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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 4

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Decatur, AlabamaI r a a i a a v Decatur daily a a some supersonic warplanes some Money to pay for them Ami of yes some food for the peasants Quot a a a swim a May my a Vlf m a met. Mit. Met it hmm. My count r member associated press new York times news service congressional quarterly news service and world 3 Book encyclopedia science service i w. R. Skelton founder editor 1912-1924 sunday August 20, 1967 i i Edita rials do there a nothing Nice about the garbage fee but its necessary no one enjoys the Prospect of paying additional taxes and it is Only Logi a i to assume that Public officials like putting them on even less. There comes a time though when necessities have to be placed ahead of what a popular with people a a time when elected officiate have to Bend i ghost their own natural reluctance to Arfi new taxes. M the City a newly announced garbage and rash collection fee whether in fact it is a. A a feel or a a tax is simply a matter of semantics is just such a Case. Theretofore the City has provided residents and businesses within its corporate limits a a free trash and garbage collection a a a free Only in the sense that there was no specific charge or tax earmarked for that service. Costs were met through the general fund with tax a pipes. It should be noted at this Point that the City a no City a has a constitutional requirement to provide waste collection and disposal services to its residents. But decay four has done so on a contract basis with existing revenues. After year a and most particularly in recent years a the Cost of providing this service and others has grown phenomenally White there has not been a corresponding growth of available revenues in the general fund. Reasons for the increased costs should be obvious. There Are More people and More businesses to serve a More waste to dispose of. Equipment to handle the increased Load costs More. Personnel costs Are higher. Even the Cost of disposing of waste once it has been picked up has risen sharply. Over the years the Day has had to move disposal and treatment operations farther and farther from the Community and that has meant increased expenses. The nature of the waste being discarded a the growth in popularity of pre packaged containers and no Deposit bottles a has contributed significantly to increased costs. A finally the costs Becane prohibitive and the City faced an inevitable alternative either it would have to impose the residential and commercial collection fee or cutback something else. So the question really boiled Down to this would the City a simply to keep up its a a free garbage collection service a have to slice its support to schools or for police or fire Protection a or Cut Back some other vital City function most of us even though we May not like garbage fees a would have to agree that City leaders by far chose the better course. There was no realistic alternative. Revenues from the fees should be enough to carry the program through and it has an important Side effect in that h will release still More revenues from the general fund that otherwise would have had to be used for garbage collection. These freed dollars will not be wasted. A minimum of $200,000 a year the anticipated savings to the general fund because of the new trash and garbage fees have already been pledged toward the City a ambitious new recreation program according to mayor j. Gilmer Blackburn. So in effect City residents and businesses will be paying for a first rate recreation program at the same time they Are putting the waste disposal program on a paying basis. No one enjoys the fee or tax if you like. But it is absolutely necessary if this City is to continue providing the Type and Quality of services its residences should expect. To. It i Fojt Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson communists Plant false David Lilienthal a sew Challenge rumours in a negro slums 4l<iw Najr Fortes in the Tennessee Val Velo Petit amp resources Coro a private. Cent of what Mav he a Ernman in heh in a lev Are stimulated with the Reading of s fisc Page Story in the August 12 Issue. Business week. The Story is about David e. Alien Thal and his 12-year-old company development amp resources corporation which has shown that advising have not nations can be Good business. Lilien Thal s next project a plan for redevelopment of South Vietnam. Well give you a few paragraphs from i stirring account of the activities of or corporation As outlined in business a this once lean figure is slightly Jii Chy. His hair a thin even in his 30. A is now nearly completely gone t�1 Ait #58. David e Lilienthal retains if lakh of his vigor that marked his earlier years As head of the Tennessee Valley authority and then the atomic Energy a commission today. 17 years since leaving the age. Lilienthal is taking on a a Challenge to help plan a and eventually help carry out a the econ tic recovery of Vietnam. Thice again lie moves in the Corri loss it p. Ver a with president Johnson incl a Render a at their Guam meeting Uipi Jop officials in Vietnam itself. But to Jpn to me there is an important difference. Lilienthal is now chairman of development amp resources corp a private profit making company. This fact still surprises some old timers on Wall Street who regarded him As a socialist Symbol during his Tva Days. A perhaps More surprising Damp a is in a business a economic development a Broad a that is traditionally the province of governments foundations and universities. Lilienthal started Damp a some 12 years ago specifically to Combine his experience in harnessing the resources of the Tennessee Valley with his zealous conviction that private Enterprise can and should escalate the worldwide War on poverty and hunger. A the problems Are too great for government alone he says with a slight Hoosier accent remaining from his Indiana boyhood and College years. A solving these problems is alien thales preoccupation these Days a whether he sat work in Damp res new York Headquarters or sailing in his 16-foot boat in the Waters of Martha s Vineyard. Many of his phrases have been heard before a help the people help themselves a release the Energy of private a take a systems approach but Damp a is perhaps the Only private . Company to apply All these concepts to a single program successfully. Now Here is Dave Lilienthal s concept of what May he accomplished in Vietnam a War torn Vietnam of course will be unlike anything Damp a has Ever tried. Yet even there the company will employ its regional integrated thinking. It is focusing on the populous Mekong River Delta which is one of the great Rice producing areas of the world and supports half the vietnamese living outside Saigon. The planning stage financed by a three year $3 million contract with the . Agency for International development includes irrigation and such Tva Type projects As flood control improvement of agricultural techniques and pest control. A properly developed says Lilienthal a the Mekong Delta could feed All of Southeast a .61� these Are the fundamentals in the business week Story of this great american who came into the Tennessee Valley Many years ago now and helped us to help ourselves. He would have had it no other Way and neither would we. The redevelopment of South Vietnam will get underway before the shooting stops and the people there Are fundamentally no different from the people in the Tennesse Valley. All they need is a Chance to help themselves and if David Lilienthal has anything to do with it a they will get that Chance. Washington a the communists most effective weapon against the West More useful than espionage or subversion has been misinformation which has been spread with devastating effect to alienate governments incite riots and undermine Public opinion. An earlier column told How communist a a disinformation rings have succeeded in planting Clever distortions upon world leaders including Frances Deifik Charles de Gaulle. The communist propaganda Drums have also pounded falsehoods into the consciousness of the masses until millions have come to believe that aggressors Are liberators and dictatorships Are Peoples democracies. Of More immediacy however is the lesson that has been Learned about rumours and riots. Communist agitators have scattered incendiary rumours in the negro ghettos like Sparks in dry grass. More often the rumours appear to have flared up almost by spontaneous combustion. But whether or not the whispers were of communist origin they have helped to foment the recent riots. A we May state As dependable Law that no riot or Lynching Ever occurs without the Aid of wrote Gordon w. Allport an authority on the Rumor process in 1947. Twenty years later nothing has changed. Jason f. Silverman who has been teaching Washington officials about rumours was asked by this column whether rumours played a a big part in the Summers riots. A no a Silverman replied a not a big part a the key part. Violence does no to happen naturally. Something has to spark it. And what Sparks it the Power of Faith by Norman Vincent Peale Jock Anderson assistant to Drew Pearson is substituting for or. Pearson. How to live at peace with yourself a How can 1 live at peace with myself?�?T4 the question came from a successful businessman who was really troubled. A Many nights i Wake up at Lour o clock and just can to Stop rehashing things getting myself More and More upset Over what 1 did or said. 1 turn hot and cold All Over contemplating my stupidities and ineptitude. How in heaven s name can i team to live at peace with myself airing our conversation 1 happened the from Isaiah a thou Wilt keep i perfect peace whose mind is on thee because he Trust eth in i to the Fot fit Ftp fun this Bible text held an answer to me to repeat it a thou Wilt perfect peace whose mind he to Wyeth and mid As he me peace of mind comes from not getting too hipped on yourself. Galvin Coolidge was that kind of Man. Coolidge lived in Northampton Massachusetts. He wee a lawyer. He walked to work each morning passing on his Way the Home of a Friend. Hiram was always in i front Yard. Each morning the conversation Between Diese two men of Law words went As Fellows a Hilt a Tell a. A wifi 1 a hmm i. Nice Day Quot Tad to was ail. Ejected lieutenant governor of Massachusetts a a a. My a a vice from enc of the death of Tfaye presidency and in 1924 was elected president to serve four years More at the approach of the 1928 election when his popularity was at its height Coolidge made his famous one sentence announcement a i do not choose to when he had seen his successor to the presidency inaugurated he returned to Northampton. And one Fine morning a Here he was again walking from Home to office. Friend Hiram was there too As usual in his front Yard. And the customary conversation ensued a Chi a Chi Hiram a a Nice Day a a Nice then the heavens almost fell for taciturn Hiram added something a a ainu to seen you around lately nope a said Galvin Coolidge a been away a spell a and proceeded calmly on his Way. A the years of holding the highest office in the nation were Over. Now he was just Cal Coolidge a Man who did no to take himself ton seriously. The serenity simplicity Down to earthiness and Freedom from self importance of Coolidge were truly remarkable. These qualities a a it it a responsiveness in of men and women. At his death one great newspaper said of him a the wee one of the common Patopie whom in Tanto said loved his humor. We adored his silences a now it is All very Well to hear a take things More easily. Done to take yourself so seriously. Be but it takes practice to develop the qualities that help one to live at peace with oneself. A great remedy for inner unrest is to Trust god love people do your Best in today a situations. Handle today Okay and tomorrow will come a Long All right. That businessman did find the answer to his difficulties. He told me later something that helped him develop mental peace. He said a i found that if i kept my thoughts on god As Well As on my troubles that the troubles throw me anymore. I am pretty much at peace with myself distributed 1967. Publishers Hall Syndicate a prayer god loved. There was something Tott him that am of us wanted to be Tike. We let for Lett Modt a if my a a it a wishes Fly we Tetem a my heart he thy Sifft o my in to rest a Esse Eseese Artel a Lee my 8 enemy a week wxpfw9v96pvl 89b my my a a a a a of to foul i May so pm Amft he fair Fairfi pm a rim Iolj j a to a i a al Tuv Nihil to Twat vote Vii Viv by amp a we hip my mme fam in Phi help mt2 o go Wei a Psi Memmy Teton tithe cel its an old Story. Back in 1946, in a Small Souther a town the Rumor spread that the negroes were arming themselves for an attack on the White Community. There Wasny to a word of truth in it. But the Story spread swiftly and the Whites believed it by late afternoon they had taken up weapons. The negroes hearing that toe Whites had armed themselves also began to prepare for Battle. Result a riot that left a path of destruction across the town. Twp years ago a negro woman was arrested in los Angeles after she contemptuously spit at two White policemen who had stopped her sons on a traffic violation. Before Nightfall she had become a Martyr. The word spread that two White cops had beaten a pregnant negro woman. Rumor All wrong she was not pregnant and she had not been beaten. But the distortion set off a holocaust that lasted five Days and left 34 dead a net counting More than 1,000 injured and 4,000 arrested plus $60 million in property damage Tai Watts if people had stopped to ask questions and demand evidence these riots easily could have been pm vetoed. From Newark to Milwaukee from Watts to Detroit the rioting has been fanned by ugly rumours. Silverman claims that rumours have their a heyday in toe to Beener of take Newark. When a negro taxi Driver was two arty arrested the Star it spread like wildfire Tost the police bad whipped him with their ugh Tollini no one stepped in and said a they wait a minute lets get to toe Bottom of so we Swant roared Wun Varence. Although the educated can be swayed by the whispered word psychologists claim that the unstable and uneducated Are More a Trumor rumours Are More Likely to be swallowed by people who have Large fears and great Hopes. In the ghettos All the ingredients Are present. At Silvermann a Rumor clinic at the d. C. Teachers College Washington officials Are learning quietly How to Deal with rumours. There Are two approaches 1. The Buckshot approach every Means of communication available is used to flood the Community with information. Hopefully this will keep the picture Clear. 2. The Rifle approach the authorities seek out the ghetto leaders and try to reason with them pointing out the errors in the rumours. Keeping the Public informed is the Best Way to Stop rumours from mushrooming. During the London Blitz the populace were told the worst that could happen to them. They knew what to expect. And it stopped potential panics. Rumours cannot survive where there is knowledge to combat them. The Basic cause of our race riots of course has been the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness Over poverty unemployment discrimination and the like. But rumours have served As an ignition sometimes As a fan at other times. Meanwhile the anti defamation league and International association of chiefs of police offer this advice in a Booklet a look a Rumor Square in the Eye and you la find one part truth and 99 parts % tax on tax the proposed 10 per cent tax surcharge that president Johnson has requested of Congress in order to meet mounting War costs is really a tax on a tax. This was How the president himself explained it at a recent conference with congressional leaders behind closed White House doors if you Are paying $1,000 in income taxes a he said a you certainly wont mind paying an additional $100 to help us meet toe War costs in Vietnam. That Sall it amounts to and it is Only an emergency measure to help us out for a year or some of the leaders were diet urged Over his suggestion that the conflict Mav last another a year or however he did t elaborate on this and no questions were asked t of brother i Secretary of agriculture Orvilie Freeman tells this Story about a my who was taking a Dofi service examination and was asked toe question a if you Aem a train coming from the North and another train coming from toe South what would you do a a a in a go Home and get my brother Quot replied the Job applicant a a Welty a a my brother a never seen a train week 1967 be ii Mcm ure Fiu

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