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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 3

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Danville, Virginia Another prisoner escapes from Camp 15 hearing set july 25 for Hundley big Day for Little mama the Register july 1966 another Escapee was being yesterday from state prison Camp 15 near Chatham where the guarding of prison ers has become a matter of ironically the successful flight of 20yearold Gary Lee Hyde from a work detail came on the same Date an extradition hear ing was set in North Carolina for Robert the Camps last previous was captured studies slated of town traffic needs Richmond a the state Highway department announced Friday it will develop a traffic july at a Roadblock near and Hai been held on rape and kidnapping charges serving three years on a hit and run conviction in Mecklenburg walked away from a Road work detail on state 940 near Early last the sheriffs office reported the manhunt for Hyde was concentrated Between Brights and Sycamore in North Ern the hearing for Hundley has been scheduled for july 25 at court officials said Hundley refused to sign extradition papers for his re turn to he was arrested without resistance on a Federal charge of interstate flight to avoid prosecution for the rape of Elton who lives near the prison Camp with her Hus managed to Arm himself with a after releasing be continued in the car toward Cal lands where be encountered Lawrence abandoned the Murphy car and commandeered Reynolds and his officers in Reynolds managed to escape by jumping from the car As it rolled to a Stop at a red Hundley Al so leaped from it after the vehicle bumped into a car in front of the Escapee next showed up at the Home of and Bobby Clement Between Lexington and he forced them to drive him toward South the Clements were with him when he was needs plan for every Virginia City and town having or More in letters to the mayors of 33 Highway commissioner Fugate said the studies reflect the states grow ing urbanization and the interest of the 1966 general Assembly in Urban the department will develop the plans jointly with local offi the needs study will be based on estimated traffic in the Complete or As it May be subsequently revised to conform to changing will serve As a guide to the orderly scheduling and develop ment of Street and Highway projects in your areas As funds be come Fugate advised the the department Hopes to com plete the studies by enabling the Virginia advisory legislative Council to review the a Valc report on the traffic problems and needs of Virginias Urban communities is due several of the states Large Urban areas will be excluded from the Highway department study because their needs Al ready Are being surveyed in Accord with 1965 Federal Legisla band and authorities said Hundley slip Ped away from the Camp when a thunderstorm interrupted a Ball game among prisoners at the they said he then went to the Murphy Home and took Murphy As a hostage in the Murphy having new program for Cotton seen delayed Washington Secretary of agriculture John Schnittker said Friday it will be impossible to apply a new produce financed Cotton pro motion and research program to this years Cotton the need for hearings and referendum will Force a delay serving eight years for breaking and also is charged with a june 28 escape from the he was one of seven who fled the Camp on that All were caught within two after Hundley second is residents in the area obtained a hearing with state Pri son authorities and demanded stricter control at the commonwealths attorney Joseph Whitehead and sheriff Henry Winn also have called for a through investigation of Low hanging Clouds break heat wave but disappoint with localized rain Fannie Drumwright and her son Leo read card from the president congratulating her on her 105th birthday at the North Carolina Baptist Home for the aged in aunt Fannie Marks her 105th birthday july 1966 a pleasant Day of pleasant because Low hanging Clouds kept the temperature Down to a tolerable frustrating for All the Promise of the Roll ing there was Little Valerie official weather reported she recorded of an Inch at Ber station on the Franklin turn Pike during the this brought the total since Early thursday night to unfortunately much of that rain was localized with Many parts of South Danville at the a brisk the same Story was received from Rural areas where farm ers Are praying for rain to revive parched from Peytonsburg in Eastern Pittsl Vania came a report of a Nice Shower but the sheriffs of fice at Chatham said there Hac been just a spattering of rain drops at the sheriffs office said the Little drizzle there was not even enough to Lay the dust but noted that there were Good things Are getting Back More to Adkins everything is looking a whole lot water department Esti showers the previous water consume around Blanch and Prospect Tion be Down a and on half Gallons from the the Lowling Drifting record Gallons consume slowly were thursday Whon the de to break up by this morn Turc soared to 101 no but weather observers said not ony was the a Low pressure area Day of the year but also the hottest Ber a and Send them heading Back since August this time with a bit Morel yesterday s meager rainfall moisture in will do Little to relieve the Low the effects of the first Day water situation at Buggs Island of below90 temperatures in 10 and p n 11 p o 11 reservoirs but Days were easy to Johnson said the Low level of Berkley superintend Dan River is of Little serious ent of the Danville to the water department reported electric so far As Supply is consumption was Down about Johnson tha 10 per cent during the Day after of the River has con hitting an Al time Peak of to the growth of algae 000 kilowatts on Carter accepts invitation Security procedures at the these until next he legislation authorizing the communities include Norfolk and the Northern Vir Ginia Industrial opportunities staggering Southern a Dan Moore said Friday night our opportunities at this moment for further Industrial growth Are at this the states list of prospects is the highest in Quality and greatest in qual Ity that it has Ever i am told by Willie York chairman of the state Board of conserva Tion and development and Dan Stewart Moore the governor spoke at the organizational meeting of the North Carolina Industrial developers association at Southern deduction of a Bale from grower returns from Cotton to finance such a program was signed by president Johnson Iii the Senate Friday provided funds in the agriculture depart ments appropriation Bill for initiating of the the program must be approved by growers voting in a Schnittker said in a state ment that once the appropriation Bill become the department will hold Public hear Ings in Cotton areas throughout the country to obtain grower and Cotton Industry comments on the proposed travel gave student Neil perspective with two simple he became a world a ministerial student told the Pelham Puritan from his summer trips to England and the holy he developed a new perspective on life far different from that of a boy reared in Jim Waller a University of North Carolina graduate and now a ministerial student at Duke University was the principal speaker at the Puritan club meeting at marys at their business the Pelham puritans agreed to hold a ladies night banquet next month with the Cobb me Morial the main speaker for that session will be congressional candidate Nick in other it was re ported the club has contributed to the Pelham boy scout Moore our out look for the months ahead Are extremely and i am optimistic that 1966 will exceed the Al time record we set in Moore noted that the state had 538 new and expanded industries in 1965 with a capital investment of Over million that created new now our objective is to bet ter those figures in Moore and i believe we can do it so far this we Are ahead of last years Pace for the corresponding i dont think its necessary to remind you that our Competition for new Industry gets harder every nor that our competitors get Moore con to keep ahead of the compe we will just have to keep on getting smarter and run harder than he we must continue our Best efforts to do a Selling Job for North Carolinas positive Selling Job for All of North if the evidence in the hear Ings and the other documents supports the the Secretary of agriculture will then announce a referendum among Cotton the hearings and referendum will take some time and therefore the program cannot become operative in time to cover the 1966 Schnittker some members of Congress had urged that efforts be made to have the program cover at least a part of this years million Road program set in Raleigh a a Road maintenance and construction program costing million the fiscal year which started july i was approved Friday by the state Highway who is working this summer with the Charles Hutchinson of the Shady Grove methodist said he was working in new Jersey when he met an englishman in a conversation with won dered what his chances would be of going to England the next Waller said his Friend come on ill give you a thus it was that he spent the summer of 1962 in Liv ing with a family at Brumley and working at a shoe As a Waller said he travelled at night and managed to spend a week in a summer music Camp in Scotland and several Days i a Small eng Lish it was a very exciting trip because i got to know the peo Waller adding that he has known others who have journey overseas but did not get some Call her aunt fan Nie others Little but by whatever Shes a very special Shes Fannie Clemen Tine who on july 7 celebrated her 105th birth Day at the Baptist Home for the aging in win Drumwright is just As special in Danville As in win in Days when she was a bit she was a frequent visitor among those attending her gala 105th birthday party were Danvil lians a and his wife and James a grand and her part of the Celebration included a letter from presi Dent Johnson and a three layer but most of aunt Fannie seemed to enjoy her ten visiting Winston Salem mayor Benton was among other sending her birthday Greet aunt Fannie wore a spangled paper Crown at her birthday party in the Baptist Home dining the staff gave her a re striped the cake had 105 and Happy Little mama written on the top although her hearing is fail no and she int As aware of hings As she once aunt fannies iras ability can Rise a the when photographers took tier she said i dont want any of she also Felt it was time to read the Baptist Home bul much to the photographers attending nurses say aunt Fannie is in remarkably Good health and has never had medication at the she sometimes lives n a world of her one nurse sometimes Shes a Little girl playing with her sometimes Shes a grownup and sometimes Shes a very tired old Drumwright was born in Iredell in she went to the Baptist Home broken hips keep her con fined mostly to a bed in the Home but she gets around in a wheelchair on special occasions like birth Day in addition to the Danvil relatives came from Chevy and Senate candidates asked to debate on to to help her celebrate her the six candidates for Virginias two Senate seats have been offered free radio and television time for a de and John Carter apparently was the first to a the offer was made yester Day to the candidates by a Obj fam and to in upon receiving a Telegram from the stations making the Carter promptly fired stations and Back a wire a later no word was reported from any of the other five last conservative party candidate for the seat held by Harry wired proposed debate most excellent idea in news coverage of political Campaign this Cen Tury in this will re quire candidates to face issues and say where they stand on controversial i Hope that Democrat and Republican candidates also will please count me in and let me have the ground rules As soon As the offer was made to the democratic candidates for the Byrd and William Spong the Republican Candi Lawrence Traylor and James Ould and conservative Lee Hawthorne and a similar offer was made to 6th District congressman Rich Ard Poff and his democratic Murray a Roanoke City a station spokesman said that if the candidates the programs would be made Avail Able to other radio and to stations in the and this has required an ceased dosage of chemicals in rating the that algae eats the Johnson he estimated 50 per cent Mora chlorine is being used to at it while the use of coagulants is up 10 to 15 per Beverley Wil Mington District Engi Neer for the army corps of issued a warning yesterday to owners of boats and Docking facilities the corp of Engineer operated Buggs is land and Philpott the level of both reservoirs the telegrams invited the candidates to debate before an audience or qualified news ground rules for the de Bate can be arranged by the stations and the candidates a it is suggested that the de Bate be held in september or october and be made available to Virginia the telegrams were signed by Joe news director a Obj and Don news director a Obj had been near Normal until last week but has been dropping he he said the Phil Pott drop is expected to continue at a rate of two or Mora feet per week and Kerr at a lesser rate until sufficient rain comes to bring both Back to the inflow to Kerr so far this month has been much less thaa the previous lowest july on rec Ord although More than a nor Mal amount of water is being released from storage at both Philpott and Smith Snow Dan River Mills contributes to nationwide water Survey the commission allocated for secondary roads for primary roads for Urban thorough fares and for Access and service the funds Are allotted to counties or Highway divisions on the basis of their proportion ate share of total Highway mile the commission also approved another group of projects to be built under the Mil lion Bond Issue passed by the voters in the new projects will Cost a total of nearly As much out of their trip because they spent so much time looking at buildings and staying close to hot dog stands where English is the following summer while visiting Princeton Waller said he Learned of an archaeological expedition to the holy i can i go and they said in the summer of he the expedition went to three mishaps in City cause heavy damage damage was heavy in three accidents about 8 Oclock last a car driven by Ronald my 521 Edgewood struck a car driven by James 644 Berryman according to police the Potts car was turned Over onto its left Side and hit a third car driven by Richard the Accident which happened on main near memorial caused damage to the Potts cart to the Mcdowell car and to the Cas sell after the Mcdowell complained of Chest pains and Potts of a whiplash neck in Mcdowell was charged with reckless in an Accident about Wilcox to be sentenced july 30 in circuit court Dan River was among the contributors to a new water in in described As the first comprehensive Survey of its kind since the National association of manufacturers this month presented copies of the 86 Page report for Library Distri Buton in the seven Southeast Ern the report is based on a nationwide Survey of More than Industrial Dillard Munford of Nam regional vice said the Book provides a valuable rec Ord of Industry use of water a july 30 Date has been set for the sentencing of 20yearold Roger Wayne Wilcox in the Highway death last March 12 of Margaret Ann j building and dry Dock com Newport news tha Chesapeake corporation of Vir West Point Virginia Chesapeake Union Camp Franklin Glamorgan pipe foundry Lynchburg Royster guano Norfolk and Virginia electric and Power Russell chairman of the Nam National resources said the research Survey upon which water in Industry was based represents the joint financial Effort on tha american Gas american Petroleum Wilcox pleaded guilty yester Day in circuit court at Chatham to involuntary manslaughter but sentence was withheld until a probation officers report can be compiled for judge Langhorne in two other judge Jones gave three year suspended sentences to each of two Young men charged with break ing into Rayfield fridays store on Seeland on Joseph Alex and Friday was the principal wit Ness As evidence against Hughes Ivas heard by judge Hughes first pleaded not guilty and waived a jury trial but later changed his plea to Johnson had pleaded guilty on thursday but judge Jones with held sentence until he could hear the evidence against Friday said he was asleep in the store when he heard a noise at the front looking through a Peep he saw both Hughes and he Friday said both men entered the he said he shot at the in Hughes ducked and ran from the store but Johnson was struck in the he Johnson was not Hurt serious and a guidepost for future chamber of Commerce of tha planning by the states and As called for in the water Quality act of approximately 800 copies will be distributed to College and High school libraries through out the the Booklet also in non technical a discussion of the nature of water and it offers a panoramic View of the entire spectrum of health consider flood aquatic water for municipalities of use by in the Booklet also discusses water water legislative Rainak the role of bacteria in United Corn industries research Edison electric National association of National electrical manufacturers National lumber manufacturers tha soap and detergent association and United states Brewers As purifying sewage and Industrial witness testified Friday she was Trinity area gets for waste treatment Plant then Ger and finally reached Rome where they spent three Days during a period the Vati can Council was in from there they went to ath Greece truly Beautiful City and then to Raleigh a the state Stream sanitation committee set priorities Friday for the Al location of some million in Federal funds for the construction of waste treatment plants in 18 North Carolina commune the largest single allocation of was signed to Wil Mington As the first instalment on a million request the second instalment will have to be allocated from the 196768 Federal allocation to the according to Earl executive Secretary of the Sani tation Hubbard said the priorities were established i anticipation of congressional approval of a million request from the Federal water pollution Contro North Caro Linas share of the total request would be he said municipalities and the federa approved for them Are Jordan and finally Den metropolitan sewage Dis Rich for the town of Spray and an Elizabeth Wil others were fair 000 Aber Sedgefield sanitary District near greens there was not quite enough Money available to fill the total request for the 18th Kings Hubbard the sanitation committee had enough to allocate of a request from Kings Hubbard he said that towns officials will be asked if they can raise the remaining amount from local crossing the Gate from Jor Dan to he was like walking into a different where Jordan is a scene of desert and abject Israel is a thriving nation that is using irrigation to make the desert Bloom with he sex Waller said he spent eight weeks digging in the enduring 110 degree heat Dur ing the the High was without the with ering humidity that makes the current heat wave Here so mis he the archaeological excavations were made less tedious because of the frequency of he we worked a fou Day he Friday is the moslem holy Day while saturday is the jewish Day and sunday is the christians Day of we took advantage of yesterday a car driven by Henrietta Skinner 115 Linden was dam aged when it hit a parked vehicle belonging to Helen Giles 316 Guilford officer Whitlow the Powell parked on main was damaged in a third which occurred about on Industrial a car driven by Mary Brown 209 Hughes was damaged when she struck a Dan River Mills truck parked at a officer Hugh Wyatt the truck was damaged Wyatt reported the truck was blocking All but about 10 feet of the westbound Lane and Green noticed that eastbound traffic was too close to permit her passing without hitting the the Driver of the truck John Orlanda both of were placed on Proba Tion for three judge Jones stipulated that terms of their probation Are to include Good keeping of Good working regularly and no use of Wilcox was approaching the Danville qty limits on Westover drive in his car when it skidded broadside into the car driven by Hardy of North main who was preg died the following morn ing in memorial Wicox denied both that he had been drinking prior to the Accident and that he was Rac his body and coming out the before changing his Hughes denied being in the More testify against local mail school new a a and the Many other that courses from ter related factors which make up the Complex world of in addition to Dan Virginia companies which have citizens training services would Lead to a civil service to cooperated with the program Eleanor Mcmickle and other prosecution witness include Newport news Shippes testified in the mail fraud trial of the Cor Respondence school in Federal District witnesses testified failed to help them police department buys Scooter to give patrolmen More mobility get civil service jobs after they a motor Scooter has been patrolman on the downtown had studied recommended purchased by the Danville Poteat in checking the business several said they had lice department to give its patrolmen More its quiet and yet it will been promised refunds should get a but he acknowledged he and a police Chiei Mccain As fast As you to said the school said the Scooter will be use Mccain also it can o was represented to her by Edi to transport officers to widely scattered areas foot patrolman that but need a anywhere person can son Bradwell of under she j la Jtj w 1cvj ecu inc x11vi of Eugene had Large enough to Merit Are Albert Danville was charged with impeding traffic and Green was charged with reckless police also received a report of a stolen car last Bernice 204 easter said her car had been stolen Between Midnight thursday and 8 she described it As a 1960 four door Chevrolet Sedan with a White top and Gray them a and toured the coun try on those three she said the right front Side was stopped at a Martinsville Abc store earlier he White bought a pint of Wilcox told the the odor of alcohol on him after the Accident resulted from the liquor spilling on his he said a red car passed him moments before the Cut Back sharply into his Lane of traffic and slowed he said to was in the process of passing the red car when White pressed his foot Down on the causing the car to veer out of control and strike hardys White did not Wilson g who is alleged to have been the Driver of the red car referred to by also has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter there full Over a it should be extol defense attorney Al Ward for checking behind of new Bern every time Man buildings and in said civil Brad stand say i tort a Oval Noe cited As examples the officer using the Scooter will have constant com Mumbai miss Mcmickle testified she five Forks and tons with Headquarters through made a s20 Down payment for a Walki talkie radio attached courses and was told she must to his pay the balance of within n tit t it i to she became she then chief Mccain said the scootsa5j cow not pay the bal main an officer can ride the Scooter to five Park it walk through the get Back on the Scooter Ander also May be used for ride Over to North main j ing control in such congested miss who said she and ride that Mccain areas As South main and Wathas a 5th Grade said streets where time limit some of the courses were very this Way one Man can tons Are placed on and some very he adequately patrol these policeman Riding the Scooter Jean Mark the tires of parked chief Mccain noted that with Chalk to determine local department does not plan i those that to buy More than one other witnesses have testified the courses offered by the school were too elementary to he Ethelp in passing civil service at this time although other like every police vehicle cities Are to use or it has a particular Job them i Largo we feel it is suited my the he will be Cain we Hope primarily Ideal for other such to use it for foot patrolmen to but no trial Date has been set Jas delivering Council it for his Ulso can be used by the foot ride to those areas that need foot on trial Are Lonnie Phil lips of president of the and seven others Are defendants in the Phil lips the schools Secre has been cleared of mail fraud

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