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Read an issue on 30 May 1851 in Marshall, Michigan and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Democratic Expounder.

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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - May 30, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Ivole 757 May Day in the a Pounder by Henry at one Dollar a invariably to scraps of a Man with a Large family was complaining of the difficulty of supporting All said a you have on big enough to earn something and Elp you the difficulty is they re too big to was the o my take this letter to Tho Post and pay the postage on the boy highly and said i Sec Dpi lot of men putting letters in a Little no was 1 slipped yours in for nothing in prove that we Are on Tother Side of this said i Ami Liow will you prove 1 Anil pointing to the opposite Lank one Side of the and Anil this Tother Side aint on Tother Side of Kile River inimical what is a Shir almost any remark which one sing hikes about Liat is a rest going out of choir to cat some refresh ments during Sermon what is singing with an understand no heating time on Tho floor with the what is a staccato movement waving tire choir in a because inc is dissatisfied with the 1 what is a swell f i a professor of who pretends to know everything the while in cannot conceal his Days a Good old lady meet hit Farmer in Tho in a Load of inquired of him if it was for Sale on he american it Bright in the in ppm Home and to Norlove prepares fond gifts to the that dwell eth on its it Shower la Oer the Blooming Soulli Niessl Nofs and and bows before the hoary head to pay an loft Alrig the birthday of the absent i thought on we rigid scroll shall Fly to Distant or stranger clinics Lien Eatla foreign sky Orbern lha love Oer Ocean Waves that flt fee with anger which Many Waters cannot nor All the or Billows tit att Nitrai re sure that sacred Date to keep Send portions to the sick and and dry the eyes that Weer wrap garments round the shrinking Homes for the orphan Mil uie Liglin knot Lodge beam upon the darkened a trick in n the Brooklyn Freeman gives a description of a financial which came off at Palace the other which May safely be set As distancing All a dressed in Superb went Mike Fink in tight place Miko a notorious Buckeye Hun Ter was contemporary with the celebrated Davy and his equal in All things appertaining to human it was even said that the animals in his neighbourhood knew the crack of his Ana would Tako to their secret hiding la Ces on the first intimation that Miko was yet though he was but Little known beyond his Irmmie Difate set when ire knew he was an old blast of 70 Winters had silvered Oer his head and taken the elasticity from his limbs yet in the whole of his life was m Ike no scr except upon one of to use his own he to Ever Gin used to anything that travelled on two legs or but that we said Bill is some dozen of us sat in the barroom of the Only tavern in the Gin it to us prom i cd Long Courti old and no cent continued commenced you depot of and May talk your tight i i i ii i m in nil f it inquired for alter examining several of the the lady pitched on one that pleased her and inquired Tho the answer was 400 up on contemplating the Rich patterns again and admiring the soft Fine j and indulging in All the Sweet that in icing answered in the he re him to turn his team around and drive to her husbands some Hall a mile Distant her request was com plied and after the barnyard was the old lady informed Tho team Ster that she wanted Ihrer cents Worth for and that while be was throw Ling it she would run into the House and get lit change the Fanner was wifi Allan enough to Curso the old indy Anil her arid refused to retail his Nee no Bru Vien iwo snuff Good Hiss How do to inday in y Hiss urics i Hope Urc Well 1 Thongk hut paper Orri you Radig Alicd 1 Alic id Hiss i ribs i was rending Ilio Yankee is nil excelled 1 Yon its a Viry Luddy add has i stories and Hiss ill read a Little pub in Ltd Llo Gnu Rel Milicer the tiler we Butl we come out Bur self Alt upper Leut Hii you and Sich and subtract Emall to Gether in one almighty big and they Saint no More to be compared to the one that i War than a dead Kitten to an old she bar Ive foul out All kinds o Var Down to a Rattlesnake never was will to quit Fust but this such an object is calculated to the once twas with a bul1 f lady determined to and Drew yol Sec was an awful hot Day from a purse if ample and Respecta and i War nigh Rannin off in blk an m on Tho chemical to pure Ilc when War a i Bank now the chemical being in Tho immediate Vicinity of the just across a thousand Titlar Bill bin rarely even at the mar lady was requested to Wail a perhaps to continue the leasing diversion of examining the Cash Whilo a Swift footed and trip sly Mes Senger was dispatched Otho the answer was the Bill was pronounced by the bust possible a shawl was wrap the six Iii Rcd dollars in change and rolled into the respectable looking and the lady slowly toward to pure when i War thinking mat a nip in the Creek Moul say Wilh thar was a mighty Nice place in old Smiths Medder for that particular 80 1 went Down among the Bushes to i had list Hauld Tho old red shirt Over my and War thinking How scrumptious a Feller of my size would feel a Wall Erin round in that a and was jest when i seed Tho old beacons Bull a Makin a b line to whar 1 1 Knowd the old for Hod shard More people than All Tho Parsons of the and cum mighty near kill a thinks i Mike your in Rathor n neither want of any they War so or fully mixed i reckon 1 rid about an hour this when old Brindle thought it War time to taks in a Supply o wind and Cobl off a Little so when got around to a tree thai lie naturally Hal Ted set pfc 1fl old youll lose one passenger Sartain so i just Clum upon a Brantly Kalk Elatin to Roost thar till i afro id to rid around in that a Way any longer i War n Makin tracks for the top o Tho when i heard Ruthin Makin an Worful Over i Kinder look up and if thar thers no use a swear let Bat it War the biggest hornets neat Ever built youll Gin in 1 Case thars no help for you but an idea struck that id Standa Heap bet Ter Chance n Ridin the old Bull than whar 1 says old if youll hold ill ride to the next any let that be whar it will i list dropped aboard and looked aloft to see what id gained in changing quarters in a liar if thar want nigh a half a Bushel of the stinging varmints ready to itch into me when the word go was inf i reckon they got for All hands started for our company some on pm bit the a stuck and the rest charged on old this the dogs led dead1j Bent for the old and As soon As j old Brindle and i could get under vie followed and As i War Only a Dock and had Nollin to do with Tho steering of the i swore if 1 had to j Havo run that Channel any As i said the dogs took Tho and 1 Ami the hornets j the dogs life 13 of life is Aprl Snail a merry Chili Ami 1 love to Rotim in in Meadows ninth the slip of the world is a fairy there Are Trees Hung thick with blossoms and Flowers Bright theres the Moons Clear and the Sun the world is a world of log he life is Sweet Salil n in Hunt As he conned the Paige Anil pc Boffil cts on to and the Fame of the former there was Hope in his hrs sort mid beaming a nit he longed for Riper dared its strife he fell no dreads nor life is Sweet Cnoc merrily from the of a Young a fight and a Happy smile she gave the while to the dear Nehy her life is so vet for we will live our constancy to prove thy Merrown my trials oof a Wiite in mar life is Sweet suld n Mother As Ulic gazed on her helpless child and she closer primed to Ner plaid end Hrc isl who unconscious my life shall he for my As thou Art and who shall Inre my soul to tear from the tic that forms a part life is Sweet a tied an a fail whose Eye was sunk and dim his form was strength i was a pct or Judd life be Macii to him pcs for round the old ninth chair his childrens children Chine and ouch Der acid Warrem Vinacc in Jeltje seem Ever thus life from Early you i to weak inc love twines Ului la rough care and in every varied Stirn the path we and dark the sky in every elate theres yet to live Lor and to a new phase of Bee about Tho Middle of in afternoon in we had landed on a Low Sand for a Short i skirted Tho right Bank of Tho for Ilio purpose of Enca Ping for the night and and his returning like tiny other modern politely rap circled out of Tho observation of prying eyes till to was prepared to admit numbers were constantly and nil went through the process 1 have Tho isolation till till 1 i i i 117 in b Vronch Hying after Knock in n different it All allow ing tin same Lime to elapse before return ing for admission thus the door was never opened save at the proper after watching their proceedings for Sofi Irv i thru rur Rynn of their not qty icily at Iho among Tho stray lerivc9 arid in the and in holes and of the were numbers 1 of Small same color of Tho but with the addition of or two bands of Black across the Abdomen their Graceful forms and partially exposed Ovipositor Tho cans of their slinking and Stam than to the parasitic Ichneumon of Tho i thought after Tho habits of their they endeavouring to i obtain an when they pouncing by hovered Over Llie bees As they pro Digap bearing in Tho doorway but is Noftz Ever i that they had devised and Scro pursuing some other plan of introducing their blood thirsty further observation this to Lio the rascals were endeavouring to attach their eggs to Ihn Small a allots of pollen with Cadi and Lwy Suc a clod in spit of Iho Adini rally devised tactics prevent the duties the janitor Ivero gradually sensing All Ali Boos Hail re turned Sivc a few Strag and oven these were grooming scarce the last parting rays of the Sun the Experiment being exhibited in by which the diurnal rotation of the Martli is rendered palpable to Tho is one of the of the modern verifications of although the the rotation of the Earth has been Stab Bosch As to carry a to the minds of All who Are capable of comprehending to which nothing Cai be imagined to add either Frice or cheat even the Tenn not ref Farr tha sent cup raiment without p0 found interest and and to the Groat mans to whom the phys Sical by which Tho rotation of the Rattli has been this Experiment is Intaj at the Centre of the dome of a n Fine wire is which i a sphere of four or five inches in is As to or or Tho floor of the this App Nantus a put in Vii ration Ftp Lipf of the and connect Ted with is placed a Lar some Twenty feet in Tir Circum Fence of which is divided in to and the divisions it can to shown by Tho most principles of my supposing the Earth have the diurnal motion upon its Axis which is and we Ricer Plains the Phenomena of Day and the plane in which this pendulum vibrates will not in affected by this diurnal but will maintain strictly Tho same direction during Twenty four in this the table Over right glad wore we to stretch our limbs signal Lor the Twilight Birds to Issue which the pendulum is suspended will j continually change its position in virtue Are l no sons e and the hornets and sting quest of game for it want no our evenings and the to indians up in Tho Here and returns to the counter where Tho tells Tho clerk she was changed her pylers not to take the without consultation with her husband there is a possibility that that excellent Parson might think her a trifling extravagant in making such a the six Hundred dollars Are returned with Tho and them re turns to its resting put the in the Tho lady for the again Cashmere still re Mains folder Dan on Tho u smile of Good nature plays on the lurid some features of she says archly addressing the you will think me of but 1 Muni take the the thousand Dol Lar Bill on Iho chemical Hank is again the change the shawl taken by the lady towards her every thing settled in a satisfactory Man hut on making up tic count Borud Alidel Enthat evening at the alter shutting i the shop windows and kiting Down Iron there was found a thou Sand Dollar Roun Terluin note on the chem ical then did the elegant and courtly clerk of the shawls understand that something else besides Cashmere had been sold at his counter on that quite Hiss bul 1 and hint to had been by a org he the adde Doles after blur theres and added dote about Jed by 1 Wool read Ady Ive got such ii had and 1 1 bust Rud Alog add buy sub a Judd Bis i w l i i Iii i1hhv Vij u i u c i 1111 she stops and place get you of for he 11 be 1 Unm a Lito into Var driving them big horns o it is into yer bowels afro thai time Yorlli Hev to try the old Varmint i the Bull War on one Side of Fth and 1 on Iho and the he made Tho silo Fly for a As if he War a diff Gin my War distressing i1 come Bullerin old said dont to a Standin thar for As the old Deacon says o1 Tho scr not comely to look this kind reached and made him More wish us for he hoofed a lilt Elike Ann Mayo u As i dont like to stand in anybody i Gin j Antl belonged him plenty Ose room so to kind o j Jar indic walked of by they Liow in and one of in 1 didst say wed got about two Hundred Yards from the and the det Qon Hern us and cum out i reckon i seed him hold up his hand and turn while i sued he was praying for to didst expect to to called for so and it want Afore the Imp Congre woman and came and then All hands wont to Yellin none of pm had the Fust notion that Brindle and i belonged to this 1 list turned my head and passed the Hull congregation 1 seed Tho run would to up Lor Brindle turn in Inch from a Fence to lat stood dead ahead we reached that and 1 went ashore Over the old critters lauding on Toller Side it want Long tit id la thar Afore some of Emma War Tinl or a a hat i see what i War o and cum out on Tother Ide As tin Captain o the mud rangers would bout face Lor nother i War ready for in this he come mighty near Runnin foul o inel so 1 made up my mind Tho next time to passed by me Side a swamp pm of i i ii Liow in Ami one Mike Fink has got Tho Trust scrimmage once in his lift from thai Day i wrap pc the Outtin and never spoke to a Gnu since and when my Hunt is up on this thar wont to any More Finks and its All Owin to Deacon Smiths Britt the Hull Ter Tajn hours the had snarled in la Weir woo skin for is and the women were Clearing a space beneath the for our and collect ing fuel for our nightly Sotang myself on Tho smooth Gray trunk of a which Lay prostrate across the sluggish whose Bro Ken limbs Shono Bright in Gay that in a few minutes i should have some diff Cully in porn Coraling through Tho thick for i was in a clinic where Tho at and All is a lie null fill the correspondent of the new York who writes letters from Italy Over the signature of appears to be a some of his Chatory of a Scarle blossomed arc full lie says i lighted my and taking a Book Christian traveller opens Liis by Froni my began lazily turning Over Al Vlier ii Crest Asho journeys Tho pages and lightly gleaning the through the classic regions of the roman ant thought of a witty and social the books of prophecy and my attention now and again drawn away revelation abound with allusions to the by the tapping a Riso of this formidable Italy was heart and soul of this vast and is hallowed by some of the a Topa throated most interesting reminiscences of Chris frequent of of dark and sol api Allos of Phili itary capturing flies Ainoi g the j Gay Peru for his Post keeping i Apia Timothy Ami the gospel of n few paces up the was j were All written in Juci Illif an v u i lev in her tiny i had been in thispo1 a at and for two sit Ion for some Little regarding the years continued a resident of that whizzing hum of insects constantly Moro pros panted his appeals to Mil went he to when he passed 1 grappled his he pulled me on and an Sunn As to War Liollio a top o the old Bri Edlu stopped and War Abdul comin round agin when 1 began Pullin Tother 1 recon kind o riled Cor he Fust stood Stock still and looked at within two Hundred years it has been sup to for a and then commenced i posed thai Lite Dew waa a product of the Pawin and and Iho Way i e i made his Hind Scarin play in Iho ing and my gaze Chanc Iii to fall a Yard or More from my resting 1 detected a Small Bright Gray about the third of an Inch in Dis appearing in what seemed a solid part of the there was no Hole or Crevice Porep Uible to the nor did that portion of the bark feel less smooth than that Immy dial Ely i might by mistaken i i had just arrived us this last when a tiny piece of the bark was suddenly and out Lew the Little gentleman 1 Hai seen Dis or one t o much like him not to ii in the j belong to the same the mystery i on no other subject have there been stranger and More incorrect notions than on Tho nature and origin of even in Viilu one old of was one of the most inveterate jokers of i Llie Early links in which he an anecdote is told of which has Louii Ivl aled of him in and Nuver can he with much effect but we will try As he was returning form the on As Trio science of going la Earth is a with magnetic currents constantly playing around the human body is also a Magnet and when the body is placed in certain relations to the these in any other position they Coo when Pue position is to be maintained for some chosen in Bic the Earth and the body will not co Ullic this As indicated by known by is to lie with the head towards the North persons who sleep with their Heads in us opposite Iii War but it want fio he tech so he kind o1 stopped to get wind for such in As i judged by the Way he stared 1 by this 1 had made up air morning to it and it has been confidently affirmed shut if Dew were put in an egg Shell and placed at the foot of a my mind to stick to his Tail As Long As it stuck to his Backbone i didst holler for ii b a position should be h the magnetic currents of Oil holler for 1 1 Masc it War agin Lhnn a Taco had h and u Wall it would carry the Shell to Tho top of the and leave it there As it As even at the present the commonness of the falling she Vas How erroneous Are Tho prevalent was some ingenious Bee Archi decl had devised an fitting admirably As to defy discovery when shut while i was certain that i could Lay my linger almost on the precise the closest inspection failed to reveal any Trace of its t to Thoi go polished and was covered with faint in passing through places and localities of historical 1 have been accustomed to gather Flowers and distribute them through the leaves of my pocket Bible these souvenirs have so per ruined the volume that whenever open the Book to l fancy 1 inhale be breath of Angels among the Lea Wen i was in i visited the Beautiful Gar Dens to Lam papal Palace on Iju Irmal 1 Cirr cd this Lilloo volume with to there some of my fellow countrymen observing it in my hat ids eagerly enquired if it was the guide to this Gar Dens of the replied it is a thu gardens of Paradise the Clew never at f interlaced from which even Tho these bark is never Uil Hwi he hailed from a House by or lying liable r7 to fall to various nervous garrulous old who had often respecting a Moyed him with res peeling they go Bucklo the ngh Umb Lic not too deeply impress 1 Well coming out Tiu soon the whal new Laws have sensitive persons Are always More refresh you passed at this Lime i by Licu Lher one rather singular among Ihu he Dew Tell what is it governor asked the excited that the woman in each who has the smallest shall be War when their Heads in should Bear this principle in due Tuo egyptian and living Jde Strojn a correspondent of the London athe a we Jtj said drawing up her Mouth to the smallest a hot a curios Lor is but we passed another that beats that the who has the largest is to have two wharf exclaimed the old instantly relaxing her and stretch aug it wider at every a remarkable Law thatis when does it come in at the governor put spurs to his Luquin says thai the Pyramid is now in Progress of being converted Inlo a in order to build some new Palace or Villa in the the tombs of Salk Aratare used for the same purpose the Mounds of Abydos Are ran of building materials the tent of Ermett is going for the same Pur pose and two temples within the last six been knocked and the materials removed from near sheikh entirely without the knowledge of to they have re 1 snowed if he he crib the the Hull congregation would come Down and As 1 want a married and a kind o Hank Crin Arter a Gal that War 1 didst feel As if i would like to be seen in that a so says 1 you old do yer Cus Sedell and so lie for he drug inc Over every Briar and slump in the Kulil 1 War Shealia and Blendin like a Tat with u o hounds Al his by name aint Mike if Tho old i Dindl blow Oul some limes at a dead level to the varmints Back so you May Kal Clale we guide Good Isi Meby he slackened a and then 1 had him for a 1 list dropped behind a slump and Char snubbed the Cril Ler says youll pull up this Ere White break scr or jest hold 011 a bit till 1 blow while warscttin1 an idea struck me that 1 had better be a out o this a some 13ut and t if 1 let go and Riu no perceptible distance it is deposited Moo from tie layer of air in actual Contact skillful Carpenter had ill the Bede wed that in does i Lar tracings of nature of fall is Evi Jenl from the under Side of to plate of Iee Eream being the workmanship without so Lookia at the matter in All la Bear i come to the old bet horse and Mountain the Madison courier relates the follow piece of Fina Ciering the who bought the Finze ticket to Jenny Unis first concert jul is one of the few men in the who ate As Sharp As barn the was some he wont round a f in Duars with Ith that and leaving to 7 on Triue m aided utterly unknown until they no longer full roast to ibo that Ter let somebody know whar i War i Gin a Bdl louder than a Loco Audi and it want Long afro i so c see railway has been constructed at from Long Island Road to the Cypress Hill two trains a Day Are to run for the accommodation of funerals and j of mourners Are in a hurry to it Back to the haunts of business and every body is against Young couples do not wait to be married before they set out on their wedding have the noose adjusted on the women become on steamboats and and that nothing and now they go to the grave by and that Tho deacons two dogs a comin Down As if they wars Ein which would get tha Crystal Al Load of Tat l i knew who they War dam the Bull agin 1 War Lor War Worful a Cenious and bad a Spito free and the to his the object i la nothing in says Tho forwarder throwing Down the which Cost hours of labor when perhaps was because it nothing of freights and prices nothing in it exclaims Iho Lover of vain Fot that might throw him into Consul of the diurnal Molion sons to make Complete revolution round its Tho table thus and the pendulum vibrates Over in does not the consequence is that a Linn traced upon the table by a Pofit projecting from Tho Bottom of Flo will change its direction relative to Tho Pablo from i Ninete to and from hour to so such Point Wero a Pencil and the paper spread upon Tho Tho course formed by Thui Pencil during the Twenty four hours would Forniti a system of Linos radiating Froid Abc Cen tre of Tho and Tho two lines formed after the interval of one would Al ways form an Angle with each other of fifteen being the Twenty fourth part of the now this is Ren dered actually visible to the crowds which daily flock to the pantheon to Ness ibis remarkable1 Tho Practised Eye of a Correct especially if aided by a proper optical in common with the Earth under Tho Between two successive it in apparent that the or rather Tho Point attached to the Bottom of the does not return precisely to Tho same Point of Tho circumference of Tho table after two successive thus is rendered visible the motion we Jill Tho table has in common with the it is correctly the table does turn round its own or although the1 table be in Oom non with Tho surface of Llie round the earths the Poitev of suspension of the pendulum is turned also in the same time round the said being continually maintained Verti Cal above Iho Centre of the table plane in which the pendulum vibrate does partake of the and has the appearance revolving once in Twenty four hours Over the in it is the table which revolves Onoe in Twenty aur hours under us Dedica Pixie 01 in Curcuma Uluig with out when lie Tiuis imm coolness necessary to produce Dew is pro 1 had to wait patiently until u should Tho stale of the nation Ucci by the clearness of a j Fly open nor was 1 kept Long in expect l b Ucci by the clearness of a Fly open nor was kept Long in expect Ewy night is not produced by the for u present y popped up to Ilion of the but the Dew is produced the egress of another of the y the a heavy Dew proves i and a ready Twig prevented a i descending g in it sneers the who dreams the country caul be without when he Limu Little us lie clearness of the and warns the As Ron Ouier to lose no Lime in gelling out his found it designedly crooked and an a modern Wriler in an article relating o the frequency of this disease among and its says if there be a disease in this world of which seems in a Peculiar manner to in its victim for the Fate which human skill cannot Oliai disease is to one who is full of arid Anil the first conviction that it has fastened its death grasp upon the to certainty of its end will Flash through him with a thrill of doubtless than that of most startling it must be to feel for the first that there is a wow gnawing at ones i whose greedy Teeth no Tainan skill can to fee certainty of whose end is surely but How soon does the spirit and As he Levels the disease tugging at Bis and his strength wasting be fore How calmly does Tho soul plume itself for its upward does it lean upon the bosom of its when flesh and heart grow and How sweetly sinks of its final the victim of so the Lumur Cloud Soai Uki the when Ator Uuie Oei so Seuy Nijiu the of to a wave Flung the at the with an average Width of j or about a Quarter of an and vice that in length its substance was Hub than the outer skin of the being still connected Al one opened and closed As with a the Cun Nin Workman had 110 double been aware that5had to Liniado in much the size of the passengers would have would Havo required to be thrown farther when the greater tension would soon have destroyed the with its nothing in in languidly says Llie who sought the pools mud found a Tho and discovered in essay on Wool growing in it declares the from him with mock heroic paper Lylial contains not a puff of for Spiliu Yuul to waft Nau Good in every Lilg a in itch in a Lono Viii paper of speaking to what lie Calls the Amel Vicau Standard having a Snake with thir teen rattles and fourteenth thus expatriates upon Tolje Ai Diablo qualities of the such a philosopher would find Good in every Rattlesnake is properly Tho repro Lite the spirit of True religion it Reathea As u a native i which was the contract says old As Ridin is a cheap As on this if Youv no ill list take deck was Sag ctn Hal Arback o so i was Long Gettin astride of and Chejn youd been youd we sworn that want nothing human in that a Urix tie ail flew so or fully As the Critter and rolled round the Fie done dog on of that gloom and Uon trying to Clinch my which Clouds Sharpens the tem h defects and teach Jeswene to j iw4 fit another by jul Denaa u a native unaffected to the it is kind and cheerful remove Power of Fillini close to mediately within tie doorway was Small forming a sort of porters Lodge to Tho Little Surley Gray live red gentle Niau without quitting his showed his ure at my intrusion in a manner too pointed to be and certainly manifesting neither trepidation nor ularm at Trio sight of pne of the lords of Crea though probably Iho first offered o his from the Entrance mail two conducted into the Interior of the from whence came the co ufus murmurs of a Busy i had just allowed the door to admiring the exceeding neatness of the when another of the family returned signifying his and obtaining admittance in a manner at once Nove and Amer Dortine the Entrance touching it with use Regam Praise nothing in it cries the Man whose communication to gratify apr Vatu pique wis Rojec tied by Tho Definod himself Soiu Lohing Beller eau an old primed for every Mii Sumii in nothing in says lady of Fash u alter u search for the last Ball at the last fete in new or the exact Longitude of the new turkish nothing in it asserts the believer n spiritual Asho finds no 2onfcssiun of the editor Fuith in that be and so it Day after All the year a shout that has Cost tossed Aud Upin will out judge or pleasant is when in some Happy editor has Delabo Eaton a Ilia lie loves As his pwn and Hopes somebody else will love it to have Tho that contains yet Damp the mess sept Home to carefully novel Oping a Pound of candles i and As into the and a wide swoop the trunk can up which Waters w to he has made be sighs to Tow Only Light tis thoughts will is the paper bears is consigned to Tho on editor Chicago Santa tic of As animal is found in no other part of the the Eye of this creature excels in brightness almost any other she has no and is therefore an Emblem of she never begins an nor Ever surrenders 5 she is therefore in Emblem of magnanimity Aud Fine when or in danger of being she never wounds try she has Given notice to her enemies of their no other of her kind shows Sych when and in she docs not appear to be furnished with weapons of they Are latent m the roof of her and even when tended for her appear those who Are not acquainted to be weak and contemptible yet her however Nore Deci axe and she is associates her kind when of Init Poison is Al the Nec Essary digesting Cemin destruction to Beer new Iwaji i Power of it Tai a generous Cona Toction those who look goalie in Volant wards her and having Snoen never leave Ste m thirteen t her Tibi Jour i come about

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