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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAT I flu ai tut    a.^'    ‘Ii "ws .r:    -turn.    '■?%*■•■ NATIOnM WI Ainu HK VICI IOfclCA$l 10 7AM 111 I*- * ~ M DEATHS Herbert Morrow Herbert Morrow, 82, ol 1414 Seventh avenue SE, a Cedar Rapids resident more than 35 years, died Friday following a long illness. Horn .Jan HI. I M2, at Barm Slight Hike In Crime in Cedar Rapids on crime Tapes— (Continued from Page I.) j 'only .strives to protect what frightfully belongs to the public I The bill does not question Nix- riir Odar Rapids Gazette: Friday, October 4, 1974 I he I* BJ s report un vi nm.    ,    ...    .    ,    .    »    ., during lh,, first xix month, of™.* ''"'mnte ownorship of tho this iridic Communist Issue Behind Italy's Woes Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) year. retard Thursday!1^*8 »"? PaPcra hul deals on y ,—oates 3,900 total crimes were i" J1 cu,stody f? reported in Cedar Rapids during! ’ s"Pula,cs ,,halhNT isjthe first half of 1974.    must    ^ «™Fensated by the icily, he was married to Marian j Thee ineluded one murder „rSovernmcnt if the courts hold K Smock Dec 21    1921 al J ,,    ,,    'hat his properly is taken with- WichHa Kan Iluring World war' I1"" J? 'g m®nsla“«h out compensation, vvitniid, nan. uurmg worm wdr(two for(*,ble rapes,36 robberies,j ....    ,    .. teTJt carpenter focl^SM hmenv th“ and'1™ impend™ rT 'the house. I with the (trave economic crisis'    we questioned mem ver; jRlndcrknccht Construction Co 293 motor vehicle thefts    ‘ that body on Wednesday direct-seems possible without Commu->• ‘'™a a |udjced had completed    only    IO inter- j    views. Five persons    were    ex- jcused, apparently because the judge or the attorneys felt they ROME    (AP)    -    The    collapse    of    had indicated    bias.    Five    re- Italy's    aith    government    since    mainpd on «*    panel    still    sub- .    lect to one more round of chal- World war ll is causing m{>re ienges concern than usual because no Karh potential juror was similar lcgisla- new (,<)alition capable of coping asked nearly IOO questions. •    1 “We questioned them very for more than 16 years prior to his retirement. »xT VU WF ATW* FOTCX AS? $ Snow and rain are forecast for the northern Rockies and northern Plains. Showers are expected from the mid Mississippi valley to the Great Lakes. Rain is i-kely also over parts of New York and Pennsylvania. The report did not list Mr. Morrow was a member of J fi'r,t^.sl^'Jnoni h's^oMas^ vi'ar al c'llS'',ny Um‘‘ conRress ac‘l!’" Cedar Christian church; Hun-because they we’re ..not 00mpa. hills declaring them to be public lord American legion post; Se-|raWr wilh ,974 and no| usc.d properly mor Men s Christian club of the m trpnd tabulations.” YMCA, and Carpenters Union local 308.    S,,Rht    Crease Surviving are his wife; a1 The trend, nonetheless, proba indicates a slight rise in life „ led (hat the Nixon papers and|nist participation    lkndwTLf    'W'®    .P?*"**    £ n,t Ko    rnf uicr '    ‘    They passed the test for [tapes not be moved    long-simmering    question    m0    ” a1 custody    until    congress    ac^nof a    ro,p fop }h(1    Communists in    Sirica formed a panc| of 144 tho    government    was a major    potential jurors for this phase of factor in the collapse rhursday    the selection process. Unless the That provision    was    added    to    a    ()f    center-left    coalition head-    pace pjcks up markedly, it will bill approving $200,000 in pen    c(j    }»r(>mi(.r Mariano Rumor.    take ITU)r(l than a week to    collision and expenses for Nixon to    |tajjan    communist party    plete questioning of each, make the transition to private ^ largest in the West, the* “Sealing Everything” The Ford administration    * daughter, Mary E. Realer, |bly indicates a slight rise mute me rom anmmisiraiKiii socond largest party in Italy. It Sirica and the lawyers were Cedar Rapids; a son, Herbert, serious crimes, according to As-had sought $850,000 for Nixon Kcts onc out of evcry four votes questioning jurors when lawyers jr., Hyattsville, Md; two distant Chief John Erger.    !    The senate appropriations )n natjonaj elections and con- for Nixon delivered to the sisters, Ora Lake and Opal Par-: dubsky, both of Cedar Rapids,    tistics    were released    in    the and three grandchildren.    Cedar    Rtapids report    was    he- Services: Chape! of Memories ionise of a change-over in the at 10:30 am. Monday by    the,method    of reporting    larceny- Rev. Neville (J. Clayton    of    thefts,    Erger said The reason no 1973 cr ime Ma- committee Friday agreed with jrn|s powcrfui General Con- judge’s office a sealed envelope the house-passed measure. The    fedoratjon 0f    j^bor It also    eon-    containing motions asking him committee voted unanimously to    |ro)s fhp cjty ROvernment into quash subpoenas requiring trim its own proposed $238,000    R0]0fina and    several other    mu-    Nixon’s testimony, figure to conform to the house    njcjpaijtjcs.    One of the subpoenas was is- version.    _    _    sued    by    defendant John Ehrlich- Under the old method, aban- But the senate committee Throat to NATO man, former high-ranking aide Vipwrnmntbrv Amin u^jin.0 [Cedar Christian church. Burial.    , ;.!n icry-    ’Cedar    Memorial    with    military    (,oned    in    July,    1973,    the    depart-    measure    went    one    step    further    Rumor’s    Christian    Democrats.    in    (hr    Nixon    White    House.    The The Weather High terr perAturei ThcrsUay, lOW tem neraiures overnight and inche, ot pus cipitation Anchorage M M M L Anqeles ll 64 Ailanto 64 3S Miami U IC .17 Bismarck SI 40 M.o'atttts 43 47 Chicaqo SI SO N. Orleans 11 40 Denver 13 A1 New York SO St Duluth sa 31 Ptweni* ft 75 Honolulu it 13 65 Seattle 64 SO Houston IO ti Washmyton S3 34 M—Missing. Extended F'orecast — Chance Marriages Dissolved Rosemary and Gene Earl Fries. Pamela .to and Randall [Clancy Reed Dennis Alan and i Glenda Susan McEJligott. Leonard and Darlene Mervine Benicassa. Phillip f. services by Hanford post. What Cheer. Dyersville Gravel, 74. Saturday at ii:3«,(Friends may call at the Cedar St. Francis Xavier basilica. Ro- Memorial funeral home after SSunday ;,nd at the chapt ment would determine the price of an item stolen. Since the change-over, the value of the item as given by the victim is I assist Nixon through Feb Fires of rain Sunday through Tuesday. Lows Sunday, upper 20s northwest to near 40 southeast. Highs, mid 50s Lows Monday, j enue SW. mid 30s to low 40s and highs, mid 60s to low 70s. c. High Thursday 11:17 a m. Thursday. furnace at 1509 Fourteenth avenue SW. Solon — Fi nest K .nian Sat-i after 9 a.m. Monday. The fami- j used. urdav at 10:30, Brosh’s Cedar!ty suggests that friends may, if Despite the lark of compari-Rapids.    '    [(hey    wish,    donate to the Cedar son, the number of larcenies Winthrop _ Helen Scott, 61.IC h r i s t i a n church memorial (listed has increased, Erger said. Fawcett’s.    fund ^ caskct Uljj ^ c,oscdi The FBI reported a 16 percent at 10:25 Monday.    !f,rime    rise nationally in the first Car-Truck Crash      haIf    of    1974 In Des Moines of Crime in Des Moines VAn'ly_ Blocks Highway 30 n . Highway 30 east of Cedar, „mrc omn i>»    .,.5..,,.    „<    .    .    ,,IV         „ for about |LpWi,Str<.„a„d;, Cedar nnpids"^dmSSU" wMhc^, laid'^ frnm<'n'    b°    ^    ^ on car at 112 Twenty-sixth av- four hours Friday morning fbi-;resident before moving to Man- samp |)r'KK' Us(    ^    .    s,ud-vinL    another    i    would    Im    trrnative    t0    government    paraly- Mrs. Lewis Streit Marie Streit. 76, widow than the house by    placing a    Italy’s dominant party since    0(hrr came from special prose- $220,000    ceiling on salaries    for    World war II. has steadfastly    cutor Leon Jaworski government personnel who can rejected the Communists’ de-1 “i m scaling everything in- 9> mands for inclusion in the gov- vo|ved in this matter until after 1975.    jernment. But the Socialists, the the jury has been sequestered,” The ceiling was calculated on second largest party in the rul-1Sirica said He refused even to the salaries of the 74 employes jng coalition, have increasingly .give copies to the prosecutors or now assigned by the govern-.supported the Communist de-'Ehrlichman’s attorneys, ment to    help Nixon    But it    ex-    man(i and their battles with the    while they couldn't be con- Christian Democrats crippled    firmed, reports circulated in the the government.    (federal    courthouse    that    Nixon’s The new crisis raised fears in    lawyers had cited his health and Western capitals that admission    national security as reasons of the Communists to the gov-[why he would be unable to ap- cluded payment for Nixon’s valet and maid In another action involving Nixon, Watergate special prose-in- cutor Ixcon Jaworski has written 1:29 pm noun to grass and logs behind 18241 ■> Sixteenth avenue SW. 5:08 p.m. Thursday. Invrs n    ,    5:08    p.m.    Thursday.    Inves-    Treated    at    a Cedar Rapids Charles ll. Boyer, jr., Cedar    t> '    ,    ,    ...    . R. Weather    ligate    odor    in    building    at    HOI    hospital    and    released were the Rapids; two daughters. Mildred tlonally ^ontra•',' wlth actual in a letter disclosed on I da>.......«t    T^fKCCrXUCF«lb.,ld-er    of    .he    ear. Ginger Faye Achison, S.oux fcity. and    I lowing a car-semi accident Ihat chester in 1946. died Thursday.10 ,de riTx)r| ff°s Moinesiproper lor his final Ualergale ,s ,[nd (.(.onomic collapse. The Thursday. ^ Vnk-Unjured two persons about 5:30 in Sioux City    '    was ,he only 0,hcr l#wa c,*y I report to include a chapter on L- s ,md o|hpr mcmbPrs of tho a m.    ^ js survived by a son. Ils'^- .    ^    -Ihc former ITcsidenfs involve- A„anlic T^aty organia- ; Treated al a Cedar Rapids,Charles H. Boyer, jr...    ,"“”^,11*    ■»£";. .....  „    ^    Ii®" feared that ow* in the goy. ernment. the Communists would  ________ ,    .    ,    ,    ,    .    .con“    try to pull Italy out of NATO. Uw overnight    52    »•    navenporl. and a pas-INelson. Des Moines, several    ^    a^llTh,c7    Iw    im    "a'-VS    V* f‘ Noon Friday ........... <1    port.    jsenger, Eileen Dempsey, 8. of grandchildren and great-grand- L7J' ,    P011 a. ^ an appendix which woui i anCR ,ncreased sharply when 2 p.m. Friday ................76    6:30    p.m.    Thursday.    I’nknown    •    480    Fifth    avenue    Marion    children.    .    su    ,rp    incrcasfl (’^,n' elude transcripts of White House|Grcecc its eastern neighbor, Precipitation ...........None    rear    ear    seat    across    from    336    Services: Saturday at 10:30 at    the    upward    trend    that    tapes.    u    nulled its forces out of NATO^spokesman says deserters tak Total for October .........None,    p'^Thurxday.    Short    to    lear,    westbound    on the highway | Bohnenkamp’s. Manchester.    GeLraTwdliam    iudWare' rommitlro"' membJ^ because of the Cyprus crisis last ing part in president Ford't Normal for October ...    2    26    fan    motor    at    907 econd street    -,,io.    nnc.*    ~c    not; where friends may call. Scrip- L :    r,.^    ’    [judiciary (ommittf rn mb Slimmer.    rv>nHitinnal    amnnctv rrnararr Normal through October . 29.39 SE. I0,al ,97f ..     Sama,Tog""adv-    'ho    center    line    and slruek the'^ral horn, Barometer, falling ........,em. highway 30 and West Post!eastbound truck head-on. Humidity at noon  5o% road W.    truck    was drjven hy Mrs. Stephen Compton Say Loophole In Amnesty Is Closed CAMP ATTERBURY. Ind. AP — A defense department i tne nignwayiw,,,,,w-i,IW,,,,Hi>9    1070    »*    Mtnmev    r east of Pali-1 where friends may call. Scrip- d , r y nark crossed tur(‘ service Friday at 8 at the B »axbe said. P , crossed; # ______   -    The    uniform    c Johnny R. Fields, route one.j Sallisaw. Okla. 55% road W. Wind direction and velocity at Magistrate s Court 2 p m. S at 14 mph.    Speeding    —    Jeffrey    WH Sun ruses Saturday, 7:08; sun bams, Edgew’ood; lined $40 and I eat* clo    costs. James Ryan, 3324 ^    ■ vr’ 4    t    Susan drive NW; fined    $35 QUCikO*^ ^ear Ago Ioda> H(gb, 6a, and costf; i^arry Deboest, Todd- .r ..    .    . low. 57; rainfall, none.    Ville; Dale Evans, 1836 A ave-,    (Continued    from [age I.) nue NW; dennis Crooks,    1613;-p. ^    n .    .. Twelfth avenue SE; Dennis The    s,xth f,oor of    Banco    & Schipper. 157 Belvedere drive Undustria building crashed to Weather, Hi-Lo    NW; Patricia Go wen.    516 J the    ground in Lima    A    tree Bismarck    Shwrs    46-28    f’',nuc    William    thundered    down    onto    the    histor- Shwrs 74-50, Miller; 3010 Bowling ----- h h a ic h fau-orski to summ<>r    conditional amnesty program The uniform crime report ii- *a°kc "a “full and complete    sh"rt    Fiat    w<,pk    ^ay ^'rlfd..™ldary t ides serious crime into two ca- record detailing any involve- —The Fiat auto company Fri-    u    r a1 tegories. One is, violent crimes. mrnLs of the former President.” day put 65.000 workers on a 24-which include murder, forcible 7he senators said such a re- hour work week, underlining the tive service. “Under the Uniform Code of Mary E. Compton, 59, wife of rape. robbery and aggravated p 0 r t is necessary because economic crisis.    Military    Justince . •    ® Stephen CL Compton. 1742 Sixth assault.    Fords    pardoning of Nixon effec- Fiat, whose sales have plunged statement (obtain a sen1 g . - ..........'-.y    blocked any Ina, of -he a, a rexul. of the world energy g-    -J-- Violence I p The FBI said violent crimes Traveler’s Forecast Saturday street1 avenue SFL died in University hospitals, iowa City Friday after a long illness. Born Get ,    . 26. 1914. at Hopkinton, she had    aatl”nally    ‘n lived rn Cedar Rapids for the the f!ra' ha" of ,he    yc";    “m' las! 16 years    Parad    10 four perc ent laxt year. , The second category of prop-Mrs. Compton was a member rrjm(,s includes burglary, if the Sanctuary Society of Im- |arcpny and aU(0 theft. They maculate Concept ion church. r3SP jj percent compared w ith former President Halt to Nixon Briefings Urged ledTced^^rk'weTbegmni'n'g ■'» »°'""a"- ^"eral counsel for Monday would be lo slow pro- l'f. ' n can prove a deserter did not in- short week would not last be- tpnd '» ful(i!' h,s il,e™a,e ser‘ vend Jan ll. and that a special;^    bejpmecute,I. Des Moines Detroit...... IndianajKtlis Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha .... St. Ixouis' . .. Sioux Falls . 40-hour week. 20-Percent Inflation Chicago .......-o"«n Aw" Mrineene sVrothcr* *>816 O■ic university building in lea. Cleveland    PtCldy    72-52* avenue NW; each fined $30 killing a student.    I Surviving in addition to herL (uo p^^nt drop in the first Moss ! Shwrs 67-40[and costs. Robert McDonald.    Cars    Crushed    husband are two daughters. haJf of m    that Richard Nixon is a “securi- . Shwrs 71-52 544.5 Vermont street SYV Jo-    .Wm.*    a    l    ^rs- Al Gorman. C edar Rapids.;    uniform crime report is ty risk” and should no longer be Cloudy 72-56 soph Wetland, 1832 Second A dormitory and worker and Cindv Compton, Davenport;    on rpi' statisti^ furJiven classified briefings bv the    ,    ,    on PtCldy 75-93 avenue SE; David ^Apted^ 825 houscs in an agricultural experi-fwn hrnihers Dennis KetaeJ^I rite.    and    ""«“«*    «|    For    the    last 20 years, Italians Ken°^. I state law enforcement agencies. | in a letter lo President F'ord. }crcnt as ,|,cir government quires deserters lo report to Moss, chairman of a subcom- changed at a rate of more than their- local Selective Service mittee dealing with government one a year thjs js the third board within 15 days after dis- WASHINGTON I UPI I - Rep slate fund would help out cm-    “tbat'’Anerters c7uld (D-Calif.) has charged Pl«y« no longer working a full. , g na f ( a||(rn|Uv( sfrvice once out of the military, since civilian courts would have no jurisdiction in the matter. cities, counties and, government    gene^aiiy    ha'veGe’m"ained’"indif- The clemency program re- Del- one Mississippi Stages <Flood sUrcs in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4 7. no change lansing (18) ll,8. fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 11 8. fall .1 McGregor (18) 6.3. fall 2 Guttenberg (15) 3.5, fall I Dubuque (17) 6.8. rise .7 Davenport <15) 3.3, rise .9 Keokuk ( 16) 2.2, fall .1 PtCldy 75-55 Ted Knoll, 5720 Johnson ave- from buildings in the capital ^ Crowley Marion, and Rain 52-33 NW: y K i^rJc    o    *5»    c,ushed    hundreds    of    ears.    grandson Fe reb, 609 Third avenue SE;« A man with appendicitis was Services: Monday IO am. 1m-Andy Holmes, 818 A avenue In the operating room of a Lima ma(*uiate Conception church by NW; John Lamb. 3420 Oak-[hospital when the earth began .u„ R,,..    p li-nnarri S 1A Uoderwood"*av«uje '»    Z™ ^ia" ImmSt/ Comep.ion SW; Rosalie Prat1429 sprinted out of the building, leaving him stretched on the table while bottles of medicine Has $175,000 in Bonds but Lives On Skid Row cemetery Castle Grove, at I Odar at C’.R. (13) 3.28. fall .02 Coralville Lake Pool level Friday    683.41 Births — Mercy Ort. 2 Mr. and Mrs. Paul SEATTLE (AP) - Lloyd Fjel- strect SW; Laverne Meade, Oxford; Michael Wilson, 2120 North Towne lane NE; each I tumbled and smashed fined $20 and costs.    I    ______ Faulty equipment — Ronald N u 11. Toddvitle; Elizabeth GGSOIIIIC*-” (Continued from Page I.) _ L    ...    ,    |    Kevrs.    FJizabeth Irene Improper passing — Diane though the companies may be Sattirciav at 10:30 a rn. Nielsen, Waterloo; fined $20 considering them    I    Christ    Church    United    Presby and costs. information policies, said Nixon CHbinot collapse this year, and charge from Camp Atterbury to was guilty of illegal acts ami d comes a.s inflation rages at work alternative service re-therefore is ineligible for the se-    morc than 2o    percent    and    the    qoirements. ere! briefings which he has been    fomgn trade    deficit    regularly    William Brehm. assistant sec- receiving since he resigned    (ops$| billion a    month.    "    rotary of defense for    manpower i.    and reserve affairs,    and Selec- Rvan, Shellsburg; Robert Short.! 1438 E avenue NE; each tined) SIO and costs. from 2 to 9 p m. Memorial Services Keyes. Elizabeth In the past, President Giovanni U‘one has begun talks to line t've Service Director Byron Pe- Moss noted that F’ord himself p.m. Rosary Sunday at 7:30 stad, BO. sits on his ragged bod saK, acceptance of a pardon pm. at Stewart funeral home j„ his skid row room and fingers cnu|d he    as admission u. .. new cabi ”, ,mmedjate|v pi tone joined Hoffman on the whore friends may call Sunday ,, Hornbook that <Ja'a ^'a‘ of guilt.    BL th^mo he Zt lhe visit to Camp Atterbury re —LiiiuL hjuuig    '    '    *    submi' that under these genpral unease by postponing I he three officials were US. twiny, nowts.    conditions thai Richard Nixon |he start wnsJ|(ations un„| briefed and inspected the bar- The bonds .in worth m°rcjW()U|d bc judged under all i>erti-yjondav    racks arca where about    IOO de- __[than $175,000. but f' Jel*s,ad ra,s nent criteria as a security risk.” ‘ Humor succeeded himself in sorters are being housed. at aru!^Imll^hirhamburcw^in^sah    Wr0^l .    March as head of another Meanwhile, army officials and boils his hamburger in salt, “Two-Tiered System” center-left coalition following a confirmed Thursday that Camp . ,    A    Gulf    distributor    said the terian by Hie Rev. Robert Bon- water to spice up his life    -    if    tjK,rp ;s rmt tx* a two-    ” J u:........7”’.....*    :    \ttnrhurv    mipht    soon he closed Entering prohibited area - vun ai^n”ulor ‘sain ine ion. Burial: Oak Hill cemetery. Thp , P , , r Ta const rue! ion1 *• V Ls ,    ,    a    reshuffle    of    his    previous    cabi-    Atterbury    rnigm    soon De ciosea Joelyn Fehrcnkrob. 2111 Blake companies which are announc-[ Fnt?nds niav    at    Turnoi    ,    i!?    u“:tlerf,i    system    of    justice    in    this    net    ,n    June    hc    resignwj(    but    because    fewer    deserters    than gew’ood road NW, a claught! Kenneth Quinin. 3009 Carriage drive SW, a son. hilt SE; fined $15 and costs. Timothy Garbovv, 1119 Third street SW; fined $10 and costs. Resisting an officer — Robert Birtns — Nt. Lul e s OFI t tun (amilinx: nf Watkins, 937 Twenty-first av- '>si ior amoco '    .!»»    fSv    enue    SW;    fined    $20    and    costs.    disagreed    with utn>. Fairfax, a      .. Analyst Disagrees Meanwhile, the district ana hen chat>cl by tho Rev. Neville [Clayton of Cedar Christian 'church. Burial: Cedar Memori- ;;|lyst for Amoco in Des Moines PaUrrf,oni „arript __ Grave- RnKsri Knntnv    Fairfax a    v ,*vJ,■    ,    n.nu    -----n ---------- o statement    sicio .service*.- Monday at I h> rim-hor lohn    Howell 4417    Vehicle    control violation — j made Friday bv Jack FN erett of    tho Rev Weiner Lrtnkc of Mf Vernon road    SE. a daugh-    Wliliam Dyol. 2631    Bevor ave-[Ottumwa, president of the Iowa    Twin Pines Baptist church, w    ..on-, s-.toht.    nu.- SE:    lined $25    and costs .    , D eaters \ssn    Bu,‘ * 1 C,,'ar ,m,nal Sixtcenthjl,as<,,,ne sealers Assn    Friends may call at Cedar Me- Everett said the price reduc-    mortal after 9 a in Monday ....... •    •    «•    •*-'--9    ~    Prnhihifoil    lurLimr    (    hPfVl    Ut. Van SW, ne    ism worried about    inc    Honorable Lyndon B Johnson.    |'lk(qlhood    oF that    haDDcning ciably,”    said Maj. J( missing bonds because they that former President Nixon left ^amh Meanwhll(, the eabmet amnesty spokesma were immediately frozen and office under conditions analo- g Mednwniie, ?ne (aoinet    ^    _ can’t    he cashed He s ud    he    ,    I^momuns anaio-    rcmains in    offlce ^    a caretaker    ------ cant    ne (asma ne s.na    n<    jr(nis l0 jcss {ban an honorable observers little operations reduce appre-John Kallun- spokesman. Vehicle control violation W Kerry Mann. 2905 Eight-    Hobbf.    1024 Ifffi .S-Tsnn; C    ^    H Horn. 3408 Ardsley ra^b‘^,^v,”ur.ven^ |,l0n »'" <» fSort-hved. and was government. tei Shed Stolen Victor Thompson, 895 West vrn lane SW, a daughter; George Schiller. 1601 Eleventh avenue SW, a daughter Seventh SW; fined SI5 and costs. Out of Town Births avoided hanks because    “I dont    discharge of his    responsibilities like the expenses.”    given him by    the American His riches have been    acquired    electorate in tile    1972 election slowly    by living on a bare sub-    • [ question whether the brief-1 Nelson.    Iva Mac    Private    silence level ”1 live on    as little    ,rif, ()f Richard Nixon, who is no    Nmth avenue, Marion, reported prompted by a drop in sales Ile'    '    fL1.    'a",'    ***?    aay    ,“XU'    lonR" i,n l,mP|o>e <*    «»'-!° ,Jh‘> (-'T shp,nff's «ff»-p.lha' a ■ Kichl-of-uay    violation    -    'said    he    expects    prices    to    rise to    charles R. 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Idaho Mr. and Mrs. Mike Haves , a daughter cqarK,. Sept. 28. Mr* Hayes is the Fallowing too close daughter of Joyce MathewtuBurgess, 507 Seventh Anaheim, Calif. and Bob SW, fined $30 and com.-Mathews. 4420 Bowling .street SW.    Iowa    Deaths ii.    I    Van    Horne    Lloyd    E Marriage Licenses Maher, Ti Fellmet’s. Keystone Marvatene Luke?- and Rich- Postville Albert Gulsvig, next spring aid Parsons, both of Codal 89 Saturday at I 30, St Paul Rapids. Sally Hanson and Ste- Lutheran church. Sohutie’s.    ............. vrn Bruce, both of Ccntei * Gibson Margaret Schultz, Point Linda McBride, Marion, go Saturday at 2, United Pre -j Patrick Koch, Cedar Rapids. bytcrian church. Burial in Oak Burial: tanwood    cemetery    nom ms unum pviimun ^iu^    mo    unions, or laws proscribing the [Surviving are two sisters. Mrs.[social .security benefits. Of his publication of highly classified 0 j Charles Finnegan, Oro ah a |W 724 yearly income, his total maternal ” he cost    Topeka "Kan *    •    *    annual expenses are S1.2W)    A    Moss asked Ford to recognize ,    __ few years ago he managed    on    that “this unprecedented ad of Express Your Sorrow WMH Flowers from ... 4 Seasons Shop 3028 Mf Vernon Rd 363 5885 Pacific railroad, two charges; bf gasoline lh’ also doubted fined $15 and costs on each Everett s contention that prices will soon be raised again “I don’t agree with it.” he said ’it s hard to say what will happen to the cost of crude oil; I don’t think anybody could pre-i diet now what prices will be Ga.de avenue Smmot Citizse Buses Cedar Rapids System Telephone 363-K244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-5605 Elsewhere HOO-332-5996 unpreci Sl.ioo. but inflation has taken its resignation was indeed brought loll    about because of the personal He complains that his rent conduct of Richard Nixon ” went up from $2 from the $28 a month he paid last year. And on his last trip to the store he spent “all of a $5 bill ” Ile carries 385 pounds on ai six-feet .seven frame and puffs and sweats considerably walk-j mg up to his third-floor room Sh»'$ Special) Let her Know with Flowers PIERSON’S “slim* IMM) El I is BLVD. NW’ I lower phone ISS-IWS BROSH CHAPEL rd ar Rapids “Dei «»#*«( lo l*uhlir Serrirr ” Inquire About Our Pre arranged Service* Sidon % JOHN E. TAPES <Vi [Up flower* for all occasions IOX 3rd Ive. si 1*5-nj ii let our flowori spook for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day PROTECTION ... a strong word that denotes safety, assurance and peace-of-mind I he W ILB! RT line of quality burial vaults are built for protection — safe, assuring, peace-of-mind protection. . . . 'ho molt    name in burial vault* * /r*T*N LG«i4HsuidM«flaf • V mw' Sind for Fret Bookit), ’ Fsth (vary Family Should Know ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. (Positively No Sales Contact Will Re Made) 12IO Blair* Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa S2302 ;

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