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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., October 28, 1974 Television Today Rhoda Weds Bv Jay Sharbutt Mom: Poll Sees Landslide fey Inflation, Not Doctor Reports Whiplash Injuries Demos; Rocky Slipping °j|'    To Tots from Shaking by Parents Clans NEW YORK (AP) — Backed by enough hype, hoopla and promotional gas to warm the entire Bronx this winter, Rhoda Morgenstern and boyfriend Joe finally get married tonight in a special one-hour “Rhoda” row on CBS. The union, which may prove the highest-rated betrothal in TV history, has drawn so much advance publicity one may feel it exceeds in importance last year’s hitching of Princess Anne to Copt. Whats-his name. This is balderdash. Barbara Walters isn t covering it. Still, the show is importing from Minneapolis almost the entire cast of the “Mary Tyler Moore”’ show as wedding guests — Miss M., crusty Ed Asner, whimsical Gavin MacLeod, doris Beachman, the feline landlady, and Georgic Engels, Ted Knight’s dim, but lovely, girlfriend. * * * Alas, Ted won’t be on hand, possibly because he laughs a: weddings. Good Ted. This wedding has a few laughs — or at least the prelims do — but 60 minutes is a long time to wait for occasional mirth. In the short form, “Rhoda” is crisply funny. In this form, it’s a soggy, soggy do. It starts with Rhoda (Valerie Harper) and Joe (David Grohi thinking of a quiet City Hall wedding. But as viewers know by now, Rhoda's mother (Nancy Walker), while tiny, is overbearing. And she changes the wedding plans, of course. She tells Rhoda she d like the wedding held at her apartment and in fact already has invited some people over for a get-together. “Before or after the wedding, mother?” Rhoda asks. Mom: During. How many were invited*1 Not counting musi-79. * * * AH this leads to predictable last-minute tumult, heightened by the arrival of Miss Moore and Miss Engels, who were expected, and Asner, MacLeod and Miss I.cach-man, who weren’t. The only really funny lines come from Carlton, the spaced out, never-seen doorman, and towards the end of the show from Rhoda, who is forced to take the subway to her wedding because of a friend’s forgetfulness. Radiant in a white wedding dress, she complains about the subway to her father: “There was this weirdo who tried to write graffiti on me . . .” But most of the show seems strained, padded, or other. It’s not up to the standards set in its previous 30-minute versions. After all the buildup, it seems a letdown. ★ * * “You’re looking at somebody who’s going to get an ‘E’ for effort in this marriage,” Rhoda assures Joe the night before the big day. Okay, we also give the show an “E” for effort, but no more. And for those who object to anyone putting the knock on Rhoda’s wedding, I say, let em eat cake. By Associated Press    'Harris Polls last week that I Separate Gallup Polls point to! showed dwindling support for n    * i a va •    „J Rockefeller. la Democratic landslide in next I week’s congressional elections land fading support for the nom EVANSTON, 111. (AP)    —ithan the single whiplash in an Caffoy said the frequency and NEW YORK (AP) — First Na-jMany    infants suffer damaging,    automobile    accident,    Caf fey    damage of such assaults on in- tional City Bank    of New York 'even    fatal, whiplash injuries    said that    the total    effect of    fants has never been studied and Newsweek said Sunday that of says unusually large third fr0"> shaking ‘h<''r parents repeated shakings may be more is not 3 persons    queried    by telephone    anarler eornorate    earning* were or b™tb('rs an(1 sls,ors give    harmful lo    the brain    and blood    ly.A rnassn e rtuiatimai cam- __________r,    wpcl    3®    Dercent    opposed    corporate    earnings were them    a Pittsburgh, physician    vessels of the head and eyes.    paign on potential hazards of ination of Nelson Rockefeller as confimatton^ tt^orm^N^v n<** result of a surge in pc- says.    i    casual    Whiplash    IT vice-president    I    York Republican governor with 'relearn profits."    ,    Writing in the October issue of ... , V ,    ,    development    clRentalI re- Th ' Iatest findings indicate a 'ho "st of the respondents un- Citibank's economist said Sun-1Pediatries, published bv the. ' ",abl'uak bmoderaie. clart ardito and cerebral palsy rn be'a,cst 'n4"gVi".h decided    day in a preliminary analysis of    American Academy of redial    "b,p asb    s,hak,n8    appcars    10    J0™"*    of,    ' landslide in the making, with ^ ^ ,|arrig .s;,nlp|inK.after tax profits of S5:i corpora-    rics. Dr. John Caffey said in-    Practiced to    some    degree nearly    healthy infants. Caffey asserted. [democratic scat gains likely to sd()W(»d Rockefeller’s support at tions that the increases over tho    fants may suffer permanent    e v e T. y w    f 0    y pa'?n,’<i or    , If, 18 .P°ss,b'1’    h,i nian> bo considerably in excess of the 55 to 31 percent, but backing for earnings reported in the third    brain and eve damage from    Parent-surrogates    (substitutes)1 ^low-lcarning and    clumpy chil- normal off-year gains for the the confirmation slipped to a 47-j quarter a year ago “almost en-1 shakings.    ’    for a w,de vanet>T of rcasons’ dren \    <*    90    J™6 n,rtv out Of nmJr ” said Gal 140 percent tally in the second tircly reflected inflated dollar    ..    .    r    .    he«ald-    been, intelligent and normally party out of powei, said . Pe ^ ^    unde-1    volume, not higher profit mar-    Need    Campa,gn    The    common    motives,    he    said.    mobile children with IQs of 120, hip.    |cidcd    gins<- and wcro not distributed Caffey, of the departments of are punishment for minor mis- had they not been habitually In the Sept. 27-Oct. 14 congres-    evenly over the 30 industry    pediatrics and radiology at the    behavior    and    discipline    in    train- shaken    during infancy, sional survey of 3,113 adults in J    or    resl <n •    groups studied.    j    University of Pittsburgh and *n8-    sa‘d 350 locations 55 percent of those    Asked whether they would like The 13 petroleum firms stud-Children’s Hospital of Pitts- polled said they would rather    f ^k^,b^fnfr“d!^,.had ■ ">,a> P™«'ot f1 670.burBh. said a nationwide cam- Lo ihoir fnnprossion d district dent some day’ 25    sal(| billion and accounted for almost    paign is needed to educate ivnn bv Democrats    they W0ldd and 60 Percent said|18 percent of the total profit of    parents of the potential harm they    wouldn't.    $9,296 billion reported by all the    from shakings. Asked about the propriety of firms.    7^ hands of an angry parent Rockefeller s gifts and loans 0    Lower    Decrease    or a jealous older brother or _________________ public officials who worked for    Lower    Decrease    jsls(cr J may bpcomc deadly Republicans. 2 percent said they (him.    45 percent said it as a . However, the petioleum in-    weaponSi Caffey said. Tile shak- preferred other party candidates right, 45 percent disagreed and dustry had an average earnings , nccd not ^ vigorous t0 and 8 percent were undecided.lthc remaining ten percent were|increase of 45 ------- — he Nearly Identical Thirty-five percent said they would rather be represented by Lists Unions, AMA as Big Election Spenders WASHINGTON (AP) — The en candidates returned their I political trust run by the AFL- contributions during the height The "percentages''were*'nearly undecided said Newsweek. jthan eight other industry!1 politics this I identical to those Gallup report-1 Forty-four percent «f ^ re; groups.    J    ings,    he said, ed three weeks earlier    spondents said they thought i By group, the industries lead- I Rockefeller’s confirmation as! Rockefeller has shown an ability | jng the list of gainers vice-president was favored by I ^understand the Problems of were onlv 44 percent of Americans, a|ordinary Americans and 38 pc I Gallup Poll taken for Newsweek    "eLiMn    The tho^MirwaTMiisSe^wiUi^fo house poiTc^pares to a similar j upTre perecnt”other’tralwiKwia’ I,a* retardation andI cerebral; ,owed b'y"ihat'"07"t^    hoard    of    political    money    con I ____________jlead in 1964, when two-thirds of tions, up 152 percent; nonferrous Pa*sv caused bv shaking of in- forkers union, which has trolled by any one special in- the house seats were captured metals, up 105 percent; paper ...    .    spent $73,395 this year.    terest    group. by Democrats, the widest marg- up 67 percent, and chemicals,I The injuries frequently cannot These were the largest totals! - in since. 1936.    up 66 percent.    be    seen,    so they go undetected    jn    a review of the latest    Saudis    Arp The polling period included Five industry groups earned and mig!nt be attributed J® campaign finance reports,] 7 only the first week of President [ess in the third quarter of 1974 something else when they are fi- w^ich arrived in Washington BuvinO ArcHTlCO Ford’s cross-country campaign I than they did a year earlier:    ]    nally    detected,    Caffey    said.    ^    The    reports    cover    *___ VTI \NTA (UPI) — The    civil tm!r ^or ^ow Republicans. The    Aerospace, down 21 percent;    Hemorrhage    the period between Sept. I and rights orolm founded bv    Dr resuIts of mc more P°11 to bc    electrical equipment and elec- group founded bv    ^announced before the Nov. 5    tronics, down ll percent; in- election should indicate the ef- struments and photo feet of Ford s campaign speech- down 8 percent: other manufac-j^^ns„.aa^a,g* ” es. Gallup said.    j    turing, down 6 percent, and tex-    °“s' Command carrier trucking, up 209 percent from the third quarter of 1973; iron and steel, CIO has spent $1.4 million on ( bad bljci, over ,he . -    ...    ,    politics this year, its latest    . only from periodic mild shak- 'campaign fjnance repor(s sbow fund affair. But the coops have The national trust run by the given away so little of their po-American Medical Assn. has I lltical money that they now spent $792,697 in the same peri- have *2.3 million in cash for od. and its 38 state committees ib| ,asl.mlnule donations. have spent additional sums. ’ .    .    ,    ..    ,    . „    ,    .    This    appears to be the largest The AMA s spending is fol- He warned that slapping or cuffing the infant’s head with an open hand, even mildly, could cause bleeding in the head and eyes. He also cited cases of men-1 Says $1.15 Million Has Freed Industrialist MILAN, Italv (AP)-A Milan Rights Unit Asks New Ray Trial, Sees Conspiracy The civil t0l!r ^or Republicans. The group Martin Luther King feels that ...    .    James Earl Ray is a stand-in industrialist who was kidnaped [or weaUhv conspirators who BEIRUT (AP)—Saudi Arabia _____,, I,,.    .     :    .Oct.    14.    and    give total's for the has offered its four American l.imorrhage inside the skull is    Another wave of re- partners in Aramco—the Arabi- , the most common and most in- - a , '    .    .    .    -    —    —    -    -    - 5^1 juries damage resulting fmm ^    »*!*}** 20 days ago has been released wanted King killed, and should after his family reportedly paid get a new trial to expose the a $1.15 million ransom, officials plot. said Monday. Alfredo Parabiaghi, 44, owner of a heating fuel company, was freed on the outskirts cf Milan Sunday night and took a taxi heme. He appeared to be tired and in poor health.    .    .. _ , His father reportedly paid the erfjj{p ^ ransom during the weekend. “Even though James Earl Ray was apprehended and given a 99-vear sentence, this was not justice, nor was it law and order. because James Earl Ray wras the fall guy,” said a two* I Ex-Lawmaker's Former Wife Dies in Shooting tiles, down 5 percent. Average Increase out that the normal infantile brain and its blood vessels are highly vulner- ering all but the final week and a half before the Nov. 5 election. A number of other groups an Oil Co — $800 milion for their 40 percent interest, the Beirut newspaper Al Anwar reports. King Faisal’s government hopes to complete the nationalization before next February, In the first half of 1974 there able ,0 whiplash injury because baY® spf"[    paper    said    in a dispatch was an average of 23 percent bablPS' heads are relatively million, do ars so^ far this year from Rjyadh the Saudi capital, gain in profits among the com- heavier and their neck muscles    'ha    “    iar8Pst $516,975; The Machinists union, J ce;<¥4 con erv,«    Vnrti.    ‘ormLd to develop Saudi Arab* panies studied, but there    was an    wea*<er    ^an    at    any    ot^ver    a8e h.    fnII    miv „    _„.ft    „    TW(,,    DALLAS (AP) — The    ex-wife    average increase of 28    percent    ^cve^-    wnnson he    tall    guy,    sam    a    of former Rep. Bruce Alger    (R-;over the third auarter    of this He noted    also    that    infants    *500,690’ page statement issued Saturday    Tcxas) and J male    ^ the tn,rd <uarter    of thls    rarcly by the Southern Christian Lead- vvere „u0. death early Sun- ’ Television Listings 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG TV, Cedar Rapid* 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WH8P-TV, Rock liland Monday Night 6:00 •    7—News, Weather, Sot*. 9— Eyewitness News 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—Action News 4-6 O'Clock Edition •—News, Sots., Weather. TO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—Echoes of Childhood 13— Eyewitness News 6:30 7—Sanford and Son 9—Let s Make a Deol 2—To Tell Truth 3— Let's Make a Deol 4—Price Is Right 6—Hollywood Squares •-Political IO—Name That Tune 12— Audubon Wildlife 13—Sanford and £on 7:00 7—Born Free • 9—Phyllis Diller 2—Charlie Brown 3—Rookies 4—Charlie Brown I 4—Born Free 8—Charlie Brown 10—Born Free 12— Soeciol of Week 13—Born Free 7:30 2—Dr. Seuss 4—Dr. Seuss •—Dr. Seuss 8:00 *7—NBC Movie— * "Shamus'* 9—Football— Foicons-Steelers 2— Rhodo 3—Football— Falcons-Sfeelers 4—Rhoda 6—NBC Movie— “Shamus" •—Rhodo 10—NSC Movie— "Shamus" , 13-NSC Movi#— "Shamus" 8:30 12—Couqht in Act 2—Medical Center 4—Medical Center •—Medical Center 12— Thrivol 10:00 7—News, Weother, Sots. 2—Action News 4—Action News 4—10 O Clock Edition •—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weother, Spts. 12—Dav at Night 13—Eyewitness News 10:30 7—Tonight 2-CBS Movie— "Gypsy Moths" 4-Tonight •-CBS Movie— “Gypsy Moths" IO—Tonight 12—David Sussklnd 13—Tonight 10:45 9— Eyewitness News • 4—Mod Sguod HOO 3—News, Weather, Sots. 11:15 . 9—Earle Bruce 11:30 3—Movie— "Priest Killer" 11:45 9—America 4-Big Volley 12:00 7—Tomorrow 2—Lost Word 4—Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow Tuesday Morning 6—WOC TV, Davenport 8—WKiT, IaCrosso IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12—KUN TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 12—In School 13—News He was set up to be capturer!." it said. “We do not question James Earl Ray’s guilt or innocence,” said to us other persons involved in The Maritime Engi , v get a single manual ;neers un,on' $552,059; and the were shot to death early Sun- ‘ citibank said petroleum prof- s^ia*te    are subjected to fits ^lforn‘a    Tethers Assn., $576,- day at the man’s apartment, ,ts actually went down to 45 per- shaking that may be repeated ^ police said.    >cent from 55 percent for theovcr Periods of days or Those spending more than a ia's oil fields by Texaco, Standard Oil of California, Mobil and Exxon. The company now handles 95 percent of the country's daily production of 8.2 mil- Officers said a 65-year-old!^ is'Tompanies'in the first!weeks. "Many infants receive 8huart5^''°"„‘loba^ ,n^c:l™ barrels of crude oil. man was taken into custody ba]f    dozens    and scores of whiplash 'b® steelworkers ^utuon, $297,- tho sn r statement •That wiU,“l.    ot    ,he    *laPn*    The    economists for the bank stresses, seine hundreds.” s k immaterial 'without Y k'mR swn walk,ng hur'said profit margins averaged 'vbi|e a single shaking may al    r|fd|y    away fro mU)e apar(. onl;, 6 j CTntj por sales do]lar    ^ less f0rceful and damaging conspiracy being brought tote,*;,^ byaspo"^immediatelylfor 3,1 manufacturing firms in trial. the survey during the third “This is whv we cal! for the    f°UndA, th<? (luarter* vvh‘ch was onl>’ a slight •LL- lr,al fr^r ijav Tr. natnh ana    L>nn Alger, fr0m 6.2 cents a year car ajo *2—Sunrise Semester . 4— New Zoo Revue l_ Sunrise Semester 13-Not for Women Only ;00 7-ToOov 2—CBS News 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO— Today 13-Today 7:31 9_ Romper Room 3—Music 8.00 9_Hew Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street 4—Copt. Kangaroo 8—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30’ *9—Morning Show 9:00 *7_Nome That Tune 9—Mike Douglas 2—Joker s Wild 3—Cartoons < 4—Joker's Wild 4—Nome That Tune • 8—Joker’s Wild • IO—Nome That Tun# • 12—Sesame Street 13—Nome Thot Tun# 9:30 7—Winning Streak ' 2-Gambit 3—Reed Farrell 4—Gambit 4—Winning Streak 1—Gombit 10-Winning Streak 13— Winning Streak 10:00 7—High Rollers 9—All MV Children .. 2—Now You See It 3—Ail My Children 4—Now You See It 4—High Rollers 1—Now You See It IO—High Rollers .* 12— In School . 13— High Rollers 10:30 7—Hollywood Squares 9—Brody Bunch 2—Love of Life . 3—Brady Bunch 4—Love of Lit# * 6— Hollywood Squares 8—Love of Life ' IO—Hollywood Squares 13—Hollywood Squares 11:00 - 7—Jackpot 9—Password 2—Young and Restless I 3—Password 4 —Young and Restless 4— Jackpot 8—Young and Restless • IO—JarkDOt 13—Jackpot 11:30 7—Celebrity S weepsfokes 9—Split Second 2— Tomorrow 3—Spilt Second 4 Tomorrow . 4—Celebrity Sweepstakes 8—Tomorrow 10—Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes Tuesday Afternoon 'Hanging1 Mishap Injures Youth 317; the Railway Clerks union, $251,909; the trust run by real estate dealers. $272,092; and the trust established by the National Assn. of Manufacturers. $257,996. A trust run by Cali-    . „ fornia dentists has spent $311,-    ^    Monday that the three n»•**.    I    V    ?1Af    ti/nr Lr c hai'A n m»A4vrtl 4a 815. more than half of it given Networks To Air Ads For Regional Firms WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Federal Trade Commission an- to state-level candidates. TV networks have agreed to set up regional advertising systems 12:15 3_ Town ond Country 10—Virglnio 13— Cartoons 2:30 7—Jeopardy 9—Let s Make a Deal new trial for Ray. To catch and 5, and Kcnne,h Rav Stce, %0; ™ punish a minnow and let the big arnimH i9-is a        _ to STany degree*" nW * ^ > ga" ^ -un« of the    Br^Sen^ho'^U The SCI.C statement said m'"*5A,.e,. s,„elo anrt dence of a squeeze on corporate strangled when he fell lo his tardy and    groups),J" announcing the agreement, some wealthy conspirators "paid    b,“‘* dn“ '“profit margtns. and the third- knees with a mock hangmans such as ,hc Tcamslcrs a*d Ute agency revealed it has been a huge sum of money, we be- a R nem fppar^tly ar quarter increase in seasonally noose around his neck in a AMA give monev through a mvcst,gating the networks to dc lieve, to a few lunatics w h o gued over jewelry. v—Lei * imoxr a u«ut i ,, ,    ,    .    ,    were shot on a 2—A* th# world Turns agreed to be the patsies to carry    rtlI, 3—Let'* Make a oeoi the crime."    Stretched out on the 4—As me World Turns 4—Jeopardy •-As the World Turns IO—Jeopardy 12—Electric Company 13—Movie 1:96 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Gome 2—Guiding Light 3—Newlywed Gam# 4—Guiding Light 4—Days of Lives 1-Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 12—In School 1:30 7—Doctors 9—Girl In My Life 2-Edge of Night 3-Girl In My Life 4-Edge of Night 4—Doctors •-Edge of Night 10- Doctors LOO 7—Another World 9—General Hospital 2—Price is Right 3—General Hospital 4—Price Is Right *4— Another World •-Price is Right 10—Another World 13—Another World 2.30 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Life To Live 2—Match Game 3—One Lite To Live 4—Match Game 4—How To Survive a Marriage 8— Match Gome 10—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 3:00 7— Somerset 9—SIO.OOO Pyramid 2— Tattletales 3— 810,000 Pyramid 4—Tattletales 4—Somerset 8— Tattletales 0— Somerset 12—Human Relations 13—Somerset 3:30 7-- Room 222 n—Gtiiigon s Island 2—Dr. Max 3—Movie 4—- Mike Douglas 4— Jeonnie 1— Bewitched 10—Lost In Space 12—Designing Womon 13—Floppy Says Army Is Spending ’76 Fund on Recruiting room floor in front of a television set. Mrs. Alger’s body was on substantially in 1975 the mattress, and it appeared-- irscmwr-ivw    Stcde had crawlt*d oft it and WASHINGTON (AP) The djed on fiooj. were army is spending $55 million of shot in the forehead and its $5.68 million bicentennial ob- shoulder with a 25-caliber servance money on “public af- t0j fairs and recruiting activities.”! ;\ ID A • zDi.r y . ^ i former model, Mrs. Alger -Rep. Aspin (D-VVis.) said bun- divorced her husband in 1961 J .    ., ,    ,    after describing herself as a Aspin said that only $178,000 “political widow.” She said in iof tile funds granted in the court she and Alger had in com* budget supports projects ap- mon onlv a liking for gin rum-proved by the Pentagon’s bi- my, -hut he quit because I centennial committee.    beat him ’ Aspin also said the navy is Alger was defeated for replanning to spend $2 5 million election in 1964 The two ^justed manufacturing "may    haunted    house exhibit. rl>-    welter of State and ioc:ii"''cnm'-    ,ermmo    "bether the lack of air mattress wc|i ^ ,hP |ast f|asb 0f the in-    mamed in    critical condition    nlj.,w. Iba. makp,    ,h„    lime for    regional ads was an unliving ventory profits explosion.”    Monday.    keeping complicated But tho    fair PfacUce- B>' agreeing to set They predicted that corporate    Lundgren.    15, was posing in    bst g]ves some idea f whj .    up the    regional systems, the earnings probably would decline | the haunted house with a rope groups are spending lame sums FTC said'tbe networks were not around his neck when he ap- t0 in(|uence lhjs Syear% Patently fell lo hts knees and gr^s.ona, and state elections. the rope tightened^    0ne    thBt    is    ivin    far Tho youth had stopped brea h- |ess than usua, js ^    ^ jng and had no detectab e pulse farm(T lobb a    f    >1 late .Saturday when a fire de- tltal |rus(s run b* J    . p a rI men t emergency team ,hree ,    , mi|k ^ reached him    and eventually re-    operalives. TheiP    d()nations; vtved hun.    have begun to pick    up since earlier this year, when a doz- pis* GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS Far Newt, Sferts, lookkstptnq. Generoi Infer* mot ten end Offices Net luted lei## (oil ............................3911211 (uculcttun Subscription Dept 398-1333 Mon. fhni Sot. I a.m. Ie 7 p rn. Sunders Untd 12 Nee* Heydey* 11 o.m. to I p m. Wont Ad* ...................... 391 1234 Men tbiu fn I e m. Ie S p m. Soturdoy until 12 noon Oupley AdverftstiHJ ............391-1222 I a rn to S p m Monon Off KO    391 M30 “in propaganda efforts dts-guised as observances,” but “the air force seems dean in this matter.” Liner’s Hull Breaks CHERBOURG, France (AFi - The liner Queen Elizabeth 2 suffered a break in the hull while trying to sail from Cherbourg in a high wind Sunday night, and the departure for New York has been delayed for at least 48 hours, company official said Monday Atter the divorce, a battle continued over property rights and the custody of the couple’s three children Three years later a son. David. 15, was killed in a car accident in Bethesda, Md. — ARE YOU A TRAVELING MAN? Dial 363-8563 Publisher Dies MIAMI (AP) - James M Cox. jr.. 71, board chairman of the Cox Enterprises newspaper publishing firm and Cox Broadens'mg Corp., died Sunday after a long illness. necessarily admitting that they had been doing anything wrong. Wmqe/16 For the Finest* in Paints Politico! Advertising Politico! Advert — 4:( 12:00 7 9 2 3    ----- 4—Family Atfoir 4—Noon Edition I—Noontime IO—N^ws, Weother News. Weother Eyewitness News News, Weother News 7— Bonanza 9 —Lucy Show 4 - 7/wry Griffin 8 Mike Douglas 12— Misterogers 13—Mer v Griffin 4:30 9—Mod Viuad 2-Portnrtgp Family 4 - Hogan s Heroes IO— Daniel Boon* 12-iesome Street 5:00 7—Dragnet 2—Consequence* 3— Newstead re* 4— Gilligon's Island 5:30 7— NBG News 9—ABC News 2 CBS News 3-ABC News 4 —CBS News I -NBC News 8 CBS News IO - NBC New* 12—' lectrlc Compony 13—UBC News ^ WEAVER’S DOBSON’S FINE MEATS FINE MEATS 806 34th St. S.i. J L 1944 42nd St. N.I. 365-8828 ^ J 393-3007 LOCATED IN THE PDQ STORES Meat Departments open Til 7 PM % PORK LOIN OO (9 to 11 Chops)    Ib.UV CHUNK OR SLICED BIG    AA BOLOGNA J)9 WHITE lb. I Loaf BREAD STAND ON THE ISSUES.. I Favor Nuclear Power Plants. They are the only answer we have now to the energy crisis. I Favor Equal pay for equal work,. Sex, color, race, creed, should make no difference. I Favor Re-evaluation off IPiRS. It is time a study was made on this program so it can be brought up to date. VOTE FOR IVOR STAHLEY* The “Issues” Candidate for State Senator Paid for by Stanley for Senator Committee —- Mf. Betty Riley, Treasurer T HFULLS ANO SUSPENSE TINO WALLENDA Dor mg Aristocrat of v,« high wir# GENTLE BEN BS* 7 GO pound star of movies and television TONY the Wonder Horse Plus Circus star# from all over ti ta world 7:00 MONDAY NIGHT TV? ;

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