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Cincinnati The Colored Citizen Newspaper Archives May 19 1866, Page 1

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The Colored Citizen (Newspaper) - May 19, 1866, Cincinnati, OhioRel tile coloured citizen published weekly saturday at $2,50 per annul by a joint Stock company j. R. Sampson manager. Per Square ten lines less one Dollar for the first insertion and fifty cents for each addition insertion. Advert agents for less than three months will be charged by the Square unless otherwise agreed Unez squares. A that gotta hits imia Alrik id is foreign to he. Ii vol. 3. Cincinnati o., saturday May 19, 1866. No. 29. Jne Square i to Square three Square four Square fourth column third column half column Var a fourth column Ono column. 8 m so 6 in a 0 m s 12m a $5 0� 16 50 00 5 00 8 00 10 00 12 0 6 00 0 00 11 50 14 7 10 Eolia 50 15 it a a 8 00112 n 00 18 0 0 00 a 00 17 00 0 115 00 22 27 00 80 120 00 2s 00 84 00 a to 00 ls7 0 44. 50i 60 0 in the firelight. By John Hay. My dear wife site beside the fire with folded hands and dreaming eyes watching the restless flame aspire and wrapped in thrilling memories. I Mark the fitful firelight fling its warm caresses her brow and kiss her hands Unm Elting Snow and Glisten her wedding ring. The Prood free. Head the. A cry a is a Well the Necic Superb whose outlines Glide into the bosoms perfect swell soft Billows by its peaceful tide the Cheeks faint flush the lips red glow the gracious charms her Beauty wears fill my fond eyes with tender tears As in the Days Long ago Days Long ago when in her eyes the Only heaven i cared for Lay when from our thoughtless Paradise All care and toil dwelt far away when Hope in wayward fancies throne and rioted in secret sweets beguiled by passion s dear deceits the mysteries Maiden love. One Vear had passed since first my sight was gladdened by her girlish charms when a rapturous summer nigh t i clasped her in possessing arms. And now three years have rolled away and left such blessings As their Dower i owe Hei three fold at this hour the love that lit our wedding Day. Or now vague hovering Over her form my fancy views by love refined a warmer and a dearer Charm by Wedlock s Mystic hands entwined a Golden Coil wifely cares that be have forged the Loving Joy that guards the curly headed boy asleep an hour ago upstairs. A fair Young Mother pure As fair a Matron heart and Virgin soul the flickering Light that crowns her hair seems like a saintly Aureole a tender sense upon me Falls that Joy unmerited is mine and in this pleasant Twilight Shine my perfect Bliss myself appeals. Come Back my Darling strayed so far into the realm phantasm a let thy dear face Shine like a Star in love Light beaming Over me Afy melting Roul is jealous Sweet v thy Long silence drear eclipse kiss me Back with living lips to 1 i f a love lying at the y be e 11 see a. 38, life Josephine the historian gives an account the prediction a Sable negress to Josephine respecting her future course life. She said to Josephine a a a you will soon he married. That Union will not be a inv. I will become a widow and then you will be Queen France. Some Happy years will he j yours and then you will die in a Hospital j amid civil a. 250. On this a a Prophesy the historian i Marks a a a in subsequent years when., j toiling through the Vicissitudes her most eventful life she recalled the sin a Guiar coincidence Between her destiny i and the prediction and seemed to consider i that the negress with prophetic vision had Laid out her wonderful . Abbott though he treats the a pre a diction a As a a sorcery a admits that All \ was Correct except the a a dying in a hos Pital amid civil commotions a which he says a. 26, a a this p u t the pro i diction proved to he utterly untrue. It .1 Ose p 11 i n a i i i s t Ead b f dying in a h up i t Al 1 died in the Beautiful Palace Malraison. T j instead dying in poverty she was one a the richest ladies in Europe receiving j an income six thousand dollars a year. The grounds around her Palace were i embellished with All the attractions and j her apartments furnished with every Lux Ury which opulence could procure. Instead dying in Fri endlessness and neg Lect the emperor Alexander Russia stood by her bedside the most illustrious Kings and noodles Europe crowded her court and did her homage. And though she was separated from her husband she a still retained the Tittle Empress and was the object his most sincere affect i a a n 11 c s f be a a t h u Sti i i a p d i c j Tion upon which so much stress has been Laid seems to vanish in thin a. 227. Never was a production m Ore erroneous in injuriously interpreted. We give it a very different interpretation not to prove True All the Prophesy about which we j care nothing but to counteract the had j influence . Abbotts View Here a passive and spiritual life. Thot sorceress had said in answer to Josephine a ret nost for an explanation a i am not permitted to Render my revelations More a. I 22d. This was the Case with All the Bible prophets As Well As a a sorcerers a and hence the various interpretations ski pure prophecies. Josephine figuratively died in a hos Man life. Pital. What was the Beautiful Palace never existed a being better calculated a Umal Maisons hut a Hospital in which j to enjoy All the. Blessings that Earth and lie was confined from the Only object life can bestow Seldom has one had within 0n ear 1 we 0�?ottbaimd her head 1 s at reach so numerous and great opportunities sections ? the Walls that imprison the for the perfect enjoyment those bless heart need not imprison the body that Ings yet we can hardly conceive contains it Only that Side is sufficient whose w h Ole n a t u ral 1 i be was Al most con w 1 e x c 111 cd rom 1c cel try Brantly deprived it nay we May say affections. It has no desire to scale any made constantly miserable by the mishap other what More like a Hospital than j plication those boundless Means Hap a building providing by another in which i Ness As was that Josephine Empress she wil9 overwhelmed by the kind sym a France. With a heart susceptible Thies i lost who with her deplored the warmest and most enduring affection Itiat separation the most exalted hos and an Opportunity for attachment to pita cities consist in administering Congo another equally impress Ible she was hit Ion to those who Are sick a i Pieart. Forever separated from her loved and Ucli was Josephine , and such Loving William. With the keenest con were her Brilliant and numerous consciousness unhappiness from a Union Fosters. With a Man whose soul was supremely she was a a friendless and neg acted. Wedded to a wordly ambition which Over. An attention from All the rest tie balanced All the Sweet ties a pure and world could counterbalance the Choice spiritual affection she was forcibly mar her own Napoleon the possibility j Rich to one Beauharnais who could a succession to his throne to the Exielu a 1 a v lie to 111 e i to e e x t e in a i fast i n a 8 i and neg 1 e c t f h e w h m he p it a s a tons a a a proud Beautiful and artful de ardently to love from his life Long Loving More dearly than All society and Comfort. Things else the quiet retirement the she was poor hat was All tie b a u t i e s n a Ture and t he do a h m e. Wealth t the w 1 d t her w to 11 a d lost Circle she was doomed to Solitude the idol her heart ? six Hundred j heart and a residence in the confines a thousand d Lars had no More Power than City unman construction the Bustle so Many grains Sand to heal her popular assemblies and the deceptions wounded spirit. What were the beauties and intrigues artificial life with a her Palace and the embellishment heart overflowing with sympathy for its apartments when he whose pre it enee suffering humanity and Benevolence to All gave them their highest interest value her race she was compelled to witness the was a prisoner at Elba and what was the fiendish Slaughter thousands her title a a Empress a to her who was be fellow creatures for no other reason than Reft the a emperor a let her answer that they were the Best citizens France these questions. A it 1 learn that i am the and to anticipate for the end nothing Only one who will fulfil her duty that better for herself. Whai a mine Ihen is that there is no animate Wall Between elements happiness was thus exploded j you and me no new wife that will be in and destroyed what an Eden Bliss my Way nothing shall detain me. I will was thus foreclosed to her soul s Aspira go to the Only place whee henceforth tons what a hell upon Earth was thus there run he happiness for me. Sure i opened for her incarceration and that shall be Able to console you when you Are for not Ono fault nor Folly her own a there isolated and unfortunate. Say hut r., nov the unfortunate the word and 1 depart. See the whole should be Able rightly to appreciate her. Such was the first Napoleon the Aerial animal who found the Diamond the Earth but threw it away for the search baubles that he vainly fancied would decorate his castles in the air. The Union these two being both physically and affectionately incompatible reminds us the lamentation the Batchelor Watts in his Lyric a a the Indian our Long Intercourse with the world has fully convinced us that the happiest place Earth is the fireside whose inhabitants Are perfectly harmonious while the chief source trouble and sorrow is the improper education youth which leads them to prefer in the Choice their companions for life the pomp and vanity the wealth and Fame the fashionable world to that Harmony intellect and feeling that Union aspiration and affection which alone can make one out two whom the happiness both shall he multiplied in consequence that combi nation. Could a had education he corrected and its Evi 1 s prevented the Bap Piest Placo Earth would be the family fireside so Happy that few would forego its pleasures for those any other circumstances. Instead lonely men and women those a a unequally yoked a broken hearts and ruined constitutions the world would be filled with Little else than pairs prosperous Good useful contented and Happy. The reflections and conclusions an eminent historian have so Strong an influence the mind the Reader that we could not refrain from entering our protest against the impression that would he made by the decision . Abbott that the circumstances which surrounded Josephine in her last Days should make her More Happy than could the Possession the treasure that was lost to her inmost affections. Properly interpreted we regard the last clause the sorcerer s prophecy As fulfilled More minutely and completely than even the . Journal. The failures and falsehoods he j the 0h0lera. For it oks the Papor Taeed Aalfs Moor by when Tut cholera an t no Little no Piechen Sion has been excited by the supposed imminence the dreadful calamity. The newspapers at first contributed to this anxiety and had the pestilence been really present in our atmosphere it could hardly have failed to have found ready v Iet i m s among the a in Ruidl y exe i the d people. One the strongest proofs that the Miasmatic condition the atmosphere which produces epidemic cholera has not thus far reached us is the fact that with such moral predisposition the people for its influence it has not been Able to reveal itself. The inference that the disease must come because it has heretofore usually followed a Given route which has led it toward us is a reasonable deduction. We a n t a t a 11 d is pose 11 d i s p n the i t s p s s i ability it May he prevailing among us before this article reaches our readers but we doubt that it will and we hesitate not to affirm that it a not at All appear Here As an epidemic though it May As an endemic and Are quite sure that if it should reveal itself generally it need not be formidable. Though medical science is vet baffled by some the problems the disease vet the conditions we fairly held the danger under lock and key in the Harbor till it totally disappeared. Quarantine prudence and skill enabled this great City filthy As it was to stand before it looking with impunity and Defiance while it died out strangled our Waters. Thus far we have repeated the example in the Case the Virginia. Meanwhile the City has prudently and thoroughly cleaned itself and with proper care May we Hope go through the summer without much anxiety. These ships had each More than a thousand passengers. Some five Hundred them in each were crowded together in the holds below a lie Watermark with no other ventilation than that which could reach them from above through tubes and passage ways. How could they possibly escape the outbreak some pestilential disease in such circumstances ? there was no sickness Board when they started both were attacked when about a week out that is to say when the confined air their holds had had sufficient time to become intolerable. These facts together with the exemption the Cabin passengers and the control we have had Over the malady in quarantine seem indeed a providential lesson proclaiming to us not Only the necessary conditions safety but also the cheerful Assurance which All prudent men May entertain in spite the menaced evil. With such Security to the properly cautious the pestilence even when it does prevail is nothing like the terrible calamity which exaggerated alarm paints it to be. The venerable . Bigelow Boston says that if it were a continuous disease instead an occasional a visitation a there would be Little anxiety respecting it except among the most exposed that is to say filthy and intemperate classes. It would not lie says affect in any Way the business the travel the recreation the e .ni u n i to. The a t i f i t s m Tali to is not greater than that our steam voyages to Europe and who foregoes a visit to Europe for business pleasure because an ascertained ratio deaths occurs the a Dage ? he adds that he Jpn the world easier than that by the cholera. Let us then he Good courage cleanse our pre in i ses c Orrene t had h a its say our prayers faithfully go about our honest business As usual and leave the event to him a a who Careth for us a and without whose a a notice no Sparrow Falls to the the owner was completely staggered. Here was something new. A Cabman with so much Money he took the Money looked at it and then at the stranger eyed him from head to foot and even examined his boots attentively. Then he counted his Money Over and held up each Bill to the Light to see if it was counterfeit. No All w As Good. A thou go t s t Ruck h i a he would find out his name a a i suppose you would like a receipt a said he at length to the stranger. 111 it May be As a yes sir. What name a a a Washington Eunice As mrs. Prouty passed them and went in. A a we such terrible creatures you know talking and laughing Over our luncheons and going to walk. And it s such a satisfaction to her to see it. I done to know what some saints would do if if there was it a world round them lying in a a hush she s at the w inflow a m is p to Uty had e n the d the Deaconesses a sitting room and taken a position whence she could Converse directly with that body and if occasion offered Send a few words also Over her shoulder at the group upon the porch. In a minute two the Side fire began. A a sir a said the other actually starting a a a yes it was a very feeling discourse and Back with amazement. A a did i understand your name was a a Washington Irving a replied the other an almost imperceptible smile hovering around his Mouth. A Washington Irving a sir a my dear sir a stammered the owner confusedly a a in in i really sir beg ten thousand pardons sir but i mistook you for a Cabin and a sir i did 1 a a a no excuse my Friend a replied Irving. A a i am no better than you took me for. You acted perfectly right a and having at length succeeded in getting his receipt., amid a Host apologies he politely bade the Humble Carriage maker a Good Day a Aud left him to the Chagrin that he had mistaken for a. Cabman a Man whose 1 Oft Genius had commanded the admiration the whole world. The Friend who related this anecdote asserted that it was a fact and was told by the veritable owner i in self. It doubtless proved a lesson to him not to judge men by their dress. Yourselves a thousand pangs in after life and also reap a Rich Reward every Day from your approving consciences As Well As your Mother s Loving smile. Try it boys and see if it in t Mary in Zion s Herald. a the method it. Ill Call to Morrow. It is never quite Safe to be churlish impolite. A Phil in a Hia manufacturer once lost some extensive orders from Russia by a want attention to visitors and the following , said to fee literally True is told another Philadelphia trader who subjected himself to great mortification by i politeness to Washington Irving. He had been annoyed Fey Many Idle Calls and became a Little crusty about this time the owner was one Day standing in his door when no came a rough looking Man in Well bundled overcoat wearing coarse unpolished hoots and carrying in his hand a whip who thus accosted him a Good Day sir. Are you the owner this establishment a a Well i am a replied the other with chinese juggling. While walking the Bank the River this afternoon near the Junction with the grand canal i saw some Clever juggling. A Hoy about fifteen years age performed the Needle trick in an exceedingly expert manner. He commenced by sticking a dozen common sewing Needles upon the end a piece Wood and showed them to the lookers . I Xai a look which seemed to say a a now you safety especially Early cure Are so t0 try it Dou get Yoh a a a a have you any Fine carriages for Sale a Well ascertained and Are so practicable that no person Ordinary health Temperance and moral courage need fear it aug More than he should any the common forms More less epidemic disease which occur every summer among us. The first ship that brought it to our Harbor the England afforded proof inquired the stranger apparently not heeding the Boorish Ness the other. A a Well i a at what prices a bit Ere n t prices f e ouse Ordinary Sharp pointed Needle. Having done this he placed them one after the other Between his lips and sucked them slowly into his Mouth and to All appearance swallowed them. He then walked round the Circle with his Mouth open and allowed the people to look into it but nothing was to be seen the Needles. He then took a Crystal Ball about the size a Walnut and placing it Between his Teeth Drew it into his month and to All appearance swallowed it As he opened his Mouth and it was not visible. He then made an Effort As if bringing it up Horn his stomach and ejected it from his Mouth repeating this performance several times lie next took a Long piece thread passed it up one nostril and brought the end out by his Mouth moving it backward and Forward by the two ends the one hanging out h is nostril the other out his Mouth. He then pulled the string out altogether introduced it again into his nostril by snuffing it in and seemed to Swallow the whole piece string. He again swallowed the Glass Hall ejected it and immediately afterwards Drew the thread out his Mouth with All the Needles Strung upon it. This is really a very Clever trick showing wonderful Powers stowing things away in the Morthy the More so As he was talking the whole time a great amount skill is exhibited and no Small degree risk must he run in performing this trick As . Lockheart mentions a Case that occurred at Shanghai where the Needles that had been introduced into the Mouth ready threaded to do a kind deed. Just in front my window is a Hill where the children come to coast in Snow time. It is very Long and the slope is so gentle that it is quite Safe. Well this morning quite a crowd merry Youngs ters we e enjoy lug the sport and Rankin g All the Hills about us ring with their Clear voices. But at the top the Hill stood a queer looking Little fellow All by himself. I think he must be poor for he was dressed in a Man s ragged coat and he had an old handkerchief tied Over his head. As he moved Forward to look after the descending sleds i saw that he was lame. No one seemed to notice him for a Long time except once when a naughty Doy threw a big snowball at him. My heart began to ache for him he looked so lonesome standing by himself. Presently a Bright looking lad left his mates and went to i n. I could not hear what he said but directly i saw him help the lame boy to a seat his is Oil and Down the Long slope they went together. Then i heard the boys Hurrah and half a dozen Strong Little chaps took hold together and Drew the sled up the Hill with the lame boy it. Then to had another slide Down and another ride up. Other boys came Toj help and no one among the e m a 11 h and a me Frier t i m e in coasting than the ragged lame child. Now was not that a Beautiful sight ? i think our father in heaven liked to see it done to you ? and i think the Fine lad who had courage enough to do a kind action and influence enough to make the others follow his example must have been a Happy boy. What do you think about s Herald this last assertion passenger offered. Not a single Cabin a a a yes. Can i look at them a a a you can do As you please stranger. Slipped Down and became impacted in the they Are in there a Hack part the Throat and caused death y. The stranger bowed politely and pass a the fifth Day after warded in examined the vehicles for a few a a Pharisee. A a Here comes mrs. Prouty. Her umbrella s always up. She a never caught j a spirit did he do it ? what could in conclusively attest the safety All persons in Ordinary conditions Comfort and a nites returned and said prudence ? a there is one 1 think w ill answer my the second ship the Virginia repeats a ,�?� pointing towards one a a what this proof. Rev. Or. Hamlin Constan Price a sinople who has stood for years in the t to Hundred dollars midst ail the epidemic attacks in that j that the lowest ? City As physician a Well As missionary a a Vtha. Is the lowest 11 e c 1 a s that p eople amp f t 1 Era b 1 e h e a 11 h a e. I sir i Wil i Ca 11 a n it 1 g i v e y u and temperate habits keeping Clear j my decision to Morrow and the Strang Nerotis anxiety about it need fear it no walked away More than they fear being swept from the a macs you ii Call to Morrow yes j there s never anything left Over a w old b v a. Co met s f ail. A a a certain 1 a rep 1 i de the Ner in a tone j a i u a n j gift a the her. D. On t you see in Fine this pestilence is comparatively irony not so Low hut the stranger heard Jiow tier Mouth s trimmed no ? that s i Hope we shall see some fruits it. I but it seems pretty hard to make any impression our Young folks somehow. Its in at one ear and out at the other with most a a might As Well be so perhaps As. Iii at the ear and out at the Mouth a commented Joanna in an undertone. A a i m afraid there s some mischievous influence that undoes it All a continued. Mrs. Prouty with a sigh. A a i know there is but it in t the sort Yon mean. Come girls let s go and have our walk. I shall say something out loud presently if we stay Here. I can to Bear a continued Joanna As the Little party prepared to move at her suggestion a a to be put into a dark closet and. Have somebody continually coining to look in and ask me if i am sorry yet. I always feel like saying As i did to my Mother once when i was a Little girl when. I sorry i let a a a but then a said one the group timidly a a i done to think we ought to make fun such i a a nor i either Abbie a answered Joanna quickly and with a changed manner a i Don t make fun the things it s Only the Wray people behave about them. It Isnit real it in t natural. When folks really do give their hearts whether its to god a fellow creature it Isnit a thing i think that they can go round telling about. There a Only one concerned to know anything about it.�?the q a worthy s. Lux a Zuj it buy. A a Willie a said mrs. Mills to her Little boy a a i Irish you to do an errand for me. A a wont you put your hat and go q n i cd 1 a for i a in in h a s the ?1 a a Mother a whined Willie a a i want to finish this boat can t Harry go ? in be brought in some Wood and and a a a a now Mother a responded. Harry a a i done to want to go i be been to the pasture with the cow this morning and that a a great Deal More than Willie s done a look pain passed Over the gentle face mrs. Mills at these fretful excuses her boys but they were too absorbed in their selfishness to notice it. A i am very sorry a said she a a that my Little Bys Are so unwilling to help their this mild reproof aroused the boys somewhat for they both had Loving hearts and knew very Well what was right so Willie listened a Little to his con a science and said a a Well ill go ? and Harry rather ashamed the part he had acted added a a i can go i suppose if Willie done to want a a you May go Willie a said his Mother. So he Laid aside his boat and. Prepared to obey his Mother it was not done in that glad willing manner that boys should always j have when waiting upon doing any thing for their Mother. And now i wonder what my Little friends will say about this kind Obedi enee. Some you i fancy will say that it is a very poor sort. Others will perhaps thinly if they Don t like to aloud a to dear you make a great ado about such a Little thing As that Willie reminded his Mother.�?�, but i can to make to he carried under a Many sarm and the it seem a Little thing for any boy girl j inhabitants take them about with them to wilfully carelessly give their Mother their journeys. The Lapland women also one Pang sorrow. Willie did the make use the Gray bog Moss their a Rand to be sure but in what kind Hies Are thus completely protected from miscellaneous. is it a in our weekly Market reports the information regard Lino Rinsei in l it Many our friers and the question a a what in the world is Ginseng a induces us to give the following accounts its properties origin and use. Ginseng was formerly supposed to grow Only in chinese tartar affecting mountainous situations shaded by close Woods but it has Long been known that the Plant is also a native North America. M. Larra sin transmitted specimens it from this country to Paris in 17u4, and it has since discovered in Canada Pennsylvania and Virg i n i a by la i tean Kalm Bart Rau a n d others corresponds g exactly with the tartarian species. The dried Root Ginseng is scarcely the thickness the Little Finger about three four inches Long a Horny texture and int really and externally a Yellowish White color. The chinese ascribe extraordinary Virtues to the Root and consider it a Sovereign remedy in All diseases to which thav Aro liable. In Amorie no value is set upon Ginseng As a Medicine and it is gathered Only for shipment and Large quantities Are reported from Virginia Ohio Wisconsin Minnesota and Pennsylvania. In 1859 the Trade in Richland county Wisconsin is stated to have amounted to �?�80,000. 1 t poor Laplander find several their comforts from Gudden Znaiden i air one the largest up ski the Moss tribe excellent Beds by cutting thick layers it one which forms the Mattrass and the other is a Coverlet. Linnaeus tells that he himself often made u e such a bed when travelling in Lapland. These Mossy cushions Are so elastic that a bed May be rolled up in a parcel Small enough in a a a what do Yon mean ? a whey Don t she always make you feel As if you were out in the rain and she standing under cover chuckling she does me. Her work is always Quot dreadfully and i am sorry to say that it had become quite a habit both with him and Harry to always have such trivial excuses ready when asked to do anything so that it became very unpleasant to ask any favor them. And even salvation. She Isnit As other women Are. But simply because the unfortunate Union persons physically and morally to suited to each other Tor the Sake ext Malad Van tags. Letter a 324. What Josephine leave All the outside wealth All the embellish-1 ments and attractions the Beautiful what a lesson is the life Josephine j Palace Malraison the attentions . To those parents and guardians who break Nobles Kings and emperors Tor the society the natural current affection from the a conquered and banished invader hearts their daughters wards merely nations a Lone Rocky Island the for considerations wealth family Ocean she answers a i am a True Fame a woman there Only is the object my let All such read the life Josephine hearts adoration. Excluded from that by Abbott. Let All the a a Williams no wealth grandeur nor magnificence too be advertised that no wealth Noi blood nor Fame can be substituted for such a heart and head As Josephine a. Earth has charms for such was Josephine s heart designed j to be the very Paradise the Man who harmless to right living people unless they consent to be cowards. It has been called a god almighty s scavenger Tor the cleansing great cities it does its work thoroughly where it needs to be Lone and seems disposed to step aside from its appointed task Only to punish unreasoning timidity. Of course incidental exceptions can be cited but they Are Only incidental an i so comparatively few that no reasonable Man should admit them in his logic upon the subject. Him but he text his Way taking no As much As to say a a the washing and outward notice it. Mending and churning and cleaning and a a fool me will Yon a and the owner flaking Are All through with up to the commenced whistling. I minute a and her soul seen to be the next Day came and with it the sides. Mrs. Frosty whereas Eliza ? stranger also. We Are going Down the Brook Road pres sure to be done up whether its cheese though they performed the request do you think it gave them the same pleasure that it would it they had done it in a cheerful manner no indeed it did not for they so plainly showed that it was not for love they did it. And How Many times that Mother will do things the c do like Young Birds in soft and warm nests. The Greenlander use their Moss As tinder and for Wicks to their lamps. I Persou said a gentleman to the great a a grecian a with whom he had been disputing a Cdr. Porson my opinion you is most a sir a returned the doctor a i never knew an opinion yours that was not the insolent civility a proud Man is if possible More shocking than his herself rather than see those Cloudy looks a rodents could be. Bec Tuge he show she knows a Ould come. By Bis manner that he thinks it Mere boys love your to hers and not j condescension in him and that in his Only love them a your careless Way. I goodnes8 alone he bt8towg what a a i have come according to Promise a Emly for a Little a a Eliza stayed but show your love by being tender and i have no pretence to claim. It it 1 la l a a is ipp 11 mins 4, i a a Are a a i it. A a ill a. A a mi1 Ltd a a a to a a a a a a Quot to i la m. Tom my. A a. L a a i i you said he. In she a preparing herself for her Sun a Al see you have sir a replied the owner Day school class a replied mrs. Prouty a Little Abari Iea. Precisely and with a tone subdued a a 1 take that Carriage sir a and Elf gratification. Her daughter also to the a Ari meat the other he pulled a was not As other Peoples daughters were. The cases these foreign ships should j out an Wallet Well stuffed with Bills was t that Christian me to give confirm our hopefulness and courage Rath j and a deliberately counted out two Hundred. Her such a Chance ? see How much than alarm us. In that the England dollars. Good its done her whispered Joanna to attentive towards her. Watch for chances to lighten her cares and when she Speaks to you Stop your talk play and listen . Watts whose passion for the justly celebrated mrs. Rowe then miss Singer is Well known having called one Winter to what she says. If you Only knew in j morning upon that lady and perceiving How great a degree you Are responsible that the fire and the conversation were for her happiness sorrow you would be 1 getting Dull took up the poker and put very careful How you caused her pain Boft j Ting it in the fire said a allow me always try to give her Joy and so save Madam to raise a j
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