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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Danville, Virginia Weather Cloudy today the Danville Register gemini 10 astronauts pose Rone Hundred and Nineteen years of pubic of used Wims saturday july 1966 would incite sure retaliation senators urge Hanoi not to execute flyers Home delivery 35c week ing a practice session of their planned three Day Orbital weather favors gemini 10 flight airmen execution to bring escalation Cape a americas gemini 10 Astro Nauru went through a Tough physical examination Friday and space Agency officials said even the weather picture is brighter for their dual Rendez Vous and space walk Mission for despite the potential threat of rain and wind from the remains air strikes continue in Vietnam South Viet Nam a Jet squadrons struck anew at North Viet Nam Friday in an intensified Campaign that an official suggested has now drawn a full commit ment of the enemy the command reported the loss of one plane to ground there throwing everything Treyve got into it to Stop the a High american air Force officer a skyhawk attack bomber from the Carrier Ranger was downed by ground fire 35 to 40 Miles South of Hanoi while on a Mission to Knock out a missile the Pilot is authorities this was the 291st plane acknowledged lost in the 17monthold War North of the Hanoi North Viet Nam news Agency declared in a broadcast dispatch that North vietnamese gunners downed six jets three Over Hanoi and three South of the capital and that number of american pilots were red chivas new China news echoing Hanoi added that the americans bombed Hanoi in Defiance of worldwide condemnation and beyond the toss of the one there was no confirmation of the communist in other areas of conflict fighting at times hand to marines stood off 75 Viet Cong who attacked a Leatherneck outpost 10 Miles South of Chu Lai before Dawn a Daylight Check showed eight enemy a spokesman de Marine casualties As air and artillery were reported to have killed 30 of about 300 heavily armed Viet Cong spotted mov ing through a Mountain pass 20 of tropical storm Tho Mission William c late Friday gave instructions to proceed with gemini the space Agency weathermen said Celias winds dropped from 50 to 3 Miles an turning the storm into an Easterly wave which might bring heavy Rains and lightning Over Southern Florida late sunday or monday its effect will depend How far up the coast the storm sex space Agency officials the latest forecast Calls for Cloudy skies and scattered showers for mondays Edt Blastoff time for gemini 10 astronauts Navy John w Young and air Force maj Michael these Are acceptable or officials said the National aeronautics and space administration said bad Weathers effect on the Aunch Date will be better known saturday after weather men make a More detailed analysis of the if officials postpone mondays the next possible time gemini 10 can rocket aloft is wednesday this is dictated by the Posi Tion of an already orbiting Satel the Agena rendezvous tar get left Over from last March s gemini 8 which the gemini 10 Crew will try to catch up with during their three a Tio packed Days see Page two Page two agencies Cut interest rate to 5 Washington a two Ank regulatory agencies the ederal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit insurance corporation moved Friday to ool the hot interest rate War Between commercial Banks and savings and loan institutions they reduced from 5vi to 5 or cent the maximum interest Banks May pay on time deposits of 90 Days or More which have More than one maturity the rate was dropped to 4 per cent on such deposits of less than 90 the new which will not apply on outstanding deposits Are effective july 20 at the More than Banks throughout the country whose deposits Are insured by the Federal govern Seo Page two a new features Price six cents teen democratic senators who have advocated restraint in Viet Nam urged the communists in Hanoi on Friday to refrain from any act of violence against captured airmen execution of the american prisoners would incite a Public demand for retaliation Swift and sure against the communist the 18 said in a joint termed plea for was issued at a news conference by Frank As spokesman for the democrats who have advised against any drastic escalation of the the document said execution of the captured men As threatened by the Hanoi govern ment would drastically re Duce the influence of All those in tried to curtail the Mats inc an Moji Are a Sitiar te8 ter of increasing concern to the would not have been issued if United we had not been made to feel there is a very serious Dange affecting the lives of the f flex can an airmen n Aming that was response when disc sked whether the senators had f d Willcu he asked whether the senators had m v a i i consulted with the administration before issuing their state Tion before issuing their Statel Ere is no justification and the state department no excuse for the personal re has said threats a Nasals now threatened by North Olaie in tote United states who have has said threats of War crimes Prikals now threatened by North x Viet Nam against american it it Kennedy informed sources say an a news analysis by John Wheeler Washington a Halls and exec missing for a total of eat ened by Hanoi sources said Intelli War Csc tfx a rfcs to it reports Hanoi Intel North Viet Nam should be tried the acome As War criminals and executed Tion would undoubtedly vastly Rethe by the Hanoi a Maior Serene than Trio by the Hanoi a major new escalation of the air War against North Viet Nam Proba Bly would Well informed sources among sources Are these bombing of North Viet Nam port facilities at b Haiphong and vital irrigation and flood control nothing they North Viet Nam could do would be More Likely to increase the pressure on the president to escalate the air a High government is democratic senators who have opposed escalation of the War called on Hanoi to refrain from War crimes they issued a statement warning that such trials would incite a Public de Mand for retaliation Swift and the senators such Hanoi action would undermine the influence of those seeking to curtail lighting in Viet strengthen the position of those m the United states who want to intensify the Hanoi appears under swelling popular pressure to act against the mostly air Force Navy and Marine pilots shot Down during raids on North Viet much of the pressure has been generated by the govern ment propaganda network which dramatically stepped up its efforts about one month ago the inability of North Viet name soviet made migs and antiaircraft batteries to halt the daily american pounding of the Homeland has caused a serious loss of face f the to Chi Minn Hanoi thus May feel it is pushed into a Corner where it must hold trials despite the consequences 9fficial figures list 34 known prisoners of War in North Viet 56 others who Are suspected to be prisoners and 93 miss the information from the father of the unnamed Pris will be two East euro Pean communist news agencies carried reports on the one saying 60 americans would be tried and the other predicting the trials May Start within Secretary of state Dean Rusk warned Hanoi on thursday that the United states would consider War crime trials As a very grave development the United states is believed to have urged countries with Ous breach of the Geneva convention on prisoners of Jiava pledged to exposing such i no one suspected pow and 8k see Are agreed on the see Page two trials for the airmen Are a mat Dorset the statement warning there is no justification and he said that would be a plunge into and would imperil possible negotiations for a War Ken Nedy added it could Lead to escalation of the War and a course from which there will be no Edward d told the Senate on Friday he understood a constituent of his who is a prisoner of the North vietnamese was scheduled to go on trial next Kennedy press Rich Ard said Kennedy of French actress Brigitte Bardot and Gunther Sachs Arriva the los Angeles they declined interviews but were iter in Las vegas and planned a honeymoon in a wire photo comedian Cooks for newlyweds Beverly Here to Danoy Kaye appearance in a movie it Nav no illr4 Drayne said he want sure How the father got the inform a Tion but he was concerned about the Drayne said the fathers in formation May Only have come from Reading news dispatches he said Kennedy was unable to certify that the trial actually was j communist dispatches from Hanoi have suggested that the trials might Start july 20 or there has been no offi u Origine Lor rung to be a Jet age chauffeur said moustache who for newlyweds Brigitte Bardot staying at the same hotel she r Cernan industrialist was at my wedding in Gunther Sachs when he wound there Al up cooking them a chinese wed Ding dinner the newlyweds dined thurs Day night in Dannys Kitchen Ici Willij ii u Uii missions in Hanoi to warn the w0rd from the United communist regime of the Possi or from the government ble consequences of the of North Viet which the views Church said the the by such critics of u s Nam policy As j w As j w chair the foreign relations following Hanoi recent a t Ramg of captured pilots Man of the state department sent a Cornitt or Eueva which Cne list of the Vocalic Hanoi and doves in the democratic part South a Fps n i a americans Are agreed on Gravity of such a decision i ouch a Rio trained National guard join Chicago police in strife torn City Chicago a Chicago rained Illinois National weapons at the talc moved into the heart of he strife torn West Side on Fri Day they will help More than policemen Northern quell the disturbances worst since Watts erupted last year in los the guardsmen the first contingent of ready for action moved Down Roosevelt Road in jeeps and Francis commander of the 33rd infantry division of the told news men if anybody shoots at my my orders Are to shoot Back shoot to they carried machine guns and tear Gas and began immediately patrolling a 40squareblock a campsite of tents was established in a parking the atmosphere was generally sub Dued As the troops moved Kane said other troops were in Reserve in other Chicago move in if ready to White owners of businesses in the sprawling area quickly boarded up their signs in businesses owned by that riots such As the Chicago disturbance Are caused when people Are deprived of their your a marquee was lighted on a movie the attraction is the ten the marked by and tossed Are bricks and rocks had swelled in size and intensity for three straight nights and spilled Over into the Daylight hours Friday for the first time two persons were shot and killed in thursday nights riot ing and at least 30 in eluding several have been wounded by gunfire or in has led to a Oiler Between some civil rights leaders and Community mayor Richard Daley on denounced civil rights organizers on the staff Martin Luther King As for enters of his voice often choked with he told a news Confer ence you cant charge it to Martin Luther King directly but some of the people that came in Here to Chicago have been talking for the last year of and shown More than 300 persons have been arrested in the four Days of store windows have been smashed and looting and or neg have been the demonstration began in a Small negro neighbourhood tues Day when police arrested a Man for reopening a fire hydrant they but the rioting now has mushroomed through three entire police districts and parts of others in the negro commune opening of hydrants so Chil Dren can splash around during heat Waves is a perennial i Istance to fire department officials and waterworks the fighting reached a Climax thursday night when More than 100 policemen exchanged shots m an hour Long gun Battle with snipers in two High Rise apart ment the police final y moved in and cleared out both shortly before noon Friday police officials at one Point on the scene we do not j pictures and instructing have they on How to conduct policemen on of emf in m Jim on foot to disperse a other police squads sped to West Side Pawn and gun shop after the owner reported people were flocking into his place to buy firearms and he barricaded the doors and windows and police vehicles carted away 300 pistols and Many rounds of Armuni police also reported that widespread looting was Mug in the shops stores and other establishments Glass windows thursday the Exchange of gunfire be Brigitte and husband said Friday he was just plan there was a lot of kissing also before Mous tache retreated to give the Lywess some French director Roger i was an Occidental Cook cooking an Oriental dinner for said the menu cantonese a special Chicken lobster and a mushroom and water Chestnut Massac who met Brigitte years ago in was in a few Days taking a refresher course in piloting his Lear i was planning to pick them up in Las vegas after their wed is relived by survivor Ycu in Iive for of but they caught police Friday the hours of Hor t Lear Back to los Ancor when eight of her fellow Stu he Dent nurses were taken one by i asked them if they to be slaughtered e a wedding dinner they the two hour interview from said the Hope was that ant and i invited them Over her Hospital bed filled in details a statement from those missing from her first hysteria icy id never met Sachs Cal account after the killings Al but Hes a great she had to look close Kaye is renowned in Hollylu at pictures of 200 sex offend Wood for his chinese cooking ers he had a chinese Kitchen in police questioned miss Cora stalled in his House a year Zon Amurao in her Hospital Complete with dining area that room after she had roused from looks like a miniature chinese heavy we Are now More hopeful in a thigh High said Deputy chief of detectives and her new Hus Michael the girl has who is lounged around Given the police artist the de the Pool of the Beverly Hills hot ails of the killers features Tel on meeting briefly she had never seen the Man King declined to comment on gathering crowd after cutting from Spiotto said but Sofia in remarks but said previously off Stra eth Art moustache she Coull identify him if a barrel shaped she saw him Frenchman with flowing Musta is a famed parisian res Rookie cop is killed partner shot Jai ii ears would he Pam snort i Teriet a a for a pm Emy was killed and his patrol wednesday smashed car partner badly wounded Fri Toman added there were a Day As they tried to question bruises or Bullet mayor Richard sponged with a request Otto Kerner order out National guard troops and the governor acted the guardsmen from 15 Chicago area units completed two weeks of summer training in Wisconsin just last saturday the training included riot con see Page two a us Lac Auto wounds on the victims bodies he said the times of death had not been determined Only two have been 30yearsold of the he said were not Dale and died with a Bullet Maryann Jor us is second after his Dan and miss Suzanne Farris that Michael was Toman said most of the Stab felled by a Hail of shots from the wounds were three or four Inch car they sought to investigate is but its hard for me to Robinson was reported in Crit Isay what Type of a knife was Chicago West but almost out of touch with the physical is a bitter clash among the Community their words have turned Sharp pointed since the surges of Rock loot ers and police Aiters began tuesday night and increased in As National guardsmen were mustered to Back hard pressed police Chicago mayor Richard responsible in staff and there a great measure says Martin Luther aides lid he wanted bold he preached nonviolence Dot Nobles he said King did m e can no Lonzor live unto upon be devours want two i 111 Obj w Cai condition after an an hour and a half later police Ive known Brigitte for 20 re an Chicago a the gushed survivor of Chicago town House massacre relived for Spiotto said miss Amurao did not identify any of the photos shown her but said there Are a few individuals we Are very much interested in More than others or Andrew Tom Cook county said autopsy reports produced no evidence that any of the victims had been molested sexually but that Vag Inal smears would be examined Toman will preside Over an Juji Ciuc Uver at trapped a Man on the roof of a inquest into the murders sched House about two blocks from the used for next thursday at predawn slaying he was Cook county morgue shot and wounded then was in a Spanish speaking w us Ihk us Daley was the most beleaguered of Chicago with his voice often choked in Daley denounced Friday the civil rights organizers of Martin Luther Kings staff As Fomen ters of i think you cant charge it to Martin Luther King directly Daley but surely some of the for the instruction that has been Given for training Daley said he has document on that youngsters were trained in making gasoline fire bombs and other instruments of the people who conducted such he were Here for no other purpose than to bring disorder to streets said he wanted bold we can no longer live with in King told newsmen he had stressed that he rejected the Black Power concept but had to achieve nonviolent victories for the i have not been Able to take them enough King i need to take something we must show that were moving a spokesman for nearly president Joseph be Daley and King met in a con Ference shortly before the disorders but failed to agree upon 14 Reform de most of them scribed King As no More than a demagogue and a professional he instructs his people to practice civil disobedience and violate the Law to draw attention to their civil rights then he immediately puts up a smokescreen and the very peo ple who violate the when they scream to he preached Lefevour wherever criticism want to Gest Intel h3s members the weather report All readings from station atop the Register building Virginia mostly sunny and pleasant saturday with some cloudiness South portion in the High in the 80s except 75 to 80 in the mountains and along the North Carolina scattered showers extreme South por Tion otherwise de creasing cloudiness and not so High mostly in the lower 80s in the mountains and 85 to 90 downtown weather log policemen who were doing their Wiio t work me we Cail for an immedi work religious leaders j to deplore the riots Gro i feel disturbed about tha he i do not feel hour 7 s ii thursday 79 73 72 wind e4 Neie ne6 saturday 1 70 24hour Low to 1 High 102 24hour precipitation rain of Inch n9 70 All Law and of race or Law Ana qua Opportunity in a joint arch1 Call upon religion gov pc ref p Ern ment every f leg the Chicago roman Catholic ment in our society to help in archdiocese Donald Zim the attainment of these just Imerman and Edgar Chandler 5 1 Lions said a certain strangers have come into Chicago to eel Are confident that the1 youngsters to negro Community docs not sup this statement was by or j once h Jackson pics int of the a there Are tonal Baptist he some who have connected these told newsmen he believes that disturbances with legitimate charges of police brutality Are efforts by men of Good will to unfair Correct the injustices which Jackson Tays Bis Conven cers perhaps May have been but any charges of brutality Are just y just police the he came because these people have been told their cause is Hope but they Are being they had been Given teenagers Are being fed doctrine of civil disobedience they Are being used by Soma by some people wha further Vir own Jackson or Kine not guilty of preaching hate but there is a danger in talking violence so that it creates

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