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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - December 12, 1890, Defiance, Ohio Republican express Defiance Ohio Friday december 12 fond hearts must part. By Edward g. Allanson. Thou Art lost to me forever but thy memory of How dear though on the grave of All my Hopes no Friend will shed a kindly tear. I weep alone in silence these bitter scalding tears to think the Gulf Between us now May Widen with the years. Of Angel of my heart How cruel thus to sever the chords that twined my heart with thine Are parted now forever. A could you know my Darling for you alone i live could you but know my sorrow now perhaps you might forgive. Anita Iowa. Berenice St. Ctr. A Story of love intrigue and crime. By Dwight Baldwin. Chapter Xiv. Professional interview. T was with a feeling of weariness that oar hero Sank to a seat. It had been an eventful night to him. Adventures complicate Ona escapes had followed each other with All the rapidity with which scenes Are shifted on the stage of the theater. Cole Winters had not tasted food for four and Twenty hours and began to feel quite keenly the pangs of hunger. The effects of the drug that had been administered to him the preceding night and the chloroform he had More recently inhaled had disappeared now leaving his brain Clear and Active. Our hero believed that by shadowing Sears be would learn the present whereabouts of the Young lady whose safety now interested him far More than his own. After a time he began to regret that he had not taken a seat near his enemy. In that Way he could better test the value of his disguise for if he passed the scrutiny of Sears he would consider himself tolerably secure. At first he thought that the other might recognize the clothes and false mustaches As his own but upon reflection he decided that this was unlikely since there was nothing Peculiar in either to distinguish them from thousands of others. Besides he had provided himself with a number of disguises and was not Likely to be very familiar with the appearance of any of them. A Titi risk it a decided Cole. A if my identity can be detected id better know it now when i can have an Opportunity to whereupon he Rose walked through table and proceeded to Light a fresh Cigar. A a in a re by Quot replied Cole As he made ready to note Down what the other might say. A in the first place my name is Almon a what a cried the reporter dropping his Pencil and half rising to his feet. Although not in the least surprised he saw that evidences of it could be expected. A a that a what a returned the hardened villain in a flippant tone and then blew a number of smoke rings into the air. A my name is or ars a he resumed a moment later after the rings had dissolved in the air. A an hour ago i called to see the chief of police to give some additional inform Tion As to this Winters. He was t in and so i left and came Here. Now that he has in red me up with it to the extent of charging me with murder i might As Well give the whole matter to the Public and in a very glad i happened to meet a so am i a returned Cole As he picked up his Pencil and resumed his seat. A in the first place a Man in the desperate situation that this Winters finds himself will do anything to save his life. The evidence against him is most conclusive and he can Only Hope to save himself by showing that a Job was put up on a i see a assented Cole pausing in his writing. A in the second place he has a grudge against me and his former employer or. Max Morris who More than Likely he will try to involve with a How did that happen a a i detected him in the act of robbing the Cash drawer and told Max. As a result he was at once discharged and Only escaped prosecution by concealing although this false charge was trivial in comparison to the awful crime Laid to his door still it brought an angry flush to face of the writer. A put that in Strong a added Sears. A it shows the animus of the scoundrel a a very Well. Its a Good Point a a but the weight est matted remains. You see a a Sharp rap at the door interrupted the speaker. A come in Quot he cried. A a it a me a said Luke thrusting his head into the room. A a what a the m Trier has he come Quot a no. I want to speak with you a Titi be Back soon a said Sears and stepped into the Hall closing the door after him. In an instant Cole had his ear opposite the Keyhole. He caught but a few words in the voice or the servant but they sent a thrill to his heart a a you la Hare to come sir she a making an outcry and in a afraid As Shell be heard a chapter Xiv. Badly deceived. For an instant our hero stood with bated breath. Then As he heard the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs he opened the door and glided out into the Hall. Another moment and he had reached the head of the stairs and saw Sears in the act of unlocking a door not fifteen feet Awny. As for Luke he was not in sight and Cole concluded that Fie had re a nod in the lower part of the House. He applied his ear to the door but a murmured mass of confused sounds alone rewarded his vigilance. He had Little doubt As to who was held a prisoner there but he resolved to know beyond All peradventure. Not Only were Bis chances of learning. A anything Small where he then was but the car and passed through the open por he ran the risk of being detected in Tho lion where smoking is permitted with an air of weariness he threw himself into a seat opposite the Man he had resolved to Shadow. As he did so he threw open his coat so As to display the Star which proclaimed him a reporter. Cole knew of course that Almon Sears was exceedingly anxious and worried and hoped on those accounts to engage him in conversation. In a moment Fie Learned that his judgment had been Well taken. A anything new to night a asked Sears. A i see that you Are one of the licensed new gatherers. A he pointed to the badge and smiled. Quot flir ejaculated Cole hastily buttoning up his coat. A the murder is the great topic a what murder a 21 hat of or. St. Cyr last a ooh. Of course any new developments a a the daughter of the murdered Man was decoded from her Home to night Aud her whereabouts Are unknown. The police Are looking for her. It is feared that she has shared the Fate of her father a horrible a said the other with a look calculated to harmonize with the word. A any arrests made a a i understand that Winters was captured Cole disliked to make statements not strictly in unison with truth. However net Only his own life and Liberty but that of Berenice was at stake and he Felt that the end justified the Means. A a is he the guilty party Quot a eth police think a the a in t Maie a confession Quot a on the contrary he maintains that he is innocent. A a How does he account for the evidence published against him yesterday a a claims to be the victim of a plot. Says that the ringleader is a Young Man befriended by or. St. Cyr. His name is a is his Story believed a a no but it will be a you reporters Are always anxious for a what do you Call it where one of you gets ahead of the others on a piece of news a a a scoop Quot a exactly. You like to get the exclusive handling of a Choice bit of sensational news i suppose a a i should say Cole started with Well assumed eagerness and Drew from his pocket a notebook which the editor hot a Given him. A no not Here. Its too Long a Story and besides in a near my destination the House of a Friend where i propose to pass what remains of the Quot but where a a you can accompany me if you like. A Here we the speaker signalled the grip Man who at once severed the connection Between the car and the moving Cable beneath thus bringing the former to a Stop. Following the example of Sears Cole Winters sprang to the ground. A this directed Sears and walked briskly Down a Cross Street in the direction of the Lake. Although he was setting out on a desperate Mission with his life in his hand the heart of our intrepid Young hero fairly bounded within him As he followed the guidance of his most bitter enemy. Atter traversing several blocks Sears halted before an isolated Brick House near the famous Shore drive Way beyond which was Lake Michigan. Wait a second a said he and darted up the Steps. A pull at the Bell had barely been Given when the door was thrown open by a Man by the Light of a gis lamp which stood near by Cole noted that his face was forbidding almost villainous looking. A is your master in Luke a the question was asked in a Low tone but our hero had very particular reasons for not missing a word of any conversation that might ensue so he strained As far As possible his sense of hearing and hearkened intently. A no a returned the servant. A and Harper a a the a leave anything for us Quot a yes. That Sall coleus heart gave a sudden thump As he heard these words. He remembered that the Coachman employed by Bloom had been spoken of by that name and concluded that Here was where he had brought Berenice. A a in a going to stay Here to night Luke at least until your master comes. Hell be along soon i my poor a fall right sir a. _ a Mal you were coming to my thus invited our hero hurried up the House and for me to meet von jul followed his guide into i Yah its wrong with you a act of listening should Sears leave the room without giving him any kind of warning. Accordingly he passed on to the adjoining apartment the door of which to his great Joy he found to be unlocked. Closing it after him he advanced and entered a Large closet on the Side next the room which his enemy had just unlocked. A Calm yourself i Tell you Calm yourself a i Ole had barely entered the closet when he heard these words pronounced in the voice of Almon Sears. A Why have you torn me from dead father a a Berenice murmured Tho listening Lover in intense excitement. A because i done to propose to be tricked out of my rightful inheritance a returned the new Comer. A the Bonds Are gone no one can Tell a Well a a i propose to possess myself of the remainder of the a i will gladly give it up to you As the Price of my Freedom from a Titi agree to a and that also of the Young Man Cole Winters. A that will be difficult of accomplishment since he is now under arrest but ill see that he goes a what do you ask of me a a your signature to this a Vait until your part is a i can to accomplish that and secure the release of Winters without your s nature to this. My partner in the business will not permit it. If you care to save his life to set him free a a i do i do a a then sign on the lower line. Here is a pen. A a emr. Almon or. Almon a this came in the voice of the servant Luke who was calling from below. Important As it was for Cole to remain where he was he might learn More by leaving. Sears was still talking and evidently had not heard the Hail. In a moment Cole had glided noiselessly into the Hall. W hat is it Luke a he asked in a Low and muffled tone. A the masters in the Library and wants to see a fall right in a As he spoke he began descending the stairs. When he reached the lower Hall the servant had disappeared. W it Hout the delay of a moment he threw open the door and entered the room he had recently left to Shadow Sears. He had half expected to see Max Morris and was not at All astonish red when he found himself confronted by that individual. But he was to receive a Surprise of a kind he had not anticipated. As he entered the room the banker sprang to his feet and seized him by the hand. A i congratulate work a cried he. Cole Winters was completely dumbfounded. I done to that is he stammered. A you done to the girl is secure the detective dying and the Voung fellow a fugitive from Justice who can Only save his life by keeping himself to but the Bonds asked our hero who Felt that he must say something though he could not imagine the cause of the banker a strange conduct. A that s the very Point. A have you found them a a no but i have a theory by the Way How came you to turn blonde to Here a like a Dah the secret of Morris strange mistake dawned upon Cole Winters. He had no doubt seen Almon Sears wearing the disguise he had appropriated and had mistaken him for his partner in crime. The knowledge almost deprived the Young Man of wits and he narrowly escaped betraying himself. He wondered now that Sears had not discovered his identity but Mem ered that we Are not so familiar Wita our own appearance As with that of others. A a in be been doing some work a my own account said Cole As soon As he could Trust himself to speak. A that detective fooled me completely he made no charge against in and i made a Cash Deposit and was a a were you recognized a a no As Luck would have it i Wasny tall is Well with a did you see Bloom Quot did i see Bloom what Are you talking about did no to you Send him around to Tell me that von were you on the nights them in his Boot when we threw him into the Clark Street Quot i think that s right Quot a it was near there that he broke away from the detective who had placed him under arrest. A a in the very next Block i Quot what More Likely than that Hyland in searching the houses in the neighbourhood should have found his Man while we were at my office a a i see and removed the Bonds a a but where was he when we returned a a perhaps still in the cellar. Anyway he must have followed us from there to have located us in your South Side a True enough. Do you think he had the Bonds on his person when he came in among us disguised to pass for you Quot Quot no. He was taking desperate chances and got rid of them before that. A a but How where a a a that a the question we must solve. Its a hard nut to crack but a Kernel of $3j 0,000 is Worth a Little extra a a in a willing to work for a and i. How about the girl a a a she Sall a did you get her to sign Quot a Good the St. Cyr Fortune will be ours. I can Supply the necessary witnesses and malice the whole thing As straight As a gun barrel. Let me have it a a what a a a what Are Yon losing your senses the paper it Means half a million at least a a by Jove a cried Cole slapping his thigh. A a what a the matter Quot Quot i left it up stairs a a where she can read it a a ooh a a she la tear it up if she does. She a a smart girl i Tell a no danger of that. Ill get it a a do and hurry about it. Its the key to a Fortune i Tell you. A Iti be Back with it in a moment.�?�. With this our hero left the room closing the door behind him. As he entered the Hall he heard some one descending the stairs. He had barely time to Spring Back into the protecting shadows of an Embr asure in the Wall when a form that of Almon Sears passed him. As the Young villain entered the Library Cole glided Forward and ran lightly up the stairs. He was acting on no plan. He might no doubt have escaped by the Hall door but an irresistible impulse led him up to where the fair girl was cruelly imprisoned. In the act of ascending he heard a loud and startled cry below u came the voice of the banker. A with whom have i been talking then a the next instant the door was thrown open and the two men rushed excitedly out into the Hall. To be continued their dreams verified. Charles Clark who lives out eight Miles toward Morrison on a ranch started in to Denver with his wife in a Light buggy to which was harnessed a newly broken Colt which was making his trial trip in single harness. Near y a1 verde the Colt took sudden fright at something and made two or three plunges overturning the Rig and precipitating Clark into a Patch of Cactus by the Side of the Road. He was thrown with such Force that his leg was broken below the knee so that the Large Bone pierced through the skin. His face was terribly lacerated by the cacti and some of it penetrated four thicknesses of clothing and lodged itself a half an Inch into the flesh. His wife was carried some distance further when she. Too was hurled into the Cactus and sustained several severe bruises in the face and Chest. Beyond a thorough shaking up she was not badly injured. In the evening or. Clark was called upon by a news reporter who found him laughing and joking Over the mishap although in intense pain. A this Accident is a result of predestination a he said a for several people say they have dreamed about this and a Fortune Teller told my wife before we were married that she would marry a Man who would be All battered up by a horse. Mrs. Ridgeway told me on the Road that she had dreamed of this and she described the Accident without having seen it. Then when or. Clark who is my Cousin came in he said Challie i dreamed you broke your leg night before last a and then the told him about the other Denver news. A gentleman Farmer defined. Old colonel Maynadier of Anne Arundel county Maryland was a Large slave owner. The colonel spent a Good Deal of his time away from Home. One time upon his return he took a drive Over his property and on his Way met a Small coloured boy. A whom do you belong to boy a the colonel asked. A Why sail in in tongs to to col. Maynadier a a who she a inquired the colonel to see what the Chap would say. A a he he eds a Farmer a what sort of a Farmer a a gentleman Farmer a gentleman Farmer a repeated the colonel. A what kind of a Farmers a gentleman Farmer a a a we Well Sah a spoke up the coloured Bov a a he he a a Farmer Daft done to raise no Basco aah a and has to buy his con Sah a the colonel enjoyed the joke it is said and afterwards told it upon himself with Herald. The realm of fashion handsome dinner and caption toilets. Re Dainty and artistic costumes Lur the Ball room How a Young Debutante should be arrayed hints to mothers other fashion matters. New a Quot Ork november 1890. Before Many Days dinners and dancing parties will be the prescribed course of social diet in order to attain happiness a which regimen will be varied by doses of theater and opera and if the ennui and tedium of life Maynet be destroyed by this treatment i fear it is too deep seated for a cure. And speaking of dinner parties although there has been talk f instituting a Reform in this matter and if possible Rob a dinner party of its wonderful a a Borousk capacity by simplifying dress and making the occasion really what it is supposed to be Gay festive and enjoyable yet so far it has been Only one of Many proposed reforms destined never to become an actuality. A grand dinner party of to Day May be described As six languid jokes divided up among a dozen richly dressed people. When a woman grows too Stout to dance she becomes reconciled to the full dress dinner and i suppose this is the reason thy these cold and ceremonious festivities continue to be so fashionable. Whatever the reason May be i am sure you la be pleased with the handsome dinner toilet pictured in the initial illustration. This dress is a Pale Pink Peau de some the train being embroidered with swallows whereas Tho remainder is trimmed with bands of Gold embroidery again embroidered with dark foliage designs. The sleeves Are extremely stylish being picturesquely a and open at the sides showing bits of the same Gold embroidery and also glimpses of the arms. Chamois gloves Are worn with this handsome costume. Turning from dinners to receptions let me try to describe a perfectly charming costume worn by one of our leading ladies of fashion at the afternoon reception Given to an eminent English actress by a literary club last week. Imagine a tall and magnificently rounded figure surmounted by a shapely head having a countenance of great refinement and aristocratic hauteur. The dress was of Black silk and reached As High As the Corset line. The Gold embroidery on both sides of the skirt up the front of the Corsage and across the Corset line consisted of the leaves and Flowers of the Mimosa. The Collar which was very High and very tight the sleeves Down to the Elbow and the train were of Black velvet. The lower sleeves and the upper Corsage were of Black tulle. The velvet sleeves were broken into three come a Broad Hall. Then the servant showed them into a Small room half parlor half Library where he lighted the Gas. Having first closed the blinds tightly and drawn Down the curtains. A now for business a cried Sears As he waved the reporter to a seat beside the a Haven to i gone through enough tonight to rattle any one Bloom told Yak everything i suppose a yes All he con Din five minutes or so. A a what is your scheme about the Bonds a a from what Bloom tells me there a no doubt but what the Young fellow had Highway robbery by a Monkey. Have you Ever heard of our Blu faced Guzera monkeys committing Highway robbery ? Well i have and to my Surprise i confess. I was walking one morning when i heard screams behind me and on turning round to see what it was i saw a huge male Monkey trying to dispossess a lad who must have been about 12 years old of Brin jabs which he was carrying in both his hands to his House for breakfast. Before i could be of any assistance to the lad a policeman close by ran with his Baton to drive away the intruder but the Monkey w As far too Clever for the Bobby. He succeeded in getting two Brinjak out of the boys hand and commenced eating them in right Earnest on top of the Bobby a roof. I have never known monkeys to be so daring before. Had the policeman not run up in time i fancy the poor lad would have lost All his letter. Public opinion who knows everything has discovered that the hottest place is that part of Persia that Borders on the persian Gulf. The maximum is reached in july and August when for forty consecutive Days the thermometer registers not less than too degrees night or Day. At Bahrain a place in this Section Wells Are sunk from too to 500 feet before water is reached. In spite of All this people live there. The water Supply is drawn from submarine Springs in the Gulf. From these water is gotten by divers who after plunging Down through the brine fill Goatskin bottles at the fountains of fresh water. Broken words. A can i rely on Jinks a a ooh yes. He has a habit of breaking his a that wont a i mean he flattery is foolishness and Whoso Ever is deceived thereby is not Wise nevertheless the discreet woman May use a Little of it for her husbands Sake. Be Coble and the nobleness that lies in other men sleeping but never dead will Rise in majesty to meet thine own. A James Russell Lowell puffs. The tiny Bonnet set upon the Back of the head was of Black tulle with a i Arete Jet Butterfly perched on the front and i May say that rarely have i seen such a Superb reception costume. It was fit for a Duchess and so far As Grace dignity and Beauty went it was worn by one. The second illustration represents a very handsome combination dress in striped Lilac faille in two shades partly covered As shown with a paler Lilac silk Gauze brocaded with Small Black Feath ers. Pansy velvet buttons placed Here and there As represented in the illustration add a finish to this really distinguished looking costume. The emotions experienced at the a first balls Are extremely different in the minds of different debutantes. A it was the grandest moment of my life a exclaimed a celebrated lady of fashion who had reached the end of her career and was looking Back Over the Many years of triumphs disappointments jealousies and heart burnings. A it was the grandest moment of my life a she repeated almost solemnly a for it gave me a realizing sense of what a Power woman is in this world. A a it was the most humiliating moment of my life a exclaimed Madame de Stael in a moment of expansive communicative Ness a for it showed me How slight and frivolous was woman a role in the great drama of life and for How Little she Madame de Stael did no to dance. All beginnings Are difficult except that of the Debutante. She contradicts White silk Gauze and skirt in White Pean de Cygnet made As plainly As possible. The be insure is in Gold embroidered with a fiver and Small stones and the Long gloves Are in Fleur de Peche silk or kid. The bail toilet represented in the last illustration of this article is far Mort ornate in fact it is the very Antithesis of the pretty gown just described. The bodice is in Silver me Veilleux embroidered with Gold designs. The remainder of the gown is in Silver brocade. The be insure in in Canary yellow silk crepe fringed with Gold. The pretty sleeves Are in White silk Crepon trimmed with Gold embroidered balloon making up an ensemble of marvelous Beauty and calling for a rather tall and stately figure with a great Deal of repose of manner in a word a daughter of an Earl from the kingdom of petrol a or a Duke from the Dominion of Nugg Etoria. I should add that it is almost absolutely necessary that a Debutante should have a Long slender Waist. That denotes High Breeding Blue blood ancient family and All that sort of thing and i therefore Call the attention of these Sam anxious mammas to a device for add length to the Waist consisting of a Golu Graffe which is quite visible though fastened to the Corset and under which All the bands Are slipped of dress underskirt and Waistband of the bodice. I ought to Call your attention to the fact that a special Corset designed to secure this Long Waist and straight up and Down aristocratic figure of the Louis Quinze period now so greatly affected by our Ultra fashionable has made its appearance. I can Only speak of it from hearsay but it effects its purpose admirably. There is nothing which should be More maturely considered by the Debutante than the question of sleeves for it not infrequently happens that the Young lady is so thin As to preclude the possibility of wearing Short sleeves. The modish style which Calls for a sleeve so Long As to fall Down to the hands quite concealing the wrists is very becoming to extremely slight figures. They should be rather High and full on the shoulder and in order to accentuate the length of the Waist the skirt should be made tight and Plain. Now As to the finish of this tight and Plain skirt i would suggest that while gathered flounces still continue to be very greatly in Vogue and deservedly so and they lend themselves with special fitness to the elaboration of this straight and skimpy skirt yet must there be great care exercised in the making especially in Light and Gauzy fabric for the reason that when they stand out too they produce the unfortunate result of shortening the height of the wearer. Now a word As to the general style of the Debutante. She must have an erect Carriage or she will fail to impress no matter How Beautiful she May be. This becomes the More necessary with Tho tendency of fashion to imitate the Louis Quinze epoch. As it would be ridiculous to set a fringe of feathers around a bouquet of White roses so is it imperative that the Debutante should avoid Feather Boas or Feather trimmed wraps or Feather fans. The Debutante is sup posed to belong to the downy age and hence she should eschew All Feather ornaments. The Lornette fad had been somewhat overdone and yet it is not surprising that a Young girl fresh from her books should be a wee bit nearsighted but Bear in mind no Lornette unless in a White handle. Done to let a Tortoise Shell Lornette disturb the Harmony of an arrangement in pure White or Pale Couleur de Dart in Chicago Ledger. People of note. The Laws of physics that the larger the body the greater the velocity for the More slender the More delicate the More girlish she is the More rapid her Success the swifter her course to popularity. The poor mothers what sleepless nights they pass thinking How they shall array these rosebuds of humanity hence i take real pleasure in Comini to their Rescue with two Dainty debutantes. The third illustration sets Forth a very pretty dress for a Young lady who is doing her first Bali a bodice in pleated the richest banker in the world is Baron Bleich Roder of Berle. Rudyard Kipling wears a Scarlet Fez and eyeglasses in his Sanctum. Gen. Butler is fond of Good dining and is himself an accomplished Cook. The Duke of Portland is 33 years old and one of the fattest men in the United kingdom. Hale Jenkins of North Wales pa., has in his Possession a deed signed by William Penn. Sex Secretary Whitney is 49 years old. His father was collector of Boston under Buchanan. Lady Randolph Churchill is generally known As a woman of Good Strong sense and a Beauty. The average salary of the a Leader writers of the London daily papers is about �1,200 a year. Mrs. Langtry a Recreant Butler Wra. Sumpter is in trouble. His wife asks for divorce and Alimony. Stephen h. Tyng the one popular new York pastor is doing an excellent life insurance business in Paris. M. Alphonse Daudet is now quite recovered from his recent illness and is busily engaged on a new novel. The House in which Aaron Bun courted Estelle Provost his wife is still standing at Paramus n. J. It is of rough Stone. A daughter of general Rosecrans is an ursuline nun who until very recently was assigned to the Convent at Santa Rosa Cal. Mrs. M. Edith Howcott of new Orleans is the owner of Over 50,000 acres of selected Timber lands in Louisiana and Mississippi. Gustav Freytag the most distinguished of German novelists lives in the pretty town of Wiesbaden where he occupies a handsome Villa. Thomas Winans the millionaire who had lived luxuriously said on his deathbed he would give a million dollars to be Able to eat a piece of bread and butter. Mrs. Augusta Evans Wilson the Southern novelist is Short and Stout with a Good natured intelligent face having an expression of Happy Contentment it was Twenty years ago this Winter that Adelina Patti captured St. Petersburg and received from the emperors own hand the decoration of the order of Merit. Stanley Palmer a prisoner in the new Castle Del jail has invented a toy Puzzle iou which he is said to have been offered $10,000 by new York speculators. The Best Speed of a railway train is Only a Little More than half the velocity of the Golden Eagle the flight of which often attains to the rate of 140 Miles an hour. The song Birds brought from Germany and turned Loose in Oregon last year have prospered and a Large number of insectivorous song Birds will be imported. The Duke of Beaufort upon one occasion picked up a Brace of grouse which had Cannonel and killed each other in mid air and colliding is not an infrequent occurrence. In Paris the simple St form of embalm ing usually costs 800 francs but should an autopsy have been performed or death occurring through other than natural causes a heavier sum would be incurred rising in some cases to As As 5,000 francs. What is a % a a Castalia is or. Samuel pitchers prescription for infants and children. It contains neither opium morphine nor other narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregori drops soothing syrups and Castor of. It is pleasant. In guarantee is thirty years use by millions of mothers. Castalia destroys Worms and allays feverish Ness. Castor in prevents vomiting sour curd cures diarrhoea and wind Colic. Castor in relieves teething troubles cures constipation and flatulence. Castor in assimilates the food regulates the stomach and bowels giving healthy a cd natural sleep. Castor in is the children a Nam the mothers Friend. Castalia. Quot Castor in is an excellent Medicine for children. Mother have repeatedly told me of its Good effect upon their children a. Q. Cd Osgood Lowell mass. A a Castor in is Cie Best remedy for children of which i am acquainted. I Hope the Day is not far Distant when mothers will consider the real interest of their children and use Castana instead of the various quack nostrums which Are destroying their loved ones by forcing opium morphine soothing syrup and other hurtful agents Down their throats thereby sanding them to premature a. J. F. Kin Chulos Conway Ark. Castalia. M Castalia is so Well adapted to Childre Sal i recommend it As Superior to any prescription known to a Quot h. A. Ancona x. Diu St Brooklyn x. A a a our physicians in the children s ment have spoken highly of their ence in their outside practice with Canasta and although we Only have among ear medical supplies what is known As regular products yet we Are free to confess that the merits of Castor in has won us to look with favor upon unit no Hoard Rex aim disc Swaun Roe Tea. Cd Surra pres., the Centaur company to Murray Street new Turk City. Xix Best Between do Edo Points in Michigan the Lake regions and Canada and Cincinnati Chattanooga Atlanta Louisville new Orleans the South and East. Us on night trains. Ii on Day trains. Direct connections in Cincinnati with All lines diverging. 8r10 at Al Coupon ticket offices in United states Canada or Mexico. M. D. Woodford e. O. Mccormick vice president. Gen. Pass. Agent. Ii cure fits when i Sty Cran i do not mean merely to Stop them for a time and then have them re Tarn again. I mean a Radical cuss. I have made the disease of fits epilepsy or falling sickness a life Long study. I a Amulet or Nett cure the worst cases. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a fill bottle of my infallible remedy. Give express end Post office it Costa you nothing for e trial and it will cure you. Address , m.c., 183 Peau. St., Rev Yim j. I. Hale architect am built int Defiance Ohio. Wp1 making drafts flans end specifications sad to the superintend Tonj of word. _ office with tag and contract. Karst a Tenzen at _ tear Wabash depot on Perry Street Mays k. B. Harris. J. P. Cameros. Harris amp Cameron a Taw Nepf and counsellors Al dentistry. Dry w. Myers. Surgeon a leftist. Of. Flee Over Lewis drug store. A operations pertaining to dentistry carefully performer and Gold Crown a sped a to Bridge work All a Hinc Teeth treated All work warranted and umae. Prices to suit Marsi Ooi h. O. Baker. A Iffet am coarse Lacob at Law. Henry harpy. Ats?1?57 ant it counsellor at Law. A business entrusted to my care will to promptly attended to. Office in Wou Effery i Block next to Coart Bouse. May Milton e. Orcutt. A Tutor wet at Law and notary Public collections promptly attended to. Offiel Over Harley s Corner store opposite Bassett Sousa May 5. A a attorney a collection. C. Travis at Law and Gener Ai office Over morsels grocery Cor. 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Agent Nickel Gate. trains depart from and arrive at Union bad Road depot Yan Buren Street. Chicago and n. A. L. E. And w. Railway depot at Buffalo. All trains daily except sunday. Going West. Lock no. I. No. 3. Stations. Of Ino Nast. No. 4.j Loci a. In. A. In. Be. To of . 5 la a 101 a. In. 6 45 8 40 9 60 10 a 11 21 . 12 55. 3 20 f 90.c to u 27 12 37a. Buffalo Cleveland. Fostoria. Leipsic. Laity. 12 58t.payne.�?z 1 29 new Haven 2 00 fort Wayne 3 Oast. Whitley Claypool. 3 is 4 20 Mentone. Argos., 6 02.knox. 5 57. Valparaiso. 8 . . J Pun. 6 461 a. A. To 40 a 40 . 9 it 6 20 4 to 3 63 2 a i of i 40 13 90 13 of a. In. La 48 u la 10 Sci 9 #6t 7 35 a 48 4 96 a aft in through tickets to All Points Are on Sal principal offices of the company at rates for any Clave of debate. Baggage cd to destination. _ b. F. Horner Lewis Williams Gen. Pass. Agent Gene a supt Sale is ass Tom. S. Wight. 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The rubber from slipping off Call for the a Colchester a adhesive counters and you can walk run or jump in o o 0 to 0 is of is a

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