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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 2

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Danville, Virginia The Register july prime minister Wilson off to Moscow in search of a Viet Nam peace Parley Sinatra chooses a third mate an a analysis by Arthur Gays Hon London a Harold Wil son flies to Moscow saturday in search of a but Viet Xam Britain peace prime minister has no Assurance the russians will even discuss the subject with him soviet news papers have said bluntly they one of the oddest could have carried ments in the affair came Chi significance in the Viet Nam week Kosygin sent word Wilson to arrive in Moscow but aides insist Wilson feels about three hours ahead of his neither rebuffed nor dispirited planned touchdown bring ing his charter plane into the Only More determined than Ever to keep plugging away soviet capital exactly an hour a Viet Nam after the departure of prime there could be another Factor minister Indira Gandhi of masterpolitician1 i the inference drawn by some Wilson few leaders have Ever to political friends As Well a diplomats Here is that Kosygin lost ground on a peace foes Wilsons Mission seems one wants to make just one journey of the strangest he has downtown Moscow to j Airport saturday to bid fare British authorities offer Well to and version of the events that led up Greet i to it soviet diplomats have if Kosygin and his colleges continued from Page one spread a different Felt serious peacemaking sex was among the five men who about the Only thing the two changes on Viet Nam possible interviewed miss Amurao but slay pigs sides agree on is that the visit1 they might have gone out she conversed in the trip last said the Brit ish Leader had been invited to be the guest of soviet Premier Alexei his aides acknowledged that Kosygin had been made of wish to attend the British Trade fair in Money Only two one question that nagged t police was Why nobody heard it was a Cool windows were Walls of the contemporary style town House Are not Spiotto said miss Amurao told continued from Page one a certificate of Bank or other types of film there were some Light out but soviet officials claim Wilt me Deposit which a person a cries the girls who came in son sent a letter to soviet Ami Reaty owns win continue to Bear lat but it want Indira Gandhi accuses red China of rejecting peaceful coexistence Moscow a prime reports that she had ister Indira Gandhi of India has accused red China of rejecting peaceful coexistence and promoting tension in justification of a dogmatic belief in the inevitability of in a speech at a Kremlin ban Quet Friday night Given by pre Mier Alexei Gandhi did not mention red China by but she left no doubt it was the chinese she had in she omitted any reference to Viet tending to confirm executions Bassadore Mihail Smirno ski interest at the rate agreed upon Mary Suzanne june 29 saying he intended towhee the certificate was Pur Farris and Gloria Jean visit the Trade they chased even if it exceeds the returned to the town he added it would be un1 new mouse after the killer had Al thinkable for him to be in most at the same the herded its other six occur cow without calling on Reserve Board asked congress153115 including miss the account of soviet officials for broader authority for into a Back went on before the fd1c and the Federal Home Wilsons letter Smirno ski discus postal with Heads in the soviet it was from that continued from Page one there has been no response from North Viet Nam and offi Cial sources said none was Exall past efforts by the United the red Cross and Friendly and Neutral governments to get better treat ment for pos have run into Stone the communists sharply dressed Down the United Arab Republic for offer ing its Good the North vietnamese con tend the prisoners Are War criminals in an undeclared War and thus Are not entitled to the Protection of the Geneva con continued from Page one policemen began carrying j among other things the con Frank and Mia Are pictured aboard the luxury yacht Southern Breeze at last they have now announced their engage ment for sometime Between thanksgiving and a wire photo Chicago failed to convince the russians they should join in a Call for a Geneva conference on Vietnam Ese Gandhi leaves for Home saturday after a fou Day to be followed into Moscow an hour later by prime minister Harold Wilson of too has Little apparent Chance of convincing the russians the Geneva conference should be the russians and he British were co chairmen of he 1954 conference that ended he War in in her Kremlin Gandhi said India will continue to practice no alignment and peaceful we deeply regret hat a major asian Power should have forgotten the pledge t signed at Bandung and in rejecting peaceful coexist sought to weaken if not overthrow she the Only major asian Power at the 1955 Bandung nonaligned conference to which Gandhi could have been referring was communist apparently certain Powers do not desire can run counter to the National in rests and Well being of this reflected several in the opinion of informed Quad one was India own Bor Der dispute with which flared into a Brief chinese inva Sion in another was machine rifles gagged victims to their i almost to a Man they favored the Board supervises Allna one at a its but Smirno ski Banks and those insured decided to recommend that state Banks which Are Federal Moscow accept the idea anyway Reserve members an Overall civil rights Leader who is spend a year Illinois naming the summer in it Verll ii Tiuis lilt 3u1l1i11c1 ill eng Onti guardsmen were sent Tomars haled a band of 50 to 60 Amurao hid under a when Rio tag erupted in clergymen and nuns in an Effort her a Daft Crint West Side to quiet the Street and to the Surprise of soviet total of the Odic Supern troublesome question but the Price kept the situation1 they met in a Church and diplomats Here along with this version Mav Moscow vises insured state Banks i which Are not Federal Reserve j have been she said his hair was intended to portray Smirno ski j chairman John Home and troublesome question but the Price kept the situation1 they met in a Church and the color of under control then and they then dispersed in Small groups a killer s Short cropped were not through the As an envoy whose word Federal Home loan Bank for something in j Board praised the action Wilsons men have Bee the boards request for More stressing his main purpose i authority to control interest Moscow is to visit the Trade i talks with Kosygin on world affairs were Given but in when guardsmen arrived at their efforts were futile for but somewhere in be1 the Northwest armory maps of the West Side riot area was a White Man Spiotto said miss seems to be a settled on world but James a Hospit secondary Iterator of National or condition w j1 it As discrimination goal As could in it maps 01 me Niue Noi area i mugs Ama Mieu win Jalc Sac the Defi were Laid out and plan for looted and hurled the most part As band after band of thugs smashed mention requires humane treat no reprisals against regular mail and inspection of pow Camps and inter views with prisoners by a third North Viet Nam already has executed three americans in reprisal for the execution of three Viet Cong terrorists by the South vietnamese government a key Section says prisoners prosecuted for acts committed before capture still must enjoy All Protection guaranteed by the treaty in other words no exe Chi they seek to pro Mote tension in justification of a dogmatic belief in the inevitability of War and the use of aggressive Force in the settlement of they have entered into opportunistic alliances with Feudal and revivalist forces in Asia and chinese including for Pakistan in the Indian Pak Vistani dispute Over although Viet Nam has Over shadowed her Gandhi came Here primarily to reas sure a concerned Kremlin leadership that India is not Cumming to foreign economic pressure and modifying its socialist Indian sources said they thought the russians had been Gandhi has held three Long formal talks with Kosygin and several hours of informal private in a speech recorded for mos cow Gandhi disc cussed Viet Nam in general urging that peace talks be she omitted mention of a Geneva the soviet Union has taken the attitude that it can join with Britain to Convene a new Geneva conference Only if Hanoi asks for Hanoi terms Are accept Ance of the Viet Cong As the Only voice of a South Viet Nam from which troops have been these terms Are unacceptable to the United states and South vietnamese f even though these forces War continued from Page one Miles South of a b52 Jet bombers Ham mered for the third successive Day at the presumed stamping grounds of three communist regiments perhaps to 000 men 10 Miles South of the Kosygin said at the banquet the International Situa Tion has seriously deteriorated he accused the United states of committing a barbarous aggression against the people of Viet flight continued from Page one j own gemini tary debate on Viet for against Small depositors who eign Secretary Michael Stewar buy most of the multiple Matur flight said Friday an mile area in the trouble around Accord g to Francis Flanagan defined the major purpose Wilsons Mission thus j this move appears to be he will impress upon the Jill considered Concession to soviet government our View Lotical pressures generated that negotiations Are urgently the savings and loan and build Liport at s p a needed on Viet Nam and that ing Saxon no i m of hair in in thursday nights a of tie Hal dozen up in a manhunt in Andy i n 1 f it n i i j Uvea old girl and a both i n i u were killed by stray news conference that Kings staff was responsible for the violence in he wre i by six Joseph be president of the Geneva co chairmen instead of proliferating inter Andrei Gromyko and my jest rate he the self have heavy obligations to j country should move toward Southeast Asia and to the world removal or toward placing to promote 1 them on a standby noticed blood on his police the blood was Many Days and that the Man did not i fit the sketchy description miss Amurao gave while still Semi hysterical shortly after the daily crossword Puzzle across 1 poisonous 7 shape 13 ancient City 14 traffic Center of Paris 15 a lot of 16 Hollywood 17 in new 18 Cost 20 manner of 21 seminar a 22 23 didst say 25 All the for 26 influential 28 military Man Slang 2 30 31 Symbol of warmth 32 res 33 mixed 34 hero of the Trojan 33 lacking sensibility for right or 40 endure with 41 in a pronounced 41 45 sapphic 46 47 Albania 48 Cowboy hero of 49 shopping 51 czech 53 velvety 54 great waterfalls of Braz Largen Tina 56 film hero 2 58 59 60 Small 61 Shields Down 1 talc of 2 Golf 3 object Marble 4 Darrow 5 name in 6 town in 7 Small Lyre shaped instrument 2 8 9 10 Adams in Genil 11 12 byzantine 13 baubles and 15 woman cloak of 18th 19 name Given to 22 foreign 24 archaic verb 27 and 23 Anchor for Mountain climbers 29 31 Irish 33 Short Riding 35 Matrimony 36 was of 37 son of Darius the 39 40 name associated with 41 Over sentiment to ligation of motherhood 42 Ballet 43 some old 44 loud 47 now 50 garment 52 rat 53 55 last 57 a were wounded and the Chicago Lodge of the Frater two other policemen were in killings continued from Page one Jared further when he jumped two stories to the Street where 3alto he was i at medical the Man was identified As Louis Nal order of also criticized Kings presence in Chica be who says his Lodge represents Chicago police said he preaches wherever he goes violence he states that he is a Leader of his we feel As though he is no More than a demagogue and a professional Agi a spokesman for King said he Field with Lawrnce 22 he ascription but it Wal an Shol in the right foot not wish to comment police had to on until the right Shmikler Ancl his condition head of the so interview with miss Christian leadership Confer Soldier Field a commissioner is in Chicago to seek seats a one phase of the investigation has proceeded at full Speed throughout the night the sort i u ing of fingerprints lifted from i posit lady Lac nil states does not recognize any exclusions to the the state department denies that the who were carry ing out attacks on military tar could be considered Possi ble War Hanoi says trials Are sane toned under the Nuernberg one source said the trial of German War Crimi nals set one of the worst Possi ble precedents which we May see come Back to haunt the United states holds no prisoners in South Viet turning Over captured enemy troops to the Saigon govern South Viet Nam prison Camps were opened Only late Las staged Small scale attacks on a Hal dozen scattered government outposts and a vietnamese spokesman said they occupied one outpost 66 min mentally ready for the Young and Collins Are to blast off about 100 minutes after an Atlas rocket carries an Agena space engine into orbit As a Ren Miles Southwest of Saigon for two hours and damaged it heavily before pulling vietnamese intellectuals and White color workers classes often associated with neutralise tendencies make up Many of the nearly candidates who have registered so far for the 11 election of a constituent but none is Likely to make neutralise his the military governments electoral Law bars anyone who after linking up with the age the spacemen will fire the Agenas main engine to Power them through the skies into an orbit up to 460 Miles High a world in this advocates no alignment and Devous with it about 48 hours into the Collins plans a 55minute space taking one experimental package off gemini is i last year to inspection by the being a the vote is to committee of the nine others will go the red Cross urged a homicide warrant rights programs for Northern i the american Mission to put n pressure on the South Vietnam Daley told a news conference Ese to improve conditions in the he said a third Man believed involved the blood splattered town House so it has produced nothing Tico Puy magic i dont think you can charge it to Martin Luther King direct but surely some of the people the Mission in Saigon to montagnard tribesmen by concerning the 17monthold Aerial Effort against North Viet the air Force officer sidestepped a question As to Agena and attaching another irom to it the gemini 12 Astro to pick up in Collins also plans to poke his dead and shoulders out gemini who is survived by his j that came in Here and have main reasons it began Workin and three Small been talking for the last year of closely with the red Cross conv including a five month j violence and showing pictures Mittee was in Hopes of made it Clear that one of the Why american attack bombers have not hit Hanoi Jet fighter graduated instructing people on How to Academy May he served conduct violence there on old the a year in the marines before j his staff and there responsible receiving a dependency Oisin a great measure for the in charge when his father Striction that has been Given for James Agnew said the training shooting occurred after Jacobs Francis Kane land Robinson stopped the of the 33rd infantry for a traffic violation or division of the Illinois National because they were suspicious of flanked Daley at news j Kane said a decision whether to put guardsmen the streets will await develop ments n the riot Kane said his men will be better treatment for american pos in the the order would have to come from president he but we could do 10 for 55 minutes of photographic Holiday inn restaurant is pleased to invite to lunch any Day except Lillian innkeeper he said Robinson got out of the patrol car first and was shot in the right Side As he walked toward the other he staggered to the police car and blurted a radio Call for help As armed with Jacobs advanced on the Trio Caliper a the More shots followed Chine and tear he its highs sherbet time and Jacobs fell in the Street fatally with spotlights from fire trucks lighting up the reside a emphasized that the guardsmen will protect Daley said he asked for the National guard on the recoil t tit tial police threw a cordon emendation of around the they Sperin pendent of i climbed on poked the unlawful events which combed alleyways have occurred were brought and instituted a by criminal gangs roving j neighbourhood streets to Agnew said the three men disrupt Community off after gunning Down the destroy property and to two but about two Inge with guns and other weap1 blocks away rammed into the safety and rights of Wall wrecking the they fled i families and their on the mayor said in a Dolly Bill 6 delicious g flavors 9 Orange Raspberry pineapple Lemon Strawberry o Lime by Marion Martin Clever turn Sunj dress Ini school pop the Bolero Over 1 this sleeveless choose Bright c pattern 9205 Chil Drens sirs size 2 h Bolero j Vanis i fifth cents in coins for each 15 cents for each i attorn for firs class mail ing and special Send to Maran Danville Reg in Stern 232 West 13th new print address with Ancl style num sew for summer Flat find everything for every size 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