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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Ort. 18, 1*71 me i edar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Oct. 18, 1*71    9 Investor'* Qaid* 6S6XXX56S6iW6XXx8 By Sam Shulsky Q — I’m a young housewife who has managed to save $700. How can I put this money to work without my husband knowing about it? A — If you file a joint in come tax return, there isn't too much you can do about it since any interest or dividends you receive on such an investment will be noted on a form which is supplied to the Internal Revenue Service. Of course, if you file separate income tax returns there is no problem. The only income which would not bt* reported for income taxes would be interest income from tax-exempt, “municipal” bonds. But these sell in ll .WK) certificates. ()    -    I am considering borrowing $5,000 on a second mortgage on my home from my bank because I need more income. A — I can't imagine where you can invest that $5,000 (assuming the bank will give you a second mortgage — which I very much doubt) at interest which will yield you enough to pay mortgage interest rates plus amortization, let alone having any "income” left over for yourself. I’d say, forget it. Q — About eight years ago we bought 50 shares of a small conglomerate at 14*^. I never saw it listed. Recently we were asked by another company to send in our shares for a l-for-10 exchange for the new company’s stock. We did and received five shares of the new firm — now we can’t find that, (’an you help us? A — lf you had sent along a stamped, self-addressed return envelope I would have told you that your first company was taken over by the second and that the second has disappeared and that your b«*st bet would Ik* to write to the transfer agent bank named on the st<K*k certificate. Since you didn’t send along an envelope*, you’ll just have to guess that this answer applies to you I am NOT going to mention the names of fly-by-night eompanies in this column because. I have learned, such mention has been misused. (J — What are the advan tages (and disadvantages) of preferred as against common? A — Preferred shares get their dividends first and, in many case*s, if dividends are omitted the*y accumulate as a claim against the company and must be* cle*are*d off before the common gets anything Common dividends are* low man on the totem pole. However, they may be incre*ase*d, while preferred dividends are fixe*d. Common share** will fluctuate* in keeping with the company’s fortunes and the general state of the stock market. Solid preferre*d sharers’ prices will be most directly affected by the change* in interest rate**. Q — I was recently left a widow, at 40, with no children, but with debts of abeiut $7,500. I will be* able to e*arn $12 OOO in teaching and extra work I want to pay off the bills at HK) pe*reent What program should I set up? A — Since ynu admit ynu were a bit careless in not accumulating much savings during 18 years of marriage, I would think you’d want to first set up some systematic savings program — such as monthly purchase of an E bond. When you have accumulated a comfortable sum which would Ik* available for emergencies (and, of course, paid your debts) you can begin a systematic program of investing monthly in some mutual fund or in some sound common shares. I fear, however, that such investments are some time off. (Especially with more than $3,(KM) annual rental and the need for a car.) * * * Mr Viols* i wvlromars written nu** lions, bul ha will be able lo provide answers only through ftie column For Information on annuities, please Include a sell addressed envelope. 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A happy-go-lucky South would rise with the king of clubs on the theory that queens always dropped; a slightly NORTH    18 4 4 3 984 ♦ 92 ♦ ak J7542 WEST    EAST 4 10 98    4 Q J 6 5 2 995 3    9 Q IO 7 6 4 86 4    4 Q J IO 3 ♦ (j IO 9 8    ♦-- SOETH (I)) 4 A K 7 9 A K J 2 4 A K 7 5 ♦ 6 3 Neither vulnerable West North    East    South 2 NT Pass    6 N T.    Pass Pass Pass Opening lead —IO 6 more careful South would play dummy’s jack to be sure of his contract against any 3-1 or 2-2 break and to make seven if West had started with three to the queen. A very careful South would play low from dummy. This would give up any play for seven but would insure success of the slam against the presence of all four cards in the West hand. So, you are West. You know South is a careful player. You know that if you play the eight, nine or IO he will duck in dummy and pick up the suit the next time around. You play your queen. South should still play low , but will he? Thirty points is 30 points and he just may play the ace or king and wind up in the ash can. 9tCflRDJfe«*4* The bidding has been West Pass Pass Pass North 19 26 59 69 East Pass Pass Pass Pass 18 .South 16 4 NT 5 NT You, South, hold AA K 8 4 3 YA 2 9Q 4 4K Q 8 7 What do you do now0 A—Just bid six spades. Your partner may have the right cards for seven but it is unlikely. TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of showing one king your partner has bid six hearts over your live notrump to show two kings. What do you do now ’ Police Finally Get Car Back From Snake CINCINNATI (UPI) -Police in suburban Evandale have ended a three-month battle with a snake. The long black snake had been placed in a police car’s trunk by an officer after a citizen complained about the presence of the reptile. When the officer tried to get the snake to set it free in a wooded area, he found the reptile had slithered into an inaccessible section of the trunk The police car was placed out of service for three months until a pesticide firm managed to force the reptile from tin* auto. The snake was given to Adam (’hacksfield, Ii, of suburban Norwood, an avid snake collector BUILD A NEW HOME ON YOUR LOT It * ANY PLANANY SIZE ANY STYU-ANY DI SION ANV WHIRS WE WILL BUILD ANY PIAN OUT Of OUR CATALOG OR ANY PLAN Of YOUR OWN FMR fSTIMATC 5 CMC! RFV LLY FURNISHED o 30 DAY DELIVERY • GUARANTEED PRICf • HIGHEST QUALITY PRM COLOR CA TAL OO Pric* Lib! Own#*» Lit! TY ICNNtrr, BUILDER R.B. MY. IOWA PH. MB-426B U.S. HOMES six md tvi un moms ;

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