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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Min., Oft. 28, 1174    9^    .............................Insurance for Your SavingsSigns Recession Replacing Inflation as No. I Problem By Sylvia Perter NKW YORK - If you deposit your money in an insured institution — a bank, a savings institution or credit union protected by either federal or strong state insurance laws — you are now covered up to $40,(HH) against the institution’s failure It is even possible for you to have up to $580,000 of funds insured in one institution' The limit on your protection has just been doubled from $20.(MIO to $40,(MMI under the* Depository    Institutions Amendments Act of 1974 The increase would have become law anyway — but possibly not so soon had it not received an unfortunate stimulus from the failure of the giant Franklin National bank in New York. With $14 billion in deposits, the* Franklin was by far the biggest bank to collapse in 40 years Hut you and I need not worry about losing a single penny of our deposits if we follow these two fundamental rules For Better Health Sylvia Porter (1) Don t keep more than the legal maximum in your individual accounts of all types in any one financial institution or its branches. (2) Bo bank only with a federal or state-insured institution. All insured institutions advertise this fact, so take the* time to make* sure your institution is properly insured. These are easy rules to heed A full 9K percent of our banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp in Washington The vast majority of federal and state-chartered savings and loan associations are insures! by the Federal Savings and blan Insurance Corp in Washington and most not covered by the FSI JC are bae keel by state insuranc e funds. All federally chartered credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration and most of the* credit unions not protected by federal insurance laws have opted for either insurance alternatives and some states have mandatory laws What are the chances your banks might fall? A Very slim indeed There* have lieen 55 failure's of fed-erally insured banks in the* past decade* but this is a tiny total. The record has be*e*n similar for savings and loan associations. Are only savings and checking accounts Insured? A. No. These other types of deposits also are insured: Christmas savings and other open-account time deposits, uninvested trust funds, certified checks, cashiers’ checks, bank travelers checks, and all other deposits “received by a bank in its usual course of business.’’ Cooperation Is Important For Peptic Ulcer Patient Ad Sparks Boycott of Yule Spoilers By Dr. S I,. Andelman “My husband is coming home from the hospital soon with a peptic ulcer." a reader writes “How can I be sure he recovers fully?” Fortunately, the ulcer patient is basically a healthy person Modern medications will give him relief from pain: he ll be able to continue all reasonable activities, and can look forward to getting his ulcer under control as long as he co-operates with his doctor. That’s where the wife, husband or family of the ulcer patient can In* most helpful: Be sure the doctor’s orders ***v followed. Food is an important part of early ulcer therapy and the family can help the patient accept the special foods they will bi* sharing (Amotions This reader can also be a great help to her husband and his doctor by understanding the role emotions play in an ulcer attack The typical “ulcer type” is a high-strung, sensitive person whose overstimulated stomach seeps excessive acid at the wrong times — that is. when there's no food present to use it up. Most ulcer patients tend to react intensely to certain kinds of strain and tension No one can avoid all tension, but it can be minimized. The family can be of great help in protecting the patient from this tension — you know him well and can help him avoid people and situations which upset him This may mean more than just trying to get the patient to take it easy You may have to rearrange family schedules so your patient can get needed rest without feeding guilty You should make mealtimes as pleasant as possible and In* sure to avoid, or at least soft-pedal, those subjects which sometimes cause an argument (onlrol Ulcers art* quite easy to control today, if the patient fib serves medication routines and avoids the foods his doctor puts off limits. It’s also important for the patient to feel that he's accepted in his family — faults, good points, ulcer and all Don’t In* afraid to baby him Ulcer patients often need a little extra pampering, a little more tender, loving care than you’d usually give Most ulcer patients are between 25 and 4(1 — those normally stressful, busy years when business, marriage and family responsibilities may interfere with regular meals, proper rest and general peace of mind. A person with an ulcer fin top of all that responsibility needs a little extra attention You’ll make a great contribution toward the ulcer patient's recovery if you can be firm about food and medication — and generous with love and encouragement 'ir & Dr Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in rare of The Gazette Brazilian Indian Attack Kills One TI'SHN. Calif (AP)—Th<‘ bumper stickers read, “Boycott Christmas spoilers!” They're the brain child of Bob Clay of Tustin, who says he loves Christmas and decided “This is too much” when he saw a Christmas advertisement in a newspaper Sept. IS Under the name of the "Committee To Eliminate Premature Christmas Advertising and Display." the 47-year-old father of three printed 2.501! stickers He sent out I.IMM! to his firm’s Christmas card list and to newspapers Clay charges 25 cents each and. he says, “this thing really took off.” “Promoting Christmas right after Halloween has given almost two months of seeing Christmas everywhere. By Dec. 25 most of us are over-Christmased,” he said “Now some retailers are starting even earlier. Three months of Christmas commercialism could mean that we would be tired of Christmas before' Thanksgiving arrives " ( lay said that his aim is simply to “save a little Christmas spirit for Christmas day." “When I was a kid Christmas was at Christmas time." he said “Then the shopping season began after Thanksgiving. then it moved up to Halloween, and now a home improvement store in my neighborhood had a banner reading ‘Christmas in September" “I came from a family in which the tree was decorated on Christmas eve so you didn’t get sick of it," he said. “When I was in high school and college I did my Christmas shopping on Christmas eve.” LAFF - A - DAY BK AM UA (IPD - Brazil's National Indian Foundation says a group of Maiuruna Indians attacked an outpost of To Fit Any Decor CEDAR RAPIDS PAINT 509 3rd Ave. SI Phone 363-9634 the foundation in the state of Amazonas, killing one Indian expert and seriously wounding another The attack last Saturday was the third the Maiuruna have carried out against the outpost. in a wild region near Brazil's border with Peru In December, 1972, they attacked the outpost for the first time, killing the wife of one of the Indian experts The second attack took place July 25 of this year. The Maiuruna are known to be totally opposed to the presence of white men on their land, which the Brazilian government says it needs for the construction of the northern perimetral highway Special Interest Sights & Sounds Tabloid Section Thursday, Nov. 7 For your •0|0ym#nt and entertainment, a special home entertainment tup plement with informative Atones ond timely ad verging to help you telect your new iteieo sound tyttem, television, rec or dc and tape' coming Thunday, November 7 in your Cedar Rapid' Gaze* Ie For more information call 398 8224 "Don’t blame me! lf your bumper sticker had been in larger print, I wouldn’t have had to get so close to read it." lf yau have both a checking and a Havings account, Is each insured up to $tl,000? A No. All deposits under your own name are added together and this total is insured up to $411,(MKI. What if you have, in addition to your own account, a joint account with your husband (or wife)? A. Your joint account, with your husband (wife) or your child, is insured separately for up to $40,(MMI. Are accounts at different banks insured separately? A Yes However, ll you keep separate accounts at separate branches of your hank, all of these are considered as a single hank for the purposes of deposit insurance. Are certificates of deposit covered? A. Yes Bul they are not insured separately if you have other deposits in the same bank in the same name Who pays for the insurance coverage on deposits? A. FT)It! member banks, which are assessed approxi- MARMADUKE mately I-.’loth of I percent of their total deposits. Savings and loan associations pay higher assessments How do you get to that total of SHI,MT’ A By adding insurance maximums for individual accounts of a man, woman and child, for joint accounts of man and wife, man and child, wife and child; for four variations of testamentary revocable trust accounts, and for four variations of irrevocable trust accounts. A couple with one child could keep 14 accounts in a single institution fully insured for up to $41),(MMI How and when would you be paid in event of a failure? A. Probably within a week of the date your institution failed, by a check you could then either cash or deposit in another insured bank Or more likely, your funds would be transferred to a new institution under new management, and be quickly available. wrnmmmmM By Anderson & Looming "Oh, Oh, here conies Mr. thirty-two flavors." Shaky Economy Deflates Prices for Modern Art NEW YORK (AP) - Modern paintings, long regarded as blue chip investments that could also decorate walls, have apparently become the latest casualty of the world’s shaky economy A “barometer sale" of modern art at Sotheby Parke Bernet painted a glum picture of sliding prices, with about one-third of the works bought back by their owners. Some prices on less highly-regarded pictures rose or were stable, but the price trend was down for the first time in more than 30 years. Estimated Gross The auction had been estimated to gross from $5.5 million to $7 million, but brought only $4 785 million East May, a similar sale of works by many of the same artists fetched $8.3 million High |Munt of the disappointing evening was the sale of a huge painting by French artist .lean Dubuffet for a record $340.(MIO The buyer was London dealer Peter Matthews Bpt it was generally downhill from there. Max Ernst’s portrait of stripier Gypsy Rose Lee was bought hack by its owner when the price didn t go high enough. The multi-scope picture was made famous when the stripper got a look at it and commented. “That’s not my hip, Max." The famous Modigliani por trait of Thora Klinokowstrom also went back to its owner when bidding reached only $310,000. The sale price had been estimated at $350,000 to $4(MMMMi Same Kale Even George Broque's still life, “Guitar. Fruit and Pitcher”, on the block for the first time, suffered the same fate when bidding reached only $270.(MMI That was far short of the gallery’s minimum sale* estimate of $4(MI.(MMi “It’s time that collectors understood that expectations are too high," said Klans Peris, a New York dealer, "lf Polaroid stock is selling for $22, why should their paintings continue* to bring high prices*'" Some dealers blamed the* quality of the* pictures for the low bidding "Most of it was junk," said one* dealer. “As such. it was highly overestimated " Stephen Hahn, a Now York dealer, said the* auction indicated that “people will buy top notch pictures and pav nothing fe»r the so-called merchandise.*. "It takes quite a long time for the really gimel pictures to come out. It won’t happen until we* have a real depression Classified Adv are the* answer to your storage* nroblonis Dial 39H-K234 We put you first! OUR SERVICE DIPT. IS OPEN 7:30 AM-S:00 PM DAILY . . . and on THURSDAY til 9 You’re someone special AT RAPIDS CHEVROLET whether you want a new or used car . . . a new or used truck ... a motor home for seeing the good oF USA ... or the kind of great service you like! * Chock our Classified Auto Ads J , , .a r CHEVROLET^! few : * & -"iM By Jtbn Cnnniff NEW YORK (AP) - More quickly than many people* realize, the nation’s No I economic problem, inflation, so declared by various officials from the President on down, might Im* slipping into second place behind recession While food price inflation is likely to continue for many months and even years, declines are beginning to appear in some commodity prices, indicative of retail price declines in months to come Shortages in some product areas, such as lumber, are being eliminated, and price negotiating rather than price dictatorship has been resumed Consumer buying resistance is mounting. Joblessness is rising Declining Sales Manufacturers, while still planning price increases, are beginning to complain about declining sales. Union leaders continue to talk about wage increases while gradually becoming more concerned with job security. In Future, May Have To Pay To Move SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -Families of the* future may have to purchase the right to move from one city to another within the United States, according to a Rand Corp population analyst “The day seems to be approaching when we must seriously ask who gets to live where," Dr Peter Morrison of Santa Monica, Calif., told the National Symposium on Law and the Environment In a session at Gonzaga university, Morrison predicted a time when communities may sell settlement permits, perhaps calling them "place of birth medallions.’’ He said cities and towns could control population increases by buying up available medallions or bv offering more for sale. "Anyone who wants to move to, say, Boulder, Colo., has to pay the going price for a Boulder medallion After the move he may want to thwart as many other like-minded migrants as he can, but he'll have to pay a price to do so by buying up quantities of Boulder medallions on the market,’’ Morrison said. “On the other hand, a city that wants to grow a hit more — say Tulsa. Okla., — could vote to increase the number of Tulsa medallions made available nationally." Some U. S. communities have already adopted philosophies of limiting their populations and growth. Morrison said. St Petersburg. Fla., for instance. tried to limit population increases by passing ordinances requiring newly arrived residents to leave, but the ordinances were struck down on grounds that citizens have a constitutional right to live where they please, Morrison said Such changes are inherent in a free economy, which has a tendency to over-react to the market place. Suppliers rush in where a shortage of goods exists, soon over-supply the market, and then back out, leaving it undersupplied again. This economic cycle has been the bane of all modern political administrations. which seek to flatten the curve and eliminate the excesses. But as often as not, it seems, government intervention makes the curve even more pronounced Some businessmen believe, in fact, that President Ford’s recent home economics speech will have that impact Still maintaining that inflation is the primary problem, Ford fried to talk down economic activity Ford Blamed Save your money, balance your budget, avoid waste, economize, the President told Americans. And Lynn Townsend, who believes recession is the big problem, immediately blamed the President for a dip in sales at Chrysler Corp.,. which he heads. While distressed that so many Americans apparently agree with Ford that a conservative posture is the correct one, Townsend himself goes about economizing, eliminating waste, attempting to balance his own company’s budget. In the opinion of many economists, the two attitudes demonstrate the changing nature of the nation’s economic problem The kaleidoscope has been shaken, and suddenly the perceptive viewers discover a brand-new scene. Turning Point That a critical turning point may have been reached, or at least is being approached, is seen also in the insistence of some administration personnel, including the President himself, to decry the likelihood of recession while others are crying out their fears Paul McCracken, the University of Michigan economist who helped formulate some of the Ford program but who seems not to believe enthusiastically in all of it, feels a recession is just ahead Secretary of Commerce Dent represents a curious and even belittling (Mont of view, claiming that everyone who reads recession into the statistics is confused. The consumer makes up his own mind. It is he, in a mass consumption economy, who dictates the course of events And the survey readings of consumer confidence and expectations are at their lowest in years, and in some instances, decades. John Zachar, Jr. Realtors CAREER NIGHT TUESDAY, OCT. 29—7:30 P.M. 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Tom Riley got things done for senior citizens in the Iowa Legislature. HE WILL GET THINGS DONE IN CONGRESS L* /*> Elect Tom Riley To iv United States Congress Bt OI IBI IT Ak! RI PUBLIC** Paid for by the Riley for Congress Committee, Arlene Dayhoft. Chairperson ;

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