described be Are now four Hundred Yards Inder the Bottom of the sea and Twenty or a Hundred and Twenty feet to solved upon the Good girl re the landlord had not been gone Long before Browne made his j As soon As the was Tiec placed a package in the hands of tie the with the state of that it depended entirely upon herself whether the rent with Mournful hearts they saw the should be paid or if Sho said the selves deprived of their few and set word to would not Only Settle the amount out for Londott to gain a subsistence by but make a lady of her at their or in any honest just Money enough to proe4w very Ordinary apartments on an uninviting favorite resort of thelow est Here by dint of hard May Forest wished to hear no telling her was a wedding she opened it contained notes to the amount of ten thousand pounds on the Bank of the Shock was too great for May and she Why should i take she asked even designing a Browne went away greatly but not without cherishing a secret Hope and the closest they managed to that he should ultimately carry out his de do the sea cons Trade vessels ire sailing Over our two Hun and forty feet beneath us Man Are and there Are galleries even be by Tho extraordinary position the face of the of the engines after works on Tho at but is now the mine is i excavated like other mines under the but under the having communicated these Partick the Miner next tolls us to keep strict silence and to obey j lining speechless and if the j Cadar could Only Hare beheld us dressed in our Copper coloured Udd cd close together in a Mere Cleft of subterranean Rock with a flame burning in our and darkness enveloping or must certainly have in med without any violent stretch of fun that he was looking Down upon a Jive of after listening a few a Dis int unearthly noise becomes faintly us to Iiga mysterious never change that is Felt on Tho iras Well As heard by sound that proceed front some incalculable some far invisible height i sound unlike anything that is heard on be upper ground in Tho free Aii of head in a sound so sublimely Mournful and so ghostly and so impressive when is cod to in Tho Sumter Ranzan recesses if the that to continue instinct Ely to hold our As if enchanted and think not of communicating to tech other the astonishment which it has aspired in us both from the Al last the minor Speaks and tils us that what to hear is tha sound of be surf lashing the rocks a Hundred and very feet above and the Waves that ire breaking on the Tho tide a Low Al the and the sea no sex Ordinary state of agitation so the fund is Low and distinct just at this be i Judi when storms Are at their when Tho Ocean hurls Mountain lifer Mountain of water on the pen the noise is terrific the roaring eard Down Here in the mine is so inexpressibly fierce and awful that the boldest Ken at work Are afraid to continue their ascend to the surface to lathe the upper air and stand on the in though no Carastro i has Ever happened that the sea i break in on them if they remain in tie Cavern we get up to look at the cd above we Are Able to stand p right in the position we new occupy id flaring our candles hither and thither darkness can see the pure upper streaming the gallery in every i lumps of of the most cams Green traversed by a Riat network of thin red veins of a Here and there in irregular Over which water is dripping ugly and incessantly to certain his is the Salt water percolating through crannies in the on by Days it spouts out furiously in thin continuous just Over our Heads Omro a wooden of the thick is of a Raan leg there is a Hole plug is All that we have to keep l the immense wealth of Nyul is contained i the roof of this through length but it i live very until Forest signs was taken she was no Conger Able in this May knew not who to ply the and now the labor Dej to look to for her Only Friend who would be disposed to assist Austin unfortunately out of Tho but it was no time for they must at least have the common necessaries of if they had no and May went again to her employer for tier eyes were red and and she scarcely looked at the scissor doubled her and worked Early and every at regular Sho wont to got and return her she always observed on these an old scissor who had taken his station by the ready to receive or ply his As Tho Benevo Lent were always held out his hand to May As she and when she Sho dropped i a Penny out of her Monger to received these favors with looks of Mav had Boon so accustomed to this that shone or that Way without see and give him a nod of and a pc by if Sho had it to she would have thought it strange to have v had Given him but Lew pen my Pover to assist Tho illness of her Mother kind old Man exclaimed gone along without hearing Tho voice of As he was crying scissors to or if a Well dressed per son Charity for an old the scissors Sho used so owed their keen cd go to Tho old mans onco or twice Sho had assisted him to adjust said which certain mischievous urchins had of Howe May had Given him but few it necessary for her to keep All she could even that was not enough to make them work was and the rent Bill stared Thorn in the like a Dutiful denied herself of a thousand things which Sho As a she grew thin and her wardrobe was poor at this she attracted Tho attention of a profligate Young son of in extensive and Tho very same who had swallowed up the acres of May had seen this person before com ing to he had praised the Beauty of her face and attempted some Little liberties with those advances Sho had promptly his name was lie was pleased with the decided manner of after the death of her and the removal to Browne began to think the proper time had arrived for an amour with Tho charming some time elapsed before he Learned her Resi but when he obtained that knowl he lost no time in setting out for being a Man of his reception was not a very worm one and such an one As Browne did not expect on his first his Yinqu festive glances about the room soon satisfied him of the extreme poverty of the Occa this gave him some As Money could not but be very acceptable under such in a Coo blooded sort of he calculated the chances of he repeated his and tried to make himself he even went so far As to offer her which she but heaven knows How she needed her Mother grew worse her expenses of course the rent was also and beginning to look terribly Tho teats were yet on her Cheek when she went Forth to get work from her the old grinder As she i would speak with Young said sufficiently loud to to what would you say she replied in a choked you arc in and i would Fisk its your eyes Are red with and you have been growing thin for Tho last six so that one would hardly know answered the while his face was lighted up with sym what would it matter that i should Tell replied May you cannot and it would Only afflict your honest 1 should like to know Tho secret of added the old Man musing who it a in talk and fluttering at the expected visit of the important As it is veil known How much depends up6n the first impression to be produced upon the aware the importance of Tho the family Council sit in secret in order to devise Means drawing the attention of the that therefore repentance for the past and j Good resolutions for the future Are re Tan Cocks piracy c quire of Tho bridegroom fasts a conspiracy portion of the and offers up penitential in Tho after the first part of the marriage ceremony is performed this consists in the ministers Cov of ring and lying round the head of Bride a handkerchief of a Peculiar Shap and making it reach Down to the Facos and nearly him Jig thenceforth Tho be soon to be changed into the wife is never to show her own hair before Stran and is for the future to conceal it carefully under a and even have her critical Florri the pimple in Tho face curls Cut operation is general direct it to those by performed by some whilst charms and accomplishments in the Bride is undergoing this Motamo Pho the eyes of the she really an individual makes disappearance that the daughter is set off to Whoso functions form a the greatest advantage by the these his functions Are a Nondes ate family will be understood As a matter script it is hard of convey in of How the eyes the official title by which he goes is the t it a font a Rte Zifa 6f the family rest on tier and Tiev the Mouth of the Mother overflows with her Praise 1 there never was such a Darling child she under master of Tho Merryan Lis however is quite inadequate arid inappropriate to give a Conception of his he is Tho Tho pie of stale of vef tit attle to May second court met at 6 and the prisoners being present the cd Tab was taken k Thyl said that a stipulation had been into by he counsel for the prosecution and should be record or understood by the i Van for Tho seated that a stipulation had been draw to save that after the Simpao Herlog a two of three witnesses to and then that the cw4 should rest until the 6th of in Durdei to give for the Art i port Unity to procure i from abroad would prosecuting i that was sic the time the other prisoners were but now Moulton was and stands cookery could dress j Tho wit As Well As Tho spirit Damper listening to the indictment her the any meal at five minutes notice and As of the at one moment to is i prosecuting Noj to Why there is no one to Tho most amusing Creaturo in Tho i years at parting a piece of Money occasionally glides from the hands of the Host into that of Tho from when she had what right have i to receive so much Money from one comparatively a you Aro no doubt plied the scissor to see me in Possession of so much Money but let that i am growing old you shall be my you have been an an gel to lonely old i love the sound of your gentle glance of your More than Burn n goodness of your let to pass my Days near i have is this is not Man you choose As your husband was the Only son of my Friend Long since the old Man ceased and they All embraced expressing their gratitude and love for him in the most touching the night was spent and Thoy were All heartily tired of the grounds Forrest family had for Merly occupied were together wit the greater portion of Tho lands owned by an elegant Man Sion was built under the superintendence of to be heir future Tho scissor grinder passed Tho remain Der of his Days with them in Peaco and May More properly j with any objection on their never forgets she said a h kind word to a poor old equal her in the whole Whoso Quick repartee and ready flow of Broad wit elicit pals of laughter n Tho s id that a number of pen indicted were not marking and All next moment his grave Sej these branches she is equally rious and heart stirring Harvey Stuart said Origina forcibly remind Tho soup Loand Tho company of the solemnity of the occasion and draw Forth irom their eyes abundance of to is seen standing before i the Bride in in attitude of an orator j a grave chanting in a Monolo for Tho last five years not a bit of Linen has been Given out of Tho House she has Cut it All and made up All tha the Mother has Liot a slightest Ocean icon to look after anything in Tho household and everything is so t 0 satisfactorily on though she had rather but not unpleasant from the regular proved sworn been a housekeeper of at least a score of a Long speech in general in John lock Jerome William Van Harry and were now in or under the following persons were then called by reminding her of Tho import Niico of Tho and who now duties Sho will have to interspersing the song this it will to seen How important Thonvo j with occasional advice and hints for cation of Tho matrimonial broker is and Rollin Amos Mcc Horace that far from being a source of expense to rather serves to replenish his exhausted purse than other at length he arrives at Tho place of his party in View Anu having received encourage sets out for Tho residence of the other the preliminaries being Tho two fathers1 meet All matters being the Young Man is introduced to his future and prudent conduct in various position soft married meanwhile the Levi John Roberti after scissor grinder was at his accustomed he held out his and at the same time looked anxiously into her alas 1 have said and hurried said the scissor be i would that it but it is yet you shall Here May went into a detailed account of her while scissor grinder listened with deep then the landlord says he shall turn you into the Street Lovday he i this very and Mother is sick sobbed our to Shant turn you into the said the mendicant nobody shall Ever Lurn you into tote to Sigried not answered the old How much do you owe May told the old Man put his hand beneath his rugged and out a and put k into Mays you will find Tho amount in to May started Back in its the old scissor grinder Anil beggar Man that men Are not always As poor As they they you have been kind to you have not Boon ashamed to s you and turn your pretty face smilingly toward and even to give be pennies from the pittance earned by take Tho dont be afraid of not like Brownes Mon not Tho Price of hasten away to relieve your heaven bless old Man but How 1 repay you want no am already you shall let me come to your House and real Meonce in a see How you get with an overflowing May turned sincere was the prayer if thanksgiving that went up from her to she flew towards he Mother with eel that scarcely touched the she related to her All that had and opened the Greasy it contained not Only the amount due for the but thrice that heres some to erred and she ran Back to the old but he persisted that it was All Ana that he would Obbo a whatever happen Art Uke for it and a great i take any of his Money of the Rock which forms their Only May heard him with on against the and which has w did know of Ner affairs Why 10 far worked away that its thickness to an average of three feet Only i e water acid the gallery in we now no one knows poor mendicant feel an in the water acid the gallery in we meant and hastened with the of in Herl she thanked him for his and hastened As Well inform the Rea by the name o v seen May and managed to term an acquaintance with her since her removal to he Lias seen and admired poor like and depended on f a f by 9 Foo bowl on Boji Mother and intimacy increased until a was a Dau win should we cling to those that Why fondly Mirk mid haunt the place where n Bro Lurra Wittes of Tho face Why Ceu above the enclosing where the loved form was uld a if the a lilt Kilt from Ood still dwelt within the mouldering Cla t Van rails they shall scatter int dust by narrow wherein the Ocean bunds its i Earth is swept by winnowing 1hcse the Harvest on these Tho air we tic dust the tide of Illet Lut tills these Ara put Lions of Pic buried Hilb then when life is the autullo in Uio while to the the limbs u arc on the in life and Bloom the or reaching into go arcs the bulk of Distant kinds out each in nets Roune and and Macasu recall their Days and Bui who beyond that Bourne hath at which our Muriul a Cusco into Tho spirit or raised tout Illo and death the parting the deepest Nearch of the full Creal sin Tab of human no tid Wiiks Tiam the soul Hull beyond the moment when we trembling Hope 1 wait the Chineo when thought and unclogged by through Gud a vast Unive Iao shall Lake the world of spirits oui be Hie cheerful that the spirit free to by mount and Wood till beavers kind voice shall cull it As Tho jewish youth Are generally Obedi ent to their As Tho ground is but rarely it is Seldom that the projected Union meets so an evening is fixed Lor the this is a solemn at which All the relations and friends of Tho Young couple living within a reasonable distance Are the audible sign of Tho betrothal and signal for Tho consequent congratulations is Tho breaking of a which is always done1 by some near Tho frag rents of Tho cup Are sent round to those j Persona whom it is thought desirable to notify the engagement in a formal Manj breaking of Tho cup on this occasion seems to be an imitation of a similar incident narrated in the Tah null there it is related of a certain that in the midst of the rejoicings 1 by lie purposely broke a very valuable in order to Damp the excessive Joy of those 1 cd for he was of opinion that since the i destruction of it does not by Conie a jew to abandon himself to Joy uni mingled with an Alloy of Bui although the betrothal has taken years May elapse before the marriage can to this Dclay i entirely arrives from lie difficulty will i which the permission of government to this various Llic i e Riaff died is being executed elsewhere and signed by the respective it is written in Tho Hal dec and the contents arc to Tho that the a doth agree to take the Bride 0 As his lawful according to Tho Law of Moses and Israel that he will and cherish according to Tho manner of All the who and maintain their and keep her in clothing decently according to the manners and customs of the it likewise specifies what he settles on her in Case of his this the last of the kid Ushin which makes Tho couple husband and it is performed under a generally erected in the Yard of the whither Tho parties concerned oar by in the the bridal procession is usually opened by a band of my who play Lively and arc Fol Lowed by matrons and other volunteers culling Odd and performing divers antics for the amusement and edification of the serious next comes the each led separately by two of the nearest attended by the fool who likewise exerts himself to peer up the bridal the family and other friends Lin up the the panel having Tho following tall men were sworn As making the jury Complete Stephen Ralph Silas most of those Befth from Thi regularly called panel and tally than were excused by input Al consent of Tho after the panel was completed Tho court adjourned until 2 Van Annan opened the Case far under the it would be unnecessary to open Tho Case Only so far a it would to proceeded reserving a further he would show that 909 George Washington Gay was employed by individuals to Burn the Michigan that the depot was that the depot could not he destroyed by that Gay has Tinea the stated to different that to had burned the Means and Tho pay received that he had stated that he knew Many or All persons now was employed by and furnished with the match used for that that he proof at this time would be pour fined to the Corpus or to prove Tho Llu Vitug at the Pluto of Deslin Ai body of the that the depot we 4 burned by the 19th of i act is 1 put upon jewish marriages in different i a common one is to fix the Len couple Willi la Muir arc never less than ten males repair under the where they meet Tho min who holding a Glass pfc wine in his right pronounces Tho following Art o lord our King of the creator of the fruit of the Vine blessed Art thou o lord our King of thu who has sanctified us with thy and hath forbidden enjoining a jewish marriage in cd ulrus at length after several years of modesty in Tho and hath inst Tulud marriage for us by Means of the if ii Iii and blessed Art number of jewish families by which a i r i i o Tho a notifier of thy people number must not to i he right j r i i c b Israel by Tho moans of the canopy Ana of marrying acid Tylius forming a new i j family is in such cases transmitted to the eldest the younger son has Only a Chance of marrying in Case death should have carried often individual Outha priv severe the pedile8ed class h left by has saving some Hub i Casele Ord of shoes and maintain i has h l0 male Nial in is strengthened by estate to which the or some other author that privilege we give below the testimony which was it be to the Mony in regard to burning of the pot last full by Henry Seq re reside in have resided for past year in Washtenaw heard of the burning of the depot of the knew George Washington first knew him when 1 first of never him in this resided below the came into the City soon after the burning of resided Here Twentyfive saw i Washington Gay at the Paloj to with him in regard to the was Brot and what was that objected to by the objections were argued at great j by the dislike which the jews a body j consequence have for and by the injunctions j 1s s a of rabbinical author Tii who presents Al Alliance without the count take a cent he even feigned to passion about and said she talked just As though a Man of his age could not see to count Buthe would just let her know that his eyesight was As Good eyesight As some other Peoples who were May was forced to yield and keep the she paid the much to his who said be had not the remotest idea of putting threat in u As an excellent few Days after the old Man came in with his wheel on Bis which be depowted1 by his Pia Wel come a a form and be seemed Happy w Hap Pinesi Nenad be not been before Browne raw Ltd Oid m he in the oof Mii Tod to Presa time wow he could marry Hay Orion to offence if ii w1c9c1113 1 f l i marriage As a direct command of god leave of government previous to v j it non Lora Tom p i i and fun for a Man the eighteenth year As that on which he might contract a is not so easy a there Are Obsta cles in the the removal of which re quires cons durable Long Perse Verance and the interference of u third party the Intercourse among the sexes of that denomination not being so free As among their Christian the Young people have not frequent opportunities of knowing each other Suffi or of forming lasting intimacies and the jewish population is in Adina districts Only thinly there Tab not rarely disparities among the few Marriageable individuals which Ren Der an Alliance among them these circumstances have Given Rise to a class of persons who have received the name of they it their business become acquainted with All those particulars which people like to know before making or responding to any overtures w matrimonial and when such an individual has assorted a and arranged matters in his he starts about it right Earnest he begins with canvassing the parents of one of the for this purpose he sometimes travels fifty or sixty As his business is not lucrative to 16 go by toe Sager or any other i faxes on this Mode of Hae the advantage of avoiding him an Opportunity pit top Pinju a plane Dom for the p of Oom Wing Keg granting makes the necessary inquiries As to the right of the the Cru of this and the extortion connected with form no Small part of the system of persecution still kept up against the hebrew people in Many parts of let us suppose that the leave of gov rement is and the Day for the wedding on the previous Sabbath the bridegroom is summoned up with Greal solemnity to the where a portion of the Hawis the wedding Day itself is of diary merriment for the whole family and All acquaintances for besides the Natur Al occasion for the rejoicing of the Bride and bridegroom is As a most meritorious act by the for that reason the gravest upon whose lips a smile has not been seen to play for the last dozen and whose feet have scores of years to exercise themselves in the profane amuse ment of a Are now observed to Brush up the Gold embroidered paps which were in fashion half a Century and to Smothe out the famous dress in which in own no As effectively charmed their lords and masters As the brides of the present Gen oration Ucb font the bridegrooms of their own those old in compliance with die rabbinical enter a t j new Diazo s his Ceuta Iowa Avoca canopy after this ceremony couple drink of who when the bridegroom places a ring on the forefinger of the Bride pronouncing who following hold thou Art in holiness according Tutlys Law of Moses and Israel and the length by counsel on both and filed of her accepting the ring is consider ally sustained by the Edas the Token of her the i Phelps testimony aforesaid marriage deed is then j conversing in regard to some persons Arr when the minister takes another Glass of rested Van Sickles and Van Houghton offering up another the in regard to passing counterfeit couple then drink of the the empty j the conversation was about How Sickles could to and May suggested that one of three or four depots should be and that Van sick then on could be placed in and could be released by printing or psf who burned the that it was suggested that it be Laid to Joseph it addition to releasing Mrvan tha Railroad would pay from i then asked Gay Why not predicate this upon the fact off he already burned Gay replied it would not there were to Many of connected in the Friere was nothing said about the mount of proof of i bad Anen Igenito meet went in evening to Wuh Yaw sickle and at the at the at the Palo alld Tia sickle Smith and things we in the at Gays Glass is Laid on the and is broken by the congratulations offered to Tho couple by the exclamations of those Masol a goad goal co Clytle Tho cd returning Homo to Tho of tie brides the guests sit Down to a in til arrangement of the food makes himself very and to which Lys wit adds a very agreeable at the conclusion of the Nina and before Grace is the exhibition of Tho presents made to the Young couple takes it being for the friends of Tho newly mar ried pair to make them consist of or of articles for Domestic they Are All placed a sideboard Belind the fool who a so As to be seen by the whole takes up one present after the proclaim name of As Well the name and 1430 the Ariole ers Ujj the whole such Citty 3 and puns As the occasion Sug und All this is done Ilia kind of a chanting f the presents be the fool read witted and in Good the exhibition to the entertainment of guests protracted to a late hour at Sigut fur the pc Opte Ali of j l by they May couple y w it that Are so doom is being and a modern Bito bother by Maiv exp Teicu fun jaws seven seven apportioned sport and 9 in front 4ay to u stated the condition in or Kwh Gay said that of at Ann 4jrbor of y burned that it could be of be Boyne swear that if

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