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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Decatur, AlabamaToday s weather showers place a daily want and Day Athens 333-4612 232-1535 night 353-4739 All depart mints the Decatur daily my country May she Ever be right but right or wrong my country Stephen it Catt volume 56, number 176 established february 26, 1912 Decatur Alabama sunday morning August 20, 1967 member of the associated press new York times news service so daily 20c sunday l question while in the service i had to buy six months of liability insurance. One month after buying the insurance i get my discharge and returned to Decatur. The company i bought it from said it could not operate in any Ether state except California. Is there any Way i can get the unused premiums Back Robart w. James. Answer a it took a bit of doing but that insurance company has finally refunded your Money. In fact you should have received a Check from the company already the insurance commission of California regrets that you had so much trouble with one of their companies and was glad to straighten out the matter. Question a Why can t we have a crosswalk in front of the Federal building so that we can Cross without jaywalking or going to the congested intersection concerned. Answer a the police department says it will Check into the possibility of having a crosswalk installed. There is a City ordinance against jaywalking but Only where there Are pedestrian controls in effect such As traffic lights and Stop signs. Since there Are no traffic lights in the immediate Federal building Vicinity our advice to you is to be extremely careful when crossing. Question a on March 8 i ordered rebook Magazine and sent e Check to cover the subscription. I have yet to receive a single Magazine. I have written several times but have not received an answer. Mrs. Raymond Rochella Decatur. Answer a the complaint adjuster of rebook has been notified and says you will be receiving the Magazine soon. Let us know if you done to hear anything within the next two weeks. Question a How did Atlanta get its name interested answer a the City was named to designate its relationship to the Atlantic Ocean by Means of a Railroad running to the coast called the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Question a is Lenin s body itself available for viewing j. C., Decatur. Answer a you can see it in red. Square under Glass. Although some say the figure is not actually that of the former communist dictator the russians insist it is the real thing. Critics say it is a Wax replica. Question a i want to know if that Boxer is going to got out of the army obligation while our boys Are going Over there and getting killed if he can do that Why can t the rest of the boys sit Down and say thay Aren t going angry answer a to answer the first part of your question it appears Likely that Cassius Clay will not serve in the armed ser vice. The rest of the Young men who Are drafted can do As Gay did if they wish. However if they do. They face sentences like Clay received a five years in jail and a $10.000 Fine it will be some time before we know the outcome of his sentence because he says he will Appeal to the supreme court what will happen to am now russian tests could mean space warheads by Jerry m. Flints a a in a to the Decatur daily i now York Tim now so Vic Detroit a what s going to happen to the american motors corp. The company s executives have an answer. They say they will ride away from the Egic of disaster to their 1968 models. Cacti fall for the last three years however. American motors executives have made a similar prediction. In the months that followed sales fell the number of dealers Selling rambler cars declined and in the last 12 months the company has run up 869-million in losses. The equation for 1968 is simple to break even and begin earning a profit american motors must sail close to 300,000 cars a year in the United states. This year s sales Are running at a rate of 230,000 a year. Later this week the company will show its 1968 car line to the press and probably announce its Aims a not Hopes a to Seil around 320.000 of its 1968 models. Quot a plan to do it Quot Wiiiam v. Lune Burg the company s so year Oid president said in an interview. Quot none of that Hope if Eree a the key to increasing sales next year is a new sporty Cir called the javelin. The javelin resembles and will be priced against the Ford motor company a Mustang and general motors corporations Camaro the Type of cars that have been the Industry shot Sellers recently. The sports car prices begin at $2,500 american motor cunts on Salat off so 000 javelins next year which it figures it five per cent is a potential million car mar hot for Hie Industry s sports car offerings. A that a a fairly conservative estimate Luneburg said although his company has Only three per cent of real american make car sales a in the segments of the Market we re in we always get around 10 per f ice what on Page a40 by Evert Clark special to the Decatur daily Ltd it now York Timo news so Vlco Washington an unusual sequence of space launching by the soviet Union has led some american officials to conclude that the russians Are testing techniques for re entering warheads from space. This could moan that the russians Aro developing weapons to to station of in orbit. Weapon re entry techniques can be tested with or without the Uso of weapons and the Samo re entry techniques can to used for either nuclear or conventional weapons. The flights began last september in what was unusual secrecy even for the russians. The most recent flight in the series of seven was made 11 Days ago. Since before the space age began military analysts have discussed the possibility of stationing weapons in orbit. The ideas proposed have Mouded bombs missiles that could intercept other missiles launched from Earth and manned bombers and inspection interceptor vehicles. A United nations Resolution adopted by the general Assembly in 1963 with soviet support Calls on All states to refrain from placing weapons of mass destruction in orbit. But the question of whether this prohibits Hie development of such weapons has never been resolved. Soviet military feeders boasted in november of 1965 of an Quot Orbital missile Quot that could deliver nuclear warheads Quot on the first or any other orbit around the not until last september How see russians on Page a-10 family not harmed la Stone fire investigated c5 by Winford Turner daily state editor Athens a 22-year-old Limestone county Mother and her four children who were feared dead for several hours were found Safe Early saturday after fire destroyed their Frame House in the Copeland Carmun Ity. Sheriff m. W. Buddy said mrs. Linda crop of her children with a Friend Betty Athens when the fire occurred. The sheriff said mrs. Crowe heard she and her family were being sought and notified the sheriffs office. The fire is under investigation. The woman smother. Mrs. Marshall Turner notified the sheriffs office of the fire about 4 25 . The Mother told authorities she feared that her daughter and children Jimmy 6, Dewayne 5, Timothy 3 and Regina 2, were in the House. A neighbor mrs. Billy Yarbrough noticed the Blaze about 4 . And notified mrs. Turner. The House located near Copeland Church. Upon arriving at the scene sheriff Evans said he found the automobile belonging to mrs. Crowed a estranged husband Bobby Crowe parked next to the House. The crowds were separated and he was reported living in Nashville. Evans said he and members of the Limestone county fire department searched the ruins of the House searching for the bodies which were feared inside. The sheriff notified Athens police where he was and City patrolmen Marvin Vinson and Kenny Cooper picked up Crowe about three Miles from the fire. He was arrested on a Highway intoxication charge. Realizing he was the husband of the family the sheriff was searching for. The patrolmen radioed Evans. Evans said he was holding an assault and Battery warrant for Crowe sworn out by his wife about two weeks ago. Crowe was released on Bonds totalling $400 shortly after his arrest. The sheriff said mrs. Crowe Learned that her House had burned when he telephoned her Mother Early saturday. Rap is t Decatur s Ann Williams m Bright a Daisy Mae As stye can find looked Floe this As she represented the state in lest nights miss world Usa contest in Balti More. Pamela Valori pail representing California won the title. Daily color photo by de Bruchac Bond funds Low 1big talk Little it it mounties get their Man by John Carroll new York a h. Rap Brown remained in jail on a Federal gun charge saturday night As the student nonviolent coordinating committee said no professional Bondsmen was willing to put up the $25,000 needed father admits l fire shooting St. Cloudy Minn. A Small town sunday school superintendent has admitted shooting himself and inventing a Story in which he blamed Midnight marauders for the deaths of his wife and four Small children in their burning Home. Sheriff Peter Lahr said saturday that David Hoskins 30, had signed a statement saying he had shot his wife then set fire to their farmhouse to conceal the crime. No charges were immediately filed. The charred bodies of his wife Loretta 29, and their children Julie 6 Darla 5 Linda 14 and David 6 weeks were recovered Friday from the soldering ruins. The Hoskins farm Home is about 60 Miles North of Minneapolis in Central Minnesota. See father on Page a-10 for his release. A a acc spokesman said nearly $10,000 in Cash had been raised and that the sum usually demanded by Bondsmen for $25,000 bail was $2,500. The 23-year-old Black Power Leader and a acc chairman was arrested at 2 . Saturday outside a friends Manhattan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention. Browne a lawyer appealed for reduction of the bail set by . Commissioner Earl n. Bishopp but the move was turned Down by Federal judge Inzer Wyatt who denied that the bail violated Browne a constitutional see rap on Page a-10 action in Senate planes blast red supplies by Robert d. Ohman Saigon a . Warplanes ranged along the Southern coast of North Vietnam saturday striking blows at communist Supply lines. Pilots reported destroying or damaging More than 100 cargo barges and tearing up two truck convoys. Poor weather kept . Aircraft away from the immediate Vicinity of Hanoi and Haiphong and raids were concentrated on see planes on Page a-10 last Chance to Register for Runoff monday will to the lost Opportunity to Rogister to Voto in the City of action Runoff sop feb or 5. The Morgan county voting registration office in Tho Bas Mont of Tho courthouse will to opon monday from 1 31 . To 4 . Registration is regularly scheduled for the first and third mondays of Oach month but be Causo of Tho Runoff of Ockfen Tho Sopfe Bor 4 Date has been cancelled. It will to rescheduled Lator. Tho Law Preh bits the regi a a a a in. Jet Fucai re Lemmas my 9 a Iran w Vivi in Tift Wyran in Days before an of Ockfen. W wary i a to Sie prank cd or Mam Stenli of a win wow few a a we hmm j wow or a m j a _ m m a d it s # 1 1 a Lith in Lynn a Wii u r s we a is your coating Ftp Bandy Winter. Cru a Van Man he in-4423 Ira ready rain on Shine is 17-yearhsm Myra Halbrooks daughter of or. And mrs. J. R. Halbrooks of 410 6th ave so miss Halbrooks a senior at Austin i school Mim Good use of her car s Sunroof but a umbrella k always nearby just in Case she needed it saturday daily photo by de Bruchac by Ray Martin daily staff writer Montgomery a the state legislature stalled by a filibustering Senate has Only four Days to act on much unfinished business a including a dozen Bills affecting Decatur and Morgan county. The Senate faces a continuing Tal Kathon when it reconvenes at 12 01 . Tuesday with senators apparently ready to talk the session to an end unless changes Are made in the school appropriations Bill. Senators inducing Morgan county s Bob Harris Are against the Quot conditional measure Quot method which would provide up to $26 million to schools a on the condition that state sources of educational Revenue provide that much. Harris said he is in favor of absolute appropriations. He charged a a a lot of Money is being funnelled to the University of South Alabama a for its a ultimate objectives of establishing a medical school. He said the conditional appropriations would increase Tho school s allotment from the state More than 79 per cent Over last year while other colleges around Tho state would Only have Throe to four per cent increases. He said there Are Many a grab bag appropriations in the conditional appropriations measure. A a in a not willing to have our tax Money divided among South Alabama counties a said Harris. The senator said the conditional appropriations measure is a very heavily weighted and loaded in favor of South Alabama counties a i would prefer All monies available for educational purposes be divided on an equitable basis and a predetermined he also 9tated he could see a no Good reason for the elimination from the appropriations Bill of $2.4 million forthe University of Alabama a Birmingham College of general studies. Although Tho senators Hove pledged to keep talking it. Gov. Albert Brewer bos pledged to see that the school budget Bill m Cne form or another gets through. Other statewide measures which Are still to be acted on include a Bill revising Alabama a property tax system. Some legislators believe failure to adopt a new Bill would mean action by the courts in upholding the state constitutions requirement that All property be taxed at 60 per cent of its assessed value another measure which would reduce lie Price of automobile tags might also never see voting calendars if the Tal Kathon continues. Morgan county Logis Loters Are expo fed to be for this one which would change legislation adopted during Tho Spocia session increasing car tags to $13. Tho three a legislators voted against the hike in prices. Tho now Price would to 97. The Fate of locals Bills is apparently up to the filibusters. A dozen measures pertaining to Morgan county Are in position for clearance if lawmakers agree on letting them come up for a vote. Of die Bills one has been definitely dropped. That one raising the Price of pistol permits and providing for a a Law enforcement fund has been shelved by local lawmakers apparently for several reasons rep. Leslie does said the measure was dropped because there was opposition from the county a circuit court judges about signing checks drawn on the fund. The Money from the increased permits a cupid go into the fund to be used by the sheriffs department after endorsement from the judges on any checks Doss said there Are a other avenues for Revenue for the sheriffs department although he would not say what they were. 7 see an Page a-3 Shell Lake sask. A Royal Canadian mounted police at Shell Lake announced saturday night they have arrested a Man in the slaying of nine members of the James Peterson family. Police said they also have seized a weapon identified by the crime detection Laboratory in Regina As the murder weapon. Inspector b. D. Sawyer said that the name of the arrested Man will be withheld until he can discuss the Case with his superiors. The arrest was announced after 1,500 visitors paid their last respects to the Peterson family As seven coffins bedecked with roses and one draped with a Canadian Flag were lowered into a common grave in Shell Lake cemetery. Visitors came from As far away As Saskatoon. 150 Miles Southwest to attend the funeral of or. And mrs. Peterson and seven of their nine children who were shot dead in their farm Home near this Community of 250 Early tuesday. A giant manhunt for the killer is under Way. In Calgary. Alta., the Royal Canadian mounted police were see mounties on Page a-3 our contest is a snap to win the first week of the Decatur daily a photo contest has ended but there Are still seven big weekly contests to go. Winners in the first contest will be announced in next sunday s paper. A but done to wait until then to Start wondering if you re qualified because you Are if you have a camera and an imagination. A Good snap can win you $9 if your entry is chosen use Best in its category Etther and children setae or activities. Black and White should be sent for Cate Gories while a color Wal be judged together the grand Price Winner be announced after the contests in receive $59. 11 if

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