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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Fair lo partly cloudy tonight, lows mid 40s. Cloudy Friday, highs in the 00s. volume 92 - number 2»i he Cedar maniac fltotirw CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES FORD:DEAL WITH NIXOH Discussed Pardon with Haig, First Nixon St. Clair Before Resignation high Tape Played For Jury WASHINGTON (AP) Pres- answered questions put by sub- viction in the senate a ident Ford personally told in- committee members in turn, probability .” vestigating congressmen Thurs-iand firmly rejected any sugges-    ..    .    ti day that there was no deal tion that there would have been behind his controversial pardon reason for Haig to advise Nixon On the afternoon of that day,    Lease<j    wires I of Richard Nixon But he ac* prior to his resignation that he Ford said he telephoned Haig WAcHIVrTnM * R h !knowledged discussing with a might be pardoned it he quit the and ..toW him , wantcd hjm ,0 Nl^ ,‘,d    h~    J?0?!™ Nixon aide on Aug. I thc posse White House.    .    .    ..    ,    .    .    .    ,    _    ^lxon    tmh    *wo    of    his    top aides bilify that the then-I’resident|    •    Categorically    No”    and‘-'rsta"d    that    1    had    n,>    lnlen'    three    months    after    the    Water- might be pardoned should he re-    *,on    °l recommending what gate breakin “just try to button The question was raised by ,,    .    .    ,    Rep.    Don Edwards (D-Calif), a lengthy opening stale- ^ ford ,jed; he read at a house judice:    ,v„r    ra(.„nri,,„u sign. In ment ne icau m u iptudc Ju^' ;soever. Categorically no. ary subcommittee hearing    J broadcast nationally by televi-1 I" response to a question from Sion and radio ford said:    la    Republican.    Hep.    Mayne of Iowa, whose own re-election President Nixon should do about UP as    weH    as    y°u can an(J resigning or not resigning, and 'J®**    /or    tbe.^st’    acc°rd‘[,8 to lt “    ® .    , , °. „ , I the    first    of    his    secret tapes that nothing we had talked piayecj Thursday at the cover-up about the previous afternoon )trjaj should be given any consider- The t of hjs ^ t J5 anon    in    whatever    decision    the    mcetinR with John ^ and IL “I assure    you that there never    are    believed "to    taw!    R Haldcman was P1^ through was at any    time any agreement ^Hxn hurl hy    ^ parc|on    Ford    P >r1    had decided    headsets provided for everyone whatsoever    concerning a pardon    thc    timing of his ac-    .a \    \    aS,    v,cc‘Pres,dent;    hc    in the courtroom after Dean had to Mr. Nixon if he were to re- tjon ayne asked if in retro- u Jf. avor    t^ ^. 0I"; vouched for    its authenticity, sign and I were to become Pres- spcct hc would not have waited say anything which might affect „An(J ymj really can’t just sit ident.”    i    "Some    say    I    should have wait-di'*    '    “ and worry yourself ... about it ed until Mr. Nixon was indict-1.. annthpr in hk .. .all the time, thinking,‘the worst cd” Ford said “Other people Lu an®thcr P°,nt ,n h,s J) , may happen,’ but it may not,” ,,    ., ,    thousand-word statement. Ford NivAn c!lia tniuarA tuft His statement made these ma-! jor disclosures: On Aug. I and 2, at meetings I with Nixon’s staff chief. Alex- say I should have waited until jd. he was convicted, if he was.” Nixon said toward the end of the half-hour meeting. “So you antler Haig.' and Nixon’s chief    "AH    of    that    I    president    ^TaiT#    1974°°™!    just    ,ry    10    butt<?    “    up    “ ...*________ lomne    vi    fMair    thpm     M    ......u u..... w.t.._    1    rebiaeni    on    •»«    as    von    can    and    hoDe    for    the attorney, .lames St < lair there process would have taken at lhe subject o( a pardon fcr »J was discussion of a pardon for |east „ year ^ probab|y much Rjchar(J Njxo[) rajsed „ the    ..Anrt Nixon lf he resigned-as Nixon longer. He acted quickly "to ,„rm„r pr(>,„w h„ anyone .    ' nuirklv “tn r « LL / V v    rtl,u    •    •    •    remember    that , I wit J” ">rmer Presldcnt °:,by an>'one basically thc damn thing is just Rep. Wilbur Mills and His Wife at Little Rock Airport AP Wirephoto did on Aug 9 But. Ford said achieve the solution I wantcd    representing    him.    Also,    no    onei“'d^.1 he made clear that nothing we and if he had to do it again.    „n my slaff brought    up    the    sub-    a"d    wi>e    to    cut    oSr had talked about . . . should be he would make the same deci-    ■ -    - «    an(1*    were trym„ to    cut    our given any consideration” by sion. Nixon in deciding whether to resign. Mills: No Romantic Involvement Compromise Reached on ject until the day before my||osscs* first press conference on Aug.; Transcripts of the Sept. IS Repeated contacts    28, 1974 At that time. I was ad- mccting _ teld the day thc. in. The only condition he Disced In his Prepared statement. I Vls^‘d tha,I;,q^sl,ons    ^    dictmcnts were returned against on ihe nardon he granted Sent Ford di,,lai,ed repeated contacts Ject "llghl    y    mcd,a    seven men in the Watergate 9 was that Nixon would accept11* had as vice*prcsident with rePortt)ers at ,ho Press confcr‘bugging - were made public it. Haig and St. Clair on Aug. I and ;encc-•) Legal Steps LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (AP) '-That there was. but she said her-' Mills said he wasn’t sure how Rep. Wilbur Mills <D-Ark I has self that Mrs. Mills was with us long he had known Mrs. Battis- «    I • L A * J denied any romantic involve- whenever we went out except tella. He said he might have | UP|(|Sh /\|Q ment with a former stripper one or two occasions when she known her “a year at least.’’    ) who was with him during an en- was at home with her foot brok- Asked if he expected any ad- WASHINGTON (UPI) — counter earlier this month within, but we were not by our- verse reaction to the incident. President Ford reached a park police in Washington. D. C. selves on any of those oc- Mills said. “Oh, it will to some compromise with leaders in Mills also said he may have 'casions.”    people who want to be prone to congress Thursday to continue had “a little too much" to drink Mills was asked by CBS if it criticize or find fault or make military aid to Turkey until was true that some of the peo- something big earlier this year first by the  White House and later by thc sicians^>r ™ycMatrists°on Nix- one K-mmu*session with, Rcportcrs asked tho new^“    that on's health, but did talk to ^ '‘n„ 5 , ' sa ’    *'    President    about    a    possible    par-    oted Nl,° s impeac men . others who had seen Nixon after 6 staff chlof 1'C'ticned a van- doni as anticipated, and Ford    Kidding    on    Bugs He resigned. But these "Po^l'^^J'^Lh^^e pretI..m..' "yMembers of the public, • were no! a controlling factorXnt'couM pardoThiracB    W#mW    ^    prel"a,urc    jammed    into    the    benches    in    the leem cwlct pardon himself . , ,l hlm t0 consider pardoning ,courtraKn_ JaHghed loudly when his predecessor until or unless' some legal steps had been taken pajgn chic( in a lclcphonc in my decision. '    pardoning various Walergatefhi, orcdcccssor until or unless'.^1?"": ",.u*"ro, He has decided that pardon dc,t.ndants. then himself, fol- somtP |CRa, ste.is had been taken th<? hc?rd. N,XOn.k.‘d b,S.Canl requests of other Watergate Bg-i„wcd bv rcsj(,nation.., a par-! against Nixon    .    ,    ...... I»e,. in S.. Iona ... a marl ures wi" ^ r“u,°d through 'he d»" '» 'hc President should he! However Ford said in his dur|ng ,he me?lldg; “Awnd don,1' ■* *? I#"g. Aracri- dus,ice dt'Par,mtn' and hc m" resign.”    ,,”Zent    ,o    .te    su^ommlt.« ^    w,,h#ui ,ing me. Okay? i    •    ,    ne^s    C(M1*    Nixon was obviously kidding my views on the various courses; ference. “I became greatly con-, .    . • ' ■    ® His statement concluded, Ford 0f action as well as my attitude * cerned that if Mr. Nixon's pros-    ^ ’ before the incident.    ,___________________   ...    ______ __ ________________ Mills who is opposed in his P^e >n his car on Oct. 7 were in-    said    his    face was can “implements of war are consider them only after they .    ..    ,.r    .    s^a,(    n!tn!|,0 f.Ul)( bid for'a^ mb^term^n congress^'toxical*.    ;se r a t    ched when someones transmitted to Cyprus.    ar,    si,    processed    fo,d    sa,d    f-™. Ha,g    wanted that shortly after the r . r, ut i a n ti r *.i    trn/s..,    fronUv    ”    elbow    struck    him    while    he    was    - ;“,r. nxs    I:-    - Wednesday after nine days of,Bunk anybody was I ^"i^iusWs But my glasses W . ,    .    ,k    .    Pf.1    *as-    1    f0"    llkc    '    Were    broken    in    Ihe    process,    and Mills said he believed the in- high. angry a few minutes later when attempt by Congress at a legis- Pf) 11 Pp A ll Hit lative compromise on cutting off ■ VI IVV fillllll the glasses scratched the side of weapons aid to Turkey and the Made Public failed to override cident would be a factor in that,    “A    Year”    ;my eye and underneath my eye house race, but added that    he    houg    He jaughed    added,    and on my nose I think it s veto. he would win.    on    *    “And, we’d been    celebrating pretty well healed now; it The    vote was 161 to ai. two question auuui #Kic    ^ark3rtllra    Ka/.k    wasn't deep    ‘ f .,.!!®" lady's departure back to that, Mills said in an interview with John Meyer of CBS News. ^ # ^ |oo ^ ,.m M Unlighted Car    going    to say we did or didn’t. ^ , , H I IJ  Bv Judge Eads just enough of a short 0f (he required two-thirds. *    ® scratch to bleed ...    The vetoed bill would have c#d<r R-0,d* *»#*»— Mills was wearing dark a|lowed the President to con- Einn District Judge William *ng that impeachment in the glasses Wednesday, but he did tinue sendjng military aid to Eads made public Thursday an house was a certainty and con- Police said Mills was intox- hut I didn't feel it. I didn’t feel not appear to have any scars on TUrkey until Dec. IO but would audit of the Cedar Rapids police!~ leafed when they stopped his that we did ”    his    face.     i    have provided the aid would end department turned over to him immediately if U. S. weapons Wednesday by resolution of the were forwarded by Turkey to its city council, forces on Cyprus.    It    was    still    undetermined; The sustained veto means Thursday afternoon whether short pay for thousands of gov- Eads would turn the audit over! eminent employes. The aid pro- to a grand jury to consider any on the options of resignation, ecution and trial were pro-,. dpnouruvd ...    ..u However, he indicated he was I longed, the passions generated :    ^    wh    op. not advocating any of the op- over a long period of time would    .    .r d,s.ruP‘ the healing of ,P"r^ most I want the The President said he me! »ur ““fry from the wounds of mo, comprchensivc notcs on all shortly after 8 a rn. on Aug 2 ine PdM-    (hose that have tried to do us with St. Clair, who told him of    Dramatic Series    m ” Nixon said “Because they impending new revelations the R ...    ..    frcauent    didn’t have to do it ... but now lawyer regarded as “so damag- ^ assert|ons that he ^ they are doing this quite delib- ‘    ierately and they are asking for (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) speeding, unlighted car at 2 driving" amt' Js wile Z "o! Judge Orders Disposition 'ZrSSfOf Items Held by Police Panel Rejects Rocky's Plea for Quick Hearing    “LL it and they are going to get it.” FBI Files Dean testified earlier that within a month of the bugging arrests, he obtained confidential I    with    all    five    men    on    trial. tella. 38. identified as a former Bv Ro!and Krekder    because    city    and    county    of-visions are part of a bill to possible criminal activity relat^enat7 'rules committee has!been ^^c^a^hat'a Dea" MS° testified that he WASHINGTON (APi dancer who reportedly a re- had fully briefed defendant John at Washington her from the water u Linn District Judge Louis ficials were puzzled by state provide stopgap spending au- ed to the audit.    turned    down    Nelson Rocke- port on thc audit of Rocke- t-u u .U    iima    fir    1072 worked as a i|triPPe'* ,n a Schultz has issued an order out- statutes which have remained fhorf1,v J',r several major de- The audit report bv City Audi- feller’s request for an immedi- fellers income and gift tax re-    ‘    reSDOnsible    for ington nightclub and was billed Schultz Has issued an order oui j    partments    whose regular appro-tor Robert E McMahan enu-ate reoueninc of his vice-    turns will not he    -ivail'ihlp    ho    aboul wh» was responsible tor as “the Argentine firecracker." lining the method of disposing of virtually unchanged since el g priations have not been enactedL    mcratcd several questionable    presidential confirmation hear-    fore next Tuesday    ,hc bf«,n**ut ,.L^ She got out of the Mills car and most items held by Cedar put on the books as early as Their fiscal authority, includ-items discovered in thc audit,    ines but has scheduled a ses-    ,, J    .    ,    man tcl1 tBI agen,tS a mcm1LUl plunged into thc Tidal Basin, a R ds ^,icc as ,ost stolen or 1843.    mg authority to pay employes, including these:    sionNov.    13 to question him    °    Attend    |ater that .“t!? °?,y ^mg he backwater of the Potomac riven    nrorx.rtv    Nearly    all    of the property stopped Sept 30    mw    kefeller    had    honed    to    co    do    not    belicv*    it    would be kn€W aboul t1hc. br^akin Wds Police pulled ^nbezzlC(1 property.    fails    in    categories    in    which im The action also scrambled    List    Items    v    f    M    ^    l    advisable to convene the com-what he rcad in thc news* The matter w„ taken U,    eo„BreSi,o„al plans to leave for! 'There are contam un-    commtt^    th* week ^ (w    papcn." Mills, chairman of the house    Tues-    a ('amPa‘«n‘nR recess Thursday, documented authorizations or'ffiftc tn- nnntie-.l awnriates and I this time until all of the afore- In his second day on the ,Xe^enT„nLL“!MrS. ROCkefeller -ay-    mostly    .os, prop.    ^    fiends    a    moOD payment ">*" -^ma.ton tx avail- stand, .he govemmenfx star the airport here: “I t embarrassed. I m still rassed Meyer, who interv    _____ aboard a plane on the trip to geons Thursday removed the The order Wien goes Arkansas, asked. "Was there cancerous left breast al Nelson «<>' "f* mcurrml costs rn y;    fjl    A !| anything between you and the Hoekefeller's wife. Happy, 48. excess of the valui by holding |d|X0D ■ I ICS villi young lady?"    and later reported that the .na- f"d •««"« "*    a"d (,ha A R “Flattered"    l«-»cy had apparently no.    a'    OVCf DOCUItieiltS spread to the lymph system, me lowest cost possiow. “No. Mills replied, I ought The vice - president - designate    May Destroy    WASHINGTON    (AP) — “ask'mc8vuch *a disclosw‘ ear,ier that hls wife This may involve destruction f ormer President Nixon filed a for anybody to asR me . uu «jWas undergoing surgery rial election. Controversial *,.... ► r;rj«is svswi tasra t    ””    “ pression is trying to be created ]umps ^ Frjday and |mmedi He ordered that the city advise fleers.’’ “There is an apparent absence of funds for guns sold to certain individuals.” “There are recorded pur- b chases of parts and tires which surrounding were not for official use bv cor initiation Cannon said Laurence Itocke- Today's Index lor tests Comics Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion Movies Society Sport* State Television Want Ads 27 27 3 3 Spot on Ballot Denied Meredith . , ,    .    ,    ,    *    . . lo am one omt r mein nixiistm I Sidon of these items also is to rourt that he had entered .. JACKSON, Miss (AP) - The IO Mississippi supreme court Wed- **'report lo the ci 17 jnesday denied civil rights fig I s s ,va[ i* ‘“agreement with the Ford ad 28 ore James Meredith a place on Jnor*‘ are.J^    ministration    to    house    his    presi- 8 18 Cannon publicly announced. m ear^y    ^2 he obtained and told Rockefeller bv    tele-    ^    on    ^    status    of    the    Wa- phone, that the former    New tcrf?ate    investigation    directly The gifts and the book have York governor is free to make ^ ^>a^rick Dray, then act-ec o rn e controversial issues statements to tile news media ,n^ ^ircc^or the FBI. Rockefeller's no-,about the gifts and the books. ^)can sa'd showed an FBI memorandum to FTirlichman and defendants John Mitchell and Haldeman and shared “raw FBI files ’ with defendants Rob Mardian and Kenneth Parkinson. Under close questioning, he stifled that neither Mitchell, Mardian or Parkinson then held position with the govern-nt and that the files were in    tho    pi    mni    *ini    Niirnn    -v    iid    The reP°rt also slat<‘d    there    tatkm    of    GGP    members,    said    the Watergate scandal in    ine    complaint    ixixOT    wa    wcre    problems,    |    Senate Republican    Leader Hugh Laurance Rockefeller loaned such as lack of proper inventory;scott.    I$50,000 in 1959 to L. Judson tain individuals.    City was    not    Senator William Scott < R-Yn )    feller's $50,000 loan to a New reimbursed for    these pur-1    Thursday became the first mem-    York state politician later con- ________________ retain    custody    of    millions    of    chases.”    b<‘r of the senate to announce    victed of bribery was one of the , .the court of the method of documents    from    his    administra- “Some reccnpts recorded    at    he would vote against the Rocke-    problems holding up the Rocke- <r itch went to her gynecoogis djSp0sjdon    tion. f ^    _    _j    jxilice    department    do    not    show    feller’s    nomination    feller nomination Nixon asked the court to order (Continued I’age 3, Col 2 ) the November general election |'» R"' c«,lnl> a,ldlU>r '° ** dr hall,ll rn Ihe state's t-ourlh d ed under terms of chapter 644 rw. of the state code. 12-15 district. 21-26    The 6 3 ruling by the high    To    Auditor 4.5 court reversed a Hinds county 16 circuit court decision to let 29-35 i Meredith run as an independent | candidate for congicss. >1 t t III" HW null (III I VI u CXVI /innirnl illustration to house his presi-!       ■    .    ..    Scott    said    tie was “extremely Mnrhousc-. who was New York •nlial materials and ncrsonal l’lladld papets on wl ii.i th d|Sapp<inited'' by Ihe delay, and HOI’ chairman when Nelson Cd, rn Sitornla bn, Ola, r^ avTbULhe nubile ZI^ 3 da,“W"'    tor governor ie White House has not hon-    to    the    pubhi    afb    that    regret    that    j    won t have Lauran(.e Hockefellc, issu< ored the agreement    being    turned    ovtr    to    the    jud^i    a ,)r0fM.r forum for ,ri    ,    .    .    However,    re    ating    names    in    .nnther mnnth The aim of the suit is to give!......... -    another montn Steven or embezzled items are v    '    ..    ‘    *    ,    the    details    to    the    outline    report,    ,    ,    ,    .    .    . to be turned over to tho auditor|^lxon- 'Kath(T, han the White which meniioned no nalll,s‘ a|h In explaining the dday. rules the loa House, the right to decide who    1    Chairman Cannon (D-Nev.) said “pcrfec (Continued Page 16, Col. 3.) gets access to the documents. (Continued: Page 3, Col 5 ) sued a at least | statement through Ins    New York office Wednesday, saying rn to Morhouse was ai tly proper and legal tin* committee's investigation of I transaction.” To<liia^\' Chuckle Pushing his cart around thc supermarket, the trucker remarked to his wife. “Near as J can estimate it, the cost per mile to operate one of these jigs is around $300 ” CopyfftM 4 J s / ;

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