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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 4

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Danville, Virginia Register july 1966 social events of interest theme of dinner Parham feted at Liridad Shower pair married in Axton the regular dinner meeting among courtesies Missi Axton Nancy Klaine was hold thursday july 14ih lwl11 to daughter of and Rochester Barbour attend ints feted by miss retire to Fanner Dies at Home at age of 70 the funeral for Stonewall Shel of Blairs Danville jul will be conducted at 2 3ssk i services in Danville and area churches miss Kahryn Elaine Dill Worth entertained her bridal tomorrow from the Wrenn Yeatts interment will be in Highland burial i8 continued from 1age 7 Ken Luck Charlie Glenwood memorial Carl sunday school remembering who we 11 Rock against the sunday school 10 the King Dom of the will of 8 training Union Westover Hills Den Christ the King Al Bert sunday school Wor ship with holy you cant cheat an honest it at the country club the on was a of was Maried to at the charcoal House miss his s Thenie of the meeting was fun Linen Snower Given thursday Rharles Thomas son marriage to nigh run the members and might by Marilyn Anh up finn Cmith r 38 e l attendants at a luncheon yester Ai Snellon lied yesterday in Prajer n m Rutt t i i1ius 1ltmj Wurtin Reynolds worship Lakewood evangelical Moth la ners with lbs guests dressing and Kefton Smith of Barry Jones takes place sat ests dressing lbs Kerry Campbell in the jul a 7m Jimh place Bat the social and pro Homp or the latter on Forest us u p at in j i1uiih uie Jailer on j he Hama of the Hirla committee had charge n the members of this l commit the Jirrine Patter yellow cym Bidiman orchid1 commit rce Patter n Ernei Vivian Giles Corsage was presented the Cash and Lavycie highlight Oree on arrival and bridal in a f i t i 111 v i i in i Home of the main Street methodist attending were Charles the double ring performed by ceremony the of Winslo Salem Vic sister of the hostess he was of a native of he spent Blairs Wiere he retiring in he married miss Agnes f j l i Zuj was Unis Nooi jj45 3 m morning 1 believe in the 8 Union wednesday me Cement program youth Fellowship and Bible wednesday Schoolfield sunday school the crowns of sunday school Wor overflowing with tha Are you a Napkin Christian pm youth wednesday prayer Fairview Louis the of hip evening was a skit larna8e by be Matron of Honor miss Faith i eled afer the television show the wore a to Lawton of Danville l n addition to his wife of i Byis you dont with Mary were served from length press of chef Forand mrs Claude Owen of leaves one a Ogburn As a Moderator entered with an Rover Ier Short full Judson n c Horwat of Danville one of i i r youth led revival called to t t re training Union wednesday i Raver 730 i345 a m the new p j r a word of enc our or a Lull Ai Over Ace Jer Vejl potions from a Crown of seed snapdragons and plump Salous Edvin Benjamin Barbour was Ibert Man for his Ruth Richardson and and carried a bouquet mixed Turner As the Forn Flors John c Brooks White the so Leighl was a sled placed in Louise Walker and additional guests Lucille Cook As their Many and accomplishments narrated by Ruth a Lichen l Ardson and Hazel Parham of the the great Smoky a Short business session Wavelet Richard the Bride is a graduate of conduced by Mabel Annie Brosville High the 1 a very Mother of the Brid Ctol be Reece Kirkman East and i Hugh Shelton of Seminole of sister of the Brid Tobe Crater of grandmother of miss Dillworth Page both of and miss Eena Shelton of Louise har Ris of Blairs and Sarah Gertie Yates died yesterday at at the Home of her Keith 164 Montague president who reminded Mary Ann bridegroom a graduate of and members that Danville will be i u r a of aau of the Host to the fall meeting of alls ses Kay High is serving All of i strict 11 of the Virginia Federal ton Sandra the army and Tion of clubs on october Donna Lee Joan j stationed at c Melinda o group singing was led Anne miners paid Honor the serv Ruth and the family will be at prospective the residence at Blairs Karen Marienfeldt Inzes were Given to c t i i Uli la 1m Iii poll Tell Mary Ogburn and Flori ence Price for the is Courtesy to miss Bride elect of july prizes housekeeping party Given for Clark miss Yvonne Brumfield who place this afternoon at miss Bettyjo Whitlow be married to Garland miss Rae Clark joined in Hon Moorefield on july was Street Metho ored at a lingerie Shower july by miss Ruth hostesses for the occasion Oring Jack Clark Tveith a housekeeping party and Shower in the Home of miss at Clark and he husband will move to Fuller in the Fuller Home onland m Charles 1he Dan Biver duplicate Bridge club held its miss Kathryn Elaine Dill game thursday evening in the Worth and her Clifford Schoolfield recreation Barry were entertained at a party last night in the Dillworth apartment on West Moreland court after the rehearsal of their wedding which Henderson services set i is morn in or last riles for for several a native of Caswell Travis was born july to the late Yates and Lou Gatewood she spent her Early life in the Shady Grove Community of Caswell but had made her Home in Danville for 20 she was a member of first Kenneth sunday school 10 worship u and Pys wednesday prayer the revival sunday school 10 worship 11 and wednesday prayer revival m Harold Glenwood Christ Harold Niin Sterin sunday school 8 my wednesday prayer ferry roads Paul sunday school the Sanctification of the the mystery of the divine be Junior friends youth Lay visitation wednesday prayer saturday altar prayer and senior tuesday Church of the holy com morning prayer 11 Bov Numion r am Church school scouts tuesday Wesleyan Paul sunday school 10 worship h and the to Well movement used and winners were Howard Scarboro and mat for second there was a tie Between Herbert Milton Smith and Harvey will be conducted Satur Irafay at 11 and Victor third Movnu Vernon me Hod i ervice pm her husband John cd Nesnay prayer Frank died in she is survived by two Daugh Fields and Ben w Nic rites be in Asbury methodist Church died funeral services wi5 be con Trinity Morgan sunday school gods or Der versus mans Druid Hills Robert w y a sunday school he that would love Nursery morning prayer Grove Street Fred sunday school worship 11 and Btu wednes Day prayer mount Vernon Carroll Church school Hun Gers of the were Frank Carter grandmother of miss Dillworth Brumfield and Joseph Reece Kirkman f r v 1ics Dipri j i j in won m t to 11 r place winners were thursday in a South Boston us Tell 5 pm Sunda frown the vhf j 5f Snead and Ernest memorial 30 wednes div a mired he was born be Highland Spring Garden Paul Church school 10 some thing u where he will tend Virginia polytechnic inst a White Carnation Corsage was presented the honoree on a a Carnation Corsage was pre rival bridal games wer i Sisters of the approximately 20 including the bridal party and last rites Are held m Halifax a son of William Henderson and Alice Lewis he was mar ried to the former Harriet last services of Lelia and was a member of burial the remains will rest at Townes funeral Westover Hills Pentec stat sunday school 10 worship and Rich personal Fannie Stool of 49 Glen Oak drive is a patient in i f j j sen text toe Vonoree and after which played based on the party mints were served from a lace Moraci theme f covered table appointed in Pink refreshments were served the following guests Jack go cols included Charles Clark Mother inlaw of Mother of the Bride honoree Wade Richar Tobe m i s s Katharine Bruin Edwin Sisler of the ters of the honoree Mother of the1 memorial Glenn Garry bridegroom mesh Jor Calvin Ryland Nies Walter entertain Hubert Luther Robert Garrett Carl Matthew Wayne and misses Gayle Roy Katherine and Bert Oswald Mylum Jmary Hill Charles Bill Charles Ander Sonev and misses Sally Haraway out town guests from wind events Wiles were methodist Church and wih be at St yesterday afternoon f r o m Halifax no classic reissued i i Witt i if e Anh Fth a c Fredell and life Ami Cne Church school liners july 2024 c evangelist Man with a youth j Fellowship r Laurel Grove Baptist Nad been a Mason for 50j Ork a on the Calvary l keen Street Ralph assistant Sun by the Phil Jenkins and the David in addition to his he is interment was in Highland by two Karl Fulp of Richmond were mrs Walton of South Ester Day sch Cal jewish Ion wednesday Prav i has been reissued Over Harold Martin Bruce Boston four pm Earl and Winston Branch ant e r a frictional tales in lev Moshenek and of at rehearsal party students Gypsy 1bplps Kay Joa Voll Uva Deans list Carolyn sul and Thornton Wil son Chaney were hosts for Ani after rehearsal party last night at their Home in Kin Gold f or i their Thornton Wilson Chaney and miss Susan Carol whose marriage wife appointed Sion tries Carl son of res place this after noon t land Richmond West Maln Baptist the Southern Baptist foreign Mission Board has appointed the Ron Eli pastor of the mount Hermon Baptist and As missionaries to Henderson and both of Charlottsville one Henderson of Halifax and 17 some modern Al it includes 126 selections of classic jewish stories much of it from talmudic lit Johns Ralph Church school 10 what is the Church methodist youth Fellowship Goren on Bridge n Holcomb made personal neans list for the Spring so arrangements of mixed sum Mester in the University Flowers in Pink and while Paul Brady of Lanier Virsinia school of Engineer were used throughout the Home j Venezuela is a patient in Appie and on the refreshment table they win travel Lori i also on the Deans was where lighted while to a Ian Rupert son of Adderl to the appointments judge school and a Cap Miller Thomas Chandler of 1806 approximately 25 study of Stool Ltd Boston Are visiting her or i including the bridal and Paul Cochran on Blairs named West main up i o mate i bundalion Boshert Williams and who have been visit Mills succumbs ing relatives were joined has named Leonard Iocim oilily last night by Captain Blairs As a member of at the borne of her Virginia agricultural foun Annie Mae Atkins but they do not know where but they expect to live near the More densely populated both recently attended the foreign Mission boards missionary orientation which they described As a very valuable part of the mis by Charles Goren o if by a Mayo Tribune a weekly brie Kje quiz As you hold 7kj974 oqjs63 the bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 pass 1 of ak5 oqj54 the bidding has proceeded West North East South you hold akq984 593 okj4 the bidding has proceeded she for memorial presbyter Marshall Pas Church school a m following suggestion for tired Peon j 8 Junior and Pioneer s e n i o r High fellowships wednesday prayer Day prayer choir practice i time the lutheran Church of tha Pas Church school worship dial a Devotion 7971141 1 o pass what do you bid you Are Vulner Ici Irmia Ion Annie Mae Duison program and Thev and family Dation for Progress died last night at t0 a n or on Linnien former Resinto study needs for agricultural in memorial she had Jylli experience in serving the they education and serv been in declining health for six urn g Are in route to Mclean where they will make years and a patient in the hos urn before coming to mount Hor have 60 part and hold 4aj95 St oaq1083 the bidding has proceeded South West Korth East 10 pass 1v pass 3 a pass 4 9 what action do you take South West pass North 2 3 East pass Mon Church in september and Rukor the foundation is composed Pill for two 15 appointed by a daughter of the late Jamesj he served As pastor of churches the All of whom Are Henry Atkins and Laura brownian Drakes Blacksburg what do you bid now 3 As South you hold j Butler was Hornland n he and yesterday to visit Richard Penn on and George Wallace and who have h actively Welve members Are primarily i March in Pittsy Ivania j worked Amon production of her entire life Cherokee indians under the cured summer they recently returnp1 from a vacation trip to m and around Danville Southern Baptist Home Mission scaling flue and she was employed by for one i Hilltop Sanatorium As a Pra Tii a native of Henderson ical nurse until retiring he grew up in a years on Community near Lien she married Eugene his now re butter who died june a Baptist pastor and she was a member of Temple Micier Arconi Baptist Church and Sang in saturday cleaning in by 10 out by 2 for your convenience Callahan sundry gleaners Moin Plant 133 Watson 8cs cleaners Branch offices Kemper Wooding five Forks Ani Sherwood Village shopping Center rans ments have r plated for William David who died Friday at slur Vivas Are two Hirome on Guna x won ii Buller of Danville he was born in Pittsy Ivania Butler of new july a son of one he Inte George and Malisa Bessie Siddle of Danville she horse Singleton Atkins of surviving Are his Danville and Noel Atkins Crider four Danville 5 two Hughry the bidding has proceeded Korth East South 10 1 action do you take has opened with one club and you hold what is your response As j South you hold j what do you bid now As South you hold a6 vkq1094 the bidding has proceeded South West North East by what do you bid now you hold 4109 skq84z oq84 aaj5 the bidding has proceeded Knuth East South West 1 4 pass 2 v pass pass 2 it pass pass z look or answers tomorrow these guests no longer Welcome Abigail Van Ruren age Darf you his j i nearly fainted or 10 i saturday is Only when Day most fathers can get to the having Barber mothers can completion of funeral in fart they a time i am sorry i time the family will be at p had captor his before he of the inv Arp nip the Home of her son Haywood ills off Luht our own so 1 now i was a take them Arnott old us Mitch hut at the of their school we f01 sure they Warp time listen to Anvil it them l school 1 in for i i Jin the Market for we old j y1et them go after Btu for crying Ovit announcement miss Janice Gibson is now operating the new and exquisite Piney Forest Road Beauty Salon 568 Piney Forest Road in Davis to building for appointment Call so 31551 of Burt Crider of r and Otis Sint of one half Kaleigh a Sherison Ilover Jii Ham 11 and the Boily is at Colbert Fth Narrai Home pc twins tier it re noon of the Ralph me realtor Waas embarrassed As Iri a Folk Rod Siano the calving the Home every is come Rord he Diamond in another Iii takes a lot of lettuce to replace two problems write o Box los for a personal enclose movement Beverly i or a 1 to Sec to fiddle dont he child i i i 11 in it in 1 ii Leslie and find the House Hunters and asked you who Cal for Abts should see a boy to the hmm to Mother or his v Jas faultless milk keeps you healthy Happy energetic and remember its always Danville fresh delivered to your door or at your favorite store Danville Dairy products dial 7922515

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