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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 2

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Childress, Texas Fax two Ime Childress Index Childress Texas monday August 1a 19�7 the Sorn loser by Art sen a a Robin Malone by Itab in left i a a a put of the Wisht Clay uses cd As twinks amp Jug of an g it a thi6 Nib ought to give clan the Dow Jmst averages Dow Jones 11 a i m. Averages 33 Indus 916.2� off 4 45 20 rail 261 47 off 0.57 15 utile 134.01 up 0.22 65 stocks 330 29 off 100 indexing forei6n news c by Morion Piglet i there is a Story with United St by Morris Piglet j there is a Story with United thee Tiptn a time that great-1 absolutely no basis in fact of a Over. I w As h i n St on Johnson amm Starti Bac stairs Stati s to take them the almanac by United pres International today is monday aug 14 the 226th Day of 1967 with 139 to follow the Moon is Between the first and full stage the morning Star is Saturn the evening Star is Mars born on this Day in 1367 was British author John Galsworthy. On this Chiy in history in 19002000 . Marines helped capture peking China ending the Boxer rebellion. In 1929 the dirigible a Graf Zeppelin left Germany w Ith 20 passengers for an around the world trip that ended sept. 4. In 1945 at 7 00 . Eastern War time president Truman announced that Japan had accepted of an unconditional surrender. Est of american socialists said a the by ral gov rement must and shall quit tilts business of dependence upon Relief induces a spiritual and moral Cisi Tegra ton fundamentally destructive to the National fiber to Dole out Relief in this Way is to administer a rear Rosie a Subtle destroyer of the human and i inv to that. Amen brother. But a Tir Start in socialism has made to a Bunch of dope Heads since Relief is. Us it says Ubo be a narcotic. Tony country whose Cabinet met the United nations consider one Day to discuss the country s ing no problem too Large or too desperate financial troubles. Small for its attention took it there seemed to be no Over under its subcommittee on it seems that Many of Thote who Fode Oft the coattails of j this great socialist took his socialism More strongly than they took his statement on dependence upon Relief because they have made this great nation weak because of the millions it has taught to cheat and lie to get Ort and stay on Relief. In 1958 a new York bound t a Jcj Nan who made the state dutch Airliner crashed into the Atlantic killing All 99 persons aboard. A thought for the Day British author John Galsworthy once said a Njuki s is a machine that when s a Meone has Given it the starting push Rolls on by ment was Franklin d. Roosevelt and he was speaking to the 1935 Congress. The Dorchester mass., town meeting record of 1633 is said to be the oldest self Rule document existing in the United states. Wind and rain across 1 a wind of Date Chart 37 measure for heaven bib Olti Ink 5 Quot Sweet and Low 38 liar at it w and of the Western Tennyson answer to previous Puzzle Baum his i solution until one minister finally came up with a proposal. We a out for he said would be to declare War upon the United states. Naturally their Small country would lose and thereupon the United states would Shower Aid upon it. Build tip its defens Esi and support its Industry. Its troubles would be Over. The prime minister studied i a the proposal and then demand 1 Jed a but what if we win a Case study fever Cah strike even the smallest and usually with results based neither upon ability to pay or to Rule. And so we come specifically to the Case of Anguilla. Anguilla is a tiny speck in the Caribbean about 15 Miles Long end two a rifles wide whose 5,000 inhabitants have declared their Independence of the a associated state of St. Kitts Nevis and Anguilla. Britain formed the new state from among its former Caribbean colonies last february and gave it limited Independence including Home Rule. But the Anguillana chafed under the Stem Rule of the new colonialism the problems of Anguilla Are Lilliput inn to no except t h e to it Isle involved. Appear Tilv it hns hot yet considered the Idso of declaring War of the United states. Hollywood by Vernon Scott up Lorre pendent Hollywood it up Raymond Bun is a presence. Some stars Are happenings they come on like fourth of july fireworks loud and Strong. Not Burr his deep set eyes massive features and powerful physique say it All. Acting aside audiences watch Burr because there is an inner Violee that never surfaces. The hypnotic. Just As bus was Perry i Mason he is Iron sick a police chief hound to a wheel chair. And As in the previous series the new show relies on the Force of burrs personality More so than on action or Story lines. Burr has his own organization within the confines of the 8 Quot raining and dog a 12 solitary 13 bitter vetch 14 extent of surface 15 wind Flowers 17 orderly 18 mongols 19 fugitive of a sort 21 stake 22 prayer ending 23 form a thread 25 Leer 29 Moccasin 30 universe 31 Hail 10 a a tit 33 poker stakes 34 propel a boat 39 eternity 40 incarnate 43 Fly 46 temper of mind 47 edition for instance 49 unemployed 50 born 51 abound 52 communists 53 Pike like fish 54 icelandic Sega Down 1 prostrate 2 miss Chaplin 3 immoral 4 stay Guf Laiawa a Gimp sb1�i-3lj Poni a aran Laird of Init Ibie areas 10 rip 11 gratify if left Over morsel 20 declares score As at pinochle 22 heart s main trunk artery i 23 special Tab 5 japanese coins 24 bra7ilinn state 6 before 7 one who fits parts together 8 dog 9 shifting Sand 25 remaining moist 26 pickled As meat 27 English River 1 i 3 12 1------- 15 a a 4 k s�?o6 i 18 ��22 id 20 29 1 is 1 a. A a 35-- n r w 28 Salamander 30 abated 36 Ilora Tian poems 37 dance step 39 night before an event 40 turkish title 41 fashion 42 Brave 43 assert 44 Driver obliquely As Nail 45 feminine appellation 48 educational group Tab n Premier Robert l. Bradshaw., Universal production set up. But sent two of his appointed Nin Are As quiet and officials packing and on May 30 effective As the Boss himself ejected the 16 St. Kitts policemen charged with maintaining Law and order. The Itta a on Teaman the Lead in a three hour Kathye Teffen. Who live j a Vathis reason it is Seldom the Anguillana who live on. ,. Univ Mann Ivi pc it Burr substance farming lobster fish jape is most of Hie time More lines the hour Long show requires its Star to memorize More lines by Raymond Lahr w As Hington up a con Gress has inches t Forward with All the Speed of a Glacier toward Reform of Federal election Laws written before television air travel and computers caused inflation in the Cost of political campaigns. It has now reached the Point that a new Law covering Campaign spending and contributions is possible in the foreseeable future year. The Senate rules committee approved a Bill last week substantially in line with proposals which came from president Johnson May 25. This Bill however does not cover Johnson a much More controversial recommendations to use Money from the Federal Treasury to help finance presidential campaigns a subject with which the Senate finance committee is still struggling. By itself the Senate committee action would not mean much. The Senate has passed feet is three Bills in the past 10 years to rewrite the Laws controlling Campaign spending Ami contributions Only to see them get lost in the House. But last year the House elections subcommittee rep Robert t. Ashmore is c. Held hearings and write a Bill too late for further action. That Bill is scheduled to go before the Parent House administration committee wednesday. Ashmore says he Hopes and d news in a capsule continued from Page one r a. Hep. Wilbur o. Mills he most us in Congress reflected the mood Washington up sex of the lawmakers when he news in drinking is or Oleo i termed the measure a Abb lit the nearly half 0f the 53 / 0 High toughest proposition that he a deaths each be / Accord Johnson has Nad to Idee a a a a a a a ing to a government Survey Iri the cd of. Tegi Sutton. A the National v s feta even if coh filiss Wehe to buy Agency is putting the find Hon ithe Bill. Mills said it was touches on a Stu a of t h in like by it would be voted into effect by oct. President asked. As the Sampson the Eyck of the hearings this i Fowler stoutly declared he was of Lull 111 111 it Jim proc web when by the a a fully a Erna accept the confronted with Mibb a a we will do our dead in vhf Best to make it Clear that anything Short of 10 per cent or the revenues it would produce would run the risk increased the Secretary isaid in a television and radio interview issues and answers a abcs a. He also said there was no a reason Why Congress could riot act in time to put the increase into effect by of. L he said i action could be put Oft until the november and still he by a on a relationship of drinking and us a fact King Kong gum Bri Lush author tic began of Mitt ing commute it be Farmers Back into Hotfil let no today to till their land Tough gurkha troops Sturchi j the chinese or weapons they to nosed the Borden. New or Rani up a of Lvi Man jury Early today found attorney Dean Andrewsjr gel Why on thre Chunta of perjury in connection Ajith dist. Atty. Jim garrisons investigation of ih2 Kennedy Drewi was being tried or charges he lied to the grand jury. Investigating the assassination last March when he said h2 out cd cute mine the Cress services Are held today in Carey Van Ril scr a if is for mrs Lens cml Quot 65 Wor. I v held at 4 . Today at the Calvary Antist cd Orch office a he Rev rav Turner no Reinfield and per Pray a. Or Stor of the Bible Baptist Church. Interment was in the Childress re meter by Newberry mrs. Cross did at 1 45 a m saturday at her Home. Born june 4, 1902, in Jonesboro la., mar. Cross and her husband moved to Childress a i it two years ago f r o m Brownfield. Survivors Are her husband o Cross three daughters and two steer daughters f i v e sons end step sons 34 grandchildren several great grandchildren three Brothers a n d two Sisters. Temperatures be made retroactive. Any ihn�msm�br�h8mmk additional delays however after it was Clay l. Shaw. Us a would make h impossible far of �13 name Clay i Ertrand. The internal rewire service Toiyo a Hort to re ref a v Oswald m get new 1967 tax tables ready in time for mailing january spid. The president himself has been lobbying intensively for the increase conducting a series of private White House Lee ing and the Harvest of two Salt Ponds charged that Bradshaw had ignored a constitutional provision for a local elected Council on Anguilla and forced them of pay High duties on supplies from St. Kitts. The British declared the problem a an internal matter and hoped it would go away. President Johnson also decide of his time Between shots studying his script. He a up half the night memorizing lines. But when the director is ready to shoot a scene Burr is j there silently ready to perform i concentrating on the slightest i nuance of the Ole. Professionalism is what it is. I but there a More too. Burr has fade countess trips w 47 2�o 71 1 14 us continued from Page one it. The twin Bridges at Lang son were prime targets. Across them poured thousand is of tons of War supplies for the Hanoi regime. Knocking them out coupled with bombing out a Span of the Doumer Bridge across the red River at Hanoi has effectively Cut for the time at least a major part of the War materials needed by North de he had something Elre to do Vietnam in when. The Anguilla asked the �0 Quot Tisil to tit ing men in the lines. N his element he does no to sing dance or Tell jokes. Out in the Boondocks whore american troops want someone to talk to or to listen to Burr is in his element. He a a Man from Home the kind of Man who represents stability and permanence. He also believes in what they Are doing individually and what this country is accomplishing in Vietnam. So he a More than an observer a curious actor trying Vietnam to carry on the War in to get his name in the news. The South. Newspaper Enterprise Assn Treasury report Washington Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through aug. 9 with drawls dept sits Cash balance Public debt Gold $20,785,780,869.93 14,498,281,96586 6,161,420,105.59 330,478,336,032 80 13,059,052,712.20 Burr does no to hold press conferences on his trips nor expound on the administrations policy in Vietnam. A i go Over there because i want to and because i think the Guys appreciate having someone to talk to a he says. Chairman Omar Burleson a r. It Tex. Of the administration convince them of the committee says he believes Nee it for that the House will pass an election Reform measure this year. There Are More similarities than differences in the Ashmore Bill and the one approved by the Senate committee. Both would eliminate the present meaningless ceilings on spending by National political committees and candidates for Congress. Both would depend on requirements for Fuller reports on spending and contributions to guard against abuses. The Bills would apply to state primaries for members of Congress and for presidential candidates and to campaigns in states choosing National convey i Tion delegates or nominating senatorial candidates by convention. Now exempt committees functioning within a single state would have to file reports on contributions and spending for campaigns involving candidates for the presidency or Congress. One Check on congressional action this year could develop of the updated corrupt practices Bill Are tied to whatever comes from the Senate finance committee about Public finance ing or tax incentives to raise Campaign Money. A Row Over those issues tied up the Senate for six weeks w the Spring. If they Are combined now with the corrupt practices measures Congress might shrug off the whole subject again. Massengale wins Wichita Falls up Rik Massengale of Jacksboro Tex. Whose older brother Don. Ori lost a playoff for the pea title with co Rajsl Rien in in Jast month fired a 69 sunday to win the 17th annual Texas the maximum temperature for the Post 24-hour period ending at 11 a. A today was 87 degree at 5 p. M. Sunday. The. Minimum Temoer Aturo v. A-63 degrees at 3 a. M. Today. The maximum Temoer Atun for the same period on August 14. 1966, was 93 degrees. That i minimum temperature on that 1 Date was 72 degrees. Temperatures follow Olahoma a Btu tournament. Much of the a Scese produced j abolitionist movement in in the muted states s made United states before the into pasteurized process cheese Yii War was established in and related products. Boston with the founding of a William Lloyd garrisons paper. Read till classifieds a a the sunday monday 12 8412 74 1 841 73 2 83 a a 2 <1 4 85 4 67 5 875 64 6 86 6 65 7 84. 7 68 8 80 8 72 9 789 74 10 77. 10 77 11 7611 79 Rasims Oshuns read the classifieds is the spoken word like the air Walla Walla Wash is an Indian term meaning a Many a Hont Rise by Frank of Natl news briefs i by United press International i present Bill s new Delhi up a India so family planning commissioner said sunday the govern meal would present a Bill liberalize my abortions in India. The pre Sefie Law forbids abortions exc Ngsi cases of rape or danger to a life of the Mother. Kill 38 Tehran Iran up Ai Headon crash Between two buses near the town of Ayaz Ini Central aran killed 38 persons sunday and injured 33 others. H won right b Zurich Switzerland up Al artists poets hippies and enl agers sunday won the right Brt women to Wear miniskirts into. The Odeon cafe where 50 Yedrol ago bolshevik . Lepiny planned revolution and last week the owner banned super i Short skirts. The Bah Camel Down after the Youngst demonstrated at the cafe saturday. Drop leaflets bus Salisbury Rhodesia up i a rhodesian air Force paries Al have dropped thousands of i leaflets to Antigo emment ter i a wrists warning them to �?o4uri Render or die a Rhodesia Al spokesman said saturday. A rend Tow clowlfi�4f i but the printed word its always there is for really effective t advertising none can approach the printed word for unfed in the newspaper. La Felt everybody in this area reads the Index your newspaper Only new Piper fainted in Cal Idrese with cell Dree labor

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