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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I GUESS I WON'T .I ITI \    4-V    Alii • V WALT DI5NKYTh. Cedar Rapids l.i/rlte Sit., Oct. 26, 1671 WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP P 10-2.6 NO! L TMAT'9^ ANDY CAPP BLONDIE Tm EP’K '7-    •-'-T’-Tf't LOOK AT t THAT r" f COFFEE-] j    « I 49 J -/'N    A POUND /,JJ 'v r / c .    -I PM Bv CHICK YOUNG AT NIG<-T 'HE P^ICE AuONE COU^D ><EE3 YOU AVA^:E ,-^1 A *T* A I I/'T IT-/    -w I' p t s'’TV cJa h r*' f „*'> .’N LJ 's"v ^ L - N <5 , \ y IA / / - BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKER MARK TRAIL Bv ED DODO - A rffffim * P v I :   *' S' ' J iiI MOOSE 6o&^£«e^ IG-?*. Sunky will soon se r&ac?y to serrue oown, cwesr&R!^ SWOULP I ACCISE HI AA TO MARRY BEAUTY OO. SKAINS ? / Bv BOB WEBER forget it Moose!... HS OoeSN'T HAVe A CHANCe WITH eiTHSK Of TH SM,} A "LOOKER" COOLD OO serreft amp a 'THINKER" WCXP know setter .♦ Canine Caper Answer to Previous Puzzle They'll Do ACROSS I English — dog 5 —— terrier 8 Lap dog (coll.) 12 Cry of bacchanals 13 Before 14 Sov iet city 15 Masculine appellation 16 Courtesy title 17 Pig cry 18 Most domesticated 20 Herons 22 Pester 24 Bed canopies 28 Parts of churches 33 Idolize 34 Thing found 35 More uncommon 36 Liquid measure 37 Violin maker 38 Tentacles 40 Patterns 42 Coheres 46 Everlasting (poet * 51 Be borne 52 Timetable abbreviation 54 Din mg bird 55 Bustles 56 Miuzle 57 Uttered 58 Shed feathers 59 Summer <Fr) 60 Strays DOH* 1 Cincture 2 Iris layer 3 Take shape* 4 Unaspirated 5 Ulcerate 6 Boundary * comb form* 7 Sherry 8 Needy 9 Great Lake Howcoaa? GUASTO rn BALBER COTS A Faut HIAP Of HAIR It Every Time v> 10 English shire 11 Members of a fraternity 19 Piloting 21 Kindest 23 While 24 Ancient Irish capital 25 Kind ol c heese 26 Rail bird 27 Allowance for waste 29 Seed cov enng 30 Cast a ballot 31 At all times 32 Indian weights 38 French ‘ah • 39 Issue forth 41 Siouan Indian 42 Stuff 41 Italian resort 44 False god 45 Bird s home 47 Otherwise 48 Bellow 49 Blae k i Ft > 50 Terminates 53 Rodent IN ABOUT Q //' MINUTES— /fe ass.® I 2 3 4 r™ — 7 ” IT ^P 12 Tr i4— 15 p mmmt IP IB 19 ■ W~ St ! 23 I 3T sr* sr 27 I C sr sr RI 32 IT ■ IT __ 35 I 36 TP Ii 39 40 41 ■ i JT IT 44™ 45 48 ' 47 48 49 50 51 52” Ii $4 55 6) 58 or 66 26 Bur, on a BALDHEAD Guy, MB SPANOS 20 MINOTT ON GOU NP ejects aum! JAM8S V NtiUJN, 527 KINO VT., IONIA, MICH. GRIN AND BIAR IT r * a*! By Lichty 'N»:WSl AW N JMT! Kl’KlsK ASSN FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen look Ar tr lute him) Vie ■ KHOO* 16 A P08WFOL RBCOVEI? IT'LL BLOW l€ WINDOWS OOT OF J^OQg HQ06C * limSI [OOOU USE BOT FOC A MERE ***6 °* MORS. OOO CAN BOU TC ’ x-iot" And Blow out vie windows and vb Boof \ "The whole thing finally settled down to a sharp exchange of witticisms between my lawyer and the judge .. so here I am." cornin' . PET c lh By REO SMYTHE WE'LL NEVER SE EQUAL V /WEN UNTIL WE CAN u00< LIKE HIM AN' Still Think we're absolutely FASCINATE arf i PEA NUTS 3 Kl'' Jt GO7 LM nod; •l£-- —" TaiO GOOP 5££VE5 AND A COUPLE OF BAP CAlLG AMD I'M IN! CT? LIL ABNER SHOULD THP "LONDON TIMES" > RUN THIS-SHUPOeR??-AD TROUGHT IN 13V THOSE GENTLEMEN ?- By AL CAPP GENTLEMEN ?-1 ONCE SHOT COMETHINO UKE- THE HAIRy ONE WHILE ON Y *S.A ETA CM Ik I    Y IF yo' ALL WA MTS TD HEAR Minister rings, try Nor RUNNIN' IT - AN' LISSON TO TH' TUNE AH WHAMS OUT ON yoRe- skulls rf- .—- NANCY THAT NEW LITTLE KID IS SUCH A r—■ CRY- BABY SHES ALWAYS BAWL! NO I-- v/a*a /< HI--WHAT’S YOUR NAME ? r~ Bv ERNIE BUSHMILLER JOY STEVE CANYON •9 the fti wee TRIET I? STALKY * TC TuAV THt L; ftV |\P cFTS LOUDER AND LCLDER i--r^r---7--- think and the . and the CP The Scfti'V'MACfc';1 FA^^f*?.1 AND THE ... AND Th£ TACLLe^1 ILLEGAL Bv MILTON CANIPE DO I P £V HE AR A    ThlMP^v N MJTICN    from the L/gEHATlON \\C\EWE\Ta ? BUZ SAWYER ^SURELY WE'VE STARTED BY NOW, PAPA CHEW. I CAH PEEL US SWAYING. Bv ROY CRANE I BUT WHY Wit ^ SUDDENLY, FfcPA OlEW GETS ONE OF MIS SHOOTING ARE WE I ALWAYS ^PAINS IN MIS HIP. HE NEARLY COLLAPSES, .    ,    . SWAYING SWAYS NEAR    V K WE'RE    I SO MUCH THE CENTER.    com™in1C, ABOUT A    K P J NOTHING    50MfTH,N& THIRD ACROSS. J «i/I§C 10 WORRY \ about. CAREFUL, I LET ME PO j TMF BALANCING, j DICK TRACY /-/BS « A TYPICAL HABITUE SAUNTERS TO THE POOR OF ONE OF THE BETTER DIVES — J Xt, L. - SAFELY SEATED. HE REMOVES A HAT FROM A PAPER BAG. Bv CHESTER COULD SUDDENLY- instant SERVICE OM. YES SIR* RICHT AWAY. SIRS MARY WORTH ■OL RE SO THOUGHTFUL TONIGHT, PEAR' ANYTHING GO mONG AT SCHOOL? NO ■ SAME OLP PUT NE, ANNE' *- v 'KXJ'LL PERK up inhen iou SEE tHE SURPRIS BESSERT' MARY BAKEP A SUGAR CREAM PIE.' THE KNIFE SLIPPED ANC? ] ,V\APE YOUR PtECE EXTRA LARGE, FRANK' A a J Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST wOut? IOU Bt OFFENDED f I PtPN T FAr ANY? I DECIDE TODAY TO LOLE A FEW LOUNDS •• FOR MY Hf A.TM ' ON STAGE Bv LEONARO STARR ■T    "T    NOW,    NOW... / ?/ ) STAy TWHO ARE YOU MEN?? JCALM, MISS WHERE ARE    - TAK/NG Mf?' r|f WE TJST GOING TO THE ;

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