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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - June 13, 1851, Marshall, Michigan 2a Calhoun june 13 Friday Inlet expounded Friday n to intr of state a depot bit at one Dollar a invariably lit for Arthurs Plotne Brown Light some the Down Crispin Meadows borne i i5lr Calm is on her i Mellow to not of Raj sewer thought dark that chastely with love and tenderness Are fraught Illk of Corn her tresses co Sunoo Tasso a handful in their Hue her beauteous like rubles or cherries moist with morning her is Sweet As fragrant or roses fresh from summer Shower her Volee is like the voice or that bumming woo the wild that murmured music floats through All the quiet realms of and Lidit Day its gentle notes 1m soot Linx on the ear of care h a turns Giro urfi the Trihy bum Ralty Anil by Juvik Hie whispered come from gels seen in till up uni sad bowed child and bees Bis Al Rel for Windsor Marolt Wood notes and Waters that in cascades burst and with Finger tips All sit fading Day by a Nim cot with parted to drink its murmurs As they Sorny taif Man hears and he quits Illi Couch obedient to its to Linn the Brown Thrush and six la and Sun Leht mingling full the Brood of that in dark the outer world no Mere May see Henr unit Are for it if la or winds nn4 Waves that wander taif of he poor Are a wort Alt that toll below for thoth Dost not thy Luve rut blessings upon All Catow the Flowers in crowded courts that beside the Labore sunless May never meet thy Yot still thy tears the drooping one then o heaven bom the for Liee shall wave their lira Rhea and All earths Towin and Ciolll Niiles overflow Ritli Lapp Lucaa Serene incense and sons the Cal eyed hours Kenil pour Boul thy Wax like Ami Roll Debood Lauh rum Leafy Bowers As thy White feet skim Oer the 0 mild and thoughtful May Leach Teu Orioll should Thil is where Joy Aud sorrow tempering tin mirth and Anil smiles and by m Ike the heart m lat thai is and blessings who keeps with the the Goulon i invited to leave the shores of effete eur and Settle in More vigorous Ameri to hts growth to the United states in the downfall of great All Tinq unhappy circumstances that Are of prejudice to Are of Benefit to with Mouths that clamor to be fed Are causes of with every additional Mouth an additional pair of and every additional pair of hands is of and in pour our millions into the great Valley of the and it will old and them were their numbers such is our great rival in the in the there is rival almost equally equally fed in the same manner from our and rising daily upon our who fix the Bounds of the future Prosperity of to great australian continent while in this old county the pauper vegetated or accursed of the Ana that produced in that new coun try the pauper becomes a labourer hoho longer but lives and if he lives Long ire my becomes patriarch sitting under the Shade of his own and counting by thousands and tens of thousands his flocks and new Job in n land of Fertile de Licious and Freedom from Are the blessings o the the englishman enjoy the first two in an imperfect manner the last Are knows them am will never know them while England holds her place among nor Are these Tho Only dangers which menace although our Empire Strot Cli 03 to Tho East Ami to the to the North and to the we Havo our hands in our feet in arms in America and Tho South Pacific our own Peculiar territory is but a Small spot in a Remote Corner of we have Only held that Corner by the enor Mous sacrifices we have it was our ambition to become a ruling Power giving the Law to the to be came so but it was at a Cost of that Paupe Rizes our and lies like a perpetual and killing weight upon the Energy of All in Addi Tion to this Stupin duos evil we share the cafe Tencis of All there is but j one Empire within european boundaries is Jet Pate poors what of it 7 thousands Are in the same who is Rich t Tot one in is no hitter what their situations and circumstances May All Are striving or he who possesses a million of struggles and saves and add another million to it and As he so does the Humble labourer who is the owner of but a single the most wealthy Are no better off than you dear Reader in your own the same air is same water is wander by the same you a Miro the same the same Sun shines upon same Blue smiling sky is Over in the advantage is in your for the Rich Man is trouble about his possessions and his health is disturbed by artificial indulgence whilst your strength is your appetite is not and your repose is refreshing and your should not be a subject to lament Tho Savior of men was had not a place where to Lay his his apostles were like the Best men of every age of the world have been in the same it is is worse than Folly to lament that the skies do not drop in your Are not your natural wants sup plied f have you not possess shelter and raiment be Happy of cheerful and contented god for the he not for Good with the blessings which Are und look up with gratitude and it has been appropriately is there be a Sadat or than a Man with his and his Mouth Bil Torly weeping because he had no More if to had More what could to do with it t is Gold Worth looking does it bring any pleasure to gaze on a store full of the necessaries of when our appetite is and our kitchens Are especially when we Sec Tho sad and starving pass by can the Abun dance of riches compensate us for Tho evil Possession of a hard heart t a lifes sunny spi Tab wilm1m through lires dark and Stormy it yet some spots of Sunshine that smile Nold the gloom the Friend who weal and woe unchanged whatever his who kindly soothes the heart that sure a sunny the wife who half our Burden and alters not a moan whose ready hand wipes off our unheeded All her own who treasures every kindly kaon harsher one and Hll Thley As a Shes too a sunny the child the lifts at morn and in Prater its tiny f grieves whenever its parents and Joys when they rejoice in whose Bright Eye Young Genius whose heart without a blot is fresh and Gay if Summers that Childs a sunny upon lifes wearied Road one spot of brighter where sorrow forgets us Load and tears no longer flow Friendship on child his Honor blot hut still in dimmed that place will religion lights that who in Tho Circle of his visual observation and docs not know of Rich own Indi experience men of whom it from Iho illustrated London signs of we Are on High that Iacre is nothing new Zirler the Volmi has been May to m hings revolve in an old appointed Circle for empires As Well As individuals hire is a period of growth and a period if that neither the mighty or the Humble can escape Tho operation if the invariable Law which fixes a penal fur every which Pun May emphatically be said that it is easier for Carnel to go through the Eye of i that is not worn and pauper Zed by w debt and extravagance that Empire is a than for them to Point to the Good works they Ever the kind actions they Ever or Tho Bod of and sorrow that their presence Ever booted 1 to beseech cease from the Detroit the conspiracy if the Girt Teyf meat Able Al thursday june the people of the state of Abel Ammi Arba Jacob Abner Ephraim Lyman Hiram Grandison Lester pen Richard Miner Orlando Benjamin Bur Willian Ebenezer Farn William Napoleon David Andrew Erie John Welcome Russel Henry John John John Miles bar Erastus Aaron Wil Liam Stewart moved that the Seward having arrived to take part in the defence of the that he be and Van Arma stated that a physician had been in attendance at the and he had so All prison ers had been removed from jail tothe hos Pital where they had been properly cared wished the pro Stoa Tion to state the amount of bail they should require from each defendant that they during the trial be bailed As the counsel Lor defence might the court announced that it would be willing to listen to the counsel Naer the jury was discharged for the when the question of bail could be Van for the then opened the and a state ment of the facts which would be that the depot of the Michigan Central nuts for the boston5 transcript publishes conversation Between a Young lady who writes for the magazines and an old gentleman who can speak old there any houses building in your Village Young there Isa new House being built for but it is the carpenters who Are old i sit corrected to to building is certainly a different thing from to being built and How Lonj has Smiths House been being built 1 Young puzzled a to and then answers rather nearly a old much longer do you think it will to being built Young i Don t old should think Smith would be annoyed by its being so Long being for the House he now occupies being to must leave and the new one being Only being instead of being built As he he cannot the Young lady leaves Tho room very we think it quite time that the innovation or affection rebuked by our intelligent correspondent in our columns some weeks 1 in to a n tints a nut same to to entered by Tho motion by Funk to admit two of the defendants to Viz Benj Bur and Abel on the ground that two of Tho if not three of them were imperfect in relation to the the names of the now in wore and Frink wished to know the amount of bail that would be Stewart announced that 15000 bail on each Ohhi indictments would to the do Railroad company was burned by one and that the defendants in this Case hired and employed Jay to do that the depot could not have been fired by that the machinery used of the j was saw and could not have caused fire from it irad been used three years without any portion of Tho machinery exhibiting would show that in in the neigh boyhood of Michigan Centre and grass there existed a regularly organized association and that its object was to destroy the property of the Michigan Central thai meetings had been held by them at Dimitr ent would show conspiracy by malignant d Catmen s Wou u to i no to i i Fence set up that excessive bail was threats countenanced by Tho the Dor that 1itch n the and she is the enemy of All the and desires to Rise upon their destiny seems to Honvo traced her path As it has traced the slavonian races will inevitably to the new lords of eur the Anglo Saxon Raco must to contented to to Tho lords of Tho larger and r roved i were countenanced by the the Nai r Spring court recurred to the enormity of the b19 wrote a letter to us Fence and looked upon the amount of bail Penn pendent of the required As a matter open for Stewart observed that Tho counsel for defence had stated in Tho and in the that they wore ready to give any amount of that Tho defendants were held for five different and that during that each and All had and Thesa matings conducted Laic and conspired together to destroy Tho property of the j hat in september a Irain loaded with running on the passenger car met with obstructions on the track near Tho residence of and after that the Case was now fairly and it was now not a proper time to make injuries to the Road i certain requests were not complied that Safly in a systematic and regular series of measures and depredations had been committed by these do fun and against company the application for Bai Howard adverted to the counts in Tho several and observed that it would be shown in Tho course of this trial that the parties now not Only conspired to Burn the old depot of Iho but likewise to running a Quarter of a met with grieving and lamenting acc Nus you a Trust in it has give cum Luis Lull o ii More splendid inheritance of America and in you enough in should ii this of you doubt the continuance of the Sime the Empire of great Britain it Falls to i support for the future enjoy what is i Ujj to and never while god permits you to Repine because the an exists other Hes with lie same severity Tho High and on potentates of the e Lowry the Bones and sinews of its sons and sue a modern with the Power to a new and in if these old and tracing in the past Joying and Opp Ortu Luil present history of Groat Britain to which their forefathers were operation of causes which in the of produce in has those no of a perpetual Iran a vivid picture of a new think upon these the siting upon a ruined Arch of London arc around us on every and moralizing upon the Fate of Sije Prosperity to have not Coin once mighty become As much ourselves so As to be jigs tidied in the expectation of sympathy or Aid from any our very Excel Lence has made us foes and our violence and cupidity have estranged Tho nations i thing of the Post As Anil but when we read Iho eloquent we smile at the prediction of the we cannot believe Iha Tubby that Uii Gutaf who glorified her we May have peopled the Earth j we May spread far and wide our arts and our our Commerce and our civilization but we have not had standing room for our own events Are More Uta Oie in powerful we we sooner the and the piety of her luf Reid our place to the most Pru see her wondrous Progress in Viollt p3s and the More Rte that greek and roman never knew ou8 offshoots of our and con Elf and lived who said in or sit As a Queen and shall see o shall Ever fall from her High we think of the the in the indomitable in the triumphs of her and the blessings of a civilization Superior to any Over enjoyed by Tho earlier Ngos of the and we fancy that in All those tilings Thore Are germs of stability and Tir Ogress which Hull Crow up and flour Khz in bearing the name the Power and the of Ozeat per Ituau to the remotes it is that we should sometimes View Tho other Side of the Pic and ask ourselves More calmly the thur our Empire so firmly endeared to the world by its and up at your Down upon Rolder Trees do not Spring or Golden stars drop our we Hove known Rich the meanest most miserable creatures on Tho face the they would get All they could out of you by screwing and they were always Jec Auie they accumulate to their wealth by unhallowed and riches Ihus obtained Are a curse to their a poor Man is before his countenance is pleasant As the Flowers do not smile More joyously than he to occupy the easy chair of our sen nor is there anything to Rogart ii what is thera in our Corner of the that should forever expect to give tie Luw to All others 1 the civilization that is removed is not destroyed i and the and Cenius of our people can exert itself As Well on the Banks of the or the As to Banks of the thames and Rule Iho world from Tho White House at with As much propriety As from the place of we a remarkable period of the worlds period in not one Dollar of riches is save what he earns from Day to Day he the possessor of a in a Hardy a vigorous and a Calm and contented we Havo already remarked that you Are take our and begin this Day to to Rich Rich in fret not yourself about not yourself about the mor Row will take thought for itself and of you with a proper the bless Ings which Are really each and every one of you will say in his am Rich the Pup ported by own much pred from All possibility of As i defy the agencies of decay and to the most Distant times the Buoen and the Model of the in cafe snot quite so Brilliant when it is the Golden image is feet of the fair pros peril is seen to have a worm within am the mighty Empire to lie Ito aced with perils from within and Vesei Thatte Haven inclusive claim to the Possession of the i Virtues which have raised us to the nigh i position we hoi of that what i we snare that men of our own blood language have permeated with Intel our my our which new empires take the place of old ones with a wonderful and in which old empires Are paying the penalty of transgressions against the Laws of mortality and social Well being committed by them during Many Europe has enjoined Power and has abused and the Centre of the is passing from her As of is following the course of the arid the destinies of humanity Wil pretty some matter of fact Genius raps Knuckles of pretty hands very just hear him Beautiful bands dear miss How do to contrive to make your hands so pretty and such As if to draw attention that Lut us feel of dear How soft and Vou bake in Tho above being built does not express Progress in a House built is a Iio Ubo already put into it is exist Cnoc we for instance John sold his land to a House being built on the land if a House to in Tho process of we a House at Tho building on the this is it Means in1 or on the preposition is Oft n supplied by the Uso of article thus Peter when Tho Temple was a building in throw being built to the the soil Altrec of South tire numerous and Well known voyages to the South sea have made us acquainted with what is called the bread As Well As another kind known under the name of the butter but it remained for the indefatigable hum to discover in the wilds of South a which produces ready made we saw on the slope of the Cerra says shirt fifty feet the indians Cut off cylindrical pieces two feet in diameter from which they Peel the red and fibrous without making any longitudinal in this bark affords them a sort o which resembles sacks of very coarse texture and without the upper opening serves for the Anc two latter holes Are Cut to admit Tho arms the natives Wear these shirts of Marimo i in the Rainy season they have the form j of ponchos and Ruos of Cotton common in new Quito and As in own 1 these climates the riches and Beneficent of Are regarded As the primary cause of the indolence of the the missionaries do not fail to in showing the of in the for Burn the depot soon after its in ring a Quarter 01 a Mei our nor for View of Tho enormity of at that place that under this View of the enormity the0 Ess bail than was already Seward stated that he came in under a slight knowledge of the Case Nis View 01 Usu i i r i p i i the court would not yield to of and others that he acknowledged his connection with the und tha to meant to continue his depredations and that his design was to have caul Tho passenger and offered to onto and hat he would advise his associates and de that if the prosecution persisted n demanding the amount of bail hat the application for bail should be with Van Dyke observed if the named to be were inno ent of the charges alleged against hey were Safe in giving any amount of but the trial was common if either of Tho prisoners were admitted to and should thereby be absent from Tho courtroom the proceedings would be the Law required Tho prisoners attendance in court f razor As these men were charged with destroying property to a Large at least and Hal each Anil every one of them was responsible for Lue on Tro and each one of them punishable if guilty i Hal the amount of bail required of Fitch and Burnett might be required of each of the others if they applied for the great enormity Rotthe was the conspiring to jeopardise the lives of hundreds of innocent and Uno fending human beings passing through our Frink replied that Tho parties did not apply to this court to be admitted to bail for the purpose of defeating Justice by but that it was to have an Opportunity of conferring with counsel luring the recesses of this from Day to Stuart stated that he had been told by that All Jackson county would be Here to bail these men if it was into a conflict Wil Jhc hands on Tho cars that within a month from that time three or four of those on trial made a arrangement to turn Oil Iho train at the mile one Milo East of tha train int Mlod to be the Irain from the West and had a larg number of the train me with some and Tho train from the East was thrown off the track and on Man crippled for and much Damag the arrangements wore made t throw off the train from the and no the and by Tho providential detention of this train hundreds of lives were probably Van Annan Elsp states that from the time of the the families in this state suffered Tho machine or match used for a aim a was found on the premises of who frequently acknowledged if Ferent that he fired the de Al and received pay about the first of the parties now n trial made a bargain with Phelps urn the depot at by which a Valu ble amount of property would be Dei Gilbert sworn Frink sked that during the trial the witnesses e kept tha court said that they had the pow r to exclude All but the witnesses on the from the but had to Ower to keep witnesses the witnesses not an the were by excluded from tha the testimony then proceeded resides in the am a Carpener and am acquainted the machinery and construction of the old the depot was boo feet in length y 100 feet in Width near the Centre w a 3 a ii Pota 30 33 feet Ono Side was an Shaft and belts Nachi Ncry in cupola was for elevating Lour and Grain on the North within the main Tho machinery was similar to elevators the connected by belts with he Shaft running Lengthwise with tha cast Iron boxes or Frame in composition with soft met Al to prevent friction and Wero used for the the most friction about the machinery was in Tho Belt running in the second the length of Tho Bolt was Over 40 83 revolutions was the number of revolutions of the Shaft Shaft was of with Iron have had Ucli experience in machinery had never found Tho journals to be Tho journals Are the portions of Tho Shaft made smooth to run in Tho think it impossible for the machinery to produce thinks the band could produce no one of these Pullis was 12 to 15 feet from the main floor of the Tho other on the North about 4 feet from its main the floors were two thicknesses of Oak and the roofs of and White Wood rafters with heavy posts supporting the floors and fire could not be communicated by machinery without heating the whole Tho nearest Point of Wood to the boxes was three or three and a half the boxes were bolted to posts of Oak with a few intermediate posts of nothing but the machinery could cause friction enough to create hoax except the engine about 33 horse Power and 70 Rev the most rapid revolution of any portion of the machinery was from 150kf200per the Pulley in the second Story is four feet from the during the three years it was have frequently seen the journals of this Pulley and never found any heat Havo known shafts of the same construction to be driven revolutions on Bass afternoon think is was not possible to occasion lire from friction was in the City when the fire thinks was on the morning of the 19th of Tho officers and others employed around the building was occupied and owned by the depot were aware Hal it was Iho work of Central Railroad lodged in the car an though in the Hopes of do near by was there when the fire occur Teching they gave Oul to the Public red when i was awakened the fire sex that it was an tended at least three fourths the length of knowing the locality and the names stairs about four feet wide persons committing those a communicated with Tho upper rooms Wescott was Emp byed by the Compa any one might go up at any no who having married in the locality of thing in the cupola except machinery that these desperadoes had belter Fuci lilies for could be combustible 1 have been up to joining in their schemes and becoming the cupola at most All hours of the Day intimate with Westcott was and and have never seen any on t if Nve had to into the temporary employ of the Road un1 Burn through the chamber or less leave of absence would b Given by reaching the this floor Brooks wrote to filled in with Brick and mortar thinks for the permission and in the if fire had occurred in the engine room it Letler intimated the object of the request c j employed by agent of the j to prevent any person going state prison Al and refused logo had taken from woul do you make Beds do you Wash floors pots and so to ers Handa aint mud scrub the look at your Moth jul ashamed to let 5 1 1 j work themselves out into a new Neli and that Oij herself Mlo on a larger the world As it j do from Daylight to starting and from a More but beep the dust from you face and the i i r fir i ests of the garments Are found ready made on the we May add to this tale of the pointed which the apaches of certain Palm Trees arid which resemble coarse net two irishman passing through the Woods found a they Over having seen anything of the thought that it was a musical and deter mined to Patrick advised Jem my to blow Tho while he played on the the result that Jemmy lost his would do 10 could not have set fire outside of requested and that he Frink did n Sulci a manner that any one knowing the depot was used for receiving Ernect to find other than a great amount i anything about the circumstances would i forwarding merchandise thinks the of bail required and that these Man Wod i understood after Westcott had building and machinery must have Cost find bail to the amount of a million of Dou had attended their meetings and be come Well acquainted with All their plans Cross examined by construct tha have seen the bullies Lars if that the prosecution i View of could do less than to fix the amount of bail to reason who was also employed in taken out and thinks the first 000 each on each ad1 obtained Possession of the were never replaced by new Init Ink they were admitted to they Ler and got a horse and Rode in hot i an additional Pulley had been put were Likely to be immediately arrested on Leasle to and denounced West col there Fere Grain bins partitioned off in As a and Westcott was driven from the same it extended the length of among the his Lite the partitions of thinks Gleason is now under trial As one there were five they were occupied i favourable from a the Lover of the remotest of the Earth that our Boua have founded new at pres Usu and promising in the future to be More than our if be calculate the growth of Mhall find in fifty or Twenty or even great Britain will no Unger be the principal seat of the Vig Orous race of the Angl saxons and a Trade May continue to Rule it May not be from the Banks j or from any part of the that gave them an or fifty and As Rich As has already other Icide of the bosom the beat f humanity can but Hope that the new civil for Iza Tion which May arise Vail take warning for from the errors of the old and that in who in a the decay and fall of humanity Fiur hands what Are you Good 1 1 f of unify m a a Man of common delicate hands a Nian would prefer to see occasionally by coming 1 that a series of depredations were lilt i14oihwoo i i i i j of bail and also to give commuted in the night under Circum Stan itself would merge from each change in n con acl with Hooka and Righter Wiser and More find o8uoused by anday or rubbing peaceable and More and doing at tue pretty fingers indeed As much As Man can do to Aid the com what Are for but Over the i the defence Ces which showed a regularly organized to see the affidavits before they were Brot and plan with before the and to it Nec Essary counter j theory was then discharged until 9 m the night when crowd defenceless men a w no of the prophesied time when Tho to suck through Gold rings like people shall beat their swords into plough Rainy of Vail things of the they one of our Detroit Mero Mautile Genue conscience than so foot will impression upon who was travelling eastward a Short i a Man wit i eleven was one time went to clerk of one of a the Ontario to a shown to Bis state the clerk Hap Edthe cant a at the same time pointing to a door at some Little our in the direction but could do much if i could husband my to w that vary Man u few of rv3 dream t Mesa other found in the District another considerable debate was indulged in relation to the reducing the amour Tomball for the two the in or1 before the burning of Iho depot Gay Der to to fully ordered was a immediately after Coss until 8 in order to suddenly possessed of goods to the time to prepare affidavits to sustain of j the More self the More it Faiu the of Meir claim for All the arc the a moral Resolution entered into without in but a desire to it in the hour of temptation that we properly said to form a without adversity a Man will hardly rive at any considerable proficiency in the i moral and intellectual that give i dignity to the human varsity is but the occasion of bringing of our Best qualities into exercise whoever wishes to get on in the world Only to Toko lessons of a Topper through a necked peeled take a few hurried i Stuart objected to accepting the Stop Peep Peep offered As bail in the Case of Bur now to the then to the one Butner of the ground that they were Isuf Ter and you have much discussion arose in regard to the sufficiency of the in one tha court caught the sureties would Fae available for about and that Tho number of sureties should be a Howard slated he Vas fat a Rule was e the that the court Ter be called at m and 3 each Day during Tho or Dan the free Juno the court met at 9 Oclock in the Soun court House and then adjourned to the women and children have been that Largo and heavy stones have Boan throw through the windows of the thus endangering the lives of during a this meet Ings Ware the proceedings of some of be that at these meetings they counselled made and suggested instruments of Des which were adopted by these and among others a torpedo had been and adopted by one of these meetings in committee of the top torpedo was up the for storing wheat and thinks they were elevating Grain the night of the tha Bias were of studding four inches by with rough boards nailed dont know that there was any men employed about he wheat elevators generally worked till 1 Oclock at never saw any lights in the had in other rooms used common tallow secured in a tin Hung on the saw any candles carried around hover saw any candles inside the thinks Steward had charge of elevating the have seen in the but always on the lower floor have been through Tho outside doors As late As 12 or 1 engines were sometimes run Genac ally changed so that engine was behind the burned there was not so much freight u usual freight trains arrived every two or three in saw any matches in the b1jii train of and is detection probably building was 20 rods i Savad hundreds of at these and 60 feet Tom in Ings they bad stated that their purpose to Tot Klaot Ivov a Traval Nyrl j was to entirely destroy the an a last resort they were to bum All the Coro d Segool you often is uw4mofi you the wide first Twitt not Nauch strive to be in dependent of Perry weave car any Mayo ratios should to of thu o painted with foe proof Asi Dru ring the siding Aad a was about above Row Ware 88 by being in ad1 Ling to bail meat for wont wind

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