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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapid* Gazette FrL. Oct. ti. 1174    7 for Better Health There Is No Known Cure for Baldness "Those door chimes were on TV, Marmaduke." Your United Way At Work Jim Lindstrom has been helping others with his Scouting services for nearly 20 years While commander of Cedar Rapids Y'KVV Post 788. it was decided to sponsor a troop for mentally handicapped boys. Jim “temporarily” took over the troop in 1850 and have been Scoutmaster ever since The troop is now sponsored by the Linn County Association for Retarded Children and has its meetings every Tuesday night in Jim’s home garage. Troop 58 has had as many as 20 boys at one time, and Jim estimates over KO boys have moved through his troops over the years. Some of the original boys are still active members The troop takes part in many of the council activities, winning honors in Scout-O-Ramas. and Jim has spent a week in camp with his boys 18 years in a row “They are all good affectionate kids, but Tm the boss when they are with me and they know it”. Jim said It is your contribution to Cnited Way that makes it possible for these retarded boys to experience and enjoy “Scouting". and to help them develop their full potential as individuals By Dr. S. L. Andrlman "Is there any way to prevent baldness?" a reader asks “All the men in my family are bald or balding by 50 and I dread it." Unfortunately, baldness is permanent and incurable There’s no way now known to prevent it and no one knows the exact cause although sex, age and heredity are all involved “Male pattern baldness” is the most common type of baldness, accounting for about 85 percent of all cases of baldness in men. This type has a characteristic pattern and course that make it easy to diagnose. It usually begins at the temples with a receding hairline that eventually assumes the shape of the letter M. Sometimes it begins at the crown, forming a bald area known as a monk's spot Eventually the receding hairline and balding crown may meet and leave only a thin fringe of hair around the head. Pattern Male pattern baldness may begin in the early 20s. in a few cast's even in the teens. More often it’s a condition of middle age. though a few men never lost' any hair. There are only two effective treatments for baldness: (I) concealing the bald spots with hairpieces, and (2) redistributing the remaining hairs through a surgical procedure known as hair transplantation. Painful as baldness is for some men to accept ifs even harder for the woman who has female pattern baldness. Such women usually have female ancestors with thinning nair in their family history — thus Germans Plan National Central Heating System BONN. West Germany (AP) — The West German government is planning a national central heating system bv the turn of the century that it says should save about HO million tons of coal a year. That would be 25 percent of the present consumption for production of energy. Research Minister Mans Matthoefer told a news conference $4 million has been set aside for the first step of the project, a "heating alia" charting heat requirements iii relation to climate conditions, present heating systems, consumer behavior and seasonal changes This information will help to avoid faulty planning that would result in investment losses. Matthoefer said The minister said all towns with more than 40.(MMI people would be hooked in to the national supply system, and it would supply 84 percent of the heat required by the country Regional plants would supply the rest. Heating and electrical plants would Im* combined This would permit the use in the heating system of heat from the generation of power Energy must now bo expended to cool this heat so that it does not warm up rivers or the atmosphere Matthoefer envisaged a central heating system that would heat water to the boiling point and then circulate it about the country He said the system could easily be converted to use nuclear power The minister said his experts estimate the system would cost about $18 billion and would in* largelv nonpolluting Burning Ban TOKYO (AT) — Smoking has been prohibited on the platforms and concourses of Hi Japanese commuter railway stations in Tokyo during rush hour because of complaints from people being burned bv cigarets in the crowds LAFF-A - DAY HEATHCLIFF * IN THIS HOUSE, EVEN AN ANT DOESNT STAND A CHANCE OF SURVIVAL I" “ But what about all the trees they chopped down to make paper for your twelve books on saving our environment ' COME TO    SH OtimisfaL NOW Thru SUNDAY $-|49 Value Glass-Bottom TANKARD With Purchase of Family-Size Pizza! TRY A “SHAKEYSNITZEL” sandwich. A great big Bratwurst and giant bun stuffed with Kraut! Yum! only $400 i S/ng along with* rn I* Shakey 's Band I SMETS nm Miui 4810 1st Ave. N.I. 377-8235 the baldness seems to be related to age and heredity, like male pattern baldness. For women, Uni, tnt1 condition is permanent and incurable. Remedy The most practical remedy for a woman whose hair becomes excessively thin is a wig Since wigs have become fashionable and are available at modest cost, no one will know that the wig is being worn out of necessity. Other types of hair loss and baldness also occur but they are usually temporary and are not patterned. Such hair loss may be produced by infections, systemic diseases, some scalp disorders, pregnancy and certain drugs. Temporary baldness may Dr. Andelman also be the result of mechanical stress, traction or friction exerted on the hair for prolonged periods Certain hair styles are real culprits — girls who wear tight ponytails or braids sometimes develop temporary baldness by literally pulling the hairs out by the roots Yr ☆ * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems be may discuss in fntnre col ■mas. He regrets, however, he raaaot personally answer mall. Write to him in care of The Gazette Canadian Reserve. It tastes so good you won’t mind paying less! Canadian I RESERVE ■Y(A ~ I (NAIMAN WM • SUMO '•OOUC! O* I J HO Proof Pit Kbit of CiMrsoii<iii«'if Distilled Pltiduils. Im . C hkago. 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