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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Childress, Texas The Childress Index celebrating our 79th year vol. 81, no. 200 Nea up the Childress Index. Monday August 14 1967 Price 10 cents 8 pages Johnson warns South Vietnam. On elections Washington Dpt a president Johnson sent a personal message to the leaders of Saigon a military government warning the pm that a rigged election in South Vietnam would alienate the american people. The chief executive s message was disclosed sunday by the two special envoys he dispatched on a round of asian visits last month Gen Maxwell i. Taylor and Washington attorney Clark Clifford. Clifford said the presidents message to marshal Nguyen Cao by South Vietnam a Premier and Gen Nguyen Van them the chief of state a said a bluntly As h can la said that if there was any one act on their part which would he calculated to alienate the american people it would 1h? to have a rigged election. A i personally believe that they understood that very Well Clit Ord added. Taylor who appeared with Clifford in a television interview face the nation Obsi said hat All the evidence he and Clifford had seen a indicates that the Saigon government is insistent on an honest election. They Are making every under the conditions of War to obtain conditions where campaigning is Possi ble and where the elections will be carried out with the maximum participation of the voters. Now this is Tough doing. Under the conditions in South trip abroad for Romney includes user Mackinac Island Mich. Up a Michigan gov. George w. Romney looking More and More like a presidential candidate. Plans a three week tour of Europe next month which May include stops in Russia. Romney made the announcement sunday after a to Nils match with Rhode Island gov. John Chafee that concluded Romney a weekend of relaxation at his summer mansion Romney met with Chafee new York gov. Nelson a. Us bombs railroads near red China Over a million dollars in checks will be mailed out by the agricultural stabilization and conservation service office to Childress county Farmers. Mrs. Gordon Gravley an ass clerk is shown extending the checks sent her from the new Orleans commodity office. The wheat payments Are being made now but the Cotton and feed Grain payments will not be made until August 28, Gene Frisbie county Secretary. Index photo engraving Johnson puts pressure on for tax Bill boost by Michael l. Posner Washington up a the Johnsn administration opened its drive in Congress today for 0 per cent tax increase a arguing that it was necessary Rockefeller and former Penn because of the costly Vietnam Sylvania gov. William Scranton War wich shows a no Clear reported la to discuss his pres-1 pro pm 0f any Early identical chances. The european swing expected to include Romney a first visit to Russia and possibly stops in the Middle East is being tailored to bolster rom neyts foreign policy credentials a an area of some political i weakness. A observers said the trip would i also allow Romney to bask in the spotlight of International i news at a time when president Johnson s popularity according to polls is going downhill. Still unannounced As a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 196�, Romney seems to be increasing the Tempo of his a Long hard look at seeking the nomination. Rockefeller Scranton and Chafee told reporters after the gathering that they were a a devoted to securing the nomination for Romney. Rockefeller even went so far As to hint that Romney has the resting that the Choice of the running mate was a up to Romney.�?�. The Long planned tour sche tee on the tax hike. Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler told he lawmakers the increase was vital As a measure of a fiscal responsibility a in meeting the War costs. Despite the arguments a Fowler. Budget director Schulte and chair exam deadline for de students is August m patrolman Hughes of the Texas department of Public safety has been giving driving examinations to the student. Who have completed the summer Drivers education courses a t the rate of 20 or More e a c h monday which is his Day i n Childress this is As Many As he can have in a single Day. He will not be in Childress 1 next monday because his vacation begins on monday. August 21 supt. J. W. Hamilton has called the department of Public safety to request a replace ment Tor patrolman Hughes next monday so that the approximate v 18 or 20 students i who Are eligible for the exam _ nation might be examined be a fore the August 28 deadline. Or. Hamilton was informed that this would not be possible because of the shortage of patrolmen and because of the vacation schedule and the unusually heavy demand occasioned by the new legislation and the August 28 deadline. The officer in Wichita Falls instructed Hamilton to a noun ice that the students could go to another testing site for their examination and that they would be taken on a a first come first tested basis. Perhaps the least difficulty in being accepted for the examination would be at Crowell on tuesday August 15. Other Sites and dates Are As follows Quanah on Wec vierday August 16 Vernon on Friday August 18 and again at Vernon o n monday August 21 Wichita Falls on five and a half Days monday through saturday morning each week. The Law provides that the sex i Ami Natin be taken before August 28 he further suggested that the students go with their parents As Early As possible to the testing Center on the Day indicated As the driving tests will be Given in order of appearance. Hamilton asked about the possibility of a time Extension beyond August 28, since the Drivers education course was completed Early in August and Childress is being shorted one Martha Galligan. Left above is Shofnas she accepted a scholarship Check from buddy Cordell president of the Childress High school exes association. Miss Galligan was awarded the Money at the annual meeting of the group saturday night. She is the daughter of mrs. Lorraine Galligan and plans to attend West Texas state University this fall. Index photo engraving grizzly bears turn Savage become killers by Clyde Jabin Glacier National Park up a the grizzly normally belies his ferocious scientific name Ursus Horri bilis the horrible Bear. But two of the usually pacifist grizzlies turned killer saturday night. They savagely chewed and clawed to death two 19-year-old girls and mauled a Mem aged boy. Authorities today hoped to question four distraught witness by Alvin b. Webb Saigon up american bombers attacked vital North vietnamese Railroad targets less than 10 Miles from the communist chinese Border today for the second Day in a Row. An american spokesman said the air War escalation with the personal approval of president Johnson was aimed at cutting the major flow of War materials from red China. Never before had . Fighter bombers hit closer than 30 Miles South of the Border. On sunday. The bombers hit the giant Railroad and Highway Bridge at Lang son collapsing it like a grotesque a into the Tkv Cung River. Today the raiders returned an hit another Railroad Bride just three fifths. Of a mile away Cump no the i Southern Soan of the 36<moot, four Span Ridge. The spokesman said that pm sunday. Other Wam lanes caught hundreds of boxcars loaded with War materials clustered in the area and cd str Ved or damaged 143 of them the highest number chalked up during any Day this year. The strikes Wen Nart of a list of target that official sources in Washington said president Johnson Ano roved last tuesday. This was the Dav before Adna. Is Grant Sharp commander of . Forces in the Pacific testified before the Senate preparedness subcommittee. Putting on pressure Sharp also is understood to be exerting pressure on the Pean Wagon to to him mine Haiphong Harbor. This was successfully done during the japanese ses and the youth to determine occupation firing world War n. What happened in the two j no american planes were widely separated incidents the reported to have been shot Moonshiner gamblers Tough Crews to handle Selmer Tenn. Up a it or takes a Tough Man to ride Herd Pusser 29, who made Many on the Moonshiner and Gam a enemies in relentless Battle filers who flourish in the Rural j against Moon shining Bootleg red Clay country along the j Ging and gambling swerved his Tennessee Mississippi Border car for the shoulder of the Road sheriff Buford Pusser is such when the first Volley rang oui first killings by bears in the 57 year history of the Park. The victims were two summer employees on weekend outings 35 Miles apart. Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., and Michelle Koons of san Diego Calif were killed. Park superintendent Keith Down during the two Davs of raids closer than Ever before to that chinese Border. Ameri Cubi pilots previously had been forbidden from flying within 3 Miles of the chinese Border to prevent them from acc Dently violating red chinese air space. There had been several Nielson immediately ordered All previous incidents however tourists out of the areas. 1 including one in which an rangers with big game rifles american Pilot chased an fatally shot two bears but they 1 opposing fighter plane into president Johnson sent three top fiscal experts to Capitol Hill to testify at i opening of bearings by the House was i Means commit texan Johnson gives up part of his stale Mexico City up a Lyndon b Johnson and mexican president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Man w. Gardner1 Ackley Rotthe j Day by the vacation schedule of presidential economic Council the examining patrolman a Man. A 6-3, 210-Pound former wrestler the Mcnairy country sheriff had dodged death half a continued on Page b the administration faced an in a i he was informed that this dozen times since being elected u Phi 114 sir Uggie a �7 its quest for a would not he possible for any j three years ago and he had tax hike Juat is months one area but could happen on-1 been threatened As recently As away from the presidential anti Lyas a result of a Star we congressional elections. J pronouncement which is very Fowler testified a we Are unlikely engaged in a costly conflict in the Only Way to beat the Southeast Asia with no Clear i deadline is Tojo Prospect of any Early i other Sites and keep going i be referred repeatedly in a 53-Page statement to the fact that the United states is engaged in a shooting War. I a in a wartime context a Fowler said a a fiscal response ii a Lite must include Ethe courage1 and willingness to raise the til accepted Fri the driving examination. Religious squabble again in Vietnam get together again for their Money a Yessai a fifth visa in october and Johnson will present Mexico with a special gift�?630 acres of Texas. It May be ironic that history picked texan Johnson to do it but a tiny slice of the state a a Brushy Section of Elpaso has to be Given Back to Mexico extra donors for blood May be Here Friday Iasi month. He dodged death again saturday but this time his wife was killed. Pusser escaped with a Bullet in the jaw. Pusser got a disturbance Call at his Home Early Satur Yav and his , blonde wife Pauline insisted that she accompany him in Case he needed help. It was a trap. As the sheriff s car headed Down a dark Road an assassins t _ car roared up with its lights off i cheering monks \ and Blaing guns sent Lead conference that were unable to Tell if the animals had been involved in the attacks. Roy Ducat 18. Of Perrysburg Ohio a companion of miss Helgeson. Was clawed and bitten by the Bear that killed her. His doctor said the youth May be Able to disclose today details of the tragedy China and shot it Down. Migs frequently flee toward chinese Sanctuary rather than tangle with american pilots. Presumably american pilots May now be allowed to Chase them in a hot Pursuit closer to the chinese Border. Pilots reported seeing migs in the air during the tw0 Days of raids near Lang son but no miss Koons and four friends dogfights were reported went on an overnight trip they american min Mary of Netols his Inci Heffi Rixi Hown in feel that red China will not Benin g when the killei1 a Quot her the War unless chinese Bear came sniffing into their Borders Are actually violated. Camp. J four of the campers Ray t. Saigon up the militant j is brother Ronald it monks of South Vietnam today caused chief of state Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu a roman Catholic of trying to a destroy buddhism Thich reverend Tri Quang made the charge in front of at a news marked his the guns planes and material need of our forces in Southeast i asia.�?�. For the administrations Par a reunions Are the or Fowler promised that the Der 0f the Day in fair Park president and government Agen j throughout the summer Mon cios would a restrain Cut and its return since 1866, and although the land itself is not very Large nor particularly Val ruled to Start sept. 9, was j Uaje rectum was important reportedly discussed along with. To mexican Pride and to the a Ftp at Friendly relations Between the two countries. Big reception civil disorders like the worst race riot in modern . History in Detroit some three weeks ago. Control expenditures. J a ways the auditorium is re i served for the weekends by fan try groups. The coming weekend is no sex the mexicans have been after Rase $6.3 billion in the current fiscal year by imposing the 10 per cent surcharge on personal and corporate incomes. The committees chairman continued on Page 2 flying i a the said it sounded like a 1 Bunch of machine guns opened fire on him a said Selmer police chief Hugh Kirkpatrick. By Early monday police had questioned several suspects and Kirkpatrick said a we think we know who a behind no arrests had been made Howe Green Belt bowl gome termed successful a it is impossible to name All of those who helped so much in making the 8th annual Oree Helt bowl football classic a Success so i want to take everyone including those who attended the game a said president Cecil Park. Attendance at the game was to slightly Over last year and the game was one of the finest in the history of the games. Those who have Bills Are urged to turn them in immediately. Youth injured in foil from horse Clay Seal son of or. And mrs. Carroll Seal of Childress. Was injured in an Accident with can foreign department an i a horse on the Clinton Halford bounced simultaneously Satur farm West 0f Childress about Day that Diaz Ordaz would 830 sunday make a state visit to washing his decision to return the area known As the Chamizal contributed in great Par to the late president Kennedy a popularity in Mexico which gave him a tumultuous reception in 1962. The White House and mexi . A. Floyd of Lelia Lake held the reservation starting Friday. The quarterly visit of the Bloodmobile is scheduled for Friday afternoon from noon in 1 red Cross Secretary Avis Church conducted by Bailey contacted Floyd and explained the difficulty. Mrs. Bailey was told to go ahead with the Bloodmobile visit. A in fact some of us will probably give blood a Floyd said. Return to National politics after the collapse of his attempt last year to roue a holy War against the military regime. Tri Quang urged the Resigna Tion of Thieu and Premier Nguyen Cao by to insure a fair presidential election sept. 3. Another militant Thien Minh said buddhists Are now powerless to prevent Thieu and by being elected president and vice president on an army ticket. A Only the . Armed forces have such Power a a said Minh a Buddhist youth Leader. The assembled shaven haired monks applauded and cheered. Tri Quang who failed to keep a vow to fast unto death last year to press his ill fated 1966 anti Thieu and by Campaign Mcnutt rites Are held today final rites for Elbridge b. Mcnutt 79, were held at 10 a. M. Today in the Carey Baptist Rich conducted by Charles Simmons of Dumas. Interment was in the cemetery by Newber rvs a. Today joined in the Appeal for pallbearers were w. L. Eik-1 the generals resignation Man Ivey Lambert Martin in his first Public appearance Paul Dunn and Denise e. Huckle All employed in summer jobs at the Park jumped from their sleeping bags and climbed Trees the Koons girl get out of her sleeping bag. Her friends told authorities Michelle seemed to a be trapped. The Zipper locked like it the Bear dragged her out o f the area and partially devoured her. The witnesses were so upset they were Given sedation and put to bed without being questioned further. Dave Cutler Deputy Flathead county Coroner who examined the victims said the Helgeson girl died a from loss of blood and puncture wounds around her Chest. She was covered with claw Marks and bites Many of them Cutter said the Koons girl was a partially devoured. She had Large gaping wounds Over All of her Ducat suffered both claw and bite wounds. He was taken from the area by helicopter after he ran for help. Sent in help although there Are no known chinese military units As such operating in North Vietnam the chinese have sent More than 50,000 men to help maintain the Railroad and to operate antiaircraft guns which help protect continued on Page 2 ton oct. 26-27. The two press denies will Fly to Elpaso oct Clay was attempting to rope a calf when the horse he was Riding reared and he slice i off Vit Tikva w aaa j a Ivi Ihk 1 a 28 to carry out the land trans catching his foot in the rope Fer mexican authorities said. The horse drug Clay Complete this will be Only the second time a mexican president has visited Washington in office and the first since mexican president Miguel Aleman who left office in 1952, paid a Call on Harry s. Truman. By around the roping Arena once before he could be stopped. He was treated and released at Childress general Hospital for bruises Burns and a sprained ankle. Gravley Howard Grimes Reu Ben Arnold and Watt Foard. Or. Mcnutt died at 7 25 . Moscow up a a russian saturday in a local rest Home freighter sailed for Home today bom Jan. 1 1887, in Thorp from a communist chinese Springs Tex., he had lived in port where it was both Pawn Carey area for 41 years. He and Battlefield in a three Day was a retired ginner and farm sino soviet confrontation. Or., the russians reported t h e i survivors include two step Svirsk badly battered As it left sons e. Howard of Texas City the yellow sea port of Dairen and Jack Howard of Amarillo where red guard of party chief six nieces including mrs. Vic Mao tse Tung ransacked it re Tor lock of Millsap two Nep heatedly battled with the Crew hews including a e. Mcnutt and beat up the Captain i of Weatherford Tex. In months he castigated Thieu for granting a charter to a rival Buddhist faction giving it the status of the sole official Buddhist organization. Thieu a action was a plot to destroy buddhism a plot even More virulent and ravaging the ski what buddhism had to suffer in the time of the French colonialists and of the dictator Ial president Ngo Dinh diem a Tri Quang said. About 11 million of South Vietnam a 1� million population consider themselves Buddhist. 70 boys report for football a total of 70 boys turned out for physicals and for today a opening practice of the Childress High school football teams it was announced by head coach Charlie Johnston. A we expect several More out when they return from Vaca cations a Johnston said. The 70 reporting were for the varsity and b squads three youths arrested for robbery try three negro youths will b e tried in juvenile court August 22 because of an attempt to break into a grocery store Bare last night. The boys 9, 11 and 14 years of age attempted to break into Gage food. Some time before 7 ., the youths picked up some Bones in the rear of the store and apparently made an attempt to break into the store. Walking Home with the Bones they were picked up and taken Home by City policeman John Cannon. A in the meantime Neil noticed the attempt to by into the store and the were notified. A stakeout was put at 4he store. About 10 39 . The attempt to break into the store by made again and the arrests a Lowed. The to Flis have been released to their parents. Washington up or former president Dwight Eisenhower has recovered gastrointestinal upset and cleared to return to his c Burg farm. Walter Reed eral Hospital announced

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