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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cloudy, not us cool tonight. Lows in 40s. Partly cloudy, warmer Sunday. Highs in low 60s. he (Sedate ftnptdo (Suzette CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 283 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESGIVING CALVES HONDURAS Ford Warning 'Landslide Could Spell Dictatorial Congress' TIJUANA (AP) — Mexican federal police and army troops raided a federal prison to break up what they said was a pri-j soner-directed heroin smuggling! ring, considered the biggest \ since the “French Connection’’ i case. Officials said Friday the ringleaders called the shots from behind bars in the La Mesa penitentiary in a smuggling racket doing an estimated $3 million business monthly. Seized records revealed a network that included France, Mexico, the U. S. and Canada, the officials said. Federal police said that in one ringleader’s prison quarters they found $30,000 in American currency, $100,000 worth of jewelry and elaborate telephone j codes and drug transaction records. In Mexican prisons, inmates may keep some private posses-! sions and live in quarters other than cells. Some even run small shops behind bars. .Major Outlet The federal Drug Enforcement Administration said there were, strong indications the ring had replaced the now-defunct, WASHINGTON (AP) — Nel-senate rules and house judiciary' The principal Rockefeller French Connection operation s0n Rockefeller has disclosed he committees that are considering items disallowed were $824,598 as the major outlet for heroin ... .    _    ,    .....    ...... originating in France.    '',l1 have to pay an addlti0nal the nomination The famous -French Cornute- *“3'718 ln 'oderal income and lion," publicized in a movie of Sd! taxes, a figure likel> to soar past $1 million when interest is GREENVILLE, S. C. (AP) -President Ford Saturday invoked the name of former President Eisenhower to bolster his enjoy being criticized by the press but “I would be even more concerned if the press were not free to criticize.” . .    .    Ford    said he would try to con- claim that top-heavy Democrat- [jnue the pleasant relationship ic victories in the November —UPI Teleohoto "JUST TAKE IT EASY" — The U. N. Security Council president, Michel Njine of Cameroon, reaches out to calm down Jamil Baroody of Saudi Arabia, who had asked to be placed on the speakers' list for debate on expulsion of South Africa. Njine told him he was on the list, then closed debate for the day, on which Baroody walked over to the president and argued with him. Apparently the Saudi Arabian wanted to speak then and there. Iowa Firm To Process Them Free Gazette Leased Wires A federal agency acting at the with' tte press ’that he cnjoycd requesl of President Ford has election could produce a dicta- ar vice-president and through- agreed to transport some 1,000 torial congress.    out 25 years in congress, but he calves being donated by Wiscon- Ford was making a six-city, ad^:    .    ,    .    u    s    ‘n farmers to hurricane- 16-hour campaign tour of the s not put as much empha-Ronduras it was an- u: sis on public relations as I do on    ..... blL^" barn«ormlng ou:ing of    hum™ recons " Saturday, the off-year election campaign    W',h“‘ In a speech to a Republican    '    # fund-raising luncheon in Green- ...    .    .__.    , Ville, he said that, if Democrats A«*drcssmK an apport crowd substantially increase their! “f„ jic'T' 'hou^n,d carl’"' ranks in congress, the tradi-!1,0^ call,’d f°r ek'cl'on of Re‘ lienal two-party system would pu!>l'c:,n ^natc and house can- be in serious danger    dldatcks w‘" c!“ red f1*’ ..nr in i. u .    .    cut the budget and, in effect, We will have what amounts :cutthemus(ard .,    The Wiscons|n NFQ car,jer rantrres^wit^TtoChecks and no Appearin6 with Scn Thurmon'1 this week offered the calves to balances ” ti. said    (R-S.C., and the state's major    Ford for the hurricane victims G O.P. vote-seekers, the Pres-    if he would guarantee shipment. Comparison Deleted    ident said the men and women    An Iowa packing plant volun- Newsmen traveling with Ford was endors'n£ were “trying leered to slaughter them free of noted that he deleted from his!10 8ivc J"111 competition " in poli-;charge. tics. An aide to Rep. Obey (D-Wis.), who has been working with the Wisconsin National Farm Organization on the project, said the Agency for International Development will ship the slaughtered calves to Honduras. Rockefeller Tax Debt $903,718 the same name, was a thriving n deductions for office and investment expenses and $420,649 in deductions for charitable contributions, largely relating to unreimbursed expenses of / Rockefeller said Saturday he is guilty of no wrongdoing and added “I wrote the piece that made the headlines/* ‘‘There’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing illegal, there’s nothing immoral and there is no 1969 trip Rockefeller took to!conflict of interest in anything “Complete Faith” Rockefeller is scheduled to re- ...    .    .    • * i, .jj    sume testimony before the sen- operation which ran    heroin    into, included.    late panel Nov. 13. The house I u .    ■    m    1,a    The    disclosure    was    the    result    committee has yet to schedule bourn America    0f an internal Revenue Service    hearings, and there are growing    L31”1    America for the Nixon ad- I’ve    done    or    that’s    come    out,” The penitentiary    rai    was audjt rejectjng more    than $1.2    indications congress will be un-    ministration.    he    said    as    he    left    the    hospital confirmed Friday    by    Lopez mi„ion in deductions.    It added    ab,e fQ act on the nomination to the    until next year. As President Ford made an explosive new note growing controversy surround- Quiroga, a Mexican federal dis trict attorney, who said officials searched the prison quarters of Helen Hernandez. 39; her husband, Roberto, and his brother Ju?n‘*hr™ 1,0.10 Lmn Jo nric„n He made bis disclosure All three have been in prison four years, serving U-year CannonB( terms for drug smuggling. Other Points is recovering No Illegality Hint    where    his wife There was no indication of the from surgery. big the former New York gow-!^    !fpe^T,ct^ "* ****** dis?M Rockefeller said he had not nor's vicepresidential nomina-LfT,™ pin vPs.son lowed' There als° was no ln'1"an,ed to publish his tax returns (ion.    J?    dicaiion of any illegality. ; before the audit, but the com- complete j Rockefeller said that, at the mittees wanted the figures right time he submitted his tax!away. “This is what’s unfair prepared text a comparison with the p 0 s t - C i v i I war congress. The text had read: “The first time that happened — and South Carolina knows! this better than anyone — was in the dark days after the Civil war when a dictatorial congress left a legacy of bitterness, poverty and humiliation that scarred the South for genera-; tions.” Ford said Eisenhower told him a few years before his death; Student from C.R. Killed in Car Accident I The offer was made after Ford criticized the NFO slaughter of nearly 700 calves earlier in the week to protest low cattle prices. Dubuque Firm Steve Pavieh, president of the Wisconsin NFO, had said that if the President refused the offer, the calves would be donated to 808 other charities. Earlier NFO of-threatened to slaughter the calves this weekend and bury them. An aide to Obey said Dubuque press secretary, said Ford “still Fri- faith in Rockefeller ™* Nessen said Ford still thinks nttI and P; , | Rockefeller will be confirmed, dino (D-N.J.), chairmen of the secretary said he believed, The raid occurred Thursday ^ I £ at Tijuana, just across {he J IU CSCU JJG t border from California and only 150 miles south of Los Angeles. Officials said drug traffickers may have used cars and trucks to smuggle narcotics across the border and then on to other points in the U. S. and Canada. The Hernandez family and 43 3rd Capture For Boy, 15 records to the two committees, audits were in process for 1969. 1970 and 1971 and had not yet could not confirm, that begun for 1972 and 1973. Rockefeller and Ford talked by “Through intensive work by telephone Friday night about!the IRS, these audits have now the tax disclosure.    been completed and have result- Another $100,000    ed in adjustments, as in aide said Rockefeller'1*5'”he said' about the stories coming out this way,” he said. “This Is My Problem” He said the IRS had been j budget deficits.    va delayed in its annual audits cfi Ford’s Greenville appearance drunk driving, his last five tax returns because j was the last stop of his four-! Wal|ace was pronounced dead the of their complexity, and he    had point tour of South Carolina. ! given them    extensions because | Earlier he spoke at the Green-;nes- ,,    When    he    submitted    his I they hadn’t    even finished    the I ville-Spartanburg airport and won t have to pay any penalties records    to    the senate    committee;^ audit.    then used a helicopter for trips An but will add interest at the rate and I of 6 percent a year. A rough who last calculation showed that would summarized them in ai ‘‘So this is my problem,” he lengthy opening statement Sept. jsald. “Now they have taken two 23, Rockefeller gave no indica- months, they finished the audit Ce^tr Rapids Haws— A 15-year-old boy, others were indicted in San month escaped by jumping from add at least another $100,000 to tbe fjgurC5 were subject to an(f we made the settlement, TV- •    «A/*ft _ r. -----I   a Cfl<v\nii ftnAP intnrrrtfrnfiAn hik fax hill    j,    .,    ,     I    _____ :.       ,    I further audit. 1970 Tax Diego in 1968 after guards seized a second floor interrogation _ his tax bill.    'further audit.    *    and    now    it    puts me apparently (the $11 million in heroin and co- room at the police station, made In addition. Rockefeller in-    mn    in    a    difficult    situation.” came at a border crossing not mother bid for freedom Friday dicated he will likely have to    19<u    ax    Besides    the    two large land the Daily Mail. Ford said; far from the prison.    afternoon but was re-caDtured pay additi0naI state and ,ocal The additional taxes include amounts of deductions that the i “It is not the function of the The family fled back to Mex- .    ,    1    taxes.    $104,180 in federal ico, but two years later the seve    blocks away when a rg sajd tbe audit required for 1970, a year members ran into trouble with deputy sheriff and a citizenism to pay an additional viously he had not paid any fed-[crease in his 1969 income of tion of the public Mexican authorities who found stopped him.    j$820.718 in federal income taxes eral income tax, though he didi$146,229 because of a gain in things as you see them.” Cwtar Rapid* N*ws— Thomas Wallace, 23, of Pawnee drive NW, a senior at ficials Iowa State university, was “We arc tending too much in killed Saturday in a two-car the direction of one-party sys-! head on crash on U.S. highway ’Packing'*will" slaughter” the tem rn the U. S. We are awfully near tbe Ankeny CRy )imits. calves next week, probably Four passengers in the car Thursday, and the 60,000 driven by Wallace were injured Pounds of meat will be shipped in the crash.    to Miami, where it will be load- Hospitalized in Des Moines in ed on an AID ship, critical condition were Mark; The spokesman said it will Loeschcn, 18, Spencer, and Mature two days for transportation • We have a party that has Eccles, IS. Rolfe, while Phil Hoi !lo Honduras controlled the national legisla-!brook. *>• St. Cloud. Minn., and! This shipment will be paid lure for 38 out of the last 42 George Schmidt. 19. Spencer, by the federal government. were being held for observation Chuck Stoltz, Dubuque Packing at a Des Moines hospital.    Co. vice-president, said. “It s The driver of the other car, my understanding the American Delano Wang, 39. Ulen. Minn , j Red Cross will distribute the was reported in fair condition at meat and make sure it gets to a Des Moines hospital. He was the people it’s supposed to in charged by state troopers with Honduras.” On Day Off at the scene from multiple inju- However, Stoltz also said a i “disaster relief coordinator for *    *    *    the state department says Thomas Leslie Wallace was    the    R*d    Cross wi!1 foot born July 7, 1951, in Mason City.    ^or shipping the meat He had lived in Cedar Rapids [f^m New Orleans. His univ non-Doliiical aDDear-lmost of his life and was grad stoJ,z said *he plants “entire His only non political appt a    Jefferson hich work force ab«ut 75 people in once of the day was to dedicate uaica1 ,r?.m J e 11 e r s o n nigh ^    ^ close to a political monopoly power in this country.” “Stacked Congress” Ford said the excesses of one-party rule are already happening in congress. party years, and for the last 20 straight years.” he said. “It Is a congress stacked against fiscal responsibility. Proof of this is the fact that for 19 of 25 years in the house we wound up with to Anderson and Rock Hill. * * * $2.4 million worth of pure heroin plus weapons and considerable sums of money in the Hernandez home. 8 Children Die in Blast The youth, whose home is in and an additional $83,000 in fed- pay $814,701 in total federal, foreign exchange he received; Differing “with those who ca-Cedar Rapids, was being re-    eraI Sift taxes, virtually all of it    state and local taxes.    when    he    repaid    a    loan    to    a    bank    tegorize    the    journalist    as    a dif- turned to the state training    because of the disallowed de-    Rockefeller had said    he    didn’t    in    Venezuela.    It    had    earlier    ferent    kind    of    American,”    he school for bovs ai Eldora when ductions.    owe federal income tax i he jumped out of the back seat    j T h a 1 compared with the    year because of changes    in of a car at the county jail and    **32,787 in back income taxes, I    investments held by    the two ran off.    ***    ***    ‘    ‘    *    ~ A deputy from the tail chased!ard Nixon had t0 pay when the his incomo    The trusts paid,was $47,053,817 His revised tax;list of enemies. Nor will I ever * *    J    "    f    TDC    rtll/lllA/l    kin    iViin    !    ikn.    111 I    M    I _    f- Al A   I ^ _J    1    L-..- ti /mu*    22    month-old    headquarters    scb°°l    He was a member of    t*le veal an<* lamb depcirtment , me    22    month-old    headquarters    United Methodist church    wdl process the meat on their IOT inc Anderson Independent! ]off. The Urn, will pay their In    addition to his parents, Mr.    wa^es- He said the veal “will be carcass with a plas-Veal is vulnerable parents. Mr. and Mrs. G L 'because it has no fat covering” Wallace, Mason City, and his and deteriorates quickly, grandmother, Mrs. Clara licit-! ne Plant offcred to Process ne. Lake Mills.    the    meat    free    because    “we    just •    ,    .    .    i    to    see that been listed as an adjustment to| said he    looks on each one as an    chapel west Friends    m€at l>0 to was*c when the the cost of the investment. .individual and add«t. • Although    ^    after    n    rn    Sum    «*«    a™    People    starving    some- Rockefeller said his revised ii have had a lot of adversaries^ y    Pm    aun    where plus $30,000 interest, that Rich- trusts that provide the bulk of income figure from 1963 to 1974 in my political life, I have no:da^' Stotz said. “Terrific Idea” LOC KUE. South (Apl — Eignt schoolchildren were killed Friday when a claymore mine planted by a 14-year-old boy exploded, spewing shrapnel across a schoolyard. Another 17 children were injured in the blast, which also killed two government militiamen and wounded four. Police said the main target was the military chief of Loc Khe. but he was away at the time. Police said they detained a boy who admitted under interrogation that he set off the mine to kill the chief and other soldiers. The boy’s older brother was a Viet Cong member, they said. Today's Chackle Definition of lack of impact -streaking in a nudist colony. Co*»yft»h» the handcuffed youth on foot. Just as the deputy closed in on Vietnam the >outh at Sixth avenue and Second street SW. a citizen grabbed him Sheriff Walter Grant said the youth was placed in leg irons after his recapture. Cedar Rapids police had arrested the youth Thursday night. At the time he was an escapee from a rehabilitative program supervised bv the Eldora institution, but located outside the facility. The youth had previously escaped Sept. 25, from the police station when he was left alone momentarily. Police were holding the boy for questioning on a shoplifting incident At the time the boy was arrested for shoplifting, he was a runaway from the state juvenile home at Toledo. After his escape from the police station. authorities decided to send him to the Eldora facility JRS audited year. his returns this more than $6 million in capital figure for I gains taxes that year, however. $22,599,185. that period was have.” Ford said he naturally did not Keeps Police Hopping Where Did Demo Plaque to Breakin Finder Kangaroo Come From? WASHINGTON Frank Wills, 26, (UPI) -the security “We thought the farmers in Wisconsin came up with a terrific idea to ship the meat to Honduras. Its going to coat us money, but it’s worthwhile.” Stoltz said the firm “sym- guard who discovered the 1972 pathizes with the plight of the burglary at Democratic national livestock feeders because of the (Continued; Page 2, Col. 5 ) CHICAGO (AP) - There s a kangaroo on the loose and it’s got the police department hopping. At least six persons have reported seeing the four-and-a-half-foot, 100-pound native of Australia leaping through residential neighborhoods on the Northwest side in the last two days. And no one knows where it came from. Two husky policemen, Michael Byrne and Lenny Cian-gi, met up with it in an alley at 4 a rn. Friday. While it might be unfair to say they lost the battle that ensued, the kangaroo escaped and Ciangi is suffering sore shins. The two were on their way to assist another policeman who had been ordered to investigate a citizen’s complaint of a kangaroo in an alley. “We turned into Cornelia street and there was the kangaroo in the alley,” Byrne recalled. They watched it hop into a back yard and radioed this message: “You won’t believe this, but we got the kangaroo cornered in a yard. Send us some assistance — it looks like we’re gonna have a fight.” Byrne was right. He gave this account of the battle; “He ran on us, but he fought when we cornered him. Any animal will. Any man will. I almost had the cuffs on him but I got scared and my partner got scared when he started to growl. Then he started to scream and get vicious. “We were afraid he would bite us. We were afraid we would have to have rabies shots. Later we found out they don’t bite. “My partner got kicked pretty bad in the legs. He (the kangaroo) smacks pretty good, but we got in a few good punches to the head and he must have felt it. Too bad we didn’t have our nightsticks. Tnen we really could have hammered him.” As squad cars began to ar- the animal hopped a and took off down the rive, fence street. “I’d say he was going 20 miles per hour,” Byrne said. Actually the animal is a she, not a he. Experts decided that after all witnesses agreed it had a pouch. And Joel Kitchener, assistant director of the Lincoln Park Zoo, said he believed the creature was actually a wallaby, a breed of kangaroo that grows to six feet. He estimated its value at $2,500. In any case the question remained: Where did the kangaroo come from? No circuses or zoos in the area have reported one missing. Nor has anyone else. low returns on their investment. ... .    .    , ....    ,    .    “However,    we    do    not    agree Watergate building, has been of-, wjth the slaughter of these committee headquarters in the ficially thanked by the party. Committee chairman Strauss presented Wills with al plaque Friday for his “unique role in the affairs of the nation.” Wills thanked the committee tor the award and for its efforts in attempting to find him employment. He has been out of work for much of the two years since he discovered the burglary. calves, such as was done Tues-Robert day when the meat was actually wasted.” Today s Index Chou Meeting TOKYO (AP) - Premier Chou En-lai met with Danish Premier Poul Hurtling and his wife in a Peking hospital Saturday, a broadcast said. 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