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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 5

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Decatur, AlabamaRe tie n la we / so in cars m major comm ind eau Theja in Shine and Bootleg whisky a a ties of racketeers v to have a Beer m attend on lax or a e Law enforcement and up sparsely populated Hill comic apathy in much of try. By Don Mckee and Ray Bell associated press writers Jefferson a. Apr the dynamite bomb that blasted an end to state prosecutor Floyd z. Hoards life snapped on a Searchlight that is probing deep into the underworld of organized Auto theft and liquor rackets in Northeast Georgia. A the must have got hold of something real hot a was the worried reaction of judge Mark Dunahoo 57, the grading Superior court judge for the three county Piedmont circuit. There is plenty of something hot in this area. Stolen cars Moonshine and Bootleg whisky and boor Aro the major commodities of racketeers who have fattened on tax or inadequate Law enforcement and Public apathy in much of the sparsely populated Mil country. A a we be got an organized car theft ring that runs from Florida to Chicago a said a a. A. L. Posen head of the state Auto theft squad. Car stealing in the Atlanta area biggest source of stolen vehicles is on the increase. Posey said 2,391 autos were stolen last year in the Atlanta area. Already this year the figure is 1,525. The autos Are taken into heavily wooded isolated sections surrounding Atlanta and stripped or Given now identifying numbers. Parts Are shipped out of state. A you can get the stuff All kinds of parts a said an Auto repair shop owner in Rural Gwinnett county which adjoins Fujito Atlanta. A nah you have to do is let it be known. One Man said he could get any color you Moonshine is a Gigantic business in Georgia running into the millions of dollars and a lot of the stuff is brewed in the Mil country. In six months last year Revenue agents found 1,735 Moonshine stills seized 35,671 Gallons of booze and arrested 1,377 Persona. A Pushbutton still in1 a wooden Bam near Amesville North of Jefferson was raided Only monday it was capable of turning out 650 Gallons of Moonshine a Day a or at $8 a gallon producing $5,200 Dally Revenue for the liquor racketeers. Bootlegging has flourished in counties where Sale of liquor is prohibited. They include Jackson Barrow and Banks which make up the Piedmont judicial circuit. A Bootleg activity a i done to guess its cased much Over 20 years a said sheriff Clay Camp of Barrow. The sheriff 62, a slight easy going Man said there was much organized criminal activity in this area. A a it a a big thing a Camp said. A i believe that a the reason Floyd Hoard was killed. Quot it knew. Is life was in danger. When he was in Winder the saturday before he was Kiuei during court he could hardly walk the floor. He was Muhly nervous. Editor s Noj a for Mony years port of Northeast Georgia has been o Center of Cor theft and Moonshine whisky operations. Several Law enforcement officers were convicted of various offences. Other police ofic ets Hove been killed in line of duty. Three police officers were handcuffed and shot to death in Gwinnett county. A solicitor general was killed in a Gangland style bombing causing speculation that an organized crime ring was operating in the oreo. To get on accurate up to Date picture of the situation the associated press assigned two of its top reporters Don Mckee and Ray Bell to investigate. They talked to officials and private citizens checked court records checked out numerous tips and examined official documents going Back o number of years. The following is the first in o series of articles on their findings. A Slaiter i asked him a what a wrong a he said a in a in danger but its a he talk to anybody. I believe they the killers just told him Point Blank he was going to be Hoard 40, was elected solicitor general in 1964, seven months after the killing of three Gwinnett county policemen who stumbled onto oar thieves in a Thicket. A former Deputy sheriff Alex s. Evans and a liquor Hijacker Venson Eugene Williamson were convicted in the slaying and sentenced to death. The Booby trap death of Hoard on aug. 7 was similar to an attempted assassination in Greenville s.c., in february 1966. The dynamite bomb was wired under the Hoed of a car. Federal agents last october rounded up 10 persons on charges of operating an Auto theft ring that took stolen cars from Georgia into South Carolina and North Carolina. Six of the men came from Northeast Georgia. Coupled with Gangland style killings is a past record of Law enforcement officers winding up behind bars for or knt Nal activity and the disbarment of a Superior court judge the City by Alvin s. Bonenso now there san Issue to spark local politics political campaigns in this country always live been regarded As something unique a a Phenomena spawned by ambitious men aiming at the White House state House courthouse and City Hall a and As usually have been nurtured by one Basic ingredient a an Issue. Some campaigns have Many issues taxes administrative policy or crack owns on one thing or another. Tues ayes showing at the polls in Decatur sity commission election was a classic example of what happens when Cam signs Are conducted without a single najor Issue. Only about a sixth of the itys 15,000 registered voters saw fit to ast ballots and the total although larg a than anticipated was a Clear Demon traction of Public apathy. Now Thoro is on Issue. It was pro Ridkod even before the election but few it of the six candidates made mention of it to Luro Votos. That Issue concerns the City s announced garbage service fee involving a charge of $2 per month for residences and a similar but larger Levy on businesses. It is Safe to say that the garbage fee is one big. Hot potato because Many de Oathur voters will View it As a tax and taxes Are about As popular As Federal guidelines in the South. On thursday the two Runoff candidates a Charles Guntharp and Avery Thornhill a issued their first Public statements on the fee. Both were reflections of Public sentiment because the City a plan was greeted with anything but open arms. A now that we have the garbage fee per month per resident i propose that the sales tax be reduced on food and medicines by two per cent immediately candidate Thornhill said. A were going to stand on Thornhill a apparent aim is to balance out the garbage fee through the elimination of the two cent City sales tax on food and Medicine. City fathers Are not expected to receive that suggestion warmly Quot i think the people should Hove had a vote on this a candidate Guntharp said. �?�1 think that the proof should have been Shewn to the Public that the people need Gunt Turp s statement although not Quito As Strong As Thornhill a never thiess shewed he too was thinking of the Runoff Campaign and Tho possible effects the garbage foe Issue could have Piaf Twisp to Cwm Wpm Vav or Wewora Why Wasny to there a Public hearing on the proposed garbage fee a a we be already had experience with Public hearings a Cne City official said wryly apparently referring to the three a earwigs held on the proposed annexation Issue. Few turned out in support of it and the same would have been expected if a hearing was scheduled for the fee proposal. Taxation is probably the most important Factor Lay politician must learn to Cope with in a Campaign. Some have become experts in avoiding Mere mention of it while others in an Effort to Dodge the Issue talk themselves into a Comer with no Way out. It Isnit considered practical to come out in support of existing taxes and is political suicide to advocate new ones. Guntharp and Thornhill both Are considered practical men but they undoubtedly realize it will take a Strong stand on something to win september 5. Only a few Hundred votes separated the two last tuesday. The two. Candidates say they have contacted the four losers in the election and asked for their support. Neither said they had received affirmative answers. Some 1,500 votes were cast for Reneau Varreld Joe Collins Hub Gardner and Homer Hutchinson and a Good word from any of them for either Guntharp or Thornhill could spell the difference in the Runoff. What Type of Runoff Campaign will it be both men said it will be just about the same As during the previous one. After All it got them into the Runoff. They say they will As Many people As possible to ask for their votes. Guntharp said if Alac fad a islands to troll at tha state police Academy in Montgomery to learn More about Law enforcement. He said a also intends to take e course in fire fighting techniques at the University of al Beme. Thornhill said he would if elected Survey the City a present Law enforcement and fire Protection system and if changes were needed would take the necessary Steps. He served As a Provost marshal in Germany after world War ii and said he Felt it helped him a n the basics of Law enforcement. Considerable Money was spent by five of the six candidates who used the news Media publicity staffs and other methods to get their names before the Public. The Man who spent hardly anything at All Hub Gardner finished dead last with Only 62 Yotes. The old saying a Money talks a proved its Point although Gardner did no to seem Overly disappointed at the results Gardner said he spent about $2 during the entire Campaign. He said it was for two marking pencils and a piece of aluminium forms car. A that figures out to about two cents a vote a he answer by Bill Graham question i am a Christian and i feel that i am losing friends because of this. I have trouble making friends and am concerned about this. H. B. Answer though it is True that Jesus said a take up your Cross and follow me.�?�, it does no to always follow that real christians have no friends you May lose some of your friends who love Coo Tom to a he crowd More the. A Good a. A i conscience but you should gain others. Christ gives one inner strength and people Are attracted to a person of strength. Ask yourself these questions am i cheerful do j compliment others freely am i critical of those who do not conform to by ideals do i feel better than my associates do i glory in my own goodness or do i give god the glory for what i am the Best Way to have friends is to be one. Search out some lonely Youmg person and be Friendly with them done to wait for others to come to you. If you would share Christ share yourself your love and your understanding in the Piedmont circuit. In 1963, two sheriffs were convicted of crimes. One of them was John b. Brooks then chief Law enforcement officer in Jackson county which has its courthouse in Jefferson. Brooks who had been sheriff 23 years was convicted As an accessory before the fact to Auto larceny. He and a partner in the car repair business were Given 5-year prison terms. A prosecution witness testified that he stole a car in Atlanta and delivered it to the sheriffs House. police officials and Community leaders throughout the area from Atlanta northward almost without exception blame Public apathy a and even sympathy by some for criminal elements a for the sordid stories of liquor and car theft rackets. Quot the people just Haven t done a Damn thing about it. That s the trouble snorted Albert s. Hardy editor and publisher of Tho weekly Commerce news. After his newspaper reported arrests in connection with car theft opera first of a series a i illegal liquor operations figured in the Cese of Daniel c. Cole who was sheriff of Gwinnett county in 1963. He was convicted in Federal court of possessing jars for use in the manufacture of Moonshine a 3,612 half gallon jars. Colo was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Tons in 1963, windows in his office wore broken. Symbolically perhaps an old car Spring was hurled through or Quot window. Police chief Gerald Thomas of Winder the Barrok his former a Deputy Alex s. Evans was convicted of possessing illegal liquor and operating a still. Two years earlier a Jackson county jury disbarred Superior court judge Maylon b. Clinkscales after convict ii him on 10 counts of misconduct inducting a charge that illegal liquor was taken to his House and that he manipulated a grand jury list. Clinkscales lives in Jefferson. In the Telephone directory his name is listed under a a attorneys and has the title county seat said too Many citizens Felt sympathy for criminal elements. A a 1 Thomas and officers in other counties also deplored what they considered too much Light punishment a a Hort jail sentences or none at All. In addition with few except Quot tons sheriffs offices and police departments reflected woe Ful Lack of manpower. A a but in the final analysis Law enforcement is up to the m people a said sgt. Quinn Broxton of the Georgia Bureau of Quot investigation in Gwinnett county. A the people Are too t of Soliloquy by Hogrow the Decatur daily Stok Fly i really enjoy your fiery 9peeche9. But you use one word that puzzles me. Published every afternoon monday through Fri Quot in meet .what5 a Honky Day and saturday and sunday mornings u. A Mim Alabama by the Tennessee Valley pop Prfto a inc. Vhf vow Ente de a second Dass matter february 26, at the Post office at Decatur Alabama under of March 16, 1878. Member of the associated press and the new York times news service. A v a misstatement of fact appearing in the daily is never intentional. If you have grievance of this sort we Are More than glad to investigate fully and if found to be Well founded redress will be prompt prominent and thorough. Subscription rates by mail daily and sunday per year 12.50 it red Carrier in Trade zone and f20 Dally and sunday per year beyond Trade zone. All sales tax included. Delivered by Carrier a daily and sunday Quot per week. 50 cents daily and sunday per mently s2.10 daily and sunday per week by motor route 50 cents. All sales tax included. Public forum i red Sel Decatur Ala. 8 August 1667 editor the Decatur daily Decatur Ala. Dear editor i wonder Bow Many american citizens Are aware of lbs a a treaty on the a Panama canal. If this treaty is ratified by the Seante the communists will get what they want the easy Way. It is Clear they the reds want the u. S. Out of the Panama canal zone. Rep. Flood of Penn asserted that a the Panama canal zone is the jugular vein of the hemispheric he said that a to relinquish u. S. Sovereignty would Speed soviet Russia toward its goal of controlling vital Waterways of the a the strategic nature of the canal has made and will continue to make it a prime target for subversion. Sixty five percent of he 12,000 ships using the canal each year Are in route to or from u. S. Ports. In Panama the canal is always an explosive Issue. No matter what concessions the u. S. Grants the opposing parties will not be satisfied so Why give them any concessions Why not write your senator about this and strongly protest the sellout to the reds. Write your congressman too although Only the Senate ratification is required the House has Power to withhold funds for canal administration under treaty arrangements. Sincerely concerned citizen used to put on this performance. We considered the Decatur High school football stadium the Hartselle stadium Athens Fairgrounds Decatur Fairgrounds Gateway shopping Center Delano Park. And the automobile Speedway among others. In each instance we either experienced difficulty in getting permission to use the property or else seating arrangement were simply too Small to even allow the show to be put on and make any Money both by the owner and the sponsor. To say that Decatur needs a coliseum or some suitable area to allow various events As this to be held is putting it a tidy. Decatur is being advertised As a City of Opportunity one of growth and on a progressive move. While i am a. Very Strong advocate and enjoy football there Are Many other types of activity including events of this Type which could be held and sponsored by Many clubs but we Lack the is missing a wonderful Opportunity a this horse Ballet was held in Hunts. Ville at the Goldsmith Schiffman stadium at Guntersville and also at the football stadium at Gadsden with a sellout crowd at each performance. Many facilities which Are so badly needed induce a Myca which twice in the past 2 years an attempt was made to get the program started. It is Gratifying to a operation new Decatur Start to take hold. It will be most satisfying to a deities badly needed materialize two examples of which Are mentioned above. Very truly yours. F. B. Kherson Here is a Man who appears with the chief exponent of communism in our hemisphere Fidel Castro to Stoke subvert Sion throughout the americas. A a a Here is a Man who advocates Juer Rilla warfare in the United states from the platform in Cuba who verbally de secrates the Honor of his nation abroad and says of the nation in which he holds citizenship. A we Are ready to destroy it from the inside. And what does the administration for All intents propose to do revoke his passport it would be like asking Benedict Arnold to apologize. Stokely Carmichael should first be deprived of his . Citizenship ii present Laws Are not adequate. Congress should pass new ones. If the u. S. Supreme court opposes them should propose a constitutional amendment that would take care of ail of the Stokely Carmichaels. Then Carmichael should be deported to the West indies from whence he came. If then he chose to five in communist Cuba a excellent. This would be better punishment than a life sentence in a prison of a Freedom Loving very sincerely a l. Wayne Howard welfare series we need on Northern press 1807 Wood Mont dr., Decatur Alabama August 15, 1967 editor Decatur daily 101 . Johnston Decatur Alabama dear sir some weeks ago the Decatur daily contacted the Decatur shrine club and asked if we would like to sponsor the austrian equestrian show is show consists of numerous Ballet acts by the world famous up Pizan White stallions we investigated the show with the owner professor Ottomar Hermann who was the former director of the Spanish rid ing Academy this show Befts a fast moving spectacular performance gives every indication that it would be weft received and wed attended by Decat unies and surrounding areas. Unfortunately and much to our Surprise we were unable to find a suitable available location anywhere in the area which could be 1614 10th ave. Be Decatur Ala the Decatur daily 101 Johnston St. Be Decatur Ala. Gentlemen i recently was in Illinois on vacation. There was an editorial in the Aurora 111. Beacon news on Carmichael. Since the South is supposed to be so biased i think this would be a Good reprint. Incomprehensible is the word for the administrations Pussy footing Over the Case of Stokely Carmichael who has openly advocated overthrow of the United states of America from communist Cuba. Here is a Man who has preached racism hate and anarchy in the United states. Police officials have testified that riots have come in his Wake. Here is a Man who defied the Laws of his nation to travel to communist nations Decatur Alabama a a a August 17, 1967 a or. Barrett Shelton. Editor a the Decatur daily Decatur. Alabama a a dear or. Shelton t As director of the Morgan Votint department of pensions and Security i would like to express my deep appreciation to you and to miss Judy Jone it for the recent series of feature a tide published in the Decatur daily miss Jones skilfully written account of this Agency a work and her sensitive presentation of the Case histories win indicative of the Fine support that1 Yob have Given the Agency i feel that through your efforts a those of your staff members re and Morgan county can become fully acquainted with the work of Agency and with your help some of misunderstandings on the port of Public wih be lessened to a very degree please accept the in Ayseh and my staff for the dered by your

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