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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 3

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Childress, Texas Molday. Auou3t 14. 196� the cello Fatsi Index. Childress Texas Rayc torts a a a swinging so ftps inc Sif if for Clipus. A a la Sfa i a Gibson a a the talk of the town in Nofu Allf a in la and Ltd to acetate f asking for Haj p retch Hon Italy Camel c a for or in Avci Hlun with crts a Het 1 no trim Valoi icily .4 to i. Sizes $ $23.00 was Ciatti morning Alt 1�o�o.1.� t evenings. 1 a a Llu z to to 4 7 m to 4ix ��~�o�1��s1 mrs cd Richardson saturday mrs. A Tracy saturday i m a i. Bain. Saturday mrs Serena Thompson Satur Lav film Issei Andrew Rokl Riquez saturday Nils a w Moore of Eric okla. Sandav i. Hiss in in Kletcher sunday i Linderson sunday mrs Lack Bohannon sunday to a Wood interesting table top old Hook jackets can change an Ordinary Tabletop into a thing of interest. Paste the Lorf Al Book jackets to the table to give a montage effect. When dry. Spray the surface with shellac from an aerosol can. Utah ranks last among the 50 states in the amount of Federal Aid per school Pupil. By vie Lemon Scott up Hollywood correspondent i Hollywood Cupl Wyatt Earp has become to movie actors what Hamlet has to stage performers the ultimate challanger or so it seems. Prince of Denmark is the goal of most actors. The role has been played in our times by Barrymore Olivier and Aji sorts f in Between thespians Quali-1ed or not. Once this out of their systems the actors. Emi of dined by their Triumph Feci Lual fed to perform any other role Ever penned by mortal Man. U May be illusion and Freyiii entry is limited to English tans Richard Burton for instance but Hamlet is the Pinnacle. Wyatt Earp. On the other hand is the of american stars. A considerably Complex a an. And certainly less classical the gun slinging Lawman of the old West is no less romanticized than the tragic Dane. But he had his a omits. Many faces. Earp has been interpreted by Richard Dir Henry Fonda and Burt Lancaster Anrong others on the screen. If Meh Walt Sivan All the latitude possible Earp has been. The new Queen and her court Arp shown e pos. A p j above during the annual Greenbelt bowl football Ben seen As eve i no i saturday night. The Queen Center is Citha Morris daughter puritanical of or. And mrs. John t. Morris of White Deer. Runner up is a prototype of police Bruch to in the old West. Then along came a the life and legend of Wyatt with Hugh of Brian in a television series that made the character into something of a Superman in chaps and boots. Latest interpretation of Earp on screen is provided by James the hour of the new Cilam Rouos �>�z1����1, Dacron knits Are being unpack ii each Flay. Come in Oftay and a e them. Child iwo hotel baud inf woman View by Gay in Auley dec ses wide self fabric up women s editor of him Jed contrasting fur new York up ii designer i a re a Igi it and 10 inches Norman Norell cinches it. Belts do p at the icim on full Are Back Autori Laidve Gat hand Skirls. The tops designer an land once and sle a a Long Skinny sleeved for All to that Loose Skimmer Matte in revs usually in Black. Keith Ann Iowa Rel daughter of or. And mrs. Keith Howard of i is shown on the left. On the right is Vikki Fiir decades now t deck laughter of . And mrs. Tom deck of Shamrock. Miss it a a la to ,.hy Index photo end Hin locals plan Torzy better a it t i. By Robert Musel new York up two gamer in a the hour of me it a so go when Irna Phillips gamer m ii took the outline of a love is a Quot pc Side kick i Splendore think Quot to the Feen As his Swilling Thev told her she was Doc Holliday. I guess 9,742 c k t Quot a a. Ytje Urban planning is the subject of the design on n five cent stamp to be issued in Washington d. Oct. 2, during 1 meeting of Urban experts concerned with All phases of City life in the year 2017. The vertical stamp depicts t bards Eye View of a planned City. The City area is Whit Black and Light Blue and surrounding area is Date Blue. Actors have played Earp at one time or other a Garner said. Reveal faults a in this picture we be tried to play him As he was. A Man with plenty of faults. He killed a couple of people in cold blood. And his private life was tragic. A the was a cruel Man who left his wife and ran off wit if another girl. He also ran a Brothel if some of the history books Are networks they told her she was out of her mind to expect them to produce a daytime serial involving a race problem a nun and a Catholic family. But miss Phillips is not one of the most remarkable women of television a As she was of radio a for nothing. So on sept. 18 lbs to will present the premiere of a i love is a Many Splendore things five times a week .52 weeks a year and if past records Are anything to go by for Long years to come. Millions of housewives but hurdles we remade to he jumped. And behind the exterior is a woman of More warmth and than to have four shows on the air at the same time making her one would expect or site simply would never have been Able to hold audiences All the Way from would never have been Able to hold audiences All the Way from a painted dreams in 1030 through a the guiding Light a a a today a children a a a Young doctor Malone a the Road of life a woman in White and a the right to and the present number on daytime television serial a a world turns which will news Ilekis about people you know . Forecast partly j has been spending a few Days Cloudy and a Little warmer. Widely scattered showers main y in afternoon and a t night. Temps under 60s and lower 90s. The is Quot -. Iii Luiis a know i immediately proc de a love is Hamlet no matter what Nis i Phillips by her w irk and a Many Splendore things in she comings never ran probably by her name if their the new season Brothel. J husbands can not. She does not miss Phillips is a native of a this is a solid role with no seek publicity. But the other Chicago did postgraduate work jokes or gimmicks. He was a j Dav she flew into new York for in Law Kand psychology and h a -.1�?1-�?z. U. Gating and chatted for a while in a suite in an elegant hotel Well away from the no personal questions she said no interrogation about the methods that once enabled her. Have four shows on the air atthe same time making responsible for a fantastic to hours a week of viewing time grandmother a and some 4000000 words a year of dialogue. Jumped hurdles jvivv3 of a 1 Man obsessed with what he was in that respect so was Hamlet but gamer did no to say anything about playing the bards boy from Denmark. A masters in Gree in six ech she was a school teacher in Dayton Ohio before her writing debut on the networks 37 years ago. She has never married but two children one of Here and there mrs. Allison Steed returned to her Home Suncy by from St. Anthonys Hospital in Amarillo. Or. And mrs. George West visited in Plainview sunday afternoon. Tracy Kinc Irick of Childress is listed As a patient in St. Anthonys Hospital and Johnnie Ruck or also of Childress is listed As a patient in Northc to Hospital in Amarillo. Mrs. Velma Melton is a patient in the Ivil 3nd s clinic in Vernon. Her room number is a eve e h Morton of Crowell is Liol dint a revival at the Tell meth Kilisl Church through sunday. The revival which started this weekend has services at 11 . In the mornings and night services Are at 8 ,30 . Mrs h. W Moore Mother of with her daughter mrs. L. L. Baker. Sundby guests in the Baker Home were mrs. Elbert Vance of Hereford and sister Regina of the franciscan Sisters of the atonement at Deal . Weekend guests of or. And mrs. C. Mcclendon and Vicky Dee of fort Worth Silhouette we women have to in wearing for several seasoned and when Norell belts on a he does no to bother with just a suggestion of a Foj at the Waist he shows off waistlines Wilh belts ranging from two t a six inches in Width hugging the Hedv Illy. I so get started ont Hosi Waist j slimming exercises girls. For i when seventh old timer Speaks All of Tholf e r i c an Industry a heeds. Norell is copied in every i Price Range although a Norell original is beyond Many Pike Ket books suits retailing for around $1,000, evening often triple that there were Oiher fashion messages from the Des Igner a try a been clothing women for they. _ Clear at no she a show for the nations store buyers. Norell and californians Bright Young Star James Galanos who also showed tuesday were the finalists in a series of shows of fall and Wint t clothes. Most designers paraded their wares in june Galanos always brings his collection to new York from los Angeles for the premiere. Non ii so much fur to trim everything from Day to fabulous evening dresses that he must have a Corner on the Fox and Mink i Market. Repeatedly a show cd both Short and floor length eve Ning i Nori la and Galanos endorsed Cointin Fatiori of Short skirts for Dav two to three inches above the Kruc depending on the lira ight of the Model pipe this plumber ready to head for any old joint for repairs. The a pipe Many is an attention getter for a plumbing company in Clearwater. Fia. Peelings clean flues Here a a Good tip for the Home that boasts a dried potato peelings and Thev will help keep the flue and Chimney clean. .1 adopted two children one of Moore Mother of i whom recently married a Man g patient in with several children making Northwest Texas Hospital i n us i Chi Iii an Choice Chuck roast a 49c at the triple d discount Center jello Olais note Book paper in six in one pack 88 3.s7 Voluz for. 1. Extra Width Vinyl 2 ring Binder ?. Too Sheet note Book paper 3. Dura Glo theme Book 4. Webster e Loose Leaf dictionary b. Pleatie Tab Index divider 6. Zipper carry All Binder pocket big chief tablets 39c value 25c Tablet value 10c Tablet value 1.29 value. 400 count 50c value 104 count 25c value 44 count 49c value. Typing paper Crayola theme covers 8 10c Volvo. Theme cover 19 with pock of 25c Volvo elmers glue 59c value. Elmers glue. 29c Villu 87c Sisa hair Spray sudden 7� Beauty. 2.29 Sica Dada inf right guard. 99e 48 count Reg. 79c value 24 count Reg. 35c value 16 count Reg. 29c Volvo b count Reg. 15c value 10c beginners pencils. 3 number 2 pencils As to her writing the Mast ers degree is the clue. She has i no trouble dictating the dialogue to be spoken by her characters after first drafting a very Long outline of the Story. Like Many other prolific authors she does her Best work Early in the morning from 6 . ignores critics who look Down on the daytime serial. She save the audience is far More intelligent than it is Given credit w and she offers this proof years before nighttime television of a Jared she was dramatizing abortion problems and she is again breaking through into new emotional ground with a Al of is a Many Splendore her serial up the famous film of that name some 20 years later Mia the eurasian daughter of Hans and american War correspondent Mark e 1 i i o to played in the film by Jennifer Jones and William Holden wants to visit her Uncle and his family in san Francisco. Uncle Philip is an architect. His Young son Mark is an architect is a the plot beginning to thicken. A a we be created what was not created miss Phillips said a we create i the family in san Francisco i done to there a a daily serial that has an actual locale they Are situated either in the East of the Midwest somewhere. But Amarillo r x m 207. Mrs. R. B. Miles of Hereford j a a beef 3. 1 a Earline ror social Calendar announcements. Wednesdays 9 . For sunday Issue 11 . Saturday Shurline Salt 26-oz. Box this is definitely san Francisco. And think of the problems this is the first time that the Core family the Centra family is Catholic with a daughter who is a nun considering her final miss Phillips said she would Deal with How a eurasian girl is valued by the British and chinese in Hong Kong and in White society in san Francisco a the first time in daytime television that East meets Mia will bring with her the ancient asian tradition of the family a we in the . Are facing the disintegration of the All of this. Miss Phillips said is a opening the windows Lettine in a Little fresh air widening the horizons of the daytime serial. A we will incorporate other current issues As they arise she added lamenting that she has not yet been Able to find a competent actress willing to play in another series she has in monday 7 . A demo lays in masonic Hall. 7 .30 .Loof Lodge. Tuesday 9 .30 . A first Baptist a my. Church o f Christ ladies 2 30 . A Calvary Lapust will. 7 p in. A first Bali list Bro tiie Rhood supper. 7 30 . A night Circle with mrs Loo Allen. Rebekah Lodge. Wednesday 2 30 . A Tell women a Clorus. Thursday 8 . A Young homemakers. 8 30 . 12 . A teen dance in fair Park auditorium believe Friday 12 a 6 . A Bloodmobile in fair Park auditorium. 7 .30 9 .�?bridal Shower for Lauranette Craig Bride elect of Bill Wells at the first Baptist Church. Shift plane instant Hilow new York Impi the highest temperature reported sunday to the . Weather Bureau excluding Hawaii and Alaska was 120 degrees at death Valley Calif. Today slow was 39 at Pellston Mich. Soflin napkins 6 1 count cello pkg food King Shurline crushed pineapple food King red Beans n00 300 con produce 10 win sap apples a 19c Cut ass a a 100 Frontier Tampa with $7.60 pure him or More and thit Coupon. Ixo luding Clfo void Floc aug. It red potatoes. 10 Pound mind the a a tragic fight of american women against age which leads Many of them to dress like their daughters. Say Happy birthday tomorrow to mrs. Jack Short mrs. Dora Diggs Matt Keith mrs. Johnny Robinson and Happy anniversary Lodr. And mrs. Jack Fox

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