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Cincinnati The Colored Citizen Newspaper Archives May 19 1866, Page 4

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The Colored Citizen (Newspaper) - May 19, 1866, Cincinnati, OhioM i the Little boy s dream. Last night when was in bed such fun it was to me i dreamed that i was grand papa and grand papa was me. I thought 1 wore a powdered wig drab shorts and gaiters Buff and took without a single sneeze a double Pinch snuff. But he was such a tiny boy and dressed in baby clothes and i thought 1 smacked his face because he would t bit w Bis nose. And 1 went walking up the Street and he ran by my Side but because i walked too Quick for him the Little fellow cried. And after Tea i washed his face and when his Pra fers were said i blew the Candle out and left poor grand papa in bed. The Rich boy. T uhf Ling and Michael be a1.krs it a l e a t i e r and findings no 334 main Street Between eighth and ninth St no. 33 main in Ciucci Inaxi Ohio. R. A. Williams amp co., ladies and children Stu Anis h i n g 0 i a millinery a and fancy goods dress a cloak making French corsets dress and cloak trimmings. French Tilix Wirag a n d. Stamping and every variety machine stitch 1x0 j3xd embroil er1xo 136 West fourth Street Cis Cis a to Ohio. tall orders promptly executed. M is. 8alzmann, fashionable millinery Jaq. 100 West fifth Street Between Elm and Plum Cincinnati Orders promptly attended to. Novels. Ii. By be Wetr. G. W. Ummethun. E. It. Feldkamp. A Necemer to c. Nordmann amp in Pointer cigars t b a c g a s h c f f no. 220 fifth Street Between Elm and Plum Etan. Sida j. Orders solicited and promptly attended Ovl8 h ii. Berger e s manufacturer i f boots 8 ii 0 n oc4 fifth Street bet. Sycamore and Broadway. Cincinnati Novels ii Ethy schmolsm1ke, retail dealer in groceries d u c a p r 0 visions sons but tar fish and All kinds c a n n de fruit .1 e l l i e 9so c E. Corner fifth and Smith streets. Novl84t Cincinnati Ohio. 35 60 4 4 15 44 4 u 4 amp a 5 it ii 4 m 4 4 r 41 4 4 4 4 44 250 44 250 if 3 it 7u 70 lbs 2 6 8 1ft 20 10 g 8 Kent amp co. Barbers and hair dressers b t All styles and sizes ranging in Price from $2.00 to $13.00. One cold Day Little Richard went out 011 the Street and met some boys. They a look Here. Asked him where he got his gloves and i will Supply you with a Dye that will rival anything in the.,. Quot 11 in Shat a a hair Dye in the Market for . 1 will Send to a com Lor ter and ids warm clothes. Lie ulv address h que to div sufficient id make #1<i, i profit. Told them his Mamma knit his comforter Ltd a it a a a. A so. Pm. O. And gloves and made All Bis clothes. A a yes boys he a Rich said one the Little Fellows he belongs to the Rich when Richard went lome he said a a Mamma what is it to he Rich the boys said to Day that we Are a a no. My son we Are not answered his Mother a we Are very poor. Papa has to labor very hard to get Good for us. And Mamma work to get your clothes. Your Uncle John is Rich he has houses and lands and Money and can Liny horses and carriages and line clothes. When people have All these things we say they Are a a yes Mamma i understand you now a j said Richard slowly a a but / am Rich i James Foster . And co no my son you Are not Rich a said i p t 1 c i a n Shis Mother a a you have none these j a a yes hut 1 know i am Rich because a s. W. Cor. Fifth and race its \ ave got 111 Amnia a be cried throwing his arms around her neck. Richard spoke truly. Every Little boy manufacturers and dealers in boots a n d shoe wholesale an retail no. 126 fifth Street Between Vine and race novl8-4t Cincinnati Ohio. W. H. Taylor amp co a f. A l k r in hosiery and t ii e r furnishing goods 4 230 8 1 i 16 i 0 18 0 to. 3 0� filth Sloe bet. Race and Elm sign the fancy stocking. Llma also a Fine assortment stereoscopic views for Sale wholesale and retail by r. Wieman my Inja Courtr and h / it sat end retail dealer m cigars Domestic amp Leaf tobacco. No i Elm Street Cincinnati it. Circular. To the friends Albany Enterprise Academy. For the information and interest f he friends this ins Tut Ion learning we Send Forth this circular presenting the financial and educational condition the Enterprise. Financial. Or cd to u Loen so company. Manufacturing jewellers. 27 co Bylandt St., new York. 10 0,0 00 watches Cha is Gold pens pencils &c., amp cd a Worth $500,000 i to be sold at one Dollar each without regard t value and not 10 be paid until you know what you will ice Ivy. Splendid list articles All to by sold for one doll a each. 300 gents Gold Hunting Case watches. S-30 to $ 150 j a a ladies old and in Anil a Case watches 35 4 a it gents Hunting Case Silver watches 200 Diamond limits what Gold Vest and neck chains j ,1 tin a a a a a a a a Gold Oval bind bracelets i 00 chased Gold bracelets 2.000 chains and guard chains 5,lot solitaire and Gold brooches 28-0 lava and florentine brooches 204� Coral Opal and Emerald brooches 110 mosaic Jet lava and florentine ear drops 4,300 Coral Opal and Emerald ear drops 1,0 0 California Diamond breast Pink 3, Gold Foli an i Vest watch keys. 4,hit Fob and Vest ribbon slides 4 Ioctl sets sleeve buttons studs Etc., i j,ik0 Gold thimbles pencils ote. I 8,000 m nature lockets 4.000 minature i cake tsp magic Spring 4 000 Gold toothpicks crosses Etc., a 3,000 Plain Gold rings 5,< 00 chased Gold rings j 7.0 8� Stone set and Signet ring j 3.0 California Diamond rings 2 7,6 81 sets ladies jewelry Jet and Gold s sets ladies jewelry Lamen Pearl Etc i a 5,000 Gold. Pens Silver Extension holders and pencils 4 6, 8 0 Gold pens and Gold mounted holders 3 1 5.0 0 Gold pens and ext etis Fon udders 6 j 5. 8i Sil ver goblets and drinking cups 5 i 1.0 Silver castors 15 2, Silver fruit and c Ako baskets Kapee Bozen. 1,000 dozen Silver Tea spoons �40 to it $20 to it 00 a a a a Tate spoons and Forks a 20 1u0 Mann be . Certificates naming each article and its value Are i teed in sealed envelopes which Are Well mixed. One a a these envelopes rout lining the certificate order for some article Worth at least one Dollar at retail will be sent by mail to any address without regard to Choice t receipt f 25 cents. The will see what Art Tietie it draws and its. Value which in a be from due to five Hundred Ifo Kats and can the n Send one Dollar and receive tie article named any other the list the j same value and after set Iii the article if it does not 1 give 11, 1 feet Satis fact ton we desire it to to immediately 1 returned and the amount paid will be refunded. A this Mode we give selections from a varied Stock Fine goods the Best make and latest styles Aud /in-1 Tonsic Worth at a nominal i in a while All have a Chance i Sce tiring article the very Hig 11 Cit Vaine. I in All cases we charge for forwarding the certificate j postage and doing the in Ines the sum Twenty five i cents which must be a ii sed in he order. Five Cerlis a Cates will tie sent for is eleven for �2 thirty for $3 j sixt for $ 10 one vudred for si5. 28 10 1 17 10 i 10 a 15 15 t ii i 8 j it 1 j 50 i 5 1 1 60 William Doegen u. S. Claim agent for the collection quartermaster and commissary v Ruehe bounties pensions Back pay. O Fri accounts prize Money and. Other claims before the several departments at Washington d. A an at any local disbursing office in the United states. Office no. 8 West third Street Cincinnati. Ohio discharged soldiers get Yob memorials framed at James Caffrey a s. W. Cor. Fourth amp Elm its. Also business cards framed at Short notice a Good assortment Square and Oval frames photographs lithographs prints steel engravings All kinds. A also a Fine assortment stationery Ai Deks amp Johnson E. Corner 4th and Broadway. Dealers in groceries groceries Honey Beans dried apples Green apples poultry game ej.g3 butter dried peaches canned strawberries canned tornadoes raisins figs cigars Macaroni chestnuts and walnuts. All orders promptly attended to. Shoes an d boots made and repaired by a strange at Short notice no. 196 Elm Street. Knar fifth. Phil. Volkert manufacturer 1.% , % i dealer in Grannen a Antha general a House furnishing store 38 East fifth .St., Cincinnati Cheap new and second hand furniture. Beds stove clocks Glass China. One ensnare a. Fans late a ,. To order repairing and varnishing. Highest Price p Metal Copper brass hair and Cotton. Pc a storage for furniture Etc. Al. In Hofkins House Jitt signs Painter 130 Vine Street bet. Third Aud fourth Cor. Baker Street citing silk and soft hats &c., cedi tags whitened Leaky roots Peif Icib 34 wrest sixth Street Cincinnati 0. dress hats Hana and made to order. L. Woerner merchant , 281 Central Avenue Cincinnati 0. Paints oils Glass potty Van Nish and Japan for Sale sit Quot a Good assortment i constantly hand. Of gents furnishing goods 1 Reat 1111 pro vement 111 sewing much 1 Nas Empire shuttle machine. Patented february huh 1860. S ale room 536 Broadway x. Y. 25u Washington St., Boston. Agents wanted Send for if liar. Parties dealing with us May depend having prompt i returns the Muirle drawn will be immediately sent to any address by return mail express. Gaa Granteed in All cases. W rite your name town county and state plainly and add less Selden amp co. 27 Street Aisig .26-gm. A new k and girl is Rich who has a tender Loving Mother that teaches her children to follow Herald. Re pipe Mutual b e n e f i t l i f e i n 3 u r a n 0 e co. Of Newark new Jersey. I incorporated 1g5.----- c barter perpetual. Capital Ove r 8,0 0 0, 0 0 0, 0 0. Paid to w flows a and orphans. -. 4,500,600,00 Libbert general agent for Ohio Kentucky and \ India t�1�?Tfick, South Kalt to Cor. Third and Walnut. Novels a. Shlasinger amp go., no. 192, Broadway North East Corner Cincinnati 0. A. ladies shoes and menus boots. All Woji to Domestic ladies and Hij Drent a Fri fishing. A a Iii by Cual House. By . Joshua Liverpool 193 Broadway. Our friends will find ample Ace Ommo d at Ion at this newly fitted House by the proprietor. Calls Call and see Joshua. The place for our custom j. Baker k co. Gentlemen s furnishing store 171 Vine Street. Tiko Vesteen amp 10., piano Fortes c tuners 499 Broadway new York. The attention the Public and the Trad in invited t. Our nov n me 7 octave its Vnod piano Fortes which flt r volume an Ltd Juni y tone Are Timi Val led by hitherto n fir red in t tit Market. They contain All the modern improvement. French grand action Slarp p. Dal Iron Frame Over Strung has Etc., and each ii Iri ment to erg made under t e personal supervision air. Ii. who has had a. Practical experience over.t-. Year in their manufacture is fully in every particular. The a a Grote Stern piano Fortes Quot received the award Merit Overall others at. The celebrated world s fair. Where were exhibited instruments from the bed maker London Paris Germany Philadelphia. Baltimore host011, anal new York and also at the american Institute for live successive years the Gold and Silver medal Froin both which can t e seen at our wardroom. By the introduction improvement we make a still More perfect piano Rte and by than Ufa Pirig largely with a sri Cal system Are in Ted to other these inst us Oclita a it to Price which will preclude All compete ton. Prick no. 1� seven valve round cd a Nero com Wood Plain Case 5275,., no. 2, f even octave round Corner boat Wood heavy Nion Diug $ a no. 3, seven octave round Corners Raa Erwood Loheit Xiv style �325. Terms net Cali in current funds. I>escr1 pal be c1ucular sent . A a e x c e l s i r Pilot shul a .1 ammo Type gallery Corner gift it a it main streets Cincinnati Ohio. Cincinnati. Of Jas. Foster . Amp co. Have lately perfected arrangements with parties in Europe which will enable them to import optical goods lower than Ever heretofore and that they therefore will pay particular attention to the wholesale Altal Soctt their business. Their present Stock spectacles nose glasses spy glasses Stereoscope magic lanterns microscopes pocket compasses. Thermometers Hydrometers amp a. I better assorted than any in the West and its variety is daily increased by new additions plated spectacles it rubber Rose glasses and other articles d 0me Stic m a Ufa ctr re Are constantly hand and in All approved Sty is their lieu a has Alica it y won a fair Carnet Gay a thirty a a a f m in sol a cd t #11 11# it re re f a no a w ,.tt x % j it $ a t t to hey Hok to san and its Fame throughout the whole West y Low Price n and fair dealing with their Custo Iners. Ja8. Foster . Amp co., opticians 171 All amp Winter dry Volg a r g. Amp j. Gibsons no. H w i f t ii St r e e t. We earnestly solicit the attention our customers and the Public generally to our Large and splendid Stock a f a l l a n d w Inte r i r y goo d 3. Consisting a Complete assortment All kinds foreign and do m e s t i c dry goods. A a 1,30�? a Large St cd new clan which we arc now offering at the h w e 8 t c a ii p r a is Amp j. Gilison. Remember the place no. 8 w. Fifth Street. Udall a j q j Reward medical t r e a t >1 e x t. I d r. H. G r a it 179 b r n w v Between fifth sixth Street. Cincinnati. O. Tills institution was established in 1803.,�? the trustees purchased a Beautiful lot wort lid a Haf Aeres ground the North Side the Village an Athens county Ohio As a site for the Academy and proceeded to Burn Brick and. As fast As funds could be collected to expend the same erection a a to / \ sex a Quot to Quot to t f 1 1 it suitable school building which is now so far i Volt kz5 is. A a Coj a Completed As to accommodate the school. New skirt for 1865-6. The great invention the age in the building is 30x48 feet two stories High the upper Story being undivided serves for a Chapel is Well As school purposes the lower Story is divided into two convenient school rooms and a Library room. The whole building wiil when properly seated accommodate 3 h at Denla. A month ago he Board j. W. Bill tvs new Patent duplex Elliptic double a Spring skirt. Tii is invention consist duplex two Elliptic pure refined steel Springs Nipgen Prisly braided tightly firmly together Edge to Edge making the toughest flexible elastic and durable Spring Ever used they Reuboiu Bend break like the single Springs and connected the Sale a tract land in Illinois do i to Quot a Uty preserve their pole it and Beautiful shape nor 11 lit ii twice us Long m any single Spring skirt that Ever i has can be Puttie. The Worder Fri flexibility and great Comfort and plea this machine is constructed entirely now principles it f Mechai ism possessing Many rare and valuable improvement having beet examined by the most profound experts and pronounced to to simplicity and perfection combined. It has a straight Needle perpendicular action makes a the a a lock shuttle stitch a which vill a a neither rip j per Ravel a and it is alike both Aid e performs per a for in s. Perfect sewing every Decca option material a trom leather to the finest Nari Sook Muslin with Cotton Linen silk thread trom the coarsest to the finest number. Having neither a a Cam nor cog wheel a and the least possible friction it runs As smooth As Glass and is emphatically a noiseless machine it Roque a s fifty per cent less Power to drive it than any tier machine in the Market. A girl twelve years be can work it steadily without fatigue injury to health. Its strength and wonder Fol simplicity a construction renders in almost to get out order and is guaranteed by the company to give entire satisfaction. We respectfully invite All those who May desire to Supply themselves wit h a Superior article to come and examine this a a rivalled one half hour s instruction is sufficient to enable any person to work this machine to their entire satisfaction. Religious and charitable institutions will be Dea it with. Agents wanted for All towns in the United states w Here Agen. Are not already established. Also for Cuba Mexico Vitial and South America to whom a Liberal discount will be Given. T. Mcarthur amp co. Rated to the institution by the Hon. Lac Carlton Syracuse Meigs county Ohio which enables them to Purchase fifteen acres More land in front the Academy and to pay off some the debts incurred. To Supply the growing demands the Enterprise it he Board find it necessary to erect an a a a in Rili Nir Dur Dull t be Able to furnish subsistence to indigent i Pils at Low rates. And to accomplish this they pro j pose to sell two Hundred scholarships for 8>0 each which will entitle the Holder to five years tuition in the institution and by strongly appealing through our agents to friends and philanthropists for help we anticipate Success j the Board is encouraged 10 Appeal to a benevolent Public. 1st. From the Success our former agents. Are to any lady wearing4he duplex Elliptic skirt will be experienced Par Ticu in Ray in nil i Row tied assemblies opera carriages Railroad car Church to us Ann chairs for promenade and Ilmi. In As the skirt can by a a me i when in lire to occupy a Small place As easily and conveniently is a so in Roslito dress a lady having enjoyed the pleasure Comfort and great Convent a Nee warning the simplex Elliptic steel Spring j a a a in will in a Var alter whip Wllling i v Rijs Pentt w it it their use. I in Imru i ladies they Are Superior to All others. The hoops Are covered with 2 ply double twisted Oread and. Wilt Wear twice As Long As the single yarn ave ring which is used All single steel hoop skirts the three boil oin rods every skirt Are also double steel and twice double covered to present the covering from wearing off the Rod when dragging Down stairs Stone Steps Etc., Etc., which they Are constantly subject to when in use. All Are the new and elegant corded tapes and Are t a be it a Quality in every part giving to the wearer die most Graceful and perfect shape possible and Are unquestionably the a lightest in get desirable comfortable Hoyoung Max attention two three Young men can be accommodated with Boal Dat <�u5 7th Street Between Plum mice and Celt i ral Avenue. Shaw. 163 Broadway i Between 5th Andt 6h. to The undersigned having reopened the above named j House it being refitted up to the Orost improve �4jfl�,i now prepared to receive his friends both ladle. And gentlemen where there can be found All the choler Del icat det the season. Tiiu proprietor will a part no pains to make this atari Dement second Tonone in the City Louis Stratton proprietor. Ii. C. Borden. A. L. Andrews. Borden amp Andrews in s. Arjay and i a y claim agent is no. 17j West third Street Cincinnati Ohio. Prize Money arrears pay and Bounty collected pensions obtained. Particular attention Given to the adjustment offic e rss accounts and procuring certificates indebted new All claims against the government promptly collected. May 25 8m. Principle As Luciea established. Portland me., g. L. Storer a co. Providence r i. M. Wineler Norwich connote a co. Syr Heuse V., John ii. Fowler. Plainfield A. K. Dunham Paterson J., Peter Seibel Philadelphia Sarmiento met Grai i amp co ,.ei a St air form. Bat Timote Toomat Shanks. Washington. I. �?T., j. Karr. Wheeling a a. Sawtell a Bio Chicago Iii., w. Ii. Sharp a co. Detroit mich., a. Burnham and co., fair Haud. Minn. C. W. Scot a a. Jails �b8tkk jr., f a a an do for Sale by John Shi Luto a co., at acc. 101. 108 and 105 fourth St. D us. Williamson it hum Bell 2. From the fact hat in and reds by the War have been forced out from \ Irginia. And Ken a economical ski Tever made.,.a. T a i West Bra Del \ a a r3proprietors the in Tutoky and Dow Lesnie til Oie icing \ <4 this Vantilt a and sole manufacturer.�7 Oha her and 79 school who to become Gocel citizens must be de i and so a Cap Street new York. Uca Ted. This a lass generally Roor and stripped for in a fat it cos store in Thi City and. I i. I lir Ngout the United states and Canada Havana de All by slavery must have school privilege Ronli a m Giro. South ajl Vierira the West Imlah. At Low rates. A Rio inquire for the duplex Elliptic double Spring educational. Skirt. The fall term commenced september 0, Bradli s a plex Elliptic skirt this year under Intel i Rev. P. J most popular and flexible in use Bowles assisted by miss and die goings and clones Jie Cember 8. The Winter term commences december 11, and continues fourteen the Spring term commences March 21, and continues fourteen weeks. Or. Bowles is an experienced teacher fifteen years practice and As a principal this institution is giving general satisfaction. Miss goings is an amiable Young lady and fills with credit the position assigned to her in the school. The number scholars enrolled the present Terra is about sixty some hem enterprising Young men Aud women fitting themselves for teachers. Tuition Pur term fourteen weeks. Prim try department. $3 00 academic department. 4 50 music and languages,.extra, Bead in families is furnished at s3 00 per week. Students renting rooms Board themselves much cheaper. Sign d in behalf Board trustees a a e a. Philip Lay Prest. Owls. Asset secy. Instrument makers wholesale dealers in Grover amp Baker Semi n machine co grand triumphs the following old Aie dals w Ere a Art e d at t h e e x posit key ight a photographic room no. 75 South Clark Street near Randolph where Abraham Lincoln a picture can he had very cheap from the smallest to the largest sizes at 75 and 55 cts. Per dozen. I re to q t int g it Rutt q to g u u x pm 11 Vij u in Jeli least main. Street Stia Ohio so loing an�1 favourably known having bet a entirely refitted up is now open for the accommodation a generous Public. No Cost pains will lie spared to give satisfaction to All. Our object is to please. Omnibuses will be found at every train to bring passengers to the House. John cousins jr., proprietor. To Host a. Poll merchj1.yt tailor 241 Central Avenue West Side 2 doors above sixth Street Cincinnati Ohio. Ill constantly hand a Complete Assort ment fashionable piece goods As Plain and fancy cloths Cas Sisters Etc. Which will tie made up to order in Good style the Moa reasonable terms. All orders will receive prompt attention May 25 . C Ball. A. S. Thomas. Ball life Thomas Mogi Iphy a cull Ctol spectacles spy glasses nose g asses opera glasses no. 30 East fourth Street. N. E. Cor. Fourth and Sycamore sts., Cincinnati o., cures All form private Dicea a without the us1 Murru by caustic any the remedies usually employed for the cure secret Distase. They a with elect Rte Speed in sex Tutu Dir every Vest ape Ltd the disease from the system without nauseating the weakest stomach to injuring the most frail a a guarantee a satisfy Fetkiw and perfect cure Iri a Short a Tancas it can by a fono in any Hospital in Philadelphia let non. Or make no charge whatever practice Medicine surgery a Mil Steirich. 1�?T. O. I�x32lt. Portraits Tif Rev. Henry ii. Gurnet for Sale at our a gallery p str it this distinguished divine i to teen t sgt let a n i sizes which a e roam mended by himself As the. Best Ever taken Bali. Amp Thomas. R it Esta a it. Stereoscope magic lanterns microscopes pocket compasses thermometers 7 /1/ n t jts Tump n xxx i Joli Ujiie 22151 drawing instruments barometers Paris. Besancon. Chalk no. St. Dizier. Bayonne. Also splendid Bronze medal at London. 1800 1860 18 11 161.1 1861 1862 these awards together Ettli the almost Universal de Cisin our own state fairs during the past three ears in favor this celebrated make sewing machine Are sufficient evidence their surpassing excellence one Hundred und sic thousand 106, 100 machines Are now in use. Offices for Southern Ohio. No. 58 West fourth Street Cincinnati. No 346 third Street Dayton. Send for a circular and a ampies. March 15, by. No. 120, West 4tli a St. Photographing in All its varieties done in the most approved style. 1 Ai Ticu Lar attention is called to the p a it y be transparent photograph a new style picture embracing the Beauty an Ivory painting with the accuracy a photograph. E. A. Bickel notice. Goo. Luther otherwise known As goo. Purnell former-1 y Pon , m iss., but it press a. Ren deut be Tiia g run co., o., n in he to b Arn the where throats it it Bis children Sarah Margaret Joshua Charlotto and Sarah Ann who formerly lived with the Russell family in Pun Gibson. Address Geo. Luther Xenia coloured citizen Cincinnati Ohio. Sept 29-tf. T h Tom a s Avert no 74 e. Fifth Street. I it i m Between Sycamore a a Broadway Cincinnati Keep Onasi night to accommodate customers. Meals served at All hours. Linov to every style and Price s. M. F Rintz Merchat tailor and g Entys c l t ii i e be. Cor. Fourth and main streets c i n c i n n i dealer in stoves tinware Coal Oil lamps Ditc f i Titch i Elj Kcf cheap for Cash. Oct / -3m j 2o6 West 5hi St b strata a a Peake amp Staten. Merchant tailor no. 1g5 West fifth Street f bet. Rare and Elm streets Cincinnatu Insu Jil Oij a lives Ylo sure with the North Western Mutual the nearest Best and cheapest company. It issues All kinds a policies it issues policies payable in life the l0 Icar non forfeiting plan. J a not a insure and insure with the North Western Mutual 1 Cincinnati Agency is la.3 Hawley 8f it it no i West third Stream c a Rte 3 de visits a n d . Of 11e k St Yles 0 f photographs old picture cop cd for cards Anil enlarged to any size and coloured in Oil and win Colora. Gibson a Bro. Prop re. Q d e e n j 1 t y cd a \ i a it hexi so Stehli slip in e n a William Yost. Proprietor 1%4kz a Lxvi Street Between third and fourth sts., Cincinnati Treats All chronic diseases the blood a Rof ubi so Romulous sore Eye scald head pal line it Quot it us tie hair and Eye brows and ail blotches and eruptions the com and face a leprosy i -. I face mid and sore legs and All if cases an Ina from a str Umnuhs ha<4 body. I a its c Tion. Phthisic a Thea. blood. And diseases the lungs Arul Alt diseases it it the liver and kidneys . I. R ant. Having devoted Many years his life to that study chronic diseases i prepared to effect cures after j Many others have failed and will give a Reward a n h us ked d l l a r s for any form disease the blood which he cannot permanently cure. Persons residing at a distance can be treated by giving a description 01 their Case by letter and have medicines sent by express mail. All forms disease treated confidentially consultation free office hours from.7 i a. M. To 8 p. M. Sundays from 8 to 11 a. Milnov 63-Ly, a j. Baldwin to auction amp commission store. 22west fifth Street Cincinnati For cemetery Union Baptist infallible hair restorative. This is no Hai byh. Church to. This c eme Fery is now re fur be the enclosure and vault Leirich substantially Point dec 1. A libations Foi burial Lota interment put Init should be made to re by i ,. Ball Ian v it Secretary Che boar trustee. Auction sales every Day a even no. Boots shoes hat Caps clothing. A. A a Hufnale and retail a t t h e Low sit m Ark e t f Ric pluhme a co., e t a b l 1 s s m k n t do to in Turo n a to Toft out act Ziuni ape do Hab aliments do homme. Toute Les commands smut Trec tees prompt mini to Vive Cut. The cottage 1io.me. State amp Washington is Louisr to. 157 3d St., bet. Race and Elm. Polaso Call. We spare do \ twins in treating you Light. No. 1 liquors and Nice cigars. Ap7-lm Silver Smiths amp jewelry manufacturers pay highest Price for Coin amp old Gold to Silver South yest Corner fourth and Quot Alnut streets nov i Cincinnati Us. . Hughes boarding House 43 East fourth Street Cincinnati 0. Meals at All hours and reasonable terms. Nov f Harris. Boarding House 5� East fifth Street. Boarders can be accommodated Here at any Tine a any any in the Luarasi. Not 1? reasons Why the Eureka should to used it will Clear in the Scalp and ten Rev promote the growth in hair. If the hair i dry a Tiff and lift Les it will Gie it a soft no Aioli Lively and Youthful App Ranee. H the hair i becoming Tiu weak and tailing out i will restore it it strength and Beauty. If the Grey .lw-Ri Luis g so it we a rest Ore it to it original color without staining it a a hand. It i free from All impurities poisonous drugs. 1 i no Griir Dye. But an infallible restorative and w ill do ail that is promised when us it Ltd by the directions. Hear what . V.,n Zandt one the oldest and Best physician and most celebrated Oculi St in the state Eay in regard to the Eureka St. Long. December 17, 1863. Or. Fisher a banned to my inspection the receipt for making it hair restorative and Alt r a Egre Ful examination the different ingredients which enter into its preparation. 1 hav e no hesitation in Jato bouncing it in Evsi do girthy Akita re a most Bappe com pour a arid gifted to lie Oto Nannie and the do sign s a t one the n., to valuable preparations the kind Tiow in use it r hanging the color the hair and tar pc Ltd it i pm a Ilea isl to a healthy condition. I hav e examined and conversed with persons using the Eureka and find that it does All that is proposed in to it bag. Kec ing the liar from failing out and Redor it win a Gray. We Van Zandt. M. D. From the it. A Nir Puhl can dec i 1863 cheka.it i not often that a prote.>1.5 gentleman the r. A. Laten old. Van Kumji int roses fall the Virtues a it a preparation for a restoration the color the hair any other particular object. This he d is he we in a card Piibe wished to Day by . R. Fisher Aud to win h Gray Heads Are it Feria a. Bar new a h Tel. St. Los to. June 1. 1n13. R i site in i it a Ai have used one b tie Vojir Eureka hair re formative and t. My full satisfaction. It Doe a a 14 that you claim fur it. Having restored my Quot Fin hair to it original color. Theron Barnum. Late barn my a hotel. The agent might produce Hundred other certificates from gents ring to and ladies who have used the Eureka but thinks the Ata be Alt sufficient. A sold wholesale and a Taii by id a Bert Fisher. Sole age tit no. 25 North fifth Street Between Chestnut and Pine St. Lotus to. Sou also by the principal Dru a gifts. A Price Itie Dollar per bottle. Gener agents in Cincinnati. John d. Park Corner fourth Aud Walnut f. E g p it j e a co., w Holt i drug p. To. G 1 As stoves. M us Llovet a Gas stoves All the latest improvements. A office 149 West sixth Street Noveh a Cinna i. Ohio. M Ammoth cl0thing store. S a. Ii a 11 to i who Toaale and retail c. L 0 t h i e r t. It Corner fifth and main streets. f a in the Denison Llott a Cincinnati A. Ii., keep hand a Large and general miss a and boys a. L 1 ii no f Vicry do a dirt Country merchant a invited to Cal examine my Stock before purchasing elsewhere. South i do it i our prices will be found examination to to the same As the new York importers and Western dealers w ill save e x p r e s s a g a and receive the goods with greater dispatch than ordering from new York. Ii. 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