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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa AP Wirmhoto Three Episcopal priests bless the offerings of bread and wine during the consecration of Holy Communion at Riverside church in New York Sunday. The ordination of the women as Episcopal priests is still in dispute. Performing the ceremony are, from left, the Rev. Alison Cheek, the Rev. Carter Heyward and the Rev. Jeannette Piccard. Society for Women Features Women Priests Conduct Services NEW YORK (AP) — Throe women who were ordained as Episcopal priests have again defied their church leaders by celebrating Holy Communion at the nondenominational Riverside church. As the women reached a candle-decorated table Sunday at the spilt where an altar would have been in an Episcopal church, about 2,IKM) persons attending the ceremony burst into applause. Hanging over the chancel rail was a brightly colored sign with the legend: “In Christ there is neither male nor female, bond nor free, Jew nor Gentile, we are one." Tilt' women priests then consecrated the elements of Communion, an act historically performed only by male priests. They also gave Communion to women and men who did not kneel, another departure from tradition. The three celebrants said they held the eucharistic servile “according to the official authorized services of the Episcopal Church, despite a declaration by the house of bishops that we are not priests." The women, the Revs. Alison Cheek of the diocese of Virginia. Carter Heyward of New York and Jeanette Piccard of Minnesota were ordained in Philadelphia July 29 by four bishops after their diocesan superiors had refused the apostolic laying on of hands. On Aug. 15 the house of bishops, one of the governing chambers of the Protestant Episcopal Church, expressed the opinion that the ordinations were invalid. However, the body affirmed its approval in the principle of Women s ordination. The bishops’ act did not satisfy the women. Just before the service, they said. “While we rejoice in this action, we must note that women do not exist merely in principle. We are women and we are priests." Fat People Not All Jolly PTSA Announces Washington HS Coffee Series The Washington Parents-Teachers-Students Assn announces the schedule for its series of coffees for parents of sophomores and seniors sponsored each fall. Al these coffees representatives from the administrative and counseling offices will Im* available to talk with parents. Reservations for the coffees may be made by calling any one of the hostesses listed below or by calling Mrs. Ame Oja, 362-8683. One senior coffee will be given Tuesday evening at 7 in the counselors’ office at the school. Mrs. David Lodwiek, 364-3272, is hostess. Another senior coffee is scheduled Wednesday at I 30 at the home of Mrs. George Sullivan, 2048 Sunland drive SE. 365-7768. The sophomore coffees are scheduled: Monday (Nov. 4) at IO with Mrs. Willis Lamb. 550 Vernon drive SE, 362-9646; Tuesday (Nov. 5) at 1:30 with Mrs. I). W. McKee. 640 Valley Brook drive SE. 363-8975, and also Tuesday (Nov. 5) evening at 7:30 in the counselors’ office with Mrs. George Henry as hostess, 363-5389, and Wednesday (Nov. 6) at IO at the home of Mrs. B. B. Bjornson, 501 Knollwood drive SE, 365-7680. msm Queen’s Cousin Gets Probation in Mercy Killing READING, England (AP) — “I laid her on her face so she would not swallow her tongue. I wrapped her in a blanket so she would not get cold . . . My intention was that she would die quickly, peacefully and painlessly." Police quoted Elizabeth Wise, a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth ll, as recounting in these words how she killed her 9-month-old blind and deaf daughter, Emma, on June 9 after doctors told her the child had no hope of living Placed on Probation Mrs. Wise, 38, pled guilty to manslaughter Friday on grounds of diminished responsibility and was placed on probation for 12 months, meaning if she commits no other offense in that time she will not receive further legal punishment. “I regard this as an extreme case even among exceptional cases," Judge Kenneth Jones told Mrs. Wise. “In my judgment you have suffered enough." The court was told that three-quarters of the child’s brain had been destroyed by disease and that she could not swallow and was fed by a tube through the nose. The prosecution said Mrs Wise admitted giving the child barbiturates crushed in milk after doctors told her Emma had no hope of recovery Mrs. Wise, separated from her husband, was staying with her friend, Jennifer Cubbitt, when the child died. Mrs. Cubbitt testified: “I have never seen a maternal instinct so strong in any mother, and I have four children. Absolute Devotion “Her devotion was absolute. She would spend many hours feeding the child drop by drop. “The baby often gave terrible screams of distress. She seemed to Im* rejecting any desire to Im* fed, or to live." The judge in summing up said “The doctors are genuinely puzzled as to how this child lived so long. I have little doubt it was your devotion which kept her alive . The intense care you gave to her. “Therein lies the tragic irony of this ease*, that in the end it was you who took her life I accept that you acted as you did. although wrongly, in what you considered to be the child's own interest Soviet Killer Stalks Women By Barry James MOSCOW (IPI - “My sister's husband told me to be careful," a woman office worker said. “I’m going home early tonight — and taking a taxi." She was one of a growing number of Muscovites troubled by persistent rumors in the capital about a psychopathic killer stalking women in Moscow. The murder scare is growing by word of mouth in the absence of hard news in the official media. The Soviet press virtually ignores crime news unless used to point up a moral. Police Visits Soviet sources say, however, that police have vast cd a number of factories, offices and schools in the capital to warn women and children not to go out alone at night. An official spokesman said Monday police are looking for a blond man, about 25 years (dd, for questioning in connection with the murder of one woman. Soviet sources said there seems to Im* more than usual police activity and document checks in the capital. But a Western traveler said he noticed nothing unusual during a drive to Borodino, west of the city. The rumors going around the capital generally say the killer has slain at least seven women in Moscow. The stories say the murders have taken place in dark lobbies or elevators of apartment buildings. Gruesome Version One of the more gruesome versions says Soviet authorities found the* decapitated head of one of the women victims in a Moscow pond. The rumors tend to Im* vague. One says the murders have taken place in the capital’s Taganka district. Another mentions the Kievskn region. Others don't bother to mention any location. The last Moscow murder scare, however, had some basis in fact. The rumors preceded the arrest of a man in 1964 for five apparently senseless slayings in the capital. The murder scare isn t the only rumor in the capital. Another says scores — or even hundreds — of escaped Soviet prisoners are on the loose in Moscow Common Shortenings Are Effective for Skin MADISON, W is. (AP) -Common kitchen shortenings can be just as effective for skin care as cosmetic oils — and a lot less expensive, a University of Wisconsin dermatologist says. Furthermore, water is better than oil for soothing itchy skin when oil is used to trap moisture against the skin immediately after bathing. love is <7-30 . . . leaving her the car with a full tank of gas. Tm Reg Q I Pot Q4( -—Ait r,ght* tfrl bf lo* Alimo* NEW YORK (AP) - Eat people are even-tempered and jolly and smile all the time, right? Wrong. Members of the National Assn. To Aid Eat Americans, Inc., are hopping mad about about what might be termed obesist attitudes abroad in the land. “I went through four years of therapy because I happened to fie a size 24 in a world that is more attuned to a size 8.” complained Simla Goodman, one of those attending the association's fifth annual convention Sunday. Won’t Be Person “I won’t be more a person weighing less," she said. She refused to tell her weight, as did most of the others attending the convention. Miss Goodman said that because of her lifelong fatness. she has suffered job discrimination and lost love. Now an employe of a law firm, she told of years of rejection in her search for jobs as a legal secretary. “They want people to be physical assets, do sexist things like carting coffee up to the boss," she said. She roundly criticized American males who she said have been brainwashed into thinking thin is beautiful. Jangled Keys “Iii Prance and Italy they loved me. They jangled their hotel kevs at me. 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ACCENT COLORS SLIGHTLY HIGHER. Easy to apply latex enamel for walls and woodwork A.ailable in 1000 s of colors that will stand up to years of scrubbing NON-YELLOWING ENAMEL BRILLIANT WHITE! RIG. 4.40 QUART WITH 2.69 QT. COUPON LIMIT I QUART sparkling white in 3 beautiful sheens GLOSS, MEDIUM GLOSS AND LOW EGGSHELL LUSTRE Will not yellow* Dues smooth as baked enamel Use indoor or out DECORATE NOW! Charge It . . . BankAmericard, Master Charge or A VCO Better Living Plan. PAINT 0 WALLPAPER Decorating Centers LINDALE PLAZA Phone 393-4016 HOURS: Mon.-fri. 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.rn.-5:30 p.m. thing.” lamented Miss Goodman. Eileen Lefebre, just over 299 pounds, said she had no such problems: “I’ve got more boyfriends than I know what to do with.” She said in many eases, the extra pounds are actually a turn-on: “Lots of men go for people like me. We’re cuddly and there are no bones sticking out." Mrs. William Fabrey. the group’s treasurer, said, "Our goals are to boost the selfesteem of the fat person and promote tolerance of fat people bv a society which regards it as derogatory to he obsese." CORRECTION Miss Patricia Robinson was honored at a shower Friday as reported in Sunday’s Gazette. She is the daughter of Mrs. James Robinson rather than Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Mr. Robinson is deceased. The Gazette regrets the error. Bridge West Side dub Mitchell movement winners of the game played at 3 30 Sunday al Welty-Way were. North-south — Bruce Cuth-bertson and Joe Yerbiek, first, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Withing, second; east-west — Mr and Mrs. Steven Goodwin. first, and William Jennings and Richard Nassif, second. The next game will he Thursday at 7 30 at Welty-Way. Marion dub Winners of the Howell movement played Saturday at 12:30 at the YWCA were Mrs. K Y Harrington and Hon Livingston, first, and Viola Schenken and Mel Verne Smoker, second. At the next scheduled game. Wednesday at 7.30. a Halloween party is planned. By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: “Stumped" asked how to say no to sex, since she was a divorcee and couldn’t use that old ‘i’m saving myself for marriage’ excuse. You told her she didn’t need an excuse — just give him a flat "no." Well, that would run a guy off permanently, which may not Ik* what the lady wants to do. Perhaps she would like to get to know him better. I suggest that she say, “Don’t rush me." That’s not a flat "no”, and she doesn’t run the risk of hurting a man s ego. ODESSA, TEXAS DEAR ODESSA:    "Don’t rush mf" has a ring of promise to it that may he misleading. And how long must a man remain in a holding pattern before the woman no longer feels “rushed"? Angelo Davis Won't Be Teaching SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Angela Davis won’t Im* teaching at San Francisco State university. Devore E. Pentony, dean of the school of behavioral and social sciences, said Friday that Miss Davis had asked for part-time work but was told there were no such positions open. And even if there were, Pentony said. she would have been rejected because of her reputation. Miss Davis was fired as a philosophy instructor at l l LA because she was a Communist She also was acquitted of charges resulting from the 1970 Marin county courthouse shootout which left four persons including a judge dead. “I said it would lie a very difficult situation, and she said she was not interested in any hassle," Pentony said. “We live in the real world. There most likely would have been involvement from the -(university) trustees.” DON’T MISS IT... October 1974 win definitely not be held over Ss □ X X $ Store-wide Clearance for New Fall Arrivals SAVE NOW on Famous Quality General Electric Frigjdaire Appliances! Shop Monday and Thursday nights til 9 and all day Saturday 106 Second Ave. SW ^ J Phone 363-0283 West End of the Second Avenue Bridge V i 4 i ;

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