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Cincinnati The Colored Citizen Newspaper Archives May 19 1866, Page 3

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The Colored Citizen (Newspaper) - May 19, 1866, Cincinnati, OhioHie report was then adopted by a vote a should the weather continue favourable ? 28 to 37. Various Priva Bill wore a a cry or the 1 passed and the House adjourned until monday. The Senate continued the discussion Oft h e pos t a i a p p to p Riat n b ill. The debate assumed a very wide Range As on for a Strong we Call the attention of our readers to our prospectus which will he found in another Sci ainu. Ill in cl55uiiitu f 1 / a Fly i %. _ nor Davs. Senator Xvi Fem la a 1�?o&Quot&Quot a a held Mem court Cincinnati speech accusing the i res Dent tues 8d 1. 4 k Fri a 1111 to 11 in l a h h n i ii Ltd a. A _ convention of female masons. A convention of the adoptive rite in the Hall of commencing on. ,. ,. A. A on the 11th. J of abandoning the ground which he of mrs Sarah jul bar l aug mrs Phoebe copied at the time of Lii Baltimore con men weather were delegates from Jeptia i Venti ii. No vote was reached. The court Louisville mrs Eliza Cary and cholera Bill was also discussed but no mrs. Frances Del any from St. Mary a action was taken. The Senate went into court Xenia Martha Fowler Charlotte an executive session during which it j s Alexander Ann Lanning Salem court Eon it rated. M r. S m v the s a up Ointa c it As 1 in in 11 a 1 j e n k a s 0111 w a s re p re collector of new York. J 8en.tej la it p wills As proxy. Several j male members of the order were admitted Friday May ii. The Senate spent to seats in the convention As privileged its fifth consecutive Day on the Amend and advisory members. The convention ment to the postal appropriation Bill was called to order and prayer offered prohibiting any officer who is appointed by m. X and f. J.,Danl. Decker who during the recess of the Senate from reals0 stated the object of the convention j reviving and Salar v until con tinned by a the formation of a More perfect tha body and dually came to a vote a Ion am a the various courts of the j i if j v vhf in in uni 9�?~t West. After which mrs. S. Hubbard i and rejected it of was to nays a a. ,. A a. Wils elected to preside assisted by mrs. Sever i Republican voted Gamst the e Iza Cay mrs c m Alexander and amendment. The constr Uxmal Amend org p 1 a any Sec italics. A Oom. Ment which passed the House j get Keiday Mit tee on articles of Union and constr was received and on motion of or. Fes tuition was appointed who reported a Genden w As placed on the calender for preamble and Constitution which was future discussion. Ashen it comes up adopted after which an election was held senator Stewart will Oer his Universal and the following officers were duly elect j amnesty for Universal suffrage As a sub Aili installed. Sarah Hubbard statute for it my s g it m. Eliza Cary m. W. Or. A c u 1> to # i to 1 my Fra Lcy a l cd any . G. Sec. Saturday May ii both houses Bav Phoebe Mcm we Athur w. G. Treas ing adjourned till monday no business Ann Lanning m. W. G. K. D. In was done in Congress on the pith. In ing my. . K. Danl. Decker m. Absence of regular congressional matter j w. V. A. Convention adjourned sine we May state that the senators elect die. Wanted a Panorama of the american War. Address Quot coloured a. 15, 1 to. Notice. Personal. Cincinnati May 15th, 1866. A r or. Editor a in your Issue of last week i noticed a card from Quot Louisa Turner a which refers to her being divorced from me. And states that i have annoyed her and attempted to scatter discord among the children. is1 not my purpose to Lay before the Public / of. A. A. Y. Masons will hold stat the difficulty which has existed Between de meeting on the 1st and 3d fridays in gentlemen Sefc it Aing cleaned dyed scoured Etc. Rep Pring done neatly by p. Halligan on 5th, three doors East of Sycamore St. Masonic the St. John a of. A. A. Y. M notice s Lodge no. 3, of h. B. Eckelmann to. 6 East fifth Street opposite the Dennison House. Cincinnati o. Ladies misses and children a boots and shoes of every description constantly on hand. Each motile. All m.31. S. In Good standing Are invited to attend. By order of the w. M. Jnl.22.tf. Chas. W. Bell a looking glasses pictures amp frames of every kind cheaper than any other place in the City at o. Big Foede a 14 West fifth Stree bet. Main a Walnut Cincinnati. Como Ami see our Large assortment of ornamental frames and glasses. Iray 10-it. The general grand convention for the West will meet in Xenia on the 2nd. Tuesday in August 1m,7. S. Hubbard .s. And . F. Del a by .g. Sec. I. Decker 31.v.g. Litigious intelligence. From Colorado emphatically deny the it ii Puta t to n the i of w n u p o 11 to i e n i Ai i it 1 m pm j hers of Congress to the effect that there j was a political bargain and agreement j to secure votes for the p As Sage of the j Bill for the admission of the state. Monday May 14.�?in the House a Resolution was offered by or. Stevens providing for the appointment of a committee to proceed at once to Memphis to investigate the recent riots and. Make a a full report on the House. Or. Chanler j of new York offered two resolutions United states. Expressing Confidence in the a patriotic i h. r #1 # j a a great methodist conference is to and constitutional course of the 1 Resi ,. A. 4l. Be held in Boston june 6th. Dent and speaking of the acts of con s Gros As the Quot wicked and revolutionary Henry f. Durant Esq of Boston acts of a few malignant and mischievous in we Quot known lawyer has relinquished the Resolution was not received j profession and has entered upon or. Sracnek offered a Resolution stating j la a ministry. That or. Chanter had offered a Gross in Annier Sziics in new 3 Ork com sult to the Hou a and moved that he be j Menic 0,1 sunday May 6th. Auu Iver Cen ured therefor. The Resolution was j sell a "0 a in Boston commences with Page sed by a vote of 72 to 30. In the sen 31 a 27th. There Are 37,000 churches in the ate the report of the reconstruction �?3lr. A. Davis the voluminous committee was presented and an Amend writer on spiritualism says that a the ment was offered by 3ir. Stewart. No j spiritual world is from life Points action however was taken on tin re-j011 0,d from the chemical condition of port or on the amendment. The Dill to j 1c prevent smuggling was read but con -1 a the Geu Cral conference of the Avau Side ration of it was postponed. After Mical Alliance will be held this year an executive session the Senate ad-1 at Amsterdam Holland commencing myself and the said Louisa Turner because i do not think it proper or necessary. I will say however that the statements contained in her card Are false from beginning to end. I have always As those who know me Best will willingly testify treated my kindly a providing for All of their real wants and a great Many which were imaginary. It was Iny custom before i same to this City to have prayer in my House regularly in other words i tried to bring my up to love and serve god. After real Jug this City my wife formed the acquaintance of a number of persons who Are numerous in a Large City like this who take pleasure in destroying s. The happiness of families. My wife being a poor weak minded woman and easily misled soon fell a prey to them i and became a changed person. Nothing that 1 could do pleased her finally nil-1 Der the influence of the persons referred to above she sued me for Alimony and was granted a divorce and one third of j my effects. Since the divorce was granted i have not interfered with her in any Way i Felt As though All connection Between Rny it Elf and. Her had been severed and 1 make it a Point having paid Over to her one third of my effects to keep away from her. One of the charges which is preferred against me is that 1 have a sued any Only daughter four years old to take away from it the Only bed. Given the child by its Giand Mother. Fac facts in the Case Ripe a a undersigned has reopened his Are these 3ly Mother an old lady Al Fine ice Cream Saloon after having refi led it up in seventy five years of age died about two to Tbs ago. During her sickness which was of Short duration Louisa Turner and others got around her and told her All kinds of talks about me and persuaded her to will her effects not to me her lawful heir but to her grandchildren. The old lady being feeble and. In dotage acquiesced in what was said and a document was drawn lip As her will. Knowing that an advantage had been taken of Mother i entered suit for my rights. This is Whai. Louisa Turner Calls suing a a to take the Only bed Given the child by its grandmother re there Are Many other things which i might mention in Liis connection but i forbear. It strikes me As being remark Abby strange that a woman should alter having received a divorce Ami one third oth a husbands property then publish him in a widely circulated paper As a w Icke 11, out a g e Otis and Abo m i ii a i it 1 e m an Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine awarded the first Premium at the worlds fair London where All sewing 31a-Chines of any note both e u r open 11 a n d e i can were in Competition. Oitzzieisrs7 ice Cream Saloon and confectionery a o. 3 4 4 w a i n u t Street bet. M amp 10/a, l u uis Ville by. Oil most improved style and is now prepared to receive his Tumer it us friends. He keeps constantly in Hall Ilie lest ice Cream arts Sod i water cakes candies and nuts or All kinds and �11 kinds of fruits of the season 4lso the Best brands of wines which he Sells by the bottle As Low As can let a elsewhere. The proprietor has spared no pains to make ids establishment second to none in the City. Mayu la Henky Cuzzins pro proprietor. W anted a Good smart Coe Miles in the , in Avondale to one that will come Well recommended Rood Wajs is and a permanent Itu Atyinn apply to a. B. Smith no. Id East b fifth May emf. Will he Given. A Street Between main an 1 Sycamore. A 1 co. Statement of the turned. A Stephens to Irish head cd enter has arrived in new Vork. I August 26, and continuing eight or nine Days. A the american missionary Board of Ivings sold the first morning Star fac missionary packet in preference to re. A it i 1�?Tfinrsday, the jury of the United states District court now in pairing her Call upon the children of session at Norfolk indicted Jeff. Davis America to contribute $13,0 k to build for treason. Another. A lieutenant general Grant has in Merdan writing from Naples on started theal priests had sauders to abolish the districts under.1 to Weir command As rapidly As Circum Bee Quot married during the month one of a Tancos will permit. Them being a franciscan Monk. It is a gov. Cox has commuted the sen-1 thought that the a marriage it will go on Mcnee of Thomas minims to imprison-1 increasing. Ment for life. Minims was convicted of a new York correspondent of a committing a murder in Baker Street in Rostoll Laily says or. Ii. W. Beecher this Cit \ in it it a. A never quotes poetry either in Bis sermons i t is estimated that not less iban j or addresses and adds that he leaves that five Hundred cows have died m tie Msj. Strict of Columbia and a a Vicinity Dur a a a a a to a a a a Les it a Tell actual ing the past six months from the Dis a perception and calibre. Ca s e k n o w 11 a s the c c at tie plague. A \ $ t Etc d i h at the e Rea. Re n o w c 1 e v e 11, a the citizens of Columbia s. C., j vacant Cardinal s bats for the papal con have appointed a committee to Ascer to i. Ilm a is further presumed Tain whether or m ado Damp a a a wih Heads in them ton set tire to that Cit v. A Are no better than vacant. At tie Republican senatorial caucus. In new Haven on 3ye<lnesday night a i lie oldest Church now Exi Minir in Gen. It. S. Pc Rev was nominated As the this country is one near Smithfield die still cling to his mine. 1 t. Name As she does to Isaac Turner. Carriage stand Mescha Ift 8 hotel of fifth Street near main. 3ir. Joshua Gibbs rims the finest Hack of an a coloured my in this City. He has fast horses and they Are kept in. Good order the Carriage is bran new Silver mounted. We Are always ready to accommodate. Remember our number is 56. A 19 4t Royice. We fire bound to make a Trade. We successor of lion. La Layette s. Foster the present incumbent. A the anniversary of the death of s t o 11 e w a 11 a i Ark so 11. Was it e Lei t a t de a i Richmond. A. Business was generally suspended and the Graves of the rebel dead were decorated with Flowers. Thurlow Weed Brown the Well of Wight country a. It was built in the reign of Charles l. Between the years 1630 and it>3 a. I lie Brick and Lime and Timber were imported from England the Timber is English Oak. And was framed in England. A a a widow of Doe Smith tire or a at known Temperance lecturer and editor mormon Leader which widow whether j of the a Wisconsin chief died at fort fourth or Fortieth is not stated still Atkinson Oil Friday last lie was a lives ,.uiotlv in Nauvoo 111. She is Rop a vigorous prohibitionist to the last. T.1 resented As stubbornly taciturn and a a the a a rep Blean Quot a Liever in the mormon Faith is is the report of the Cabinet discus. A a a i Sion Oil reconstruction was from the j 1c now sixt it to o a a 1 a o a a a a a highest source and that Secretary Stan-1 has been remarried. Tones o a position to the plan was Asun one of the Philadelphia churches equivocal As that of affy other member. Hag Era Ltd n the Wah of to vesti Bulc a a Secretary 3tccullocli, who a Marble Tablet Whereon is inscribed the trip to fortress Monroe and Back Leav n Nix and Date and place of death of ing Washington on saturday and return ing on monday morning last had while at the fortress a few moments conversation with Deff. Davis. There was nothing of special interest in the inter v i of tiny co 11 v c Rosa Tiou Bici i g general and quite Brief. A the new York heralds 3iadrid will sell a i Gold watch or a Silver one. It you Are hard up and want Money Well Hay from you. Ill buy your jewelry or furniture. We keen All kind of second hand furniture. We keep a Large Supply of musical instruments guns pistols Etc., of every description. Thomas a hit. Fifth Street near Broadway. May 19 3t. Notice. 3ir. A. King formerly of Nashville has opened the Large billiard Hall on Broadway at no. 165. The h ouse will he conducted on a new plan. A gentleman will amuse himself in a gentlemanly 111 e i Quot. -. 11 i. S 111 ii be is in aking a g o o 11 reputation and he is determined that it shall be Kett up by keeping Good older. 31av 13 of. Jan. 1, i860. Sd�3,04, n this a Veteran of 16,000 fires still it it y t w o r k i by an efficient org t n Niti ii of 4,00 Pra trial unit writers from Novia stat. 0 a Fomia and Lake Superior Mexico Aid the Gulf. Harmonizing the science of average with compel Mattik rates to the advancement of the Public Wel i Are. The yearly sales of Wheeler amp Wilson Are equal to the sales of All other sewing machines combined. Fromille London time. J the Wheeler amp Wilson 31 machine which is the one Best calculated for household work uses no shuttle and makes the lock stitch alike on sides of the goods. From the scientific Hue rican we use the Wheeler the Wilson and pronounce it without a rival. We. Sumner amp co., pikes opera House Cincinnati o w anted agents a splendid Opportunity z it i j i it i 0 to i t i 3 3rs. Lincoln memorial. A Accord of the life a Ham Kotti nation and obsequies of our martyred president. Ii. Letters. F battering testimonials of the t n a 1 n s u r a Noe co. From tiie instr Ance department or the s t a t e o f n e w y o r k. The insurance commissioner to the Ltd i Slot Are a the Etna insurance company of Hartford one of the most successful fire insurance companies of this or any other country a a a c Irma Picut companies follow the rules and j practices of the Etna almost As carefully As if they were embodied in statute a pain pointing to errors of practice in new York companies the Etna a successful management anti solid rules Are called to their attention thus it stil 1. St Nils More a matter of wonder Tiara i Tat r in the insurance a a by what Subtle Alchemy has this corporation been up to turn its full paid Capitel the philosopher a tone ? a the ext Niord by events it which have dish ii wished its a unparalleled flu a Acial b dad ing and lodging. Mrs. Sarah Mcewen of Nashville legs leave to announce that having removed to no. I new Street Cincinnati she is prepared to Accomma it Date Day boarders and promises to spare no pains it. Giving satisfaction to those who favor her with their patronage. P Cream cakes and pastry to order. M Kiddo . T. M6el, m.d., a o. 43 East eighth Street Cincinnati 0. Special a in Nylon Given to private Dis aaes. Office hours from 8 to a a and from i1/ to 3. Wanted. Two Active coloured men to take an in the average losses in the United states at this period of the year Are about i�?~250000 the a let i it a p11 a i l v a Ltd i n is St Fri Ling notes of warning to All prudent per sons. N e Lson Briggs , a it it a it Broa d Way and 72 it the St., East of Broadway. Cincinnati 0. Paper a in in g and painting done promptly and Well. E. N e w 31 a in top skirt Max via to iter to. 241 Central Avenue Between sixth and George streets Cincinnati 0. Terest in a to Europe. Panorama to travel from Here t. Gross. Do not neglect the Secar it y Durance. Of reliable in Union czme1ery. Each of its members who fell a victim Torbol bullets o r t. O re be 1 Burl Niri t y d. U i ing the War. A Rev. Alexander Clark a. M. Pastor of Union Chippel. A nein Nati. Has been elected to the chair of English literature in Adrian College . The ius Titu correspondence asserts that a movement. 1 -. A ,. I a t i Ai Don is Well Ell owed and the a position a i it on loot m spam which Lias Lor its of i 1 a it nothing less than the overthrow of desirable one but or. Lark declines the the present dynasty. General in Rita is position. J in pot to to he a Byirl it interested in it. A the religious sects in Scotland num i also a son of \ Ictor Emanuel. Ire i i. A two her thus Hurch of Scotland 1.426.230 a the Senate has postponed the Eon free Church 739.035 United Presbyte-1 Sidera Tieu of the nomination of general Arv As collector of the second District of Ohio upon the request of Many of the leading merchants of Cincinnati who wish to be Hearl on the subject in to re final action is taken. A Gen. Fisk has a Rian Church 391,449 roman catholics. 265,600 episcopalians English Church a 59,000 scattering 236.040. A an american letter writ ter in eng-1 a ii a having intimated that 31 r. $ p 11 r �,�?z1 �riiml7mmhta, Quot you we it in to lorm am in of e schools Ami Camri Hes it 1,c Callcut la i 1,18 on n name. At Gal ave a Corner intersection of lick run am i a Arsaw roads three Miles from the City limits. The contractors Are now engaged in constructing the Carriage was. And the Sexton s t he i ice for lots Are As Bdl Vvs lots�?256 Square feet $30,00 half lots 12s a a a 15,00 the trustees will retain for any person who purchases and pays for a halt lot i the re to a i to i n g 11 a. I f o f the s e lot 1\ it r j the period of three months when the purchaser May become the owner of the remaining half lot for lots apply to 1vtei&Quot f. Fo>se11, no. 46 Raee Street Quot or vault or interment permits to r. G. Ball South West Coiner of Mound and Richmond streets. Al Iota information wanted. My father Phil Givens left Owensboro ky., ten years ago for Missouri also my sister Biddy Givens. It is said that she lived in Jackson to. Any information about them will be gladly received by w Rit Iii to me at Owensboro k v. Jane Givens agencies in All the principal cites Ami towns. Application for insurance promptly attended to. Laranch 17 1 Vine Street Cin Quot Cannati Oil 10. 15. Bennett genl. Agent. A 1 co. B carding mrs. Scott is now Prepa Radlo furnish Good Board for gentlemen at to 22s George Street bet. Smith and Mound. Cincinnati o apl3-3t amp co and dealer s in boots amp shoes. A it hoop skirts make to order and warranted to give a action. Cad Wall adar amp Phillips dealers in boots and shoes so. 14 West fifth St., North Sid bet. Main and Walnut Cincinnati. A Well selected Stock of menus women a and children s Eastern and custom boots and shoes constantly on and. W wholesale and be ail 1 26 if t ii s tree to Cincinnati. John h. Brooke Job t r ice and Vine . King Irie Ottov Etoir c Lea n in a re a i Rio y f Dye i m a or. Al of clothing to order. No. 52 sixth Street. Bet. Walnut and Vine Cincinnati o. Merchant tailor a u d manufacturer c f mex a boys and child Rex a recent 1\ turned by the mob in that City. Ruhe work i it to be Dune at the Eit Vas exp ii a and the general has advertised Tor coloured labourers to per Orin it. The a Cuini Iii Sion which is investor Atin the causes of the riot with closed doors has irom our soul than that of forming a Spurgeon replies in the sword and. Trowel a there is 110 word in the world no hateful to our heart As that word Spurge on is my a and no thought further new sect. Not yet concluded its labors. A the Salem i a c p u b 1 i e a 11 a v s t11 e wheat so far As we have Heel Able to learn throughout Columbiana and Maiv re mtg heated 1 Rev a t l\v., in company with Tyler was anticipated a Lew weeks a to the a a to Ita late favourable w a titter Lias started it to or u1>� ant Benjamm Branch will be growing finely and Many fluids that were regarded As worthless Are now wanted. One or two Good coloured plasterers and a Young Man to learn the Trade. The voting Man will have to go to Minnesota for further particulars inquire at 62 David Street Between Jones and Cutter a f of orders promptly attended to. Clot f j to r. New bonnets millinery. Information wanted of Maria Branch who left Lexington showing evidence of a paying crop. Springfield o. Glad to learn where she is. He will be found at Harry Browne a factory Street Apil 2t wanted. Information of my son Thos. Shoals who v Hen last Haid from was in Cleveland Ohio he is now probably in i Umbus Ohio. Win. Shoals Georgetown kv., care of Jas. Harley Esq 31. A 4, 1 ii. I hats and millinery goods. Ruri e largest and Best a8sort Al me n t m the City �1 the lowest Cash prices can be found at to. Is West fifth St., year main. Henderson amp c o. N. B a a Large a Taefu of r Udy Etuale boo nets of haul for the me Claut Inda. Also i at fad a Bonnet. While loitering uis thanks to his patrons v 7h. Turn us cup try to egg to inform them that be has completed Bis unparalleled of Spring and summer goods. In the newest and i St of new York styles which being of his own manufacture any not purchased ready from Eastern markets he warrants both for Quality a and it o Roma n ship As sup air to any House in the City. In pan Nta and guar Taj Wuu id do Well to inspect his splendid Stock before urch elsewhere. A Plum Cincinnati. O. Furs furs the largest Stock of Purs in tie City at the lowest Market prices. Wholesale and retail at he titles 8th West fourth Street Between main and Walnut 2m-decl Cincinnati 0. Kyj Oney 3i0ney Money George Ware. Oil in St., bet. John anti Mound keeps constantly on hand sawed Aid Dit Wood. Delivered to All parts of the City free of charge. H. P. Elus. No. 16 w. 4th St., bet. Main and Walnut Cincinnati. Ohio. Wholesale and retail dealer sin watches amp jewelry. A4ta11 kinds of jewelry to order Lipman s new loan office old Post office building North West Cor. Fourth and Sycamore has been e 1 up a n to y i tied n p a the Ai Cio / bus nets. This is the oldest licensed Pawnyk Pailig establishment i the City they Are Jae it t t n a Vil t is Liberal Cash Advance on watches ii Nice do Jim tiry clothing. From one Dollar up to thousands. Private office Entrance on Sycamore St. A amp St -311 t ran Sac t ions s t r icily c o n i d in t i Al. W. Baker amp co. Iya Vine Street Are now Selling gents Fuit fishing goods at greatly reduced prices a Good assortment of White shirts undershirts drawers hosiery constantly on hand. We Hare just received the new Una Oteloh turn Down paper Collar. A also a n cys to Din g paper col Lars May 12 a collection of Lett is from soldiers relating their personal adventures in the great rebellion. Thene two looks Are gut ten up in splendid style and All of special and Peculiar value to every citizen. Copies can b1 placed in most every . Agents now engaged in Selling them Are doing splendidly. Liberal to rms Given. Send six of for Sample Book and name county you Wyli to w Jcu in. A i Jpn a a f. H a amp co., v Cincinnati Ohio Ijnar cemetery of the United col a red american association in i jilt to the interest of the stockholder. By order of the trustees. Cincinnati april 4tu. Is Iii t. E. Knox Sec a. A new history of the War. Magnus Mahaba and go Blak Dragun. An Legori of a e w o r. In six t e e n c h a it e is a a this work is printed each letter having one invariable sound. The Lover of riddles will Here find amusement the returned Soldier will fight his Battles Over again and laugh at the Odd designations Given to his general the Youthful Maiden will sympathize in the grief and sorrow of the gentle Fred Fra. Price 50 cents. Send the amount to James j. Spel3ian, 70 Grove St., new York City. J j. Westendorf manufacturer of l Adies a n d gentlemen a boots and shoe Sno. 40 East fifth Street bet main and Sycamore Cincinnati 0. Fell Cove foundry store. Rosenbaum amp brother manufacturers of stoves grates hollow and1 tin Ware nos. 24 amp 26 West fifth Street bet. Main amp Walnut North Side. Cincinnati. Not the. F irate boarding at 633 Pine St., phil., a. Phe subscriber having fitted up her House with care. I takes pleasure in announcing to her friends and a Quai ounces travelling that she is prepared to a Comito Date her friends when visiting the City. Warm and cold Baths. Sept Iti . Gleaves proprietor. Sam Rueie to. Jacob Green. H aes l Burg amp Green. Manufacturers and wholesale dealers list rag and Flower carpets Oil cloths and carpet Chain for Sale 183 fifth Street Between Elm and Plum its. Cincinnati o. Custom work from the City aul entry regularly aided to. Novels a a Joses Dilcher 154 East third St. We keep a full Supply of the Best liquors and cigars. Psf Quot meals at All hours. Deed Emerson s clothes wringer tiie a t ten 11 on of t h e p u b 1 in is respect fun i by so i Iclet de to an examination of the above wringer which for efficiency and durability stands unrivalled and alone. The numerous certificates which have been received. And the United testimony of All who have witnessed its operation furnish ample proof of its being the simplest and Best wringer Ever . The self adjusting Spring and adjustable Fastener Are constructed and arranged upon the Best mechanical principles for efficiency and durability. The Anion of the Spring is such that it is always ready for a Gay sized garment without any adjusting whatever. No rubber bands straps Springs or screws to deregulated. No Wood. Spiral or rubber Spring to get out of order. No cog wheels no complicated piece of machinery but one of the most simple Anu durable machines Ever presented to the Public. With the adjustable Fastener it can be placed upon any sized. Tub Box or table in any required position. The Springs Are of the very Best steel and will neither break nor lose their elasticity and Are All tested before be fog used and the machines Are All Well galvanized to prevent rusting the clothes. Notwithstanding there Are Many Good machines in Market this for simplicity and durability stands unrivalled Aud challenges the world to produce its equal and Only needs to to seen to be ap1 predated. Took the first Premium at Ohio stale fair held at Columbus 0., 1,864. A Liberal discount invert to dealers. Agents and canvassers voted everywhere. For further inform Ion address., Chas Gooch exclusive Gen. Agent 102 3iain Street Cincinnati. O. 162�?174. A great Blessing Reese i air tonic and hair in Vig or Ato r. For preserving restoring and beautifying the hair. Price $2.00 a Case. Sol by druggist in All parts of the United states and British provinces. Jas j Spelman amp co a genl. Arts for the proprietors to. 70 Grove St., new York. City. A Arlt of. The old reliable Little my am Railroad. Via Columbus. Shortest and q u Ionest route to All the Eastern cit1e8, towns vill . Station8. Coin me icing sunday october r 22. Trains leave Cincinnati As follow lightning express at to 0u a. M. Connects via Cleveland Dunkirk and Buffalo via Bel Lair Crestline an l Pittsburgh. This train through to Cleveland without change of Eara. Passenger by this train reach Boston the following Day at 5.0� of clock p. M. Reach new York and other Eastern places in Pron Ortiola e Tim. Returning this train arrive in Cincinnati at ti.30 p. M. Eastern express mail 2.30 . Connects via Bel Ini re via Crest line and Pittsburgh via Steubenville and Pittsburgh and via Cleveland Duck ii and Buffalo. This train through to pit Burgh without change of ears. I turn org arrives at Cincinnati at 5.20 a. M. Columbus accommodation at 4.00 p. A Rstow Rbing arrives at Cincinnati at 4.h a. M. H o k110 w a Coo m Ati o a at 6.20 p. Ii. Returning arrive at Cincinnati a 8.0u a. M. Lightning express at 7 00 p. M. Connects via Steubenville and Pitts Tryb via Cleveland and Buffalo through to. re Iii Wilt eat a a a York in time for breakfast and a full Day a business. Returning arrives at Cincinnati at 4.35 p. M. Eastern night express at 10.�ou p. M. Connects via Blaire and via Steubenville and Pittsburgh. This train through to Bellaire and Pittsburgh. And Cleveland without Changa of cars. Returning arrives Ai Cincinnati at i id a. M. So a epic a cars by troth night trains. The 7. 10 p. M. A d 10.00 p. M trains leave sunday night instead of saturday night. Dayton Cincinnati. Hamilton and Railroad. Trains run As follows sundays excepted depart. Arrive. Indian App amp Cambridge any. .7.00 a. M. 0 ,50 p. M. T Ledo Detroit and Canada .7 to . 9.50p. M. Dayton and sandusky.7.w a. M. 5.5np.m. Richmond Chicago an i Indian apcli.7.f0 a. M. 9.50 p. M. Day ton a coinmodation2.10 p. M a a 9 35 p. M. F i id a n a Pic 11 a amp c u m b r id go c i to. 2 i j p. M. 1.10 p. M. Toledo Detroit amp huntsville.------5.� p. M. 12 55 p. B1. Hamilton accommodation.7.00 p. M. 0.45 a. M. Richmond and Chicago.6.3u p. A 1.10 . Hamilton a commod Ilion. 7.55 a. M. Sleeping cars on 5.m p. M. Train for Toledo and Detroit a i so on the 5.3 it p. M. Train for Chicago. Trains run seven minutes faster than Cincinnati time. Fora ii information and Tiro Ron tickets please apply at the old office Southeast Corner of Broadway and f Ron to in r net ii o use 0 . Cor o or o f y line a to d k e r St reel a and at the respective depots East front and West sixth streets. P. W. It Kadko general ticket agent. Omnibus Calls for passengers. M. Lauterbach we dof.. L. Hom Ann. Job. No Slot. We. Does Ekx a co. Stock and exchan6e brokers Keal estate agents amp auctioneers office no. 8 West third St. Cincinnati o. Manufacturer and. Dealer in All kinds of cigars and tobacco., no. 2 22 Broad Way. Cincinnati Ohio c. A. Yancey authorized u. S. Military claim agent and counsellor at Law will promptly attend to All claims against the government due to soldiers or their relatives entrusted to his such As Back pay bounties pensions ac., a. Particular attention Given to the claims Cine to coloured soldiers and their families. No charge for advice in relation to military claims. Address a a coloured citizens office first dist. Cm., 0. Jan20-tf .a.7 Berry dentist no. 167 race Street b tween fourth and fifth streets Cincinnati jdoard1ng Day boarding on 9th Street in the basement of the Church no. 8. Feblow mrs. L. Marshall. Noelcke e wifi. Does a �1ttorjyey Jet la la Ano notary Public and authorized u. S. Claim at. For the y and n a v y. Procure pensions bounties Bic pay Etc. Buy or collect Al arte j a ters claims or vouchers and Mil oth cd a to against the govern m ext. Regulate the a croup. Of officers and procure3 the certificates of non indebted k Ess. Prepares o Gal papers for for a cock True and procures passes Etc dov25 fra3ie 31 an u facture a and Gilder no. 907 Central Avenue Between 5th and Long Worth Ste Camci Cinatl. O. Looking glasses pictures or name note the Alyson hand. Old frames repaired and re gilded. Orders promptly and neatly executed. _ h 1mwalle, l a did a boots Manul Katare r of and sent limb a and shoes no. 6 4 fifth St it bet. B Way and Sycamore cinc 1xn at . It ban and shoes to Timeto and warrant exl to five entire a us on. Ing at the shortest notice on reasonable a Wii
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